Mimicking summer from my window
Short sleeves and shorts
The radiator heat, The blue skies and sunshine
YouTube and Trophy eyes lives
Mask and disguise the cold outside
I'll get through these months knowing that summer can be a permanent state of mind
alexa 3h
when September came
i was reminded why exactly
our love had only stayed above water in the warm air.
with Autumn’s arrival
so did the realization
that our love had since drowned.
alexa 3h
with the windows rolled down
and the radio turned up,
don’t you ever tell me this isn’t enough.
cause this is it right here
the only thing i need.
you in the drivers seat,
right beside me.
you are my knight,
my protector and shield
our souls chase each other
through the sunflower fields.
wondering where we’ll go
when our bodies are no more
but we know that our souls will stay together,
and the moon hangs on top of the world
the spotlight of our love,
we dance and sway to the background
of the stars above.
ayd 1d
my hands are cold
they’ve been cold for a while now.
I’ve lost a lot of life
and it only feels like I’m drowning yours now.

im not okay
and i can’t risk spreading it
it’s so difficult to open up
i realize it more

it makes me feel weak
it makes me think
that, i am pulling someone down
i Live in darkness

they're are glimpses of light
Every so often
But evidently, there are more black outs then there is light out

im a lot like winter

then, summer comes right?
but not mine, mine is winter.
and i always meet summers.

people who live like summer even if they feel winter
Friends, lovers, family.
the opposite of what i am
im trying to understand.

i have some traits of summer
But they’re all just....
not enough
to be like summer's.

my sun shines,
just not nearly as long.
my plants grow but
nothing like summers

summer you’re beautiful
you always will be to me at least
my friends hate you
Because they say you’re to much to handle

they never make sense
I can only love you.
Because you and i
will never live together.
a rough piece with only one meaning.
Tallie 1d
I crave the days of salty air
A time where swim suits are all we wear
days and days of sun
and your hair is windblown and up in a bun
ice cream trucks circle down the street
your plate piled with fresh barbecue meat
long days, short nights
so. many. mosquito. bites.
oh winter you can be so cruel
and I hate going to school
so summer please hurry
because I miss you and hate the snow flurry
skyler 2d
her grin felt like sunshine
and his laugh sounded like gentle waves
together they were easy summer living
the happy high people strive for

arra 2d
It's summer time again!
Time to pretend we are kids then.
Sun, ice cream and beach at full colors,
Oh what a good time to forget our old lovers!

The sunlight touches our skin
So warm, so mean.
Let those ice cream melt on road
Play with water, find some toad!

Let's hit the highway with no map,
Until we find a place where day and night has no gap.
Let's sleep under the night sky.
Have three a.m. conversation until we cry.

Forget the heartache, forget the pain.
Leave those memories, be insane.
Because it's summer time again,
Time to pretend we are kids then.
It's almost summer here in PH. Oh! My favorite season!
Happy Summers!

Suddenly the painter,
is taking more time,
to paint the sky,
orange in the evenings.
L Perry 2d
Once again I'm lost
     Big Billboard  Ronald McDonald
tells me to embrace summer but how
           with the air con in its death throes + baking tar breath.

              In the back with heat stroke + around

                       fuck the seatbelt I'm decomposing

             Read too much Burroughs
             Read too much Fear and        
+ all I can think about are mistakes and exes
I’m so scared of not being able to do the right thing
Whatever that means
My hands are never clean

And it’s all your fault
That after the assault
This mediocre life came to a sudden halt


All the pain going unseen

Well shit,
I wasn’t even fifteen
i wasnt even fifteen and i lost something i cant ever even try to gain back
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