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Shane Feb 8
In a foreign land,
How did you find me
In this vast unplanned?

Ever moving...
Across the sea,
A blissful distance
Our melancholy.
From that place
Far away
We share our words
To meet one day.

Let's fight the tide,
Just a pond for us…
I’ll skip across.
Time, norms,
All meaningless

I'll come to you
In the great immense
For our moment
To reveal
Fate’s intent

I’ll be there soon.
Wait for me...
In your distant place
Across the sea.
Another one during some downtime at work. The format for the first word "Stranger"  should also be indented, but the page won't be do it.
gabrielle Jan 4
Moon in the east
Sun in the west
makes me want to sleep,
a chest onto rest.

it's illogical that in the -
morning you'll see my Moon,
and later on you'll see my Sun
one that gives me light, one that gives
my everything shine.

oh heavenly beauty
of my Moon and my Sun
'tis the look of what
make my heart run

oh weirdly meeting
of my Moon and my Sun -
it is beautifully shocking
made me love more, these two,
of my Moon and my Sun.

oh, a rendezvous, cool -
of my Moon and my Sun
made me more than a fool,
made my heart break more
of my Moon and my Sun.

why thou ?
i'll tell you two, the Moon and the Sun

the Moon,
my Moon -
whom i love
but doesn't love me back

and the Sun
my Sun -
whom i love
that doesn't love me back

and with that
the meeting of my Moon and my Sun
made me hurt more
knowing that i have two beauties whom i love
that doesn't love me back.
love the sun and the moon
then you'll never get loved back
Pallavi Jan 4
Come out of the mirror,
Come out of the blues,
Come to the real world,
It belongs to you.
Take a deep breathe,
Unsheathe the wreath,
Beneath the barren heath,
A new life is going to meet.
hazem al jaber Dec 2018
First meet ...

it's memories still ...
running within my brain ...
even feel with shake...
when i close eye ...
and still ...
feel that warm hug ...
under rain ...
and our wet bodies ...
when it were so close ...
as tree's branch ...
in a huge woodland ...
while no one there ...
only me and you ...
our bodies ...
our eyes ...
and the rain ...

never ever ...
to forget that date ...
and our lips ...
which it got so wet ...
as a running river ...
runs with no stop ...
because of our love ...
and our saliva ...
as a honey ...
between our lips ...

yes sweetheart ...
how could i forget ...
that day ...
the day ...
which it was ...
our day ...
love's day ...
with it ...
we started ...
the love ...

love you ...

hazem al ...
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
You're a tourist in my heart's land,
But you give too much reminiscence.

Your eyes, your body, your voice has become my elegy,
When you left me.

If we never meet again,
My memories of you still remain.

This heart still waiting for you,
And I realized, that I miss you.
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
HER silence wrote the SPEECH
That WE are never going to MEET
Calliope Dec 2018
I don't understand why destiny allowed some people to meet when there's no way for them to be together.
JRF Nov 2018
The heart sinks but it finds a way to float.
The mind wondering at every possibility, the heart knowing you'll do the right thing.
But when your heart skips a beat.
The words you once depended on, leave you.
You are grasping, but there is someone who understands.

The words you once trusted have disappeared.
Replaced by a smile from a stranger.
That smile you have when you catch your reflection.
That grin, the only way that you know that you are really you.
The one you know that you've made it through.

Eyes closed, the imagination takes over, dream or be it reality, you live it.
Thinking of that touch.

Time is moving, but the smile remains the same.
Desire still removes the breath from my chest.
Left with only one thing, my smile.

In a slip of the mind,  I realise I don't have my smile,  I've got two.
For three days, hopefully, more.
I've got a smile, and yours is brand new.
The beginning of relationships, and how time passes when you have a smile.
ShyAnne Peterson Nov 2018
I just met you but
you are cute
and you are sweet
I wish we could meet
I live here
you live there
but that is nowhere
I like the way you ask me things
like no one will care
when I talk to you its like I'm in space
but we don't each other face to face
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