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A man and a woman can art
their most secret way through  
from a speck of dust to heaven.

Or they can walk the walks together
living the daily hourglass ever closer.
But only to fall apart in the end
without finding an edge for themselves!

It can do heaven descends in dust
or not even in the gold it's never found.
soft off-white pages,
velvet leather spine,
wrapped in cloths of silk,
with edges, gold inlined
i want to publish just one book,
a book of poems; a really *fine* book of poems

'milk and honey' by rupi kuar is a good poetry book btw check it out
Haylin 3d
My knight does not need to be
in shining armor,
nor blessed with prestige
or countless honor.

It only needs to be you,
someone who could wield
a sword, respectable enough
to be able to strike a heart of gold.
Haylin 3d
Time, kindness and knowledge
are above the price of
Haylin 3d
Love's, but a *** of fool’s gold
It has you captivated and excited about finding something valuable, then you wake up, and find that it's but just a fake. It can stab you in the back and hurt worse than a stake. Love is, but a *** of fool’s gold you may find and behold. But remember it's just a *** of fool’s gold.
I know not all love is like this but my previous relationship was
I'm sorry I ever called you a friend.

I should have never settled for second-best, a supporting role when I really wanted to play the main character.

I should have been more honest and marked out the lines in the dirt.

We should never have been so intimate, it was killing me.
You were always a flame, and being close burned and blackened me.

I thought it beautiful yet I smouldered alone.

I grew to hate you almost as much as I loathed myself,
If I could spare some venom that I poured down my throat.
I regret who and what I became,
No more than a mad dog, barking and fevered.

We think we get better and we're fixed,
we trust our 'brand-new' shiny heart into dangerous fires,
and are shocked when the gold foil melts,
and we see the same scars have always remained.

It matters not now, our paths have diverged,
Whether we meet again or not is immaterial,
The fact remains that I still have issues, problems that need addressing,
I still wish you well.

We'll see if we can meet as equals,
If not though it'll be fine
I'll have learnt my lesson.
And you'll have learnt thine.
Pyrrha Dec 2018
Everytime they told me I wasn't enough
I believed them
But now I'm full of all the things they wish they could tease
I have gold running through my veins and passion on my tongue

Words no longer cut me
Paul NP 4d
Silver tongue, Gold and Watch:

That which I speaketh Illuminate

My eyes stretched across a euclidian landscape capture the tings and rings of Spherical Sound Souls.

I see saw gently, rythmic gentry. Sea sowing seeds in the sands of time.

Eclectic Suns and Moons share space. Warming rays upon its face. Golden eye, no doubles, 1 and 7 in my name.

Dark Gold, brilliant silvent solver, dissolving desolate dollars.
Caccooning above its collar, the sounds of a scholar, holler.

In the night, wolf pointing bright , howl at the temple, flaming candle, waving sight.

Better fly high up above the city sky.

I spy with my third eye, Ra El. Spiral inspired by the spire, I inquire the next desire, mastered mystery cold blue phire.

So De-Sire me , I fly up the ranks. Strike One, Rank One, The One is Won. I am Wonder with the Word in My World in Thine; all seeing eye.

Eyes Shine.
I Sign.

The Nameless One
Shlomo 5d
My dreams are made of kisses and cuddles

And nightmares of no Mrs and toddles

Reality is altered in a carbonated fizz

But I’m torturously lonely in this vivid whizz

A bizness man is what I dream to be

To be distracted from the love that you have for me

You claim to love me so dearly

But will you leave me one day seemingly seamlessly

I’m 28, but 18 seems so miles away

Thoughts of you got me feeling like (it was) yesterday

Only to live everyday like it was my last (to)day

With fingers crossed for dates on a Saturday

Waking up has me questioning

my existence and hopes of a better ‘morrow

With gold, myrrh, and some kissing in

To never have, and always yearn for more

I always dream for another me

One with love, respect, sense of dignity

Pushing me to a better me

Beyond the ‘mares, dreams, but in reality.
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