Kye Lynn 18h

at 8:03
dad woke me up

at 8:36
i washed up

at 8:58
i made coffee

at 9:03
i sat outside

at 9:04
i looked out


at 9:07
the horizon disappeared

There is no sea without the shore. All shored up, afraid to bridge the cross that line & take to the unkown...

Patrick 1d

Rain pitter patters
On the tenement roof
As my vomit splatters
On the porcelain bowl

I can heave and heave and heave
Till there’s nothing but acid in my belly
But the darkness in my heart never leaves
Haunting me in the bottom of every bottle

Childhood tragedy anchoring me
In the kingdom of broken men
Who could set themselves free
If the heavens open their gates

Like the blind nights of the past
I rest my face against the cold tile floor
Praying for a ship mast
To sail me back to Ithaca

When lost in thoughts of you and I,
The men on deck say 'that ship has sailed'
But the destination is never specified
And I am not told if, on board, we failed.

-There is no use in saying 'we' or 'you'
The land keeps her by fetter
Yet she, captive, retains that cheerful hue
As if, without me, her life were better-

Her eyes were beach jewels that glistened and her gaze enthralled me- on the day before I left.
I saw her tame the wild white horses with a smile,
But that amazement, I am now bereft;
I did not know the sea would part us this long while.

I fear that, although the ship sails light,
My sickened dark, heavy heart
Will make it sink throughout some night,
And then, if it were possible, her and I would be further apart.

The ocean is vast, enigmatic, deep,
But ten times less so that Love;
I am, it seems, firmly in Brizo's keep,
Yet in my dreams I am free to see my Dove.

I am weary, and have lost sight of that 'ever-fixed mark'-
The one monument to be our guide-
I cannot see anything in the dark,
But in the whispers I hear, I can confide.

Not even the constant hiss and roar can drown out the Siren Song
That tempts to pull me under,
My thoughts will fight against the throng
And shake the sea like thunder.

Beating against the red sky are butterflies in their beauty-
They cannot breathe and so they die and each corpse becomes a hazard-
But still I sail forever more, for Love, that is my duty,
And even now my journey is clear, though the foreign stars walk backward.

'Brizo' is a Greek goddess known for protecting sailors. The last line of the poem reflects Hardy's 'foreign constellations' and Cummings' 'though the stars walk backward.'
Chan S 2d

Love is Given Freely
Flowing Like The Wind
Or Water In The Sea
Once That Flow's Gone
You've Also Lost Me.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
someone 3d

Stood there watching the endless water
Carried by the wind to wash over his shoes
The sound of the waves killing every thought in his head
Leaving the one he wanted gone most
It was too loud for the sound of the waves to kill
He stuffed his pockets and let it kill him instead.

follow the river,
to reach the sea.
flow like a river
jettisoning every worry!


നദിയുടെ പാത പിന്തുടരൂ.
എല്ലാ വിഷമവും ഒഴുക്കിക്കളഞ്ഞു
നദിപോല്‍ ഒഴുകൂ.

(Malayalam translation by the author)


கடலை அடைவதற்கு.
கவலைகளை மூழ்கடித்து
ஆற்றைப்போல் ஓடு.
(Tamil translation by the author)

Having lots of space
Best poet of deep blue sea
''Tis an octopus

I once saw documentary on octopus , fastnating creature and it kept waving to me...soz couldn't help it :D

From the cliff's edge
you can watch the earth move.

Hover over the waters
and see how the Spirit blows

and broods.  The sea
and all its creatures still crash

and tumble and return
to their deep silences.  

The sun rises and sinks
below the waves.  The curved

ocean clings to earth’s edge,
obedient, except where

something urges it upward.
The voice that calls

forth the mountains and summons
pelicans and wild geese

says to all things, Rise.  
Consent to the upward urge

that calls you out of gravity
into the welter of heat and sound

and color that will not stay,
that you do not own, but may

have for a day, and then
for a night when it falls.

Emil 5d

If you were
the sky
i'd be the sea
and when
you shined bright
it would reflect in me.
when you're at rest
i am steady.

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