Words not spoken swimming around in my head. The what ifs and maybes now that you are dead.
I hope you know, I love you more with every passing breath.
Until we meet again at the time of my death
loving or loved
its all about love
burn down your feelings
to another strange place
you want to die in every single day
if there's no chance to see

The first time we met on this island
The only silent witness our meeting is this land
For my love i have committed
I will stay unrequited

Unexpectedly i will soon be forgotten
All our stories are turning rotten
Then i deserve to be alone
Without you my one and only home.
Jovanka Marsha S | Jakarta | 18.38
Maria Etre Jan 25
If thoughts can
meet half way across
the ocean
and tornado a whirlpool
of the unspoken
King Triton would
be threatened
by the intensity
of human
Telepathy you say.
strong>Lost in the city
United by poetry

Online friends
Things which trends

Few find their soulmate
Others find a friend great

Here found one with like mind
Maybe past lives were entwined

Great to have a tea with her
Heartfelt talks heartful together

A grand date with a poetic soul
Who is assigned the divine role

We will catch up again surely
Another meet to be planned shortly!

Met Sarita Aditya Verma today....thnx hp for letting us find each other......
Hand Shook,"Strangers Became Friends";
Eyes Met, Feelings Exchanged,"Friends Became Lovers";
And Now,"Strangers Once Again";
Yasin Jan 13
I bore myself for 17 years now.
Let's talk about you.
Do you like to be alive?
Interesting and ...
What fears and anxieties do you have?
Mhhm okay...
What you think we have in common?
.... Do you like having it? ...
What are you feeling after you said it?...
What in world makes you the happiest human? ...

Wow you are very interesting.
Some extraordinary hobbies?
Any siblings? -
How was your drive? -
What's your job? -
Do you hate small talk?

It was nice to meet you.
Hope to see you again.
Of course you can answer the questions.
Svode Jan 7
Through the walls, in the streets.
Contrasting forces in anger will meet.
Differing ideals will turn into action,
Only one will remain as a faction.
KatThebliss Dec 2017
I feel the proximity of the ground escape me.
Weightlessness weighs heavy on the soul.
Afraid to be enraptured by the temptation of sinless pleasure.
There is no sinless pleasure like the way the ocean breeze kisses your face.
And you follow the shells dotting the coastline to a forgotten treasure.
The strangers fade into granules of sand.
The noise dies into a whisper.
Raptured by the tide.
Hiding from the crowd.
Meet me by the ocean side.
Let us rapture.
HYA Dec 2017
Listen to the breath with dust
Understand the hand after the blow
Love the bitter taste of sweet apples
See the pouring water from above

Observe all this, dear
For I can't even hold your hands
Go back to our little meeting place
And wipe my tears as I sober

But love is not in my piece
Just as you smile it should not do malice
Simple laughter is addictive
So your smile just fascinates me

No, it's not possible
Even the likes are so short
I'm tempted to be in great danger
And you, my beloved, are on their side

We met but not for one another
Like a world and a comet
In his fall, many were fascinated
At the same time he lost his presence

Like its own tree and its leaves
After the history will also fall to the door
That's like you and me
You stand as I fall away from you

Go back to our little meeting place
Even if you're  really my own home
And there I will finish my dream
Where you have been mine for awhile
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