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Barbiturate sunshine afternoons
obscure the niggling work pile
and with fat heat, cool anger,
opening evenings to virtuous
leaf based dinners
only slightly ruined
by too much beer and ice cream
Brett 2d
Oil painted red sky summer
Blue moon June, and tailor-made memories
Skimming the surface like a skipped stone
Riding the ripples
Of an early summer’s amplitude
Like a light ray runaway,
Dancing with darkness anxiously on the edge of the abyss
A lone wanderer,
Searching the soil for some semblance of a soul, but
Our bound hands were meant to dig
Never to hold
Skip a stone and watch the ripples underneath a gray beard mountain.
God Brought A Beach Towel

  Written By: Breanna Womble


I’m starting to understand
The slight of hand
That it takes to see this world as an ocean
                                                So vast and deep
                                  With secrets to keep-
I spread love on like tanning lotion
(..) I forgot how the sun feels from this perspective
As my heart beats quick with/          
                             as if it’s,
                                                                         /To keep up with lost time.
I know now I hold the full Collective
all the while I stay and destroy the retina’s in my eyes.
                               This time around,
                                    Loving me is the new objective-
gazing at new found patience with what follows sunrise
                                                                      And left these sands of time-
                                                                      One grain left to fall amongst the Hour,
All this chaos I hold inside of me-
                                           In-spite of trees that Fear let tower

Ahead of me is too far gone
twin flames too, burned away...
Lake Eerie drowned our fire quickly/
                                                           a parted heart of two;
half-hearted sunsets shadowed days,
To the boy I thought I knew.

Do you suffocate with silence?
Do the sun-rays burn your eyes?

All this technicolor vision Love,
Colorblind through cobalt eyes’

(..) I know now of not tomorrow,
                                                          But sea, to my dismay;

Salt lake kisses from Oklahoma/

                                                      ...Taste like soulmates in PA.

~Breanna Womble
Mother Earth Knows What's Best
Buzzing blue beetle
Tumbling clumsily
Over my head;
Striking my chest and
Falling into my lap,
Apparently unbothered.
How did you get in?
It doesn't matter.
I'll place you outside.
You open your wings
And spring off into the air.
Sweet vanilla kisses, amid an explosion of bubblegum sauce.
With lips now blue, we break and share a flake;
The chocolate melting in our mouths,
Like my heart, the first time I met you.
“You’ve got a bit on your nose," I say.
Laughing, you wipe it away elegantly.
Fresh strawberries planted in eager mouths,
Excited eyes blazing in the sun.
This love is intoxicating.
Sinking satisfyingly into a strawberry bliss,
Summer love is planted on the tongue.
Savouring: the taste, the moment,
savouring the one.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
All rights reserved

A love poem with a summer-vibe.
Summer fills me with nostalgia in a way that I cant explain. But when the air hears up and the black ants crawl all over our house I find myself remembering when we covered the window with sheets so we could sleep when it was still light.

Most years I was alone, friends not good enough to contact outside of school.
I stayed up late in bed reading every night. It was during summer that I stumbled on my first podcast, on my first ****** novel, on my first question of gender.
In the heat of summer I sought change. Alone, I struggled with questions of college and career and the future. I despaired, sobbing into my pillow until I fell asleep.

Summer is full of possibility, of the past, of the future.
I caught fireflies out on the lawn, I put cicada husks in a jar and kept a tally, I invented games for myself and my sisters. I work late nights and come home to a warm house. I eat cereal for 3 meals a day.
The rules don't apply to Summer.
Brett 5d
It is a quarter past June, and
          already it seems like a record setting summer.
Sprinklers and the scent of chlorine filled pools,
          as I walk in my street-worn shoes to my sanctuary.

The lifeless blacktop park where
          my will and the heat-embracing pavement meet.
A well-manicured backyard tree hangs its verdant leaves
          just over its owner’s fence.
Like a lifeline for life reaching out to me.

I stick and I move,
          as the sweat cleans the dirt and despair from my face.
Like a sunshine superman, I drink UV rays into my bones.
          Alone I feel whole.
The disinfecting flames of summer
          have begun to melt the cold rot encasing my soul.
Embrace the light from the sun, because one day we will plead with darkness to feel it on our face once more.
Maelynn 5d
Lazy mornings on summer days,
Relax! Forget your modern ways!
Stay awhile and chat-
We’ll drink our coffee on the porch
Content as the old house cat.
Maelynn 5d
Sunlight streams like trickling gold
Flowing languidly with stories untold
It has neither eyes nor ears
No hopes no fears
Yet is a companion to all-

It picks us up when we are down
A bubbling smile replaces a frown
It soothes the crying child’s tears
As sunrise chases away nights’ fears
No order is too tall-

For even in the blackest pitch of night,
The darkest of the dark-
All you need to find some hope
Is the tiniest of sparks.
Miriam Jun 5
Sun comes out and happiness with it
Your Heart feels light joy no longer hides
Lazy days in the summer haze
Only blue skies and memories made
Sunny summer days there’s nothing better everything awakens it heals your pain you can let go and forget the sad and joy floods in I just love the feelings the memories and moments made in the summer days
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