Taija 1h
I felt you in the air that night.

The windows were shut but a breeze still ignited a wave of goose bumps all over my body.

Wrapped up in blankets, I felt the touch of your frosted fingertips on my shoulder.

My love was never warm enough to melt your arctic presence.

who knew five words could cause my heart to fall hard onto the tile floor beneath me

who knew five words could cause rivers to pour from my eyes, my swollen heart the only thing keeping me afloat

who knew five words could make me unable to leave my bedroom for weeks. a blue bird who had her wings clipped, a song bird locked in her cage

who knew five words could cause so much pain
I look into your eyes
My hands begin to tremble
You lean into kiss me
I hesitate

Your stubble caresses my cheek
Gentle fuzz against my skin
My stomach fills with butterflies
I’m unwilling to withdraw

My skin tingles at your touch
Sparks in your fingertips
I shudder
My heart fills with passion

I look into your eyes
My hands begin to shake
You lean into kiss me
I freeze

Your stubble scratches my cheek
Barbed wire against my skin
My stomach fills with moths
I’m Unable to escape

My skin crawls at your touch
Tension in your grip
I Recoil
My heart fills with rage

I look into my eyes
My hands begin to calm
You’re no longer here to kiss me
I can breathe

Your stubble a memory on my cheeks
Fresh air against my skin
My stomach fills with relief
I’m free

My skins safe from your touch
Out of reach of your grasp
I rejoice  
My heart fills with hope
First poem written in a long time. Constructive feedback very welcome :)
Amanda 10h
I blame you for the nightmares I experience
The thoughts that fill my weary head
I blame you for the teardrops that fall
The monsters underneath my bed

There was a time I was happy
That was before you left me here
I'm alone, all you've given me
Memories of a wonderful year

It is clear, I can see that you've moved on
No longer need my hand to hold
But wonder if I cross your mind
When stars are out and your bed feels cold

You are the reason things didn't work out
The one who wanted time apart
Now I am the only one in pain
I blame you for this broken mess of a heart
Blame doesn't do any good
Alone 16h
The sound of your voice, it lingers in my head; It feels a void of nothingness to come with sorrow.
        I can only imagine, a world without you.
                                  Reality is cruel, but I was even crueler.
                       I showed you the worst, and you gave me your best; I
            could only say
                                              “Thank You”
                           For showing me how to be happy
Johnny 21h
Do you know how long I waited?
To muster up an ounce of courage to ask
Of course you asked first
You were always better at talking
And knowing what you wanted
So we did
I don't regret a single moment
If anything...
I regret taking so long
I didn't know that I could love so deeply
So purely and happily
You were my better half no doubt about it
I just wish I could've been yours
I'm sorry
But I can't truly love someone until I love myself
I can't give you what you deserve
What you need
If I can't be happy with myself
I'm so sorry
I swore to protect you from hurting
But I failed
You don't understand why
Neither do I sometimes
I lay in bed wishing I had my shit together
So I could be together with you again
We said
Maybe down the road
But then you moved on
Or at least
That's what it looks like
I asked you not to wait for me
Cause that wasn't fair to you
Then I realized I was the one waiting
Now it seems like it's too late
I suppose it is
It's 1:30 am
I've spent 2 hours playing sad songs
And realizing that sometimes life happens
Sometimes it just sucks
Tons and tons of suckage weigh down on you
And it feels like you're suffocating
Right now
I feel lost
The way I'd get lost in your eyes
And yeah, this isn't much of a poem
But you were always the better poet anyway
Just a late night release,
It's a problem, you know,
when it feels like we can't talk.
I know
When the words escape me,
and the motivation was never there
to talk to you, that
Something is wrong.

if I'm being honest with my self
         not that it's easy to do
I'm not being honest to you.
But then you never were with me either—
were you?

It's over
I'm ok with that.
I think I want it to be.

Then again—
this might be nothing more than
me making something out of nothing
         which is something I'm prone to doing.
But at what point is me making excuses for you
an excuse for myself?

And even if I'm totally wrong in
my assumptions of your intent;
it doesn't mean it's not a problem.
To me,
I need more
a reassurance that it's not all in my head.
But that's not how you think.

We are
         fire and water
         night and day
         yellow and purple
         hot and cold
         spring and fall
         tired and energized
         love and hate
associated with one another
But terrible together.

And I'd ask you if any of that was true
         those late night I love you's.
But if they weren't, then truth be told
I don't know how I would handle it.
I'm just so tired of feeling both of our emotions when he doesn't carry his weight
Amanda 1d
I am afraid one day you will forget
Memories I'll always remember the most
I am not convinced you loved as much as me
Scared of becoming a faded ghost

Can't be sure of anything anymore
Not words you said now or then
One problem was that I always cared more
A fact you deny again and again

Nothing hurts more than thought
All that valuable time wasted
Too much unreciprocated love
Some days think about how you tasted

I watched our story play out like a movie
Know all too well this is the end
Always be haunted by memories I used to love
You don't deserve it, yet I miss you being my friend

Couldn't pour half my heart into life
Because you broke it with no concern for my tears
I was fucked up so I held on
You dragged me behind you for years

I imagine you will get over me soon enough
I will disappear from your mind, then your heart
Will never let your memory fade from within
I'll love shared past no matter how long we've been apart
I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughter would make me cry
Amanda 1d
I am so close I can reach out and touch you
But I do not think I could make you stay
If you wanted me you would be
With me longer than just one day

I saw the way you looked at me
You were happy to see me again
Everything you did reminded me
Why I haven't looked at other men

Maybe this is temporary
Soon we won't have to be apart
Hope you plan on coming back to me
Instead of wasting my time and heart
Possibly the only thing more valuable than time is love
Maddy 1d
how is it that months later I'm still stuck to you

no speaking, nothing, I'm stuck to you

I haven't seen your face yet im stuck to you

and my heart can't calm down because I'm stuck to you

I want nothing more than to be unstuck from you

but I can't let you go, I'm stuck to you
can you tell that i feel stuck?
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