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Casey Rodger Mar 7
You're not a stranger in the universe
You aren't a unique fluke of life
You weren't born into a curse
And there is no wrong or right

When you look into yourself
You'll start to figure out
We're not meant for material wealth
Its hard to believe without doubt

One day i hope you realize and feel
That what you are deep down inside
In the essence that makes you real
Is what can not be denied

You are
the fabric
and structure
of existence

Life is but a dream
Perception but an illusion
Strange as that may seem
Wake up from your delusion

When your soul journey begins
Don't scare away too easy
Don't judge thy self for sins
I know that sounds a little cheesy
But take a second to believe me.
Hello Prolly Mar 6
Today woke up to see,
if still here and breathe.

Shared the crazy colours
with those precious in the arms.

Raced the town to say,
the yellow train goodbye.

Visited the morning trees,
seeing the specks of light in beams.

Went to the banks of river
to dream a bit of lovely ******.

Speeded up just enough to take off,
to ****** up the day.

Because I've witnessed beavers to be gifts, make fireworks and save her day )
Have you?
Lae Mar 3
I found myself in wonderland,

a false fairytale to be exact,

i think i have lost my mind,

but i hope i get back.

I fell in a rabbit hole endlessly,

my head is spinning vigorously,

i think i am going crazy,

so i ran and ran carelessly.

Today i met the hatter,

laughing over some matter,

out of the blue he gave me a reminder,

that this dream was a killer.

Confused from the warning,

i woke up from dreaming,

i held my hands when it started trembling,

for the things i don't remember doing.
'Happy endings' exist only in the theatre or television
In reality everyone's life ends with pain, regret, and hate
Kira Feb 8
She woke me up
no kidding
I thought I was lost
not beating
My heart had failed me
not working
My brain had turned off
just empty

Then there she was
still smiling
I could feel something
inside me
My heart had restart
I could keep going
with her
beside me
Pandora Feb 2
what happens...
when we fall asleep,
and don't want to wake up?
i just...want to end the pain
Chiara Jan 28
We are tiny little ants,
Living of plastic chants.
Open your eyes and look closely,
The life you're living is ghostly.
Thy neighbour, you can smell,
Whats wrong with that, I can tell.
Space and time is what we need,
To fully apreciate every deed.
Paying with paper sweat,
And living in hoarded regret.
What are we, but plastic dreams,
Wrapped in radiation screams.
Chiara Jan 28
Open your eyes and deviate to green,
Artifical directions will never lead,
Hunt for magic and rise above greed,
Without it the world will be freed,
Materialistic labor shall be plead,
That is not the way we need to be,
Maybe we should dance with the tree,
Listening to the earth from root till seed.
A wake up call
When she robs her eyes of you
Wake up, she needs you
Tell her that you love her too
A wake up call
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I'm sat In my cafe coffee In hand trying to think what to write when a thought crosses my mind having lost my
I wonder what God has In store for me what little
Waiting to jump out of my now sad and lonely life and bite me on the ***, perhaps a wake-up
Thinking maybe ready for a wake up call perhaps over
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