Dream Aug 5
If roses were blue and violets were green¿

If fish were birds and mammals were amphibians¿

If hearts weren't glass and minds were stone¿

 would fall in love with me too¿
Deemz Aug 3
it's so hard for me
to open up,
but once i do,
i can't stop,
and people don't mind
to step all over me,
so i build yet another wall
around me,
and opening up becomes
a mission not even Tom Cruise can make possible.
Dainty Bones Aug 2
It's hard, it just is
when you feel like
you're a pile of broken glass
lying on the floor
and putting yourself back together
seems completely impossible
every day I wake up
and wonder why I'm still breathing
life seems like a never ending nightmare
I'm dying to wake up
I'm dying to feel something other than pain
and sadness
I long for a cigarette
at least it was a temporary bandaid
I can't even talk to anyone
everyone thinks I'm crazy
I've lost myself in more ways than one
and I don't know if I can find her again.
AnnaWann Jul 30
Care is to be spat on
She said
I tried the lacy baby dolls
You bought to pay your ransom
for kidnapped lovemaking efforts.

So I let her out of the hut. The hut of our love.
Built on guilt and sorry.
I am ravenous
She sais
I swallow like mineshafts
Humans, light,
She likes to think she makes everything better.

Looking after things well does not make them yours
I would like to say
But I don't say anything
How could I know for sure that there is no justice
And how could she know there is
lara Jul 27
I can't stop
will always relent
can't just forget
a life without
I need you
but even air
can be toxic

you're like breathing
duncan Jul 21
i told the girls at work about
time spent with jane.
they seemed awfully excited
for me.
maybe they could smell
that jane is new,
but familiar

like a car bought
used. she is barely driven
though. i still drive over
the skids i left from
trying to stop
too quick. you can see
my tread worn out like
sanded wood.

or maybe they could
smell the hope like dew on
the morning grass.
fresh but dangerous.
to trip me with my eyes
set ahead but not infront.
theyll leave the wire
right where they
got me the last time.

it would be an honor
to be fooled
by something so sweet
to the touch. it almost feels
to not be so upset
by the way the weather
dictates my evenings.

i do not FEEL like i used to.
my love and guilt
helix and weave like code.

i would only kiss you now,
if it brought back the one i poisoned.

i live in a farm upstate now
like a dead house dog.
if ive really moved on
know that i did the impossible
we'll be better off for it.

and if things never work out with
jane, you best pray
someone loves me when im dead
cause they sure as hell
dont love me
Danial John Jul 19
I have suffered God's wrath
Punishments for my sins
Fate be we crossed paths
You're ment to tear me from within

I see now I deserve it
Reap the fruits of my karma
I still seem to think you're worth it
Even if you choose to forget our love

You're perfect
Cursed to be froze just below heaven.
On the other side
The truth lies
On the other side
Lives in plain sight.

Blinded by the sun
My five Euro shades
Unveil what I shun
I am paying
A king's ransom.

'Til worlds collide
'Til I crossed to the other side
He never lied,
Lived another truth
By my side.
Irlomak Jul 8
wishing for him to care about her as much as she does for him, hopelessly dreaming that he'd notice her feeble attempt of affection for him.

expecting for something that is impossible to happen,  a habit she's grown accustomed to.

this should be stopped.
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