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Jolan Lade Dec 2020
The night was clear, the stars were there and the fields were dim and the dirt was cold but your eyes were warm and your libs seemed soft so I leaned in for a kiss and we met at love
v Jun 2019
His eyes watching down his prey.
Stare so deep it reaches her insides.
Scoping through , searching to find the movies in her mind.
She blocks it , placing a wall , the light comes bouncing off the glass window and back to the wide eyes staring. Shook.
“Nice to meet you.”
He caresses her hand with a sunflower kiss.
Leaving her with his musk scent lingering behind with another movie.
v Jul 2019
My lavender sweetheart
the way she looks giving you that pout
soft green eyes brighter than leaves w the summer dills
she leaves ya mind in feels like you’re off cbd pills
Body all lucid , seeing colors in acid melting with the music
come and catch this vibe like tree trunks sweet apple pie
leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender dreams
or leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender sweetdreams / sweethearts
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
I have seen
Incongruity win
When people love
Parallelism disappears
Meeting point to come
I live in love anger
In parallelism
I dwell
I wish parallelism exists
Euclid to fail
Meeting point to come
Lobachevsky to win
This poem is drawn on analogy of geometry.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Sometimes hearts meet
Sometimes hearts break
Relations are at stake
When they carry price tags
Put 'Not for Sale' plaque
Bring the relations on track
Äŧül Sep 2020
Don't let this distance increase.
My HP Poem #1882
©Atul Kaushal
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
Meeting you was not special.
Seeing you for the first time was normal.
However, no matter how usual everything was,
knowing you is beyond everything I could ask.
I stopped describing the moment I realized how complex you are.
You are anything but simple. I could never fully grasp who you really are.
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