Agent G 1d

I should let go of this emptiness
It is Parasitic. I can't explain the feeling
I've longed for forever but it seems too far
Our glass house, filled with cracks spiral-ling out of control
Tossed, tattered lay my despair
Claustrophobia - the perfect spot for my longing
The sun has stopped shinning
No one to share my frozen thoughts.
We've danced in circles - clueless
We emptied our chests but our hearts wouldn't budge
We've driven ourselves to places, we didn't pay attention
Maybe you think the taxi-man doesn't know isolation
You are so proud of your fortress
Your perfect thoughts so euphoric
the sea; our spot, perfect reflections
But my luck has gone bald, it cannot be saved
Looks picturesque, not in the grave
Trapped - thoughts feed the monsters
In shallow graves we sing the song of lonely birds
Breathless, barely awake, carefree I stutter;
I will miss you but I know what I must do.

Keep me today,
the day is long
and I'm a bit tired
of being strong.
I want to hide here,
but I have to press on,
so give me a hand,
for my strength is gone.

Guide me today,
that I will not fail.
This world may rise up
my heart to assail.
I know that, big picture,
my burden is small,
but it's still hard to carry
when reduced to a crawl.

Lift me today,
I'm feeling too low.
Let your reassurance
be the one peace I know.
Put a hand on my shoulder,
arm around my neck,
and help me stand strong,
though I feel like a wreck.

Help me today,
so I know you're not gone.
Just a pat on the back
and I could carry on.
Believe me, in body,
I can stand on my own.
But my heart needs the love
that only you've shown.

There is a lot of Darkness
But do try to see the light
There are beasts behind the masks
Evil in their smile
Death in their eye
Shiny fragments glinting cold
a howling rage
Buried deep in  throat

Calculating awareness
wily maneuvers & deception.
Temptations rustle
Shadows dance

Don't stray from the lighted path

The wind beckons
caressing you closer .
Don't give in.
Be strong, steadfast.
A tilt & tumble can be righted.
There is a lot of Darkness but
do try to see the light.

The loveworn careworn way.
The softer narrow
straightened arrow.
No blessed darkness but blessed light.
See the signs
A heart thumping steadily
not galloping in fright
no wide eyes but slow heavy lids

Deep steady breath
No frantic pants
No desperation
No fear
No hurry
Slow & steady

Trust in the way
Feel the warm lit path carry you
Turn away from cold chilled mysteries and shadow fog Illusion dreams
There is a lot of darkness
but do try to see the light.

/© by Lesley Wood/

To listen to spoken words:

I took the emojis out of your name.
cause the feelings i get in my finger tips
when you text back cant be expressed with measly characters..

SOOOO! Here is a list of all texts ive erased and never hit send too that are just for you..


"i just want to breathe you in like morning air and so as i exhale your name.. stars appear."


"i want to kiss you and taste the next 40 years of my life."


"i want to lay next to you and listen to you open your up your heart,
and no, my ears will not skip a beat.
and really i feel 8 again. i want to jot down yes, no, or maybe to you being just mine. cause goddamn you make me feel young.

and being 8 again ill steal my mamas rings just ONE MORE TIME and make sure that i find you in this worlds playground cause if u like it. you kno u gotta put a ring on it. haha

AND I KNOW little boys have spent too much time playing kickball with your heart.
So Sip my soul please, ill bring you juice box joys.
ill cut off the crust off your sandwich and make sure your breads right.
ll make you school girl giddy,
so please, take this,
its not much,.
but its solitude,
*im sending my heart thru this text, no emoji.

ill study the angles of you angel
ill trace the structure of your heart and wings
and ask you how did you got so fly?
and whoever made you fall out of heaven fucked up
let me un-dust your knees and mend your mental wounds.
cause i know its a trip that your hearts taken a beating.
and my voice being ice,
ill sooth youu
and my soul.
ill move youu
& our flowers, with grow. in full bloomm.

ill whisper sweet nothings to your insecurities.
ill love everyone of your negative thoughts
cause your worth it.
and i repeat.
holding you by both your cheeks.. i repeat
you are worth it..

and ill remind you everyday that you deserve to feel fourthgrade feelings of love. my hearts an open house for you. 
 and well run free under cedar trees and ill hold your hand for eternity.

and ill do everything your ex boyfriend was afraid to do, like trust you..

JAC 2d

Are but blemishes on the surface
Of safety, comfort, love and strength
But blemishes hurt like hell.

They said he needed to change
So he became the person he was not
He hated the person he'd love to become
He abhorred that which he once desired

He gave up all he had
They gave him nothing in return
Every challenge he would conquer
Ten others would accompany his triumph
For every victory he would acquire
A defeat would hover over his prestige

How could he win this insurmountable war
The answer stood before him everyday
The war was never meant to be fought
His foes stood not before him
They stood within him and around him
How could he defeat an enemy who was his only ally

One day he abandoned his struggle
The opinions of his advisors bothered him no more
His foes mockery remained in vain
Finally the war was won
Without him having him lift a sword
He was never meant to change
He was meant to remain the same

He finally won a battle no one can win

Agent G 4d

is the farthest my body has ever been
Feathers soaked in tar, bodies longing to feel the world
Despite mute talks and stares
I’ve always felt powerful, in control of my explicit deeds
Naysayers, hypocrites and ‘know it all’s’ have judged
Bestowing sentences without paying attention to the facts
My dignity lies bare for the world to see
I’m lost, inadvertently in a moment of ‘trust or lust’
‘Love won’t pay the bills’ I retort
This market, filled with willing souls yearning to reach its peak
Pleasures whether fake or real keeps the pain at bay
Talented hands warm in the cold
Lips familiar but strangely conveying sensual nostalgia
Dollar bills falling: our exotic ticket to paradise
My body feels premium love here, what a shame.

Every night I slept
          in the hope that
        tomorrow will come
           with a new day
          with a new hope.
        It starts with a feeling
              inside my soul
      that tomorrow sun will be rise
          with more brighter.
      A peace comes in my mind
            with such ease,
       when I thought
     tomorrow will come
     and I got a chance
         to prove myself,
    to challenge myself,
    and to strengthen myself.
    After every darknight
      after every storm
    their is a day
      which will come
      with a new hope,
      with a new chance
         to shiner yourself...

Should you feel like just giving up,
Or feel that you have had enough,
Remember you are not alone,
We all have troubles of our own.
Though you may think life is not fair
Who goes through life without a care?
We all have our own cross to bear;
Those without are extremely rare.
It is vital we keep going
For we have no way of knowing
What for us tomorrow might bring
If we do our best, keep trying.
Perhaps you  may look back one day
And proudly be able to say,
Though life was hard, extremely tough,
I'm so glad I did not give up.

But I was a bird,
and you should have known
I’d fly away.

I was not made to be caged,
but you can watch me fly.

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