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Vagish 1d
She was a lightning

Bright and shining up in the clouds

Her hair were black like the rain clouds

bouncing as she moved around

clear were her eyes like the droplet falling from the sky

her anklets making the sound

as if rains drops are hitting the ground

Now I am writing with a mood as colorful as a rainbow

About a girl I once saw

That's why Monsoon is my favorite season.
happy or depressed
life is a balancing act
so easy to slip...
moods that fall can rise again
wait for tomorrow's new day
6/22/2018 - Poetry form:  Tanka - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
A tear rolling down my face and I don’t even notice.
I’ve been all alone this time and I hope that you know this.
By my lonesome I was staring in the distance.
All I truly felt was that time was you getting more distant.
Other than that I feel pretty numb.
Not even frightened anymore of what’s to come.
Lost myself along the road to this.
Leaning into nothing for that final kiss.

And as you look that nothing deep in the eyes.
You realise all had already been erased from her mind.
- N.N.
Ave Oct 12
He’s kinda weird
The way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking
Do you think he notices
When I do it too?
I kinda like his hair
The way it curls makes me wanna run my hand through it
it’s kinda strange
Why these feelings never came up before?
I wonder
Ave Oct 8
Sometimes it’s because I have no food
No money to go buy it
No means of transport
Sometimes it’s because I have no time to eat
High school takes up 13 hours of my day not including homework
No time
No time
No time
I’ll just sleep it off
It’s for the best
sometimes I’m just not hungry
Meruem Oct 7
It was just a wonderful sight;
At the top, over the city lights.
Of all the stars that shined so bright,
You were the brightest one that night.
Though you look so gloomy today,
Just breathe, and be on your way.
Your light may seem to fade away,
Just try not to worry, you'll have it all back
October 8, 2019 - 05:27

A dreamcatcher to catch all of your bad days.
Zywa Sep 26
At the bridge under the Garden
of Poets, I sit and chew
on the world as it is

I see the people go, young, tired
or recklessly on their way
defying the patron saint

that dangles from the interior mirror
or walking late on the side, packs
or down timber on their head

and the symbol around their neck
on the shoulders of their souls
and as hangers in the wardrobe

The cross is everywhere

On the square it has holes
of the nails, living water
spouts from the copper

The redemption will come later
people are in a miserable state
I can see it on the faces

of Jesus in the stores
sadly he looks at me
for sale for little money
Portugal, April-May 1990
Ponte da Barca, on the river Lima
Bom Jesús do Monte, Braga
Serra de Leomil, Serra da Estrela

Collection “Secrets & Believers”
Zane Smith Sep 25
I have been
down and confused.
feeling things
I used to
be used to.
it had become
a normal
but now,
it's new again.
feelings of guilt
for missing memories,
because the past
can't come back.
I don't miss the people
I miss the places
I miss the laughs
I miss the late nights
I miss the stupidity
the vulnerability.
Mimi Hachiko Sep 23
Often I am upset that I have fall in love because then I have the stress of falling out of it.
I wish that I could see a sign that'd it'll all be okay but for now I'll try to do it anyway
I know things will be alright but I also know that it's always gonna be a fight.
I can make a change here but I'm also aware that the unknown can create a little fear
Lately I've been so tired of being pulled around but I know that to this life I am sorely bound.
Aaron LaLux Sep 22
hurt you,
so bad,
that you haven’t let yourself heal,
& why,
do you,
let them,
continue to hurt you?

are you,
hiding in your shell,
you are not a shellfish,

have, a well wish,

I wish,
you realize,
that you are stronger,
than any memory that you may have,
that you are stronger,
than any person that’s ever hurt you in the past,
that you are stronger,
than the darkness that’s invaded your light,

What a paradox you can often be,
one minute so outgoing the next minute totally shut off,
refusing dialogue not caring if you die at all,
on a walk in a park after dark communications shut down,
well you know what love, you’re too resolute,
to let let downs let you down,

I see you,
I see your struggles, I see your strengths,
I see that you are so close, to having a life altering epiphany,
I see it even if you don’t let me propose this question,
do you think a caterpillar knows as it grows,
that it’s about to metamorphosize into a beautiful butterfly?

See you might not see you, but I see you,
I see that you are so close, to having a life altering epiphany,
& breaking totally free, but you know what,
you don’t have to break to be free, you already are free,
you just have to realize it, & once you do, which you will,
you will see, no one can hurt you, not even you,
because you are a being, of such astounding strength,
that you’re just beginning to understand how strong you are,

so who cares who hurt you so bad you haven’t healed,
because from now on you will let no one ever hurt you again.

Remember that…

∆ LaLux ∆

from THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide here:

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