Nylee May 7
wherever I will go
he'll move away
tilted reality
unaware, I am,
he's passing me
changing his paths
so we never meet ever
but we are together
for a second
holding our breath
blinking our eyes
beneath the blue skies
Midnight is a wonderful phenomenon
A transition of a last night and a new day
Just like how we said hello
When the night says goodbye
I never thought nor imagined
That I am destined
To meet such a lovely soul
I met my angel in the midnight
And everything's heaven since then
You know who you are. You are heaven-sent! xoxo.
Trish Apr 23
We will meet again
Excited and worried
These endless thoughts
Bothers me unknowingly
Wondering if I could speak
When you are in-front of me
Those sparkly eyes, and—
That sweetest smile I see
Will I confess or just be silent
Mesmerized by your beauty
That looks like an art—
Can be seen from the gallery
Tears fell on my cheeks
Slowly sinking inside of me
That I will see you again
A moment that requires time
To be repeated once in a while
wrote this 3 days before the concert that I have been waiting to happen after one year.
EVewritesss Apr 12
Your smile
Your eyes
Your body language
Your laugh

Even I met you
Those kind of things I still remember
And keep deep inside here
Never want to forget
Only the human can become inhuman,
every day you meet this person.
Tell me about your self

The real you, not what you think will sit well with me
Tell me why you want a particular thing
Tell me why its so important to you to leave
or stay....

Tell me about you.

What you remember about your first day of school
Why you stayed there
What you think about good grades
Why you want/wanted that course
About you time in school
Your best and sad moments.

Tell me about you

Who your first love was/is
Why you broke up
What you think about love.
Who your best friend is and why.....

Tell me about you

What goes through your head
Which faces you make and why
About your home and growing up.
About the things that make you smile or cry
Your best movie and song
Tell me anything.

Tell me random things that come to your mind
Just .....let... me... in....
I crave deeper conversation with real people
Words not spoken swimming around in my head. The what ifs and maybes now that you are dead.
I hope you know, I love you more with every passing breath.
Until we meet again at the time of my death
loving or loved
its all about love
burn down your feelings
to another strange place
you want to die in every single day
if there's no chance to see
The first time we met on this island
The only silent witness our meeting is this land
For my love i have committed
I will stay unrequited

Unexpectedly i will soon be forgotten
All our stories are turning rotten
Then i deserve to be alone
Without you my one and only home.
Jovanka Marsha S | Jakarta | 18.38
Maria Etre Jan 25
If thoughts can
meet half way across
the ocean
and tornado a whirlpool
of the unspoken
King Triton would
be threatened
by the intensity
of human
Telepathy you say.
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