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Sarah 15h
you are important beyond your thoughts,
you have come so far in such a small amount of time,
your efforts are not ignored.
three hundred and sixty-five days have passed twenty times,
and you are still breathing.
i have loved you for three hundred and sixty-five days times,
the days you have suffered,
the moments you failed,
the hours in which you felt alone;
you were locked in but you wanted someone to pry the door down to let your demons out.
i have not stopped loving you and i may have stopped showing it but
that showed your determination.
you pushed on in your personal dark hours just to make it to the light.
the glow of hope that now radiates onto your skin,
you are living proof that strength lies within.
love brought it out,
but your courage kept it constant.
Written 9/25/2017
I will be strong
As a mountain

I will have days
Where I will crumble
Erode on the surface
Fall into a landslide,
But my core will stand
Etched into the earth.

The strongest of storms
Of winds
Of rain
May leave scars and change my shape,
But they will not bring me to the ground.

When the earth rumbles and quakes,
You will see me peek above the clouds
Standing tall
And standing proud.
Anastasia 22h
Chipping at the icicle bars
of the frigid prison that I've
locked myself into- self carved
keys hang upon a hook
too high to reach.
Puffs of warm air escapes
only to convert into
clouds of toxic smoke
that returns with clawed
already gripping my neck
until salty drips of
weakness rolls
down my cheeks.
Piles of chaos scattered around,
yet building constantly.
Blurred figures, strangers
yet somewhat recognisable,
slam at the shattered door
bearing a plethora of weapons.
Their throws are accurate,
the anticipated pain
lost in the
Warm blood coats
the fragile interior;
all of which projects
an illusion that screams
You are never alone, my poems are all written when I possess powerful feelings that need to be expressed and reflected upon. As a Warrior myself, it's okay not to be always okay- it's okay to feel happy and sad.
some people were born to face more pain than all of the others combined
a ****** of luck or a generational curse
but don't assume my sensitivity adds up to a lack of strength
you touch me like I'm glass- like I may fall apart at any given moment
but I am not a mess for you to clean
I'm strong because the world has broken me more times than I could count
and I still approach love with the kind of vulnerability some may call ignorant
but I am not naive for believing in something so pure my scars won't make a difference
I am simply learning how to **** out those not meant for me
He held out his hand for her to hold
when she was afraid and unsure.
He comforted her worried heart
with the strength of his smile.
He saved the last of her will
with the warmth of his words.
And then with all the things he did for her,
he became the love she knew.
You were my strength
But you've left me so weak
I think that I lied
I've missed your warmth on my cheek
**** it there I go
I've told you how I truly feel
**** me there you go
Forgetting me, and I won't heal
In need of more strength this holiday season. Stop hiding from me.
When the days grow colder
And I'm covered over
By snow and icy sleets
I'll find the comfort I'd found in you
In pen on empty sheets
I don't need you anymore
three hundred and sixty four days
i still feel every effect of your choice.

after two days,
i stopped existing to you
the way you still existed to me.
in my head, that wasn't how it was meant to go,

but one week made me come to you
with a broken voice
to ask you
"what's happened?"
"things just changed, you just changed, you're acting like a *****."
"I'd rather be with anyone but you right now."
"I'd **** her."

three weeks, or four,
enough to make me see the malice within you.
my hatred was built
from humiliation and anger,
raised from a truth i never asked to hear.
"i had to think of someone else to.."

i should not have let you finish.
i should have hit you then and there.
but you finished, and i hit you.
i screamed and screamed and screamed and swore i would never let you touch me again.

i let blood fall from my wrists,
before i started to build myself back up.
one month made me stronger, as i laughed and danced my way
through ****.

two months
and it was over,
at last.
aided by friendly lips and familiar kisses,
i became who i am today
still torn apart by your choices,
but a little bit tougher despite.

3 months sent you back to me,
strength to keep promises
never being my forte.

5 months made me repeat all my pain with  
somebody else.
at least he had the ***** to fess up to how he felt.

7 months and a word was introduced to my character
by you.
a title i refuse to hold
and refuse to speak because
it is not true.

so now we sit here.
after eleven months and 30 days,
after fifty two weeks,
with me scared that this weekend will make you leave me
and next week will be the same **** it was last year.

there's so much you need to hear from me,
so much i have to do,
but i don't have the courage,
the strength,
the will,
or the ability to force it from my head.

because of you
and these fifty two weeks.
honestly, this can't convey how much i have been through this last year. i have been shaped into a new person because of these experiences, however i do wish they had never happened. there was more to what i said and what he said, but i hate thinking about it for obvious reasons. i just thought this much had to be said.
I want you in my head
Able to finally look through my eyes
Taking a look at your own self
So that no more questions will arise

Your beauty is step one
Realizing beauty is blind comes after
Because seeing what lies underneath
Should have given you my answer

So just go ahead and say it
My eyes will not stop you from asking
Its the element within my words
That keeps my fire in your heart lasting
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