I couldn't care less about
"Inspirational Quotes"
I don't need to be told that
the present is a gift
or what the best thing about
rock bottom is
or that only I can stop forest fires.

If I was to write one myself,
it would have less to do with
landing in the stars,
and more to do with
how much better you could see them
if you had the eyes of an octopus.

Octopi have such phenomenal eyes.
The spectrum of color they see
makes our own look like
the crappy box of crayons
you get at a kids restaurant.
Whereas an octopuses,
would be the beautiful,
64 Crayola pack
I always wanted as a kid.

If I ever went blind,
I think I'd get octopus eye replacements.
And yeah,
I'd probably look weird because
they'd be too big for my head
but can you imagine how
strange and incredible
it would be?
And it wouldn't matter how I look because
how I see things
is more important to me
than how I'm seen.

If there was even the
slightest chance,
of seeing though the
eyes of an octopus,
that's reason enough to be alive.

And if I could take your life
or your perspective,
and change it even a bit,
that's reason enough too.

So look through the
eyes of an octopus.

Can you imagine the stars?
This is one of my very favorite poems that I've ever written.
Can you imagine the stars?

Be gone!  Be gone!  Foul evil beast;
This is not my place of reckoning.
The guardians of light stand at my side
And death is not yet beckoning.

In foulest stench, I see you drenched,
In blood; I see you dripping.
But I am not for the taking yet;
I am still for the living.

Come back in time, of a dying future.
The time is not now; we are alive in this state.
In time you can take me to meet your master;
But now is my time to live, so leave this place!

Do not hover nearby hoping for easy pickings;
This body still stands and is not for the giving.
You are misguided, mistimed and mislead;
Off with your head, if you expect to take me away from this blessing.

The darkness does not haunt me, as you would wish;
So be gone foul beast!  Back to your bottomless pit.
My soul is still mine and you are out of your mind,
If you think I will stop suddenly;
Sooner than my time.

You are not my eclipse.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
eli 5d
who knew you'd be the source to all my problems
anorexia is not okay and never should be. if your going through an eating disorder im always here to help. you can dm me on ig- _.sankavi._ or snap me- sankavi137 and if you dont want to do that i want you to know your are beautiful no matter what your shape or size is. you are beautiful no matter what mistakes you have made in the past. you are beautiful no matter what people say. i love you all and youre all beautiful.
My heart
feels like it ran
a marathon
I am
in my
t facing
y   o   u
Ana Butterfly Apr 14
It's funny how society shows us how to opress

The depressed teens and adults of this generation.

“It’s just a phase”

“I had it worse when i was a child”

“Attention seeking liar”

“Get over it”

But maybe i can’t get over it.

Depression turned my once happy stream of joyful thoughts

Into a rainy, dark pit of sadness.

A pit only to be filled with

Helplessness, insomnia, self-destruction, and a little madness.

This illness has broken me

I feel like I have to carry the burden of darkness on my shoulder

And each time I try to get better, I regress.

The only way to repress my feelings is to let

Niagara Falls drip from wrists, to my stomach, to my hips, & to my thighs

And hide it with a mouthful of lies

My inner demons gained control over my brain,

Bringing me so much pain that it became hard to do anything.

Even eating became a chore

Because it was hard to eat when I can’t even look in the mirror without fear

Of the Image standing in front of me.

Ugly, worthless, stupid

You don’t even have the drive to stay alive,

So why care about yourself or your health?

You’re better off dead.

But of course, it was all in my head, so no one understood.

No one understood that i stayed up til 4 in the morning

Having a mental breakdown, with death on my mind.

I just wish someone could reach behind my mask and find the real me

The sad me

The broken me

The mentally drained me

The me that has been drowning in my own darkness for years now
sorry if its not the best.
Pull back the covers,
Turn off the lights,
Close your eyes
Don't make a fuss.
Let the night take you,
Leave your body behind,
Take a deep breath...

Now open your eyes.

Do you see anything?
Can you feel?
Are you alone?

Look around, take a second
Let the darkness set.
There is something there,
Far off in the distance...
Is it a person or a thing?

I can't walk closer,
I can't seem to move...
I'm stuck where I am...

Is it my fault?
Am I the one to blame?
I'm left here alone,
No one can hear my screams...
I beg for help, mercy, salvation...

No one comes looking for me,
Does anyone miss me?
Will anyone remember me?

The darkness gets deeper,
I can't see in front of me.
I can't feel my limbs,
Its getting hard to breathe.

Maybe if I close my eyes,
Stand still....
It'll be over soon.

There's nothing left,
I am no more...

Did I ever exist?
Was this ever real?
Benjamin Apr 14
I'm sick of all lies
I've heard it all my life!
Just tell me who you like
Tell me the truth for what it is
I hate hidden things
I wish it'd be clear
If I was never "him"
Just some thoughts, I know my worth,but not knowing things from the people you love... hurts.
Özcan Sh Apr 13
The eyes close
Heart opens
Feelings come up
The pen is moving
The notebook will come alive
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