I no longer see your face when I close my eyes,
a life with you is something I no longer visualise.
So thank you for freeing me from the shackles that did bind,
finally I can start a new chapter and leave all of this behind.

I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me,
just two bodies of atoms swimming round in an endless sea.

It's Thursday. You've just told me how you really feel. How the sky we painted blue has turned to grey, How the stars I captured for you began to fade.
One word, Ten letters.
It's Friday. I Haven't talked to anyone in hours. I can't get out of bed or bring myself to leave the house.
One word, Five letters.
It's Saturday. I'm pushing away the thought of you, and I'm wiping away the words you stained my skin with. I'm out with friends, but I'm all alone.
One word, nine letters.
It's Sunday, And your voice is forever bouncing around my skull as I wipe away the words I have left to give to you.
One word, seven letters.
It's Monday. A day I dread regardless of the event or time, but a day I can't get through with the weight of the world and the weight of your woes on my shoulders.
One word, Four letters.
It's Tuesday. I haven't talked to you since you crushed my heart under your foot, laughing the whole way. I don't care if you've destroyed me, because I would give anything to hear your laugh.
One word, Seven Letters.
It's Wednesday. No one is sure how okay I am. I stopped talking two days ago. I only watch as everyone carries on without my conversation, and only watch as everyone, including you, fails to notice.
One word, Seven more letters.
It's Thursday again, and I'm trying to forget the feel of harsh words and tongues like knives. I'm trying to forget the words you etched into my skin. I'm trying to remember how to sew a broken heart without falling off the string and I'm trying to forget the taste of your name mixed with tears and gin. It's not working.
One word, Nine letters.

I have squandered so much energy
hoping to understand you,
that I regretfully left none for myself,
and anything learned is naught;
next time leave me a blank letter
since that gives more substance
than simply walking away.

Tired man, so tired. Nothing makes sense.
JAC 1d

Laughter won't come so easy
Hands will stop being soft
Conversation will empty
The same jokes will tire
Lips will taste of past
Messages will slow
Desire will falter
But for now
Things are
So good.

You knew how i got all my scars
Except the one i got when you left

requiEM 2d

If they leave
They leave
Without you in mind.

If they leave
They leave
And continue to whine.

If they leave
They leave
Feeling outshined.

If you leave
You leave
Hurt behind.

i wish i could be
what you want
or what you need.

i could be either,
but at this point
it would only seem
like i’m trying to win
you back, selfishly.

i wish i had told you
who i am.

maybe if i had told you
who i am
things would be different

but it’s too late.

it’s too late for us,
too late for me
to tell you who i am.

so i’ll just scrub my skin
and wash my brain,
and try not rip at my flesh
because i don’t want
to cause you more pain.

i wish things were
i wish things were
the same.

i want you to be happy,
i want to be happy too;
i wish i could be happy
with you.

i wish i could have
been myself
with you.

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