I’m gonna get a Chinese.
Take away that takes me away
Small pleasures that sooth my heart

              Special Chow mein
           Special fried rice
        Not so special prawn crackers
But still special to me.

                                 Reminding me of when
I was a boy and I’d scoop up joy in a little edible bowl and glow as the taste hit me as hard as you did when you said you couldn’t give what I gave you back.

                                                          ­  Well I’m
gonna get a chinese tonight, so how about
Gray 1d
There’s only one single thing in this world that isn’t at all scary,
To save you some trouble, I’ll let you know it’s a nice firm strawberry.

The color of the amazing thing is a fine deep shade of red.
I guess it’s easy to tell that i eat nothing else instead.

Their sizes range from big to small,
But that doesn’t matter to me because I’d still eat them all.

The nasty green leaves are located on the top,
And if you ever ate that part can you please stop.

Each mouthful of a strawberry fills me with total wonder.
To conclude, any other food is a denfinate blunder.
Gray 1d
Psst! Hey do you want to join my faithful religion?
Great! All you need to do is be completely devoted to the mighty gray pigeon.

Admire its wings that have a color so bold.
They are mightier than iron, or so I’ve been told.

What should you do if you are ever scared?
Just remember that the pigeons have always cared.

Our faith in pigeons is one that’s marvously strong,
Because believing in anything else would definitely be wrong.

The only thing we need is to be one with this bird.
The pigeon is the only creature left that isn’t absurd.
Whenever i feel down i write weird nonsensical things i guess
Gray 1d
Every time i taste a sweet mango,
I just want to stop everything and dance the tango!

It’s just so good!
If i could eat a million mangoes, i would!

I think it’s a good idea for me to give up everything and become one.
Doesn’t that just sound like a whole lot of fun?

Man oh man mangoes are so so nice!
I don’t think I have to say that twice!

The best part of it all is that it’s just so juicy.
My love for the beloved mangoes is larger than the mighty blue sea.

Loving them is something we all must believe.
If you refuse, you might as well just leave.
You are Witty
But not really,
Your jokes are silly
But it made me 'giggly'

Seeing these jokes
Makes me want to choke
But then I realized
Oh it somehow made me smile
This is the continuation of my impromptu poem with Gaille. She wrote it by herself. I Did not know that she knows how to make simple poems. Hahahah!
Bakit ba tayo ganito?
Ang kasabugan natin ay todo
Kapag nagkwentuhan puro kalokohan
Lahat ng makita ay tinatawanan

Etong si Gaille na sabaw
Kasiyahan ay mababaw
At si Eze na sabog
Parang batang hamog
Hahahha just a short funny impromptu poem made with Gaille.
Jacob 2d
My wheels were always a trusted friend,
but upon this degree of speed and spin,
I felt the wobble upon the road,
a countless amount of times I've rode!
At this moment, I looked around,
for the best place to strike the ground,
and in that instant, beneath my feet,
my board no more, only cracked concrete,
within the silence, I heard my mom,
“Don’t leave without your helmet on,”
with nothing soft to break my fall,
the ground and I began to brawl,
It ripped my clothes, it ripped my skin,
until my body seized to spin,
inside my head, my world still spun,
surely, my ragdoll body was done,
but how could I end my day on a spill?
so I scooped up my board
and climbed up Stoney Hill.
This is poem uses fun descriptives to capture a short period of time when falling off my skateboard as a kid.
Vrinda 3d
I was a little girl
I was sitting on a bench.
I saw a man claiming
"I have a big thirst to quench".

I looked at him
And gave him a big smile.
He was near me
Not even a mile.

Wrinkles on his face
Starving to death.
I offered him a candy
But he was already on meth.
Just the sort of poems you create when you are staring at the ceiling and wondering what to do with life.
Emilie 4d
The first part of any small talk is...
"how are you?"
They say "good, how are you?"
I say "I am good too"
Then I must compliment their hair
Ask them about their week
Show them that I care
By smiling cheek to cheek
But deep inside I'm feeling rather weak
Small talk has never come naturally
Anyone relate?
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