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If the world found
a way to let us meet,
on a holy ground, in an event with seats and
intentionally our eyes meet,
I won't see you as
the person I once loved nor the person I still want to have
for you're the person I'll always love
but I didn't need to have.

If the world granted us
a chance to encounter each other's lives,
inside a ride to a reception hall and
happily shakes each other's hands,
I won't regret the day we met nor the day you left;
I'd thank you for leaving me
to give me a chance to meet him.

If the world made us happen,
we'll be standing under ringing bells
but it is impossible;
so as I gaze at the sky,
I won't wish for a chance to be with you
nor a memory without a single trace of you.
I'd wish happiness for the both of us
regardless if we could've happened.

And now I'm telling you this:
Those what ifs once killed me
I hope it is not killing you
to not have told me your what ifs.
I will meet you out in the place where,
the moon has touched the lips of the sun with a sweet kiss.

I will meet you out in the place where,
the dawn has greeted the night with a shining smile.

I will meet you out in the place where,
darkness and light have united to become one entity.

I will meet you out in the place where,
the ocean’s waves have embraced the clouds.

I will meet you out in the place where,
joy has cuddled sorrows with open arms.

I will meet you out in the place where,
silence has spoken up, and voices are subdued.

I will meet you where the raindrops have danced with the snowflakes.

I will meet you out in the place where,
death has celebrated life by wearing the outfit of eternity.

I will meet you out in a place where,
our two bodies soar high becoming one soul with a sweet song, and a sacred prayer!

Hussein Dekmak

Freddie Ruiz Sep 5
I’m walking on the beach
thinking I’d find you here,
but there’s nothing here
except for a heart in need
and the waves that erase my footprints
as I’m walking.

Don’t you ever feel in need of someone
that needs you as I need you right now?

I search for you from one place to another,
I always end up in the wrong place.
I let myself get seduced by a face,
then I wake up in a mess.
Why is everything so confusing?
It’s as if you were running from me.

Is it my place in life to be alone?
I have faith that someday you’ll come along.

Just Another day
like any other,
the same monotony,
nothing out of the ordinary.
When will you surprise me?
Have you been trying to find me?
I don't even know how close you are to me,
but I can't stop longing for you to bump into me.
Written on October 19, 2005
Composition number: 178
Peter Balkus Sep 3
Sometimes I meet myself
for a very short time,
when I can taste and feel
how it is to be alive.

Sometimes I meet myself,
but he gives me a stranger smile.
I wish we could be friends,
I wish we could be alike.

Sometimes I meet myself
for a very short time,
I touch his skin and I wish
I wish he has never died.
K Aug 24
We exist in this space and time, but yet I don't know if we are supposed to go through other spaces and times coincidently.

Funny also how we've been in the exact same places but at different times.
Piyush Gahlot Aug 11
Saw her first at cousin's weddinG,
She looked astonishing I knew where it was headinG
Escorting the bride she came in smilinG
My eyes got glued on her and my heart started poundinG.

Afraid of her brother but she agreed to meeT,
I got there first, where the buses fleeT,
Time and place was on her to fiX,
Excited, I reached before the clock tickS,
There I saw her waving at platform thirty siX.

Time freezed for a while,
Walking towards her a million thoughts ran through my mind,
Was that really her or someone else!?
But that same magical smile and my heart again melts.

Simple, yet pleasant I liked her stylE,
But the best thing was definitely her smilE,
I got lost , stammered in speech for a whilE,
She was confident and I got nervous blood profilE.

The place was new ,
None of us had any clue,
I was sweaty , the day seems hottest,
Perhaps the oddest in the whole August.

Black and white top and she blingS,
Leather sandals and those shiny earingS,
The watch was pink , hairs were perfect readY,
But **** her luggage was real heavY!

Got in a cab, and some comfy place to talK,
She was in a hurry, but i had all the clocK,
She was bold at the same time cooL,
And I was smiling for no reason like a fooL.

More time I wanted to spend,
But getting her home safe and sound was important in the end.
Got her a bus had to bid a good bye,
And my hopes of meeting her soon are sky high! :)
Met the girl for the first time whom I saw at my brother's wedding.
there will be a time
we have no direct conversation
what should I do when I want to see you
what should I do if I want to greet you
what should I do if we do not meet each other
but .. do not worry I'll be fine
I will be fine
and I will embrace you in my prayers
here ..
Shofi Ahmed Jul 17
The sea is in the mood
is whispering isn’t far.
And the love is in the air
the question is where
can we meet
under the same cloud?
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