Summer fields
Awake and moving

My first attempt at haiku, though I chose the less-prolific 3-5-3 style.

You sitting there, on the balcony
Drinking your gin, blowing smoke
You enjoy it but something's missing
You stand up and start walking by the beach

The sky has vivid colours
But your ashen soul can't let you feel bliss
I don't know what you thinking tonight
But do not make any compromises

The moon is bright
But still, you can see nothing clearly
The way you walk is so timid and shy
The stars doesn't give you light

Hogsback Mountain- a love story:

Staircases of roots tangled together
Crawling deeper into earth
And down into my heart,

Nests perched above
Gold glows abundant with eagle eggs
With wings and raptor beaks
These children are my own,

Barefoot it's been awhile,
Hasn't it? A cologne of spring-
Fed trickling streams tickle my senses,
Flames flick up towards stained glass windows,
Birch pine cedar
Depicting scenes of solemn reverie,
Eager to portray our history,
Present these quiet kisses of ours
In vague images to the world are you
Bragging? Almost,

Made it to peak shirtless
Saw again the naked prosperity of our relationship,
Distance can't impede what is meant to be-

The consummation of one's soul
Through great granite skyscrapers
Soft water city nestled in-between fractures interlocking,
To grow is to erode
Break down skin to dirt
Sprout ferns and somehow,

I’ve never felt more human

Do you remember two summers ago-
The first time we met?
I ran straight to summit
Smoking Nightcap in a Prebem Holm freehand,
Not once letting ember rest
I read Kerouac to you
Aloud so all surrounding above and below
Could hear,

How far we have come,
How far we have come

trinity 1d

first love seems so real

second's just for fun

third love's quite the prettiest

(fourth never sees the sun)

honestly idek

The greatest difference
In Nova and Dublin on
July afternoons
Is the rain's temperature

Star BG 2d

Summer is moving fast at warp speed,
like wasp on way to hive.

It moves in light of day
bonding with new energies
that anchors in earths crust.

Summer conceals up-incoming fall
as people scramble
for last bit of vacation time
before weather changes.

What’s needed now is breath to calm
and move gracefully like bird.

What is needed is deepened breath to align
to move inside love, sweet love.

just thinking about summer

Saturday morning becomes
with you
by my side,
magnifying the open
with nothing to hide;
you're the bestest surprise,
with the summer in your eyes.

would you like to take a walk
through my gardens now with me?
with the loveliest of flower
and the tiniest of pea?

well come along my darling
now come along it's free,
an let's go to the gardens
to see what we can see

I planted here some garlic
from the garlic bulbs I had
an the bok choy
well it bolted
and I lost it
that's too bad
but still
it had some flowers
so really not so sad,

smile now, ; )

see the tomatoes look so happy
lots to can, to cook an share
the cucumbers are plenty
see those guys are everywhere,

those here are purple eggplant
with soft delicate new flowers,
an the weather has been perfect
just so hot with scattered showers

the chocolate mint like poetry
WiLd and prolific
dead head all the marigolds
an boy they grow terrific,

in lovely burning oranges
and yellows
you can eat,
marigolds - nasturtiums
are really such a treat
and eating from my garden
well really can't be beat,

the kale is getting big,
and my peppers hot an mild
the pumpkins taking over
like an ivy envy wild

cosmos and green beans
were started from a seed,
radishes are too,
I snuck 'em in between,

basil and cilantro
rosemary and sage,
I could go on and on
and write another page

but really you should visit
and come to see it now
but thanks for reading this
though vicarious somehow

I'm still happy for to share
my life
and love today
I hope you know I care
an are soon
here on your way
even in grey skies
for the growing I will pray,

and I will be here waiting
tending gardens
come what may.

Ma Cherie © 2017

For my little nuggie Jesse ❤❤❤ love you all! Muah x -Ma

Mountains of the end
Little griefs beyond this world
Dreaming of summer

Approve of a wish
Playful jest through sands of time
Shadows of fire

Army moves smoothly
Happy thoughts ere farewell voiced
Bells jingle swiftly

Some random haikus that I wrote in my notebook. Just words off the top of my head.

After a day spent
knee deep in debt,
I retire to morning,
to bed, to basement

It's there, cotton warmth,
jersey in Summer, Summer's here
sitting with me tonight,
cross legged, near nude.

Summer is a dude, I swear to God,
I know his scent. It's like
at the store at 10 PM, it's
the putrid musk infiltrating me

through my eyes, my nose,
my tongue, my tender throat.

After a day spent
knee deep in debt,
I retire to morning,
to bed, to basement

to wait for morning
and her gentle rays
so I may rise from
my concrete tomb,

a revenant, for you,
dripping my dreams,
eaten nearly to death,
to fulfill this debt.

I spend too much time thinking about my boss. Wishing he'd notice some of the bullshit I do. Some of the mess I clean. And this heat drives me insane. Last year was hotter, though. Too many people are out for me to take a vacation. Maybe soon, though. So yeah.
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