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Isaac Jan 23
it feels foreign to be so transparent
ancient walls built up to protect my sleeve
which is home to my heart and my peace
the walls comfort me, I can still hear the canaries
they sing in lullabies that heal my child inside
I slowly unravel my life's work to see the canary fly
the yellow hue makes me think of the sun
I smile looking at how grown I have become
I smile knowing that I am worthy of love
I smile just because
I'm a foreigner
at the crossroads
what you see from a distance
wave hands
say hello to you.
I've been confused
ever since stand alone in the crowd,
no one sees me
except for a pair of eyes
that is lodged in people's heads
which I never knew before;
and the clouds turn blue but don't hurt flowing right over the head
then the birds rise expel the wind
who had tossed my long hair.
I just stare at them,
hope they don't look at me.
However, the world suddenly stopped. And my world seems to have a limit
to transcend isolation.
I'm a foreigner
at the crossroads,
which has been left behind by old memories,
and when the new comrades have become adept at reading signs,
and therefore we have bonded
like a relationship
that we are not really aware of.
I'm a foreigner
at the crossroads,
greet you as a stranger too,
but now everyone is busy making their own festival,
and don't ask,
I make a festival for whom,
except for the day
when I'm not known anymore.
Indonesia, 30th November 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Allesha Eman Oct 2021
What is this feeling that seems so foreign yet familiar?
As we head our own ways
down our own paths
maybe we will think to look back
but until then  
Let’s walk back to the fork in the road
and reminisce over everything we’ve seen,
over and over,

until we meet again.
Jo Barber Sep 2021
Of all the beautiful words
and people in the world,
I most wished to learn them all.
Each foreign language
became so intimate once
on my tongue,
like a lover
I was just starting to get to know.
Taylor Dec 2020
I see the
in passing

and countless cities
just like it

whizzing by

like faces
on the metro

Gone too quick
to remember the details

Were Spanish streets
cleaner than their
English siblings?

Did Thailand taste
like ginger?

Or was that Japan?

What did America sound like?

Memories of home
and the stops between

mingle like
in busy street markets

echoing in harmony
with the droning
neon orchestra

Will the memories leave me?

Will recollection take flight
like the last of your
stray hairs?

Will I wander so far
that I forget

I don’t belong here

I never will

and soon
I’ll see another land
and greet it
as a friendly stranger

with a nod
and meeting
of the
that lasts
just a bit
too long

and its face
will join the others


and distant

I’m an outsider

I am


and lost

and I don’t know
where you live

Could the world
just for a second

so that I may clearly see
your face
on the other side
of the track?

So that I can
a little longer
what home looks like?
colette alexia Jul 2020
I'll reinvent myself
Doesn't mean I'm trying to be someone else
Just because you haven't seen
This side of me
It feels good, it feels clean
Even if it feels a little foreign to me
Your fingerprints aren’t all over everything
Allesha Eman May 2020
You’ve grounded yourself to match the subtlety of the earth’s morning shadows

Your heart feels swollen, it’s filled with love for the little things

And you can longer separate yourself from the line that divides love and hate

So you live your life using every lens available to look at foreign objects

And you find yourself overlooking a sea of borders, so you divide yourself into fragments

And now you stare at your reflection,
what are you besides fractals of foreign colour?

What are you besides lost in translation, waiting for a narrative?

So you rinse away the lines that separate your hopefulness and hopelessness

And you look towards the sea, somewhere in the distance, foreign shadows begin to erase the continental divides in your mind

And you take your first breath as someone....

....not something.
I learned a foreign language
It lives within my soul
I learned a foreign language
It filled a bottomless hole

I learned a foreign language
Carved it on my heart
I learned a foreign language
It gave me a fresh start

I learned a foreign language
It’s light as a feather
I learned a foreign language
It’s strength keeps us together

I learned a foreign language
You can learn it too
I learned a foreign language
It’s inside all of you
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
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