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Sabrina 24m
I shouldn't expect anything from you anymore
Only "I'm sorry"
Because you hate yourself for the pain
You caused me
But that's okay now
Because the only one who's still suffering the consequences
The lesson
Through the pain
Is you
Difference between you and I right now is,
I've always been a quick learner.
Thank you.
Katy 2h
Silence speaks v o l u m e s

It's just not what you want to h e a r
she used to kiss me at red lights.
I would make her coffee in the mornings,
and maybe leave a note under the mug
for her to wake up to.
some mornings, I wouldn't even have time 
to make myself a coffee 
because I was running late to class.
we would sleep in too often.
she would crawl out of bed,
with her blonde hair shining by the light
from my window, her soft smile poking through
the top of her shirt as she hastily threw it on,
and would run with me out the door to her car
to make sure I got to class on time.
now, I get to class early,
I have a coffee every morning,
and red lights last
twice as long.
Laura 18h
I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
And now you're gone
You took my poems
And broke my heart
Leaving nothing
In its place
But tears and grief

I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
To show you just
How much I loved you
The words came naturally
From my heart
To my pen
And now it's just heartbreak
From the hole in my chest
To my pen
We could have jumped
directly off the cliff
but instead,
we're paragliding.

These winds of change
are terrifying, tough, and turbulent.
Still, our stomachs are in knots.
Still, we wonder where we'll land.
Still, we will coast,
to the bottom.

And maybe I won't be scared
of heights,
or the ground
by the time it's over.
Ava 21h
You dug me a grave
and told me that
you will join too.
I jumped in
without fear,
but where are you?
mae 21h
you admitted to knowing
that in the end
you would break my heart
and i think
that is
what hurt the most.
when you told me the truth.
Ava 21h
You knew what you
were doing to me.
You knew that
it would hurt.
You knew my
and used those
against me.

I'm not sure what
I did to you.
I'm not sure why
you turned dark.

Maybe the darkness
was always there.
Maybe my suffering
turned you on.

Maybe I knew that
you never loved me.
Maybe I knew that
you never cared.
Maybe I let you do these
things because I
loved you too deeply.

How do you live
without me?
How am I supposed
to move on?
How am I supposed to
believe when someone
else says the things that
you said when I live
in fear of repetition?

******* for
picking me.
******* for causing
me pain.
What monstrous love that an empire of words building up,
Can be torn down by a single transgression, as if to start again in solitude!

What monstrous love that conditions line our very affections.
And that under circumstances they dwindle and give.

What monstrous love that pouring your heart out no longer is good enough,
Because you’ve had to do it to keep yourselves together.

But I shift backwards in my squandering,
And reside in what I’ve built.
Our tapestry laid across the face and ***** a quilt.
All this love I’ve been hoarding, gathering it for later. Laundering.
But, is it monstrous if it is all for naught? To wilt?
To these ends, experience for broken hearts, I am left pondering.
A poem I wrote at the very end of my relationship, 2 days before we broke up. We just got into a huge fight, and things were already starting to look grim. But we held on to familiarity, albeit for too long. (- -}- -}- -}A B A B A B)
A W 23h
Started with history class,
without knowing that it would pass.
Puppy dogs eyes and and shy butterfly kisses.  
Together we felt inseparable and powerful.

It wasn't perfect, but it sculpted me into a finished work of art;
a project that finally found itself being complete.

You passion for studying eyes and keeping my nose in books, it seemed too good to be true.
Maybe that's what blinded us to see our failing relationship.

Hey I still appreciate you, that's easy to tell.
How I grasp at any way I can to message you because its so ingrained.  
Hope you find a girl that you can settle down with one day.

You deserve it.

You made it possible for me when I closed myself off,
You caused a shift in my confidence after it was shattered time again.

I will always love you deep down but when you love someone, the hardest thing might just be the best thing. I'm sorry that it was by letting you go.
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