Tatiana 9h
Us three little kids run amok through the nights
creating our own mischief and creating our own frights.
We sneak up concrete steps that lead to wooden doors
and ring the bells right next to them and run away on all fours
Who? You ask, that we ding-dong ditch,
we've pranked humans, monsters, and once even a witch.
We once rang the door during the day of some creeper
and nearly had a meeting with the grim reaper.
But that did not stop our tricky ways
so we ding-dong ditch death, always.
For we're not the children of daylight
we are the children of the night
© Tatiana
I know it's not Halloween, but this is a very Halloween-like poem and the concept of ding-dong-ditching death is one of those ideas that just can't leave your head until you write it in.
Zack 2d
the clicking of keys
no summer breeze
ring in your head a bell
at the end of it all
when pieces all fall
what does it mean? pray tell

the diligent student
the men and the women
who're paid to buy and sell
from the highest paid suit
to hardworking prunes
and the unemployed as well

the tires skid
sad wife and kids
nothing guards against death
take the day
liberate, be brave
yet all must draw last breath

valhalla for winners
and hell for sinners
but what if you don't have faith
no matter the tithes
your friends, your life
through absence, will you, betray

Take time to pray
because when it's gone, that's it
you think there, still
roll around until
Ah, I gotta take a ...
Ryan 3d
Do you really think he’ll win?
They asked of Valeriy Borchin.
Not even a little bit,
They replied, with a sense of wit.

He came in first in Beijing,
just four years ago-
He was the first to bring
His home life into the show.

He walked and walked,
Through the streets of London.
Suddenly, his body locked-
He didn’t make it to the bin.

He fell against the wall,
Trying to hide it all.
The observers noticed a little bit-
That Valeriy Borchin had done himself a shit.
Phrases heard In:
Black Jack,
League of Legends,
and The Bedroom.

"This is supposed to be a team game".

"Tap like this, to hit it".

"Let's Double up".

"I need a leash".

"No, no, no, never do that".

"That's everything I have"

"Forfeit Forfeit.. Just forfeit."

"There's no chance"

"Just keep trying! don't give up! we can do it!"

"It's just not in the cards, man".

"I wouldn't risk it".

"Never stray from your strategy"


"just take the tip".

"Nice job!"

"We're fucked".

"We should end it".

"When you go in and out like that, it throws everything off".



"Okay, let's finish"


"I always end up on bottom".

"Hit me".


"split them".

"stay in your lane"

"Stop being toxic".

"He busted!"

"We won!"

"this is a battle of attrition".

"I don't have enough money for that."

"I'll move to the middle"

"Look at this champion!"

"Consider yourself honored"

"You didn't listen, you should have listened".

"How do I play this, Champ?"

"Don't hit the 18!"

"Come onnnnn!!!! COME ON!"


"That was a terrible start"

"You got lucky"

"We got lucky"

"That was a hell of a match".

"Good game"
Do you know what happens when a dark storm cloud
hovers and collides with cloud 9?
I have no idea!
And neither does Google,
I guess computers don't understand poetry
It's a seldomly funny story
You went toe to toe
With me, perceiving me as a foe
But your efforts turned out like the desolate terrain below
Barren and forgotten
All this brovado
But you couldn't accumulate a following like Demi Lovato
I'm going in Stacatto
You're still out of tune
It gets deeper in June
In my eyes it's always Noon
I biffercate the time of day
But I act the same
I'm a beast people attempt to tame
But they just blame
I saw them before they came
You can be won over and think I'm lame
But I don't need to worry
I got my own story
I wish people would stop trying to plagiarize
It shouldn't take a lawsuit for them to realize
It's not right
These minds aren't as bright
As they tell themselves
They barely know themselves
I get it, it's easy to lose yourself
Just don't take it out on me
I'm simply existing
Finding my own way to the brick
Without being a huge prick
You think you know it all but you don't know a lick
I try to stay silent and slick
You come up with retorts and insults quick
But it doesn't make me upset or sick
I just laugh
I've seen this over and over again
Rinse and repeat
Not quite the the deja vu I wanted
The entertainment factor wears off fast
I knew it wouldn't last.
Sometimes I creep my self out
Because when I'm bored in class
I reflect on the past
And look up a picture of her
And my teacher
Comes on by
And wonders why
I look like a sad puppy ready to cry
Or sometimes like
An emotional emo hoping to die
(jk that's a lie)
Never the less
He still points out and addresses
How it's unhealthy to be obsessive
Then he adds

Dam son,
you need to move on,
get yourself an actually woman.
And get your dam work done!
Instead of wasting your day
typing the same lovesick poems
on Hello Poetry!
You're not a famed writer
you're just an ordinary teenager,
who needs to get his shit together!
To my favorite teacher and mentor: Coach
Cana 7d
I was sat so still
A bird landed on my foot
Whose fright was bigger?
I make amends
With both foe and friends
We pop the top of the cap and take our
We all have sex and wake up the next day
I was in my best friends girls bed
Not remembering what we did
  what we said
If we cool or is Joey dead?
That ringing in my head
Feels worse
Than the vomit on my dads shirt
Dam, David is wearing a skirt
And all the toast in the house is burnt
Last night we must have lost control
Make sense since I can't even recall
Anything at all
Walking through the house
The TV is in the tub playing reruns of mickey mouse
The toaster is in the refrig
My collectors Cub Scot watch is in the birdbath
What gives?!
Outside a group of twenty teens walk around like imbeciles
Wakening up from crazy day dreams
And walking again like it was the first time
Across the street graffiti is what I see
A curious confused cop is who I meat
Frantic, I panic and so do my feet
Looking back at last night
I guess it was all right
From beginning to end
All started from
Just taking some
hannah Apr 17
Take care of it
Fix it
change it
Take care of your problems
Fix yourself
Change yourself
Because we don't like how you are
I just sit back and laugh
Well I don't like how you are
How about you take care of your own drama
How about you fix your clothes so it doesn't show everything
And finally How about you change your opinion on how a girl should look and act
Because I think your funny
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