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Alexis 5d
it’s my fault really
I gave you the sticks
Taught you how to throw the stones
and you broke me .
Mal Oct 3
just a friendly reminder

Poetic T Sep 27
No matter how tired
                             I am,
         and of my eyes want to
creak shut.

               I'll read to you till
we  fall asleep together,
  in imaginations slumbering
                          blanket of snores.

(it maybe her or me? we haven't decided)

You want to test
your nail varnish colour,
              paint my toes a rainbow.

I'll always smile  
          when I look down at your
                      art work on my pinkies.

(2 months later its still there AAArrrrr)

You may not realise this but every tired
              moment means I've spent more
                                            time with you.

And every moment is a smile waiting
                   to happen.
                        You'll always be my No1
                      when the sunrises with you.

                         Till the moment the stars
                  shimmer us to sleep.

Under a bed fort made for one of you.

                               and a three quarters of me...
aennij Sep 23
There are lots that makes me smile,
like dogs and cats or other stuff.
Having it as a list, surely, it'll  be in pile,
some I smile only because I have to, some I smile then laugh.

Like good arts and music,
great literary pieces that I enjoy,
or for all one knows, maybe an interesting topic,
who knows, anything can be a joy.

Like when you force yourself to be happy,
it could be goodbyes that should end plain.
Perhaps, pretending to show gaiety or felicity,
that's when we smile in struggle and pain.

Smiles are diverse.
We smile in satisfaction and glee.
We smile in affliction and agony.
Sometimes, its caused by the best feeling, every so often, by the worst.
Joanna Sep 16
When your life feels like it has come to a stop. And all that you had counted on has begun to flop, Turn the page!

When memories turn to ash, nothing seems new. And the best of it all seems to be behind you, Turn the page!

When there's no time to wonder where love has been. And you do not dare to begin again, Turn the page!

When there's no magic in a child's smile and there is no joy of just being quiet for a while, Turn the page!

When love seems unreachable, and your heart continues to ache. And all that was supposed to be trustworthy seems fake, Turn the page!
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Bongani Sep 12
I pretend in order to tend not to offend cause i hate your friends
I tried to hide it but it keeps haunting me
I believe i killed my patience
Hoping that you will change
Its strange i'm still showing fake smiles to hide what is behind me and my smile
Fake smiles
sophia Sep 10
The darkness of the night,
Brightness in my mind,
Lights and colors lost in time.
The dawn whispers in my dream.
And my heart smiles.
Greg Jones Sep 9
I used to laugh.
Now I cry.
It's been so long
I don't remember why.
You took me by the hand.
I didn't understand
Why you were smiling...
When I had a much younger face,
I traveled to a far off place,
To a site where I fell in love,
Riverside, patch of Heaven above,
There we sat and fished a'while,
Memory lane can bring us smiles,
Golden dawn on a riverside,
Under hills where eagles glide,
Spring blooms of wildflowers,
Where we passed those happy hours,
Riverside to fish a'while,
Yes, memory lane can make us smile!
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