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Three hours away
It's been a couple days
It's hard to be apart for this long
It just feels so wrong
You are the love of my life
My future wife
So why are we separated
Yea we made it
But now I'm alone
Wishing you would pick up the phone
Please don't give up on me
I know it's hard to be
Three hours away
But it'll be okay
I love you
I know you love me too
So ima get some sleep tonight
And in the morning things will be alright
I might not get to wake up to you
But one day I'll be able to
After all you're only
Three hours away
This distance is killing me...
please let me lay by your side for hours that stretch into years, we can talk about thousands of nothings that make us comfortable so we can have a lifetime of somethings with meaning
Meaning is not always surface
Seanathon Aug 22
College is
A peaceful mind
Because it's years
And years
Of nonthinking

Free of judgement
And greatly
At a price
Often bought
Tuesday 12 - Back when you're just starting out. You know nothing... And that is great.
Philomena Jul 12
Days turn to hours,
Hours to minutes,
Minutes to seconds.
Time slips away,
Faster and faster with every moment,
Until I'm stranded without you.
Jo Barber Jun 27
How many hours
spent scribbling these poems?
How many days wasted
rereading them,
nudging and prodding
each word into its proper place
until it all flowed and sounded...

still not quite right.
Lilly F Jun 26
another day another wallowing moment
in this unfamiliar skin
searching for the component
that feels missing deep within

another hour another feeling
how they change so quickly
my back tied to the ceiling
lack of control making my stomach feel sickly

another minute another headache
come and go in a blink
I pray that they stop for my sake
too tired to even think

another second another toll
on my head filled with words
needing something plentiful for the soul
ears longing for the sweet tunes of songbirds

the pain beneath my eyes
showing the purple and blue taint
my mind up till sunrise
wearing my exhaustion like a canvas wears paint

© L.F.
Jo Barber Jun 12
Four hours is a funny thing.
In four hours,
I can earn 48 dollars,
or I can shower and make breakfast
while flipping through the pages
of old books
and sipping my bitter coffee.
Four hours...
I suppose some could
save a life or maybe the world
in four hours.
But I cannot.

I can make 48 dollars,
or I can stare at the ceiling
and maybe think big thoughts
and not do much of anything
in four hours.
I know She exists
Somewhere, waiting for me
Her eyes as beautiful as the night sky
The image of Her taunting my brain

We’ll meet with a feeling of uncertainty
Clumsy fumbling of words
Heart racing beauty
I know She exists

She’ll cherish all my flaws
And still look inside
Seeing nothing special
But a boy with teary eyes

She will be there to wipe my tears
Along with fear and sadness
Her hands as soft as silk
I know She exists
I drew a lot of inspiration from an Emily Dickson poem. Hopefully this is an improvement from my first poem, I'm trying to not use as many rhymes.
Lyndsey May 17
The hours tick away between us
you're captivating my mind,

I should heed the warning
Beautiful words flow along my spine,

I feel the tantalizing pull,
bitter sweet ; roses with thorns

A challenge met with enchantment entangles my senses.
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