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Ken Pepiton Feb 12
Look out,
across time, go
windborn in our mind being,

look out,
into the depths of ever being,

rethink the processes time used,
reimagine the silence at the moment.

All for us to have our own being in,
confined in common sense of the we
the one we of us since ever was a time,

before now, and later, still,
this same concurrency of events…

our crossing point in time.

Instants of peaceable knowing, growing
into states of conscious knowing use.
Hexambicality, six points from any center leaves seven total points.
Any point made remains made... a little here, a little there, precept reception.
Hi, Hello
How are you,
ask yourself how much do I want to..
get ta know huh better..
do you want to..
Your invited to enjoy my atmosphere.
I want to get to know a side of you I dont know..
so i can touch your soul..
..CALM MY MIND and calm your mind
get to know you better..
so I can touch you.
Touch your emotional.. side
do u want to touch my funny poetics,...  honey..
my emotional side..
I invite you to touch me free
I'm just selina sharday rose.. yea
come  touch my rose petals.. their like musical sheets.
feel me breath,  touch my heart, touch my mind.
ask can you touch my heart, say come sharday touch my mind..
put your hands over over me.. keepin me company..
its all in the policy.. touch my poetry
Thank you... for Touchin my friendly..  touchin my me.. I'm poetry
I'm more then what you see.. Read me.. Stay within my policy@her.poetry..
calming, poetry, things
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2023
~ one more for patty m. ~

slept late after dancing with my devils, from,
from the wee, until a pealing pearl from the Earl of Dawn,
recovering from an intrusion~invasion~brain~regurgitation,
and it’s nearly 9am, sipping my first cuppa Hawaiian,
& woke to a repost of a ten year old wondering plea(1)

makes me think “This old thing,” poem, like a fav
frock/suit that still drapes perfectly, and yet draws the
***** admiration and drippy drawling yummy compliments,
gracefully, gratefully demurred with them three words,
& it’s 8:39am, Bruce pitching in with “Born in the USA”

recipe for a new thank u Gawd poem to make room for
a fast~break diet for an old man with a rebuilt ticker, this
very emission~transmission of a verbal politesse writ going
some where, cooked on a medium slow burner fueling dressed up seeds of heartfelt appreciation made of ancient oat grasses

birthing a poem~child of thanks to the Lawd for one more day,
opportunity, the five sense’s delivery gratitude and gratifications, and the desire to intertwine the sights, music, a crisp blue November Sky, the need to bleed brew these words into a fulfilling,
second moment mug, for the pearls and Earls

of poetic humans

Thu Nov 2 2023
(1) Do You Know Why Men Cry in the Bathroom?
Daisy Darling Oct 2022
You love me,
But I don't love you,
I love him,
But he doesn't love me.

What goes around,
comes back around.

I guess I deserve that,
I stabbed you in your back,
And look he has done the same,
All I have is shame.

What goes around,
comes back around.

You gave me everything,
I gave you something,
He gave me nothing,
And I gave him everything.
I am the cause of my own demise, I wish I were wise.
Daisy Darling Oct 2022
I guess I am in my bag,
I hate to be a drag,
I do not want to nag,
I just need a rag.
Sadness is a complex emotion. Unlike happiness, I do not want to share it with others.
Daisy Darling Oct 2022
When we met I thought I felt something
When we kissed I swore I felt a zing
But I was wrong about everything
Because you left me like I was nothing
how could you leave so easily?
Daisy Darling Oct 2022
i trust no more,
my body is torn,
and my heart on the floor.

betrayal has a bitter taste,
my time was a waste,
and you left without a trace.

fool i am,
my love was not worth a ****,
and your care was not even a milligram.
Zoe Mae Jan 2022
It's snowing sideways
Let's play horizontal too
Love that side of you
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
I still cling for life
To what died by my own hands
Dreams reduced to sand
Zoe Mae Dec 2021
Shivering maples
Paint the heavens shades of grim
Wistful is the wind
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