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Crego Jun 2
You take what you can get
I wanted you in the worst way
willing to go the hard route
But you wanted it easy
So you chose him over me
A body over a heart.
Norman Crane May 5
downpast where the divermin dont go
is an underwater sun
that casts a blackhole shadow
in to the fishes swim
but they donnot swim out
where oh where do they fishes go
after theybin drowngone in the shadow
after theybin infosucked by the blackhole
i say i dont know
but some days i think i seem them
floating on the cloud forms
as crows
Don’t upset the person who makes your food
Don’t be rude
They may have a mood
You never know
They might get upset on your food
See that speckle in your dough
It went bad a while ago
Ever wonder why service was so slow
You never know
Just some common sense, since some people still don't know how to treat the person who cooks for them..
Femi Apr 13
Savage start
Gave birth to a savage heart.
Times of cold,
Caused me to carry a heavier load.
Times of abandonment,
Made me question where love was from and if mercy would be sent.
Teenager in the wilderness,
I came of age with bitterness.
Now an adult woman;
I'm a dark merciless tornado and no meteorologist can report which way I'm coming.
Stewie Apr 7
The push and pull
The ebb and flow of my life
The tide pulls away my mask
The personality of someone I once knew
I’m not who I was
Constantly changing and floating with the wind
Aloof and unattached
Waiting for someone to grab my arm
To keep my grounded
aslı Mar 25
What are you up to?
- I am watching movie on mubi with the cat on my belly.
- That means you are in the mood for love.
- My  eternal mood is love.
دema flutter Mar 23
woke up
on a decision
that the day is
finally here,

today is the day
I take over this
body of mine,

today I make the decisions,
today I draw the line,
today I live the moment,
today I manifest my
aesthetic into a lifestyle,

today I will act
like the main character
I am in this
story of mine,

and that's that.
Deep Mar 20
Dictating my mood
with a single thumb press,
I'm happy
Or Sad
It's only a matter of your single Text.
Concepts can be expressed in many ways, though they can only be discussed using words, yet words convey the smallest fraction of our true thoughts and feelings.
Perhaps the limitation of language is why I love art and music so ? they are the perfect compliment ?
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