frustrating, ever-changing.
slowly enraging me.
growing by the day.
missed, questioned.
she asked why.
hurt but not really.
Rosie 1d
I don’t blame you

I don’t blame you for being insecure
I don’t blame you for falling in love with someone incapable of loving you in return
I don’t even blame you for projecting your problems onto me
I understand that sometimes it’s easier to blame
our mistakes
our problems
on the people closest to us
I don’t blame you

I don’t blame you for our friendship falling apart
I don’t blame you for blocking me on every social media imaginable
I don’t even blame you for not speaking to me
I understand that we just weren’t
for each other anymore
I don’t blame you

But I do blame you

I blame you for insulting me behind my back
I blame you for not being there when I needed you
I blame you for thinking you were the only protagonist in this story
and I was just a side character

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew that for some
reason I don’t hate you
I wish you knew that I would still give you the shirt off my back
if shivers racked your body
Travel across the country
if you need something as simple as a hug
Cut my own heart out
if yours was broken

But I blame you

I blame you
Because I know
and I wish this wasn’t the case
That you wouldn’t do the same

I blame you
The truth is the only thing that's real,
Though the lie often tries.

                 -it's easy to confuse the two

M•(e). Díaz
I hate the way you love me
I hate how you deny me
I may be so unlucky
Just say that you belong me

But i don't want you(no more)
But i just want you

To say you never liked me
Just stay away from me
I don't know what i'm liking
Or what is worth for fighting

And i don't want you(no more)
And i just want you

'Cause i don't want you
'Cause i just want you(to know)

I hate the way you love me
I hate how you deny me
I don't know what i'm liking
And what is worth for fighting

I hate the way you love me
I hate the way you love me
I hate the way you love me
I hate the way you love me
Beneath the everlasting heat
I could hear her cold heart beat
Tears pour endlessly to the river below
Scars and cuts is the punishment bestowed
Her fingers brushed across my wrist
"Take away her pain," I meekly wished
She never noticed, but for have I
not only saved her, but let her fly.

Beneath the everlasting heat
I once heard her cold heart beat
The glint in her eye only grew
I was happy now, but sadder too
Confusion and doubt chained me down
She never knew she made me drown
In my thoughts, in my mind,
I only wished I could turn back time.

Beneath the everlasting heat
had I ever heard her cold heart beat?
I feel like I am spiraling away
Spinning, waltzing, running astray
Nobody will save me
They don't care
I thought she was,
but she was never there

Beneath the everlasting heat
I never heard her cold heart beat.

Always mine.
That heart I heard was always mine.
Girls rest their hand on the same armrest.
Does a girl hope/want
her hand may grace his,
so it may be held?

Guys go on the scary rides with her.
Do guys hope/want
to sit beside her terror,
so she may be comforted?

Girls forget their jacket on a cold night.
Do girls hope/want
that the gentleman beside them
will offer them his warmth?

Guys act differently around guys than girls.
Do guys hope/want
to establish dominance,
so they may win her love?

Why do we do these crazy things?
Do others think it’s weird too?

What other things, unlisted, do we do for this same reason?
Is it necessary?

Do we not have the words to speak,
or are we just afraid?

Actions speak louder than words,
but why are we confused with the definitions?

Aren’t words meant to clarify and explain,
to ensure the confusion is eliminated?

Meanwhile, we hope, we want, but we don’t speak.
Are our actions, or lack thereof, saying what we mean?

If anybody has any insight, please share, lol.
Olliver 3d
I've noticed
I mainly only write poetry about you.
Is it because you are poetry?

Taji 4d
One moment I’m happy,
The world’s within my grasp,
I’m invincible,
I made it at last.
The next moment I’m hopeless,
Fragile as glass,
I’m weak,
Please don’t break me.
And after that I’m excited,
I want to make plans,
I’m a social butterfly,
I stretch my wings.
Soon after I’m lonely,
I remedy with canceled plans,
I’m too tired,
Please don’t make me go.
And round and round,
Just like this,
This is how I live,
A sick twister of emotion.
I’m dizzy,
Hit the breaks,
Don’t make me stay on, done.
But in the end,
Do I even know who I am?
Sometimes I’m rain,
To a heat scorched land.
Sometimes I’m the heat,
That drives away the water.
I was recently diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and I’m starting to come to terms with what that means. I wrote this talking about the confusion and mood swings that I feel.
Natasha 4d
I fall,

   too fast                

I jump

                    too high                

I stop

before I                


the sky                

I feel

too deep              

I say

too much              


I don't say            




running after
the two o'clock train
at two o'three

in the pouring rain

thinking of
all the places
you have
to be...

you keep pace,

with your shoes
hitting the
puddled pavement

wondering where
all that
time went

still thinking

you can catch it.

loss of a dream,
it steams away.

so you slow,

your smile fades.

your hands grow cold.

and faces age.

year after year,
stuck at
two o'three
passing trains
in the pouring rain,

when your time
will be.
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