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is not just about therapy,
but it is the love
that makes something impossible
become possible.
You will grow
among them in hope
and you will decide
to appreciate yourself
in the end.
Indonesia, 3rd January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Marilina Sep 2021
I envy the birds
How they spread their wings
And soar through the sky

Not a thought on their mind
Free to fly far away
Let the wind carry them

But here I am locked
In this small gilded cage
And my wings are clipped
Valya Sep 2021
I wait for your confident strut into the classroom
With your signature grey sweatpants and fit t-shirt
It's nothing special, yet you make it memorable
You start a conversation with the classmate next to you and I happen to overhear the conversation and chime in
You listen to my points and even beam at some of my remarks
Are my remarks that great?
I'm not so sure, but you make me happy that I said them
I steal a glance at times while you work on your classwork and smile to myself wondering how I got so lucky with the seating arrangements
Even though this will probably never lead to anything I'm glad to have someone to look forward to
Someone who I can smile with just for a second and then go on with my day
Hes cute ****
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Memories. Dreams. Memories of Dreams. They're all proof life isn't lived completely linearly. That life isn't purely physical.
It doesn't have to be defined by what we see, smell, touch. We don't have to limit ourselves so much. Who cares if something seems impossible? We've been proven wrong before. There's still so much we don't know. So don't be afraid to explore.
Renae Aug 2021
"How can you love me?"

I said

"You hardly even notice
I exist"

"You're not perfect"

He said

"Stop trying so hard
to please me"
Nothing is impossible
Except silencing the chaos inside my mind,
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2021
Maybe we are both better off this way
Then again perhaps not
Who is to say?
Soon you will forget everything about me
With exception of my name and what you thought we would be
But it is impossible for for me to do that too
I will always care too deeply for you
I've come to the conclusion you are happier now
Albeit I cannot quite comprehend how
Back when together I could tell I meant to you the most
In my present exist only as a gnawing ghost
A wall bloomed between
Was completely unaware
Too late I finally opened my eyes and saw it there
New emotions have taken root in your heart
Resulting in us being driven even further apart
I wonder if you love her more than you used to love me
Why it has to hurt so bad to set the things you cherish free
Now waking up is hard to do,
Sleeping's impossible too,
And everything's reminding me of you,
What can I do?
It's not right, not okay,
To say the words that you say,
Maybe we're better off this way...
-Maroon 5
I need an answer
when you don't give me a question.
Indonesia, 20th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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