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TheSanguinary Jul 12
İ woke up with an aching heart
Soaked in a flood
Only to realise it was salty
İ could feel my heart strings tightening
What really happened?

Tip toeing down memory lane
İt started flooding back
Unlike the one i woke up in
This one was bitter
What the hell is going one?

The bitter taste in my mouth lasted forever
As my chest became tighter
Gasping for breath
As if fighting with my body
İ remembered
İ now knew what had happened.

The foggy memory had cleared
As bright as day
For all to see
The reason for my tears
The reason for my pain
The reason i woke up half alive
İ had lost you
Without word or warning

The nights became darker
No stars no moon no light
The days became unbearable
As if left in the middle of a Desert
İf i couldn't have have you
Then death would be my solution
And as i jumped off a cliff
Just before i hit the ground
İ woke up soaked
İn a sea of tears
But at least in this life i still had you
And I smiled
What a awful nightmare
Zara rain Jun 20
If content is king,
clarity is queen.
Are you brave enough
to rule the world?
Passions in the corporate corridors
I’m the weakest man, or so I claim to be
Been wandering for so long, in my hellish land, in my stormy sea
Never found the courage to denounce what I proclaimed
As I found myself lost, distraught and ashamed

Then I’ve met a little girl, smiling, but I know she’s sad
Seen within her eyes, a sorrow I once had
A woe that can’t easily be erased by others
At least no one did for me as I put my pieces together

She’s broken beyond recognition and living each day bitter
But I know and will believe that she can put the pieces back,
For even as the weakest man, I can put mine together
What more a woman as strong as her, blessed with courage and luck

She made a mistake and ****** up I presumed
In any way, she thought she was doomed
All hope is lost and darkness already swallowed light
But I want to speak with all my heart, Girl, I believe you can fight!

Don’t be ashamed, you are already great
Baring one's heart once again is an amazing feat
The world is just not in the right… girl you are not wrong
It’s okay to cry, it has been too hard to you for so long

I hope to say to that girl, if I can meet her again
Don’t hesitate to seek the weakest in traversing the rain
Even though it’s a fight you alone will have to fight in the end
Who said that you can’t ask the assistance of the wind?

--- This is the world’s weakest man going out
--- Created April 4, 2022
--- Last revised June 14, 2023
I believe it is detrimental to try to fix someone and even claim they are broken in the first place. Still, it is true that bad things happen in life, and sometimes we need a helping hand or an encouraging word to push us beyond our limits. It is a fine balance, to help other without impugning the line between help and control.
Alicia Moore Jun 2022
Claim me to rid my mind of misery,
although do not weep when my inner grief
grants you no extra power like the ones before me.

I’m warning you now, dear Beast,
all you can gain from this consumption is weight -
I have no power left in storage - but I beg for this.

On my hands and knees; I beg for you
to quieten my screaming weakness.
I've haven seen you cry in a long time,
But lately you've been sitting in the rain looking towards the sky.
Your eye’s red from the rain drops hitting your iris,
I ask you "does it hurt?"
You responds "only when the rain falls."
I wonder if I’ll get to see you cry . . .
Whenever I feel alone and lost...
I try to smile the most..!

I smile to hide the pain that I bear,
I smile to hide my eyes full of tears.
I smile to hide the truth that never lies,
I smile to hide my sufferings that continuously rise.

I smile, 'cause I know the cunning nature of this world,
I smile, 'cause I don't want my pain to be unfurled.
I smile, 'cause I don't want to show myself vulnerable,
I smile, 'cause in the crowd, I don't want to be uncomfortable.

I smile to put a smile on my loved ones' faces,
Amidst all the challenges, I smile to hide my every weakness.
I smile to look strong and hide my scared inner identity,
I smile to spread a little ray of humanity.

I don't want this world to make fun of my dream, suffering and pain...
That's why, I smile... 'cause only this smile has the ability to drive them insane..!
I always try to smile, Even in my hard time...
'Cause only two things make me strong, when I feel low
One is my fake smile and another is my flow of rhyme...

Wasn't active here from past few days... Hope u all are good... Just came back here to say 'HELLO' to u all... 'Cause again taking a break from tomorrow to prepare for my sem. Examinations, will see u all after that..! Till then, we can connect on Insta, I'll be active there.

My User I'd: ubirajarajubatus
Just leave ur user I'd in the comment section, I'll follow u there to connect☺☺😊😊.
Ylzm Apr 2022
Only the strong
     can be pierced by the sharp sword of truth
Only the strong
     walk unarmed unafraid into the fire
Only the strong
     carry the weak and shield the hapless
For strong is its own master
     never servant to mere powers
Pinkmoon Apr 2022
The invisible years, they arrive after menopause
You'll see.  It will happen to you in time.
Left behind.  Left alone.
Now I wonder if I am imaginary?
The energy it drains, stepping through the day.
The Demon of loneliness demands attention.
I doubt my existence.  There is no one loving me.
There is no "love."
The cruel Magician of depression begins
disappearing me.
And I no longer care.  
I will crawl off this Earth alone.
suffering in the human condition.
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