Nights Alone
Cities Brace
Give Me Some
Of Your
Your gone, but I still need you and your strength
i will embrace death like a warm hug
for even if it was just a mere thought
death was with me longer than any friend
Manny Aug 10
And so If I
Hold you up against the wall
And press my lips against your neck
To try and feel your heartbeat resonating
Through your arteries
To see if your pulse is constant or a wreck
Would you move to push me off you
Or would you move closer towards my lips
Would it be wrong if we indulged in this
Even though for now you're his

And if I
Bit down on your lips
Pressed my tongue inside your cheek
Would it make you hate me
Would it make you weak
Could I take your breath away
Make it hard for you to speak
Give you all of my attention
Pretend that you're unique

If I
Slide my hand above your knee
And pull you closer by your thigh
Will you drop the innocent look
Stop acting like you're shy
Or will you continue to pretend
Say that I'm nothing but a friend
Act like this will be the last time
When you don't intend to let this end
I've had pieces of this poem written for years and never got around to finishing it until today.
Steve Aug 10
When he was eighteen
Went to his mom to confess
Mom I'm gay
All I do is think of men
Dream of two or three at a time
From Sunup till forever
Staying on my  knees never getting up
I'm going amputate my feet
Donate them to an amputee
Not one to be wasteful
Hope this don't make you sick mom

Called his father who answered just to scream
Don't call me fag
Then the familiar sound of the phone hitting the ground
Starts laughing cause this happens every time he calls
Six hundred spent on replacements
His mother goes to interrupt he cuts her off
Mom there's more
I'm addicted to gay porn
To the point I seen everyone
Now I watch straight and my stomach turns seeing the girl
Would've told you sooner but I didn't want you to be like dad
Your all I got
But I been busting nuts for years staring at men's butts
One day, and this bad
But I almost raped the mailman
But Saved by the Bell came on and Zack is my favorite
Hope I haven't let you down
I hope you still love me
I hope.... She cuts him off

With a long strong  embrace
Few tears falling down her face
Love whoever you want
Be with anyone you choose
I'll always want what I always wanted for you
Just to be happy
You have never disappointed me
Until now
Remember those nights when you was five
I sat and held you to calm you after your father left you
The anger you had at fourteen and took out on me
The lost time we had cause of the two jobs I had in order for us to make it
But most important
Don't you remember the most important thing I taught you
If you did you wouldn't be sitting here telling this story
It's a good one and if I wasn't so hurt I would make you prove it
I can't believe this is how you do me knowing I'll die fighting for you
This ain't your first lie but it's by far the worst lie
I'm seeing what I always been afraid of
You being like him
She came by today to let you know in person being you quit taking her calls
You were gone so she told me that you should know
She's not pregnant
But now what bothers me more is
What if she was
Feel free to give honest feedback
PS Aug 8
I sit here.
I fall prey to your charms, harms and weaknesses.
I see you in my mind with glasses, Onassis.
Your brother flying across the Atlantic
And you are Atlas holding the world up.
I feel the old pang.
I fall prey- that’s me, Persephone.
I’ve had my time in Tartarus
And you were my Spring. My Astonishing Adonis,
Sunglasses, Onassis. All second chances.
The night I met a Greek hero disguised as a man
Who turned out to be a man disguised as a Greek hero.
And I miss you, as you go off.
I’m not Persephone, I’m Penelope.
I was unsure I’d wait for you
And now I don’t want to.
But still, part of me does.
Everyone is like a Greek god in some ways.
I’ve had my fun with Apollo and Hades and Zeus-
Who I’m still holding out for. But aren’t we all?
And you, born on the same day as my Pallas.
My palace in the future, my ramshackled past.
You know a surface, you weren’t meant to stay in my world.
And I prayed and prayed to let you stay.
But as always it was up in the air.
So I sit there.
I fall prey to your harms, charms and weaknesses.
Mine is weak ankles, yours is your weak spine.
And I wonder,
Did love ever make you blind?
This goes in about five different directions.
Ian Wissler Aug 8
i'm not all that great at opening up
with written words its not that
it's still closed, kept in the expression of art
but when it comes time to speak of the real feelings
i shiver and shudder at the thought of my sensitivity.

i'm not good at opening up
because telling someone you care makes you weak
its a strong thing to say, but an easy thing to exploit
and meaning it mean that you can be hurt
and i've never said something i didn't mean.

so i'm terrible at opening up
because this loving heart is powerful
and i'd hold you to me, listening and keeping you safe
i'd leave myself open, to make you feel comfortable
never seeing the knife sneaking to my heart

i'm awful at opening up
i'm selfish with this compassion
i'm unable to brave the pain
because if i wasn't
who's to help me when my heart is in pieces?
Another piece in the same vein as the previous, but something that has plagued me for quite a long time. It's a feeling that I've yet to shake.
I am weak,
I feel sad,
I feel tired,
I feel used,
But I look strong,
I look happy,
I look alert,
I seem helpful.
But only because that's what I want you to see,
My perfect mask.
Does making others think I'm strong really make me weak?
A distant look in her eyes,
Stretching beyond the horizon.
A battle long fought,
In her dreams so surreal.
A thousand miles did she walk,
Before pausing to rest.
But the lights began to fade,
For it was time for her sunset.

Not one
those "leading"
a nation

New dial
New station
like claymation
Each one of us
Be gone
You are shunned

and raging
Same shit
they've been
But ready to face it
The giant

New heading
we're taking
It's all
No point
Sit still waiting

keep you hating
not debating
In need
who need
and start

State heads
indeed brazen
he is saying
In case
of invasion?
gonna change it

No longer
a planet
Was lost
by who ran it
They have
banned it
No more
we can
stand it

Not mistake
or bad luck
For so long
they have
planned it
Awoke from
a trance
Now we must
handle it

on the
Ravine's edge
we are standing
Sharply bend
but don't break
Safe touchdown
crash landing

A smile
they pretend
an “I’m sorry my friend”
You’re poor credit
can’t lend
Given time
it might

can’t defend
No intention
to vend
“All for me!
None for you!”
Written: July 28, 2018

All rights reserved.
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