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Clinging to seconds when
      There where hours that
                  Flew by.

But we never
        Caught that flight.
Instead we looked
out the window
            counting the seconds.

Every moment counts..
      Don't let anything
Fly by,
          catch every breath as
                     They never fly forever.
Athena Feb 8
Everything fell apart
as ravaging hunger
and yowling cries
mild nurture
and womanly sighs
the night ground out
splendor in a shaded cove
beneath the willow tree
she lay
sheltered from the chill
and snow
long awaiting the warmth of day
she wrapped around her
the leaf of an oak
and wore natures love
as her winter cloak
steadily she slept
the treeline as her pillow
and in a few sweet hours
she would die
beneath the willow
Austin Reed Feb 8
Wrapped to our wrist
Pinned on our walls
Dawn till dusk
Time is always present
Before we were born and after we die
It’s measured by memories, effort, split second decisions
It’s of the essence
Apparent to its incapable yearning to stop
It flies by.
Days we spent angry
Hours dreading our jobs
Regrets and what could haves
We’ll never get it back or be there like we once were
I could say enjoy today and take everyday one step at a time
Or I could be righteous to the ever longing tick
Why should I
With the time I took to write this is now gone
I’ll be tired once morning comes
But I did what I wanted to with my time
Choose your time wisely
Because forever is unkind
Mila P Jan 28
The sweet morning smell of coffee,
the rustling of leaves outside,
a sour taste of January in my mouth,
wait,what is time when we are inside?
Time is an illusion;
Time is a game in our minds,
which we are bound to follow.
In the night we sleep,
morning we wake up,
afternoon we have coffee
and then we take off our makeup.
Time is an illusion;
so learn to live on no hours,
and learn to be happy with your only human powers.
Time is an illusion; present,past,and future are all together and all now.
Euphie Jan 10
Just like the seasons
they come and go.
sky Dec 2018
I can't help but laugh
when I think about how
the only thing separating us
is 32 hours
and an eternity
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Just remember
that even your
worst days
only have
24 hours.
Mr Quiet Dec 2018
quite ironic that my heart tells me to let go yet it still beats for you
careful now its sad boi hours
pistachio Dec 2018
The hands of the clock pierced through me
Akin to a sword sharp and trenchant
Every passing hour brings me to malady
My mind descends to naught each and every vanishing month.

They say antidote is the time
Mending the affliction of memories pernicious
But it's a venom, bane and crime
Extending my heart's hole cause by reminisce infectious.
The time didn't stitch my wounded heart. It perhaps created a bigger hole.
Wynn H Nov 2018
The day drags on
As I count the hours,
Watching them drift on by.
Day by day…

Waiting for that ever elusive
Last hour of the day,
that beckons
For the drive home.

But, the closer
I get to that
Ever elusive hour,
The more I begin
To dread the drive home.

The fear of helpless loneliness
With only myself
As companionship awaits…

A fear,
That only alcohol can quench
                          Until tomorrow…
When we start this process
All over again

When will the hurting stop?

[soon soon]
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