Floating in the sea of salty tears I find
Myself crying, myself wearing, through the endless journey of gone
Blood and bones made at every corner of this ship across this mischievous town
Why do I keep floating, when I can sink within the clotting of my pain?
We still travel as we kept to unravel things that were always empty
We're like ghost ships; leaving, disappearing without any trace nor marks

Who am I to try to force anything,
Fooling my true self with illusions that separated me
From my own completion.
Oh how often I forget
When I'm questioning life,
To just let go..

Like the waves in the sea
Always returning to where they belong.

Here I shall find myself
With an understanding from a deeper place.
Oh how often I forget
That what is meant for me
Will always find its way to me.
Who am I to chase anything
In fear of it going away.
Forgetting that whatever is chased
Wasn’t mine anyway.

How silly I was
To lose trust in life,
In my destiny that’s surely on its way and is always there
Like the waves in the sea
Always returning to where they belong.

Now I've been reminded again,
From the depths of my own knowing
Initially showing itself as rejection,
Now transforming into so much more.

-Zowie Conway Writing <3

Malak S 14h

I wanted him to hold me as I cried an ocean and wept a sea.
I wanted so desperately to feel something other than this loneliness clutching and clawing at my chest but,
I lost it.
I lost the voice within me that made sense and the one that didn't and now I am all alone in this godforsaken darkness that continues to stab at me with all the memories I can't seem to shake off.
Am I as much of a burden to you, as I am to myself?
I wanted him to tell me everything was Okay. I wanted that so badly,
but he's not mine.
You're not mine, either.
The words are all I have and I can't seem to translate them into anything other than heartbreak.
I'm unsure as to how I could possibly trust, when all the pieces I handed you were left on the ground, neglected.
I wanted him to hold me, because he seemed like the type of safety that I looked for.
He looked like safety and everything that could possibly pull me out of my own sadness.
I hope he's nothing like you.
He's a breath of fresh air in this polluted, corrupt world.
He's so much more than all I am.
I think if he ever let me near him, I'd graze his skin with whatever poison resides in me.
I lost it all, even myself, I hope I don't lose him.

I kind of feel alone at the moment and the words are my only company.
Engeli 14h

Breath of the ocean bay
calm inducing whimsical melody
my life i lay an ecstasy

Soft cottony display
hiding the sunlight ray
my eyes can't put it away

Mossy green of beauty
bedded up the ancient soil aesthetically
my life i lay an ecstasy

Echoes from the heart
JAC 1d

The sea has a way of forgiving
without apologizing for anything.
She swims far from humanity
yet she invites us in,
she pulls at our sands
and it lulls us to relief
while offering sustenance
and cold, sweet belief -
but when she wants us out,
she throws us like ships,
pieces of a hard-lost board game,
and if we try to resist her,
she takes us in,
and she apologizes,
but does not forgive us.

For my darling, the sea.

Could this be
the very sea
that carries me
from poem to poem?

the tides comes in mighty,
wrecking ships and plundering beaches,
it's a blue chaos on white moonlight
and in a few hours
when the sun yawns out of sleep,
the sky shall bleed yellow,
with tides patted to sleep
like a dog that had too much love,

the disarray of the universe
dissolves and resurfaces everyday
like our hearts,
like our lives,
like everything.

Walkin' on the edge of land
Gripping hold with weary hand
Staggering over I fall to stand
What do I see?

For the end of the road is near
And spitting out at the end of the pier
A land locked farmers fear
Of the unknown

The blue waters, rising sea
Began right where you can see
All the clearness after the foamy brine
Forming a line

To divide the truth of heart
You find you can not pull them apart
The end of land is where it starts
A blue monster

I had a weird realization of how we see the sea, ocean, lakes, etc. We can see it as an end of land, or a start of sea, we can see it as a nightmare or an adventure, it can be peaceful or turbulent. It just kinda speaks to me know, I'm in between the Pacific and Atlantic right now. Take that as you will.

A restless breeze precedes
Slow rising torch
Tasting your words with coffee
inside a screen wrapped porch

So many things you mean to me
Like the grains of sand that skirt the sea
A parent’s love so true, always there…
Woven, wicker rocking chairs

Where seagulls soar high above the ocean’s roar
It always leaves us wanting more
But the time has come- and we each know
The hands of time point “time to go”

Then I feel that old, familiar tug
a suitcase full of memories and a “goodbye” hug
Our hearts will take it all in stride
Tears left behind on the falling tide

gmw summer of '16
written to my mother

"Mother, Mother ocean I have heard you call." JB

There is not a better place or a better person to have coffee with- staring at the sea with her smiling back.
JAC 3d

In the mornings,
there may still
be a light fog
on the water.

A continuation of "The Sea and the Clouds",
because everything is but one part of a whole.

I am beneath the surface of the sea

Aw, Sea, you know all the answers
You have bewitched me and I do not resist

We are unpredictable women
an airy touch agitates us
Calmness and anger, happiness and sadness;
We are princesses of contrast

But you live free
You hit the rocks
You foam

I also want to hear my waves
hitting the rocks.

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