Angie 3h
I gave you everything
You always returned it

Letting our illness get the best
Came crashing down

Both of us can’t pick each other up
Both blinded
Both came crashing down

I gave you everything
You always returned it

Why did we let it all crash
All the words left unsaid
Oh I don’t know
Never be alone
Even when you go
Vengeance in my heart
Everything I once knew
Ripped from my soul
But I am not alone
Even as you slip away
And here I remain
Lost in a world of grey
On my own, but not forlorn
Never shall I weep for you
Every moment, forever mine
"what was it like, with someone like him?" they'd ask me.

"it was like being drowned in an ocean full of stars. it blinded you, and suffocated you, and ruined you, but you couldn't stop staring at the beauty of it. you couldn't escape everything it radiated."

"so he was like god, then?"

"he was more than that. he was everything. he was the sunlight that dripped onto the trees and rooftops. he was the flowers that sprouted from underneath my feet. he was the water that ran through the creeks, and the blood that ran through my veins."
to the boy who seems to have forgotten that he left me.
BW 10h
I took out my heart, piece by piece
from the bin and you stuck it back
fractured, cello taped, but back in one piece
And I wore it carefully on my sleeve for
them to see you were there for me.

Then it became toxic, what was cute turned into
poison. You grew sick. And I frantically
annoyed you harder, desperate
not to show what fear was driving me.

My naivety, my vain, my egos and my tears
I didn't know whether you liked them
Probably not,
Probably I promised too much to be kept up
All I know is I wouldn't show them to anyone
else, I put a wall for everyone but you to find out
I was a child and you were the plushie
ripped from me, then apart.

I was your Kitty but I am a stray cat without
a home. How can you be a stray cat with all
your diamonds and pearls? They ask.
YSL Black Opium. Tiffany Collars. Cartier Bracelets.
I would give them all up.
A kitty will always be a stray cat, when without your love as her armor.
Simpathi 10h
She said goodbye,
And never looked back,
All I ever wanted,
Was the chance I never had.

She walked away,
With tears in her eyes,
I couldn’t save her,
But I would still try.

Her golden hair,
Shined on our last night,
And I had to bear,
The fallout of time.

I remember the times,
When my heart was still melting,
She told me her problems,
And I thought I was helping.

Her eyes sparkled,
Like stars in the night,
The only different is,
She won’t come back down.

Down to earth,
Where I’m patiently waiting,
Guess I’ll never earn,
Her trust serenading.

She wanted someone,
I failed to become,
I can’t change for her,
Cause change isn't enough.
Sometimes the only option left is to move on and keep searching... I wish you the best S.B.     <3
Danielle 14h
Shall I fade into the quiet nothingness?
To be lost?
To wander?
To exist in the dark places of your heart?

Shall I have no meaning?
No hope?
No love?
No light to guide my way?

I refuse.
Another old poem that has withstood the test of time upon it. I like the title best, because no one should have to accept nothing.
you said
I am a mystery.
But there is nothing mysterious
about suffocating
on your own
The Infinite Seas
A year ago today,
I would’ve cried at the thought,
Of us parting ways,
A feeling never sought.

But I look back at those photos of you and I,
And I know it’s over this time,
Because I no longer feel the way I used to,
It almost feels like a crime.

To let go of one so close to your heart,
And to let your love stray,
Who would’ve thought it would end like this,
A year ago today.
March 9th, 2017
Rosie 1d
I don’t blame you

I don’t blame you for being insecure
I don’t blame you for falling in love with someone incapable of loving you in return
I don’t even blame you for projecting your problems onto me
I understand that sometimes it’s easier to blame
our mistakes
our problems
on the people closest to us
I don’t blame you

I don’t blame you for our friendship falling apart
I don’t blame you for blocking me on every social media imaginable
I don’t even blame you for not speaking to me
I understand that we just weren’t
for each other anymore
I don’t blame you

But I do blame you

I blame you for insulting me behind my back
I blame you for not being there when I needed you
I blame you for thinking you were the only protagonist in this story
and I was just a side character

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew that for some
reason I don’t hate you
I wish you knew that I would still give you the shirt off my back
if shivers racked your body
Travel across the country
if you need something as simple as a hug
Cut my own heart out
if yours was broken

But I blame you

I blame you
Because I know
and I wish this wasn’t the case
That you wouldn’t do the same

I blame you
riwa 1d
i love you.
i miss you.
i need you.
please come back.
talk to me.
kiss me again.
im so sorry.
not in any specific order
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