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Mer, sea
Having fun
Skye 13h
with you, i'll soar across the sky of wonders
without you, i'll drown in the sea of sadness
all i wanted was a little bit of love
from you- was that too much to ask?
maybe i was getting ahead of myself...
you were petals i once tossed to the sea –
in fistfuls i let go, in sighs that i set free;
i was born drinking the sky when the gulls called morning,
left to wonder when the water would call you home –
“the sea is much too old,”
i had heard someone once say,
and the wind has forever left salt in my wounds and on my brain;
darling, i was raised on thunderstorms,
but you brought me summer rain.

my ribcage housed a tempest, warping my sinew,
and in this broken home i am homesick for you,
missing the concaves of your collarbones – an anthology;
and this cold coffee has never before tasted,
so empty,
so weary,
so forgotten,
so much like:

this galaxy – you should try it sometime,
lost in starless starry-eyes,
an astral tenderness, soft in sleep,
a cosmic romance, your white bedsheets,
and constellations – like the ones you used to trace,
love notes left on my starlit waist;
you used to tell me stories of everything & nothing & skin
                                                            ­                               & skin
                                                            ­                               & skin.

J 1d
I find darkness a wonderfully funny thing
How it is associated with evil

But when I look at the nights sky
I see the warmth of a crisp dawn
I see change and the majesty of another chance
A feeling of protection and resignation
Renewal, even
I feel a sense of vastness and possibilities

I felt the feeling a blanket pulled over me beside the fire on a howling winters night.
The arrival of home

I found the darkness of night frightening
About what could be inside, under its veil
But when you embrace it for itself
What it is
You can see the brightest of stars
And sea of brilliant colours
A sea of feeling

Because of course, the light never truly leaves us even when the stars dwindle
Around the corner
Is the chance
More of a thought.
You, at some point, my dear friend, gave your sight to the bottom of the ocean
As you let the winds and the waves take you under
But still, even in your darkest night, the sea bed will not let you in
So you close your eyes, praying that you may still drift asunder
And embrace the darkness in which you swim

My friend,
I have not gone through the valleys of which you speak, and have not known the depths you are meaning,
But still I feel for you,
Because each of us is a human being,
And the pain you feel is nothing new.

So, friend, take you hands from over your eyes
for me. You may not want to hear my voice,
so I will pray for you silently, and offer
my presence. So will you take my
hand? Even if you choose to
leave instead, still: one
day you will stand,
and I will pray
until you
see the
I've always been concerned with the welfare of people, and I've always wanted to improve their happiness. And I'm still learning how to do that. But there will be some people who will want nothing to do with you and will by no means open up to you. I've faced this before, and other scenarios where I can only pray for the person. But, by the grace and power of God, there have been times where I'm told those prayers have been answered, and all I can do is praise the Lord
Blue, what a funny colour
It reminds us of the sky
Open,beautiful,careful and powerful
It reminds us of the sea
Free,wild,restless and mysterious

That was the first colour I imagined I saw
A blue clearer than any sky
A blue deeper than any sea

Blue, it’s the colour of your eyes
Must I say more
He stared at me with a new pair of eyes
They were eyes of harmonic oceans
Like if he had been starstruck, staring at the reflected starry sky
His mighty waves washed over my heart of magma
Then my volcanic stoned heart broke like the hatching of doves

The way he looked at me…
It comforted my weeping
They looked at my pitiful beauty
Tenderly emphasizing me with love
And continuously captured our precious moments together

Beautiful are the eyes that laugh with such joy
And cry without shedding tears
They talk to me more than lips ever could

Never ignore my presence
Look at the door of my soul and not the dry ground
Don't hide your face from me, like how the stars hide behind the clouds
Out of shame, don't push away the tides
Look at me again with those oceanic eyes
Ephesians 4:31-32
Skimming the salt of the surface
the lion awakes with dawn
its slippery crown drifting; searching, forlorn.
Asia sings her morning song of creation
silver waves, clay that forms.
Stars sleep quietly below, their breath heard only when holding yours.
Dare you dive under, flip upside down and take a look
squint your eyes in wonder, float backwards, foam to the shore.
Might you live with Benthos always, fall not to the abyssal zone.
Take me back
Down to the sea
Where the gulls hover
In the cool salty breeze.

Let me touch
The breaking waves
And endless sands
Beneath my way.

The surf shall flow
Over my old shell
Pulling me out
And holding me down.

Take me back
Down to the sea
Where I can finally rest
In my watery grave.
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