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spacewtchhh May 20
I clicked snooze on the alarm
It says that I should wake up
But I still want to sleep.
You are my perfect dream
You are my final wish .

We don't talk nowadays
You don't even look at me,
I am now out of ways
I don't know how to be

Hence I create you in my dreams
No we're not a couple by the streams
But you just talk to me, have forgiven me,
Just that makes my heart skip a beat .

The thought of you just standing beside me,
Means the world to me .

All of this is not the reality
That's why I see you in my dreams
That's why I don't wanna wake up from my sleep .
Ever happened that when you can't be with someone, you imagine yourself with them in your dreams . You make a whole life with them and never wanna wake up
Mari Ali Apr 21
Everybody is sleeping, we need to wake up.
Life on earth has taken a beating, and it’s time to make it stop.
Life is crying out for our help, but nature don't need us.
This is a chance for us to save ourselves, so tune into the inner truth.
Listen to what it’s trying to tell you, master yourself.
We need a change, it is time to wake and create better days.

Now a note for the future, we have to break this pattern of destruction and values. We are repeating bad patterns, we need to learn the lesson and be better. Human individuals, please think for yourself, you know what is wrong and right, just turn inside, you gon be alright.
This is a encouragement to be better and take care of ourselves.
Shounak Apr 15
Oh how i wish they sold packs of happiness
How many do you want?
Just enough to make me sleep at peace
Anastasiia Apr 4
We wake up on being called.
When you open your eyes in the morning,
listen to the voice inside.
The first thing that comes to you is
the sense of ‘I am’.
Isn’t it true?
It was consciousness’ voice
waking you up to a new creation.
Dez Apr 2
Woke up this morning without you
How could I have been such a fool
Your hands are holding another
Your lip another does smother
But what shall I do without you?
g Apr 1
wake up
there is silence outside
there is a song playing you don’t know the words to.
there are words, no, cameras on the walls
read them.
here is a microphone -
stand still,
shed your skin
we are spinning faster than your monkey brain can compute.
air thick with smoke, no —
suffocating planet shaking under plastic wrap.
did you know there are ammonia clouds on jupiter?
do you realise we are fighting over barrels of oil?
don’t touch me
because i don’t know if i want to die,
waiting for the end in the end times
copyright gb 2020
Ann B Mar 11
don't wake me up
until the pain fades away
dreaming of the days
my peace isn't shaken
when despite my environment
the turmoil is obsolete
it is then i'm awakened
Pranya Mar 4
In the stroke of the midnight hour,
From the depth of my heart i felt;
Kindle not a fire you cannot quench,
It is easier to raise the devil than to lay him;
If pouring oil on the fire doesn't quench it,
Then let bygones be bygones.

Still i feel it now,
Necessity and opportunity may make a coward vialant.
Pardoning one offence will encourage many,
Mercy to the devil is cruelty to the people;
Pardoning the bad is injuring the good,
We are not here to think of offenders.
Seldomly seen, soon forgotten, is the society,
But it's better to be a has-been than a never never-was!

I looked, before i leaped,
The resolved mind has no cares;
Bold resolutions is The favourite of providence,
So now it's the time!

They should be punished with no mercy,
For their sins and cruelty.
They are the who,
Once talked of, now forgotten!
Behind whose smiles daggers were hidden,
And whose blood couldn't be washed with blood!
The plunders,
The massacres,
The murders,
The screams;
They are supposed to be gone,
And not forgotten!

Black will take no other hue,
So does white!
Let's change our stereotypical mindsets and break the social norms...
Mari Feb 25
I want to sleep
and never wake up
until everything
is alright.
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