I’m done
I don’t want to talk
Your face makes me uneasy
Your name makes me queasy
You come out of nowhere
Saying you miss me
It stings
I feel guilty for what I do
And what I don’t do
It hurts
I apologize
Though there’s no need
You say you understand
But you don’t
You really
No one really does
But you
Do not understand
So stop pretending
If you think we could talk this out
It’s crystal clear
You don’t understand
The emotions you spill fall on me like bricks
Weighing me down with every syllable
Making me wish I was not myself
Making me wish I was a past me
A me that wasn’t tired
A me that wasn’t sick
A me that wasn’t hurting
I mourn my past me
And you do too
This can’t work
I can’t deal
Left on read
I’m sorry
someone I really don’t want to interact with texted me last night and it made me emotional woot woot
Eddyn 1d
dancing on my tippy toes,
staying silent
never smiling
crystal tears
broken hearts

dancing on my tippy toes
i can not speak, my voice is lost
i can not smile, its wiped away
i always cry, why do i always cry?
this love broke my heart

dancing on my tippy toes
because the shatterd glass all spead out
on the cold, tiled floor

dancing on my tippy toes
who knows?

getting pricked, poked and impaled by the glass,
downing whats in my flask
its just my way to mask
whats left of my broken heart
Amanda 4h
I am tired of defending you
And telling all my friends that they are wrong
Stick up for you every time but I
Can only believe you for so long

I am sick of acting like I'm happy
And pretending I am fine without you
Want more than what we have now
But I am scared that dream will never come true

I need to prove you care about me
I do not want to be alone anymore
Make the suffering worthwhile
Remind me what I am doing this for

Show me you can be the man
I fell for way back when
And I promise I will do my best
To be the girl you fell in love with again
An oldie
You can't hear the words I say,
I have failed,
I have failed as your soul's handwriting when I stopped understanding you,
I have failed...as a friend when I left you on your own in the silence of the crowd,
I am poor with routes so every crossroad is a decision,
I want to come back to the start,
Show me the way,
Let's start from 'hey?'
Aa Harvey 18h
Refresh your soul

It’s time for a change.
Things can’t remain the same.
The time is done,
Move on.

It’s time for a fresh page to write upon.
Throw old dreams into the chasm and write a new song.
All things they end and begin again.
It’s time for a change.

The cranes have come to build upon,
The nest that once stood here.
Summer is gone, the fading sun,
Will soon have disappeared.

Life continues.
The news is not new.
Start afresh,
Refresh your soul
And change,
Become anew.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
You said from your ideal self
i heard from the real you
its a tale of the time when
the imperfect me met the imperfect you

Your fingers swirling stars,
you turn back when you want to whine,
your feeble likes and strong dislikes,
moving castle is your favourite story,
Rick and morty i have never watched but heard enough
to hold a talk,
random cartoons dose takes me high,
kiss smileys every morning and every night.

Gokarna, bijapur, karwar, veenu, manipal,
are few places I can count
an endless list of lab tours and
campus walks are not to be forgotten…fading is inevitably bound
I never told you that sometimes I walk behind you to know how it feels,
when you move on, far away from me.

After long notes and longer nights,
I am writing with the fewer words that I can find.
That street I pass every night knows I am hurt,
I scream your name with all my broken parts,
They say its a phase but I know its a ‘scar’,
only you can heal it with your gaze and touch.

I wonder how your smile has changed over the phone calls,
your breathe is all i know,
Its been long since I felt it, before I was caught in the right and the wrong.
Moral correctness is morally flawed,
because it listens to the stories of knightly mountains,
not the thin brook flowing down its bleeding rocks.

I am a burning candle who lights you when around,
but now you are gone I stand burning endlessly
I want you to cry, cry in my arms while my tears run down your neck,
silence be broken with pain and sorrow,
till the room is filled with smoke and the candle dies,
With the fading weep and drying tears darkness spreads in the world,
let the Gods above know that we have broken apart.
gbye 1d
im afraid to dream
because all i see
are all the ways
you'll never say i love you
Still Running

She’s still running,
so when I offered her my home,
and a place to unpack,
she didn’t even stay long enough to hang her clothes,

I suppose,
we’ve all gotta find our way on our own,
I suppose,
not every place we lay our head is our home,

in a zone,
can’t answer my phone,
don’t know where it started,
or where it will end,

she said she wanted a friend,
someone she could feel comfortable,
but I betrayed her trust because I’m a Man in Lust,
so instead of a friend I touched her like her drunk uncle did,

I’m sick,
don’t go so far as to put anything in,
but I did cross a line,
when I got turned on and held her hand,


what happened to our plans,
what happened to a Happily Ever After end,

what ever happened to functional,
why do we have to all grow up so fckt up,
when well we find a place where we can heal,
who will help you me us we finally grow up,

I’m torn up,
and I know exactly how she feels,
because I was taken advantage of as a kid too,
and I know exactly how much she wants to heal,

but you can’t heal a wound,
if you don’t open it up,
and she’s still busy running from your pain,
and covering up her cuts,

and this is exactly why,
when I started to cry,
she began to get scared,
and decided to take flight,

because she thought I was becoming,
exact what she feared the most,
which is an unstable person,
that can not offer her solid support,

so she left,
without closure,
and I messaged her,
once I’d gained my composure,

I apologized for being so emotional,
and for not communicating with her clearly,
I wrote her I’d do anything to see her again,
I wrote her that I missed her very dearly,

she wrote back saying I could meet her at the airport,
to say goodbye,
but asked me not to ask her to come back,
because she wasn’t changing her mind,

I immediately agreed,
and asked her what time her flight was,
9:45 at LAX,
which was exactly when and where my flight was,

so we met at the airport,
and had a soul to soul,
you know the kind of conversation,
that simply can not be had over a telephone,

I apologized,
for not being the man then that I was now,
and told her,
if she came back I’d be willing to take that vow,
she smiled,
saying we’d only known each other a few days,
I smiled,
and replied when it comes to Infinite Love time doesn’t matter anyways,

we said our farewells,
and I watched her disappear up the stairs,
then I went to check in for my flight,
because I too had to get out of there,

and wouldn’t you know it,
in a twist of fate,
it turned out that my flight and her flight,
were departing from the same gate,

31A and 31B,
this must be destiny,
so there we were a with each other again,
just her and me,

and this is when she told me,
as the salty water began to appear in windows to her soul,
that when I’d called her to invite her to California,
she’d thought that she’d finally found a place where she could feel comfortable,

how she’d been in this cycle of meeting men that made her feel unstable,
and I knew she’d been in this cycle ever since her drunk uncle,
and I knew that even though I’d improved and could provide the stability she craved,
it was too late and she was gone gone away to probably repeat the same mistakes,

because she’s not going to get rid of the issue until the issue is faced,
and she’s not going to be able to face her issues if she keeps running away,
and I could have been the one to see her through be her truth and heal her too,
but instead I just lusted after her became emotionally unstable and pushed her away,

and that hurt me more than almost anything ever,
because I realized I’d betrayed her trust in the worst way,
I realized all she needed was a true friend and then maybe a lover,
not a lover that she didn’t love that couldn’t behave,

and then I watched her walk away,
for the 3rd time in as many of days,
and even though she walked,
we both knew what she was really doing was running away…

∆ LaLux ∆

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We tend not to accept what is surreal,
what we cannot initiate belief in.
We tend not to accept what we cannot understand.
If our questions remain unanswered, we dismiss.

Is the world an obscurity to the butterfly,
or is the butterfly an obscurity to the world?
Regardless, she soars, boundlessly,
primitively unsure, ultimately so certain
that it seems strange to think that once,
she was just a catapillar
waiting to live.

We tend not to accept what is surreal,
what we cannot initiate belief in.
We only trust in familiarity, all we have ever known

But look how beautiful the butterfly became
when she let in the obscure, the vivid.
This poem is about my beautiful best friend, Jaz. She went through a nasty break up where she allowed herself to be controlled, manipulated, and was pretty shy. The break up was the best thing that ever happened. Although it scared her and she didn't want it, she became care-free, happy, CONFIDENT, kind and amazing. She is such a wonderful human being. Now I need to do the same!
katryna 1d
Kaya palang palamigin ng salitang "nakakapagod na" ang samahang pinapainit ng araw - araw na pag kikita.

Kaya palang palamigin ng salitang "nakakasawa na" ang samahang pinapainit ng maraming palitan ng salitang mahal kita.

Kaya din palang palamigin ang samahang binalot ng mga yakap,
kinandado ng mga halik,
pinainit ng mga pag ikot sa kama
at samahang matagal mong
at inalagaan

ng isang salitang kahit kelan hindi sumagi sa iyong isip na bitawan.

Kaya palang patamlayin ang relasyong wala kang ibang alam gawin
kung hindi punuin ng mga tawanan,
biruan at walang iyakan at sigawan.

Kapag wala ng tamis,
at puro na lang pait.

madali na lang sabihin ang salitang, "Sandali lang, hindi pa pala ako handa".

Ganon na lang ba kadaling masira,
maglaho ng parang bula.

                                           at isang gabi magigising ka
                                                              ­      wala na sya.
inspired by the movie "12"
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