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Sara M 11h
I have a drawing on my wall. Some faceless figures with lines showing the different ways they’re making their lives all the more miserable.

One figure overthinks, its thoughts scrambled in the surrounding air.

Another compares, each thought taking sweet time to indulge in the previous happenings, looking for faults and reasons to give up.

A third figure is caught in a haze of what could be, all the what if’s.

This fourth figure is  sometimes confusing. The figure is        projecting. Projecting doubts, fears, cries, or thoughts, hopes, prayers?

the final figure longs, hopes for the future and the changes it will bring. This figure is the weakest of them all, not taking the present for what it is, and wishing desperately for escape.

I’ve been all of these figures, black lines on a blank piece of paper waiting for some color and a face, a chance at accepting the world for what it is.
Sara M 12h
your mood is volatile, hard to tame.
it shakes and trembles, reminding you of a weakened hand
and a weakened will.
the satisfactory pain that comes with understanding just how alone you really are.

the few happy moments are not lasting, unsatisfactory and only fulfilling your appetite for validation briefly.

you assure yourself that you are not alone in your struggle.
that these feelings of loss and lack of understanding are temporary.
hopefully, in time, you will learn to brave your mind.

your will, it will grow strong.
you will learn to prioritize those who prioritize you.
you will learn to love yourself, just wait.
I promise, I speak from experience, it won't be long.
your happiness over mine...
back then and until now.
but tomorrow...
when the sun rises
in the east.
i'll try to find happiness
in its heat. and forget that
i risked almost everything.
so i can burn in yours.
all day and night occurs
only by your face
night at you dark hair
day at your face
that is bright
like the sun rays
sundown when it draws
the hair of red lines
like your cheeks colors

the light rays as your teeth
when they appear in great smile
asking God to stay forever
spreading every doubt and fear

the plants that carry green
appear at your eyes
telling everyone
the life is good for creatures

when i see you
i hate every moment i dislike
the life gut now i like
everyone even my enemies

peace upon you
peace and be the sign
that good face
may reflect peace
even only one self

that is mine
who can say
i can dance and fly
only when i hear news
telling you get all happiness
bye and not bye

as i know you deserve to be queen
of kind and mercy of hearts
every woman have good spirit and kind  heart. if she could reflect that kindness, it will get great smart
sky’s pale till midnight,
satellite glided overhead like some
wandering speck of dust caught in
a patch of sunlight,
and the moon’s hung, like a curled
white eyelash upon the lens of
heaven. i made a wish upon her -
as you are supposed to with
fallen lashes -
though i mustn’t say it, or it mightn’t
come true.
it floats like a feather upon a
stream: hopeful. but to where? i
am not entirely sure.
to Lune.
sometimes when reality
makes you sad,
the good memories of your past
is enough to make you happy.

they say
money can't
buy happiness,

but if only
i could buy
even just
a piece,

i would,
i badly
need it
Copyright ©️ 2020
Once there was a kid scared of the sun exploding,
He'd get distracted by butterflies and dandelions.
Foolish child didn't realize what was foreboding.

Once there was a boy with a smile the never stopped,
One who wasn't scared of any tigers or lions.
Such naive child eventually had be topped.

Once there was that child filled with life and joy,
With dreams so high skyscrapers seemed so small.
Not even knowing that his life was a ploy.

Now that boy is sadly filled with defeat and doubt,
Riddled with scars and bruises from every maul.
Yet still he keeps telling himself happiness may sprout.
I miss that boy, that piece of me
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered to him

"One day,
I surely will,"
He replied

And so I smiled
And turned around,
"I hope you someday
Find happiness
In the arms of another,"
I whispered again—
But now to myself
Lara 3d
A part of peace

A place where you feel save

All around you

For happiness

For sadness

For letting go

For being alone

For tears flowing

For thoughts

For the world
You don’t have to keep being silent
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