Looking into her shedding tears, I saw the sun's face smiling at me, and her arms reaching to embrace me.

Hussein Dekmak

Have you ever been grabbed so hard
and for so far
you don't where you've been
or where u are
Like getting hooked on a cigar
Or getting lost in the stars
Our mind focuses on pleasures
It's not too bizarre

But this one’s different
Now this one's changing
The way our brain works it's rearranging
It contains a false happiness
It remains a pure nastiness
And half the population just thinks it's amazing

Now I come from a place of past addiction
Past affliction brought my conviction
what's my depiction of the world we live?
A world of sin.
A world that just wants to press you in.
Into all the pleasures it recommends.

You're on the front lines
And we bind to our grind of this selfish incline

Looking at women and looking at men
Saying you won't do it
And Then doing it again
Praying to stop and then saying amen
Back to the cycle and we starting a trend

It allows for sexual dysfunction
A societal malfunction
A Moral reduction of our country and others.
And I just don't know what I can do
I feel so useless
But I'm trying to get through
Yeah I feel so corned
If only I knew
God... can you give me a clue
Don't disregard I'm not being taboo
But God said we are all a creation that's new
But right now I'm just feeling like that's totally untrue
I don't know
I don't know if I ever will
However I'm on a clever endeavour still
I'm trying to weather this pleasure thrill
But God please come down and kill this forever feel
God please come down and kill this forever feel
Because I feel like I cannot do it myself, no I know that I cannot do it myself.

We preach don't do drugs!
Then we run around the corner
And then we succumb to a fake hug acting like it's just love
A flood of Testosterone endorphins all at once
Till we're addicted for months and months and months and no one wants to discuss but I'm here to confront this mess we have created inside our home front.

Ted bundy
Said shun me
Got addicted to porn
Once he
Watched it once on a monday
And this man was on a mission
To abuse and kill women
And is quoted sayin it's all because of that decision to get addicted
And it is a decision yes or no
Excess or success
Distress or progress
But we would rather live in sin than confess
But when we finally decide
Whether to live or die
We will find he's waiting for us on the other side
Ready to take us home in a chariot ride


Porn kills love
Bird shot versus dove
Dysfunctional families sold by the millions
One-night stands just sound brilliant
A billion desensitized civilians

Grotesque sexual activity
Reducing productivity
Embracing your captivity
This poem encapsulates the pain and horror that the addiction of porn creates
Asiah 7d
The words that paint us.
The loss of words and the loss of feeling between each other is unreal.
Maybe we're not meant to be,
Maybe we're pushing for something that isn't real.
The lack of connection between our lives and our bodies.
Why can't we connect?
Both of our bodies decompressing to the sound of us.
Are we not real?
Are we something unimaginable?
The harder I push and the harder my body tries to be everything
We loose Everything...
Our souls are distant partners whose fates weren't meant to touch.
You're my imagination and I'm your lustful dream.
Take me to the place where our mind and bodies
Touch, Caress, and Embrace one another.
Sad to say Us is my wildest imagination.
Life surrounds me, theres no escape, theres no recluse in this bustling landscape.

Suffocating in green as the leafy trees lean, they're arms embrace as lovers bringing shade to endless summers.

But truly they are one to admire when all I do is rebuff and respire.
May change the ending later I hope everyone is having a great summer
Jabin 7d
Look behind at all the ducks,
but don’t turn your back!
Squawking and pecking
like they do give a fuck,
but their father is a quack.

Throw to them a piece of bread,
and they'll fight like dogs.
The alpha pounces,
thieving from pups he's bred-
while they snort and snort like hogs.

Stay your glance, looking ahead,
for missiles raining.
Trapped in gas, they choke;
soon enough, they'll be dead,
and too, your time is waning.

That paper in your pocket
leashes up your mind.
Give it a whiff, a stare, and a sniff,
ball the evil rocket.
Freedom's ring is what you'll find.

Feathers falling and flying.
The canines are sharp.
Angel eyes in the darkness, stalking.
Don't sift through the lying,
or dance to heavenly harp.

Strip your clothes on the mountain,
bows the snake low, down.
Never wanted to see any harm,
though sipped from the fountain,
to question the mighty crown.

Give back to him his children,
let Soulless roam free.
You may well recall-
strength once you were wieldin’,
when I was you, and you were me.

So with love, set him beside;
embrace your own child.
Comfort and soothe his worthless cause.
Accept him despite the pride
'fore the lion's temper ever be mild.
I'm looking for the spirit of forgiveness. Not for myself, but for the worst of us. Revenge is not the answer, and there is no justice in torture. There is no peace in pain. There is no love in hurt. So the answer must be something else- something much more difficult. Something we'd think impossible. But what is that old saying?
Spotted you in clouds,
asked wind my friend to act;
you embrace as rain !
PoserPersona May 30
lost in the sun’s embrace
I grew weary as it too
lost its way in the night
My own very very subtle edit on tv toyko's "Duality," which is a traditional haiku unlike this. He consented to my posting this. His haikus are tight and you should check him out.
Krishnapriya May 30
Sometimes the rain drops
are so big and succulent
like mangoes
and tears
and temple bells
at dawn

The parched earth
and welcomes all
in her embrace
the rain drops
ripe mangoes
endless tears
and mystic sound
of temple bells
at dawn
Monsoon rains are here upon us and big, big, raindrops bless our parched land with smiles. :)
Li May 22
Sleep tight.
Let yourself dream
Feel it until you're drawn into it
Settle in the arms that's holding you
Let him kiss your temple and caress your skin
Forget about the world, live and love

Close your eyes.
Let him whisper the words
Her him out, hear his undying love
Let him embrace your soul
He love you

Rest yourself in the arms of the man who found you.
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