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don't leave
don't leave
don't leave
please stop going
please stop going
please stop going
it keeps hurting
you keep leaving
you never stay
you always go
please stay
please stay for this once
if they throw rocks at you,
it's time,
you pick those rocks up,
and make walls out of those rocks,
to keep such people out.......
CJ 1d
We were
leaning on each others shoulder

We were
holding hands

We were
hugging tightly

If only I was included in the we....
Please save me
My heart is aching from seeing all them
I keep trying to injure myself to stop this pain......
Stop .
Stop telling yourself
that you
are bad.
Stop telling yourself
that you will always be
Stop telling yourself
that you ****.
Stop telling yourself that you
are bad luck.
Just stop.
Start telling yourself
that you are
Start telling yourself
that something great you can create.
Start telling yourself
that you are enough.
This is because
you can
love .
And everyone can love, all you need to do is try.
Unless you're
Google ,
stop saying you know
But I'm pretty sure that even Google doesn't know everything...
It might be said:

Far, far, far away,
I walked with ridiculous speed,
Leaving no dutiful explanation,
I walked on, astray.
Past what were once rich, azure skies,
And placid, withering tides
I disappeared.
And nobody knows why.

Across the world exist expanses of life,
As there exist expanses of death.
Peering far up to the sky,
I certainly knew this wasn’t a lie,
For I pounded my bony fist into the dense, impenetrable layers of Earth
Awaiting a prodigious parcel
To emerge from its transpiring birth.

So I walked on,
Worried no longer,
Because I was gone, vanished, removed…
Removed from this vastly-dismissive place
Of desolate, darkened skies,
High, tenacious tides
I once called home.

When do I arrive,
Or better so,
When do I stop?
I am a coin of two sides,
And I can never choose one to hide.
I will Appreciate,
Elucidate parts of myself
Like a book which belongs to a shelf
Of life, and growth.
I stop.
She said: "I was no longer able to adapt amongst what I considered my people. So I simply decided to walk away."
You never look
making someone else
look bad.
So I suggest you stop;
I'm sure
we'll be glad.
It's not cool to make someone else look bad.
When I see you,
my heart skips a beat.

When I hear you,
I'm all ears.

When I speak with you,
I stutter a bit
and lose my words.

When I see you smile,
I smile back from ear to ear.

When I shake your hand,
I want to hold
it forever.

When I think of you,
I can't stop.

When I dream of you,
I am left
A special someone...
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