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OpenWorldView Aug 21
Still warm from you, I shiver
because I see you
sleeping next to me
and crave back the night.

But Eos heralds
in her fairest gown
a new day that elevates
nightly passion to a dream.

Your breath is calm
and your ***** hardly moves
when I wake you with kisses
across your silken skin.

You smile for the gods
and I lower my gaze
to elude what robs my senses
but then your lips give life to mine.

Locked in embrace
you whisper fondly – “My Love”.
it was dark and the thunder was growing
along with the screams of the children outside
who were running away from the storm
that was to come
with my hands clenched
and my ribs growing tired
my breaths became restless and weak
as i started to lose control
i fell out of my keep
like a lamb that had strayed afar
there you were
with your deafening heartbeat
as you watched me like a silent hawk
watching its prey
carelessly finding
remnants of an unwinding heart
that had been left sober
on the kitchen counter
we were walking on egg shells
around aquamarine carpets
the mud stains you left
had a form that couldn't help
but fall into tangled pieces of righteous light
that were trapped in the heat of our human pressures
and our unspoken pleasures
your painfully bright emerald eyes
seldom locked with mine  
your razor-edged chin
in my shoulder it found its borough
it laid firmly planted
waiting to feel secure
within my tiny grasp
as we moulded an embrace
that felt like lifetimes that had been and gone
in silence was your comfort
it lived there with laughter
while you floated above the hair on my skin
as your hands exposed bubbling panic
though it was draped in loose tranquility
we found we had lost ourselves
the lights had finally escaped our eyes
we were now alone with the raging tempest
Nathalie Dec 10
She pulled his sweater

Close to her

The freshness of cedar;

Aroused her to wake

The smell used

To cloak him

After his long treks

Through the forest

Visions of him

Wrapping her in

His strong arms

Pressing her face

Against his bare skin

Drawing of two hearts

In bold cherry red

Tattooed on their wrists

Fresh tears caressed her eyes

And a wave of nostalgia

Grew her pulse faster

Remembering their last embrace

That passionate kiss that grew

Into tender breaths of

Everlasting love

What if I stray away?
I will still be here.
What if you don't want to stay?
I will always be near.

What if I mess up?
I will still care.
What if I don't measure up?
You will,for you are rare.

What if I can't grow?
I will lift you higher.
What if I am too slow?
I will still have the desire.

Why are you still here?
Jesus smiled.
I will never disappear
for you are my child.
Speak Slowly Dec 6
You fill up, and also feel up
Urge to get closer, kiss and touch every curve
Push you down anywhere even on the ground
appreciate every detail, better hold on tight
my greatest addiction, a delicacy like honey
when our bodies combine together, imagine a star imploding. Its hot
have you moaning, bathing in our juices
and when its finally settled. l'll hold you tight and sleep as we nestle
I thought the name was fitting
imagine a world that would allow you
to see yourself through your love’s eyes;
you’d see the things that make you beautiful.
like the gap between your teeth,
or the scars below your lip.
completely embrace the defects that meet in the middle,
stretching from each side of your chest.
there’s no sadness in your eyes,
that embarrassing trait matters a lot less.
standing before you would be a person that deserves love
and needs to be loved by you.
Em MacKenzie Nov 21
A tango of two souls
and they’re dancing in the stars.
She spins around and down black holes
while my left foot backs onto Mars.
A tango of two hearts
they waltz back and forth within the flame,
each forgot their parts
but they carry on the same.

Two to tango, two for tea,
it’s a sad truth but I’m feeling that three is company.
Two to tango, two eyes to see,
I’m surrounded fully but I’m completely lonely.

A tango of two souls
and they’re dancing in the dark,
hiding all their freckles and moles
unaware they’re simply just a mark.
A tango of two hearts
they waltz back and forth within the flame,
subsequently all ends with all that starts,
and we’re just shuffling the blame.

Two to tango, two for tea,
it’s a sad truth but I’m realizing I’m not who I used to be.
Two to tango, two eyes to see,
the horizon is in the distance but the sun is lacking.

Hearts hold no dancing shoes
but mind hears only song,
against both I must refuse
both choices equally right and wrong.
I would see all distance erased
and forms pressed tight together,
but the beat is too fast paced;
I swear next opportunity I will do better.

Two to tango, two for tea,
it’s a sad truth but I’m accepting I fail to view clearly.
Two for tango, two eyes to see,
that I was never cut out for this type of dancing.
siinli Nov 20
When the fire
that used to ignite
our hearts burns out,
Would you still
caress my skin?

When the moon
that used to shine
for us vanish,
Would you still
look at me
as a your own?

When all the constellations
that used to be
the a sign of our love
hide behind the clouds,
Would you still
kiss me?

When all the lights
that we used to stare at
all died down,
Would you still embrace
my frail soul?

When all of this happened,
When everything that
makes us so happy
went wrong,
My love, am I thinking
too deep?
My love, answer me,
Would you stay?
—am i thinking too far?
Marina Nov 18
I missed that feeling,
And the energy of lightness.
This feels like when I met my first love,
Now she's sadly gone
But the universe gave me better.
More happy, healthier, and playful;

Here, we feel the feelings of good emotions
Back in 2016 that I adore and kept safe
For someone to create with me,
Here in 2018. A new love, that I love
Inspiration: let's be birds by Jacob whitesides

(Loved his songs, back in the day's)
Brittany Hall Nov 17
The initial kiss; the burning rush.
The softest lips with the hottest touch.
Waves of ecstasy crashing overhead,
Washing away every thought in my head.
Raptured in your sweet embrace,
Forever yearning for another taste.
Keeping me locked within your stare,
Forgetting how to breathe; gasping for air.
Pull me closer.
A little closer.
Together we resemble a field of four-leaf clovers.
The first time we kissed.
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