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never going out with it
the hole that's leaving my soul bare
im guilty
i wish i could tell you things
instead i can only stare
and pray you understand
Johnny Jan 4
Cold are the leaves of the tree
I climb to the top
I need that yellow fruit
But not for me.

Wind cutting through my skin
Rain falling down my face
They must not see my pain
Keep the tears within.

I hope I don't fall
No time to stretch
Unless I have the fruit
They will not catch.
Life of men
wading through
the shallows
a dip
in this sea
does not
at first
particularly appealing
the surface is
a microcosmic tempest
of shingle
and sand
upon toes
upon ankles
upon shins

a tickle
of seaweed
leaves paranoia
where sense
and logic
should reside
i'm wondering
where sea snakes
are usually found

against each swell
to keep shoulders
above water
somebody calls out
and laughs
they are not
by these
alien forms
ever closer
leaving me
no option but
to struggle
to remain
as they pass
too close
for comfort

when the depth
forces me
to give up
my toehold
of sand
or shell
to tread water
and embrace
the solitude
i will see
how truly clear
the waters
can be
little lion Jul 2022
but a scar;
marring the freckled skin of my arms
the dips and valleys of my thighs.

an unhealed wound that
echos in the cavern
surrounding the pieces of my heart
that lay scattered along the shore
of my spirit.

each day glides across my skin
like a knife,
cutting deeper and deeper
into the depths of my body,
bringing nothing but sorrow, pain,
and the whispered words:

"be strong."
My spirit is empty and my body aches.
I S A A C Jun 2022
always thought a man was what i needed
thought that there was reason
why, after how hard I tried
love kept declining, defying my expectations
moving in and out of happy places
but i found something
watered my seeds, watched them grow into trees
now i revel in the sweetness of its berries
i dont need a man, i dont even think i want one
art is my soulmate, time is no longer my weakness
bite into life’s big peaches
no need for men in my reach
art is my soulmate, my vibe is Venus
Chris Hutchison Nov 2021
No milk.
Why hast God forsaken me?
Alex Gifford Aug 2021
I have eaten all your brothers;
you're the only one that's left.
The last soldier for the slaughter.
Your last moments before death.

I'm a man made in God's image,
You're a nut born in a field.
And the trick to your undoing
is the ***** inside your shield.

So my hand descends from heaven
and it lifts you to the sky.
Then I pull but you hold steady,
you stand firm although I pry.

You have won oh mighty peanut.
'Gainst this beast survival's bleak.
Not from strength did you prevail
But by having nothing weak.
I couldn't open a pistachio and for whatever reason that failure was stuck in my mind. I knew there was something symbolic about it that I needed to explore so I wrote this.
Michael A Duff Aug 2021
Love is indeed art
Simple to see and embrace
A challenge erased
What is love and how do we know it, couple times found in your life, only to be lost and discovered like the rise and fall of the sun. Fooled and shamed into believing only to see clearly later it was game and Pons were topled for her pleasure. She is an island that is not reachable if it was you'd be stranded and slowly die.
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