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Tom 2d
Together we are strong,

Solid and uniform, 

But something now is wrong,
The heat is turning on


We no longer belong, 

This close when it gets warm,
So I shall say so long, 

Be free in liquid form.
The physical phenomenon of melting from the perspective of an atom.
Luna Pan Sep 9
We were mad but it was us and beyond mad we were something beautiful and fragile, we were the euphoria itself.
things i wanted to say to you
Seanathon Sep 5
It's a simple smile
Softly over a small cup
Of steaming coffee
Which cries almost quietly
"Joy alive in crinkled eyes"
Happiness is overrated. But Joyfulness through faith, cannot enough be exaggerated.

Perhaps a verbal self-portrait of sorts. Lolz.
Lillian May Aug 1
New flash.
Just because you are hurt now
In this moment
Does not mean
you can diminish the meaning or the reality
Of a love
A bond
A heart
A time
That’s shared.
Just because it’s broken now
Does not mean it always was.
Appreciate your past. It’s not bad simply because you’re sad now. It was once good, and you should appreciate that.
Butterfly Aug 1
I was standing in purple light and you said that you remembered that the first thing you thought was: "**** she's ****."
I burst down
Of laughter
Than after we walked out of the light.
And you said that I was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
I'm sorry, this is such a bad "poem"
It's about someone that I love so maybe that will make it up?
Cameron Alix Jul 31
hazy pounding in my brain
waves, shoving the storm closer to my skin
my eyes on the muted desk
my eyes brimming with the rain
the most important thing to have
is a future
Johnny walker Jul 27
Myteries of love sometimes hard to Imagine how It comes to be how we fall In love I used to ask myself could this happen a second time
Having lost the love of life the only woman I'd ever known
for that was miracle enough
Helen whom I'll never stop loving
But the question I have been asking Is If It possible to love again after losing a loved one
I'd say yes Its possible for Its happen to
She far away there's no chance I'm far to old now not able to travel any more but I love from afar how Is It possible you
probably asking yourself
never forget your first love and you never try to compare them because you never will for that would
In my case the two ladies are total different personalities so there no comparing If you take that on board then yes It's possible to love
But having said all I have I made a promises to Helen to keep her memory alive and will keep that promises and I shall never forget
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