Saw her first at cousin's weddinG,
She looked astonishing I knew where it was headinG
Escorting the bride she came in smilinG
My eyes got glued on her and my heart started poundinG.

Afraid of her brother but she agreed to meeT,
I got there first, where the buses fleeT,
Time and place was on her to fiX,
Excited, I reached before the clock tickS,
There I saw her waving at platform thirty siX.

Time freezed for a while,
Walking towards her a million thoughts ran through my mind,
Was that really her or someone else!?
But that same magical smile and my heart again melts.

Simple, yet pleasant I liked her stylE,
But the best thing was definitely her smilE,
I got lost , stammered in speech for a whilE,
She was confident and I got nervous blood profilE.

The place was new ,
None of us had any clue,
I was sweaty , the day seems hottest,
Perhaps the oddest in the whole August.

Black and white top and she blingS,
Leather sandals and those shiny earingS,
The watch was pink , hairs were perfect readY,
But damn her luggage was real heavY!

Got in a cab, and some comfy place to talK,
She was in a hurry, but i had all the clocK,
She was bold at the same time cooL,
And I was smiling for no reason like a fooL.

More time I wanted to spend,
But getting her home safe and sound was important in the end.
Got her a bus had to bid a good bye,
But my heart was still like Hii! :P
Met the girl for the first time whom I saw at my brother's wedding.
Obscrea Jul 31
To my somber little soul-
How do you do?
Let us go chase horizons
Just me and you

I'm broken as you say
And yet the mess stays sweet
I'll always be running to
Where the clouds and ocean meet

I don't know you-
But I want you to stay,
In my lonely heart of horrors
Give it a heartbeat- as you may

Let us find passion and dream,
On my suffering, you may lay
I don't know you-
But please, won't you stay?
A poem I wrote at 16.
there will be a time
we have no direct conversation
what should I do when I want to see you
what should I do if I want to greet you
what should I do if we do not meet each other
but .. do not worry I'll be fine
I will be fine
and I will embrace you in my prayers
here ..
Shofi Ahmed Jul 17
The sea is in the mood
is whispering isn’t far.
And the love is in the air
the question is where
can we meet
under the same cloud?
Deemz Jun 19
Remember when we first met?
                  I wish we could meet again for the first time.
Kayla Jun 13
We talked
You were funny
Now I like you
Do you like me
I don't know
I wish you would tell me
If you do like me
Why don't you tell me
I'd like to show you
I want you well
I've already told you
But you were in your shell

You wish i hated you
But this way i never felt
You wish i had betrayed you
But i'm not into that spell

Maybe on someday
We'll meet again
Maybe in that day
We'd rather fade

While this day don't come
I won't panic
And, to the bone
I'll freeze, static
Could life ever be sane again?
Atul Jun 10
I never had a best friend in my life till I met you,
All I had were normal friends who were not close,
Or fake lovers.

The most genuine friend I have is none other than you,
I consider it lucky that me as a best friend you chose,
Your love is as scented as a rose.

And I will not ever disappoint you my friend,
I am learning youthful ways from you now,
Of our friendship there lies not at all an end,
They will notice us only getting closer & how.

For you, My Pooh, I write this poem as I am really happy today remembering all the good times that we are spending together.

Yes, I am possessive and selfish when I ask you solely and solemnly for myself,
Not because I am negative, but more so because I am hopeful that our sun will shine,
Your happiness is my main motive as I motivate you to stay strong for yourself,
Not because I will gain something out of it but as you are going to be happy in future.

In you I have seen an Angel,
So helpful and kind you are,
Motherly care for future family,
Now I conclude this post buddy.
My HP Poem #1711
©Atul Kaushal
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