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Those words spoken long ago
I choked them down dry and raw
Now I find regurgitation
To be the only way
In avoiding asphyxiation
Belief is one thing
Reality another
A monster when combined
Some call it "Love"
Some call it a "Lie"
Delusion is jelly-thick
You know what tastes nice?
I poisoned myself on hope and seclusion
Love, may you gag on my rotting flesh
My eyes have opened
My mouth agape
Choked out from love's embrace
My feelings on a long complicated relationship that has left me feeling so many emotions I thought I had pushed far away.
ShyAnne 2d
I hate that you think I lied
I hate that you think I would
I don't cheat
I don't aim to hurt anyone
I just want to love and be loved
If you hated me so much
Why ask me to be yours
If I was so disgusting to you
Why promise to stay
I'm sorry I'm not like most
I'm sorry you expect the worst
I'm sorry no one can be real but you
I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough
But really, I'm so sorry that I still love you
just sayin'... sorry
Changing was necessary
to be together
For him, I was ready to wait forever
She said we were fated
and she would stay
that having differences was okay
My mistake
Never say never
you were enough but I wanted better
Hell came to Earth
apocalypse day
I'm scared, I'm humble
for a second chance, I pray
His3Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
To the girl who broke my heart:
Thank you.

I know you're out there, somewhere
Having fun with that other guy
Who you promised me high and low was
"Just a friend".
Thank you for showing me
Who you really are.

To the girl who broke my heart:
I love you.

I really, truly do.
I love the way you can tell a bold faced lie
And then paint your face
Like you didn't do anything wrong.
I love the way you lied
Both to me, and to yourself.

To the girl who broke my heart:
You were right.

Yes, I really was mad at you all those times you asked.
Yes, I really did make all of those gifts by hand.
And yes, I really did keep track of every day we dated for.
I was taught to count my blessings
So thank you for all 464 days you spent with me,
I hope you count your blessings in the future.

To the girl who broke my heart:

So long to all the nights I spent with you on the phone.
Farewell to every time I held your hand.
Sayonara to each and every kiss I left on your forehead.
And Hasta la Vista to every kind word I said to you.
Goodbye to you.
Goodbye to us.
Goodbye to
kian 1d
i am feeling the cave walls for clues in the dark, wondering how anyone can do this alone
when i see you:
white hot phantasmagoric spark
seared into the eye behind my forehead.
(meeting you makes a noise.)
and we’re off to the races. it’s love at first flash.

you’re a hazy dazy vision, pink clouds fuzzy around the edges
until i wake up plunging, cold wet dripping shocked right out of Technicolor.

how many times have i had this dream?

how many times have we danced to this song,
you and i?
since you know the steps.

how many sounds does my heart make when it breaks?
shatters, crashes, crunches, chimes?
has it ever been like a violin, like a foghorn, like music?
does it always hurt this loud?

how many lives have we passed each other in like strangers at a train station?
how many places have i run into you, once, and never forgotten your face?
where i can’t make out what you were wearing but i’ll always remember how you made me feel?
let me ask you this. when you grabbed my hand at the movies,
was it the first time?
or was it a choice you made eons ago,
when we were wolves sleeping in caves?

we aren’t soulmates.

you are my soul’s opponent hue,
and i cross my eyes to show myself imaginary colors.

it isn’t your fault that i’m falling in love
and falling
and falling
and waking up with a head rush.

you’re not my twin flame.
i just wish you were,
every time
i don’t know how this website works but here is.. something!! it’s a loop! get it??
Alice 1d
but that look
your look
still haunts me

how can so many emotions be wrapped
in an iris?

the last words you said to me
right before you left

had already been spoken
you told me you were leaving far before you did
you were an oasis in a desert

i thought you were an oasis,
but you were a mirage.
and a mirage is all you will ever be.
Trip-A 2d
I struggle to find words
to tell how I feel

I'm left waiting
for life to fall in order

But the time must be right
for hurricanes to cause destruction

The destruction that's necessary
for the birth of new life

But you're scared
and so am I

I keep looking for a way out
but the hurricane is coming

And there is no safety in sight
except with ourselves

It's inevitable
but we keep postponing

The hurricane is coming
but we keep pretending it's sunny skies
Fri. 2/26/2021
Trip-A 3d
I'm sorry
I'm sorry it happened like this
I'm sorry I let you down when you needed me the most
I'm sorry I was not who you needed me to be
I'm sorry I was not who you thought I was

I'm sorry
Tue. 2/23/2021
Trip-A 3d
I wait
I wait for space
I wait for a breath to heal me
breathing in, breathing out, I wait for time to show me the path out
Tue. 2/23/2021
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