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Taylor Dec 2020
I see the
in passing

and countless cities
just like it

whizzing by

like faces
on the metro

Gone too quick
to remember the details

Were Spanish streets
cleaner than their
English siblings?

Did Thailand taste
like ginger?

Or was that Japan?

What did America sound like?

Memories of home
and the stops between

mingle like
in busy street markets

echoing in harmony
with the droning
neon orchestra

Will the memories leave me?

Will recollection take flight
like the last of your
stray hairs?

Will I wander so far
that I forget

I don’t belong here

I never will

and soon
I’ll see another land
and greet it
as a friendly stranger

with a nod
and meeting
of the
that lasts
just a bit
too long

and its face
will join the others


and distant

I’m an outsider

I am


and lost

and I don’t know
where you live

Could the world
just for a second

so that I may clearly see
your face
on the other side
of the track?

So that I can
a little longer
what home looks like?
colette alexia Jul 2020
I'll reinvent myself
Doesn't mean I'm trying to be someone else
Just because you haven't seen
This side of me
It feels good, it feels clean
Even if it feels a little foreign to me
Your fingerprints aren’t all over everything
Allesha Eman May 2020
You’ve grounded yourself to match the subtlety of the earth’s morning shadows

Your heart feels swollen, it’s filled with love for the little things

And you can longer separate yourself from the line that divides love and hate

So you live your life using every lens available to look at foreign objects

And you find yourself overlooking a sea of borders, so you divide yourself into fragments

And now you stare at your reflection,
what are you besides fractals of foreign colour?

What are you besides lost in translation, waiting for a narrative?

So you rinse away the lines that separate your hopefulness and hopelessness

And you look towards the sea, somewhere in the distance, foreign shadows begin to erase the continental divides in your mind

And you take your first breath as someone....

....not something.
I learned a foreign language
It lives within my soul
I learned a foreign language
It filled a bottomless hole

I learned a foreign language
Carved it on my heart
I learned a foreign language
It gave me a fresh start

I learned a foreign language
It’s light as a feather
I learned a foreign language
It’s strength keeps us together

I learned a foreign language
You can learn it too
I learned a foreign language
It’s inside all of you
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Molly Eli Apr 2020
Green forests
Dark places
Romance and lies
I'm sorry that I came to this alien planet
I don't belong here
My heart belongs
To dry grass
And smoky summers
Not this green
Rain filled place
That only sees the sun
In the last three days of summer
I'm sorry that I don't belong on this alien planet with you
The darkness envelops me
Trapping me in a hazy greyish blue fog
I am pushing away the tendrils
Of murky gloom
That find me when I am running after you
I don't belong to this alien planet
That is only seen through the dark green trees
Follow the river of my mind
Into the cascading waterfall
The cliff that follows the Divide
I am sick and twisted
But not in the right way
I am sorry that I cannot stay
On this alien planet
A world so blue

I am upside down
Tossed this way and that
I am twisting with the beat
Of this song that is life
I am a dancer
That picks up on the winds of time
Follow the path
That leads to your demise
Welcome the alien planet
Where skies are a dull grey
The land is dark green
And cloud cover is constant
Where the mist of time
Takes over your mind
Welcome to the Alien Planet
This is where you reside
Red tendrils of fire
Curl in the windows of my old home
When I am remembering the stories I am told
The haze holds me close
In a smoky embrace
Clearing your mind is impossible
When you are stuck in a dark place

Don't worry, I'm not there anymore. Just wanted to write something for a character in my book.
FlipThePoet Apr 2020
they came as teens
from West Africa,
feet dancing from rhythms

they came to live,
to learn, to make
the most of life;
eager to leave the
place that birth
them life.

they went to schools,
later university, sat on desk
once sat by whites;
learning to pronouns
words with flir
nostrils to sound alike.

they absorb the culture,
sang the creed,
then, got some rights.
to never decreed, nor
intercede from whence
they arise.
to my brothers and sisters far and wide with love
Wenwenchi Apr 2020
Tell me

Why are there no stars
on the other side
of the world

Why does the air I breathe
make me feel sick
to my stomach

Why does sleep make me feel tired
and being awake helpless

I was promised so much more
but what are promises for in the first place
when there's no blue blue sky
to hold me tight
and to whisper
everything will be alright
دema flutter Apr 2020
is such a foreign zone
that I long for,

a land that I can't seem to
be able to spot
on any map,

people tell me
its borders are indefinite,

and i tell them,
please take me
to the mother
I have never known.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
This Distance Between Us
by Michael R. Burch

This distance between us,
this vast gulf of remembrance
void of understanding,
sets us apart.

You are so far,
lost child,
weeping for consolation,
so dear to my heart.

Once near to my heart,
though seldom to touch,
now you are foreign,
now you grow faint . . .

like the wayward light of a vagabond star—
obscure, enigmatic.
Is the reveling gypsy
becoming a saint?

Now loneliness,
a broad expanse
—barren, forbidding—
whispers my name.

I, too, am a traveler
down this dark path,
unsure of the footing,
cursing the rain.

I, too, have felt pain,
pain and the ache of passion unfulfilled,
remorse, grief, and all the terrors
of the night.

And how very black
and how bleak my despair . . .
O, where are you, where are you
shining tonight?

Keywords/Tags: distance, gulf, apart, divide, foreign, faint, gypsy, saint, loneliness, broad, expanse, barren, dark, path, black, light, shining
JW Mar 2020
can you believe all the little things that had to happen for us to meet?
every step, every breath i took to find you.

i don't believe in fate.

can you believe all the little things that had to happen for us to be torn apart?
it started with a bat and ended in a pandemic.

i don't believe in fate.
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