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Kofi ye 1d
through my gallery
to find the epitome of throwbacks
to be posted on social media
the struggle
i’m tired
thinking out loud
on what’s really important
the memories gone
the present ?
dear reader please enlighten me
What a wonderful world it is,
coz when it's beautiful,
it has your legs on my shoulders.

#2...(Sacred acts):
The thickness of his blood all up in her waters.

#3...(Description of a 69):
As he burnt her midnight oils,
and she on the other hand,
gagging over his spilt milk.
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Poetic T Oct 17
She never played by the rules,
          she asked me to hide.

I wasn't going to be the victim,
  shorty had a blade but I wasn't
    being  her fatality.

                    postcode, different rules.
So far

When I'm glum
With the Moon
Do I stay happy
With the Sun

They too
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inclination
The broken barbed wire
wrapped around my wrist
like a blanket, not a bracelet.

A beetle catches raindrops
and bathes while hiding from fat clouds.

They are my steady friends,
the thunder booms, sirens at sea,
the watchtower that is never manned,
Yet the light casts blame in the face of a crab, scuttling and cackling
because he pinches past death, and
the fishermen fell overboard,
The net cascaded in slow motion
Deeper past the place they found my matted hair. A seagull landed on my legs.

The papers did not have the story with the name. My face puffy, swollen belly, crackers present on the lips that could not stop smiling.
Poetic T Oct 10
I never drove by that was the ***** way,
             half time trying to hit a wet spot blind.
or killing the time of those who were never
meant to fall...

Got honor between the lines, I'll stop the car,
              open the door, walk out suited
not you average gangster, look like the others
and no one running till I pulls out your
friend it anit here for a meet and greet.

More like say hello to, goodbye...
   you bleeding on the floor, I'm a good shot...
One to the chest, you fell now one to the head,
   you aint paid you bills now your blood
                                           stained in the wind.

Casually walking back to the car signing
         autographs of his followers.  
This meet and greets been productive,
   Family signing you off on the morgue...

I aint going to lie the only necktie I be
           tightening is yours...

Tied to a chair, if I need information,
   asking as politely with a ball hammer
                                   and some pliers...

I had a few mouths shout off,
now they walk the street silently,
  never **** disrespect.

Show what silence sounds like,
respect is fear
         and I'm the scarecrow in the

And you crows,
    you worm eaters ain't seen nothing yet..
in the highest name of civilization
in the sinking century
blood-soaked world
the curse of the the wretches'

The torn country in a third count
an electrifying cry
all dressed in without real
bury all the languishing curses
due to the condition of my country now
AceLione Oct 7
When i look at my life where it begun
And hope i might end up with a good son
Everyone realize, i am not done
Look for my goals, talents and fun
Spread out the peace and overcome from the hate
Or soon you'll be put in a saddening state
Get help from your friends to make your own fate
If you mess up atleast finish your plate!
I was put in a sad mood but then my friends made me realize, life ain't easy it's harder than the hardest materials, however there are soft spots, there are spots where it's easy. Pain is temporary, it might last for a minute or a day or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take it's place, but if you quit however it will last forever
Alaina Moore Oct 6
"Just live off the grid, reconnect with nature" the heart says. Grasping onto threads of hope on the otherwise tattered garment that is my morale.
As if that were possible.

How to find freedom of any kind without freedom of the mind?

And how am I to pursue anything that brings me joy when the associated risk is so terrifying?

There is no security in this world.

Though I feel so joyless I'm losing the point of persisting. When it all seems so much easier to lay down and die.
Weekends are not long enough.
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