im in the dark, listening to sad songs and writing about you. how immensely cliche
You have so many forms
the sad clinger, the brooding skater, the temperamental singer, the switch that is you
i allowed each of you in, to my mind
i gave my glow of adolescence away
and when you were denied, you erased me from your world
im a ghost of you
past loves passed in these dim halls
im haunting the school and you haunt my thoughts

though im dead to you im thriving in myself
im painting away the pain
abandoning the users
writing away the waves of crushing self-doubt
i have had time to lick my wounds
time to do something and live

eternus 1d

Fuck you
for making me feel like
I stood a chance

I never did.

The moment when
you stopped saying
"I love you"
is the moment when
I stopped sleeping.

And I've never been this sleepless before.
eternus 2d

When does the ache stop clawing out? When will I stop wanting to shout?

I said what I had to and turned away, but the pain lingers, to my dismay.

You fought, you spat, you came crawling back. My heart healed over just to brace the attack.

Your promises were empty, your words full of nothing. I was a fool to start blushing.

You've said it all to others, so these feelings-- I banish. With one last goodbye, our world will vanish.

You are not worth it. You never were.

Lost in my mind
You have been
Everything for me
Even though you are
Never coming back
You know that I am
Stronger than ever

Read it and then read it from the bottom. This was my first time trying this style of a poem
Dovey 3d

You must think my heart to be rotten
a bleeding thing, swarming with flies
if I could keep uttering my acidic words
despite all of your cries

And you must think
that I must think
your mind to be filled with ice
if I could be talking to you
while you watch with
this coolness in your eyes

And the rest must think
I get this grim satisfaction
this pleasure
from finally being the one to leave
"Isn't this what you always wanted?"


I wish you could've stayed with me.

I did it. I broke up with her. She's been keeping her distance lately, and it really stings. But that's nothing compared to how she must be feeling if she's avoiding me now. I really miss her.

Still, I don't want to date her if I'm confused about my feelings.

Ha, I was so worried about rotting her. But I got it wrong. It's my heart that's rotten now.
Carter 4d

These underlying thoughts choke me
telling me that I should kill myself
They drip into my lungs like acid
I breathe to stay alive and it
only makes living hurt worse
I’ve thought about loneliness
and it terrifies me beyond control
because though I seem on my own
these voices don’t let me go
Screaming Kill yourself
You’re not good enough
they beg me to be alone
With no one around
they’re free to scream
day and night
And if no one else is near
How could anyone really miss me?

Carter 4d

Static pours into my eardrums with an
Incessant buzz of thoughts:

I met with your body but created you within me
An imagination a dream or a thought don't know
But She is better than you
As She is you but not yours
The shadow of yours which neither hurts nor loves
But always stands supports and a sense of joy it soaks
One which is most close to fill the emptiness of mine
But She haunts me when I see you
Since She looks afraid of you for her's existence
As lie can't be the truth and truth can't lie
The outmost clarity within me is yours doubt
And yours doubt is my clarity of living
As my sense is pervert and consciousness absurd
This is how, A shadow  makes me complete

Inhumed in deep heart , the city of mine in captivity
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