Pure, clear,refreshing,
Offers life,
Turbulent,stormy, tempestuous,
Drowns life.
Decked up elephants,
Sea of hands mark time for drums,
Splendour well defined!
Footprints in the sand.

It’s quiet now; it’s not like it was last night.
All the hangovers are asleep, they have never seen the morning light.
They are dreaming of last night’s fires
And drinking away the days before,
As I sit here upon my rock contemplating the world…

The sea is calm, the wind is quiet; there are birds flying in the sky.
In the distance I can see an oil tanker, slowly floating by.
There are no people here to catch the sun rise,
So I can happily wait until it arrives;
So peacefully I write…

I have my blanket, my picnic breakfast and a vision so wide;
It goes on for miles in every direction
And this picture is illuminated by the dawns early light.
I can see beyond the sand and on past the lifeguard tower;
There is nobody here that needs saving and nobody to guard a life.

As the cliffs remain after years of waves,
All around me I can see the seafront.
I can see the next town over; there are only a few lights on
And I can see the approaching morning sun…
It is hidden behind the man-made buildings, but soon it will rise
And I alone shall be a witness to its beauty
And still I continue to write…

As the pages become clearer with every passing minute,
Eventually I create a full stop, as I have reached the finish;
But my words do not seem complete, so I get to my feet to think.
I turn my back towards the horizon and I speak into the wind…

You have blessed me this day, for all the noise has been taken away.
All thoughts are being quiet; I have a place I can drift again.
So I thank you for your company and all you have given to me;
It is sad to know that my dreams are only ever,
Pebble’s thrown away into the sea.

Reclaim what is yours and wash away all our damage;
We have walked upon your sand enough.
Take it all back into the sea,
For we can no longer stand by and watch
And continue to walk here;
We have already walked here too much.

Take back what is yours, for it was never ours to keep.
This rock I sat upon has been waiting to speak,
For a thousand years, it has helped us to stand tall,
While people use it as a stepping stone,
To get to a place where we can be at one with the world;
But this stone is the shape of you, for you are made of the Earth
And I am just a visitor…you were here first.

I never did find my peace and quiet,
But I felt at ease as the beach went back to the sea.
I rose to my feet to make a change
And not one footprint in the sand did I leave.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Heather 20h
What is my faith
My faith is my identity
Something that takes ahold of me
My anchor
My anchor is what keeps me still when the storms come by
The anchor that holds me gives me confidence to stand
The anchor that keeps my life still is now gone
No anchors hold me
Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see
Well this faith of mine is my anchor
But is my faith my anchor if  i do not hope for it or believe it is there
Did someone steal it or did i just let go
When the storms come
They come like angry winds with salty cries
They scare me
But the anchor i depended on to save me i let go of
Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see
Where did my anchor go
(please give feedback ) this poem is about a time where i just let go of my faith and the moment i realized it was not there anymore
Jack P 1d
Back turned to back on the shivering hull
Captain declared for the anchor annulled
The old shore grew shy under asthmatic skies
And wind caught the sails as we watched its demise.

The shanties drew thin, about two hours in
Whistling fell limp 'til curled up in the din
Was a specter of that which I seldom denied:
A brother or two whom my stern face belied.

I would not leave this outline to flicker and fade
Carried by waves as mine own Mother prayed:
"If his life is cut short on the edge of the stern
God, we will find you. We will make sure you burn."

Weeks stumble by, clocks rusting by sea
And if their hands turn, they turn onto me
With reminders of blades which have long since been drawn
And the broken tree branch blooming souls in the dawn.

I've seen reflections of self in the constellation-black:
My sister rides in on the Phoenix's back
My brothers, the Gemini; two halves of a whole
And Mother Andromeda, the Queen of it all.

Ship edging near to the end of the Earth
A convict by trade but a human by birth
Tallying up days by the marks on my back
Lashings for supper and now I've lost track

And so no matter how far this old boat can sail
I'd swim 'round the world 'til my lungs twice do fail
To return to the place where the bed doesn't move
And the waves do not push like they've something to prove


In a week and a day I would jump overboard
Bypass the plank that the crew so adored
In a few short seconds I would make it back home
An under-sea shortcut to Our Family's Gloam.
about missing family
poetic freedom
a stick up the [redacted]
Bloom 2d
The sea set it's spell on me, and I willingly gave in.

If home is where the heart is,
my heart is at the sunken depths.

Indigo and serene,

Wind dancing with the waves,

The water surface is the mirror of the moon,

Underwater, is the only place I feel like I belong.
Tranquil, still and blue.

My greatest teacher is the sea,
it thought me not to fight the waves, but to swim with them,
it thought me even with a storm, I am still breathtaking.

You made me feel underwater, until you were no longer you,
I began to drown in your shallows.
It’s high time, high tide
we push the boats out

a stone   ’   s throw away

my arm gets stronger
and everything
gets further and further
Written summer 2017 in Whitstable
Swishing and swirling in a mass of frenzied bubbles
The shark swims after its prey
Sinking diamond cut daggers into the velvet flesh of the next feast to dine on and take into the depths of the sea.
I wrote this years ago whilst listening to a very powerful piano concerto and an image of a shark feeding came into my head.
I sit silently on the rocks
as water leaps
upon my feet
the little grains
so many
so fine
find their way
to reach me here.

Just as once
your eyes did so
alluring sunset
pure they glow
though did I
ever know?
how they brought me
no hello.

Admired only from afar
but warmth enough
like the star
your eyes they held me
an embrace
I did not long
for words
no sake.

Deep emotions
but eyes they'd flee
Full moon upon
the misty sea
mine were drawn
like that
you see...
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