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Gautham 6h
The silent scream
of a broken heart
as it gasps for air
in a violent stream
of dreams and despair.

Our painful past
on a gloomy night.
The gush of remorse,
a gentle stab
which pains the most.

A tangled mess
beneath the
the veil of happiness,
seeking her way
to a life that's gay.

Scars from the past
once wounds we
Memoirs that stayed
unlike the roses
which withered.

Ours was not love,
But a toxic wreck.
A glorious dismay
of two lives that
went astray.
Why do I do this
Why do I do this to myself
I see you moving on it hurts
I want you back in my arms again
Even though you left me paralyzed
You see me as a friend
I see you as a life I'll never have
I try make amends
But you push them away
Leaving me in pain
I don't know why I try
I just think I'd rather die if I can't have you by my side
Lately I've been feeling all alone
cause you left me broken
Yea I still have my soul
But it doesn't replace your love
Why do this
Why do I do this to myself
Inspiring by xxxtentacion revenge, might be better as a song
How could you do this?
How could you do this?
Now I don't mean to come off like I'm obsessing about you
But I obsessively obsess about the things I've done
Remember back when I said I'm sorry?
Told you I felt like a drain
Told you I felt like I cause pain
Well now I'm back again
Let me apologize for apologizing
I don't really think before I say stuff
You probably gonna look at this like "this *****"
But that's okay I don't really need your opinions, I'm growing up
But I need to know
What I do wrong?
Hey, hey, hey!
What I do wrong?
Ye I know I apologise alot
But that's just my thoughts
I know I can be kinda obsessive and possessive
I know I can be kinda emotional
I know loving me can be a struggle
I swear I'm getting better though
Got a therapist and I'm getting back on my meds
Maybe they can fix my head
Maybe they can get rid of the dread
Maybe they can explain why I want to be dead
This isn't a pity party
I'm just telling you what's going on inside of my head
Hey, hey, hey!
What I do wrong?
Remember back when you said you loved me
Said you weren't ready for a relationship
But you could own me
That made me feel kinda funny
Like I was just a little play toy
Like I was nothing more to you than a quick fix
I see you got a new sub
I still hope they'll be better than me
I still wish nothing but the best
But I gotta know
What I do wrong?
Hey, hey, hey!
What I do wrong?
Sometimes I wish you'd leave me alone
But then you message me and I just can't let go
See you feeling kinda depresso
Hit you up like "hey, what's wrong, can I help you?"
I guess that's just my deepest fear
That I can't save you
I think it comes from some previous life trauma
Think I'm afraid to loose
Cause I lost my mama
Not to death but to my self hatred
Hit her up like
Hey, hey, hey!
What I do wrong?
I think this would make a better song, but hey what do I know
I don't know why I can't, seem to find happiness for myself
I've tried so hard to love
But I always push away
Afraid to get attached
It hurts deep inside, feels like I'm dyin'
But I mask my feelings
Pretend to be happy all the time
I'd give anything to be content
**** I hate this feeling
The dread inside
Drives me to suicide
And I don't wanna let you go
So the only way is to die
I'll dig my own grave tonight
Burry myself
Then I'll be free from the thoughts inside
Break ups are hard, but writing helps
My heart is an anchor,
My mind sets me free,
Thinking too much,
About what we could be.

Drained of my energy,
I'm trying to clear,
The mess that you made,
From believing your fear.

Looking for an external sign,
Rather than looking within,
I should have known better,
Than to bare your sin.

My back is broken,
Fighting my way down,
Every time you think of me,
You'll feel like a clown.

Time to focus on loving me,
I deserve much more,
Save your tears for another day,
It's time to close the door.
That curse,
your singing lathe of words
astounds all as you stand.

The light,
that graying, fading sight
betrays all you command.
A couplet in disguise. ***-fueled imaginary memory.
your demons still haunt me,
they show up in my sleep

they creep into my mind at night,
coming to remind me of your existence

you send them, so you can still possess a side of me

they replay all the **** you did to me,

they whisper (laugh),
“you can never get rid of me darling”

you truly are the devil, aren’t you?
Jiya 2d
it's okay
if you're too broken
to love me

i'm broken too hard feelings...
i burned them
to forget everything

your words still haunt me
and how you no longer want me
in your life

i cried
and felt cold and numb,
i felt nothing

you lied to me
when we were at the
middle of our love,
you said i was your girl,
your everything
at one moment, you no longer want me.

i burned them
to forget how you look like,
how it feels like to be without you

may your sweet lying lips
stay glued
til you realize how much you
hurt me.

your stuff,
they're all burned
and became ashes to nothing
just like how i felt
towards you now.
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