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The stage is a world of imagination.
A place where our minds can run free without a sense of direction. As the characters make us fly through a catharsis of laugh and cries. A combination of gestures and movement, each playing their part  in unison towards a certain fate

Although the humor makes the audience forget the sorrow, pain, and misery of reality, as the scenes guide them, the acts show them and the actions amaze them of the destiny even in the conflict of scenes, all is done in resolution of the might and glory of an all-father, as people gather to watch the incredible power of God in play and they pause in amazement of the greatness of him as the impossible the eyes see in the beauty of the STAGE
Klita 3d
There you stand
In all your gloriously impossible perfection
Absolutely s t u n n i n g
Skin glowing brighter than the moon
In a clear
Night sky

I wish someone saw me the way I see you
I know love
Is something we will never share
And that's ok
I will always look at you
Like you are the moon
You were the first
to make me realize
I CAN love
And that is a beautiful thing
BeLoved Oct 5
Baby I think we need to breathe
So much love lost
I'm smiling cause it's impossible to grieve
It's impossible to leave
I'm addicted to you darling
But your too blinded to see
"Back and forth, like a tidal wave
yearning to kiss far-fetched shores.
My body moves in the same rhythm
of a seashore that yearns to meet
the never-reaching horizon
that is the image of you"
Tasks seem impossible at times
Yet when I think of you
Those reassuring eyes
That confident smile
Makes me pull through
The thick or thin
With you by my side
True love will win.
Bhill Sep 9
There are times in our life when things seem to tough
The climb is too hard and the going is rough

If you look up the hill and see the whole climb
It might be too steep and take too much time

It’s important to stay focused on staying upright
One pedal at a time will take you to heights

The fact that you’re there and giving it your all
So you know that you can, even if you fall...

Brian Hill - # 224
This is inspired by a mountain bike ride I just finished from Telluride Co to Moab Ut...  200 miles and 16000 vertical of climbing...
There's a matchstick burning at the bottom of the ocean
Though it seems unfathomable, by all means, it's true
This tiny flame sparks and rages underneath the riverbed
Defying reality as it flares and spits at the codfish below

But as you'd expect, this hot stick isn't so bright anymore
The light, ravaged and eroded by wear and tare
A blaze brought down by time and circumstance
Perhaps someday it shall understand it's own charade

Splitting headaches, my brain acts in two halves
One side calculated and contemplative, the other impulsive and unrefined
One of them assures me that I shouldn't have jumped, that it was a mistake
The other only tells me I should've dived deeper

And I'm not sure which is telling me what.
feelings are hard
Karl Gerald Saul Aug 2011
Nais kong lumipad tulad ng ibon sa kalawakan
nais kong lumangoy gaya ng isda sa karagatan
nais kong maging leong mabangis na katatakutan ng lahat
nais kong maging serena na kumakanta habang lumalangoy sa dagat

Nais kong maging musikero na tumutugtog na mga instrumento
nais kong maging sikat na singer na hawak hawak ang mikropono
pagkat ako'y isang hamak na bata lamang na nangangarap ng imposible

Lahat ng iya'y imposible kong makamit - imposibleng magawa
sinong tutulong sa'kin?
sinong gagabay sa'kin?
wala, wala talaga, kung meron sino kaya?
sa pangarap ko lang talaga ito magagawa
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