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GraciexJones Jun 4
You’re a storm in summer,
So fast-moving and out of the blue,

You’re like the first day of Spring,
Blooming and slowly rising,
Amongst the decomposing earth,

You’re like a shifting darkness,
Hard to tell where you start and begin,
Filling the space with your whole being,

Your firelight flares up like a firefly,
So bright and fluttering through the twilight,

Your eyes glow with a glace of gold and rose,
So fired up on adrenaline,
Running through the countryside like a wild fox,

Your depression is like the deep artic sea,
When it gets so heavy you crawl into your shell,
So desolated with your own thoughts

You’re like a broken violin,
So beautiful but splintered with visible scars,
From the lovers who had misled you in the past
Man May 18
the big easy
is hard lives,
what gives

this rainy city
so sublime,
it's almost a pity

that streets are lined with ****
pests and rats in the alleyways
how did things get so ******

or have they always been?

overpasses with people
lying underneath

so many homeless
it staggers the mind to think

bread bags and coffees
floating in the wake of the fairies

outnumbering 10 to 1
the loads that they carry

all the old growth
coming down

all the gold of their headpieces
tinfoil hats fashioned from crowns

no jazz or blues can save them
from the fate that waits

an engraving reading,
here lies what once was a haven
SS May 10
It’s a great exasperation dear
To want you all the time
My nights alone forever colored
By the lack of your side spine.
The absence of your morning kiss
Blacks out the morning light
So come and stay with me the day
And kiss me till goodnight.
My golden boy my golden sun
With cherry blossom lips
I fear that my salvation lies
within your golden hips.
So come into my greedy arms
Skin on eager skin
I’ll keep your body safe from harm
Except our marks of sin.
Johnnyqu33r May 4
Who would have known
This rust was gold the whole time
Lashings and last lines
Letters lacking signatures
Permanent solutions to
Permanent problems

Wet blue eyes always skyward
There's a purpose right?
But this feels less like a fight
As times limbs effortlessly spin
This feels like a sitcom
I've gone off the script

Who would have known
I was an alchemist the whole time
Turning my soul into gold
Forged with heat and force
All the pressures I've endured
I've turned myself into a sword
rach Apr 16
on thin ice,
wide and narrow pathways
you were always there
with your luminous presence,
making me shine,
and glow,
even in my darkest moments.

you turned me into gold
when i felt rusty and old

To the sunshine in my day. The stars on a lonely night. Her voice is the only vaccine by which my boredom is cured. She fuels gleeful moments in my life. My dreams easily became true having found her earned me the most precious goal. To me she's worth beyond any diamond nor gold. She's my whole life my wife.
Sunny Apr 4
I walk into the hall slipping on my silver mask.
At this ball I don’t have a name, my face smeared with the others
I watch their lips dancing in conversation
As I feel my heart,
A gentle dagger tucked close

I can see you looking at me
Lips in a soft smile
Face shrouded in gold
Were you waiting for me?
Soon enough we’re dancing
And your royal laugh fills my daisy head
Oh, what do you want from me?

And then you leave
Why did you leave?
You leave me among these flawless faceless people
With the perfect fake dancing faces
        “Oh **** it all, darling”
I mutter as I step into the snow

I can see the people looking at me
These mess of people, faces uncovered
As I search the powder sugar streets
My silver dress sticking out like a dandelion in seafoam
I just want to be home
Or I maybe want to be in your arms
I’ve yet to decide

Before long I spot you again
Standing in the corner, black coat dangling on your golden arm
Were you waiting for me?
You smile and draw a breath letting your cold breath cloud in the air
        'Oh **** it all, darling'
I think as I step closer to you

Your nodding features drew me in
I show my happy painted face
Hide my truth under the silver mask
Your’s a strong gold
All I see is your artistic lips and jaw
You smile and hold my cold hands
Warming them with your breath

My dagger heart falters
The metal slowly melting with the ice of my hands
Oh, why did you have to be so **** charming, darling
You take my arm and spin
The silver and gold of our skirts swimming at our ankles
As you lead me to your home

We’re inside now and you light a fire
It’s dancing arms out wide
I sit by it and look at you
And the room
I want to know
I want to know everything
You slip beside me
Your warm hands tracing over my face
As you pick at the edge of my silver mask
And gently take it off

You look in my eyes
Your gold mask now sitting next to mine
I admire the color of your face
We speak
I laugh
And I realize how I’m falling fast
As fear clings to my chest
You trace my cheek
What are you doing to me
I smile at you and whisper
“Oh **** it all, darling”
As I reach for your face.
ArianLlwyn Mar 31
The world's small eyes bare down like heavy gold,
On whomsoever seeks their glazed dim gaze.
My second attempt at a couplet in iambic pentameter.
Kuzhur Wilson Mar 27
A 22 ct poem on gold

Dear gold

In the body of a woman

you attain elegance

lying chained to the hip

fatigue like

Endless are the times

when earlobes and foot

seduced me without you

Mere threads of yellow

will do better than you

There's a cuteness

seeing you

swing from a single ear

Nose studs, with a stare

have stung me sleepless.

The ones made of rolled

gold too

But, dear gold

You become gold

when you are pawned

Like the revolutionary

who becomes more revolutionary

when hanged

Like the soldier

who gets shot and becomes

a soldier even more

Dear gold in the pawn shop

My gold, dear gold

Translated by Binu Karunakaran
Translated by Binu Karunakaran
CA Jane Mar 13
Rippling waves
Softly crying
Clam to the window
And calm to the whole
Under blue
I see lurking Gold
Hiding perhaps
Or being hidden.
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