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Sof Jul 8
He embraced me and squeezed
as if I was his lifeline.
The thorns dug through my skin,
spilling blood.
I twisted in pain,
trying to wrench myself free,
but succeeded only in digging the thorns in more deeply.
"Unleashing the Soul's Journey" [Three]

In the dance of life, find your rhythm,
Let your heart guide each step, a beacon.
For within you lies a universe untold,
A symphony of dreams waiting to unfold.

Embrace the journey, both highs and lows,
For each experience shapes the path you chose.
In the face of adversity, stand tall and strong,
Let resilience be your anthem, your song.

When doubts arise and fears take hold,
Look within, find the courage untold.
For within you burns a flame so bright,
Igniting passion, setting your soul alight.

In the tapestry of life, weave your story,
Embrace the challenges, bask in the glory.
For every obstacle is a chance to grow,
To discover the depths of what you know.

Embrace the power of a grateful heart,
In gratitude, find solace and impart.
For even in darkness, there's a glimmer of light,
A reminder of blessings, shining so bright.

Choose love over hatred, kindness above all,
Let compassion be your guiding call.
For in spreading love, you'll never be poor,
But enriched, forevermore.

Embrace the whispers of your intuition,
A guiding compass, a divine provision.
Trust in the path that's unfolding ahead,
For destiny awaits, leave no dream unread.

So, let your spirit soar, let it fly,
Reach for the stars that grace the sky.
In your uniqueness, you hold the key,
To unlock the magic, to set your soul free.

I hope this poem continues to uplift your soul and inspires you to embrace the beauty of your journey. May it remind you of the power, resilience, and infinite possibilities that reside within you.
Inspired by the  atmospheric of life.
"Unleashing the Soul's Journey" [Two]

In the depths of despair, where shadows reside,
A flicker of hope, waiting to guide.
Through trials and tribulations, we find our way,
Unyielding, persistent, we rise each day.

When storms brew and thunder roars,
Remember, within you, strength soars.
For within every tempest, a calm does abide,
A resilient spirit, ready to stride.

In moments of doubt, when faith is tested,
Believe in yourself, you are divinely blessed.
The power of your dreams, your purpose, your might,
Can illuminate the darkest night.

Embrace the scars that tell your tale,
They speak of resilience that will never fail.
For what doesn't break you, only makes you strong,
A testament to the battles you've fought for long.

In the silence of solitude, listen closely,
To the whispers of your soul, speaking softly.
It knows the way, the path to your bliss,
Follow its guidance, for there lies your abyss.

Seek inspiration in nature's embrace,
The gentle sway of trees, the sunlight's grace.
For in the simplicity of the natural world,
We find serenity, our spirit unfurled.

Choose kindness as your guiding star,
A ripple of compassion, traveling far.
For in lifting others, you lift yourself,
A selfless act that fosters inner wealth.

So, embrace the journey, the highs and lows,
For they shape you, as life unfolds.
With each new dawn, a chance to renew,
To discover the depths of what you can do.

Remember, you hold the key to your fate,
With resilience and courage, you navigate.
Trust in yourself, let your spirit ascend,
For your soul is limitless, its beauty knows no end.

I hope this additional poem brings you even more inspiration and lifts your soul higher. May it remind you of the strength, resilience, and limitless possibilities that reside within you.
Inspired by the at. Atmospheric of life.
"Unleashing the Soul's Journey"

In the darkest night, a glimmer of light,
A beacon of hope shining so bright.
When troubles arise and burdens weigh,
Take a breath, for strength will not stray.

In the depths of despair, when all seems lost,
Remember the power that lies within, embossed.
For within your soul, a fire burns strong,
Igniting resilience, guiding you along.

With every setback, a lesson to learn,
A chance to grow, to rise and discern.
Embrace the challenges that life may bring,
For they shape your character, make you sing.

In moments of doubt, when fears prevail,
Believe in yourself, let self-doubt derail.
You possess the strength of a thousand suns,
Unleash your potential, let it be done.

Embrace the beauty that surrounds,
Nature's wonders, tranquil sounds.
Seek solace in the simplest of thangs,
A gentle breeze, the song a bird sings.

Choose kindness over anger's wrath,
Let love guide you on life's winding path.
For in spreading joy, you find your own,
A heart that's full, a spirit that's grown.

Embrace your dreams, chase them high,
Reach for the stars that dot the sky.
With passion and purpose, let your light shine,
Illuminate the world, one step at a time.

So, lift your spirit, let it soar,
The power within you, forevermore.
In this journey of life, you're not alone,
Together, we rise, united, we've grown.
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023

I found a corner in my headspaaaace
Where the dark can't find me
But can't see an inch in front of my faaaace
Oh the irony
This rat race feels more like a foot chase, no soul just a shoelace the only thing tied to reality
A cold case denies any warm embrace, I can not negate the red flags that riddle my mentality

Aahoc Oct 2023
Have you ever felt so alone that you feel the pins and needles on your skin?
Your arms start to tingle.
Have you ever considered that you are trying to jump out of your skin to hug yourself?
So often we quickly dismiss that sensation and try to move past it.
What though, if we just let play it out?
Don't run.
Don't push it away.
Embrace yourself and the lonely hug.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2023

Talk to me, trust me to listen
Allow me see what everyone else has been missin'
Feel free to be exactly the person you are
Call out to me knowing I'll never be too far
I know you've been hurt, I know I've played a part
Allow me the chance to unbreak your broken heart
I understand your stance on never again
I just want to see that smile returned to my best friend

Tell me,
What makes you happy and
Tell me,
What makes you sad
Tell me your best day and every one that's turned out bad
Tell me,
What makes you laugh and
Tell me,
What makes you mad
Tell me your nightmares and every dream you've ever had

Step to the side and I'll respect the space
Turn to me when in need of a warm embrace
When you have something to say I'll be a captivated audience
When you can't find the words, we can sit here in silence
If you want to fly I'll help mold your wings
Let us set sail to find what tomorrow brings
The future is unknown, let's write out own ending
You could do it alone, I know, so know it's a desire to be accompanying

Tell me,
What makes you happy and
Tell me,
What makes you sad
Tell me your best day and every one that's turned out bad
Tell me,
What makes you laugh and
Tell me,
What makes you mad
Tell me your nightmares and every dream you've ever had

We aren't perfect, never strive too
Two broken people applying our own glue
We want but we don't need
Together, never been more free
Making this breed of love we feeeeeeeel more than real

Tell me,
What makes you happy and
Tell me,
What makes you sad
Tell me your best day and every one that's turned out bad
Tell me,
What makes you laugh and
Tell me,
What makes you mad
Tell me your nightmares and every dream you've ever had

(Possible bridge or outro)

...makes you happy...makes you sad
...your best day... rescript the bad
... your cute when mad
...together in all the dreams being had

Amanda Kay Burke May 2023
Don't understand why universe took you away
Bits of you seen in all surroundings in some sort of way
Anyone observing wouldn't notice something wrong
Crumbling under a surface that is strong
I attempt to hold head up high
Shrugging off wounding emotion
Repeating routine robotically
Earth's rotation slow-motion
I send deepest regrets with the wind to be lifted into the sky
Whispering words never said before
Worst of all:
Accepting absence as permanent obstruction
Leaves me teetering on edge of destruction
There are moments I wish ground would open up and swallow me whole
Touching not one drop of water yet I'm drowning in the depths of my soul
You always did best to protect me throughout the years
In return I have let you down
Victim of my greatest fears
It might not have been my responsibility to keep you safe and sound
I could have poured out some of those shots you would pound
It was my duty keeping your secrets locked up out of sight
Over and over again I told you no so you responded with a fight
Rather than be at odds I would give in to your spiteful remarks
You ultimately would win and I would fetch your bottle of Monarch
Now I'm haunted by those countless simple mistakes
Forced to bear weight of the fact I didn't have courage it takes
I want to rewind life so I could get another chance to show
That you mean much more to me than I dared to let you know
I'd rather be who's held in the reaper's embrace
Than stuck here tears running down my face
It's my birthday and I'm so not feeling it... How can I celebrate without the one person who made it so special every year?
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