But I was a bird,
and you should have known
I’d fly away.

I was not made to be caged,
but you can watch me fly.

Empty stomach
Sickly sweet
Rippling tides of perfection
Wash over me

Hold onto me lightly
Frozen hands

Heat I crave
Smolder my soul


Teetering on the brink of extinction
This beautiful storm

ottaross 5d

In preparation for an invasion
A military force makes sorties
To their opponent’s barriers
And prods to spark response

In the responses
Defensive elements are exposed
Defenders are never sure
What constitutes a prod
Or the tsunami of attack

When the big push comes
There are shocks and surprises
There is resolve and bravery
There is fear
There is capitulation
There is desolation and loss

These shadows play similarly for us
The world prods us into middle age
Leaves us unsure with each surprise
Is this one just a little challenge
Is this the thin edge of the wedge of catastrophe

We, our weaknesses exposed
We, our defences to redouble
We, oh joyous recipients of a moment’s respite
Can regroup and recite unto ourselves
Henry’s Saint Crispin’s day speech
Before another sun rises

Yes, others shall think themselves accursed
That they were not here in my shoes
To have overcome that hellish Tuesday traffic
To have resolved the late-night call from elderly parents
To have dried the hard-fought tears
Of a beleaguered friend
Who found their last
and final reserves
were too thin
too little
too depleted
to cope.

Longing eyes upon you cast
As a mirror does reflection find
In the air of chambers behind
Lingers restless passions laid to rest
Like a silent laugh or tearless cry
My life seems waste to my enemies
Their wrath I did bide my time to appease
But hope-sight you gave me--ethereal eyes
Through these common sight can never be
As a soul into new dimensions born
At these seas I stand formless on the leas
No longer hiding but now riding the storm
Your soul holds mine deeper into these seas
Orpheus and his love reunited forever in
Glorious form.

                       --Daniel Irwin Tucker

A tunic
Fresh air coated with cloads
Deep breaths
Wrapped around your ankles
Whisper to me
No fear
Books and Mirrors
Sureness in your Eyes
Knowledge is Power
Write it
No one will get it
Make no mistake
No self-doubt
Side effects
That vase, challice
A name like Gold
A name like yours
Hair growing
Time's pregnant
Banana bread
In a car
Together we have power
Never give it up

You hold my hand,
Like the string of a balloon,
My head is somewhere in those clouds,
But still you understand.

You give me the helium to ascend,
To wander aimlessly through
Universes of collected memories,
But keep me tethered
So I don't transcend.

And when I struggle to escalate,
Carry on walking with me,
So I can see the World
In all of its glory,
Until I can peacefully deflate.

© L.J. Chaplin

A lion roars.

I hear it within me,
a steady reverberation
animating my soul.

I am power.

xxSarahxx 7d

Love in this world, at this time  is difficult to  find.
We cling on the positive, because the ugly truth is ugly.
We try telling us, tomorrow it will be better.
This all is just a nightmare & when we wake up we are safe.

Even though there are terrible news everywhere,
we can't & won't loose hope in this.

Love can be found  in this house.
Laughter is heard from outside.
In here, there is a family that loves unconditionally.
You can't imagine what they've been through already.

Their love got them through, the strength to look forward.
They learned & are still learning & living.

But most importantly,
they never lost their hope even when there was nothing.

Happy Easter
Dhaara T Apr 15

Don't you dare lose hope
After making it so far
This step matters most

When you're 50% through something, take just one more step in the direction you were heading. That one step is crucial, because once you're more than halfway through, the chances of giving up will keep diluting as you progress. Never give up, never back down, give your hurdles a tough fight! :)

I no longer take others leave of absence
for it has nothing to do with me

running away
does not cure anxiety

running prolongs the truth
from slapping you in the face
all of my cards on the table now
here is my Ace

I ran away once
I dealt with the aftermath
for months

I know by now
that when I try to avoid
reality catches up

memories make you feel sick
you question,
"what could I have done
to make this outcome different?"

my heart breaks
but I don't
throw me no more bones
I radiate grace

the only way out of your head
is to pump the breaks and deal
actions take precedence
over words once said

face emotions
listen to your heart
ego is the only force
tearing love
and human connection apart

history tends to repeat itself
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