tempest 1d
in very late July,
i observed a firefly
pulsing their neon light
while in the dark, they did take flight

in very late July,
there isn’t many fireflies
they pulse their neon lights
find a mate, and say goodnight

in very late July,
i tried to catch that firefly
wished my hands would be their home
so they’d know they’re not alone
Smoke filling the air
Sprinkler in the summer
It looks just like fall
I didn't know much much I missed the autumn rain
before the pavement was wet
and the world was dim
Jordan 1d
A flaming sword to his neck
He rested on his knees waiting
Waiting his new beginning
Tears would flow from his eyes
Flowing like the river of jordan
She wanted to feel it all
She wanted to consume his abyss
The abyss that was empty
She dragged him by the ankles
Slung him to the floor
Chained too her darkness
His heart still beating
Beating like summer
He was always sad he was born crying
Even his mother wanted a girl
But he was born a sun
She brung him to past traumas
Would he feel all the feels again
Just to be lead into nothingness ?

inquiries of heart

from summer red lover's lips

float like butterflies


rob kistner © 2008
A hsiku about summer love.
Gala 1d
Behind the wheel
I remember how you loved
Our long drives
Though winding streets
Going down those heels

I miss the days
Playing in the white sand
Watching the pink hues
As we lay next to each other
Forgetting our blues

We used to talk
For hours
About our dreams
And our hopes

Wishing to connect
Going deeper
We would forget
That we were beaten
At our own game
Jeff S 2d
I've often soured at the strangest season
in a yellow June;
for heir-apparent Fall's sublimest features
flower when the sun of Summer shades—

I, too, come alive in staves of October
whispers—then, with whiskey cupped—am peaked amid
the Autumn's auburn-stringèd
Sky 3d
as the bus pulls along the lazy river on Main,
a slouching mind and pressed cheek is a swimmer,
dipping toes

and meanwhile
the gentle murmur of pool-goers living inaudibly,
like hunched bunches
in shawls of shade

(interrupted only
by the occasional l-urch)

nodding, nodding
off and on and off and
into the water,
the swimmer slips in

Here, it is heaven on earth

an oasis

and the mind swims ever so far
ever so deep

i wonder...

and outside
a boy, barefoot
runs upstream

a shimmering second
an apparition of summer?
and out of sight
please help revise and improve! <3
People write such cliche poems.

True love that goes on for lifetimes.

A gray city in the rain, colored only by the music of life.

Hot coffee entrenching the soul with warmth in the crisp autumn.

The perfect snowflake landing on the nose of his winter angel.

The smell of northwestern pines after a heavy storm.

Her unparalleled footprints in the sand with each angelic step.

Tailgate stargazing on an ideal summer night, hands intertwined.

But isn't that what poetry is all about?

The most heartfelt descriptions about the broadest of beautiful moments?

~S.C. Kelley
For those who write, feel, and everything else
I smell summer on your person
Tan is your toffee colored skin
Chlorine the scent of your hair
Bright skies and warm nights
A promise for tomorrow
I hear summer in your smile
Soft loving and a bit of longing
Touch me gently and let me know
I am real and make me feel infinite
Water splashing in my face
You feel real to me and you feel right
I hear summer in your voice
The laughter in my eyes
Sparkles brighter than the stars
You, you have a way
Of making me feel
Like I could be summer to you too
At 7:45pm on an orange August evening, you can find warmth in the faces of the pale people. Clock in clock out,
a bus shuttle to a lonely parking lot.  The sky is open, yes, the sky is big today, but we are packing up
and tucking in our tired.
We are going home.
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