Mirza Nov 7

I am the one who lightly flies
Feeling the freedom in the end of hopes
And great futility I only gain
No suffer or no pain,
If you even break my wings,
With your curing laughter I'll fly again
I embraced the deepest frankness
Too generously you were sharing it
It was the best scenery ever can be
You were in your red sweater then
And the red was happier even than me,
That you had been wearing it.

Blank faces walk past me
A visual elegy
In the morning past the city streets
Yet everyone persists so dimly
The overcast retracts the colour from my sight
As if it is midnight
And traces, shapes of phases
My shoelaces untangle themselves and I fall

The phasing interrupts my morning stroll
Predators on the prowl
Clad in amber
Stalking through the morning night mass
Hearts locked, empty locket
Deafening the peace in its trail
Chasing my tail and once I'm had
It detains me, immobilises me, I am

The city of black and white
Has no time for shades of grey
And yet the vivid colours bond
But yet I tripped
And in the black and white streets
I was trapped in technicolor


By changing our attitude,
Let's crush our sadness
pain and resentments
with the piles of happiness!

Keep adding good things
and let it grow,
In this way
Let the grace of the God flow

Inspired by Star BG, if i could inspire some readers to be happy...it will serve it's purpose...

The thought now harrow a my mind,
And in that happiness is hard to find.
For I have become invulnerable and numb,
And I'm not even sure what from.
I'm simply filled with ecstasy and dole,
Because I am just a body, living with no soul.

I was put here for a reason
One day I'll find my calling
There will be one day that I'll seize
I'll do what I said I would
I'll be the person I said I'd be
Maybe I'll do something good
Maybe I'll help someone like me
I haven't figured it out
Maybe I'll stand the ground that someone else once stood
Maybe I'll become more than I see
but life isn't about the plan
We make these goals
and we think up these lives
We aren't in control
We'll set out to achieve these dreams
Maybe that's not what's going to happen
when everything is ripped at the seams
we're reborn in a way that we didn't expect
I want to be a lawyer
I want to be a musician
I want to be someone's hero
I want to start a revolution
I don't know
Maybe I'll do something good
Maybe I'll help someone like me
I haven't figured it out
Maybe I'll stand the ground that someone else once stood
Maybe I'll become more than I see
my plans will fall apart
my goals will change
I'll lose what I had at the start
everything will be strange
but one day I'll be the person I want to be
I'll be important to someone
I'll do something good
I'll be the person that is more than I see
I'll make people happy to know me.

Made in 2013 and to now I still relate. Maybe I'll be something I can be proud of some day

I'll start by say that some people think life is goes by fast, but they are wrong life is the longest thing we go through. As for how I feel about it, life if what you make it, if you're searching for some sort of meaning behind it, I feel like you're living life wrong. The only thing you need to search for is happiness, that doesn't mean there won't be bad, there will be a lot of bad, but the bad doesn't out weigh the good and the good doesn't necessarily trump the bad. With out either though, what is life? So, to me life is experiencing moments you'll never forget and being happy you even are here to do that.

When your away I miss your love, the bliss .
You capture me at my best because only you fulfill me.
My heart is skipping beats as you leave for the time being.
I await your powerful and loving presence.
Our love is strong and full of bliss like your kiss.
You are my delicacy and luxury.
I need nothing else in this world to complete me.
Your my angelic human bliss.

Love toward your spouse expressed.
Abby Jo 2d

Yesterday, your voice filled my lungs with air
your sweet laugh at my horrible jokes
makes me feel whole again
I can breathe into Today
Today, your name on my phone makes my heart skip a beat
the day isn't over, but that might be all I get
Tomorrow may be filled with sadness as I search
for the reasons why it has to be this way
Every day is different
Every day is a mystery
I love to hate it and hate to love it

it's a long distance... whatever

As the flowers bloom
My heart does the same thing too
All because of you

like a spring flower, my heart blooms and longs for you

Happiness comes in many different forms..
In the company of good friends,
In the feeling you get when you make someone else happy.
Or maybe it's in the promise of hope renewed....

I keep telling myself...
It’s ok to be happy...
And I guess its because..
I never know how long my happiness will last...

pain becomes such a huge part of your life...
So huge in fact, that you just expect it to always be there...
because you can’t remember a time in your life when it wasn’t...

But then one day I felt something else...
Something that felt wrong only because it was so unfamiliar..
and it was in that moment
I was...

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