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Wouldn't it be funny
if somehow this scrawl of text,
were to be misinterpreted as a poem
by this website's algorithm,

and then, in time...

It was scooped up, and sent out
as an email to so many users
...Shown to them in full
with an option to rate it, and comment

Wouldn't it be.
A critique.
You make me laugh
You can look at life
with such humor
It's quite refreshing
Let the weird be said
We are all here dealing
with it
So why not laugh
Look at it and accept
it's not worth the worry
and why stress over it all
Keep it real
Laugh it off
Look through life
with a different sight
When life is tearing you down
Be with it and laugh at it
You will feel it and just laugh
Laugh it off
© Jennifer L DeLong 3/2/2021
I'm not very picky, unless faced with:
      Icky, sticky, pumpkin!

                Oh! How I glower!
                When faced with that sour,
                  Slimy, stringy, slush!

                          So I groan,
                                And I moan,
                                      Then I run.

  My arms flailing!
       My feet, slap, slap, slapping,
                          The cold, hard, floor.

                                         'Till a hand grasps my shoulder,
                                            And I'm dragged to the table..

                          Then, I'm pushed into a chair,
                                   And a spoons pushed into my hand,
                                      And that foul mush, is pushed into the spoon.

               That is forced down, down, down,
                        My gagging, unwilling, throat.
Reminiscing my childhood...
Evie G 7d
Life is a system
and i am its product
producing mosaics
and i am its robot
life gives me a function
and have a-  

Here is my product
another mosaic
for i am a robot
and that is my function
but i have a hand?
That is not in the system...

Am i a mosaic?
A rainbow of robot
and then is my function
to lend you a hand?
Programmed in my system
to give you my products?

Am i a robot
devoid of a function?
An empty hand.
A useless, silent system.
No products.
No Mosaic

What is a function?
A powerful productive hand!
A hyper-intellectual system!
A booming blossom of products!
a busy

I take from your hand
and inform my system
I create my own products
Perhaps, I am the mosaic
Perchance, I am the robot
and I function.

Bumps from the system created my hand
creating my products, I dictate my function.
For I am the robot that made the mosaic
and I think that's alright.
Hey there! this is my first attempt at a Sestina so feedback would be most appreciated ! its a really cool form and i recommend you all try it. I went into this will an expectation of what it would be and by the time i finished it it was something else, wild how this stuff works.
Michael Feb 26
Ola Crappola
Ola Kazoo!
I have a bowl a
Crappola for you!
What do you say when
you're feelin' a stew?
Ola Crappola
to Life's Number Two!

Crappola Crappola
needs to be freed.
Then comes relief,
and pain's history!
So Ola Crappola
Ola Kazee!
Do you have a bowl a
Crappola for me?
When life happens, get it off your chest.  That's what friends are for.  At times, they'll share some Crappola with you.  But at least we don't stink alone!
Michael Feb 19
A window peeper.
'O who could it be?
A window peeper.
Are they peaking at me?

I walk into a room and suddenly,
'feels like someone's eyes
are staring right back at me!
'O who could it be?

A window peeper!
But why should I care?
A window peeper!
Just go on and stare!

I hide myself and look,
and then I see
somebody's out the window
staring back in at me! ..
with a *******?

Oh, wait a sec!  Crap!
Am I the Window Peeper?
I don't even know.  I just wrote it based off an experience years ago.  While riding shotgun with my friend, my seat belt got stuck, and I was stuck staring out my window.  Someone thought I was staring at them, while I just couldn't turn around.
labyrinth Feb 16
At the expense of the future
Busying self with nonsense
The Most characteristic feature
Of **** Sapiens Sapiens
I Stanislavski my way through life
I am and I am not
a piece of *****
I put myself in situations
scenarios racing through my head
and try to imagine
exactly what it would feel like
to be dead

my inner theatrical sense of self
the activeness of an energetic personality
how sad to know
that this is not
nor will it ever be my faculty
"Hi my names Suzan, I work at Applebee's."
Flynn Feb 14
You slid into my life,
easy as a knife through butter.
not like margarine,
of that I'm less keen
hanging out with you... ****** Nora
it's as easy as flowers via inter-Flora

You butter believe I'm here to stay

we're about half-way
and by this point, I'm sure you'll say
you wrote me a poem,
but I can't believe its not butter.
so come on Flynn...
Lurpak it in.
For the spirit of Valentine's, and the love of butter
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