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Standing underneath a Billion Stars,
I looked down at the Roaring Sea.
Something jumped out of the Water,
I wondered What it could Be.
I leaned Myself a bit further
and tried to figure things Out.
A Mermaid caught My Eyes
and I had no time to Shout.
I thought I ought to save Her,
from the 'Sharks' there out at Sea.
Then I changed My Mind,
as Her Beauty enchanted Me.
I waved out, My Hands to Her
and that brought, out Her Smile.
She said to Me, "Let's go Diving,
so U can Romance Me for a While".
With a Splash, I was in the Water.
Holding on, to My new found Love.
She was a Soft as Cotton Candy
and murmured like a Snow White Dove.
At times I've Romanced in Sunshine,
At times I Held Hands in the Bitter Cold.
Today I was at Nature's end Swimming,
With a Mermaid and Her Heart of Gold.
Dedication to Muskan Kushwaha - MP, India
Our Lives are not always Pretty,
rarely it's coated in Colours of Gold.
A few bask in Rays of Sunshine.
While others, shiver in the bitter Cold.
At times, Life pictures joyful Faces
and at times, it has a empty Past.
Someone One Day, will fill your Spaces.
But see to it, your memories Last.
Tears like Leaves, will fall to the Ground
and your Memories, will turn Cold.
It's Love, that makes Life worth Living.
See to it that, it's never Sold.
Gold is not easily portable due
   To gold’s weight and risk of theft
      The paper currency originally built
         On top of gold can be moved faster
            And digital money even more quickly
               Yet is controlled and limited through
                  Centralized entities that limit transfers
                  We need a money that is lightweight
               And easily transported anywhere at
            Very low cost, AND has no controls
         Or censorship - truly open to people
      Everywhere in the world - a money
   Very hard to steal, but easy to send
Bitcoin is supremely portable money
You can see this poem on a background here -
I am sight speech thought sound an body

U blew yourself up

I cleaned up the mess

U are in a safe

In a giant land

Protected bc we have me

Who can save u

Bc we goto giant land

We can all go without dying

But all at the same time

Or we cant go

Its Biblical

What if sleep kneeds

Bc i need more of you

**** a Giant

Zywa May 20
Gold chips on the street

can't be real, such a party --

would be pathetic.
I S A A C May 17
heavy golden mangoes
gushing golden rivers
where the birds are treasure chests and sing like my momma
where a shellshocked man can rest and release the burden of trauma
the grass kisses your skin and the warm wind hugs you from behind
i could not believe my eyes
i found El Dorado from peeking inside
Mark Wanless Apr 29
i see you in gold
intrepid on the mountain
and a person now
If I should tell you ‘Bout all that’s not gold,
I won’t be speaking of the dangles on my mother’s neck,
The stud on my sisters’ ear or the rock between her finger.

I rather walk you through society and how we paint it
How we lose sight of reality and view just the glam
How we concentrate on what’s flashy…
and how we don’t see cute to see the ugly, rather view the paint in Awe
and see the pain in ‘gust.
I will tell you how we channel our focus on the big weddings and lose the sight of the bigger picture.

So, if I’m to talk about all that glitters that is not gold, do know these:
I’d be telling you of the painful truth you chose to ignore,
The scandals that come with the big weddings,
The agony masked in smiles, the pain of each like button
How each comment burns like fire.
Would let you in on my mother’s secret,
How her dangles are not real, she also removes her spackling watch before the end of each occasion.
I’d tell you how my sister’s earrings fade daily and insomnia she gets from the rock on her finger.

I will tell you how reality is far from society, and leaves you to face the agony.
So, when you think about a sparkling gold, think about the last trend and those who end with it.
Think about earth and how we rotate with it,
Please think about reality.
How well do you like gold? How well do think about reality?  Because in the end, all that glitters is not gold.
Maria Mitea Mar 30
in your absence,
i am a shore that  has eyes only for waves and annoying rocks,
  how for thousands of years are grinding one another,
the sand
  an infant with many stony relatives babysitting when it plays with the water,
runs from shore into the sea, comes out  like gold,
in your absence touches my feet, i built  castles in the sand,
the sand never builds castles for itself, it only sticks to my feet,  hands,
wants to go home with me,
last night i was turning from side to side,
the bed was full of sand,
Blue Butterflies Nov 2022
I don't have the right to write you a poem
But let me do it anyways.

I wish I had been prettier,
more kind, more bold,
I wish I had deserved one of your thoughts.
I was content, though,
Watching you from a distance,
While around you they caved the gold mine,
And all the girls tried their luck.
I was happy enough,
Knowing you knew my name.
I remember you
Not without nostalgia,
Because I wish I had been prettier,
more kind, more bold,
To have deserved one glance, one touch.
But our threads got lost in the riverbed,
I threw my coin and lost you to fate,
That is why I let you go
And be another's,
And maybe someday I'll see you again
And be brave enough to say
That I took my chances and lost the gold,
But that someone I hope deserved you more.
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