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A heart of gold
Silver is sold
Bronze is told
What diamonds behold
another ("populas")poem where each lines describes a person and then the last one kinda sums it up
She is light weeping shadows
depth you cannot follow
velvet rain on summer nights
lips exhaling sweetest flight

‘Neath the solid waves of ribs
She is storm my inkwell stirring
Mere whirl of finger tips
Erupting in a dance of fury

As we move as one
Fears fade behind
shed like skin of old
in gold and ruby fall

   * * *

Диханието на Октомврия

Тя е светлина плачеща сенки
Дълбина недостижима
Дъжд от кадифе във летни нощи
Устни с дъх на сладък полет

На ребрата изпод твърдите вълни
Буря Тя е в моята мастилница
Щом леко само пръсти потопи
Ще изригне танц най-див

Движим се ведно
А страховете вяхнат
Като стара кожа падат
В есен от рубин и злато
Translation into Bulgarian is a work in progress at the moment.
Преводът на български не е финален за момента.
Sydney Oct 4
In those times of old

I was told

There was a tale of gold

People say

Once a day

You could see Heaven’s ray

In the rain

Dirt and grain

They fought from Heaven’s rein

People bold

Looking for gold

Went to the time of old

All who died

Wept and cried

And in the end, sighed

There was gold

I was told

In those times of old.
alexis wansor Sep 22
Her hair red like soil
And eyes green like springs clover
Skin sun-kissed and dotted like stars in the night sky
And man oh man
Her imagination was endless
And words constantly from her tongue
Her smile never fading
She talked to the trees and the flowers
She was lonely and they were her company
I am in love with every last bit of her
The way she sniffed the air
To smell all the beautiful smells of the crisp cold breeze of fall
The way she nibbles at chocolate and sips tea
when she studies
She's clever and bright
Her mind is worth its weight in gold
And there aren't enough words to describe
The comfort I feel when she graces me with her presence
daycrow Sep 13
silver fingers, golden toes
copper wire between my teeth
it shocks, but
i suppose
it itches more,
like tears in your eyes, or dust in your nose
november rises
and though fall is still falling
and desert sands shift slow,
it's getting cold
(and old)
sorry for what i said when i was lonely
Even the shade of my hair changes
Lane O Sep 12
Oh, those mounds of gold that bestrew my yard
Are piles of crisp oak leaves I raked this fall.
Ere their deep hue of verdurous beauty
Belonged to the summertime, I recall.
Lane O Sep 12
It's when the stars lose their shine,
That I see the colors intertwine:
The pale gold of morning light,
Fused with the amethyst of the night;
Then the robin sings its song,
At the marriage of dusk and dawn.
Erik Luo Sep 12
I shall speak to you about that gold
That you held deep inside without being told
It is there since you were born
And it grows every day through your hurt

What really matters
Is not what you have
But what you are
What you choose to be

It takes great awareness
Often through deep pain and sadness
To have the amount of self-knowledge
To be able to love existence

It is a beautiful paradox
That which makes you the most whole
Are all the scars that you have gone through
It defines your essence and completes your soul

I see myself in you
It is so beautiful
And I love you
For your existence

What determines our worthiness
Is nothing but the choice
Of great love and acceptance
Of the beauty in your existence

For that is enough
The taste of your presence
The scent of your being
And the sound of your soul

That’s all I need
You are worthy of everything
A golden day today shall be
The clouds are dark
The sky is bleak
Winds blow cold
They bite me deep
A golden day it is indeed!
Maybe there is something to be said about perspective, I have always been skeptical about such things, but maybe my days would be better if I just told myself they were good.
This rose gold splendor
Sinks into turbulent blue
Wrapped in cold chaos
This is a haiku about a sunset I experienced at the ocean. It was a special moment for me, and it inspired me to write this.
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