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From the blooming dandelions
That grow in the gardens of the kindred soul
Is a peculiar dream
That with every yellow petal becomes
A wishful fly away
Within its colourless softness
Searching for new soil
To bury itself
And grow

But it’s the insignificant things
That weigh down the petals  
Whenever they gather the willpower
To float towards a horizon
That divides the insecurities
And the biggest fears of the dreamer
So instead the petals become rain
That wash away the remnants
Of a scorching sun

And some time after
The water carries with it
The seed of the dandelion
And along a distant road
It grows once again
Waiting for another
To come set it free
So that it can carry those old ambitions
Back to one who’s still searching for courage
Along the horizon in their dreams
hybridstorm May 13
Flow through my dry hair,
Enrich me with your strength,
Kiss me on my cheek softly,
And let me grow into a grove over you.
Certain people, places, things and forces have the power to love you and heal you so much that you end up forever indebted to them, for their unshaken and unconditional care. Respect them, and they sweep you off of your feet, into a world of beauty and brightness.
TD May 12
I am weaker than I seem—
a product of what will never be..
my crutch hewn from the cypress tree.

As I journey such deceptive trails
along cratered depths and rocky ground
life is swollen—there—sorrows abound.

Tottering amid the dips and turns
a babe in armor while guardians stalk
my lame feet stumble—walk.

The gnarled companion
wizened with age.
He battles on while trials rage.

I couldn’t preview
such an upper hand
my knees too spindly for me to stand.

On my own
I fail the storm
my cypress crutch—lukewarm.

But take it in
a desperate grip
it becomes a stewards ship.

And knights
my weighted shoulders light.
He storms the shores beyond my sight.

I’ll take my crutch
He’ll take the blame.
And I’ll never be the same.

Thank God.
His cause was written before my name.
Pyrrha May 11
If all the wrong doings and doers that have or will come to me
Were to hand over a key to their destruction before they leave
I'd melt it down to nothing so they never again feel that initial fear
I'd never allow such weakness to remain in these moments tied to pain
For from within every weakness either strength or evil is released
So as I melt away the demons fears, so too myself have I reprieved
Weak is fast from the land in the past but just how long do you think it lasts

Life is strange which needs to change now my hands in cast.. Love at last and my heart  beats faster as I pray for no disaster,

sitting here with all this fear yet I love you forever after x..
Meysa Apr 29
I think that
as a writer
my writing is my biggest strength
yet my biggest weakness
because if you lose yourself in these flurry of words
you will come to love me
but if you see past them
you will come to know me.
- I pour a little bit of myself into every poem that I write.
Lottie R Page Apr 21
You see everybody but me,
Why is that,
Biologically programmed to love me yet you don't show any,
Worst part is, you don't have a clue when you do what you do,
One of the only people in this world that can cut me deep with your words,
I know it's pretty absurd,
I get it,
You thought I'd be more,
But why you really mad at me for,
You're the one that painted my path,
Didn't kick me in the *** when I needed it,
You were supposed to gift me with encouragement, love and inspiration,
I was given self doubt and scars that ran deep,
Never wanting to come across as weak,
Quite possibly the reason I can't sleep,
The reason I stay quiet and rather not weep,
Maybe I'm crazy to say it,
But you ruined me,
My ability to truly be free,
Because I'm trapped in this mind of mine,
I hope it pains you to know that you hindered my ability to grow,
This isn't a show,
I can't blame you for everything ,
But you sure didn't help,
Had to do all of this for myself,
Slowly building my self wealth,
Just maybe it's a good thing,
You know the whole, you believing in everybody except me,
Because when I finally get to where I want to be,
I'll have no one to thank but me.
Bob Apr 16
You claim that

A line I heard more than once.


A strong person
Need not
Tell himself
That he's strong

He simply knows that he is.

He need not to look in the mirror
And convince himself.


Whatever it is you
Have in your head.

C'mon, take a seat

Talk to me.
Crying and fully embracing your emotions is often seen as unmanly but in reality it's quite the opposite. It's okay to be weak, to be vulnerable.
What are these droplets upon my face?
Tears?  No.
I call them weakness.
I have that kind of mentality.
lua Apr 4
falling in love is frightening
it is a cruel, terrifying thing
to allow yourself to collapse into the arms of a stranger
to let them dissect each word you say
each thought, each laugh that escapes
each tear that rolls down your cheeks
and every inch of skin across your body
to allow your knees to buckle and shake at the very thought of their name
and to allow your heart into their palms
allowing them to do anything to it
falling in love is frightening.
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