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Everything will be alright soon, my friend
All your miseries will end
You are a woman of great fortitude
Positive, has always been your attitude!

Everything will be alright soon, my friend
With your family, do you share an amazing bond
You are an excellent wife and mother
With your around, will there be nothing to bother
Your beautiful little kids
I understand life can sometimes be quite hard
However, there's nothing you can't conquer
Because, you are a fighter!!

Everything will be alright soon, my friend
For yourself, will you not have to fend
Because, have you an awesome family
Not for long, will you stay unhappy
Remember, God is there for you
As well as your loved ones
Never, have you committed any sins
So, take care and chin up
Today is probably just a blip
Again, everything will be alright soon, my friend
Really, will your bad times come to an end
All you need, is a bit of faith
May the Lord bless you with loads of love, happiness, peace and good health!!
Poem to provide some cheer to my colleague and friend Namrata, who has been dealing with a few personal issues.
Man May 16
Should I be rendered deaf and blind again,
For it would be too late.
I came, I saw, I conquered;
Of the grapes of wrath,
I fermented victory.
Spicy Digits Jun 4
Too much
For too long

Hurricane head winds
Head strong.

There's a socket
Unlit fuse

Movement's a'brewing
Missing a muse

I am hated
I am confusing
I am confused
But still refusing.

Too much
For how long?
Hawley Anne Jan 2022
Will everyday hurt just a little bit less,
until one day its just a memory?
Gathering dust in the back of your mind,
is this what its like in recovery? .
All of the stress the drama and crime,
that goes with the lifestyle of ****.
What do you do with yourself anymore,
now that none of those things are left?

No more 3 am bedtime and hating your life,
no more walking the streets day and night.
No more wishing that you could for once just relax,
and not worry that there'd be a fight.
No more people pretending to be your best friend,
just to turn 'round and steal all your stuff.
No more doing anything you possibly could,
to get money so you could buy drugs.
No more silently screaming inside your own mind,
wishing that all of this would  just stop.
No more hiding in fear when you hear a siren,
cuz you'll no longer worry its cops.
No more crying yourself to sleep every night,
because somebody else has your kids.
No more spending the days just lost in your thoughts,
about every single milestone missed.
No more trying to think of an answer to give, to your 5 year old child when they ask.
"Mommy and daddy why dont I live with you?
Because YOU'RE my REAL mom and dad."

I've got some advice if you need some help,
so please listen closly my friend.
There is a few things I think you should try,
If you really want your addiction to end.
Boredom is dangerous so don't be alone,
but dont hang out with your old friends.
Find some new people to surround yourself with,
you've got to force this addiction to end.
Its not going to work if you don't give all you've got,
addicts don't want you to get clean at all.
Misery loves company they'll just drag you down,
cuz they would rather facilitate your fall.
So keep to yourself and some new sober friends,
and always believe you'll succeed.
Just keep on going one day at a time,
and from this addiction you'll see you've been freed.
Man May 30
You've gotta learn to love the vinegar,
Even if the taste is bitter,
Because times always get tough.
It's about drinking it in, taking it in;
Finding the strength to get back up.
To slog off the rough
And chisel something out
Viktoriia May 5
wait a moment, please.
should she feel sorry for being an inconvenience?
she'd rather plant the seeds of self-love
and wait for them to turn into trees,
sheltering her from poisonous bitterness,
nurturing her inner peace,
so that she can leave this world with ease,
letting time cover her steps with green and red,
letting the branches take shape of her silhouette.
someday this path might be found by someone else,
as unaware of her worth as she once was,
all of out of strength, given up on all her hopes;
she'll follow whispers and slowly retrace the steps,
and take her shelter among the fallen leaves,
nurturing her inner peace.
wait a moment, please.
should she feel sorry for being an inconvenience?
Bowedbranches Apr 30
Oh Happy Day
What a very Happy  day
Now, how many laps do I have to take
And how many acts could I actually save
til I one day savor it
Here, take your HATE you can cradle it
Ive been an angel of patience
still stuck in prayer
Theyll say
she is so much safer
without the danger there
waiting to break
Pain is simply in her nature
SpiritHeart67 Apr 25
The Weak are Martyred
The Stronge
die Slowly over Time.

It's easy to go out
in a Blaze of Glory
for a Cause.

It's much harder
to get up
and Fight the Battle
day after day
Until the Cause is Won.
Viktoriia Apr 24
a paragraph, written a million times
doesn't remain the same cause the words
are constantly changing themselves,
and you are as well.
a fire that burns through the night
may seem bleak compared to the brightness
of a brand new sunrise,
but at the end of the day
it's not the amount of light that counts
but the strength to survive again.
and people are not some constructs
to be created and disassembled at whim.
they have their own voices
and their own incredible stories to tell,
and you do as well.
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