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Interesting how,
They say to stop daydreaming
Stop imagining and living in your fantasies,
When those are the only things
That have given me the courage and hope
To get where I am now
And stay here
sometimes you do have to stop, are at least put those dreams into action. But without them, where would you be?
nicaila May 15
Cricket sounds echoed
My saliva I just swallowed
Rumors of the devil coming out
Let me tell you what its all about

Deafening noise at 3 AM
Must be Sir Pol again
Parting my ragged curtain
Scarlet drops pattering down the drain

Shutting the windows tight
For Sir Pol just met my sight
Moonlight hungs down, I'm creepified
Meeting eye to eye gave me a fright

Sir Pol looks so dignified
But under the streetlights
I caught a glimpse of a badge
Filled with resentments and grudge

Again... screams rang
Surely, It's Sir Pol doing his routine
Of acting like Gods, sentencing mortals into guillotine

Hey, Mister Pol Ice
Hear me, Mister Pol Ice!
The next dawn
Let me lay on my pillow at ease
And the town be in peace
Because police brutality is still rampant and in all sides of the world are voices never heard, buried into the deepest waters pleading for justice. Bullets imbedded into skulls of the innocents.
Strying Apr 21
and I'm gone.
The drop is so strong I can barely breathe,
and yet everything around me keeps moving.

Time doesn't stand still for anyone.
i dont want to turn back time, i just want everything to stop sometimes
I believe
I can be
What I want to be
So I stop
Indonesia, 13th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Raven Feels Apr 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, my heart aches for the wounds:\

is it when a matter is in the faults???

the puts of the words and the spits of the secrets

moon I swore the hells to I would never say loud

it's like the repressed in her

in her stashes

her hidden ashes dancing in the rests

fearing of the miss

of the outs of the mists

too much of bliss or not

deprivation an official ****

when my chest aches

blessed with the silence

cursed with those disgusting chaos of a waste

transforms to the addicting

an incredulous taste

menaced to me on her fazes she spills

psychotic on the egos what is this???

drown me in an ocean of misery

won't matter as much of the mockery

                                                       ­                       ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get brutal?:>

lost and found not seen not bound in the shackles of the bomb an aftermath

peroxiding a shoe hoping to get a flight out of the stew

no one knew

a chase a run a place no fun with bullets upon

in the known classes I see of drops of Mercury

behold bewined stand still in what you crime

hidden on those of the faces before

swept under the rug just for show

before the glint to come from below

Hera Apr 1
I fell
Help me
stumble upon
this word,
called "stop,"
Help me
think through
that I've
already had
Me to online classes :>
Palpebra Mar 28
The motions of 'e'

have always failed me,

caring too much

loving so much,

has always broken

me and my heart,

everybody taking a token

of my sharpest of shards;

letting people in

only for them to leave

and to be left by so many

has now made me believe


there's no point in harboring

these motions of 'e'

for all I'll always be

so fully empty,

people are wrong

when they say


emotions make us strong


for all this long

all I've learnt

after getting brutally burnt

expressing ourselves


exhibiting ourselves;


exposing ourselves,

making them see

will never let us free,

so I'll never let

these motions of 'e'

stop me

so I'll never let

these motions of 'e'

stop me.
Kitty Mar 16
Maybe when I’m older it will hurt a little less
The pain you receive from feeling
When I’m happy I’m sad because
I realise the happiness won’t last forever

And I always feel bad because happiness is so subjective
I’m sad because I can’t see my friends
Some kids are sad because they’re starving

I don’t cry anymore
Because if I start crying I know I’ll never stop
Sad, right?

I’ve got him
But he’s not enough sometimes
To distract me
It’s an ever-going saga.
I can never quit

My sadness started when I was 12
On a bridge
I didn't know him
He was Middle aged
Grabbed me
Groped me
My first 'Adult Problem'
This isn't my best poem but I feel like I needed to write it to validate my emotions
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