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She Is
The beauty in the sunset you just have to stop and watch.

She Is
The fascination while standing at a waterfall.

She Is
The awe when looking into the desert sky at night.

She Is
Your wings when you are ready to take flight.

She Is
That excitement you get

She Is
That peace of mind

She Is
What keeps you going every single time

She Is
A part of your heart and always in your thoughts

She Is
A special kind of love that cant be bought

She Is
Always by your side she knows you are the one keeping her spirit alive

She Is
Your baby girl your angel your one and only

She Is
Your beautiful daughter

She Is

A special request write for a friend who lost her daughter long before we met.
to the only one who can rest my anxious heart
to the only one who can quiet my foolish thoughts
to the Father that created me
knowing I would turn my back on him
to the one whose arms were open when I returned
to the sweet promises you have always kept
to the one whose pursuit was steady in my wandering
you're the only place I can make my home
so even in the uncertainty I will dwell in you
and I am not sure of almost anything
but I am sure that wherever I go, you are with me
The week hasn't even started,
And yet I feel like
My arms have been torn, limb by limb,
And my mind eternally wandering into space.

The only thing keeping me alive
Is the requirements in school,
Loans I have to pay,
And compulsory attendances.

I don't know.
I find it utterly sad
To lose reason and will to live,
But what can I do?
Slowly losing hope.

I don't want to be judged for being a sad ball of negativity.

This is the only place I feel like I can talk to someone, since I felt like no one wants to talk to an annoying, overly dramatic kid.

Maybe after all this.
Another day has come
Us all greeted by the Sun
Skies that shimmer blue
Bring new choices we could do
Within the mind
We create
An ever vaster
New landscape
It is our fate
To stir and shake
A life that only
We could make
Miles long
To the horizon
Try to see
With more than eyes
So much more
Could than be seen
Like hidden stories
In between
The words
And voices
And choices
So often taken
Just for granted
How little nourished
What's been planted
Always asking
Never granted
No steps taken
Always pulled
Leads to unintended fools
For at the end
Of this one path
Is infinite
Says all the math
Endless love
Or endless pain
When phrased like this
Much less a game
Fortune or fame
Or selfless giving
Which ones are
Truly living?
Just alive
For an agenda
Leaves no rest,
Just ask yourself
And do your best...
These words just read
Have not been spoken
By a life
That's not been broken
But sewn together
Healed by time
Or in an instant
Within the mind
Seek anew
And one may find
That what's ahead
Is far behind
Shackled by our thoughts
That be
Just look inside
You have your key...
Written 09/15/2018 11:19 AM.
winter wind
and sunset colored
laughter too
sink in it like moonlight
gets you smudged
into the starlight
cause when you’re alive
there’s nothing like
that faith, that light

you are
the draining of my day
only thing that makes it okay
Voices echoing in my head I don’t listen
I distract myself from letting them get to me
I have fought so hard to get to a place of peace
No more cutting; no more bleeding; no more tears
But the voices miss the rush of the crimson colored drops rolling down my arm
They remind me how the world would stop as I breathed in the sensation of the pain
How I would feel alive like I was reborn
It took me away from the pain and for a minute I felt safe
There are days where I am so close to craving the smell of blood the adrenaline rush my body feels
But I know better half the battle is fighting these temptations
So another day I ignore the screams of my voices and maybe one day it will stop
When I see you

My eyes turn to the side
Just past the wrinkles

To the corners of the world
Where the greatest hope still resides
Besides that of eternity

And you, you…

You seem to me
Like a picture of a jubilee

As a lightning strike
Before my eyes
You change the way I view the night

And the days so short
Which pass us by

Though your heart of Autumn
Often beats
There is always summertime in me

And the will to be

Yes, the mere sight of you
And the mind I see

Always makes me feel
Alone but I'm glad you're not. With a wink and a smile. I strive endlessly.

Best when read to the tune of - https://youtu.be/Y-Es0N3yOjs
Mya 6d
Some people say
"Love is what keeps me alive"
But I say
Love is what get me killed"
KOS Aug 5
The memories that we created together is so good and unique,
that it doesn’t deserve to be destroyed forever.
If you don’t love it, kill it not. Secure it in your deepest vaults,
never to be opened, forgotten, but very safe and still living.
I sat with the pictures
in my hand
that once loved me
memories started to burn
under my skin
I rolled the paper took the
longest line in one breath
Eyes red
am i still alive
dose the stars still shine
why the heaven doesn't have
rainbows all over
earthlings are still walking
on the lane of my dreadful past

I'm tired
I'm still alive
will burn again
for now i
closed my eyes.
Tell me would you burn with me?
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