Be blazing cloudless sky , I will be the sea
When U shine bright , It will reflect on me

When I look at the mirror , I see you

If you cannot bend

Twist or appreciate them

Or use them in a more patient way

I want nothing

For you have nothing

And no power over me

For words are more than anything

More than the abstract mind in all of it madness

More beautiful than the mountains

And more volatile than the sea

Are such words

If you let them

And I do

Be so

And impulse of words

Waiting is not my vocation
Patience then not my forte
I could say I've been
standing in the rain forever
But the Sun always shines
in LA

I hear there's an LA Woman
Maybe here is where
She again will appear
The clouds blew through
for just a few seconds
But here in LA
all the skies are
bright blue
sunny and clear

They say She lives
by the ocean
She walks barefoot
in the sand by the sea
Behind Her ear
there's a flower
All then take notice
of She

Her whispers
barely but silent
resound throughout all
conscious thought
Her aura is of love and passion
hoping and never to be lost

There is an LA Woman
The wind makes a carriage
for Her grace
She smiles as if
by Her magic
the moments of
Her movements
are blessed

I will wait
a little bit longer
An hour or maybe
much more
Where minutes
cascade into later
Until again Her beauty
is once more revealed

Waiting is not my vocation
Patience then not my forte
I could say I've been waiting
in the rain forever

But everyone knows
the Sun always shines
in LA.




Originally posted on
August 2, 2017, my first day
with HelloPoetry. This poem is a personal favorite. I wanted to share it again now with those whom I didn't yet know just a few short months ago. Thanks.


Thou art as beautiful as a snowdrop in early spring.
So blissful, so beautiful so pitiful.
As gentle as a newborn lamb, mystical as love itself.
Your kisses enchant me, you grant me more,
We lie on the beach shore, hand in hand.
O’er the mountains in another land I left, for you.
You set me a fly with one last sigh.
I will remember you for eternity and treasure you to my

Anna 3d

The thoughts of you never leave my head

like the salt in the sea,

like the sugar in fruits.

ella 4d

Let me stand at a high cliff
With the ocean 100 feet below me
The wind a little too harshly blowing my hair back
Feeling my dress talk to the wind
Letting my arms move freely
As I jump into the air
And scream out with adrenaline
Watching the birds fly around near me
Let me feel like a fairy as I dance around near 50 feet.
Once I hit the water
I want to breathe it in.
Bubbles form and it's almost as if music faded
And I slowly sink down to the bottom of the sea
My hair casts down to the sand, moving swiftly
As I look up to see the sun beaming through liquid.
I reach up for air
But my lungs are filled with water
I wanted this to last.
I want to breathe in this phase

we always return
to the places where
there was freedom
learned to live the ocean
skin was glowing
the soul bloomed
traveled and returned
fell in love with the sky
kissed the sun
we all go back
I go back
to you

Meet me in my emotional depths,
And settle with me among the waves,
For I can get lost there sometimes,
And not come back for days and days.
But if you cannot meet me there,
Do not drag me into the shallows,
And dismiss my ocean of passion,
Because you can’t handle the shadows.
It can be dark and, oh, so cold,
But only on my darkest days.
It’s clean and pure and true,
Whether or not you understand my ways.
My depths are real and here to stay.
My depths are part of me,
So you cannot tread the deep,
You had better leave the sea.
If you choose to stay on shore,
While I am swimming in the surge,
Then be prepared to say goodbye,
For I don’t dwell amongst the verge.
It’s all or nothing, sink or swim,
But the shallows are not for me,
So come and meet me in my depths,
Or walk away from this empath sea.

Sometimes you just have to let go of someone who isn't willing to meet you amongst the waves of your emotional depth. Don't ever let an emotionally shallow person dismiss your depth.
A 5d

The sea rumbles,
It fills his heart with dread,
The sky opens and thunder rolls
Across the silver clouds.

The old sailor ties the ropes,
And watches the sea,
Its temperament familiar to his aged eyes.

The sea shrieks,
The bowels of the great monstrosity
Open and exposed.

The boy stares into the icy depths,
His mind scrabbling for sanity,
But with a deep breath, he dives.

He lands among the feeble flowers,
The grizzled sailor above him screaming for help,
For his son who jumped into the sea.

He sees a mermaid,
Her tail shiny and beautiful against the currents,
Shining a lovely green.

She grabs his hand,
And pulls him ever under.

Breath is coming slowly now,
And his vision is fading.
The mermaid is no longer there.

And he is drowning in the stormy sea.

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