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Offer patience to the shadows
that dissolve with veil of night
Strong outlines of your being
Dark reflections from the light
i've been told i have
irrational fears of
and burning alive;
but there's been one
situation where
i have fearlessly
faced each one
of these fears

i submerged myself
in your waves
fell for you and trusted
you would catch me
before i hit the pavement
i let the flames from your
fingertips touch my skin,
trusting you will not let
me go up in flames
so maybe love is the
only conqueror of these
or maybe it's just
y o u
Dive down deep inside your mind
if you feel like drowning
for a while.
I lived by these words, I stayed at the shallow end.
I'm realising that I'm stronger now.
For the most part I can take it in now, I can explore and stay afloat.
I recognise the parts of me that were, and the parts of me that still are.
I let the feelings wash over me.
I stay. I swim for a while.
The water's just fine.
You are the sun that shines bright.
You are the stars that glow in the night.
Show the world you’re indomitable.
Don’t go down without a fight.
The mighty will rise.
Beat the darkness and shine your light.
You ask why Ted hasn't been good
Ted has been bleeding
But with no physical wounds
Ted is been broken
Yet sustained no fractures
Ted is been lost
Yet still knows precisely where he is
Ted has been crying
Yet he shed not a single tear
Ted is strong now
Ted is wiser now
Ted has given up everything
but not on himself
All is well now
Am learning to live
With a heavy cloud of air around me
Ballast is evidence of my once strong fortress
So many shells
I used to have a heart you know
But I don't know where it is now,
or what became of it
So I decide not to live in regret,
and learned how to live without one
The sun reminds me of me
There was a time when i was just like her
Very vibrant and warm
Now i don't even know who i am anymore
I'm beginning to lose my luster
Like a pearl not worn for so long
Self medicating with material things
In hopes that i will become whole and happy
But i end up collapsing like a pack of poorly arranged cards

I'm whole I'm complete
But i still feel like half of me is out there
Cold and lonely
I don't even wanna think about it
It makes me shiver
Ike 4d
You are no longer part of
My world
Your name has been
I unmake this bond
I do not see you
I will not see you.

There is a hole in my heart
That cannot be made whole again
Because you were uncarved
And I'm ok with it.
One can only long so much
I do not beg

You are undone and absolute
This road is not a path
I am not sorry
I am happy
Without you.

This is not goodbye
This is silence
And I wish for it to
Cut deep.

I offer you peace
Without me
Carry on or not
I am now unexistence
and you are not part of my world.
Wolf Dec 2018
A secret treasure all hold
People search while some have found
The red thread winds unseen
As pairs of souls are bound
Limited not by time, nor place
Circumstance cannot take
For it may stretch or tangle
But never will it break
Lovers tied by a scarlet line
Listen to its call
Some miss the chance of fate
Others seek stolen strings, destined to fall
Limited not by time, nor place
Circumstance cannot take
For it may stretch or tangle
But never will it break
For D̶a̶v̶i̶d̶  nobody.
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