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Kerri 1h
It’s as if the bare branches
stroke my hair
with the comfort of Autumn
Each time
the soft, shushing wind
whispers through the trees.
Beneath a milky moon
I find peace
Knowing that
The heat between
me and Summer
Has fizzled out.
You are the pink rose,
Gently swaying in the cool air,
Drops of dew kissing your silky petals.
You are the first soft snowflakes,
Falling on a wintry day,
Creating an ambience of serenity.
You are the Spring astir,
With a sense of  tender caress,
In the whisper of the gentle breeze.
Or the wealth of the Summer that comes with joyous abandon.
Or the glowing colours in the painting of Autumn.
You are the smile that soothes my heart,
My strength to uphold my weakness,
An inspiration to my soul,
My guide,
My Angel from above.
Just a light that doesn't fade
Just a warmth on winter days
Just a drink that quenches thirst
Just a dance now on the surf
Just a boy
Just a girl
Just a dress and hair with curls
Just a swim in a deep blue wake
Just a lust for heaven's sake!
Just a taste of cherry cola
Just a touch on sunkissed shoulder
Just a kiss, but where it leads
Just a longing
Just a need
Just me grasping your warm hand
Just forever, in the sand
Lemon spongy cake
Served with spoonfuls of custard
And summer is born
Me dean and kids had lemon cake and custard was lovely x
Nyx 1d
Time passes over quickly
Within the blink of an eye
Seasons are changing
Its summer again, I sigh

It brings back things
That I thought I had forgotten
Bottled up emotions
Forever left unspoken

I see the beauty of the sky
Crystal clear and blue
The yellow Daisy's return
How did it all come so soon?

People fading in and out
Some of them have left
Though thoughts of him
Have my heart beating out of my chest

Anxiety always flushes through me
At every mention of his name
The memories and feelings
Everything remains untamed

We talk briefly of a boy
Who was once here
That stood high on a pedestal
There are many rumours you'll hear

He abused his girlfriend
He used her for her body
He never loved her
He is a heartless bastard

I can tell you as a fact
That he loved her more then life
When she broke up with him
It ripped through him like a knife

He played the bad guy to the world
Let the friends he had think he was evil
He doesn't care at all
I learnt that people can be quite lethal

Within me he found sanctuary
A place where his heart could rest
He cried a million tears each day
A side nobody would have guessed

A story that remains a secret
My love for him stays untold
Happiest I've ever been
Even if I was bring controlled

As I walk down the path
Certain area flooded by him
I can't replace his memory
He was my light when all was dim

Occasionally when his name comes up
Many have ask me of the boy
Who was he to you?
Trying not to be coy

Painting on that smile of mine
To which has been perfected over the years
A longing pain erupting within me
Pain I've kept hidden from all my peers

He's an old friend

I would tell them
As I glance over to the tree
Him and I laying in peace
Filling myself with bitter sweet glee

But its better for the both of us
Now we are both free
My precious summer love
Just another devotee

My old friend
and secret love
lmbf 2d
there’s a girl in california who knows my name
and her voice sounds like caramel on a sunny day
i don’t really know what i’m doing, but neither does she
let’s forget our time together is shorter than it needs to be

and so
i’m walking to the lake when i catch
a raven-haired girl gazing at me from the side of my eye and i
notice you were staring at me all this time
but if we’re living in the same place, you’re 2000 miles on the other side

there’s a girl in california who knows my name
and when we laugh together, everything falls into place
as if we met somewhere in our past lives
like when she told me, “i really like your vibes”

you see, i am new to this
i am not used to this
of experiencing love that just feels right
and even though ninety-six hours don’t seem like they matter
it mattered to me that we danced at midnight

call me back, tell me what’s in your heart
darling, what time is it wherever you are
i’ve got family across the world but lately you’ve been feeling fur-
ther away
like two boats colliding, then drifting astray

there’s a girl in california who knows my name
i hope one day i can (again) see her face
and tell her that she’s been the light of my life
even 2000 miles on the other side.
Fall Freewrite Sessions 2018 // I'm a firm believer that most people only stay for the season. This past season was particularly eventful.
Dear M, if you ever read this, know that I am grateful for last summer. You taught me the ropes and you taught me to love. You and I are both hoping we will see each other again, but if we don't, know I will be thinking of you.
Yours - always and forever, l.m.b.f.
Laying in the lawn
On a boring day
Looking up at the plain blue
"How unimaginative"

I throw the little knife into the air
To see where it lands
it’s time to write our story,
because today feels like the first chapter.
today, i am determined to begin filling a book,
because our first chapter will look like hope.

the air was cool today, but when you breathed it out,
it came out smelling like the sweet fruits of summer,
sounding like soft waves sounding somewhere,
cautious feet barely touching the water.

i don’t know if you’ll take my hand tonight,
at the beach when i invite you into the water,
will you allow yourself to drown in it,
let the mermaids voices lull you into love?

do you think i could lull you into love
-i’m not a mermaid exactly,
but i could let you put flowers in my hair,
and make me like those beautiful angels of the sea.

please, please fall in love.
i like you, but that’s nowhere near enough,
i need to fall in love with

can your heart-rate rise a little,
can your hands make my pulse flutter a little?
do you want to feel my heart rise,
soaring on soft dove wings for you?

you’re very kind (and you text me a lot),
so would be so kind,
as to fall in love?
inspired by would be so kind (dodie). to a crush.
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