I can't bear you being in pain

Weep on my shoulders
and let me hold you.
Let me comfort until
the pain fades away
until you can see that
you are safe and sound
beyond my arms and
in this vast world.
I hold you by no bounds
but safety until you
are free to fly away.
That you may soar free and happy,
for that is all I want for you in this
miserable life.
Be free,

- SkullsNBones
From my instagram
austin 3h
I saw you walking down the hallway
like a flower petal in the breeze.
I couldn't help but notice you
like a rosebush between the trees

One day I heard your sweet laugh
It sounded like music to me
I turned around, gazed upon your smile,
as captivating as can be

You asked me to play a tune with you plus three
I wondered why you were asking me
But that moment is when I knew
There's something here that's meant to be

Well, darling, it's been almost six years
and you're the sun amongst the stars to me
You were my light amongst the darkness
The only light that I can see

And if you let me hold your hand
I'll never let you go
I would give you my heart forever
and I have to let you know
yet, still, I wonder
what it takes for us to travel
from a place of false contentment
to a place of true bliss.
one day soon,
hopefully, I'll find out.
Roses are red

Violets are blue

But roses aren't really red they're kinda this weird shade of apple

And violets are far from blue, they're actually purple

See these are the lies we tell ourselves so the rest of our stories make sense,

Like I keep telling myself that "I love you's" are best said in twos

But I think the chances of that these days are about as good as trying to find a violet that's actually blue so

In that case

Roses are apple

Violets are purple

Good luck trying to finish that one

Because my "I love you's" are lonesome.
My take on a classic
Lily 12h
We splashed in the pool
Together, the kiddy one
That is now too small.

She huddled in the
Car with me when I was scared
Of the thunderstorm.

She helped me sneak through
Her house at midnight and showed
Me her ice cream stash.

Sneaking grins across
The church on Sunday morning;
Well, we still do that.

She helped show me that
The world doesn't have to be
All work and no play.

Her liveliness and
Generosity show me
True, pure happiness.

I know we're growing
Up, but I hope she will al-
ways be my best friend.
DreamMare 15h
your biggest enemy.
It weakens you.

Puts doubts in your mind.

you have something
to lose..
The Rat
ArC 1d
Hi there it's been a while, I understand that it's been a while.  We both have went our separate ways and being back in the same place sure is wild.  I love your style it's so rugged.  It really matches your personality.  You haven't changed a bit.  I can't believe I am seeing you again, but let's be honest....I see you everyday.  You've been on my mind constantly.  The only consistent thing that I truly need.  I missed you.
Just an old love, but same feelings.  We all have that one person.  Don't be selfish and throw them away.
E 1d
Live in poetry
Hold unto novelty
Never settle
Never just be
Fuck being Content
Sadness, emptiness, happiness, despair, love, hatred, wonder
They are all colours
Why paint in black and white when you've got the whole
Lily 1d
The first measures of your favorite song coming on the radio
The lurch your stomach gives when you go too high on a swing
Dancing in the rain, and splashing in the puddles
The relief in flopping yourself down on your bed after a hard day
Happy dreams
The moment you realize there is one more cookie in the box
Your favorite outfit
Hugs from loved ones
Discovering beautiful shells on the beach
Waking up and realizing you still have a couple hours to sleep
The joy of saying, “I love you”
The joy of hearing it back
Lazy Sunday afternoons
Happy birthday wishes
Deep, meaningful conversations with friends
Little children running in the sun, enjoying life
Helping a classmate with homework
Reconnecting with old friends
The awe you feel watching a sunset
Raindrop races on windows
That grin you give your friend across the room when the teacher says, “pick a partner”
Hot showers after a good game
Stuffed animals that don't mind being squeezed and cried on
The tears and hugs of making up
Realizing the moment you fall in love
The congregation passionately singing your favorite hymn
Spreading God's Word
Puppies and kittens
That text from the right person at the right time
Surprising your friends with little gifts
The smell of new books
The smell of old books
Capturing that perfect picture
Your unknown potential
God's love
Feel free to add more reasons in the comments!  This poem is for anybody going through a rough time; don't worry, it will get better!
Your eyes are as green as the forests that you love
And I know that you
Would spend every second of every day in them
If you could

The way you come alive in nature
I'm almost sure
That you're actually a nymph of the woods
Lost in the trees, flitting here and there
Friends with all of the forest

Examining the strangest fungi
Eyes lit up, voice excited
It makes me smile
Watching you where you love to be

A squirrel darts across the ground,
And your attention shifts
For just a second
Before you're back to the trees

This, right here
Is where you belong
And I'm lucky
To see it
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