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CGW 2d
Sisyphus is buried beneath my feet
I confess that I am happy
Dionysus is in my dreams
Keeping me drunk on love

Face pressed against the cold window
Were you ever real
Or just somebody to forget about
I feel myself suspended in love

With no direction
To no avail

Love is for the phantom mind
I wish I could tell you
That I am in love
With the idea of falling
In love with you
of  bells echo
Distance and lucid
Lulling to me ,
A familiar
Church on the other
Side of town

I am less holy
Tonight, Getting darker
By the hour.

I dreamed

of you once
On a cold barren night
& here you are
Wavering, languid,
never remaining the same.

Cold Santa Barbara Air
Into the small top floor

Needle in my green vein
Bleeding , eyes closed
& consciousness vast-
Fading in
And out,\

His breathing louder, rising
Like the waves, crashing,
into me
Like the waves.  

I am lucid tonight.
born to escape
This life, for
We watch the distant
Sea in awe
And sing lyrical tunes in a vacant
Apartment at dawn and we leave our homes
Only to miss them.

We never belonged here in the first place,
It never felt like home.

My limbs are long and sore
From a falling unto the earth

we were born to escape
They'll tell you that you're selfish when you finally let them go
They'll guilt you and they'll shame you for not caring
When you take control of all the things that you already know
And let go of all the pain that you've been bearing

They will tremble in the shockwave that you leave them in your wake
As you put the days you wasted far behind you
They will tread above the water in a panic of self-hate
As they realize that there's nobody to run to

They didn't want you, but they did, when they thought you'd walk away
But reality had never crossed their mind
That maybe you are stronger than who you were yesterday
So you had to leave some clues for them to find

They'll scream at you and say that you are wrong to block them out
But the peace is almost deafening to hear
As they realize all the love that now they'll have to live without
They will try and stuff you full of all their fear

So now smile. Walk away until you can't hear anything
What they say is now no longer yours to hold
So go off, enjoy the light that only happiness can bring
And let all the things that you deserve unfold
I long to see the day when suffering will be no more and freedom would be free, complete, and lasting—
On that day, tears would be a tale of old times;
smile, an everyday thing, and peace, unending.
Something that I wrote for my friends in Myanmar who are suffering
i took a walk today in the garden and saw a wounded bird trying to fly, her wings were broken as she gasped for air, with every raise she lost a feather but i could tell she knew no better, her eyes searched the sky waiting to be found, chirping for what sounded like eternity
is it really greener on the other side or is it just hope? our lives in such peril that we hold on to an unconfirmed truth, an escape from the agony in which we call life, looking at the green pastures wondering what is on the other side, waterfalls and fresh air or is it just as polluted as there which suffocates us ,
kgl Sep 9
i am trying to take care of my body
nurture it as if it were a newborn
cherish its hills and valleys, winding channels and perpetual rainfall
trying to help it move and sit and walk
and perhaps someday it will dance again

i am trying to take care of my mind
gather it up into my arms, tenderly
push away the clouds that gather and threaten to obscure the sun
throw open the curtains, unleash the riotous day
flood its rooms with light and the inevitability
of unwavering hope

i am trying to take care of my soul
nurse it carefully, puckered lips towards the sky
awake in anticipation for all the things that are yet to happen
the may-nots, the mays, the possibilities, the junes
and all of the beautiful days
that are sure to follow

as i push away the fury in my heart.
Guiding light shines
within me,
on vast roads ahead,
like glittering gods.

Like headlights
when the
clear road
eludes me, like
winds in spring,
in my time of need.

For there are paths
yet to be paved
& mountains
yet to be trekked
& All the stars
can't shine at once.

Guiding light, you lie
within me, even when you
are blocked by a tall palm tree,
even when you are dim
on my midnight drives, & it's hard
for me to see,

Guiding light, you lie
within me.
Rama Krsna Sep 7
🎁         if mere words              🎁
🎁      could only deliver           🎁
🎁 how i really feel about you 🎁
🎁     i’ll happily dissolve         🎁
🎁   into ink, pen and paper    🎁
🎁      to gift wrap myself         🎁
🎁    as a poem, just for you     🎁
© 2021
dedicated to all the beautiful women in my life
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