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I S A A C Jun 17
always thought a man was what i needed
thought that there was reason
why, after how hard I tried
love kept declining, defying my expectations
moving in and out of happy places
but i found something
watered my seeds, watched them grow into trees
now i revel in the sweetness of its berries
i dont need a man, i dont even think i want one
art is my soulmate, time is no longer my weakness
bite into life’s big peaches
no need for men in my reach
art is my soulmate, my vibe is Venus
Chris Hutchison Nov 2021
No milk.
Why hast God forsaken me?
Alex Gifford Aug 2021
I have eaten all your brothers;
you're the only one that's left.
The last soldier for the slaughter.
Your last moments before death.

I'm a man made in God's image,
You're a nut born in a field.
And the trick to your undoing
is the ***** inside your shield.

So my hand descends from heaven
and it lifts you to the sky.
Then I pull but you hold steady,
you stand firm although I pry.

You have won oh mighty peanut.
'Gainst this beast survival's bleak.
Not from strength did you prevail
But by having nothing weak.
I couldn't open a pistachio and for whatever reason that failure was stuck in my mind. I knew there was something symbolic about it that I needed to explore so I wrote this.
Michael A Duff Aug 2021
Love is indeed art
Simple to see and embrace
A challenge erased
What is love and how do we know it, couple times found in your life, only to be lost and discovered like the rise and fall of the sun. Fooled and shamed into believing only to see clearly later it was game and Pons were topled for her pleasure. She is an island that is not reachable if it was you'd be stranded and slowly die.
George Krokos May 2021
Over the past year or so I've become a little bit more extroverted
as I'm not meditating as much these days like I used to be
and this may not be such a bad thing if my mind isn't perverted
or led astray on the wrong path most of the world is we see.
But here again this could be just an admission of weakness
trying to justify the position that I now find myself to be in
along with the rest of the world experiencing a global sickness
in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic the result of man's sin.
The madness of this world has brought on this pandemic
and the underlying cause of it is systemic.
Written in March 2021.
cassandra Apr 2021
high heels
red lips
your weakness
but does
it help
love deeper?
Sharon Thomas Mar 2021
What you call love;
I call weakness.

Don't mind my bleakness.
I wasn't always this way.

Monsters make monsters,
I've heard somewhere.
I guess I am one,
with no love to spare.

Love makes you feel all kinds of things;
Yet not warned are we
'bout people
whose actions sting.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but if that's love for you and this is for me,
I guess all it did was make me
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