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My hands innocent, turn into a caress,
Under the fire that wanted them rough,
Open my heart now, then leave it warless,
Glistening in the sparkles to which we bonded both

Dreams of high hopes in the morning,
Your gaze, gleaming soft, warming sweet,
And streams of tender heat hovering slowly,
Over feelings, confused is their split.

The wind I will follow is strong and stiff,
Its flowing gusts have been made with your name,
And rain without pride's blowing me off the cliff,
Is it right if I hold you or am I one to blame ?

Weakness in my arm may fail you,
Your eyes, without tears you must keep,
And if my hand falls, you know what you must do,
Close your lids and never shall you weep.

I'm not high enough to lay on your shoulder,
And strength I can't seem to find again,
If I never rise, forget me better,
'Til I pass or strand, think of how it all began.

Dreams of high hopes in the morning,
Your gaze, that I love, I held deep,
And swirls of smoke and mist, behind your blaze, win,
Over feelings, never shall you weep.
By Arcassin Burnham

Stay where my soul is extending while
slowly ascending from the abyss,
Stuck between a rock and a hard place in this
place I wish I won't exist,
Searching for things in this life I can not find,
They leech off my existence,
Committing these sins for the same **** reason,
I don't know if I serve a penance.
Live from the river bank , song from the ocean floor,
People spill the red stream,
Religion kills and revive the life of the others waiting
for a dream,
Serving things that don't serve back, why the ****
Is this an ongoing thing,
Playing off your weakness boy , don't let your blood
fall in the red stream,
Red Stream.

Shattered frames of ashes and dust
Remnants of our deeds,
Like the fruitful tree in August
Unaware of its seeds.
Claiming to be intellectuals
Ravaging on the weak,
Tied down by our own rituals
And the words we do not speak.

Divided by our views
Fake is what we feed,
Battered and bruised
We watch as we bleed.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
Hello there, it feels good to write something after a long time. Hope you like it. Cheers!
there's no time for love
and no room for consolation


there's time for disappointment  
and room for failure
In the midst of
Many powerful
And loud voices
You suddenly
That your soft
And tranquil voice
Was worthy of
Being heard
And capable enough
To form
A sound opinion
I fashioned a heart dark and bold,
One that never grows old,
One that withstood all degrees of cold.

A heart that was daring and never fearing,
One snaring and never caring.

One so solid, it was unbreakable,
One so steady, it was unshakable.

I fashioned a heart of darkness made for chaos,
One of pure blackness made so heinous.

I fashioned a heart so dark, it showed no spark,
One so bleak, it would never feel.
A heart so dull, it would never fall,
One so evil, it could never feel.

And glad I was,
For what I once had was so nice, it told no lies,
And so frail, it was bound to fail.
I fashioned a heart of darkness that would cease my sadness. For I lived in a world of evil, and it's pain was endless. So I sought out a heart so daring and ended the things that made me caring.
MarvelMe Oct 9
So much on my mind; I don't know how it fit in my brain
This much pain will drive me insane

So much on my heart, it might stop
Is love like a crop?
If so, how do I make it grow?

So much weight on me, I feel like my bones will break
Could you carry my burdens
Dang, I need a break

My head hurts,
I feel a hole in my chest,
And my body feels weak
Am I dying this weak?
Someone help me I'm weak!

If no one comes I'll really die this week
Dying in your heart
Ray Casey Oct 4
Blossoming from the mouths of cynics,
disgusting things creating panic,
of weakened ones who cannot laugh,
pitiful words that wreck their heart.

Never caring about what they say,
disturbing minds with their malicious games,
shaming the lonely in their brokenness,
passing that poison is never victimless.
Men and women
With guns, knives and killing mechanisms in action
Who turn to physical oppression
Are the weakest
For they cannot use their words
To their destinations
I might be weak and rather small
But I want you to know there is nothing at all
I wouldn't do to make you smile
I would swim against the raging Nile
I would sail across the great blue seas
I would find a way to achieve world peace
For I might be timid and rather ill
But my love for you is greater still
knowing how much you love me in return gives me the strength I need to face my demons and to conquer my fears.
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