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Kyra 1h
As I watch with bated breath
My absent reflection is more apparent
As the moon shifts and shimmers on the glimmering surface
I search for the soul I lost
In the cold dark sea
That seems to **** out the marrow of my bones
Where is it
I stand on the beach
With the waves of the north sea
Bowing before me
In such a welcoming manner
Rocks embedded in the sand
As the sea takes my hand
And sings me to sleep
The slow descent into the deep...
The petals fly over the ocean
The flowers are bright on the land
What powers did once divide them
With great strength and also soft hands

I once wrote a song for the sailors
A ditty that spoke of the sea
They told me they sang it in storms
And it filled their hearts with great peace

I once wrote a song for the merchants
A tune that spun tales of far lands
They told me it gave them nightmares
But the journeys were never bland

I will write a song about both things
One that inspires every soul
So tell me what to write, and I will
A song that makes everything whole
I've been broken for this unforbidden emotion. Like waves in the ocean, moving agitated with no exception. This emotion soar in the seas to the place of unknown. To the *** of Sea, I hope you can see what I've been through to make it be.
Deepest ocean know what I feel about you.
Skies know you are always make me happy.
Earth know that love doesnt have a clue.
Universe know how big the impact you gave to me.
And my heart know, that you are the one.
MicMag 2d
Mar y montañas
What a great view del balcón
Mi alma en paz
Mountains, city, sea
The three meet: ¡Increíble!
Thrilled by what I'm shown


Mar y montañas
Mountains, city, sea
What a great view del balcón

The three meet: ¡Increíble!
Mi alma en paz
Thrilled by what I'm shown
Continuing to experiment with poetic forms. Here I combined a few forms and took another stab at writing in Spanish.

2 bilingual haikus - "Baiku"? :) used for a contrapuntal (combining the two by alternating lines to make a third poem), creating a new set of rhyming triplets. It doesn't quite carry a dual meaning like a good contrapuntal but I like the way it sounds anyway.
The storm
Sweeps me off my feet
And ignites the monsters
Inside my thoughts
That would not shut off.

They whisper words
That embedded deep
And feeding them off
Of my moral soul
Into exhaustion.

It's like the branches
Of the trees when once calm,
But swayed their way
Into the storm
Once it hits.

It reopens my wounds
As I drown
Into the sea
Of my own
Worst enemy.
Every evening, I visit the sea.
I am greeted by a world on fire,
the setting sun kissing the water into a passionate blaze,
and sometimes I walk with waves of delicate liquid gold
lapping at my feet.
There are evenings I emerge from the dunes
to a swollen grey mass
heaving frothy waves onto the sand,
and on those evenings I stand
and watch,
and take its power for my own.
It is the only time, those evenings by the sea,
that I am content to have the world
to myself;
the only time I am not haunted
by your eyes.
Vivek 3d
Looking back now all I see..
Many good times and great memories!
Wish i could relive them! Wanna be there again!
Feel those laughs and feel those pain!
Feel those falls and those climb!
Wish I could go back in time!
To the moment When I was free!
As I look at this freakin’ big Sea!
I don't remember my grade!
Wish all these memories never fade!
These are the memories that'll go with me!
As I travel this life's chaotic sea!

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