I miss the lazy Sundays with you,
lounging around with out care.

our extremities intertwined
like grape vines ripe for harvest.

Drifting in and out of sleep
high off the scent of each other.

I miss the days you cared enough
to make time for our lazy Sundays.

I hope you don't mind
If I paint you on my heart
Seal you on my skin
Because you are beautiful
And I love to paint beautiful things
And I love to paint imperfections
So I'll paint you on my mind
I'll sketch you on my arms
So I can have a peice
Of the beautiful thing
That is you.
Keep on being a beautiful thing.
The beautiful thing that is you.
The thunder screamed at me, which made me feel fear.
The cold breeze hugged me.
The wind started to chuckle and whisper,
"This is not a dream, my darling".

I opened my eyes and saw that the pillow is sleeping beside me.
It was a dream, I thought.
My blanket hugged me so that I can drift to sleep.
From now on, it is the only thing that will hug me.
Hi:) I made this two years ago during 8th. I just wanna share it. Hope you like it :)
Anne Molony May 20
you can learn
more & more
about one thing

but you can
never know
about anything

total knowledge
is impossible
"The time to make up your mind about people is ... never!"
Katie Hepburn
It’s only a childish dream. If you give up on it. Giving up is a childish thing.

                       With love,
ryn Mar 14
This thing...

but potent.
Erratic even.

Yet I hold it close.
I clench it fast within my grasp.

I care not
for its volatile nature.
I care not
if it’ll sway me.
I care not
if it’ll explode.

Because at the end of the day,
it’s all I have.
A Bridgwood Mar 2
i press the heels of my hands to my eyes, hoping
to cause a stutter of green fireworks or some sort of shock of color, but
the digging of my fingers into my eye sockets only further proves the violence that my brain concocts-
a visceral, dangerous, drunken idea that will take me weeks and
willpower i don’t have to forget,
so perhaps i should gouge my eyes out here and now
then i would be left in the dark-
i, and the Thing behind my eyes, perhaps then
we can reconcile the price of my soul and if I will ever grasp the use
of ceiling fans.
stream of consciousness? my ceiling fan is what i stare at when i try to sleep, and i wrote this after a failed attempt at it. it is what it is
Olivia Nery Mar 2
Fate is so fragile
So frail
So fake

Just one short moment,
and your life is to take
Yet they say it is yours,
it is yours to make

But it lies in the hands
of one little thing

A bottle
A ring
A blade
A sting
A thought

Just one thing.
E over c2 Feb 25
i like little things
'the' little things
little like a good movie
little like comfort food on a frigid Friday
little like long walks / lost in woods
little like a kiss on your cheek or lips
little like love in dimly lit linen

i like the little things now because of a little monster way back when
little black monster loved my little things so he took them
little black monster made me loose what little smiles I mustered
but I defeated the little black monster
and i offer this as little hand in helping you defeat yours
because I found the little things

little like getting caught in rain
little like a good song sing along
little like a smile on the face of someone you don't know in the street
let them smile for their little thing

so find your little thing
little mug of tea on a rainy day
little flower see on a sunny one
a-little hold my hand
lets go to wonderland down this little rabbit hole
so my little soul
Seek whats little and the big will come.
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