The time is now
If I know how
To leap with all my might

Openly trust
Myself I must
Life's acolyte

Standing Steady
At the ready
To let go of this ground

Leaning in
Trust the wind
Absence of all sound

Eyes close tight
Fear I might
Plummet to my demise

Hold my breath
Brace for death
The Illusion does belie

Backward Rules
Make us fools
The answer's in the trick

Decend to rise
A new bailiwick

“Come here” he says,
And kisses me, soft and tender,
Like I am the first woman ever kissed
By the first man who has ever made love.

He has caressed this grain of insignificance,
Nurtured it into his own pearl
Of infinite affection and adoration
And thus I am become his boundless jewel.

By Arcassin Burnham

Beautiful and unique snowflakes fall from heavens
And each and every one of y'all had fallen in deliverance,
The kids that were always quiet and a lil crazy in disguise,
But will open up hearts even when they were despised,
And when the others bully you,
Make you feel like an disgrace,
The emptiness consuming you,
To make you fail at any pace,
The memories will go away,
Thinking nothing will ever change,
The memories won't go away,
Almost nothing ever changed,
Feeling like no one had cared about the things wrong in your life,
I would have always been there for you anytime, day or night,
I hope you sit up in the stars and embrace life eternally,
The memories are dead and gone,
And now you can be free.


Spread the word-
war is the neanderthal,
and violence the ape
both ancient components
of collective monkey mind

I wish for war to devolve
be subject to decay
like slavery

Take it to heart,
we can illuminate the world  
use your voice as a cannon
condemn war and hatred

I'll stand with you

Poetry will save the world

Eyes wide with troubled wonder she looks at me.
I long to take her in my arms and soothe her disquiet,
But I know it won't be welcome.

Little one,
I wish I could explain the world to you.
I wish I could tell you that these things will pass.
I wish I could tell you that one day these weights of your mind will just be fleeting memories,
not to let them drag you down.

Then she smiles at me.
Deep dimples and shining hazel eyes.
Mood shifts in a mercurial instant.
She climbs onto my lap and slender arms envelop my neck,
Her breath warm in my hair.
I move with glacial slowness to return this rarest of embraces, fearing to break the spell,
my breath held,
I close my eyes and imprint this moment on my soul;
it may not come again.

This most precious of gifts,
the touch of a child who won't be touched,
overwhelms me.



Let me look into
your eyes now Baby
Let me look into your eyes
Everything I need
I see there Baby
Let me look into your eyes

Let me look into your eyes

Let me take your hand
in my hand Darling
Let me take you by the hand
Walk with me
alone together Darling
Let me take you
by your hand

Let me take you
by your hand

Let me put my arms
around you Baby
Let me hold you
in my arms
Let me embrace you
through and through
My Darling
Let me put my arms
around you

Let me put my arms
around you

Every moment of
every minute
Every second of every day
I want to do with you Darling
Doing whatever
come what may

Let me say I love you Baby
Let me show you that I care
Everything I'm all about
adores you Darling
Let me show you
that I really care

Let me show you
that I really care

Let's go to the
top of the world
Let me then
take you there
We can surely
make it Baby
Let me take you there

Darling, let me
take you there

Every moment of
every minute
Every second of every day
I want to do with
you my Darling
Doing whatever
come what may




Lyn-Purcell Sep 28

Can you feel it nearing?
The cold spell has been cast.
The energy of life and death
spread its wings.
A silken gossamer web woven.
And dances around, the music
of the wind.
And glancing down, the tranquilty
of the stars.
It waits.
Winter bares its teeth to all.
white and slimy and ready to bite.
Winter coils its frosty tail,
as it coils and sways and lashes
with its tail.
Flowers are blanketed and
houses are quilted.
And as the warmth fleets,
it retreats to the fruits.
It is through them
that we stay warm and
Bite the peach.
It's sweet and tart.
And tendriled flame
will flutter and

Poem from my journal.
Brianna Love Sep 26

She comes to him
  while he dreams
     floating down
to lay upon him
kisses so sweet
for she loves him
so very deep.

              With her loving
               embracing light
                  she wraps
                around him
               holding tight
                  her eyes
            he sees her love
          as the stars witness
         from the skies above.

He reaches for her
to gently place
the sweetest kiss
upon her crying face
he caresses
her body
while touching
her soul
as together they become
of one whole.

          The love they create
            so deep and true
        from the dusk of night
        til mornings first dew
when all is done and all is said
            upon his chest
         she lays her head
     hearing his heart beat
            for her alone
     a greater love
                     she's never known.

Gabriel burnS Sep 15

fingers grasp around you
the ribs of my embrace
slicing solitude in ribbons
wrapping new flesh
with shy promises
filling up the body
of a possibility
its youthful iridescent eyes
now blossoming
giving out near-future sparks
to the world-pyre

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