LadyM 15h
I loved you like a summer day.

You were all the shades of blue,
The blue was in your eyes,
And more than the sky-
I loved you.

Your touch was a cotton cloud
Soft and light:
Floating around near the Sun.
But even the Sun became blind
When your lips parted
To show a smile.

Your words were like a breeze
Blowing through my hair
On a hot, summer day.
I felt them on my skin
And I felt you -
In my heart.

Your voice was a symphony -
A million raindrops
Falling from branch to branch
After a storm.
Just like the rain does to the Earth-
You gave life to me,
And more than the rain-
I loved you.

I felt the heat of July
When your hand touched mine.
I felt the warm, golden sand
Beneath my feet
When I saw the endless ocean in your eyes.
Your eyes were an ocean.
And more than the ocean-
I loved you.

It was always summer
When I was with you,
You were an infinite day
Of rosy sunsets.
You were my beautiful summer day.
But even more than summer,
I love you.
Dedicated to nobody specific. I was just inspired by the feeling of being in love and summer <3
Handheld, free fall from the devil in the sky.
Whispering appendages,
speaking in tongues as mine knot--
and untie.
The best love of my life
lives in the clouds now.
Free fall from the devil in the sky,
lose all meaning of purpose,
and time.

Nobody can lead you to free.
Not a soul can rescue me
from selfishly induced purgatory.

I'm fine, I'll tell you from time to time,
but I am not believed.
So have faith in me, don't trust me to be true.
You are not the one I love, merely the in lieu.
Summer is always a hard season for me, and being pressured to mourn at a faster rate than is natural for me is causing great harm.

Nobody is your master, least of all your conscience. Be guilt free in your decisions, at least for this summer.
The rabbits,
Making copies,
Swarming Japanese islands,
Prancing across roads,
Risking life and limb for little or nothing,
Blessing a yard,
With the prancing of paws,
And Giving a dog something to chase.
Contributing more to society,
Than most humans.
You remind me of the garden I should have had.
In this pretty,
But little city
People won't praise you for being witty.

If I have a chance
To experience romance,
I know I've changed
For fate has prearranged.

Walking down this lane
Helps me realize I forgot the pain.
Of my past
So it passes me so fast

Look back down that alley
I know I want you to be my finale
This is to my unknown lover.
Will you discover
Me this summer?

In this pretty,
But little city
Where people won't praise us for being witty.
Today was my last day of school for my sophomore year of high school. A lot of people hate school, don't think its cool or just really don't care. That's not the case for me, to conclude, school has helped my life tremendously.

I'm currently 16 years old, and three and a half years ago I was homeless and using drugs on the streets of my hometown of Dallas, Texas. These three years I have completely turned my life around; everything I got from the streets, I left there when my grandmother took me in. From then on I lived in Richmond, Maine and still do.

In my time of being homeless, I was also not attending school for my 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade year. Without that knowledge I would've learned, It set me back in my education. This should explain to you why I am truly proud of myself for making it this far in high school.

Next year I will be a junior, and taking a course to be a certified nurses assistant which means I will graduate with a guaranteed job, thanks to the amazing school I attend.

I felt I should document this moment In my Hellopoetry account, but also felt the need to publish it if anyone just wanted to read. Don't give up guys, we are so capable of anything we want to do.
like a novice June appears
with powder blue skies
and the longest day of the year
retains its light,
coupled with those balmy  early evenings.
Delphininuims and oriental poppies
sway jewel like in their dense hues,
while Lupins make their best display.
All at once this early summer gap
gives spring its last abundance.
A good

first date is


Be a good neighbor to your whoever
A blur of sparklers at night during the summer and getting burned every time.
2. The blue and pink colors of the Texas sky that looks like a shitty painting
3. The almost unbearable warmth that made you want to sleep in the fridge
4. My stepdad would ask me what I wanted for dinner because mom wasn't home and neither of us knew where she was
5. I remember being horrified of the doctors and my stepdad blowing up gloves and drawing faces on them.
6. That everyone that it was weird I liked my marshmallows for smores almost chard
7. I thought my fashion sense was amazing, with my Hannah Montana shirt and glitter perfume.
Haleigh 3d
I survived my freshman year
I'm now a sophomore
But I want the school year to be here
I miss school
I have 82 days left of hell

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