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You can control
The quality of your time
With your mood
Nothing has to truly ****
If you can open your mind
See past the 3D
And enter the present groove.
Srujani Jun 20
Life sometimes makes me feel pathetic
and the other times euphoric
there were days when I felt embarrassed
and again the days where I got embraced
it was not always the rainbows and umbrellas I've gone through
but I still love all the butterflies after the rain flew
sometimes, tho
it was always the same darkness with glittered eyes
then again saw the same glittered stars to my surprise
making me wonder,
maybe it is really true that
the darkest night brings the brightest stars
Daivik May 23
Today is a very sleepy day
And I am going to sleep it away
So please do not come in my way
For today is a very sleepy day
Kassan Jahmal Mar 29

Finding my ****** expressions without makeup,
Fixing my heart when girls say, "let's just break up,"
Figuring out my next steps when things start to shake up,
But I really get annoyed by the nice people we meet; saying,
"let's just f**k"

Oh what is this life; and what am I living for?
Giving all the pieces of your life, but it always wants some
more. As I'm senseless to the less sense of my interests to
my less cents. So reckless to my repentance; and a wreck to
all of life's pressures.
Weighing myself down on all it's measures. How to be strong
with yourself, with all of these offered pleasures?
But we all know nothing lasts forever. Still a chance of having
it now, could make things feel a little better.


Still the lover; longing for a love to actually love,
Stuck with food for thoughts; but it feels like my wisdom
is still keen to starve,
Searching all of the skies, for all of my answers from the above,
Scheming on all of my luck to success; with the few of my cards,
But the game of life is always so hard.


Where am I going, in these night trips to nowhere,
Who knows their final destination, only after their death's despair,
Why is life this constant carnival game, paying a fair to being
so unfair,
When do I show face to face my challenges, if I dare?

And this is all the okay to the okay, the day after today. Two
days into choices of Tuesdays. But no matter the day;
it's always a battle to just seem okay.

And that's okay...
We like to see the things, black and white...
We don't want to get into, What's wrong... What's right...!?
Struggling against the situation, we usually forget our power and might...
When the day feels heavy... We write, to keep our mood lite...!
We dodge the darkness of trouble from our powerful word's light...
Observing the nature, from the start of the day till the end of night...!
We pour our thoughts and imagination on the paper, when we start to write!
It's 2nd part of my poem β€” "We write"...

Read first part here
πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ ...

Wasn't active here from last few days... Coz of my sem. Examination... But now my examinations are finished... And I'm back here again πŸ˜… again, I'll start exploring new poems... And 'll try to interact with most of the writers 😊😊...

Another flow of rhymes πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Aleksey Oct 2021
To fly, I wish I could
And hug her, I would
Love is the mood
To hope, I know I should
But that it can't be, we understood.
Salvador Kent Sep 2021
Wind. Walk outside.
You went again today.
Wood. Familiar landscape.

Blue. You're infatuated by the colour
For some reason or other.
Sad really. Sometimes blue takes over

Your mind so much you can't sleep.
Not that you sleep anyway.
Hilarious really. Two in the morning.

Why are you this way nowadays?
Did something happen? Must have
Because that would explain it all.

Funny thing. How time slipped away
Feels like March slipped to May
Slipped to now. You're staring at a pen and

There's nothing else to do.
Why are you crying now?
Did something happen?

You've been so blue recently.
You're always so blue.
Why are you always blue?
April 2020
Thomas Steyer Aug 2021
Whenever I feel miserable
No matter where or how or why
I look for my happy place
And wave the world goodbye

I plan before I'm losing it
To find this place and rest instead
It's always there and quite a blessing
This happy space is in my head

But letting go of suffering
Is mostly easier said than done
Then thinking about my happy place
Seems the hardest thing under the sun

Changing my mood from dark to sunny
I would learn it perhaps if I could
Though I'd prefer not to do the work
And stay in my happy place for good
Atlas Aug 2021
I mourn all the dreams I can’t recall when morning comes
All the moments I was moving too fast to cherish what I love
I mourn the friends who left and went on to better things
The ones who out grew me
The ones who pretend they don’t remember how we used to know the secrets no one else knew

I know I behave like a child sometimes
Throwing temper tantrums and pretending like I don’t want to cry
I know I act like I am not affected by it all
Like my life is full of sunshine even in the nighttime
I’m so tired of the charade
Are you someone I can count on
To be okay with me
Even when it rains
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