Friends right?
They're the best thing you can have,
I have a friend
they are so lovely to me
they love

For who I am as a thing
a girl
I stay
at the place, myself with them
they look
at me and they speak kindly
how do you get your charms...

I laugh
I think they're lying to me
I say
should you not ask someone else?

They smile
what are you talking about
you're flat out gorgeous!

my eyes light up
oh dear god...
I'm so dumb
Up and down  
Around and around
Feels like it never ends
Child’s play

A carnival ride with a secret meaning kids.

Life is like a carousel, without the smiles.

                     With love,
11:11. Gazing at the night sky, with nothing on my mind, except the thought of you and I.
Crickets chirping, sky clear. Why do I wish you were here?
Your deep eyes, your warm smile. God. Your laugh, it could stop the world for a while.
Hour by hour, time ticks away. Slowly the night, turns to day.
Dusk will arrive, and my head will still spin.
To love, or to not? That I ponder, as the crickets chirp, and my heart just can't win.
11:11, still I wish, your gaze, your eyes, even your kiss.
Falling for you, wasn't exactly the plan.
Please, I hope, your heart is where I land.
Stars like diamonds, wishing on shooting stars.
It is now 11:12, the time of moving on...
Love with all your heart people. Wish upon stars. Dream as big as you can. Love is never the plan...
Honey, your perfect...
Eyes dark and perfectly brown, though brown is a basic word.

Your eyes are a whirl,
of golden dreams and chocolaty sweets.
Takes away my breath, when our eyes finally meet.

They say yours are bland, with no future or life plans,
but babe, I see right through that.

Thoughtful, intelligence. You cast a deep warning glance.
I knew you'd hear

Eyes deep, glowing, a golden night sky.
Wisdom older than your age. Darling can't you see?
Step out of your cage!

Your perfect. Eyes will glisten, all heads will turn to listen, when my brown eyed babe, takes to stage.

Show them who you are, calm in a world of rage...

This is to you, my brown eyed babe.
CGW 6d
We are all imortal gods of Earth.
Brewn from the great conscieness.
Woven through matter.
Wholesome laughter echoes among hidden forests.
Concealed within us is a vibrating boisterous light that defines the proximity of the universe.
Collapse into a million pieces and the children of tomorrow would look up into the night and wish upon scattered remnants.
Love is the universal language of consciousness.
lins 6d
people come and go
leave a mark
on my fragile heart
a meaningful stamp

brief interactions
I'll remember for a while
returning a small smile
being in my life

curious, humans
change all the time
leaving isn't a crime
I understand that
I can’t remember why I was inspired to write this in early 2018 but I’m glad I kept it around.
Boy, if only you knew, the perfection within you... and your chestnut brown eyes.

As the light hits, your now golden eyes, once deep and doomed, now brightens the room. Takes over the world, and all that's within. All that's left to do is wish. Wish to catch your intelligent glance, that chestnut bliss.

Of all the eyes, green, hazel, and blue, yours wins by far, the perfect chaos, as though in safe arms.

Your deep, thoughtful gaze, could stop time. Your dark, warm look, keeps one thinking for days.

Not enough credit, your eyes are given, the perfection trumped by none.

If only you knew, my words to be true, your warm chestnut gaze.

As the light hits your eyes, the dark, shimmering glow, I think it is important for you to know, the effect of your perfect brown eyes...
Krishnapriya May 16
The best version
Of this moment
happens when we
accept this moment
Just as it is

The smiles and tears
Anger and fears
Arrive and display
The palette of life
We watch and let go
Let the moment be
As still and as best
As only it knows
To be

We remain observers
In the silent stillness
Of love

Watching and accepting
Responding if need be
From love, for love

Come relax and enjoy
Moment by moment
The best version of life
In the silent sweetness of love.
Krishnapriya May 13
Sometimes you smile at the universe
Offer love, sweetness
Pure energy

Sometimes life smiles back,
Sometimes not

You still keep smiling
In the knowing
That the flower in your heart
Smiles with you

The river of love
from deep within
bubbles with joy
to join
The unending ocean
Of truth, purity and stillness
Eternal silence
In love
In smiles
In sweet gratitude
Poetic T May 12
Cleaving droplets from a composition
of stagnating hues, decomposing but
still useful as canvas coloured smiles.
Death brings emotion to faces void.

Everyone that is used are unique in the
smearing of what flowed like a petrifying
eye liner. Now broken vessels that divorce
emotion from there being unto another.

There are no smiles here,
           just a covering of falseness.
For without the colour of others
       he laughs at the bleached expression.

"Who needs smiles,
                        when you can paint others on brighter
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