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Sueño 53m
What a day
You’re such a beautiful force
My hands froze but they’re so warm
I’m nervous and you know it
I’m willing to go for it
But I can’t
I’m struck
By the feeling of your touch
I tried but was skiddish
You call me out on my intentions
You try to make me feel okay
We laugh and smoked the night away.  
I rather not tell
The reasons why I’m glossed
The reason my head is all fog
I’d rather not pour my heart out again
I’d rather much reside in a friend
But I did what I came to do
And that’s be with you
Your next level sense of awareness
Is something new .
But it’s also your downfall,
Your blunt approach
Surprisingly effective
You’re just like me
But more collected
You’re attentiveness
More selected.
I was shy
You have me shook
You sat there and read me
Like a book
It's calling me
A deep feeling within me and around me
Is this what I they call destiny?
Clouded by mystery and profanity
I find myself desiring a certain something
I am hesitant...
Maybe if I grasp it I can achieve something great
Greater than you or I
Don't shy away from greatness
Greatness in strength, beauty and passion
Master your own special chemistry
Explode into something amazing
And when you die, know your passing wasn't in vain
Through struggle and pain you can make history
Whether it be family or world history
You shouldn't hold yourself back to create your story...
Or many
Day 27
happiness is a risk,
and to risk means to know its cost
Joanna 9h
Two letters. One syllable. Packing more punch than an insect striking a windshield. At least in that scenario, the pain is momentary, release is instant.

But you. You said that simple word and the emptiness in the silence that followed was anything but. Because what it truly meant was disappointment. Confusion. Regret.

“I wish I would have known”
That’s why I was telling you now. Shouldn’t that have accounted for something? Shouldn’t you have seen it was hard for me to tell you that.

Falling asleep.
I wanted to cry. I wanted to know what was going on inside of your head because **** me, I liked you now and then that happened and now I felt uneasy of myself. Of my worth. All of it through the lens of you.

I feel like something is wrong but I don’t know what. Did I do something, or is it because of what I didn’t do? Just speak your truth to me.

“Sleep well”
With an emoji. Does that equate emotion? Or is it a filler for words you don’t know how to say, feelings you can’t convey, the way you’ll break my heart eventually but for now I should ‘sleep well’, sleep well.

Well it’s hard to sleep when the person you care about is the one keeping you awake at night. Do you even still care.

“Sweet dreams”
I say. But what I really mean is I miss you. Do you miss me? I miss your touch, your laugh, the way you slightly smile when you pull back from kissing me, the way you looked at me as you hovered above: that look of genuine desire. Was it all just physical?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime I hate the social constructs that tell me to play this game, to wait it out? To not look clingy? To not want someone. I hate it. But that’s the rules of the game.

So. Your move.
© Joanna Mrsich. All rights reserved
See, when I grow up I’m going to be younger,
Sillier, adventurous, and free;
Free to say what I like, do what I please,
and in general, just be happy.

I won’t care what salary I make;
six-figure, five-figure, or none.
I could be doorless and friendless,
And still manage to be happy and have fun.

If I make mistakes, I will have made mistakes.
Mistakes are just bound to come.
All I can do is learn and become better,
smile, and remember where I’m from.

I’ll love and I’ll laugh and I’ll have a great time,
Working and playing beat to beat.
Happy or sad I’ll always be glad,
For my experiences beautiful and sweet.

See, when I grow up I’m going to be happy.
Equally, if not happier than now.
I’ll make sure to have fun and get things done,
And at the end of it all take a bow.
This is still a draft and a work in progress and I'd love comments and critiques. The idea of this poem is my response to the question I get asked way too much of "What do you want to be when you're older?"
alexa 15h
Skin so soft
Smile so big
We hold hands
And are happy

You radiate happiness.

Although we're just friends
You are the best thing to happen to me.
Someone you can love platonically is the best thing ever.
ruth 16h
When I dance with you,
I am at Peace.

When your hand rests -
in the arch of my back
and mine -
on the curve of your shoulder -

I drift away.

in the slow steps,
following your feet -
along the melody,
syncing with beat.
Closer, I pull you
Closer into me,
while you whisper quietly,
the words I need to breathe.
sophie 20h
There are times when it hurts real bad in my chest..and i wonder if anyone else feels that way too..

for so long life has poisoned my heart, i have felt wounds embedded in me for so long black roses might bloom..it hurts more with attempt to heal, to hold the remains of my heart together...

some mornings, my heart is happy as though it has known no pain but some mornings my heart is a shadow that has known no light.

Times without number ,i've lost hope to feel happiness. Pain has drowned the memories from the times i felt genuine happiness.

I could **** for the days when everything feels right, when some one smiles because they are happy to see me, the times someone hugs me because they feel like its right and the times someone thinks am special and beautiful, the times i've been kissed while i thought i wasn't loveable. they have no idea that a part of me heals from the beautiful little things they do for me.

Sometimes my heart heals because its loved but it hurts more because it loves. It loves and forgets all possibility of brokenness. Yet everyday i still think love is everything, everything.

To me love is the greatest gift this life has to offer...a treasure unaffordable. but yet love has been my demise, it causes my chest to ache when i dont want it to..

Much as i want love, i feel like my heart is a sieve and love is a liquid...and i think I'll struggle to keep it forever.
Trial to draw feelings in alphabets.
Sienna 21h
The wind is blowing
The waves are crashing
The clouds are moving
The day ends
The sun sets
Its quiet
The wind is blowing
The waves are crashing
The clouds are moving
The day begins
The sun rises
The world is living
Are you living too?
You are talking
Cars are honking
Nature's watching
The day ends
The sun sets
And you're not happy
Are you?
You are waking
Cars are starting
Nature's watching
That soon you'll see
Youre meant to be
Exactly who you are
So stay calm
Move along
And never doubt yourself
Because the wind keeps blowing
The waves keep crashing
And the clouds keep moving
The days keep coming
The sun keeps rising
And you'll keep waking too
Hold still for a moment.
  Appreciate that you are alive.
    Put away the distractions.
      Picture yourself
        Independent and free.
      Needing nothing
    Except yourself.
  Savor this inner peace as it
Shines through to the outside.
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