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what happens when you are so in love with a thought you could never dream.
       not like being on a timeout, or friend zoned.
  like wishful thinking of a perfect scene, or being.
Can most of us say that we ever truly fell in love at first sight, i can.                  
      i can tell you how the sun shines for the birds and blooms. i can tell you how the  diamonds are hand painted into the night sky and even have their own stories.
   i can tell you all the angles of the prisms, in the colors of a rainbow.
i can describe in perfect detail sculpted cheekbones and a smile so warm everything
    melts inside. 
 i can say how my heart aches to even be known. in the world, in the universe,
   in the front of someone's mind. not just known but really, and truly known by something, anything, anyone.
      i can tell you that my soul aches for more...
   i can tell you how my life essence is tied to more.....
after everything so far.
          i can also tell you that i doubt if anybody even knows my name.
its a mess, im used to it...... (:
Terri Sep 14
Our eyes interwind
I hope we'll able to find
Our love for one another
And both realize that we,
We are bound for each other

Each step I take
To get close to you,
Each effort I make
Just to please you,
Yet unnoticed
Now knowing
the love I have
The love I'll show
Will be nothing to you
I would've took the stars for you
I know it's impossible, but
Getting you is impossible too.
Alexander T Sep 12
If I could tell you everything
What would I say

Would I explain my love for you
No, thats impossible

Would I say im suicidal
no, not quite true anymore

What would I say...
Amanda Sep 11
Will I ever be able to move forward?
Space grows more and more,
How can I accept that things
Cannot be as happy as before?

I adore the familiar memories
With greater depth than what's in front of me,
I cannot stop being in love with you
Though being around you stopped being easy.

When we are smiling life is simple,
We buzz with passion and energy,
When things become rough we start shedding blood
From wounds no other person can see.

We are in this hopeless place,
Light is fading with our contentment
We cannot conceal true feelings any longer,
Faces have betrayed inner resentment.

The battle has left our hearts scarred,
Constant war neither can win,
Always felt like I had no choice,
Our house a combat zone I'm fighting in.

Concrete beneath us cracking,
Inching us towards despair,
As words left unspoken crackle
Like fireworks in tense air.

Shield myself the best I can,
Buried under plans lost,
Thick oxygen too toxic to breathe,
My lungs seep red, I cough.

Forty ropes keeping me back,
I lack the tools to cut,
Blade of bravery long since broken,
That's the reason I stay in my rut.

I'm tired yet I incur no change,
I obey this overplayed routine,
Turn on the faucet, I cannot do it myself,
So I can wash my hands of you and be clean.

Hard to leave you behind completely,
You make it impossible to take the first step,
My veins flow with love only for you,
I will go far from here but never forget.
How do you say goodbye to the one thing you never thought you'd lose?
Robin Lemmen Sep 3
Untangle my body from yours
                        Step number one
Untangle my gaze to stop from speaking
                        Step number two
Untangle my dreams for reality with you
                        Step number three
Untangle my happy from your presence
                        Step number four
Untangle the future from our possibilities
                        Step number five
Untangle my person from yours
Jolan Lade Sep 1
I'm born into ashes and grown up in fire
I'm raised wearing a mask and have developed my own casque
Trying to perfect the impossible and achieving what you require
I'm raised to believe in realistic ambition and repeating manque
I'm done, now standing with my back against the sun, ignoring your commando
Now looking deep, and lost into my own shadow.
no gold
Imagining my life without you is like

Trying to come up with a new color

That has not been discovered yet.
Dream Aug 5
If roses were blue and violets were green¿

If fish were birds and mammals were amphibians¿

If hearts weren't glass and minds were stone¿

 would fall in love with me too¿
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