Kissing, you
Pressing, you
Every day, I come home to something right and true
A life, + you
Senlo 17h
I hope you know that you are loved
And when you feel low
you are still above
the darkness and your demons
Promise me you won't give up
you are needed
This goes out to my aunt that took her life
To the ones contemplating death day and night
questioning your existence
the thoughts are now consistent
i hope you know that the world would notice if you went missing
You are the only you on this earth
Yes there are stronger boys and there are prettier girls
There are people wealthy and unhappy
And there are people poor that smile with no teeth
You can make it out of this ditch
i mean if you wish
Because who am i to tell you to stay alive
To tell you that you need to exist
To tell you that you have a purose
Your life with flourish
love yourself from within
and soon people will see this bright light in you that was once dim
I hope you stay alive
not for her, not for them, not for that, not for him, not for this but for you.
Please love yourself & and If you can't, then I will.
I am here in the hazy light of a new dawn
writing to you.
You and I here alone
is like floating in a soft piano nocturne.
Gliding over the keys with natural finesse
is a taste of heaven.

Here in this muted light
with you in mind
a privilege no less
than being in the majestic presence
of loving and friendly royalty.

Writing to you
from the inner reaches of my heart
is a journey
more precious
than the emerald landscape
I can see
to the far horizon
of this new day.

The freshness of this moment
basking in our love
is a tiny sprout
greeting blessed light
thrilled with the sticky twining
of its new life.

It is good being here
alive with you.

Written 7-19-18
Stepping to the spotlight,
you know that this is
the moment of truth
when all eyes on you
you have to show them
all the hours you’ve been
and perfecting
every inch of the moves

Close your eyes
and breathe in deeply
as the music starts to beat
and the crowd starts to cheer
no more fear,
no more shame,
no more turning back,
and let yourself
express the inner you
right here, on stage

Feel the energy
as you never stop moving
to feed the hungry eyes
this is what makes you
feel crazy,
feel proud,
feel alive,
and let them fuel you
to be the best of you
and conquer your stage

Gather around
and bow down
as the crowd gives
the final cheer,
the standing ovation,
the satisfied looks,
and celebrate
the moment of triumph
after the performance
of once in a lifetime

Jakarta, February 16th 2015
Written on Jakarta, July 17th 2018
Inspired by The Greatest Showman and a performance I once did in the last year of high school.
Follow me to the seaside
We can gulp the ocean air
Weave fireflies in my hair, so I can finally shine
Do not flinch or cry
When you see the scars on my thigh
Instead keep a blind eye
& rejoice that I’m
I have been clean   For 9 months and i couldn’t be happier.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 11
I knew
that the last day will come
that the first day will come
that all this is already
it's long overdue
that I was long in the last day
and in the first

I knew
I knew everything from the beginning
from the very end
my soul has always known this
she always knew
that I'm at the same time dead
and alive

a smile
it is a source of happiness
What does it mean to cry
When feelings stay locked from the
Emotions I fear
Crammed into small tears
The tears that I make myself

What does it mean to hurt
When the scars are from those
Who don’t know you
They’ve watched you grow up
And you feel their love
But they don’t know the real you

When I’m asleep I run
Down a path in a gold
And green
And someone’s out there
With true love to share
Then I wake in the real world
Feeling alone

I’m home
That shouldn’t be so
Where’s the log to my fire?
Because I’m working for me
And I’ll never retire

Bring on the thunder!
Bring on the rain!!
There’s no true life
Without some small pain
So I’ll be the thunder!
And I’ll be the rain!!
I know how to cry now
So I’ll work through the pain

If I’m coming alive
I acknowledge I hurt inside
My tribulation brought me to salvation
I had to suffer to write
I don’t need you to understand my plight
Just know that I’m coming alive
I had to suffer to write
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
By the beauty of a mountainside,
Or songs that give me chills

Every sight – a hollow view,
I look for more and more
Every sound – an empty cue,
Nothing to answer for
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
Ten thousand times I must have cried,
Then smiled – lied – with skill

Everything I see today
Will be, tomorrow, gone
Every sound will fade away –
A shrill inside a yawn
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
Does Meaning ever coincide
With life, and hope, and thrill?

I dream this dream, within a dream –
No substance, light, or power
I sing this song, without a sound –
My voice, the wind, devours
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
I might as well be groping blind,
Deafened – senses killed

I long to see that final sight
And hear that final word,
To show me Something in this night,
And assure me that I’ve Heard

Maybe, I never, seeing, See
And never, hearing, Hear
Because the problem is IN ME:
This heart of death and drear...

This heart, it must be satisfied;
This heart, it must be filled!
For, we all see from deep inside;
The heart always distills...
Inspired by Ecclesiastes 1:8.
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