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s y kalindara Aug 20
When will our eyes meet?
I ask the horizon, as
waves welcome my feet.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I don't actually know if this qualifies as a haiku (there are way too many characteristics for classifying haikus) but I wanted to try writing something simple using the 5-7-5 syllables pattern, and this was my first attempt!
LC Aug 17
they quietly loomed over you,
arms interlocked so you never moved.
solemn faces, small, narrowed eyes.
you prepared to meet your demise.

but one day, their hands slightly shook.
that quick movement was all it took.
you pushed past those cold, binding arms,
embraced confidence, far from harm.
When it makes
Absolutely no sense
Yearn to meet
Each other
On one pretense
Or other pretense
It's love
Nylee Apr 23
You are not here for the truth
And I am not going to lie,
let us depart with a solemn goodbye
Zack Ripley Mar 19
I've seen it all before
And I'm sure I'll see it again.
But I don't know if I'll ever meet
Someone as special as you, friend.
I meet a woman in the story
I introduce myself as a writer
She introduces herself as the character I write about
She's so smart
I really like smart people
She tells about her life
She is happy to share every experience
She's so beautiful
She doesn't like the word beauty
Beauty only makes things that come to be gone
I understand it
I agree with her opinion
In the first paragraph, I introduce myself
In that paragraph, she also invites me to enter her world
I write about her
She accepts my writing
I write all about her
She reads herself
I continue to write the second paragraph
She says I need to stop
I ask, why?
She says she is tired
I ask her to rest
She agrees
I'm writing again
And I realize
She's just my imagination
I miss her so much
I've never done this before
And I go back to write about her
But I can no longer find her
She is no longer in my writing
I think too much about her
Indonesia, 1st March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
l had dreams of meeting you.
prayed that you and l could become one  but l was never a believer who could fall in love at the first sight.
Jolan Lade Dec 2020
The night was clear, the stars were there and the fields were dim and the dirt was cold but your eyes were warm and your libs seemed soft so I leaned in for a kiss and we met at love
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