extract order from chaos
form factor
snapping synapses
bite your teeth
uncertainty arises
what multifaceted, tendrilous abomination rears its ugly head
stare down the monster fabricated by your rodent brain
lest you die there
lest you retract to your familiar, damaged shell
grin savagely
show it the threat
that the abyss may take you
clutching a vital piece of its mess
an aspect of your past is gaping
its last breath
bravery is violence
it is death
Trying to explain it to myself.
One day...

One day the anger won't be so hot.
I will subside from being mad at you leaving.
I will have compassion for you instead.
I will lessen my hurt and change it into a beautiful masterpiece.
I will recreate my anger into art.
And that art, fuck, will be the most beautiful art I create.

One day the sadness won't be so darkening.
I will be able to breathe from the fact you left too soon.
I will not hide behind you, depression.
I won't kill myself in spite of you.
I won't live in fear anymore.

One day the shame and guilt won't swallow you so whole.
I won't hold myself to everything you said.
I will understand we all fuck up.
I will be able to recede the waves from swallowing me whole.

One day god will take me from everything I hold whole, and recreate me.
But not today, not tomorrow, not 5 years from now.

Because I'm strong.
Love is a mending of two hearts
I am a forest fire,
a rickety fan that will never run quite right,
a cup of coffee that warms your soul.

I burn too bright, but fade too fast.
I crave a different tune to which nobody knows.

I want,
No I need,
a steady hum to learn to beat next to,
to walk side by side as equals.

I want to burn in passion, but I need
to breath slowly as we lay in a sheet of knowledge.

I want an outreached arm, but I need
a mountain of freedom to climb.
I want to fit perfectly, but I need
to fit as crookedly as bent spoons.

Give me strength but don’t take away my essence.
Let me be free, but be free with be.
Find my heart but only touch it.
A feelings I feel as every man tries to fix me, claim me, take me. I am meant to be free. So be free with me. Walk beside me.
campbell 12h
To the women who dismantled the world
with their bare hands
just to build it up again.

May we know them.
To the Eleanor Roosevelts,
to the Marilyn Monroes.
To our mothers
and our grandmothers

May we be them.
Women who speak with fire
and revel in the flame,
who shatter the glass ceiling
and dance around the broken shards.

May we raise them.
To our sisters
and our daughters.
To the women who came before me
and all of the girls who will come after.

Here’s to strong women.
for all my ladies out there :)
he plagued her thoughts less and less
the painful process
of recovery
of finding her breath again
from a love that made her feel less than she was
her thoughts of him
fewer and farther between with every sun
became muted
irrelevant to her life
sore still
and a little bit achy
but standing up
with shaky legs
and a healing heart
falling in love with herself
and her God
even more
Lily 1d
Monday was the day of preparations
That were never made, the day of panicking,
Scrambling for a handhold when
The rocks are falling around your head.

Tuesday was the deep breath,
The calming mantra in your mind
That controls the panic from the previous day,
Steeling yourself for another week.

Wednesday was the day of realizations,
That all the things you planned to do
Are going swiftly going down the drain,
Evaporating into the recesses of your mind.

Thursday was the day of hanging on,
Struggling against a severe landslide
Of cares and worries, desperate to make it
To the top of the cliff.

Friday was the day of relief and triumph,
The relaxing of your brain muscles that
Signals the mountain peak, the end of the struggle,
The final step towards complete contentment.

The week was finally over, the war finally won,
And you realize that you must muster
Enough strength to do this again and again,
That the week is not for the weak.
I pray for peace,
for hope,
for love,
for joy,
for kindness,
for respect.

I pray for an end to world hunger.
I pray for an end to world domination.
I pray for an end to violence and drugs.
I pray for an end to evil.

I pray that God,
our Lord above,
gives us wisdom,
and strength.
That he provides us safety.
to all of our family.

I pray,
I pray,
I pray.
This is our second religious poem. Please like an love this poem!
I hate to deal with you so violently
Together for so long you feel like family

Had to put you to death
Even with your last breath

You choose to take me apart
Aimed for the the heart

You could never go silently
Goodnight and goodbye; my dear anxiety
First day on HePo! Fantastic people and poetry. Hopefully I can add something to this community.
Only when you loose it
will you realise.
The power !
The power you had !

Twist & Turn & Float & Fly !
where &  when & whom & why !

Unlock !
A power so concealed.
Unleash !
A power so conceiving.
Unravel !
The force of life.
Unwind !
what is wrong to what is right.

Twist & Turn & Float & Fly !
where &  when & whom & why !
look no further because the power resides within your true self.
just dig in and have a look.
Oh magnanimous ruler of poetic plights
Giveth me thine strength to write
With such diction that I'll have two words to each line.
Oh how verbose is my mind
on the page
When I try with all might
To delay my short sight

But you! My magnificent master
No man dare find rhyme faster than thee
All I see
Is the artful complexity
That blesses the page
And I rage!
One word
One line
All 26 characters utilized
I need not surmise
That this is the stage
Of your grandest play
And my demise
There is no correct way, in my opinion, to write poetry. Any form that art takes is first about the intention of the artist and then perception. Both aspects being equally important.
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