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Zoe Mae Jan 29
It's snowing sideways
Let's play horizontal too
Love that side of you
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
I still cling for life
To what died by my own hands
Dreams reduced to sand
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Shivering maples
Paint the heavens shades of grim
Wistful is the wind
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Brick nudges the clouds
Pink hues rain down like starlight
Suits dash without sight
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Here it's gold and warm
Always smells of summer storms
This place is peaceful
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
You mimic the Moon
Twelve foreseeable phases
Infinite faces
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
From the velvet sky
The Moon's smirk caught Leo's eye
Mona Lisa's muse
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
Here it's soft and blue
Ever rains in purple hues
Crumpled mountain view
Zoe Mae Nov 2021
The Moon's sick of us
We expect from her love beams
She has her own dreams
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
Drip drop, never stops
Puddles formed are now the norm
Splash splosh, day's a wash
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