Poppy15 6d
Between us I know
never ever comes true
never mind, just the pain
will penetrate into
my mind 'til turns
to the eternal void.

It hurts I know
like this stubborn
head's willing to
against that law
though high despair
clearly draws on.

Impossible I know
the dreadful mind
is burning into
the grey ashes
as the art of
finely hope.
Anaya c Feb 12
i can not write you into a poem
no matter how hard i try
my words fall too short
with every line i write
i cannot bring words
to their finest meaning
when the words alone
are inferior to you
its simply impossible
Brianna Jan 22
I can handle the impossible- the scary, the dark, and the loneliness that makes you feel consumed in every room.
I can handle the feeling of never being good enough, the never understanding everything, and the anxiety.

I cannot handle the unknown- the do you still love me? the do you still think about me? the questions that never have answers no matter how much you want them.

I've been swimming up the current and swallowing all the water that threatens to drown me.
I have been running uphill screaming at the top of my lungs, gasping for that breath that will calm my heart down a little bit.
I have been trying so fucking hard and you are still hiding in the corners of my brain that shouldn't have corners.

I can handle the impossible and the anxiety... but I need to know if you love me still.
Life is inconceivable, an impossibility within itself. Indescribable.
Therefore, every moment we live is an impossibility.
We are the impossible that we so passionately wish to attain.
Ashley Lingy Jan 10
is to never seek them out

don't fret

they find you

the second rule

is that when they find you

a muse takes

your heart

your time

your vision

the third rule

is that with those parts of you

a muse drives you to the impossible
I came as I was
And you, as I wouldn't have imagined
Cracks of your artistic nature
Overwhelming every cell of your palm
The fragility of an inviting craziness
Captivating my instinct for drowning
Your impetuous gaze
Shouting a child's malice
The absurdity of your coherence
Killing me of laughs

I read you silently, you were the book that turns off the light
of the room
The reader's, drenched in the revealed chapters

Ripped between the doctrine of my sense of justice
The torment of smiles caged in 'if'

Oppressed by an unfamiliar circumstance
unpronounceable desires

Ripped between your disarming perfume
My non-existent suicidal vocation
DaSH the Hopeful Dec 2017
And try to light em underneath an ocean's worth of crude oil
      That is forcing it's way into my lungs
            My high hopes hung their heads in the past as they waited to be hanged

               But now the concept of life felt empty and displayed itself as a delay
        A casual lack of oxygen shut off all process in the brain

                 And we are on our way.


                      in the depths
              And the darkness fades to grey,
           A less ambivalent shade.
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"My Entropy"

It is impossible to explain
forever and one second
are the same

Without You  time is
make believe
Abby Jo Dec 2017
The saddest of feelings are pent up with nowhere to escape
I'm almost sure they feel the pain in my voice
My eyes are drowning in tears that refuse to fall
I let myself get too excited
It's all my fault
I knew it all along
I tried to outplay the system that I am all too familiar with
Orchestrating love is impossible
Please, my friends,
listen to me and take my words for what they are worth
This is an all too common mistake that hopeless romantics make
When your gut speaks to you, do no quiet it
Chase Alexander Nov 2017
Oh my god I wanna die
I sit here while you watch me cry.
Because you know
you ripped my heart out.
Yes, you know
I'm fucking falling apart.
And I'm lying with the wind.
While you blow away the tables.
Singing with that precious,
luscious voice
that leaves me so unstable.

Watching you walk away.
It will always stay the same.
Drop dead gorgeous in your path.
Kill the boys with your wrath.
I feel the sting.
I feel the pain.
I'm crying these tears in the rain.
I wanted you then, I want you now.
But you're so. . .

You and me will never work out
cuz we'll always scream
and we'll always shout.
Call me all the names in book.
Leave me for someone
with better looks.

I feel sorry for the guys
who fall in love with boys like you.
Doing every breathing thing
you can get your dick into.
And I feel sorry for the girls
who fall for all your fucking tricks.
Why is it that you think love is all

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