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I am tired of the tiredness itself
which is even too tired to consume me,
so that I could go through the digestive system of tiredness
and come out again,
at least those parts of me,
that the bowels of tiredness can't digest.
neth jones Mar 3
weather breaks the clouds            
    a day of mouths  eating mouths
cold churning nature      
lording weight over my mood ;    
the role of a child   subdued
tanka style
neth jones Mar 14
I feel so much              it’s just like good movies
hard hurt  romance and rescue               
         rage  and ostracization
it's them  it is witty they     the horn spittled gitty devils!           
they've pitted faults in my structure
                                                        to feel through
my dermis            tup-tapped and stabbed at                
    quaking ***** little jokes   at my impractical existence
i am made spongiform                     vulnerable pupation    
      mangy food at mercy  ...

...and my pratty employment...

...but it's okay now
i'm desensitized to it all                
         distant to the proceedings
the quirky murky readings
                   then again   sudden barks get through
jarring feedings                        
            and i am rushed with expense ...
... for a while

mused chemistry
my worth feels    peopled and oxygenated
my work cradles balanced appeal                  
creation is warm          with budgings of whim
simple commerce   with the ghosts of physical laws
                                     and a birling alchemy
David Cunha Feb 2
**** this aching train
Life's been better than lately
Could have been worse, though
- David Cunha
february 2, 2024
4:03 a.m.
Níla Jan 4
Slightly intoxicated
This drive back home could be a chance to confess
It's really not that complicated
To acknowledge the mess going through my head
My mom in the driver's seat
I did this once before
'Mom I cannot feel, I cannot not sleep anymore'
And maybe that's the problem
The reason I'll just stay put for now
Cause her reaction to my confession is one I could forever have lived without
Pagan Paul Nov 2023
Feeling low is not all wrong.
Feeling down is absolutely fine.
Crying out pain is OK friend
and being sad is not a crime.
Just a piece of advice for anyone with low mood.
Rama Krsna Nov 2023
sitting here,
accompanied by a cold, dreary november drizzle,
i sip that cup of ambition
yearning for a little melody.

we could’ve been a little something!

as i soak in a tub of melancholy,
i ponder over this incomplete jigsaw puzzle with a gaping hole in the middle.

when will you see that you’re the center piece?
and may be the solution to the riddle.

© 2023
dedicated to the lonely ones looking for meaning
ChinHooi Ng Oct 2023
The bracing raindrops
onto the wooden trellis
then hitting the stone table
i happened to have just woke up
when dusk is brewing quietly
outside the windowpanes
vestigial sleepiness dissipating
just as gradually
the fluorescent light that's turned on
stings my sense of taste for a second
and i hear the sounds of a busy kitchen
the summer heat is gone for now
i kept myself occupied all afternoon
checking and reading on my phone
if time could stand still
I'd actually like it to stay
like this
people are in a smooth
peaceful mood
it seems
like they were years ago
it also seems perhaps
it will happen again
like years from now.
Odd Odyssey Poet Sep 2023
Incidents; I could of made a meal out
of myself, with the incidentals
I'm so usually full of myself,
so credit me for being prideful with proud credentials
And tell me what you care about most,
but please forgive me for saying, "yeah whatever"
So we can go make a bet on ourselves, but I'm
always betting on this time not fairing any better
Screaming at the walls so much, that a doctor is
rushing for a cure; but one of us is losing a reason to be patient

Bad mood 1

I stubbed my toe, but was too stubborn
to acknowledge any of the pain
And after I bit my inner cheek at supper,
I went to bed extra cheeky today
My vape ran out of steam, and I started to
evaporate from the crave,- I felt a bit like vapour to date
And there's a piece of bone stuck in my tooth,
now I've got a bone to pick with anything coming my way

Bad mood 2

I spilled my last sip under my bed,
great, no my unrest comes from down under
Chucking blundstones to your ankle length,
but it all ends with me admitting to another blunder
I'm not feeling so bright today; still I have faith in
the next day's sunlight- I hope we can warm up each other

Bad mood 3

Today I barked up the wrong tree,
and somebody got really *******
The week was a bit too hard to handle,
like a ******* girl by a ***** so soft
As I was trying to enter a course, like a game of life
playing a bit of golf; ***** deep in work, that ******* me off
I turned on a friendly smile I keep in my left pocket,
for the right of someone to be allowed to be angry
at me, as a one-off

                     I guess my mood from this piece is a bit off.
I don't know,
I just hope you caught onto the wordplay:
I'm just fishing for attention as before
my mind
is a birdcage
with blood
and feathers

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