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It's said
Knowledge is the best wealth amongst all
Nice to know!
But how?
Oh, I see
MBAs, PhDs selling vegetables
During Corona period
Not found fit for the post of Patwari
It's said
No one can steal knowledge
But how?
Oh, I see
Most knowledge openly available to everyone on Google
Secret knowledge under multiple layers of tight hi-tech security
Hardly any knowledge is stored in brains
Kidnapping and third degree methods unable to extract any knowledge
Inspired by ancient words of wisdom.
Jonathan Sep 16
The air gave us away,
Thin and frigid.
We sat,
Behind our eyes,
The chaos,
Made seeing
Each other, impossible.
The little steps
seem like
no steps at all
living a life that
seems to
stand still
everyone; everything
catching up
Maruko San Aug 21
imagine waking up in a place
where your dream could become a reality
and where the impossible can be possible
it's amazing isn't it,
you can let your imaginations run wild
but be wary
it's also the place where nightmares can hide
nia Aug 15
it's catastrophic
when it blooms.
and when it rains,
i'm in a sisyphean loop.

no one seemed to believe,
even the impossibilities.
i refuse and i denied,
creating a new gravel path.
i think i'm falling in a chaotic love
The little steps
Seem like
No steps at all
Living a life
Maybe not truly living at all
That seems
To stand still
Everyone, Everything
Catching up
Seemingly impossible
miki Aug 12
and all i craved in that moment
was whatever you had to offer
i tried so hard
to open you,
to take a drink of your love
in hopes that maybe
you might love me the same
but you were impossible
like a bottle
made of all glass
with no opening
and for months
i tried to
break you open
but i never could
until one day
you cracked
and it was then that i realized
you were an illusion
making me believe that
you could satisfy my thirst
but you didn’t
you never could.
ShadowSpy Jul 30
When the world becomes black
Im almost safe
The impossible becomes possible
And the unreal becomes real
My darkness is kept low
And my imagination flys high
But that can only last for so long
The world will come to color
The impossible will escape out of reach
And the unreal will hide away
My darkness will creep back
And my imagination will be shoved in

But eventually I will go back to the blackness,
We all will
And then we will be safe forever
Falling Asleep and Waking Up.....Then Falling Asleep Forever
Keara Marie Jul 18
My body is still birthing,
But nothing is to show.
The little life that was to be
Left my body days ago.
My body is still bleeding
Like a casualty took place,
And I mourn the ever-lingering loss
As I imagine a what-if face.
My body is still weeping
Even if no tears are cried.
Despite the plastered grit and grin,
My pain feels impossible to hide.
My body is still broken,
At least that's what I perceive.
What should have been your safest place,
Instead leaves me to grieve.
My body is still aching,
Shuddering, and unkind,
Leaving in place of your still life-
A heartbreak for the rest of mine.
Gauri Pandit Jul 12
I know how you feel
its terrible..
its hard..
its difficult..
its impossible
its just unbearable..
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