I want to go away,
Go so far away
From all the drama, all the movies, all the scenes.
I'm getting tired of this.
I'm getting tired of the same exact bullshit every single day.
I just want to take my time.
Take my time somewhere far, far away.

I know what you'll say.
"Don't go, I love you so much, you have to stay."
But... do you really mean it?
Do you still love me, when I'm sitting alone at the cafeteria, eating silently my lunch.
Do you still love me, when I'm home alone trying to distract myself from my own.

The answer is no.
What, Isn't my answer correct?
Or am I missing some details which I don't want to admit
Just to be the victim in all of this?
Feel free to fill me in.

If you have nothing to say -
don't make me stay.
Because I just want to be away.
Away - for my fresh start.
Because I'm tired...
I'm tired of all the lies you say,
I'm tired of all the words that I left unsaid
I'm tired of waking every morning,
Pretending to be OK.

Now I'm in the bathroom,
water running down my cheeks,
making my tears blend with it.
I'm tired...
... but I'm OK...

I'll wake up tomorrow as if nothing have happened today.
I'll wake up tomorrow, putting that fake smile on my face again.

Yes, I'm friendly.
Yes, I'm kind.
Yes, I'm happy, yes I'll do you a favour, yes I'm smiling
I am...
I'm tired if this.
Pretending to be all good to everyone,
Trying not to upset them,
Trying to help them,
Trying to comfort them
And then what?!

They still go talk behind your back remembering that time,
That one time you wanted to help YOURSELF and not them.
Wanting all from you
And never really turned back the favour.
They even stop asking for it.
You just give it to them
Because you're scared, that in the end of the day
you'll end up alone,
Crawling in your bed,
Hiding from the world,
Cause you feel ashamed.

This is why I want to get away.
From all the people whom I used to call "friends"
I want to scream,
I want to sing,
I want to fly,
I want to break free.

The first step to my dream is to get away...
Get far, far away, where there's only me.
I'm touching
the skies
with the picture
of your smiles'

        your smiles
             are the stars
                     of my night sky
Nisa Jul 31
love is a weird thing.
love wrapped his arms around you sometimes like always and
maybe this is what the hopeless romantics meant when they said sometimes home is not a place
love is like religion
where the worshippers would never hesitate to jump from the highest mountain to the lowest surface of the ocean
your head will bleed and you will still carve smiles using your lips, followed by the eyes and say thank you
how silly-
when he smiles
all the wilt flowers come back to life and bloom
and bloom
and bloom like its a spring season in december
its august and its rainy here but flowers
they last longer when he grins from ear to ear
like a silly man, like a precious silly bean
when he laughs
the chaos in my mind disappear
all the tics and all the screams up there just went quiet
its the moment of contentment
i wish to last
maybe not forever but give me a moment.
i can't stand eye contact
so i stare at him when he's not looking
and oh dear god
if this is a dream, i wouldn't mind trapped here
i wouldn't mind encounter the demons i see in the corner of my bed
i would approach them, shake their hands like an old friend
as long as i can be with him
for a little longer
when those lips spill the word love
i don't recognise it
h e l p me-
hate is the opposite word of love and
my doubts are loud
i hate the fact that my doubts are draining his love for me
my eyes are covered
and my ears are being plugged with earphones whispering he's lying.
my love,
i love you
i'm scared of heights but i'm an idiot and i would jump from the highest mountain in the name of love.
i said please-
do not get tired of me
i want to trust you
let me put my trust on you
i'm trying.
i promise.
Chris Neilson Jul 31
After the rain has gone
I see your misty reverie
unbroken thoughts abound
of the younger you and me

I'm told I used to smile more
at all your childish silly ways
in the throes of uncouth youth
in those nascent salad days

Making base camp for mount love
tent pitching and stitch unstitching
finding new colours in your eyes
beautiful, bewildering and bewitching

The solar sky clears my fears
disgracefully growing old together
we have miles of smiles to go
before the end of our tether
I'm catching up on some poetry "admin" today and finding stuff I've written that I'd forgotten about like this one.
Swastik Jul 23
Her silk skinned body,
Scented so good.
Shaped like an hourglass,
As in-front she stood.

I loved her whisper,
As her curves, I touched.
She moaned and moaned,
As her arms, I clutched.

I lifted her chin,
And in her lips,I dipped.
She was so close,
That our bodies just slipped.

She tore my shirt,
As she laid on my chest.
She kissed my neck,
As I tongued her breast.

I slipped her skirt,
When she carressed my spine.
She clenched my body,
When her legs were mine.

She took me in,
When I pushed her deep.
Her legs hugged me,
Forced me to leap.

Sweat bathed us,
But still we were in.
As I streamed inside her,
She scratched my skin.

There were smiles,
After our moans.
Beeped our hearts,
When stopped our bones.
Sam Kelly Jul 20
The results are undeniable,
My fears are justifiable.
I know you mean no harm,
But I’m a sucker for your charm.
I mean, on paper, you’re ideal,
But I’m already losing what is real.
I’m tripping over words inside my head.
I don’t know what should be left unsaid.
Polite smiles are well and good
But I would scream if only I could.
I feel my demons scratch my tongue,
Trying to silence what I’ve become.
I’m running out of space inside my mind,
I just can’t be who I left behind.
I am honest and I am strong.
So why does that now feel so wrong?
And I know freedom isn’t free
But I’m begging you not to break me.
Joshua Nai Jul 20
I know that not everyone is happy.
I know that people would hide the crawling, killing monster in them with smiles and laughter.
I know that tears are necessary.
It's waters healed wounds.
I know that those monsters inside might even be a learning point.
I know that monster can be tamed.
I know that monster can be destroyed.
What if this isn't the meaning you were writing as you pen down your thoughts? I really do not know.
I just know that we can be happy.
We can be loved.
We can be used to eternal purposes.
We are unworthy and a mess.
But that is what makes God's love so much more beautiful.
I am sorry for hiding, the brokenness in me.
I am sorry for showing the moving darkness in me.
Kate Willis Jul 18
Forgetting is the hardest
part of losing you -
but I’ll continue to jump rivers and
climb mountains for a chance
to see you again
and engulf my world
with your tilted grin.
Absent Minded Jul 16
Her lips were as brilliant
And luring,
As the cherry of the cigarette
She held between her lips.

I know if I start this dance,
If I travel the path of
The wandering,
lonesome healer,
That it'll lead me to my grave.

But those beautifully colored lips;
The honey coated words
That spill from those sibling dancers
Mounted on to her face...

I'll make her smile for the world to see,
And admire,
And bask in such divine beauty,
Even if it requires
My still beating but long dead heart
Served on a stick
To please the deceiving angel
That stands before me.
I remember when we were so pure our love was untouchable I remember your voice in my ear telling me how much you were in love with me mind body and soul those words run so deep down my spine it gave me chills like no other I've never yearn for your love as much as I yearn for yours now the day you left made my heart crumble into a thousand pieces but when we were together I remember your soft skin you're dreaming Journey eyes that took me on a worldwide Adventure I remember those pointless drives where we drive down Lake Shore with no direction or destination. I remember when we used to cuddle and watch movies laugh and kiss your soft lips against mine I remember you said forever and never will I leave you you will always be mine I remember those words like yesterday...
were you playing in my hair and you look in my innocent beautiful eyes and tell me how beautiful I am as you caress your fingers across my soft skin you tell me how you don't want this moment to never end I look at you and see my future as bright as the Moon on a night so peaceful and blue I stood there next to you telling you how much you mean to me telling you all my pain and sorrow as you comfort me..I lay my head on your shoulder and as you pull me in closer my knees begin weaken by yourself touch and by the sound of your voice put me at ease put me at peace you touch my mind body and soul I'll remember you
Good memories
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