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I'm in love with the idea of being in love,
Of kissing a boy, of having enough.
I trust in the process of having trust,
Of flying free like the happiest dove.
I'm in love with the idea of being in love,
But more so in love with all of the above.
This one's a little weird, but I like it.
V 7d
You are perfect, a sunlight beam.
Still in disbelief, this might be a dream.

How can this gloomy cloud attract a ray of light?
I am a storm yet you fearlessly flew a kite.

It still doesn't make any sense to me.
Like magnets, I am negative, you're miss positivity.

We're polar opposites, night and day.
I am darkness, and you, brought light to my way.

You're an anomaly 'cause you're too good to be true.
I won't give you the same mistakes you had to go through.

You're my sunlight, my brightness, my day.
I might be gloomy but I'll make that smile stay.
To my girlfriend, my love, my future wife, and my forever partner in life.
Jolijn Nov 21
They will be applauding me when I do the unspeakable.
Looking at the lifeless soul in front of me. Do they know something I don’t? Why does their gaze make me feel special?
You have figured it out, you are the chosen one, just like us. This is exactly what you had to do to win the game.
Routine is the answer but routine makes me spiral.

‘’The deities of running water let her hair flow’’ I read somewhere.
As simple as that.

Read between the lines my teacher said.
Go outside and chain smoke some cigarettes, it's not worth thinking like that.
But why am I confused when I see my body move… They don’t understand.

They will be applauding me when I do it.
You have figured it out, this is exactly what you have to do.

I'm so sorry you feel this way she said. I was expecting some recognition, while she hugged me with pity. No need.

Being really good at chain-smoking cigarettes, so I will.
As simple as that.
Read between the lines my teacher said.
No one applauds me.

Zywa Nov 21
Collecting little

bits of happiness: fresh bread --

and filling the bath.
Letter 16, to John L, in the late 70s ("A pleasant postumity: letters 1965-1997", 2004, Herman de Coninck)

Collection "Shortages"
Light melts across the gilded field
sunbeams through holes in a cloud
silently across your face, rays yield
shadows cast off their shroud

A dewy kiss warms morning thoughts
of a lover's raw embrace
desires twisted up in knots
yearnings will unlace

Lay me down on a clover sea
and a honeysuckle bed
gentle breezes wash over me
flowing like water instead

Wet lips entwined with hunger
gives way to beating hearts
our fingertips do linger
panting breaths depart

So lay with me on this bed of gold
blowing kisses in my ear
a golden field for my love to hold
darling, let's stay right here
Maria George Nov 1
I always dreamt of this life
a life where I could be the woman I wanted to be
a life full of happiness and laughter
a life that is too good to be true
but still, I feel incomplete
there is a missing puzzle piece
so the question is, where do I find that missing piece?
T'yana Brown Nov 2019
Deep sense of affection devoured her cold heart
Running warm blood through her veins
Feelings of comfort as Love starts

He takes her hand and they romanced across the floor
Mistakes are made because she’s so use to being in control
Bright lights are watching so he genuinely ask to switch roles

One step at a time they learn from each other
Didn’t allow those bright flashing lights to distract them
They grew to be eternal lovers

The root of any relationship is UNDERSTANDING because their precious love is demanding

As he tossed her up with a firm grip on her waist
She threw her hands up while he slowly spun in a circle
It appears signs of happiness and freedom from pain; cheering had gained as the lights dimmed purple...
Nylee Oct 16
I used to climb on window pipes.
Look through the neighbour's side,
Reach around trying to climb high.
I wanted to go into the dark skies
Find the real paradise.

And I am still climbing the staircase
where the happiness begins
but the steps are never ending
my legs are forever bending
the journey, like any, is tiring.
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