Uta 23m
Blue eyes always realize real lies.

Blue eyes only had hatred towards the world, emotionless and stone cold.

But one day, the blue eyes met the green.

For the Green eyes, they had early rainy forest grass with a mixture of the deep color green like the pine within them.

While the Blue eyes had stormy ocean waves and white foam flying in every direction.

The Green eyes saw the world differently, for they saw kindness in the world, happiness, and success.

The two different colored eyes were a no match, for they cannot be together because sadness and happiness were impossible to combine.

But since the Green eyes were an optimist they believed that it is possible to combine two emotions together.

The Blue eyes thought otherwise, as a pessimist they believed that it is impossible.

The Green eyes knew that they can calm down the Blue eyes, for they together finally combine, sadness with happiness, an optimist with a pessimist, hatred with success.

They together made an emerald-turquoise color.

Finally, at last, the ocean blue stormy eyes became calmer and as it became comfortable even more it became a steady ocean with no stormy waves, no black clouds hovering over and no flying foam, for it all disappeared and only that appeared was peace and quiet.
My first ever poem, if you liked it please tell me your thoughts.
Suicidal thoughts and feelings
Seep out of my blood and onto the ceiling.
As they stay up there, I look up and stare.
And I realize once again that I don't really care.

Life is unfair.
It is what you make it.
And maybe one day you'll want
To get out of bed and take it.
ls 12h
In the garden she danced
Hair flowing ebony
Flitting and fleeting from one flower to the next
Inhaling their beauty
Admiring their depth
My delighted eyes entranced
Locked on that sight
As I watched her

She climbed the trees
And rested among the branches
Counting the leaves and the creatures
Marvelling at their magnificence
Commending the creator
My enraptured eyes fixated
As I watched her

The sun grew taller
And the heat grew unbearable
A splendid combination of her passion
And the peak of summer's glory
She was restless
In perpetual adventure
All in the confines
Of our small slice of nature

She grabbed me by the wrist
That grip she held on the branches moments earlier
Pulled me to the grass and we lay
We laughed
We dreamed
Of summers days to come
Her excitement and vigour

Finally at peace in the silence
Next to that ebony hair
And hazel stare
We lay until the sun dipped into the horizon
And left nothing but a pastel glow
Inhaling the scent of the evening
Admiring the softness of the clouds
She was locked on that sight

I watched just her.
I eat my corn dog
ketchup on my chin,
and the frogs croak,
while the crickets chirp,
warm air pressing gently on my skin.

A cool breeze tugs my shirt,
carrying a faint smell of cinnamon.

The cries and laughs of children
heard vaguely in the distance.

The birds' singing dies down
as the sun begins to set,
resting for another round,
as it hides its gilded coronet.

Yet the lights of the carnival
reflect like little stars
on the pond's surface,
dainty and novel,
shining without a purpose.

Just for that moment
I am unable to move,
for the night air takes my breath
and my body the darkness soothes,
so that all my pain melts away
as does this passing day,
and I let go of my regret.

I stop pondering whether I'm still sane,
for this moment I wish to remain
petrified like a Vesuvian
and all my worries, I soon forget.

And in those delicate seconds of clarity,
I feel like I truly understand
the meaning of my humanity,
of this abstraction that I perceive as actuality
what it is I really demand.

Everything in harmony
brimming with lucidity;
in utter awe of life,
constant serendipity.
meg 1d
sometimes giving a person a second chance
is like giving them another bullet
to their gun because they
missed you the first time

they never tell you that
they didn’t mean it
that they’re sorry

they just say that they didn’t know
that you felt that way
and then the next day they act
like everything is fine
but it’s not because
you decided to pretend
that I was your friend
and it all ended
because I woke up

but it doesn’t matter
because I’ll always fall for it
‘cause when a heart is hungry
it’ll eat all the lies it can get

people say that when things
go wrong to just not go with them
and that is pretty true
but there should be
another way to say it

but I don’t dwell that much
‘cause overthinking kills happiness
and I’m tired of being
that person who keeps on dwelling

I like the person I was
not who I show to be now
I put on this face on
this plastic mask
that sticks to my skin
and I always put it on
‘cause I don’t like being last…
last priority

a person is never busy
it just matters how high
you are on their
priority list
and I have just
somehow convinced
myself that I
am last

attachment keeps you where you are
and doesn’t let you grow
and that why I have grown so much
I’ve never been attached
‘cause one day everything could be gone
and your gonna have to
cry yourself a river
build another bridge
and start again
and I’m tired of that

I have to stop worrying about people
who will never worry about me

I forgive those who threw
me out without realizing
they act like they’re on top
like they own me
the ones at the moment
who think that they matter
but all they do is dictate without realizing
but I forgive
‘cause I know exactly what they are
they try so hard to be understood
they forget to understand

I forgive those who used me
who had no one so they came to me
the people I tried to help
the people that I did help

I forgive myself
For falling down an abyss
Without anyone to catch me

I’ve always reflected my life on nature
autumn is so beautiful
yet everything is dying
and flowers grow back
however, many times they’ve been stepped on
it’s beautiful that something that has been
used so many times
can come back just to try again

this all now in the air
and now I can go back on
wrong things and not going with them
here’s the thing
a person should close doors
not because they are stupid
or mean
but because they no longer lead anywhere
and I hope ones who listen
understand just that
this is one of the very first poems I have written. I wasn't sure if I wanted to put it up because my other poems are more recent, but I thought it might show my growth as a poet.
xxbee 1d
Here they are again
Butterflies I can't contain
A guy that brightens my day
Give it time, I know this will go away
When will this cycle end
Infatuation, my old friend?
meg 1d
Blue is my favorite color,
but it used to be yellow.
I stopped liking it because
there was too much blue,
and I stood out like god damn
ray of sunshine.
That scared me.

I didn’t like how
every person
had a blue shimmer
in their eyes
and I didn’t.
That scared me.

So, I liked blue.
I loved blue.
Hypnotized by it
because it was easy
to like something
that was so persistent.

And I wasn’t mad at yellow.
We just got distant.
We met now and again.
But it wasn’t the same…

And then, someone else liked yellow.
I never realized
how much I loved it.

Then the yellow and blue
came together.
They made a mess
called green.
I was green,
envious of
of myself.

God knows
I’m Jackson Pollock.
I’ve always thrown my emotions
at blank canvases
I like to call my former selves.

I’m Van Gogh ‘cause I believe
that in the starry night
you will always find protection,
but you will be your own protection.
Your emotions will feel like hell,
but your hell is eventually home.

I am da Vinci
because my eyes
follow everything I miss.
Everything I tried
so desperately to keep.
The shadows
walking away
and into the light.
My grandfather.

And I know I can’t make
you feel something
you haven’t
experienced yourself,
but blue hurts.
Blues all over the world burn.
They infest your mind.
They rip you apart.
They throw molten lava
at your heart.

Yellow was
the happiness.
You missed it.
I missed it.

How the weight of the world
slipped off of my skin,
tattooed itself onto my hands
as a reminder of the things
I have suffered from.

You can’t talk
about the pain.
‘Cause people say,
its complaining.
It brings up their past.

Talk about it.
Talk to me.
‘Cause I want to know
what demons
we all have.
Good luck

Are you happy today?  I hope that you are.
If you are not then I will wish upon a shooting star
And throw your three coins into the fountain.
I wish you good luck
And if you are all out of luck, then I will wish for you to be in.

If you are in need of love, then please have all of mine.
If you are worried about money,
Then I hope you can find a way to put your mind at ease.
I want you to be peaceful and happy
And if you have something you want to find,
Then I am crossing my fingers and hoping you do find all these things;
I hope you do become all that which you want to be.

With this rabbit’s foot, I am sending you my good luck.
Best wishes;
Maybe you will find what you need, if you take another look.
I would give you the world, if I only could.
I have e-mailed you a letter and it is full of love.

I have told them of your story;
I have told them that you are good.
I will continue to tell everybody how much you mean to me,
If there was only enough time and a way that I could,
I would do anything to help you find your way to being happy.

I would make all your dreams come true,
If only I could my friend.
I would do all I could to make you smile at your life,
Because I want you to feel loved,
So to you all my love I will send.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The feeling you have
When you win the lottery
without buying a ticket

a smile in your heart
for no reason
or a reason so small
yet a feeling so sweet
Like rainbows dancing
On a snowy night
Amidst sparkling stars

Gratitude is here
Feel her gentle touch

Smile into the sweetness
live in the openness
bloom in the ray
of simple happiness
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