Smile, and my heart just flutter
Taken aback, I frown unknowingly
"It could be for anyone", I said
But it would be nice
If that smile's for me
Smile, and sometimes my brain dies
Uncontrolled blood flow to my face
My stomach just dances at the thought
My palms and face sweat furiously
I might just blow up right here right now
Smile, and it would be enough
I'll watch from a safe place
Out of your own world
Where you and I can't get hurt
I don't know why I keep on modifying my works here :)
LinaM 2d
They called me beautiful but beautiful girls get guys.
Where is mine?
Why am I here alone when they say I'm too kind, no, kind girls get guys. Where's mine?  
It's funny how friends say these things but guys don't bat an eye
Who am I?
Am I nice?
Am I kind?
Or is it all just lies.
People say these things and I don't know why but it hurts.
are expressions.
They are also presentable
when it is real, true, and friendly.
Smiles can be fake, sham, or ungenuine.
Real or fake, smiles are simply appealing.
Here is a lame poem.... pyramid shaped. Honestly wasn't trying that hard :((
laura-jessica Feb 15
we're pretending that we're so cool,
with our terrible dancing and music

but we keep doing what we do.

we were ballistic until the sun rose.

jumping around to the same five lyric-less songs
not dancing, jumping.

our society is messed up,
but for that moment,
that night,

we were okay.

we lived with nothing but our hearts upon our sleeves.
our smiles weren't fake that night,

just 68 thirteen year olds having the time of their life with out their parents for 4 days.

there was no drinking or weed,
we were high off of each others energy.
we were feeding off it.

i felt alive.

i saw the world in colour.
this was about the time were my whole grade went on a trip and we had a huge party and it was great, i was so happy.

i've had this written for a while and i haven't gotten the courage to publish it, well here it is. i thought it was the right time because my poems are so depressing and this poem makes me smile so yeah.
what do you guys think?
YB Feb 8
It lives in the creases surrounding our eyes
Which have been overused by smiles and tears
That inevitably come with the proof of our years.
i used to fear my own death,
now i fear the possibility of another breath.
one more second in this word prolonged,
i don't know if i can be that strong.

when they ask me if i'm okay, i lie
but deep inside i start to cry.
closed doors hide all traces,
as do smiles and pretty faces.

tears, smiles, nightmares and dreams,
nothing in this world is as it seems.
March towards the sun....
Use you’r love as wine to wash away people’s tears
Carry behind your wings, their pains
and free them of all of their chains.

March towards the sun...
Hold tight to your dreams and
take  your mind off your sorrows.
Leave behind no trace, no shadow.

March towards the sun...
Let the fire of the sun melt away your loneliness,
purify your soul to make it a piece of gold.
So, you can rise above your scars to fly.

March towards the sun....
Conquer your fears and leave behind no tears.
Make the sun shine within your charming  smile.

March towards the sun....
Take a stand against oppression,
to wipe out the repression.
Let the sound of  liberty bells ring high in the sky.

March towards the sun...
You are God's secret,
You are the center of the universe.
You belong to the Sun’s orbit.
Keep moving and don't look behind.

Hussein Dekmak
It was my first time meeting A’s grandmother-
I brought her flowers
Laid out on A’s den floor I begun writing this poem
While A watches anime-
English subbed
We are supposed to be studying-
we did for a while but
E has been on the same page for half an hour
As C sits atop a table-
making bird noises from above
We move to the dining room
because A’s grandmother made noodles and egg rolls
E is sucking up his noodles like a vacuum
I don't blame him- they taste like Jesus
C sneezes so loud it makes everyone jump
I look around the table, thinking of the past year
And all the friends i've made
Love, Platonic love, is beautiful
- After Sabrina Benaim
Simpathi Jan 25
Sunlight seeping,
Nobody creeping.
Death fleeing,
Eternity seeking.

Night dying,
Angels flying,
No more crying,
Only trying.

Graves uprooted,
Souls resurrected.
Love is diluted,
All are affected.

Life is through dreams,
Feelings are precious.
All the same teams,
No games are ended.

Smiles are normal,
Crying is lost.
Tears only fall,
When all pain is gone.

Appearance is nothing,
Words are priceless.
Everyone’s blushing,
Regardless of likeness.

Hearts are revealed,
Joy is discovered.
Hate is now sealed,
Love is recovered.

Peace is ever-present,
Wars have deceased.
No fights to prevent,
Loss is decreased.

Time has lost control,
Clocks are disposed.
Reaching for goals,
Lengths aren’t proposed.
Can a vision change the world?
above named orthodontist
   crowned specialist
   exemplary de jure by this dad
sans perfecting offset dentition

   of me daughter – shana – who had
quite noticeable gapped teeth –
   just the opposite when i was a lad
and pro bono courtesy

   of above named orthodontist –
   worthy of a regal pad
(okay perhaps i exaggerate just a tad)

performed prestigious dental skill with her band
of admirable merry technicians,
   who possess grand
ever so agile and gentle
   to affix and/or adjust with each hand

after countless visits
   viz number of years shifted closed spaces
   re: wide spaces did stand

brackets wired together where
   squarely rooted choppers stood askew
the completed effect = a priceless smile
   tooth thy punim – a beau
tee full young lady (this comment
   unbiased from me – math a ewe)
biological father of thine lass in question,
   where time flew

while transformation
   her dazzling smile grew
a changed facial profile –

   admirable how maxillary masters did hue
artfulness to align mastication via calculus
   sans perfecting her bite they knew

thus this papa feels ever so thankful
   for prettifying mine offspring
with courtesy service per each appointment
   thee progeny i did bring

no matter that brackets broke loose –
   yes in some cases from chew wing
gum or eating hard foodstuffs  - fear of a skull ding
never occurred, whereby
   anticipatory anxiety expended 4 naught ting

mortis rigors of extraction,
   x-rays affecting dental precision
would be impossible without the decision
for the supreme doctor –
   who owned a schooled vision
to envision
vis a vis what provision

and necessary measures
   to manipulate dentition
   toward per mission
whereby maybe a minor revision
made to witness brilliant

   megawatt smile giving admission
of heightened sunny disposition
primed to embark on successful
   lip smacking dating expedition
anointing shana aubrey harris –
   who completed the biting inquisition.
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