I simply want your embrace.
Your arms wrapped safely around my frame
the heat of your blood pumping
the soft texture of your skin
the musky smell of your neck
I do not need words
I do not need that look
just your embrace.

So often as the day grows
my resolve dies
situations frustrate the mind
hardships puncture the heart
and my mood fowls

I simply crave you
the balm for a wound
that has never healed
I simply need you
holding me together
till the end
Safety can be in the arms of a loved one. Love can be simple.
In this badly written love story the wanderers remain wanderers
They do not learn how to say "I'm sorry"
for who and what they are.
They never end up together
or settle down to play happy families.
The wanderers in this love story
stayed wanderers forever.

In this badly written love story
the wanderers never sought to cage
each other in a fancy prison disguised as a home
Wise enough to never forget the feel of freedom they kept the door open and had common sense over for lunch every other day .
Careful not to stifle the flame of love.
They loved when they could and knew to leave when they should.

In this badly written love story the wanderers eventually packed their belongings and differences and wandered far apart.
They set off once again with the wind whispering promises of sweet sweet freedom freedom in their ears.
They did not look back before they disappeared from view
or try to follow the other one.
No. Our wanderers looked straight ahead as the wind attempted and failed to wipe away their tears and did not once complain as he led them away from their lover's arms and into freedom's embrace.
And from freedom's embrace to the new lover.
And when they arrived they did not once try to alter this new love to look like the last one
nor did they try to fix this new wanderer to match the last one.
They simply learned what love had to teach
and got up when it was time to leave.
The wanderers love story did not stop with each other it continued on through the both of them.

Freedom being their ultimate goal they did not hesitate when she called them out of theirbeds at 3am in the morning for an adventure.
Nor did they refuse to partake of the new love she had prepared for them even though the love they shared was still lingering on their tongues.
The aftertaste interrupting and ruining the taste of this new experience.
Instead they tried to remember the time when freedom was the only thing that had tasted so sweet and tried to forget the feel of each other's hands as they reluctantly let go that last time.
The wanderers hoped against hope that freedom could not hear their sniffles as they tried to remember when life had gotten so lonely.
They feared she would take offence and leave them with naught but half of a broken heart and these useless material belongings.
In this badly written love story the wanderers did not turn back to each other and claim their happy ever after
but instead they buried their heads in Mama Freedom's chest and let out a gasp everytime their hearts clenched so hard they couldn't breathe anymore and let her rub their backs while breathing in her sweet soothing presence.

Comforted by the thought  that she was doing the same thing for the both of them they let her help them move on.
Let love lead. But when love leaves, embrace freedom.
No matter how hard the chase
No matter how far the space
Something always leads me back to your embrace.
Bella Mar 14
so in love with you

your skin against mine
all I need
all I want

you whisper i am so in love with you

And I am trying to believe it

Because why would you love someone like me?
Ashley Kane Mar 13
I am waiting for you
For your call tonight
I feel as cold as ice, yeah
Wishing you held me tight

But I, I am not in your thoughts tonight
Though it hurts me to think it boy
I will still will it so
Coz I can’t bare to be alone no more
Wishing you would come for me

But I’ll tell you it’s ok
That you’ll fall in love someday
That this loneliness will end
You know you’ll always be my friend
oh but what is the point of my heart now for me - feel so numb
Knowing your love won’t come

How I wish I could make it so
Force the care from you
Enough love for two

But I know you keep searching
I’m not on your mind
But I’ll help you there
I know I’m not your girl tonight
Even in your arms
I’m not the one you wish to hold so tight
How I wish I could make love for two
Make forever just me and you

Feeling such a fool you see
Wanting your soul so near to me
Want your heart to want mine to
Knowing it will never be
Knowing the love won’t come
Secondary title
“Simons song”
This is what happens when you are young and fall in love with a friend
Always remember what a gift friendship is
L Perry Mar 7
exit sweet exit            
   an endless end, the colour
         of transparency.
mjad Mar 3
I bring my shirt closer to my face
His aroma engulfs me in the most damning embrace
I sweep my room for any further trace
But he remains all over the place
Fiona Runs Feb 28
Dear Douglas so wise and kind
You know you blow my mind
With your black eyes and shining bright soul
You have helped me fill a very deep hole

With knowledge and wisdom that I have absorbed
No memory of words you've spoken can be recalled
But simply a knowing of what is right and wrong
My soul rejoices and sings your song

I’m grateful beyond words to know your voice
To feel its vibration, it was my choice
To open and welcome new ideas of old
And grow and develop myself into gold
Mystic Ink Feb 25
Find the balance
Embrace the time

Life goes on
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: When, small things matter.
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