trinity 2h

Happiness is thick air,
Full of anticipation;
A silvery autumn breeze
Skating across the textured sky;
Laughter bouncing between friends,
Escaping briefly to bring smiles to the faces of onlookers.
Nostalgia is when the moon is bright,
So the whole family steps outside to see it;
Driving at daybreak,
Hues of pink and gold and orange painting one’s vision;
Not quite catching fireflies,
But reaching for them anyway.
Anger is a rainy day,
When the sun still glimmers through the dark clouds;
An eyelash perched delicately on someone’s cheek,
Wiped away without a wish being made;
The pounding of music,
As it shakes bones and rattles hearts.
Sadness is a freezing winter night,
When not even breaths can be kept secret;
The dim glow of streetlamps at the glimmer of dawn,
Flickering before going out altogether until night falls again;
The last whisper of color in the air,
In the unrecognized moment that day warps into night and the world is almost still.
Emotions are yours to define.

uuuhhhh....not one of my best

we resort to empty fields of grass
and call them our safe places.
my home is where a young beagle chases butterflies around her circle of dirt past the clothesline
and an old German shepherd refuses
the idea of privacy
and comforts me when my mother’s old Victorian house is too big for comfort.

we form bouquets from roadside wildflowers.
from susies, queen Anne’s lace and half-naked dandelions.

the front room is first to catch the eastern sun.
My grandmother leaves flowers on the window sill

and i can hear bumblebees from my bedroom.

Alec 1d

The world is moving
Watch as it speeds along
Singing it's favorite song
Rollerblading past
Houses, families, stores all fly by so fast
Spinning round and round
Whistling to the sound of the town
Down alleyways, past street signs, racing cars
Slipping between bars
Left, right, hop, spin, slide, repeat
Everyone else catching up with the beat
Dancing across the globe
Lights shining,
Illuminating the halls where everyone is gliding
Slip and sliding across the floor
Watch them all soar
Smiles dancing around faces
Nodding heads to the bases.
With another
With each other
With yourself
Ecstatic as an elf
Calm and cool
Or a dancing fool
Do the jig and the jag
Disco and tag
Sprinkler or twerking
Whatever you wanna be working
Cha cha cha down avenues and lanes
Who cares if you all look insane
Following the beat of the world
Rollerblading, biking, dancing, running, skating, walking, strolling along
Whistling the same old tune, humming to the comforting song
Wrapping yourselves up in love
Lost in the sea of doves
Holding hands,
Making plans
Watch what you can be and what you can do
Join us, you're already there, look at you already singing to the tune
Your own words in our intermingling song.
Mixing and changing syllables as you come along
Hear the music in your heart
Share your art, come play your part
Grab an outstretched hand
Wiggle your toes in the sand
Shop for hours
Climb up towers
Sing like a dove
Close your eyes fall in love
Dance wherever
Never say never
Read upside down
Sightsee in your own town
Follow your hearts desires
Until your body tires.
Then take a rest
And wake up to leave the nest
To be yourself
Better than anyone else.
Welcome to the tune
Come with us over seas and trees and dunes.
Don't just watch and wait
Join in on making fate.
Follow the tune
You'll make your fate soon
Come along
Sing a song
Moving and grooving
Dancing and prancing
Chasing after our dreams
No matter how silly it seems
Aha! There! See them flow?
C'mon, it's off we go!!

This was inspired by Someone In The Crowd from La La Land and Another Day Of Sun which is also from La La Land.

You breathing next to me

Is the only love song

I will ever need

Josh 1d

I was stumbling
Suddenly, a light
I saw you
And for the first time
In an eternity
I thought
I might just be alright

I love the way you make me feel
When we meet I'd love to Netflix and chill
We'd spend time with each other inside
Then we'd hit the road and go for a ride
You and me cruisin
Taking my ride out for a spin
People looking and saying, "Wow they look fly."
And you can believe that cuz you're: My Cutie Pie

We ran into a rough patch earlier today because she was unable to play GTA V online and also because of something else that really made her sad.  Thankfully I was able to cheer her up once again and that's when our relationship grew stronger and that made me happy so this poem is for how happy she made me feel today despite her feeling hurt and down before.

i am happy
because i have friends
who love me to the end.
i have a reason to smile
every single day.
i can laugh from my soul
and smile through my eyes.
i don't have to pretend.

i waited so long
to be in this place.
i climbed mountains of pain
just hoping i would gain
the life i'm living today.

i'm so happy to say
here i am
with happiness exuding
from every bit of my existence.

no more fear. no more bad. life is good and i am so happy.

the problem with
seeking happiness in others
is that once that person
you have to
find someone else to
seek happiness in
when there is
no else to seek
happiness in where do
you find happiness
happiness is lost
so are you

Years fly by like seconds.
We don't have time to care what others think
Or dwell on the past.
We have each other, that's all we need.
So spin the globe, pick a country, let's travel with no maps or cares.
Don't be compliant,
Speak your mind,
Hold nothing back!
Forget what could go wrong,
Live in the moment,
Take my hand.
Darling the world is ours!
We can be anything we want.
So let's be immortal
'Til the day we die.

- p. winter

Challenged to use the word compliant in a poem... not sure if I really like it but it was fun to write.
Molly 3d

They're scratching at the window panes,
knocking at the doors;
they've got the place surrounded,
quite impossible to ignore.

They're squeezing through the keyholes,
slipping between the cracks--
I thought they'd finally gone for good
but now I'm under attack.

I cannot resist the ambush
so I open the windows wide,
unlock the doors that have long been shut
and welcome the prowlers inside.

Now climbing ivy scales the walls
and roses carpet the floor;
daisies dance on windowsills
and poppies fill every drawer.

And I smile, for they've been gone so long
I was sure they'd wilted away.
But the flowers have come back to me
and I hope this time they'll stay.

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