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Marina 6h
You're the truth I'm always wanting to keep.
Your love drives people crazy, out of the wind.
Marina 6h
You say you'll always believe me.
You say you'll always catch me.

I'm leaving this place, pack your bags
I'm tired of loving from a far
And I don't want to leave you anymore,
I'm leaving the old house that I know so well.

You say you'll always need me the most.
You told me you were loving the way I kissed your heart.

I loved the way your eyes shine
In the dark places in the life of mine,
Because I don't want to leave you anymore.

Your car is outside my home,
I'm ready to come in for the truth
And prepared for your home to embrace my soul.
J J 5d
Her arms locking round me, her warm embrace
         Like cashmere touched for the very first time
And feeling too perfect,too comforting to exist.

She rocks my head and lullabies my skull
  because she knows there are thoughts screaming inside--
     And I can sleep, I can rest

When throughout most of my life
I never could. The purest gratitude
   Stems from a love that feels endless.
Euphorie Oct 6
As she remembered her first kiss,
That moment of pure bliss,
His tippy toes higher to reach her,
ses cheeks burned in the summer heat,
His eyes were as innocent as grace itself,
This instant of love viewed by the shore,      
He confessed to her smiling face,
As the breeze witnessed their embrace.
Euphorie Oct 6
She is so pretty that it hurts,
the way she smiles and her fossettes,
will be the cause of my décès,
her hair hanging on her epaule,
are my favori like a rainfall,
her blue eyes with a haze ring,
confuse me for a second,
her breath on my chest,
Her hands in my hands.
Every time she passes my eyes
It's aches more than hundred times,
I want to die for her,
be the last to embrace her,
she is so pretty that it hurts!
Jay M Sep 25
Living like a ghost
Walking by all I know
Hiding from everyone
Denying I need anyone
To walk alongside

Night falls
Darkness reins
Emotions overcome
Control the individual
Curled into a corner
Embracing a comfort
An object from childhood
Absorbing rivers

Still, child cries
Still, child hides
And still
The heart dies.

- Jay M
September 25th, 2019
Siyana Sep 22
Your sweet embrace,
In this moment I feel present.
And I like your taste,
your touch feels like heaven.
Candy is not bittersweet,
when you're lying this close to me.
Kingdom come, thy will be done
a boy is dangerous,
as is a gun.
Queen sized bed,
I feel your warmth.
His heart is good,
but his mind is in a war...
Mari Sep 21
The person
who told
not to compare
yourself with others,
is comparing itself.
What a shame!
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