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See this place? This place right here?
This is the place I hold most dear.

A place for laughter, for love, for smiles.
A place to come and stay for a while.

Its rock and earth has hugged every toe
Of barefooted children who’ve come here to grow.

Every tree has been watered with each tear they’ve shed.
And the stones made for skipping hold their secrets, once said.

The wind whispers music the children dance to,
With skinned knees and elbows, and tangled hair-do’s.

Each hill tells a memory of moments gone to soon.
Like fireflies in a jar caught under a full moon.

See that place? That place right there?
It’s where cousins become friends and live without a care.

They run and they jump, they giggle and scream.
And with rolled up blue jeans, they splash in its stream.

Into the woods where they place make believe.
Where all the stars hold tight to every wish they receive.

This place is not just dirt, earth and tree;
It’s the best place on earth, the place that made me.

How about you? Does this place make you grin?
Do you feel what I feel when you breathe its air in?

That feeling is joy, peace, hope, and bliss.
It’s babes wild and free. Oh, this place I will miss.

See this place? This place right here?
This is the place my heart will always hold near.

~B. Elizabeth G.~
I jumped on my bike as fast as I could
but not fast enough, it did me no good
the bully kid was big and mean and acted very tough
laughing all the while he quickly knocked me on my duff

Rubbing grass in my mouth, slapping me in the face
him laughing at me, me feeling so disgraced
he punched me so hard then left me crying on the ground
I slowly stood up, was there anyone else around?

I gathered up my books and slowly climbed on my bike
and pedaled straight home mustering all of my might
"What happened to you, son?" Mom was the first to see
I cried as I replied "I got beat by a bully!"

"I'm so sorry for you son, I'm so sad that you were harmed"
just then my dad walked in and immediately looked alarmed
Dad quickly asked me "Son, did you give him back the same?"
I sheepishly said "no" re-experiencing the shame.

My dad just stared awhile then said "I don't like what you're becoming.
Next time you better fight, give the bully what he's got coming!
First you punch him in the stomach then you hit him in the face
He won't hurt you any more, when you put him in his place!"

I slowly nodded as he left, then Mom quickly gave my cheek a kiss
"I'm so proud of you son for not fighting him with your fist
The Lord's servant doesn't need to fight but should be gentle instead"
"Yes ma'am" I quickly said as conflicting counsel twirled round my head

The next 5 years at school when tensions flared I was a gentle talker
as a bully approached my sophomore year I threw him against his locker!

Thank you Mom and Dad!
10/2/2019 - Poetry form:  Couplets - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
childhood memories
daddy says get the lead out-
pencil tip shatters
4/24/2019 - Poetry form:  Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
izzn Oct 12
I hold you through
this current flows
Don't worry, just check-in,
it's just another wave

Hurting bones, pale skin,
I got a lump in my throat
It's nothing, you'll be fine,
I say underneath my breath

I had a dream that one day
you'd be bigger than me
Broad figure,
won't let people down,
you'd lift them up instead

Twenty-six and you
keep on shrinking
Turn that frown
upside down,
I know you're stronger than this

and I know you love your childhood clothes
we made plans to keep it
but now I hope
we can throw it away

because you're supposed to
fit in it no more
be like other people, grow
each and every day

I had a dream that one day
you'd be bigger than me
Broad figure,
won't let people down,
you'd lift them up instead

Twenty-six and you
keep on shrinking
Turn that frown
upside down,
I know you're stronger than this

We both know you're stronger than this

So please, be stronger than this
because you're stronger
You liar
You **** of the earth
Trying to get in my room
You disgusting excuse
For a piece of flesh
You user
You narcissist
Took without thinking
Without care
You robbed me
Of my childhood
Of my innocence
And let me
Blame myself
For all of it.
Juliana Oct 11
Wind blowing.
Lines passing
and passing
and passing.


He turns on the radio.
David Allen Coe.
The perfect country song.
The new country is ****
he says.

We get him a Taylor Swift
album for his birthday.
He laughs, but I love it.
She's fun, she's happy.

And then it starts.
First with Taylor.
Then the Jonas Brothers,
And One Direction.

And then, it's my turn.
Troye Sivan, R5,
James Arthur.

The radio is no longer
Filled with comfort.
Cardi B, Sia,
Endless DJs,
and names yet to
Be heard from again.

Some, yes,
I come to like eventually,
But most,
Foreign noise in a
formally safe atmosphere.

No longer is the wind
messing up my hair.
Now the windows
are barricaded,
Refusing to let the
melody be silenced.

But every so often.
I will go back into that safe place,
Into a different chair,
The windows down,
Music so loud that
I can't even hear him singing,
And I will sing along too,
To the perfect country song.
K Oct 6
Pink hair and big doe eyes,
plastic clothes and purses.
Do this, do that,
argue with me.
Show me the beginnings,
of my Insanity.
Play as girl, play as boy, get married and kiss.
Fly across the world.
Hold me in your hands like an angel could, if I ever believed in those things,
if I ever would.
Take me to the prisoner,
fill me up with shame,
tarnish memories with rust,
set a doll's eyes aflame.
But no!
It was pink,
like buttercream,
it was sickly sweet.
I am nothing if not human,
nothing if not bone and meat.
Hold me like a child,
like the painting on the wall.
An angel pure and simple,
gasping at it all.
The other is smoking,
trails of gray-blue,
the disastrous danger that is me,
shining right through.
Amy Oct 5
me high,
me back and forth,
me so i can taste being free
me away from the horrors of the world
me towards the peaceful, clear, endless sky
me back to childhood, where everything was exhilarating and pure
me to paradise
me away.
the only escape i have is in the park where i feel free once again, before reality of the world surfaced and snatched my innocence away...
I know I'm complex, but I still hold
Out hope that I'm someone
Worth Solving

Figure me out!
Learn how I tick!
And how I turn off
So you won't flip
My switches
The wrong ways

And we can light each other up
Without being afraid of
All the memories
Of times it happened when
It never should have

I know there's a light in me
That burns as bright as any other
It's just buried so deep that
People get lost and give up
Please don't give up on me

I haven't given up yet,
I just want someone to
Get me lost out of my mind
Out of my control
For the first time

And not everyone's a diver
But I know some of you
Like the thrill of a solving
The unsolvable, the plunge
Into the deep

I have to believe
I hold a treasure worth
Discovering or how else
Will someone put up with
The risks I pose?
Simon Oct 4
These memories of mine,
These senses through time;

Whisper of a never-ending summer,
And never-changing souls.
As if hidden behind ones own reflection,
Never to be reached again.

For, the only place this exiled world is permitted,
Is amidst the realms of dreams and limbo.
And solely a gaze beyond oneself,
May reveal the leap between realities.

So, here I stand on the edge of beginnings,
Ready to join the eternal summer;
Misled by the luring benevolence of timelessness,
In need of guidance back to the truth.
This is a description of me facing the inevitable fate of growing up and losing the innocent, doubtless and strong person I thought I was. Instead now I am left with a choice. Choose ignorance and safety and try to become the harmless kid I was, or accept my destiny and explore the depths of my monstrous capabilities. If the wolf tries to act a sheep, what will he then say to the impulses of his nature?
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