emotions RUN rampant


like the path of moonSoon windS

screams, Yells and cries

Music in discoRd

fear aLL around

elepHants traMple on grasses

grasses, NOWHERE to hide

young plead with old

When mum and dad fight.
I lost a tooth.
I was quite upset.
But I got a quarter
So, I understood.

I fell off my bike.
I scraped my knee.
I admit I cried.
But, I understood.

The neighbor boy hit me.
I believe he hates me.
I hit him back and he cried.
Then I understood.

I got the measles.
I had to stay in bed.
Missing school was okay.
Easy to understand.

I broke my leg skating.
It hurt so much, scary.
I had to wear a cast.
I totally understood.

Two guys attacked me.
I had to fight both of them.
They leave me alone now.
Then they understood.

I fell in love with a girl.
She is from the Middle East.
My friends hate her.
I’ll never understand.
miki 1d
how wonderful it was to walk through life
thinking everything was flowers and daisies
when in reality it was not
everything was thunderstorms and poisoned rain

and it still is.
Dan Beyer Feb 5
I can’t just sit and listen anymore,
Like I use to do as a kid.
To sit and listen without contribution,
But to hear the frequencies in the voices.
Grown people can't do that I've found.
Grown people take up too much space.
They become not just a pair of ears,
But also a mouth that repeats what it hears.
Children aren't seen, and they aren't heard.
Flip the switch and now that you've grown
You are always watched.
And you're expected to speak.
Gone are the days of idle observation.
H A N A 2d
While you're young,
do what you want to do
Spend all your money,
sleep until noon
Do procrastination,
stare at the moon.

While you're young,
be careless sometimes
so that the elders will advise you
the things you need to do
and those you have to know.

While you're young,
don't be the child
who's dying to grow old
You're not running after time,
Time runs after you.
Life is too short to hold back. Do what makes you happy. Be the person you want to be. Be brave but most importantly, be you.
Nostalgic for a life I never lived.
These False memories keep me sane.
A rapturous child with so much potential.
I want to be small again.
Pinal 3d
I aspire to be known
Not by face, but by word
And the messages I've shown
The world, the messages that they heard.
I am yet unsure of whether
I will amount to anything one day
But my poetry serves to tether
My legacy to the words I fail to say.
Pali 3d
one. my brother is in love with a girl.

two. my mom saw me reading peculiar books she asked me what was the story about. i just laughed and told her, ‘you know just the usual.’ she doesn’t know.

three. it was when i lied to my mother about school.

four. i cried myself to sleep.

five. i forgot to brush my teeth. it’s not that i’m unhygienic but when your body is too tired to live, it’s just too difficult to move.

six. i decided not to throw a birthday party when i was
6 years old. it’s not that we can’t afford it, but
i know that no one would show up except for that
boy with the weird hair and imperfect teeth.

seven.  it’s my third day in bed.

eight. i tried cutting myself. i tried but i’m too tired
to move.

nine. i’m so angry. i’m so fucking angry. i’m so fucking

ten. it was when the funniest kid started to cry.
he didn’t said why. he remained like that for god
knows how long. that was when i knew that sadness
lives in every single one of us.

eleven. a few of my friends cut themselves to calmness. i
just watch them get eaten by the lines they drew.

twelve. i regret saying that.

thirteen. but i said it anyway.

fourteen. i’m too in love with the idea that someone better
will come, turns out that each person is the right
person. we just live in a timeline where they never

fifteen i looked through a keyhole and saw my parents’

sixteeni need someone. not the suicide hotline. i need
someone real. i need someone. i need someone. i
need someone. i fucking need someone.

seventeen. i’m falling in love with someone whose heart beats
fast for everybody except for me.

eighteen. i'm in a birthday party. everybody's laughing because someone made a joke about god. i left.
hi this is my first time here in hellopoetry.
I left my home in the name of education
I left my hometown in the name of higher education
I left my state in the name of graduation
I left my family in the name of aspiration

At times, I miss my childhood
Although, the fun & friends weren't the same in my adulthood
In order to get rid of their falsehood
I left them too, for my own good

I have traveled so far away from home
Now, When I let my thoughts to roam
All they bring back is sadness and pain
And then, I left my tears to drain

I lost myself in this whole journey of life
There were times when I often looked for a knife
Not just to kill me but to end the pain
I left everything and I'm waiting for a magical rain
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