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Dark Aug 22
Why life?
Why death?
When what prevails
Is mere nothingness

Why fear?
When what you lose is
What you will always lose.

Paths to succeed,
Fame to acquire...
To mess everything
A little doubt we require.

Is this a dream?
Is this a chance?
Emptiness in that thought
Makes misery of one.

Why hate?
When we are all the same
Dew drops on every leaf.

Men and women,
We differ ourselves...
Compare our strength...
And mess up the shelves

In deep misery
Hate led us, prey!
Humanity hear me!
You're not made to fail!
These are some random thoughts...
And why do some of us suffer more ?
The pain
The tests
The sacrifices
The blood sheds
The tears
The promises
Why do some of has nothing to do about it?
Are we here in this world to be here in this exact place?
Or are we here by mistake?
The question remains so unclear
And we keep thinking again and again
In an endless cycle like it’s a time loop
A paradox which has no end, no solutions.
Supposedly we have to live with it
And die with it in our graves.
This is for the mental condition i have.
It’s not been long
Last I wrote about
What I wrote
And possibly
Never became, too rote

Last I wrote
I do remember
My suede leather, navy blue tote
Never too paunchy
Yet carrying loads

And now I forget
Last I wrote
What I loved
About what I wrote
Life gets busy, and so do the thoughts,
flying out of the window and gathering meanings dust  :)
eli Mar 5
what is it about birthdays?

it's just another day,
but u just grew older.
it's just another day,
yet everyone knows you.
it's just another day,
when everyone is good to you.

what is it about birthdays
that when it comes
people doesn't treat u
like how they always do?
it's my bday tomorrow! :) and i'm not in good terms with a person but i know that when tomorrow comes, we'll be okay again. lol.
Amanda Dec 2019
Time is an unusual concept
Perspective I have yet to understand
Current washing us clean of everything
Seconds slipping through fingers like grains of sand
In the hourglass of life
purple heart Oct 2019
How are you doing today?
or Just reliving yesterday!
sometimes you just someone who would ask you this.
and the respond doesn't matter.
cause trust me the day go a bit better.
Hello Prolly Aug 2019
Hope the sound of crickets
resting near your head
won’t wake up the bed
or want it?

just to tell you
now looking for a name
to call the day
that went the distance of three

I felt I did
I felt I slept
and shined through
and walked right at

I lost my breath
subtle hurts underneath
around my head
and heartily heartened

found a friend in friends
so talking their strange lingos
made me see the closeness
in the foreign truth

that carries

on-times so unusual
coincidental timing
and all the gones
how me, my zones

being alone
so moving, so home
near others
sleepwalking lovers

nervous panics
wordy freaks
one sided
broken line

still don't know today
the name
of ******* scattered

thus this scattered fragments,
my scatterline,
I just want to whisper
to your resting mind

while still smelling you
on structures of my skin,
sound tenderly
the creaks of crickets!
talking to you, talking to me
Anastasia Aug 2019
When night  comes
And my common sense goes
I start to think
Unusual things
I start to feel
Strange feeling
I begin to love you
A little bit more
And it's awfully strange
But it happens every night
And I can't really tight
I hope that you
Will be in my dreams
Yes, these strange night emotions
Bursting at the seams
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