i wrote you a letter last night.
i was drunk
as i usually am at 2am these days.

i wanted to tell you
how much i hate you
i needed you to know
how broken i was

but i was drunk
as i usually am at 2am these days.
so instead i told the truth.

"i really miss you"
"i'll always love you"
"it sucks to think that you never loved me,
but it's okay,
i understand."


I'm sitting here
Rethinking months
Contemplating conversations
Drinking away your memory.

I regret
Every time your fingers traced my skin.

I regret
Falling so deeply in love with you.

I regret
Empty bottles
That were full when I had you.

Because now I'm filled with poison

A poison that keeps me coming back to you.

So now I'm sitting here
Counting the days
Since I've been without you
Drinking away your memory.

I regret
Trusting you.

I regret
Caring for you.

I regret
Giving my all to you.

I've realized...

I regret

it's 2:01am
i've been up for two hours now...
lying here restlessly
and i can't get you out of my head

my throat burns
after my third shot
i'm drowning out your memory

yet all i can think about
is all the times we had
in this exact bed
cuddled under the comforter
legs intertwined like lock and key

my head spins
after my fourth shot
my thoughts circle around your memory.

i need to forget
i want to forget...
forget the fact
that you were the best thing
that ever happened to me.

yet i'm conflicted,
because i regret never telling him i loved him
and then i regret ever loving him in the first place


All I'm doing
Is running back
To the person
I was meant to walk away from

Seema 13h

When my night, is your day
Do you think of me?
When you see someone alone
Do you at times picture me?
When it rains at night
Do you even miss me?
While eating out at the restaurant
Do you glance at our favorite spot?
Do you still order our favorite food?
Do you still take that route back home?
I am just imagining our times together
How it used to be...
Watching the sunset till the stars came out
Embracing the moments with each other
Now, I feel like a fallen bird with damaged wings
Writing songs, with no will to sing
Glancing at my phone as if it rings
Hopeless tears of sorrow, these memories bring
It's not new to break apart
I guess it happens with most of us
If only we could read their intentions from the start
Rather nag, and fuss with our own broken heart
There are people, made of stones
Or they pretend, nothing affects them truly
Until for someone they break their own bones
Whom they love purely
But karma serves without a clue
For painting someone's colorful dreams as blue
Gives them back for what they deserve
They may lose what they intent to have...


it's taken a while
to realize you're no good
for me.  

it's taken a while
to see that your intentions
are of lust.

it's taken a while
to realize that
you never loved me.

it's taken a while
to see that you were
never the one.

it's taken a while.

and i may be drunk when i write this
but it's taken a while
to realize
that you're no good for me.

KC 1d

I want to call you but you don't want to talk to me. Which is understandable, considering every time our hearts collide it seems to leave us shattered.

But for some inexplicable reason I can't pull my mind far enough from you to fill the holes your bullets left in my heart. And the worst part is I'm not even angry, because I left scars on you when you intercepted the wounds that were intended for myself.

It's almost like we loved too hard that we forgot to let the other person breathe but we were scared that loosening the grip would lead to loneliness. And we are so hurt that its being projected onto the other person because its much easier to accept that you drove us apart instead of me.

I knew the words that spilled from my mouth were acid to your skin and they speak more about my insecurities than your downfalls. I drove a transport truck full of all the work we put into us straight into a wall but I tried and couldn't find the breaks.

The saddest part is that I can't even remember why I was angry, I think I was mostly scared of losing you. And I did that day.

KC 1d

For every time I've crossed your mind
Know you've crossed mine twice

JS 1d

Just because I seem strong doesn’t mean I can be left all by myself.
Just because I wasn’t crying doesn’t mean I didn’t care.
Just because I wasn’t writing you doesn’t mean I didn’t want to talk
Just because I left doesn’t mean I didn’t want to stay

When I say it’s okey, it wasn’t, can you finally get it?
How could you take your soul away from me?
Leaving me with empty whole
That hurts every morning

Was it love if I’m so replaceable?
Just because I seem strong, doesn’t mean I will survive your lost.

your cunt is not disgusting at all
thats all he can seem to apologize for.
i'm so happy among the screaming and aggression
that my womanhood
is not disgusting.
it's not like you didn't tell me to kill myself
and ill be honest i was already half way there
when i heard that sentence run off your fucking mouth.
how fucking dare you.

i should of been more angry with you
i shouldn't have let you kiss my beautiful rose
with your disgusting, unworthy mouth.
you want to claim respect yet you had none to offer
you're toxic, and every woman knows it.
that's why there was only me.
and now that i've learnt, you'll have no one
until you learn.

-toxic masculinity

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