Sun Smriti 17h

Take my hand
Let's fly like brahminy kite
Hold me close
Let's flow like a river to the sea

Come and be my sorrow
Be the sweetest part
Stay the whole life
Let's walk an endless path
When the journey ends
Let's dream the blissful moments

Come and be my smile
If you are far
Be tender and alive
I will send you flowers and the sunshine
As a rainbow before me
You're never mine

I’m partial to
a paddle in the sea.
As long as the water
only comes up to my knee.
I don’t like being
out of my depth,
as I can’t swim more
than a breadth

I like the sea
to be clear.
Don’t want a shark
Up my rear.
A jelly fish wobbling
round my toes,
or a dolphin
with a bottle nose

I don’t mind a ripple,
or a gentle wave.
But when surf’s up,
I’m not very brave.
I need to see
to the bottom of the sea.
In case a crab
takes a nip out of me!

© Nicki Tilston

Just your regular Friday.
Trapped in a poorly lit elevator
with three other strangers.

The only things they have in common are that
they’re all wearing red shoes,
and that they’re all going up.
Everyone is listening to their own music -
a weird mix of
rap, rock, indie and folk
that sounds great played in the same time.

No one knows where they’ll get off the elevator,
at what storey, nor if they’ll take a left or right afterwards.
It’s all a mystery.

The first couple of floors pass easily,
maybe someone even cracks a joke
or makes a funny comment
and they all smile at their mirror reflection.

Suddenly, the elevator clutches between floors
and they get to see their faces for the first time.
They are mesmerized.
Although they have nothing in common besides the red shoes,
They feel as if they are doppelgangers on the inside;

They wake up in each-other’s heads
and it all feels comfortable for a while,
The chairs are cosy and the food is great!

The mirrors disappear and they start to see the world from above.
they realise that there’s no insurance,
and that they’re suspended in mid-air,
half way between the earth and the sky,
a band of unknown,
4 complete strangers,
everyone trying to act cool,
posing for an imaginary sub-genre cover album photo,
that no one will get to listen to.

Minutes pass and they become hours,
sky becomes sea
and clouds vanish.
They get tired of looking out the window
and all the windows look tired of looking out of them.

Someone finds a door and opens it.
He looks at the others, waves, then jumps.
They’ll never know if he drowned,
got burned in the atmosphere or
ended up on the good side
of the freshly buttered toast.

One of the remaining three starts taking selfies,
Smiling at his virtual image,
not being bothered at all
that the image doesn’t smile back,
being convinced that, in this way,
he’s slowly becoming part of a special form of theatre,
with a smiling/sad face construction,
a bipolar bear with
the heart of an eagle.

The second one starts writing nervously on the walls;
endless lines of pathetic reality;
a combination of feelings, lies,
email passwords,
social media security questions
and lots and lots of sophistry…
everything intended to serve as a rock-solid personal legacy
after the elevator’s presumed crash.

The third one gets locked in his own head,
carefully observing all of them,
gazing in the blank,
with his headphones still in his ears,
but with no music on,
no plan in his mind,
no clean underwear,
no purpose at the end of the journey,
no solution,
no answer for any of the police’s questions,
trapped in an elevator
like a great idea in somebody’s head,
in a brain crack situation.

He is all alone,
humming sad chick tunes,
slowly losing his wit and grit.

The elevator walls reappear,
and he is now going up again,
by himself,
surrounded by three pairs of red shoes
that were made for walking,
but are now
floating around the universe,
half-way between God and Darwin.

Oliver 2d

Good grades will buy my
ticket to the New Town
where there's sun and golden sand.
Good grades will save me from
the homework I am drowning in.
One day I'll count my change
to buy a banjo like my
runaway uncle owned.
Each strum will create
my Freedom Song.
Toes in seawater,
Strings beneath my fingertips;
I'll have found my escape.
While the tide goes out it will
carry my worries in its waves.

I just really want to get out of school haha
Oliver 2d

If only our younger selves had known
That promises aren't made to be kept
But to drown us in false hope.

If only I had known
On the day we
That when you never showed
It was for that reason.

This time there was no "if only"
Just the inevitability of the end of lives
Yet still I waited 'til darkness grew.

So now I'll join you
Walking through the sea
We promised to see.
On the other side

What a pleasure;
a woodland drive on the edge
of a cliff
with James Dean,
glamour by the sea
A star at work,
fawning over me
We will be
in the gossip magazines,
you and me
and evening chatter
about how things
are supposed to be.

Sandoval 5d

Your silence is sailing me to new shores. My

anchor no longer lingers on your deck.

Quite a sad story our love, having had tall, wooden ships,

we settled for paper boats.

Kerri Apr 20

Slither into the sea
The top of a mountain
To swallow,
Sorrowful dusk
Butterfly floats
Heaven is shiny deep
I'd fly if I drown

Raquel Butler Apr 19

I know
I shouldn't feel guilty for putting myself above you.
but lately, I've felt regretful
questioning my reasoning, my sanity, because I need you
I told you all my truth
everyone views her victim
to my crazy mind, that can't decide,
(you run when things aren't easy)
-and now I've begun to believe them.
I thought we could be friends
I apologized for your jealousy
made it all my fault (I should've known)
it was too easy.

Communication was key,
she said she got the memo
but she's been assuming things she doesn't know
and I've been feeling dreadful.
I know she is affected by my actions,
believe me, I know too well,
and maybe this is me overthinking things,
after all I am sick in my head.

If only she knew the way you claw into my brain
(about her) everytime of everyday
I'm exhausted of the way you make me feel
Because one minute I feel just fine
and another I feel fried
im not free.

(you made her kryptonite to me,
but you are me
and this is more than just exhausting,
its deadly)

dealing w mental illnesses that cause you to toxically obsess over those you love, make interactions with them toxic to you. so so so fun!
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