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Glass 2d
there have been sureties
not been able to suffer from avoidance;
contiguity and octave that when our hands compose
they become
a cistern prognosis which are
visibly shut
in there own organs waiting for
an unborn character to
upset through weakness, and a
faltered selfish flavor that jolts into
a superstition of your own apathetic

- G
Official poem of 2019
Zywa 5d
He is sweet, but a man
In order to protect me
he loses

himself in impotence
acting tall
doesn't want to be consolable

on his haunches in the corner
hesitates to change
and ponders about a miracle

from himself, hungrily
the fire beats out of his heart
searching for fuel and glory

seeking balance and afraid
to find it in the ashes
of his desires
Collection “Webgarden”
Yenson 7d
Nope, not plastic, superficial
feet planted firmly on the ground
a realist that calls it as it is
If I lie to myself I can't make sound judgements
that ain't cool
mean what you say, say what you mean

I was not raised to harbour fear.
call yourself a man then be a man
mothers and wives ain't made for nursing
after a certain age
get out there, go cut mustard, she told me
and never come crying to me
cause I ain't going to hang around forever
wiping your tears

Remember who you are and what you are
it ain't a bed of roses, fight if you have to
don't trouble trouble or else trouble will
trouble you.
but know there are ******* out there
and if need be fight till you drop
I did not raise a fool in this house of mine.

Remembrance and memories I devour them eagerly
good ones are treasured and cherished
wrapped away carefully and visited whenever
Bad one are equally eaten up, extract lessons
and **** the rest out, never respect negativity
never give it a hold in your cultivated persona

See nonsense for nonsense, **** is waste
we don't recycle **** , we set good examples
in dignity is our expectations let others shame
all is worthless without honour or dignity
by their words you will know them
they will cower and in fear they will fight your light
You will be upheld in grace, you are truth in spirit
You know who you are  
and if you die, you will die in grace
cultivation, solid, real, wisdom, knowledge truth.
myrrh Jan 9
Eyes ajar, still can't gaze far
No one dies, still feel subpar
Time flies & the days say their goodbyes
& you won't know my struggles, there's no memoir
Don't like to parade my weakness
I **** for people to see the value of my uniqueness
So bye trust, I can't reclaim you
Heart's inflamed & my mind hurts too,
I blamed & despised myself, so curse you
Find it hard to love, because it brings pain too
Yet I still seek validation regardless
I'm aware of my low valuation,
But please take me irregardless
This desire to be held needs to be quelled
Numerous attempts have been withheld
Inner contretemps between fear & paranoia
Has been ruinous. Don't feel contempt; I'm in ruins
I’ve been scarred from head to toe so many times, it’s impossible to tell the old me from my recent history

My mind scarred from disease
                                       My feet from anxiety
My hands from guilt
                         My stomach from impurities

My heart scarred from betrayal, never to trust again
My ears from stupidity that never fails to turn on me

                                   My face from insomnia
My arms from inability
                                             My gut from fear
My shoulders from loneliness
                                         My fists from fights
My eyes from violence
                                     My knees from failure
My bones from pain
                              My ankles from weakness
My reputation from mistakes

And my soul from these dark clouds that refuse to fade...
Hartaz Kaur Dec 2018
Sweet mutterings and promising vows
Tightly held hands, manoeuvring all bends

Exchanging confidences of lifelong affinities
Forming a morally binding, spiritual entity

Then aimlessly wandering solo on his journey
A foreign body, piques his curiosity

The protesting of one and the persisting of another
A maniacal passion, melting honour to error

He returns to her with marks not her own
Indelible upon her heart, hurt she's not known

As he sits by the fire and laments his folly
He is forever engulfed, in the abyss of her memory
The folly of many ever since mankind's conceptualisation and enforcement of a commitment, always spelling out the same ending.
Carl Webb II Dec 2018
how do insecurities creep inside
at our most powerful moments?

how does weakness get through power?
is it not just weakness?

how does sunshine get through rain?
well, is it not just sunshine?

can rainy times not provide a bit of power?
is it not, still, just a little rain?

is it not, still, just a little aitch-two-oh?
do we not, still, need it to survive?

does the rain just not provide?
does the sunshine not provide, too?

do we not need both to stay alive?

again, I will ask you,
how does weakness get through power?

is it not still weakness?
is it not still power over all?
are they both not necessary?
do we not need both of them together?

maybe 'why' would be the better.

why does weakness get through power?
does it not know . . . how to be a

no, why, why does the weakness have the
ability to push its way through walls of power?
that's not possible! . . . right?

yes, how, how does the weakness have
the strength to stop the power from doing its job . . .
how does it know what to do to counteract power, at will?
is it not just weakness, still?

is it not just weakness . . . still . . .
why does weakness have the power . . . ?

yes, why does the weakness have power . . .
how does the weakness devour . . .
how can the weakness be wolfish . . .
how can the weakness over power . . .

how can the "weak" get through the "powerful" . . . I ask you . . .

Just Ivan Dec 2018
Lately, I wonder.. whats really important?
I wonder if its love and or elopement?

I know the things I want but assume I'm undeserving.
So I keep my mouth shut.
Trying to keep my words vague and reassuring.
Pretending i'm not stuck in this rut.

I crave purpose, I want to take risks.
Intimidated by my shadow.
I slap my wrists.
can't help but feel hollow.

I'll continue to trudge on through.
Because I've been told, that's the right thing to do.
Try Dec 2018
we got it one way or another and we all got our own way of dealing with it,
yeah everyone has their way of
everyone has their way of
dealin, dealin, dealing
with the stress.
some freak out, some take deep deep breaths,
hobbies, crafts, some cut and self mutilate,
it doesnt make you weak, you got strength, lots of strength, hard times come hard times go, yet everyone has their way of
yeah everyone has their way of
dealin, dealin, dealin
with the stress.

© Try
noren Dec 2018
You don't have to
flex your strength
in every battle.

There are many wars
that you have to fight
with your inaction.

It might appear
to be your weakness
but actually holds
the power to bring peace.
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