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Wishing you would
But never a day too busy
To keep you out
Trouble spilling in paradise
I won't make a peep
Words worthless anyhow
You know talk is cheap
I keep struggles stitched up tight
In patches sewn underneath my skin
Stress wears seams until they snap
Bystanders get a glimpse within
And God forbid living souls witness
Damage or wear and tear
I strive to become a statue
Motionless to every passing stare
I know you wish to be perfect
Such a thing does not exist
I am not the best at navigating
Trails of life that turn and twist
I am rueful for not being grateful
The way you juggle our problems with skill
Probably am an anchor you drag along
Not quitting though hike is uphill
I long to help carry burdens
My arms are simply too thin
Fear I'll drop precious cargo from hands
Soon as movement begins
I would not blame you if resentment
Started erecting high walls
Disappointment forced you away from me
On road paved with regret and missed calls
I don't hear how you are able to see beauty
In my reflection I just see my mistakes
Don't have an explanation
For why heart constantly aches«
But you lift the sun a little bit higher
Clearing dark clouds in skies
With flick of the wrist you beckon their return
Rain pours from both heaven and my tired eyes
I do not think I deserve most poor treatment
All I want is to find your laughter
You've got this bad habit of putting me down
Feeling bad for it after
I should battle FOR you
Not with you
Be my first priority
If you stopped imprisoning my heart
Would realize it's you who holds the key
Putting something you love in a Box will only make it that more likely to fly away once it is finally opened
Jeremy Betts May 21
Sometimes it's as simple as squeezing one thought into one quotation
Sometimes it's too wordy to reach that satisfaction following an end
Sometimes it's simple but ya can't find the words while missing all the signs
Sometimes it's complicated but can be illustrated in just a few lines
Sometimes you can't figure out how to coax it out
Sometimes there's no stopping it from getting out and wandering about

Jeremy Betts May 8
I can't do what you need me to do
Not naturally capable
Unable to be who you want me to be
Impossibly impossible
I might fight the fight you wish me to fight
Adrenaline is incredible
Shouldn't have to bow or bend to your will
Especially if we're equal
I refuse to kiss the ring like you're expecting
Laughably satirical
This polished **** won't gleem like you'd like it too
Completely unreasonable

Jeremy Betts May 2
I'm not afraid of gods
Not particularly afraid of man
The ones that give me pause
Are the ones who think they themselves
Are made in the image of their gods
Gods by association, what are the odds?
They will stop at nothing
To hide the fact
They're both a fraud
I swear to god

Zack Ripley Feb 19
Sometimes, I wish I could stop breathing
for more than a minute.
Because breathing means I'm fighting.
And God, I can't tell you the last time
I thought I had a good reason why.
Maybe it's in my blood.
Maybe it's just a matter of time.
Or maybe, just maybe...
you don't need to have a good reason to fight.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2
I'm forced to dam the tears
A practice made perfect through the rough years
Not because I don't care
Not because I can't care
Not because I don't want you to know they're always right there
But because if I let them begin to pour
I can't convince myself I could stop them anymore
There's a nonzero chance I could be crying for years
Long past the pain and far beyond the fears
So I **** the tears

I shatter into a thousand tiny glass shards of a tea cup

Time did not stop it

Time did not reverse

Hands picked me, held me,
and mended me with gold.
leeaaun Jul 2023
i am grateful of the answer
that i got

"it's okay, if things take time."
the real problem starts, when it stops.
Danica Jul 2023
In the depths of my soul, a question does arise.
When will I cease to weave verses about your guise?
For with every breath, your essence fills my pen,
And my words dance in rhythm, again and again.
I'll keep crafting poems about you, night and day.
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