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aye-way 23h
your soul is the kindled sun.
you are the king of kings.
a million hearts, you have won.
your name, the girls sing.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
About the signs,
Red flags,
Or happy notes,
Scented mail-box-pine?

Did they explain in ways that you could hear,
Spell his name in your tongue for your ear,
Drew in the lines from his mirror?
Or is it fear?

The sketch artist quit long ago,
What was the crime,
What was his trouble?

Oil spill words,
Gold that chokes out the birds.
Thought we could be deep,
But only sip from the sea.
And into the bay,
I promise to only stain the sand,
Until you look away.
The most precious things
Are free and without fee
Can’t be measured by gold
Can be shared but never sold

Regrets are too easy to gain
Mistakes are plenty to be seen
But to choose what is right
Is harder than showing one’s might

Life is just between B and D
The beginning is the Birth of thee
The end shall be thy Death’s embrace
All life, specially the human race

Now what is life? The question that time can’t kill
The center of B and D as you can see is C
The C here refers to our Choices procured from thy will
The Yes and No’s, The Do’s and Don’ts of you and me

All of this isn’t meaningless
Just imprint it on in your mind
The world may be huge and boundless
But hey! It’s just a matter of perspective, isn’t it?
They say gold never shatters,
Just bends under pressure.
My parents always told me.
"You're a golden child"
Wide eyes, Wide smile.
I believed them.
They lied,
Tonight I'm broken
Shattered, torn, empty.
The only thing me and gold have in common
Is its shine of beauty
And the shine of my tears under the moonlight.
Qwn 7d
Apollo watched as Icarus fell into Poseidon's waves,
some say they even saw Apollo kiss Icarus's wings
with his sun-soaked lips before he fell.
A boy fell in love with the sun not knowing
how bad it burns.


Don't fall for the golden boy,
He looks so sweet but tastes like fire.


He had the breath of a thousand stars in
his lungs;
But you can't reach the sun at the bottom
of the sea.
Pyrrha Sep 10
With every touch you turn more and more of me into treasured gold
A Sad Alex Sep 7
can not be found in the flesh
For as warm it may be
As soft to your fingers it is
It will lay soft and cold eventually

can not be found in gold
Yes, it never loses its luster
But many coins you need to muster
And no number will fill the gap in your soul

can not be found in others
For the laughs may distract
The facade will crack
And still you will be empty inside

ilusive as it may be
It follows you around
It never left
For within you she rest
Waiting to be awoken
And while the rest might feel great
They serve as nothing but crutches
On your own you must stand
If you are to revel
On the pleasures life offers...

To improve one self
To look on path troded
It´s essence

To know there is more
With hunger jump forth
It´s rushes

To balance the mind
With the desire of the heart
It´s key

And once held in hand
You will understand
That happiness flies like a bird
But behind she left
And the knowledge
That you can get it again...
Nathalie Sep 6
There is a glow
Within your heart
A spark of divinity
That you share

It comes through
Genuine creativity
A natural talent
That you've honed

Your words cascade
In waves of insight
Inspiring a captive audience
Who resonate with your art

Generosity knows no end
When the soul rejoices
In following a path
That speaks so deeply

You unearth your gold
When your intention
Is sincere and true
You being...becomes a treasure.

bk Sep 5
you told me that you loved
the color of my hair,
especially the way it looks
like gold in the sun.
so when you moved away,
i dyed my hair black.
it didn't shine like gold anymore,
in fact,
it looked as if i was going
to our love's funeral.

rest in piece to our sweet memories
and my golden hair.

please don't come back to visit. i couldn't bear to lose you again.
Jamilla Sep 2
Time is gold
Someone with a good heart is precious as gold.
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