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Daksh 2h
She is strong, she's happy that way.
Her heart's tired of acheing;

When she comes back, she falls in love
She thinks she does;

Everytime it's better and harder.
She thinks she does;

Girl you have no idea
How many times, i've made you
Fall in love with me
All over again
She's rebuild
Ms Noma 2h
Sitting in your lap my love
You hug me with your knees
Kisses from your lips above
Seem to make time freeze

I run my fingers on your thigh
Your toes brush over mine
In you I see the stars, the sky
And all the things that shine

Smooth and perfect hands do glide
Like water on my waist
And into me your fingers slide
Making me unchaste

How to describe utter bliss
No words can truly say
I am an addict: you my fix
For you I live each day

******* soul, my love, my heart
Take it all my dear, sweet dear
Let us never stay apart
To save me from my tear

Love opened like a small rose bud
When in my life you came
It flows inside of me like blood
Whispering your name

But after, when you left
You took away my life
So now I sit bereft
My heart pierced with your cruel knife.
Cute right,
How you would always visit me with a single red rose.
I used to add the delicate flower to the vase full from your previous visits.
Now I look to the single rose in the vase as its ghostly form dwindles.

Funny right,
How you would tell me you wanted to be better as you inhale from your cigarette.
I would always lecture you of the harm you were doing to yourself,
But now I stay silent as I twist my body away from the smoke that escapes your lips.

Ironic right,
How your lips would fill me with warmth when your finger tips felt so cold.
I used to describe you as more of a concept than a person.
Now I think of you as more of a metaphor than my boyfriend.

Peculiar right,
How you would hide your phone under your pillow as you promised transparency.
I used to toss and turn to get comfortable with that extra weight on our bed,
Now I sleep perfectly as I turn and settle facing away from you.

Bitter right,
How you’d smile as you would so cryptically point out my floors.
I used to look up at you as you critiqued me so detailedly,
Now I look to my shoes and let your words fly straight over me.

Curious right,
How you would tell me you were all mine as you moved your hands away to rest in your pockets.
I used to create intricate plans to gain your touch and affection,
Now I shift in my seat as my body instinctively flinches from your touch.

Reasonable right,
How I stood up, the chair scraping against the tiled floor as I placed my napkin on the table and turned to walk to the door.
Before you might have chased me to the door and led me back inside.
But now you remain seated as I leave and call a taxi home.

Pathetic right,
How I let one tear fall from my eyes as I watch the city pass my eyes through the window of a taxi.
Before I could never make it past the gates.
Now I inhale a deep breath and promise myself that I won’t look back as I throw the last red petal out of the car window.
Just a sad poem about a dying relationship
Emily 6h
One day you'll mean the world to someone.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be with you,
but right now it just can't be me and you.
You choose to ignore all the reasons why,
Why it just isn't right,
Why it wouldn't work out.
Our connection is depthless.
Your concept of love is so naive.
You're quick to rush into a relationship,
Seeing your future in every pretty girl that walks your way.
Baby that isn't love at first sight
And this just doesn't feel right.
I can't force it,
My mind craves something deeper,
Longing for intellection.
Don't take this as a rejection.
Your lover is somewhere out there.
Waiting for you to come along and hold her tight.
You'll be the one to treat her right.
For that I'm reluctant to let you go.
Fearing that no one will ever treat me the way you do.
For that I'm self-seeking.
You don't deserve my selfish intentions.
My broken heart is not your dilemma.
So I guess this is my goodbye,
Maybe we'll be together in another lifetime.
ve 8h
she’s still living in a void dimension
forsaken and letter-less.
days have gone by with blink of her eyes,
just like the ink someone marked on her heart

morning bruised her loneliness,
the bloodthirsty night stole the laugh she dreamed of having

she is still hollow,
a house without home,
boats without captain

she is still hollow,
living in a void strange world by herself

she is longing for her vibrant being,
her darkness has taken its quit.
I need to learn to compartmentalize
Because I still sssociate you wish lies.
But soon you will be nothing in my eyes
You will no longer make me cry.
I had a photo of her
A picture truly priceless
Her face usually so clear
Now because of tears it´s just a blur

Ive treasured this photo for a while
But now its ripped up on the floor
And soaking up my falling tears
For no more will your phone number be dialed
And its funny you know...

How when I was with you,
I could only count a thousand reasons

Why I shouldn't love you.

And it's sad you know...

How now that you're gone
I can only see all of the reasons

Why I should...
I admit my heart had grown so fond
Of that soft, hesitant voice,
Those bulky hands,
Your gentle smiles;
I had melted into
every loving kiss upon my forehead,
And I hoped so longingly to keep you
But alas, I must learn to cope
With letting go.
I am constantly in conflicting turmoil about this.
Halle 19h
we drifted apart.
we used to talk day and night,
then we were lucky if we had 1 decent conversation a week.

we drifted apart.
we used to always be together,
then you couldn’t even look at me.

we drifted apart.
we used to love each other,
then you didn’t love me anymore
wow okay so, if you’ve read my past poems you probably noticed most of them were wrote around relationship. We finally broke up today, it was mutual and honestly not that bad. We both knew it was coming.
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