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Trip-A 16h
She smiles like a golden sunset on a beach of ****
Living and experiencing life
depends for a great deal on
where you are born
where you are from
Some people sadly ,
always have
to look at life through
a veil of tears.

Things like poverty, education not only depends on you but also on where you were born!!! So let’s not judge on another
She spread her arms and embraced me
that familiar scent made me smile
I noticed the wrinkles on her arms
and my heart ached

she spent half of her life
preparing what's best for me and still..
she is here
comforting me at my worst

My eyes welled up as i held back my tears
thinking of all the things i couldn't do for her
My heart pounding in a rhythm
thinking of all the best things for her

As she got up to bring me my favorite snack
tears finally escaped my eyes
wiping them away quickly
i promised to myself

I'll never leave you maa
That one perfect woman in our life
She didn't set out to be a seductress
Until she became a seducted
She was afraid of love
Not wanting to see her heart
Being devastated in stitches,
By a thousand cuts
You're a seducer, she said to him
Why do you say that? He asked politely.
Because the first time we met
You melted me like a mountain of snow
Melting away in the summer.
I must confess: I thought I built giant walls
To protect me from a man like you.
There you are, tearing them down altogether
without allowing me the benefit of a fight.
Really? he exclaimed
Tell me more.
you walked up to me
you touched my hands flirtatiously
you look me straight in the eyes
and compliment me with a calm, balanced,
Masculine and confident voice.
I didn't expect it,
I didn't want it,
I was blown away.
She continued:
I was a lost soul; you shelter me.
I was a lost ship; you seize me.
I was a lost bird; you cage me.
I was a diamond in the rough,
You dig me out and make me yours.

And what do you think of me now?
You're a happy man.
Why do you say that? He asked.
She replied:
You know how to give and receive pleasure.

Down memory lane,
If you elect to remember one thing about me
What would that be?
She answered:
You intrinsically love women.
© 2021copyrighted material provided for educational purposes only.
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2020
It's not the things
that , I desire

It's the moments
It's a walk on a beach
It's a conversation over coffee
It's enjoying a good laugh

The moments created
That leave memories

To be humble and give
back what nature so glady
has bestowed upon me

To appericate what , I have
To just find the joy in this journey

It's not without struggle
But for now I am here

I am not gonna worry
Why stress when you are blessed ..

© Jennifer L DeLong  Sept 2020
As I close my eye's and
drift  to a land faraway
a dream place where reality and fantasy
collide , mix, and swirl into one
I am comforted and happy
because I know you will be there
waiting ... waiting for me
as i materialize into a world
of beauty and splendor I look
around in search for my love
as my eyes set upon your
beautiful figure, I am filled
with immense joy
i run to you and embrace you
together we dance and frolic
through this place of endless beauty
for a time that seems like eternity
but we both know the time draws near
for us to part ounces more
we come together as this world fades
and we kiss gently, lovingly, passionately
and as a sigh escape's your lips it is captured
a breath of an everlasting dream
so ounce again i can find my way here
to our eternal dream place
Just an old poem i wrote back in grade 8 or so
If someone makes you happy,
make them happier,

even at the cost of you happiness.
Paige 7d
You are fire and earth
You are life and breath
You are desert storms
And nebula dust
Scattered across galaxies
You are rebirth
And song
And mountains
Under blankets of moss
And willows
You are sky
And light
And the heat of the sun
You are spring and summer
An endless moon
You’re ivy blooming on lattice
You are beauty
And intensity
And oceans
And waves
You’re sweetness
And softness
And light
You’re the feather soft
Kisses of morning
The cool fresh bite
Of crisp fall air
The ache of laughter
The sighs of contentment
My god
Are everything
You are ink on pages
The smell of books on shelves in corners
The window seat
The ocean view
The train over borders and crossing worlds
You are wind and snow
Rock and river
You’re a map of lakes
And vines
And roots
And unmarked paths
Where barefoot prints
Mark the soft soil surface
You are a sanctuary
A vessel for worship
A harvester of love
And intention
And honesty
And you are home
A home so familiar and warm
That I must remind myself
It is real
That it is true
That you are before me
And that somehow
The universe has deemed me
Worthy to know you
It’s a fate I didn’t expect
But one I longed for
And god if it’s a dream
Do not wake me
Cloud 7d
too scared to keep moving and
forget what it was
there's no going back
i can't lose

can't see the stars tonight
if it were 2015 again
maybe it wouldn't be
all that painful

no, it would be
wouldn't it?

or maybe you would cry
into the night
because you knew

back or forth in time
i would be gone
you would follow suit
no escape from our reality

and in your reality
did you ever really love me?

answers won't do good
can't bring back hours lost
or restitch the holes
where our wings used to be

we won't take off
but i will dry my tears
we won't exist any longer
but the stars are clearer up here

they're were always this bright
you would tell me

but i was too busy
at you

for better dreams
holding my hand
feeling and

i didn't feel alive
except, you were so sure
wanted me there
staring at the sky

so i extended my arms, felt the taste of air and
i was
just for one night
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