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void Sep 2019
gun to my head id still choose drugs over you
knife to my neck id still choose scars over you

im as stable as ive ever been and my rage will destroy you soon
blackbiird Feb 2019

i hate that I still
crave your embrace
even after you've
up my heart
stolen my joy and
confiscated my tears

i hate that you
built a fortress
in my heart where
your enemies take captive.

i think it's time
you and I part ways.
you're killing me
but i can't seem to stay away.

دema Feb 2019
Am I upset?
No, I don't think so.

I think the best way to describe how I feel towards you right now
is to buy a ******* useless vase, instead of adding it to the rest of your collection of useless stuff down in the basement, use it as a decoration, give it life and purpose and make a pretty flower grow in it, every now and then water it, clean the mess it makes, heck-- even take selfies with it. Next, I want you to unwillingly do the following:
put this vase on an ad on Craig's list, give it for free to someone who is on the same continuum of uselessness. Done? ok, now go break that ******* vase. What? You can't? It's not yours anymore? How does THAT feel? Do you feel upset? Angry? Confused? No, you feel helpless. Well now you know how your friendship feels like and what your friendship means. Not cool. We aren't cool. Don't make me break you, it won't fix you into becoming someone I need.
Starfire Aug 2018
It's not wanting to get out of bed on the morning
It's not wanting to do anything that once made you happy
It's caring about things that you shouldn't care about

It's expecting too much from people who don't deserve it
It's about pleasing others instead of yourself
It's apologising for things you didn't do
It's about putting others first

And when you put yourself first, for once
People have a lot to say

Don't worry about what other people say
Rather focus on yourself first then worry about the other people
دema Jul 2018
They say remove toxic people from your life,
but what am I supposed to do with this toxic heart of mine?

— The End —