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It is the default setting to hide explicit writings ,
But i don't think they had anything wrong in their writings.

It's written that if you add explicit words in your poems, it will be hidden
And apparently there are too many poems which are explicit word-ridden.

Can anyone please tell me what makes a poem explicit writing
A poem is a description of people's feelings and fighting.

I am really confused for I don't know if this poem will be hidden or not
But I think I am gonna give it a shot .

This setting has hidden so many writes  from me
And when I asked the poets why ,
there was no answer found to be .

Now it is my humble request if anyone will answer my question
This thing already has all of my attention .
I have not been able to read a lot wonderful poet's work because of this setting. The problem is that this setting is default and hence I didn't know that I was missing out on so much . When I asked the poets about this , sadly I didn't get any answers . Anyone who has information regarding this and who can help me on this matter is more than welcome to share their advice.
That curse,
your singing lathe of words
astounds all as you stand.

The light,
that graying, fading sight
betrays all you command.
A couplet in disguise. ***-fueled imaginary memory.
Natasha 3d




for me.


I'm not even sure,

I know






Safe 4d
I always feared sunrises never knew why,
But I have never had fears and so i was surprised with this new feeling of vulnerability...
I looked at the sky s colour changing,
Dark then lighter colour of blue ,
As if some painter have lost all sense and art , and started putting black into everything he had.
He lost his heart, and everything he once had.
And turned dark..
I looked at the sky,
Heard the birds chanting,
Is this what it feels like to be alive?
I don't know who I am yet,
I dont think I'll ever do.
Is this  what it feels like to be finally alive?
Hear me birds chanting in ways even I don't understand.
Hear me birds, saying the truth that comes out of insanity.
Hear me world,
And please let space for me.
Please let a spot empty,
For my naked body to fill, after being filled with everything you've enchanted me with.
Is this what it feels like to be alive?
To welcome dawn when it's still dark,
To welcome the stars when it's still light,
To welcome sun when it's raining.
Is .. this .. what .. it .. .. to .. be .. alive?
Or am I still dead ? Am I dying world? And is this your last trial to save me world? ..
Am   .. I.. dead .. yet world ?
I promise I promise I promise
I will hold me when I'm tired.
I promise I will explore myself when I'm not
I promise I will nurture what I find
I promise to be loving and very kind
I promise I love you I promise
Its perfect. I love you
Its perfect . This way. I'm free <3

je m’ai promis que tout ira bien
Troy 6d
I’m breaking down
My heart beats hurt
I can’t contain it for much longer
It just keeps building and building

The harder I push it down
The harder it pushes back
And I break down in tears
Bawling my eyes out

All I do is think about him
Even with music blasting in my ears
The thoughts race by without stop
He’s all that’s on my mind

I miss him so much
I don’t know what to do
I shove my head into music and games
Yet it doesn’t work

I’m up late into the night
Constantly thinking what will happen
What if things were different
If the situation was different

Would we have actually became a couple
Or would this have still happened
I’m trying so hard for him
To just be his friend through this time

But the more time that passes
The greater the pain becomes
And I wonder to myself
Did I fall in love?

Is that why this hurts so much
Is that why I can’t help but miss him
Why he is constantly on my mind
Running circles around my distractions

I’m honestly afraid of the next time I see him
What if I run inwards and cause the body to faint
What if I run to him and kiss him?
What about a deeply felt bear hug?

Would he hate me?
It’s petrifying to think about
And each outcome is just painful
I’m so afraid to tell him

Afraid to say what’s on my mind
About how much this hurts
About my feelings for him
About how much I miss him

Should I cave and tell him?
Or should I bare the pain a bit longer
Letting the fates dictate
What is to come

I need answers
But I know that no one can give them
It has to come from me
Whatever my mind and heart decide
In denial from the moment I found out,
Knew if it were true I have to turn my life around.
Ignored the fact that you were there the whole time,
knowing I was never treating myself right,
maybe that's why you were taken too soon.

A little life I didn't know if I even wanted,
Coming to terms with you being there always.
Trying to fix how I walked through life
'cause I knew I had to do right by you.
A little star that I never got to meet.

Although you had barely began to grow,
you never got to hear my voice
I never got to feel you move...
Now a days I wonder if it was my fault you never made it here,
if it was my fault my little star was taken too soon?

A little life I didn't know if I even wanted,
Getting everything on track so I could meet you.
Without being born you managed to save me
from situations I should have never been in.
You were my little star that I never got to meet.
Sabika H May 19
I feel such terrible distress
Like I lost something as precious
As my purpose.
All the screams and darkness
Swooping over me and drowning my senses
Fear is senseless
And reckless.
Fear is helpless
So painful it’s painless.
So dark
It blinds me with its brightness.

This world goes in circles
And repeats cycles
And I’m stuck in the middle
As I cry in my comfortable cradle
Because I am blessed to point out that
my only curse
Is having to feel
And live a life so real
It haunts me in my sleep
And seeps into my dreams.
And buries me in a grave.

Why do I cry for the future?
The present is a cloud
And fate is the wind
And I try to find my silhouette
Reflected within.

I revel in this collective fearful consciousness.
I revel in this confused toxicity and if this isn’t telling
Then I should be yelling.
He said -
‘Grab Time by its forelock.’
And I thought, now being quite old,
Time would have lost his mane,
How could I grab Time?

He said -
‘Hold the wind tightly in your fist,
Do not let it escape.’ I could not,
No one ever taught me to catch the wind
With my bare hands.

He said -
‘Close your eyes and peep within,
You will see yourself bathed in light.’
Suppose I am blind, I have not seen me in daylight
How could I with my eyes closed?

He said –
‘Your game is up.’
He did not specify which game
But I knew I was exposed;
The good and bad of me lies in the open.
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