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Beauty and the beast:
The story you never see.
She didn’t love him.
She shot him.
He melted in the gunfire heat.
Cinderella and Prince Charming:
The story you never see.
He didn’t love her.
He slew her with the sword.
He buried her in his words.
This bird in your hand
Won’t tell you these stories.
On the other hand
The two in the bush,
Don’t lie with happy endings.
It’s in my hand
These two birds are resting.
How? You may ask, why?
It was love at first sight;
She was a beautiful
Beast in the night.
She had long black hair.
And she was white.
Pearlescent black eyes.
And had the body of a lifeguardess.
I loved her. She rejected me.
I started drowning and she let me.
But then, there was a man, a prince.
He looked at her. She at him.
It was love at first sight for them.
So I ran away, into the bushes
Where two birds told me stories
After the third one got caught away.
And as I grew up, like a tree,
I took these two birds in my hand
And set them free,
So that people may one day understand
What happened to me,
And to know, that I am not crazy.
These kinds of things happen daily.
March 5, 2019
Johnny Q Feb 23
Cinderella smokes
Cinderella stares and exhales
Cinderella what a beautiful girl
memory loss is the salvation I desperately crave
the coin shows heads whichever way you toss
the damp night welcomes me into her arms
the creamy sky, it sighs and sheds a few tears
a tear for you, for me and for what we never used to be
a tear for every night I didn't spend in your bed
a tear for every day where distance grew in confidence
a tear for this crouched shadow hiding from me.

Cinderella's boots maltreat the spare stub
you look spacy while searching for a tree to jiggle
there's no shortage of choice, this forest is all yours
oh, it's all yours tonight
yet all the choices make you feel dizzy
and you sit down on the ground
to smoke a ciggy.

You always liked to read my gaze
guess all those pictures in my head
and watch all those fish floundering in your net
You light another and think about all
the milk cartoons you trashed
you're still squeezing the last drop out of me
wash me down your sink and smile and think
you probably got it all
and you probably did
I end up down your drain and mingle
with your last boy's ***** and your period blood.

Your place to rest is always the kitchen
my place to sleep, it's near your pillow
just six feet under
oh, six feet down I lie and close my eyes.
You believe life's just a laugh
I believe Eros will always get the last laugh
he waits for my desperation to reach boiling point
and then he spreads his wings and flies away
Oh, that's you
spread your wings and fly away.

Your last dream was a plushy ball
your dress was rose gold and my cheeks were just plain red
and your wings
they clung so firmly to your back
Oh, Cinderella, if you want a smoke, just take one of mine
I was born to swindle you, born to lie, born to deceive you
and you were born to never even notice.

The doves come land on the edges of your balcony
you ask for their help and they say yes and I melt
'cause I know the doves have never failed
and you'll see him and you'll smile and I won't be there
and you'll sign on the dotted line
he'll be yours for as long as you desire
and you'll be his for as long as you desire
Thunder roars approval
and from six feet under I wince objections
heard by no one particular.

It's fine for you, you'll sort the peas for 80 years
And I'll drink the sleet and breathe
Stairs of pitch will keep me in this prison underground
Stairs of pitch will discourage you from ever peeking down
Stairs of pitch jam the way to your mind
and you like the fact that your prince will now have to climb the window.

I'll dream of cutting off your toe and your heel
to stop you from ever fleeing me
and then I'll desperately sob
and when I wake up, I'll be six feet down
looking up to you and you'll ask:
'Care for a smoke?'
allison Feb 17
  y    ou
noticed the most
common thread in fairy tales?
your best wishes and desires will
all come true if you indulge in one
life-altering task. losing your voice
for legs, going to a ball for a few
hours to fine true love... it's all
a fictionally painted image.
telling us that something
amazing will
                          if we take a bite
                                 of the poison apple.
it's supposed to be a caramel apple? i have no idea if that came across, but the caramel apple is a reference to Enchanted.
Off set the prince,
Searching for his princess,
Dressed in blue,
Beauty stuck up like glue,
Crystal eyes and sugar candy lips,
Rosy cheeks and shaped hips,
Cascade like hair,
Skin glittering fair,
He found his dazzling princess,
"Felt lucky indeed", he confessed.
Prince in search of cinderella
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Castles and queens
Red carpet and round tables
Warm wind through a poofed dress

Oh what a mess
No matter how hard they stress
That olden times were not like the movies its meaningless

For the

Dances like Cinderella
Simpler times in a castle tower
Dragons and romance with a prince

You'll never be able to convince
that this isnt what i want ever since
I was but a young sad girl ive dreamt of my Prince

King arthur and merlin
Excalibur and the lady of the lake
Green beauty and small hobbit holes

Oh sad girl you are in woe
For happiness you'll never know
You'll always be a locked away rapunzel
Something about that dark bittersweet beauty that i love. The stories of Merlin or if castles and queens with a sad twist but with joy and deep beauty and dancing
It makes my heart feel an emotion i csnt describe an emotion I'll never truly have in my life.
روبرت Nov 2018
Everything makes no sense
I’m spinning and I can’t stop
What do I do?
Confusing right and wrong
Love and Depression blending into one
I’m sinking
Down and down I go
The man I want won’t be mine
The man in front me I deceived
How did I get so lost?
I give up
Oh, Cinderella there you are! We might need to go see the fairy godmother together.
I'm not Cinderella, who came to the party and met the prince because I didn't have those glass shoes
or being Ariel, exchanging the beautiful tail with feet for a man from another world
Aurora fell asleep long enough, then love came from a prince with a kiss, could it be?
then, should I become Snow White who was poisoned by an apple then fell asleep and the prince came just to be able to see me every day. No
could I have to meet an unlovely and cursed prince like Belle, and love him sincerely?
but I can't like Elsa that freezes the human heart
because I am still need love like Jasmine from Aladdin, but I don't want to be a present
I might have to venture out across the vast ocean to find the lost, yes it's Moana
so I have to be brave and tough like Mulan about anything that will happen in reaching the dreams and love that might not be easy
if i get the job
as a dishwasher
at the cafe or
the nursing home

i might get my
tragically beautiful
cinderella story
after all
“someday my prince will come”
cinderella sung that...
i believed it to be true

my prince never came
no prince ever would want
a servant girl
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