If we get closer
I hope
I can still
Make myself feel better,
Like I did today.

I want to be strong
And work
As a teammate.

Instead of
Depending on people
Too much
Like I did at some stages
In the past.

I'm empowered
And happier
When I'm more in control
Of myself
And the relationship;
Instead of being reduced
To something that fits
In someone's pocket.

I want to flutter around
Have a good time
And leap in excitement
With my partner's hand in mine.

Both trying our best
To find happiness
In hidden places.

Nudging each other forward
Helping one another
Remember their potential
When they start to fall behind.
That's a relationship I long for.

I'm glad you took a moment
To yourself earlier.
I can understand
How that'd be stressful
And you put yourself first
Which is a good thing.

Thank you for that
And I'm proud of you,
You should always come first.

I hope you're relaxed and at peace
When you rest,
Cherish it while it lasts.

You never know
When another battle will arise.
Trust when I say,
I'll have your back
If you ever need me.


Things are starting to look up once again.

nice to make your acquaintance,
a handshake with a shiver,
smile of cordial formality,
cold grip of a snake's hug,
dressed in artemis with eyes of ares.

walking on a frozen river,
a cracked face with a freezing breeze,
exposed to your elements,
bundled in insecurities,
you saw me as perfect prey.

tools of destruction tucked in your eye,
in a stance of confidence and power,
sharpening the blades of experience,
boiling bloodlust for a battle,
expansion of your kingdom's rule.

nice to make your acquaintance,
a handshake is all I will deliver,
smile of wise impermeability,
strong grip of a tempting drug,
I dress in femininity fiercer than men.

you think I fear your icy deliver,
but you are the one beginning to freeze,
stuck in my trap of hardened cement,
led by your polluted curiosities,
beg for the atonement of your deeds.

the world you built is but a lie,
everything will crumble within the hour,
lost will be all your pride's resilience,
drowned in the ocean of respect,
no one mourns the loss of a fool.

The strength of the fabric depends on the strength of the string.
If fate is fabric, then the will is string.
The strength of the string depends on the strength of the will.
If the string is strong, then the fabric will come out well.
If the will is strong, then your desired future will come out well.
What you weave is fate.
What you weave is the future you desire.
In other words, what you weave is your fate.
If the string is weak,
then the future you desire is unstable.
You let the cosmic power take hold
play around
roll dies
make bets
and decide your future.
Though I suppose they're already doing that right now

You are a garden
Growing between fragile bones
How lovely you are

Ruled pages filled with scribble
Sentence fragments at best
Scattered about haphazardly
Tonight's inspiration; feelings repressed

Bravery and strength projected
Unable to piece them together
Rising from the ashes: Winning the war
Is this really how courage is measured

I could write about how tough I am
All the times that I've pulled through
I could share with you my suffering
All all the times I've come unglued

I could line these pages with determination
A warrior, I've already proven
I could tell you how fearless I am
But that would only be an illusion

I'm rearranging all these letters
The words now flowing freely from my heart
I'm facing all of my demons and fears
That - is how you make beautiful art

There is always a Light at the end of the Tunnel,
the darkest time of Night always comes before the first rays of Day,
there's always a Rainbow after a thunderstorm,
and the strongest skin there is is that which has been scarred...

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
best selling author

We leave behind us
A sea of fire
The past is burning

We see behind us
Kingdoms crumble
Ages to rubble
Only us standing

And the future ain't a promise but it tells no lies
The past has no place for us
Society has betrayed us
Leave dust and ash and take off; leave a world behind

The path that led us to meet across the ages is our proof
Your hand, in mine, this instant is the only truth
Even if the future is denied me
Even with my enemies behind me
You won't take away my power to create my own destiny

This is us, and this is ours
Our hands entwined, at destiny's hour
We weren't wrong and we won't fall
For we are already

I have remembered loving you
In many different ways.

I remembered loving you
As a blade, once.
Those memories made me bleed
They burned, they ached,
No matter how many bandaids I used
They refused to stop.

I remembered loving you
As a bruise.
First, it hurt vaguely all the time
Everyone could see the deep purple
Of my pain.
But gradually, it faded
until it only hurt when I put pressure on it,
Or when someone accidentally bumped it.

Now, I remember loving you
As a thick, deep scar.
I can trace my fingers over it
And it no longer hurts.
I can remember what it felt like,
To love you,
To lose you,
But the blade’s bite is behind me.

It’s taken me so long,
To see my scars as proof
Of healing instead of harm.
But I’m stronger now.

Goodbye, old flame.

I no longer miss you.

I moved on long ago.

Words on fire
Words on steroids
It can burn down walls of restraint
It can lift the weights that we can't
It can bring the emotionally strong to tears
And bring the weakest new strength

Because Poetry

Poetry is a beautiful thing

I really never new how strong poetry could be until I heard the flowing words of those that I thought I knew.
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