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For some people,
some winters never end
Others begin to fade away
like sunlight when it fractures into a deep lake.
How to explain love when every reason you stay alone is made of flesh and bones?
Summer just pretends to be your lover for a while
until it leaves and sets ablaze the shape of the skyline you used to love so much.
One day you become increasingly aware that now
you paint everything grey
You start to forget faces and you stop playing dress up

Some things are infinite and some stay a l o n e
I used to pray If you were
to leave me as you finally did, then please let be In summer not In the cold of winter
But sadly my prayer's we're not heard for you were taken (23rd Dec 2017) In the cold of darkest winter
Which was followed by a summer we hadn't seen In years, oh"cruel life can be Helen you never saw that summer through, for It was the best one In
The summer poor Helen never saw she saw only the bitter cold of winter
i dreamt of you and i last night
in a time that hasn’t come quite yet
in the warmth and bright of June’s light
creating memories we could never forget

dont you wanna be my baby
don’t you wanna swim in the blonde of the summer
ice cool and your eyes blue, stunning
like a perfect visit to the rainy days, ******

carry me painlessly to the docks
and you’d ask me to strum my guitar a lot
the songs i’d use to put you to sleep
on the nights that we’d pray that we wouldn’t get caught

but it was summer anyway
the birds chirping took our breaths away
your curves so neat under the moon
my skin glistening like bubbles to champagne

the colour red contrasting to the season
you whispered always looks the best on you darling
tanned deep like all the girls you’ve ever loved
and drinking cold coffee, eyes sparkling

one day by the rivers edge, i know
those words will roll off your tongue
bring on our golden days ahead
alive, in love, and young
This is the title of my poetry book that I'm working on (hence why I haven't posted on here!). Will be providing little snippets here and there (:
megan 3d
velvet rose sunsets
in between the sheets
me and you and our cassettes  
cruising in the front seats
I met a mystery
An auburn eyed chance
I met him in the afternoon
begin the labour of dance

He spoke in my language
Fed me familiar words
In that summer
There was a shift in our worlds

I met a mystery
He knew how to charm
His soft touch
On the tender of my arm

The calmness of the evening
My life just short of fright
The harsh striking of the day
But you were the night

I met a mystery
And it had been months
When we sat together again
words lifted from our tongues

It seems so easy
Plain sailing calm seas so true
But time would go by
And I wouldn't see you

I met a mystery
Resting in the shade of a tree
In the soft of the earth
he spoke to me

He told me his dreams
His voice so kind
He told me he loved me
I thought it was lies

I met a mystery
He showed me his heart
Everything he said and did
Didn't fall short from art

He had forgotten my words
But i remembered his fate
I now love the mystery
But i think it is too late
Grace 5d
The crickets and the train
How one sound can take you somewhere
But two sounds takes you fast
The summer air begins to shed its heavy skin
The crickets cry to the cold stars,
Harsh and brilliant
Are they beautiful, or just far away?
The train cries too
But at least the crickets
And the stars have each other
My love sleeps by my side
Deep breaths rise and fall
Another sound, but this one brings
Me back and keeps me from following
That train
Those crickets
Those stars
That sounds wraps me up in its arms
And whispers don’t go
There’s nothing for you there at the
End of summer
Autumn leaves blowing in the breeze,
Cool wind against my skin,
The seasons are changing as fast as I am,
So what does that mean for us?
Our summer romance is over,
Dry your tears before September turns them to dust,

Bundle up, wrap your arms in cotton,
Guard your heart against the winter chill that’s coming,
Build a fire to thaw your frigid limbs,
I can hear your bones crackling in the flames,

When spring arrives I hope some of our love survives,
These changing seasons,
as they flutter by,
Our skin once fresh and smooth,
Turned stiff and cracked like uncured   leather,

Where did the time go I wonder?
Our youth swallowed by time,
Taken in flashes of quickly aging months,
How many summers passed us by while our heads were in the clouds?

How long before we join the pebbles beneath our feet?
Will we get a chance to see one last season of bare trees,
A sea of red and orange littered upon the ground,
We are changing faster than the seasons.
Youth is fleeting, enjoy it.
Sonya 6d
A freezing cold temper
And a heart made of gold
Born with the winter
Her mask is quite bold

A silent soft slumber
And an emerald soul
Born with the summer
Her mask has a hole

An ego does splinter
With words that are bold
Blade right down the center
And hands become cold

Of golden and umber
And flowers of coal
The somber newcomer
Plays a princess' role

The dance of the masquerade
Of flowers both living and dead
Cold hands of she who has prayed
Take up joyous dance instead
why is the world so dark while the sky is still
so blue?
orange streetlights burn weak beams through the rain,
my road long, simple, straight ahead.
the end is blocked by parades of cars with headlamps
filling my eyes with stars.
there's a silence in the trees,
no leaves linger on the pavements, gently rustling in a breeze.
there's pure silence.
the cold seems to force the strong echo of
i hug myself down this endless road,
longing for a warm bed.
i wonder when summer ended,
when the mornings turned from sun drenched
to frostbitten.
when warm sunbeams turned into worn-out light bulbs,
and we began to dread the blue skies.
why is the world so dark while the sky is still
so blue?
so nobody sees her crying.
Endless Highway,
Molded Hideaway.
Folded Golden Bay,
Baking in the Sun.
Friendless- my way.
Hold it; Warm Rays
Sold it- For a Rainy Day.
Faking all the Fun.
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