Riley 9h

my money keep on stacking but i dont know where to go
know so many people but i got no one to show
i got people always saying they like my flow
can someone please help me i dont like to be alone

think its safer with no knives in my home
think its safer now that im alone
take so many pills that my body starts to groan
voices in my head take a crowbar to my dome

people i called friends they just turned to fakes
memories from when i hurt my heart its insane
memories from when i used to like the pain
got so many pills its zoloft when i wake

to much food in my stomach so im throwin in the sink
i think im insane so i probaly need a shrink
im just feelin sad so im mixin up a drink
people smoking loud and that shit really stinks

doctors always telling me im living on the brink
but howcome death to me is just like another kink

just a little song im working on making right now
Marlene Jan 11

I am happy here,
for right now.
In this empty café.
Warm and cozy, yet so lonely.

I like them a little bit older
The ones who can get a bit bolder
I like them a little more mature
The ones who really know when they’re sure
I like them a little bit stronger
The ones who tend to last much longer
I like them a little more fiery
The ones who can fill up my diary
I like them little bit braver
The ones who chase a bold flavor
I like them just a little more ready
The ones who are almost ready for me.

Samantha Jan 10

Hydrogen, a gas
Fusing in the night sky stars
As we watch in awe.

Helium, such a
Noble gas, lightly lovely,
Filling our balloons.

Our first alkali
Lithium, lightest metal,
   Stabilizing moods.

Beryllium, a
Metal that makes alloys which
Are strong and don't spark.

Do your laundry, friends,
And experience boron:
Borax detergent.

I want to make a haiku for each element, five at a time! Or at least, the naturally occuring elements.
marta effe Jan 5

I know no home
no more.
Clouds on window panes
are forgotten
at night
through the shutters.

Moutains rest on the calm water
bringing flavours of snow.

unwanted company, dozed and silent
walk on the door frames
and die.

Sometimes I sob over a body that was never mine
One that’s cold and shows every bone line

A hatred fills my heart as I look at myself
One that burns and hurts more than anything I’ve ever felt 

I can’t look at my body and the way that it curves
Reminding me that my body will never look like hers 

Comparing myself constantly to everyone else
Seeing lines and shapes that define myself

I don't want to feel like this anymore
This is torture and I'm so sore

Everyday I want to give up and pretend I’m okay
Remembering the days when I would make myself pay

But here I am now alone and cold
Reminiscing on those times, wishing I never told

Staring at white cockroaches
Crawling on blue walls
Paint peeling
Pain fleeting
Pandemonium occurs
The giggling from the corners
The sirens from the street
Upstairs chained to the bed
In the attic
So to speak
Downstairs stuck in the basement
In the dungeon under the leak
The white cockroaches never stop coming
From the cracks in the walls
Albino brethren
Wail of noise

Get Out Of My Head
The Noose Dec 2017

"Time it was,
And what a time
it was
It was
A time of innocence
A time of confidences

Can you imagine us
Years from today
Sharing a park bench quietly?
How terribly strange
To be seventy"

Stella Dec 2017

Look out, looming man
I'm on my sure way

That radiates off you
When you don't mind longing
For golden fields and blooming fruit

Does an ambitious soul dread it?
Filing the dawn edge that'll dull at the close of dusk
Soon broken by a lost sun

We all have those mild days
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