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so many problems
which to solve first?
OCD doesn’t seem so bad.
Whats wrong with being clean?
anxiety is so common.
Only the weak admit it’s a problem.
Depression is for the attention-seeking.
It’s not real until you’re cutting yourself.
why am i such a mess, you ask?
because i am strong.
or at least,
strong enough to pretend.
Jules 1d
I'm so tired
Need a break
Only so much my heart can take
Willing to love you
Willing to change
But I can't keep writing
The same **** take
Please forgive me
My limbs grow weak
Do you listen when I speak?
Graceful nights
Exchange a favor
Nothing will ever come to save her
A trillion stars
Glow the night sky  
A trillion grains of sand
Stand beneath my feet
A trillion thoughts can never define
What I am,
Or who I want to be

I flew to the sky
Looking for ecstasy
I traveled the world
Now would you travel with me?
Leave your problems for a moment
Let’s defy the laws of gravity  
For this life is only temporary

We are all strong
In our own way
And we are all weak
What’s the endgame?
Time is relative
So take your time,
It’s your life,
Go at your own pace

And when you’ll hold my hand
You’ll make my roses bloom
My heart will run on jet fuel
Zero to a million in twopointsix beats
Things will never be the same
But what’s life without a little change
malluraeh Oct 7
the wolf shouldn't be alone,
it's weak alone
but even weaker
within a pack full of sheep
Anastasia Sep 26
i can't even cry anymore
my eyes are so dry
they water throughout the day
but when i need to let my heart spill
they dry up
the world is forcing me to be strong
but i can't
i don't want to
im not strong enough
i just want to be weak for a while
let me cry
Laokos Sep 24
these words
powerful as an enemy
as loving as
no woman
no woman
no woman
no woman
no explanation
no arms
no legs
no lips
no hands
no one
now just
one beer and a hit
is all i need
to forget about my
to forget about my
blundering , blubbering past self
weak and desperate for
embarrassment shadow
The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves.
It’s always there, watching, steadfast knowing us in our light and dark moments
changing forever just as we do.
Every day it’s a different version of itself.
Sometimes weak and wan
sometimes strong and full of light.
The moon understands what it means to be human.
Cratered by imperfections.
Cassia Lione Sep 26
Dripping skies, cold as ice
The trees of silver, roads alike
The world is clean and bright as stars
Blood washed away, we see but scars

Tears untouched, lost in love
Heartbreak before the morning dove
In darkness rain falls from her eyes
It heals her wounds so she might fly
I was thinking... though I guess perhaps that's already dangerous enough.
they nod their head
as if they understand
but don't fool with me
your eyes are glazed
and the notes that you are scribbling
cant measure the pain ive felt
i pull out the symptoms from clenched teeth
legs swinging in the air
on and on
an endless list
you grow restless
and when i open my mouth to continue
you walk out the door
that's when i realize
even the doctors don't know what to do with me
Esther L. Krenzin
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