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Albuna 3d
Can’t get out
I am closed in a cage
Can’t move myself
I need your warm embrace
But nobody is there
No one understands
But how even
When all I need are some helping hands
Some hands to hold me
When I feel lost
Someone to tell me
You will do it! You will come across!
Someone who will drag me so high
That I will be able to see the lights
Someone who listens to my soul
Who doesn’t let myself get out of control
But what if this person will never come?
Than I have to go through this all alone
Maybe someday I will be free
That’s what they try to tell me
From a lost soul
when we're locked together
in one another's warm embrace,
all my fears,
all my inhibitions,
they all melt away.
We are thousands of strides apart,
so then tell me
how I can feel you hugging me from behind while I shop at rest stops,
your chin barely resting on my shoulder.
We are separated by a dozen states,
I can still hear your laughter swimming through my ears every time I make a joke only we would understand.
Half a country divides us,
but, even now,
I still hear your gasps when my hands wander across the hills and valleys of your frame.
Fascinating, isn’t it
How we damage ourselves
Yet our bodies renew, replace fibres
Still functional but not the same as before
Perhaps to remind us that we are not indestructible

I have scars

A perfectly distributed one along my spine
Reminds me of the swing my grandpa built,
And how I fell from it on the concrete the day he was buried.
He is gone, but the scar that I got from the swing he built, it is not.

One on my arm, hidden beneath a tattoo,
A reminder, that my cat Molly does not like vacuums.
She only had to let me know this once,
But I remember it always.

My left leg depicts very faintly what was once the topic on every passer-by’s lips
‘She was in a motorbike accident’.
But you see; now I know that braking on a loose patch of gravel will in fact, not slow you down,
But have quite the opposite effect.
I don’t know much about physics, but I know this.

Both of my thighs, once sliced open just like a knife to flesh
As ****** up as I was, the alcohol wouldn’t numb this one,
Throbbing, burning, gushing blood as I swam for eternity back to shore
But I still remember the view of the sunrise from that rock, the perfect front row seat
I also still remember that rock, and it’s perfectly jagged edges.

On my wrist, a small bump
Riding waves is fun but I now always keep in mind that we share our ocean,
I’m sure my jelly-fish encounter was as unpleasant for him as it was for me,
And despite being wrapped in foam from my neck to my ankles,
He sure was tactical, and I live to tell his tale

I have scars

But some of them you can’t see
All of them have a story,
A lesson,
A memory.
All of them are me.
Allison K Apr 10
I find myself in your embrace;
with you everything feels so right
My love, I want to hold you close, locked in an embrace,
as we dance alone on the moon.

'And who's going to pay for that?', she replies.
And that's when I realise, why I love her so.
Perdue Poems Apr 8
An embrace, an existence
A warmth transcending heat
A warmth that tickles, a warmth that glows
That causes hearts to weep

A broken heart can be mended
By such a true embrace
A blackened soul lit aflame
With passion in its place

Cold tears, hot tears
stream down my cheek
Yet never had I been embraced
and had my knees go weak

The sun has a warm and brilliant face
And She heats our Mother daily
Yet I would yet trade ten thousand suns
For one sincere embrace
Rue Apr 3
Walking through the vast trees,
I see with loving excitement and grace.
For, beauty, surrounds me with ease
as I grin and feel Spring’s embrace.
Ready for Spring!
Within this constriction
We define perfection

Perfection is subjection
Subjective is perfection

Dangerous is the definition
Disheartening is the caused segregation

Segregation then leads to dehumanization
Dehumanization brings a solution

A final solution

All from the definition
Of perfection
Of attraction

How beauty is the chaperon
For destruction

Is a cyclic maceration
Of the human condition

How repugnant and inane

Future and past is inundated by a dismal shroud

To be perfect is to accept those who possess your idea of imperfection

Stay open minded, avoid apathy, seek the uncomfortable

Let’s break the cycle
Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
I wait for you all night.
My heart always revolving
Arround your thought
After I see you that day.

That day was very hard till I see you.
I left alone by everyone.
On the sky no moon to comfort me.
Looking at the dark sky
Make my heart even harder.

That was the time you appear
To my eyes. You shine so bright.
I amazed by your intriguing beauty.
Your mesmerizing beauty calms
The valcanoes happened in my mind.

I heard you are hot one. But,
That day you cool my heart.
I heard you rotate in opposite direction
But, that day you directed me to
Find the right path.
Although, you shrouded by the
Carbon dioxide and nitrogen,
You made inhale the oxigen freely
In the earth that day.

From that day, I am waiting for you
Under the dark sky.
Amidst the clouds you always hide.
I am waiting to the cloud get clearer.

I know I can't reach you. But,
My love! Let me love you from
This far at least.
I know I can't embrace you. But,
My love! Let me embrace you
Within my thoughts.
I Know I can't breath in you. But,
My love! Let me breath in your thoughts.

Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
Let me see the glimpse of you.
Let this nostalgia disappear
From my heart.
Imaginary love letter to planet " Venus"
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