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“Social media is taking over our lives,”
she tweeted angrily.
Meruem 1d
Lately I've been drinking a lot
Smoking near the parking lot
Alcohol for the wound
Nicotine to feel good
The next day I'll be sober
And hope it'll all be over.
December 15, 2018 - 18:24

San Miguel Pale Pilsen x Winston Blue.
Meruem 2d
By the time we were born
We struggle, but keep on growing.
Undergo constant changes,
To be the best version of ourselves.
December 15, 2018 - 00:45

Someone made me realize that life goes on..
Meruem 4d
You don’t mean to be a problem
You don’t mean to cause me pain
You don’t mean to do much but it’s one and the same

I don’t know where this came from
I thought we were plain sailing
This has taken me aback and it goes without saying

Yeah I’m gonna feel broken for a bit
Life’s gonna be a little bit ****
Ohh, for at least the next week

We had our flaws I’ll be the first to admit
And we both struggled to commit
Ohh, was it really that bleak?
(c) Honne

Man, my homie Honne gone mad with this one. How I wish I heard the second verse from you, probably would make things a lot easier.

Well, acceptance is key.
(Pero putangina di ko pa rin matanggap na wala ka na. Tanginang yan!)
people say we eager for similarity
no puzzle ever be the same
the distinction makes us-
Sometimes probably we are in the wrong direction.
Tears trenched paper
Wind thrilled through the ear
Raindrops permeated sand
The road led to the end
Darkness crushed the trail
Shadow reflected the pain
Baby boys
Baby girls
We are on the way
When people are going through a hard time......
i thought something is coming back
no lies
in your eyes
oh babe
i am in love again -
the rock hit the water
never coming back -
oh babe
i should not bring my heart next time
thoughts crunched in my head
i stared the window
whispered -
unlock the window
free the heart
It's a joke
For you
It's an upward arc
For me
It's a scar -
not deep enough
But just see the blood
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