How sad must our shadows feel
to be always following us
never free
without a will of its own

but what if a shadow too
has a soul
What if it needs care
just like we do

so love your
never reject
thus it will always be there for you
never abandoning
and the only one
you will can never leave

How do you tell them
You can't ever live without
Their loving embrace

I am casting shadows
to stop the growing
smiles of petals
for they are feeding thorns
carving poems on my skin
I can't unlove your demons

Lyn-Purcell Aug 3

It's ok to be conscious of your vulnerabilities.
In fact, it makes you stronger.
It's ok to be conscious of how flawed you are.
In fact, it makes you all the more beautiful.
It's ok to make mistakes. How else will you learn?
In fact, it makes you wiser.
It's ok to even hate. At some point, we all do.
Just don't let it poison your ability to love.
It's ok to be sad. We all are at some point.
Just don't forget to count your blessings
and laugh hard.

Another poem from my journal. Just more thoughts for the day...
Jim Musics Aug 1

Just a few days ago, I was a bit bothered.
I was experiencing too much wonder and joy.
Now I feel, know, see, smell…that it is all to be embraced, accepted, absorbed, inner mostly, if possible.

Knowing this make me stronger in many ways.
It helps clarify the nuances of the flow of experiences and the feelings elicited,
making them manageable, perhaps integral.
They are more freely inanimorated.

I permit myself to acquiesce to the succession of beautiful weather days,
with all their wonders internal and climatic.

I dare to wish abundance enough to be stored away
for harsher days
and nights

inanimorated - I made it up. Like incorporated, but not of the body, (corporis), but of the mind, (animo).
ringyorm Jul 26

Our own souls solidified
You and I are one
ether bodies entwined
with purest love
You stained my heart
we are destined
never ending unfiltered truth
inhaling sensuality
we float into infinity

Lyn-Purcell Jul 24

Unlike a woman, a flame needs no limbs to dance
She is a wonder -
Her dress and lips, a kiss of vermilion
Her hair, a corona of marigold
Her eyes, a vast sky of freedom
You can't help but to be captivated by her dance
A flurry of flames, each step adds to a maelstrom
There's something so bewitching about her tender light
In place of fear, there is hope
In place of being lost, she leads you further
  Many a man have tried to capture her, in an effort to
dull her light and steal her warmth
make it their own but
not you.
You understand that a flame such as hers needs to
fanned so her
glory will leave all ablaze

For the absence of weakness is the greatest affection
as the zephyrs you send to her fire.
Your sweet love will snuff the small
and embrace the tender and tremendous.

Love will find a way
Robert Jul 23

I see you,
I hear you,
I feel you,
I acknowledge you
and I want to let you to know …
I choose to embrace you.

Sam Jul 22

I would be your sword, if you would be my shield.
I would fight away your sorrows, if you protect me from myself.

If you would be my rose, I would be your water.
I would keep your roots alive, and show you how to thrive.
Without you, I would dissipate.
Eaten by the soil.

I would be the clock, if you would be my hands.
I'm stuck here in the past, and need you to move forward.

If you would be my kite, I would be your wind.
I'd take you to new heights.
Embracing every ounce of your beauty.
Showing you off to the world.

I guess it's nice to dream.

Lucy Jul 14

I miss how it was
When we were so in love
The things we use to do
But now I feel nothing without you
My face is emotionless when I walk
My throats sore from screaming, can barley talk
I shiver whenever I hear your name
It's like a curse word I hear everyday
From our friends
Again and again
It makes me sick to my stomach
Because you don't care, probably even love it
How powerful this must make you feel
Knowing you hurt me deep, how it felt so real
I can't stop the sadness
I can't shake it off, it's madness
I just want to curl up into a ball
How do you make me feel so god damn small

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