Serena 2h
A nickel on the street
Just waiting to be plucked
But everyone ignored it
Like it could get fucked

A little boy did see it
His mouth stretched to a smile
A nickel, what a find
The only nickel for a mile

He bent to pick it up
But gasped as he was shoved
“Excuse me little boy,
That nickels mine to be loved!”

The granny wrinkled her wrinkles
Her back sounded like a popper
As her frail little frame
Bent to grab the copper

But alas! she didn’t get it!
As a pterodactyl swooped
It grabbed her by the shoulders
Flew back up and made a loop

“The nickel will be mine!”
The bird shrieked into the air
“I’ve been waiting for that nickel,
Since I ever did breathe air!”

The granny managed to escape
Before old ptero’ got too high
She landed on her feet
And adjusted the spanks upon her thighs

“Good for you granny!”
Appears the president
“You escaped a dinosaur
But you’re still just a simple resident

“With my status and my tupee
I deserve the coin-“
He wasn’t able to finish
Before the pterodactyl
Bit him in the groin

The nickel was confused
It didn’t understand
Why it wasn’t loved before
But now was heavy in demand

“Ah, never mind it’s okay”
Granny stretched her smile far
As she spotted another thing
New and shiny as a star

She reached for the new thing
As the president and bird too
They forgot about the nickel
And it sat alone and blue

“Yay you’re still here “
A small voice whispered with glee
The little boy came into sight
And plucked the nickel gently

~Even though they stopped caring
He loves me still
I finally found a love
That’s unconditional~
I’m honestly just procrastinating studying, internally crying
Ignorance is bliss;
Sweeter than any kiss.
It’s an unfair kind of careless care.
This idea of something you missed,
A tear which never needed to be known,
There. In the mirror. Wipe away the smudges and it becomes visible,
Clearer. Shown in a smile that some would call naive. But you don’t because Ignorance is richer.
Your ears burn bright but you believe all is well, that all is right, so you continue your life like a phone in a theatre. Beating on the drum of negligence, perfectly pitching yourself as a heedless, harmonious heap; inauspiciously and ironically thinking ones self, misguidedly, meticulous. Inadvertently beautiful.
Ignorance is bliss.

our lovin' did end
when my sweet lover broke wind
the stench did offend

no cheese next time we're flirty
no ten - that fart's a thirty


rob kistner © 2018
Just a rude little tanka.
Written because, like every man - I think farts are funny...
and I was havin' a juvenile moment. :)

Love is in the air but lust is what I breathe.
random poetic lines that come to my head
Craig Smith Aug 5
People whose only meaning is to keep up appearances,
a competition of swankiness,
looking around like barn owls,
trying to hide from the inevitable bigger fish.

I’m just as bad for sitting here, keeping up with the jones’, trying to believe this nice time is worth it.
They sit and expect, despite having absolutely nothing to offer.
I’d love to inject you all with lucidity, and watch your life degrade.
Show the true colours of your damaged personality,
Expose your grey hypocritical ubiquity.

Bland and soulless,
empty and barren.

A dry riverbed,
I can see through the cracks and the confusion behind your smile.
As you realise without knowing what’s missing, that suave looks aren’t quite enough.
What’s a big bowl
But a midget’s boat
And what is peace
To a Jamnapari goat

Everything is relative
Said Leon Trotsky
But he was a raging communist
So he can rot in hell-ski
I drank an espresso
And met with god
We talked of good days past
His son doesn’t call
My mom fucked me up
In his eyes we’re all just dust
Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Our version:
Monday’s child will be a superhero – ABIGAIL
Tuesday’s child never gets a zero – JULIA
Wednesday’s child loves to smile – ASHLEY
Thursday’s child is kinda wild –
Friday’s child is so nice and likes to play –
Saturday’s child is true and won’t betray –
And the child born on Sunday, so happy, –
Is an angel with a great personality. –
I wrote this with my girls (7 and 9), and they had a lot of fun. I just love writing things with them, it always captures that childlike spirit of fun that just makes me smile.
I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me
Cried the bleeding man in his last breath
He voided his bowels
The rigor mortis kicking in
And thus began his journey of death

The funeral was closed casket
There wasn’t much left to show
A poem recited
The priest going on
“Darkness there and nothing more”

The years went by, the man’s legacy forgotten
And so did the memories that once seemed so sweet
That’s how it goes
In this dark twisted world
Please stay tuned for some more Sesame Street
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