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I once met love.
He made me laugh every day.
He couldn't bare  away from me.
He wanted to offer me the stars.
And he did...
holding me tight
every night,
on the warm sand of summer
under the night sky
with a million stars above
and the moon up there, like a guardian
and sometimes a bottle of wine.
Sweet words. Gentle touch. Passionate love.
Just a summer ago.
And after that
there's been only silence.
Silence still. Frozen feelings. Frozen soul.
I'm just frozen in silence.
Because my heart is mourning...
for I once met love.
Val Vik 5d
I thank you

for all the happiness you brought

I forgive you

for all the pain that you've caused

I let go of you

and the relationship we shared.

I wish you
as I always wished you...
A 6d
We both know this is it, even though we don't mention it. And I guess this silence is the last I'll never hear from you.
Jason Sep 19
Life's a broken clock
Stopped dead in its tracks
It was just a little talk
Where love slipped the cracks

It was her choice, after all
My opinion mattered little
I'd be the one to take the fall
It'd be my heart in the middle

She was justified, she was right
And she had a list of wrongs
Things that made our love a plight
Things she said she'd said all along

Despite small truths, she reeked of lies
Her stoic demeanor and all she'd said
Was an expert attempt to cover my eyes
But she'd called me by his name instead

Coming up on my birthday, and that means, you guessed it, Anniversary Effect! Yay!
So, here's some 27-year-old pain, aged and bottled for your enjoyment!
He's a delightful delicacy
I wouldn't want to eat him all the time
In the end
It'll be as if I never was.
And only I'll be left
with track marks
on my soul.
Violet Sep 1
you reminisce my touch
i feel your mind lost
your thoughts run through my body as you recollect my being
the presence that never left

as i try to sleep, i feel it
she reminisces in comfort of solitude
she thinks of the good times before summer
the times when it was hard but it some how made us easy
her body tenses as she feels the pain
expected pain

Her thoughts run up my body to torment
searching for an open wound
i wrote this unable to sleep knowing her thoughts are on me because my thoughts are on her. its the first of September
Parker Aug 28


Quality Company


Cathartic Crying




sofolo Aug 25
I start my walk home with heavy feet after a long day at work. My earbuds are charged and ready to tug at my heart. The early summer heat is setting in and I wipe the sweat from my brow. I feel the thud of my boots against the sidewalk like the percussion of a tone-deaf child clamoring two cymbals together. The beat doesn't match the music, but the sentiment is sincere.

The light switches from orange to white; I make my way across the vacant intersection. I wonder if I ever cross your mind because you've invaded mine like a virus. I almost catch my breath but cough up blood. I wipe my hands against my jeans. Sometimes this is what love feels like. 

Feet still clanging like metal against the pavement...I walk. I think of you always. What a waste. My mouth full of pennies and you don't even see that I am golden. The salt I rub from my cheek does nothing more than provide patina. All of this sorrow goes unseen, unnoticed. 

Two hands of shimmering glitter. Will anyone ever see them? The purest gift to offer, yet everyone keeps walking fearfully away. I've never liked coins, but I flip one into the air and watch it spin. The axis turns and I wonder where it will land. 

The cymbals are no longer mashing against one another, and I stare at my boots on the carpet of my room. Silence. My bloodied denim folded neatly on the floor. Do you still taste me in your mouth?

Because you're on my tongue like a good luck charm tucked away in the corner of a drawer somewhere. Someday you might remember me fondly and think of what could have been. Or maybe you won't.

Vulnerability is a double-edged sword, and I am ready to be laid bare. It takes an incredible amount of bravery to allow love to split us open...our insides bathing us in gold. 

I will say it again: love is a heavy apparatus to wield, and it requires more than two hands. 

My earbuds beep incessantly...

Battery dead.
Written 6/2/2017
Deep Aug 23
How are you tonight?
When the world sleeps, and
No one awake to notice
your hiccups and rolling tears,

Life is a butcher, isn't it?
Lover its instrument
to slice us in pieces,
And afterlife we
move from one customer
to another.
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