Nothing’s what it seems
Our dreams are turned into ash
Father’s love won’t last

Once so kind, now cruel
As he leaves us and now you
Father’s love won’t last

He leaves us to dream
About what his love could mean
Father’s love won’t last

A haiku about how I feel towards my father, who left when I was very little.
Ocean T 3d

a collection of invisible ink tattoos
scrawled on the surface of my skin,
secrets written on my face,
these hands trace letters
the line of my s
printed on shaking knees,
shine a light on me
and you'll see.

written on 19/10/17 sitting on the grass at a local park, only slightly warm weather, heavy shoulders and a heavy mind
Bella 4d

I want the trees to shake from my screaming!

I want to bite through my own jaw!

I want to claw all the skin off my body!

To break everything & hit everyone

So just let me fucking be alone.

I want to kick the boulders off the mountains!

& push the ground away from my feet!

To rip the trees up like carrots from the ground!

Bang my head against the pavement!

& curse every bad name at everyone!

But then I get sad

I get sad and I cry

I cry because I can’t believe I ever thought those thoughts
I can’t believe I ever wanted those things

I’m good

I-I-I shouldn’t think like that

I love this world

I don’t want to hurt myself
I don’t want to hurt anyone else

I love my family
I-I-I love my friends

They did nothing so wrong as to deserve this
They don’t deserve this

I’m sorry
I-I-I’m sorry

This poem is my raw thoughts while I am in a state I refer to as a "breakdown." These have happened for at least three years consistently anywhere from twice every-other week to twice an hour and can last from 2 minutes to an hour. Writing this poem is how I figured what they are. Finally!

Something always present
But never seen

A presence that drags and pulls
At your very being

It dictates your actions and captures you
In its' thrall

It causes deaths and removes ideas'
As you walk, covered in its' shawl

It blocks out everything
Emptying the mind

Controlling the entire body
Making one blind

Boredom is an assassin
Of the creative soul

But is a creator and leader
for some in a hole

Guess what: I'M BORED!! I have two different essay ideas written about 400 words in for the same essay task, and I don't know whether or not I should just choose one and go with it or finish both of them and let the teacher choose.... So I went ahead and wrote this. I am a professional procrastinator, don't try this at home kids.

some people make you seriously wonder
what makes them tick so brazenly
all values they supposedly hold high

     is it a tunnel vision
     of greedy individuality?

    a dangerous mix
    of arrogance, innocence, ignorance?

    or are they simply overwhelmed
    with unexpectedly gained power
    mistake the votes of people
    for a mandate to play god?

unknown may be the causes
but the results are clear

if you preach water but drink wine
throw precious pearls before swine
say things today that you deny tomorrow

folks may still listen to your words
but do no longer follow the meaning
of perma-hype that makes no sense

sooner or later
they‘ll simply stop listening

Alexis JPA Oct 13

Confused and depressed
Not knowing what comes to life next
A promise that started so beautifully
He changed, and now, is he really ending it this slowly?

In the dark, while I savor the pain
I longed to be happy and then you came.
At a brisk, I let you in
Consumed my mind and invaded my soul.

Your eyes, I couldn’t help but stare
Your voice, that became music to my ear            
I wish the time was longer – that’s a shame
Why did I meet you at such a wrong fate?

How can I tell him about you?
You belong to someone else while I do too.
Albeit amiss, the times with you felt nothing but right;
Never was I this proud of the wrong, never in my life.

Lost with bewilderment, who does my heart choose?
HIM, the person that I have learned to love?
Or YOU, the person that suddenly caught my heart?
I’m guilty of even having to question myself that.

The negative thoughts, the guilt, the constant fear.
It has now started drowning me in.
I realized, this affected him and I wanted to do the right thing.
So, I had to choose him.

emotional affair love confuse
Dovey Oct 13

It wouldn't be so hard, y'know
If I understood
It'd be so much easier to deal with
if I wasn't quite so confused

Babbling quoted poetic stereotypes
I'll state firmly
"it's not black and white"

But it's not quite gray either, is it?

One color bleeding into different shades of itself
each one struggling to retain uniqueness

"Life's a rainbow!" She announced grandly

And while some are willing to dance upon
each spectrum of color
hopping wildy from light particle to light particle

I stand balancing precariously on the edge
Wishing to be back in the black and white

good and evil

of splattered ink on water soaked parchment

Because the colors are bewildering

Where red isn't basic red
and green isn't always envy

We define ourselves

If there's no set definition, what rules do I play by?
What words do I use?

What do you do when you're not sure what the colors mean, where you are on the spectrum, or if it's even //okay//?

No one ever cared to explain what the colors meant, or where I stand in all of this. Red isn't just red. Its multiple shades all blurring into each other, until that one color is it's own crimson rainbow.

Everything would be easier to deal with if it weren't so confusing, y'know? Like, it wouldn't hurt so much if I understood if //I'm// the one making the mistakes and messing up and being one big sin.

But you know what they say, not quite black and white, huh?
Middy Oct 12

Everyone's talking in codes
In gabbled voices
In loud voices

What are they saying
When they say
A thing everyone laughs at
What do they call it?
A joke?
I don't get it

Why do they waste words
On something they call banter
Code for hating, bullying
Rambling maybe
But it hurts none the less

I'm looking around
I can't understand a word
My ears are blocked
By my shaking hands

The jangling of a bracelet
The sound of music

What are these codes?
How do I speak like that?
How do I act like that?
The voices only give me
Questions and no answers

juniper jones Oct 12

it's the simplest fact
easing through my cracks and caves
but unbeknownst, a bittersweet act
the thing i want, the thing i crave
the words i want to be said, to be saved

can you hear me in my silence?

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