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Naoki B 2h
I called her righteous
Bold she fought for justice
And her mind always
Thinking what was right for us
From stormy nights and bright days
A person who loved all who came
Mother served ***, in every way
when things work out perfectly,
it's always too good to be true,
my destiny was to be unlucky
& **** up everything i do,
no matter how hard i try,
i always do something wrong,
over my shoulder
people are watching,
telling me
i can't do anything at all
so what the **** is the point
of everything,
if fate says
i'm capable of nothing...
Spines cut, and petals soft
I was your delicate rose
a fruity vanilla scent
thrilling the bone
of my dearest Oliver Mccombs.
Blossomed so pure
I was beautiful, and gentle.
Though damaged
without my spines;
I was defenceless.
you left me weak
Despair 6d
The definition is:
A condition or quality of being sad.
It's more than that,
It is...
well--- how do I put this?
It's a way we express our displeasure with something sadly.
Sadness is an emotion, an expression, a state of mind.
Sadness its weakness...
but also,
Sadness is a state where we feel sad and express how sad we feel.
Some of us express sadness by, crying, hiding, and being quiet.
But sadly some of us cut, burn, mutilate, and starve ourselves.
Sadness is good and bad.
Sadness is something I give off as I write this poem.
Realizing what I have done and what I will do.
I strive though to change.
Sadness is something,
Good and bad,
Sadness is something that is seen as,
Strong and weak,
Sadness is seen,
as a state of mind and thought
What I meant by me being sad when writing this was because I recently started cutting again, and I was fixing up my arm, and poems seem to help me not cut so thank you for reading this and listening to me ramble on.
fetid skin,
so worn and thin.
it bears not hope,
to keep it in.
Awash beneath,
a sea of sin.
You'll go without,
and die within.
the mind is, the mind is, the mind is surface tension
anon Nov 30
when the man that sexually assaulted me
because i said i was going to talk about ****** assault
i felt weaker than i
had ever felt
because suddenly
even though i knew what i wanted to say
and i knew i had a voice
i felt so little
and inconsequential
it was almost as though
he had stolen my voice
Latifah Nov 30
you hide your feelings well behind your back
you costume them with a smile, sometimes a loud laugh
you let them think your heart's made of stone
but what happens when they grow
and they're so tall, so big
they're all over the place
and you're just this tiny figure
and then they consume you
you become your feelings
and they become you.
I'm good at hiding my feelings than explaining how I feel, I'm good at pretending everything's normal and okay and I don't need anyone to comfort me, but no one should have to hide, no one should be afraid to reach someone and to tell them what's going on. Please reach out no matter what you're feeling. I promise you'll feel better.
My Jealousy, you inspire me to write.
I hate the way you reach, walk and shiver,
Invading my mind day and through the night.

Brittle, weak I don't want to be but its me
hurts emotionally. In my chest it aches and tears down my self

I want to be someone else not me.
Oh my jealousy,It's degrading and hurtful.
It has an evil mind
And a sad smile, furthermore
It lingers, I feel frightened.
from the soul
Marie-Lyne Nov 25
I am loosing interest in myself
In others
In the world surrounding me
I am lost
Not knowing what to feel
How to feel
And what can I do to stop feeling
Does missing someone
Makes us loose ourselves
Does missing someone
Crash us to the ground
Make us desperate
Tell me it’s okay to feel this way
Even if I don’t want to
If I even think this makes me weak
And at others times
I accept that it is perfectly normal
Lost human quality
Should I continue moving on
Even if I don’t feel like it
Can i take a pause
Because my mental health needs some rest
Strung Nov 21
Am I glass to myself?
So easily shattered.
See through the image I talk about;
Do I pretend to be different
Than a mirror of doubt?
Reflect back only critics
Buckets of loss
With every look in the eye,
A victory tossed.
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