Tall trees swaying in the breeze
As colourful flowers adorn cool bowers.
Sylvan beauty everywhere,
So good to see, so great to share.
Pastoral pallets, if that makes sense.
Lofty mountains, jungles dense.

Mother Nature reigns Supreme,
But all I want is some ice cream.
Scorching Summers, don’t we love them?
All our troubles, let’s rise above them.
   Hot, Sticky  
   Swimming, Sun tanning, Surfing
   Beaches, Ice Cream, Snowflakes, Hot Chocolate
   Skiing, Tobogganing, Skating
   Freezing, Refreshing  
Written in grade 3
The good things in life seem to stay;
Like the color yellow, or a warm summer's day
Waking up early, running barefoot in grass
Feeling the morning dew brush past

Hearing the twinkle of an ice cream truck
If you go, you'll catch it, with luck
Eating a popsicle as the sun beats down
Riding a bike through a small playground

When dusk comes, once again
We're swimming at night and playing with friends
Lighting sparklers that shine brighter than stars
Popping cap guns you could hear from afar

Running barefoot right down the street
Giving the neighborhood dog a treat
Taking polaroids like the pictures will stay
But lost them then, by the next summer day

Watching as fog rolls slowly ahead
The sun goes down, so time for bed
Excitement and thrill, time for a sleepover
The day, for now, will never be over!

Karaoke on beds at the crack midnight
Crashes of thunder, scary stories, and fright!
Still, pretty soon,  we get used to it
For in the summer, it all happens quick

Never sleeping, don't want it to end
Even though there's the weekdays and weekend
Glowing lights hang above the bed
Sleepy eyes remind us dumb things said

Summer, now, doesn't last forever
Even if we must change the weather
We must savor it, you and me
And kiss summer hello thrillfully.
i'm so ready for summer! this is just a little peak how most of my summers go!
Yellow & Green
A summer so serene
I wake up to the chirping birds
Go out to the vivid light
Beaming onto every life
A Begonia standing firm
Beneath the amber horizon
Waiting to ambush the hopelessness of the world
A lazy breeze whispering along
The blooming hedges will do just fine
Sun & shade in the forest glade
Reap & sow a light so profound
Hopping birds bring life to the hidden grounds
Scribbling an aubade, we look all around
Behold & rise to the beauty unspoken
Summer is here, all burning & all mine.
Like I loved coffee,
that's how I loved you.
Like the first cigarette of the day.
Or like a Beatles song
blasted on the radio
during a road trip
to nowhere in particular.
Like Spring,
when the snow melts into water
and runs, rushes
past yellow-colored, polka-dotted rain boots
on a sunny day.
I loved you like I love you;
simply, completely,
without frills and without doubt.
I love you.
ayd 2d
the trimmings scatter as leaves would atop a pond
the seasons alter, wardrobes prosper with unearthed color
those shoes, bound to an unfamiliar present
the dress appeals your face, myriad angels kisses carry grace to your nudity

the beaches sport playtime, soda bottles clacking as thunder
while the water sways in the breeze
as this late day would bring time for a hammock swing
body on body, gazing to the edge

as the sun torches the blue sea for a final time
buried in my sight is it’s majestic flocking
sunken now, drowned the sky
while the moon shows only half of its smile

a fire pit battles air, growing as the battle turns old
laughters travel like the amber
in the night, they journey far as light can see
in the shadows, whispers mark existence

in all the mystery that escapes with distance
for what i can not see, only comes across as sound
is none sense to you but yet they seem to surround
with arrows waiting to strike their daggers

hidden in the sway of the water
half the moon must be stronger
to see what is, ready to attack
my wounds, as if my bone calls for such disaster

laughter, laughter, hear them sing
as antagonist to this boys sanity
amber, amber, smell the air
as the light outside disappears
with the seasons changing, i'll be out more at night.
where the light does not see, i will project my fears.
It’s high time, high tide
we push the boats out

a stone   ’   s throw away

my arm gets stronger
and everything
gets further and further
Written summer 2017 in Whitstable
slides so easily

cool, bright
your smell, as close as i
can find it.
Written summer 2017
The breezes of spring
bellowing pitches from low to high
whipping through my tresses
that keep me warm inside,
giving movement to the rope swing out back.
A rotting apple nearby
(probably not ours)
and that bench in it's place,
a veteran with stories to tell,
where we spent sunsets
perched and burnt.
It all brings me back
to the couches we've inhabited,
proudly serving their years
and showing their battle scars
from teen angst,
and mended with duct tape.
We were all younger
and the purest we would ever be.

Now I'm flying down 87
and I have to train my mind
not to wander without purpose
so I try to remind myself
that I've been back to those rooftops,
and I know
the air will never sink in as sweet
as when we were whole,
in years lost to the breezes of spring.
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