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Yanamari Mar 22
Like sea foam settling the sand
Like waves laying straight the land
Time passes
And you and I
Forget our names that we called ourselves by
Fading into a distant sky
Lost to the shadows of the sunrise
Our meeting calm
Our meeting turbulent
Let the water recede
And with the shifting hand
Brush flat our differences
Like dust wiped off the tv stand
Engrained my memory is of you
And engrained is your memory of me
Knife carved deep, wind stroking my skin
Come tomorrow
You appear as new
And I appear to have forgotten you
You appear free
And I holding what you have done to me
Unable to let go
The tide pulls and pulls
And the rope is set free
Forgetting people that remember you and remembering people that have forgotten you...

Inspired by two people I hadn't seen in a few years. And by my own forgetfulness of the people I've met...

Pers. Ref: MrxtProtAdAdPaGib-IGAVanCr but also MahAbd
Zywa Jan 28
I meet my neighbours,

only now, in the dark with --

handfuls of candles.
Power failure
Song "Beautiful people" (1969, Melanie [Safka])

Collection "Shelter"
Zywa Aug 2023
A stranger falls, and

as he falls he is breaking --

in into my life.
Poem "Weet nog wel" ("I remember", 2022, Ester Naomi Perquin)

Collection "Truder"
Zywa Jul 2023
Just ask anyone

for a story and you'll get --

their complete life course.
Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "spitalfields"

Collection "Specialities"
Zywa Jul 2023
She likes me, so she

does know human nature, or --

is she just stupid?
Novel "De laatste kans - De geschiedenis van een liefde" ("The last chance - The history of a love", 1960, Simon Vestdijk), chapter 1-1

Collection "Inmost [2]"
Zywa May 2023
It is empty on the Grand Square
The guide tells about the past
His words blow over

Birds above the roofs, white clouds
it takes a long time
until we go for a drink

In the café we cross over
in each other's language
to the streets where we live

and everything is the same
in a different way

We sing along to the songs
of our teenage years and toast
the world that is becoming ours

I stall for time, don't want to let go
of the guide, I'd like take him with me
and show him around my own city

let him see with my eyes
after seeing what he saw
not knowing what he was thinking
Collection "Migration"

Song "Nathalie" (1964, Gilbert Bécaud)
Shady Teddy May 2023
They talk of christmas spirit
Of myrrh intertwined with magic
2019 was a special one
In my unending travel
I boarded a public service van
Sat next to a stranger
This was no regular stranger
She told me not to throw the plastics
An environmental conservative
Stranger after my own heart
She offered A gift
In absolute veracity this was my santa
And we talked about life
And of the passing of events
She has just alighted
And now am left here
Stuck with a new stranger
Who smells of alcohol
And dental halitosis
Now i cant talk
So i sit in wait
Waiting to reach my destination
All the while.....
Thinking about the perfect stranger.
Stranger, kalivu,
nanimono Apr 2023
Someday we will meet again
In the middle of a crowd
With each other's life
Even that time you're pushing a stroller
I will still warmly greet you
And, I said in my heart:
"I'm always happy for you"
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2023
Meet me at doorway to the afterlife
Death divides us like a knife
Where grass is greener the moment you walk through
Dream so good
The skies are blue too

Where people pass through the portal
Not looking back
A never-ending railroad track
It is all things this world needs but doesn't own
Meet me there when it's my time to go
The thought of what comes after we die scares the **** out of me..
Deep Sep 2022
In this city where
millions dream
wake up dead,
I've come
with a dream
to see you again.
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