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She was mine,
A delight.
She, woken up to morning light.
Me, woken up to she.
We had loved the days,
My ray of sunshine,
She had loved me, stay.
Love cannot persevere
All the time.
She was there, time after time.

Not all good things can last,
Pain brewed from the past,
Mashed against the wall.
Us, hoping to forget it all.

Before a move was made,
Love was left behind.
She knew he had lied,
He knew she wouldn't, stay.

Love, left there, untouched.
Him, a crutch.
Her, left there.

Right away, he "moved on"
But wished to forget

Impossible to forget,
She left.

Impossible to forget,
He was left.

All the time.
She was there, time after time.
Let's grow old, this time
This time.
Rostova 7d
A whisper
What immortal sensation lifts my soul,
Taking my cares from the depths of a saddened mind,
And replacing reality with a beautiful illusion,
Smiling as though all troubles have been erased?
As if my weak heart was made whole?
Lighting a dark universe with the brightest stars,
Until they are bound to vanish.
My heart will shatter and scream for none other than the cure I'll soon be deprived of.
My shining star world will go back to the empty ebony it was once,
The gorgeous lie will turn to truth,
With no trace of you left behind.
I'll fight for fate to be rewritten,
To forever more hold the hand of a ghost as I walk through life.
But, be it as it may, my efforts shall fail.
And only ribbons of agonizing silence shall remain.
Tears kiss my cheeks as I realize that the only one bound by chains of memories,
Pierced by the sword of longing,
And tied by the ropes of endless emotions,
Is me.
James LR Nov 29
When moon and sun collide
When stars have left the sky
When ocean waves decide
Forever still to lie

When flame has lost it's fire
When truth is made a liar
Then at last I'll tire
Of seeing you at my side
Mission Impossible

Your mission should you choose to accept it?
May be tougher than total disease eradicated
Slower than abolition of third word poverty
No pinnacle as high as a career in true poetry

You will be deprived of all satellite navigation
Ostracised b friends n fair weather neighbours
Unarmed just words are your feeble protection
Your existence denied , should they ever get u

Let me warn you my brave poet friend
Take heed, you may think it no problem
Write all this free verse indeed w’ a vengeance
But once your outside defending fair maidens

Vanity n pride are left behind at your station
Your mind be clogged with a million quotations
This text , it destructs thru your own hesitation
Poet laureate you are not in my estimation.
Written by Philip. 1st November 2018.
A poem in free verse
Ndumbi Oct 29
They say,
glass is as brittle as family causes ripples
I say,
you're always a miracle, ravishing in every angle
Your dad, my uncle ,
Says you too are betrothed
His words, a ******,
that rekindles vain emotions
" I love you,
more than you'll ever know
Let's blame it all,
On the blood that ties our souls."
I fell in love with my cousin.
Doesnt matter---I know it wont work
Nateive Son Oct 28
The Denver light streams through the window
Like nowhere else in the country
And my bare room is neat, tidy
Makes me feel like I'm awake again
Thinking new thoughts
Over lost loves
Beyond bad habits
And the wrinkly little smile comes up
To touch the corners...

The coffee can whistles on the old stove
Making the air smell like
"Hey, it's time to be ALLLLIVVVEEEEE!!!!"
And I forgive everyone who ever wronged me
For the billionth time
While I dream about kissing
Strange vaginas and rolling cigarettes
With new girlfriends
Eyes radiant and full of color like,
"Hey, how ya doin'?"...

I pull up the blinds and see that I'm still here
The same places have not forgotten me
Despite my best efforts
Nobody can run away forever
Until you're back
In the same exact place....

It's enough to make you laugh,

So I sigh
And note another cloud-less day
Bringing the Sun down on me once again
With a little card of rays that reads:

"I'll be OK
And you will
I feel much better these days, about everything. I'm also pretty good at making eggs.

Life is for living, ya DIG?!

what happens when you are so in love with a thought you could never dream.
       not like being on a timeout, or friend zoned.
  like wishful thinking of a perfect scene, or being.
Can most of us say that we ever truly fell in love at first sight, i can.                  
      i can tell you how the sun shines for the birds and blooms. i can tell you how the  diamonds are hand painted into the night sky and even have their own stories.
   i can tell you all the angles of the prisms, in the colors of a rainbow.
i can describe in perfect detail sculpted cheekbones and a smile so warm everything
    melts inside. 
 i can say how my heart aches to even be known. in the world, in the universe,
   in the front of someone's mind. not just known but really, and truly known by something, anything, anyone.
      i can tell you that my soul aches for more...
   i can tell you how my life essence is tied to more.....
after everything so far.
          i can also tell you that i doubt if anybody even knows my name.
its a mess, im used to it...... (:
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