in dark deep aybss
i caught a little twinkle
and stepped inside it

:) xx

Inside this
depth of the perpetual,
I hold onto the light,
learning that
it is not an illusion
but a constant
            fire within
hard as metal
simultaneously lava soft
no longer boneless,
lumped jelly
              in a flaccid bowl
Instead I am bowled over
with new power,
plugged into
my own electric universe
in rushes of orgasmic voltage
that was always waiting for me
to see it
to allow it inside
the tissues of my body
to flow up and through
intestines, muscle, heart and bone
threads from
                 a glowing orb
that slake
and snake through me
like a river's glory
leaving the spirit on edge for more
and I am ever grateful
to take that light
                  spin it into a gift
                       unwrap it slowly
                            drape it
                              over me like
                                 a flowing,
unstitched garment        
pour its liquid-tipped velvet
onto my follicles, sensitive
tender luminosity
touching all the right places
its silvery essence
flooding me in
drips and slips
healing all the lost
and lonely places,
desolation's imprint
hollows of brimmed-over    
I have become
a quivering, stellar bud
bursting forth, each day
                       burning into new
rebirth in quenching torrents
ripe as ovarian silk
soaked in
cellular juice
inner seeds ready to be flung
unto the earth
into the wilderness
into expansion
ready to
          and bloom
          and bloom

Despite the fact that you broke her heart
She somehow managed to mend it
Just so she could have it beat again

For you.

For J
Shadow Wolf Jan 2016

I am Invincible
I cannot be destroyed
Like a superhero, nothing can stop me
Nothing can get in my way
Nothing will keep me from going on
I will continue
By passing any obstacle in my way
I can power though and stay strong
And nothing, even the darkest of dark times
Can keep me from achieving my goals
There is always a light at the end of every tunnel
I always make it to that light
At the end of the never-ending tunnel
Jumping over the highest of hurdles
Climbing the tallest of mountains
Whatever it takes to reach that final goal
I am Invincible

No matter what happens
I can promise you
You are gonna make it
'cause winning's for you

You are the greatest
We're a perfect love match
We got strength, we got stamina
You're the best, a hell of a catch

No matter what, you never give up
You're gonna win big, I'm not makin' that up
The lying, the cheatin', we ain't gonna take that
Trump them and show 'em that you are the greatest

Inspired by Sia's song "The Greatest"
Lioness 4d

Perfectly misunderstood
It's painful, achingly painful
I'm caught in the cage of my mind
Where is my strength?
Where is my resolve?
I seem to have lost it
Somewhere, someplace

Leonila 4d

Fellowship with Sorrow

Tears won’t flow from my eyes
Tears well up within my being
In brokenness and affliction I live
Sadness, wraps me like a blanket
My cup is to dwell with heartache
My portion is to fellowship with sorrow

Copyright©Leonila 2016

erin 5d

with your hands before they ever touched me
i want to kiss your knuckles and thank them for their strength
i'll hold your fingers for the art that they create
i'll ask so kindly for them to press against mine
you'll look at me as if i were crazy
but i'll kiss them all the same
because hands tell a lot about a person
and yours told me enough to make

I don't think you understand what I went through.
Every time I said I loved you.
I wanted to say I didn't.
But I was scared.
Scared you would hurt me, like the night of our 2nd date.
The second date.
Now I'm no Casanova, what you did wasn't romantic.
You hurt me.
You broke me.
You injured me.
Both mentally and physically.
Yet, no matter how hard I try to forget, I can't.
You can always forgive but forgetting isn't that easy.
What you did was wrong.
I still have no clue why you did it.
Why your eyes glimmered at me.
Why you smiled.
Maybe it was that stupid smile.
Because I knew from the first time I saw it, you were trouble.
I guess I liked that.
After a while I thought you actually cared.
Boy, was I wrong.
You lied to me.
Said you were joking around.
It was just for fun.
Nothing bad would happen.
Well, that was WRONG.
Everything about you is wrong.
I don't know how else to put it.
Now I'm no mathematical genius, but there's about 7 billion people on the planet.
You had the audacity to break at least one.
If not more.
And while I'm no longer important to you.
You still play a role in my life.
You still are in the back of my mind.
Contradicting everything I do.
Despite the fact I want to forget you.
Because what you did was wrong.
I'm still not over it.
No matter how hard I try.
So please.
Just leave.
For the first time I'm not scared to say it.
I don't love you.

hair locked in natural curls
deep brown eyes
almost black
ebony complexion
from head to toe
melanin on 100
o ma gawd
this young woman
is the black Queen
o ma gawd
why is she standing
so mean
from the curves
in her waist and thighs
to the curve
in her smiling cheeks
she knows she's beautiful
even mysterious
she knows why they say
o ma gawd

the strength of a black woman for she is a Queen
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