Blake Jan 9

The worst form of betrayal
is when your best friend
touches you

and forces you to touch them

he chooses to ignore my "no's" and "stop's"
he touches anyway.

Yesterday I was sexually assaulted by my best friend. I don't think I will ever speak to him. Ever.
Sof Jan 9

I’m just trying to survive in Earth.
In the Earth I was born in.
In the Earth you were born.
In which we were all born.

And it just looks so simple,
one person born between millions which already did.
Not knowing life sucks
not knowing it just get worst.

And is not their fault.
It's ours.
            Our fault.
And it’ll  always be...

shauna-leigh Jan 6

People bang on the windows of the monkey’s glass cage,
They’re hoping to scare it.
They think it’s funny to watch something innocent
scared out of its mind
then again, why do people watch horror movies.

People bang on the windows of the monkeys glass cage,
And watch it run around.
It yells, pleading for the people
“make it stop, make it stop.”
But the monkey can’t speak,
So the people just laugh.

The monkey runs towards them with a look of anger in its eyes
A look of rage.
It bangs back on the window.
The people laugh still.
They laugh as though being trapped in a dungeon is a joke.

Then the zoo closes and the people go home.
The monkey goes to bed.
But the monkey knows it will happen again the next day,
and the monkey has to live with that because no one hears it when it asks:

this is really not very good. I apologise
Jenn Jan 5

Late at night
Madly in love
Oh fuck why
Get out of my head
I don’t want to love you
I don’t want to see you like that
I just want to be like you
I'll just get high
Forget about those thoughts
Wake up and you’re back

I love you... Why can't you get out of my head

"cant you just suck it up?"
my father asks me.
"maybe you need to be tougher,"
my therapist tells me.
"why do you let it all get to you?"
my best friend questions me.
"just let it roll off your back,"
my mother instructs me.
"what is wrong with you?"
my mind wonders.

we live in a world where we are trained
to be defensive around others,
not kind.
maybe instead of preparing for the cruelty of the world,
we can put down our weapons and
try to change the perspective
by turning the angry words into
hands to shake.

Poetic T Jan 3

We all are connected by others,
                      through laughter,
                                  through smiles.
Were always thinking of those that
we haven't spoken to in a while,
                                   and we think!
But when that moment has passed
and there words are but echoes,
                               remember echoes
carry on through the people they knew..
always will we remember them
                              for there words to us,
and the laughter that resonates through
                                   our reflections of them.

Found out an old friend passed today... life's to short, love, talk, remember those.. who we haven't seen in a while cos time is never ending but life is a clock. Fragile and seconds stop...
Lex Dec 2017

There comes a point and time
where you just have to stop.

Stop loving them
Stop worrying about it
Stop trying so hard.

Just have to....
Julia Dec 2017

I am your puppet.
You pull my strings.
Make me dance,
for it's you I please.
I am your puppet.

Thing is, I'm not.

You treat me like a toy
and it needs to stop.
You act like I'm on the bottom
and you're at the top.
I am not your puppet,
I am not your game.
That's it.
You will not play with me today.

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