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We dreaded this day
When this clock finally struck
Words can't express this

Yet, I am happy
For all that we have became
A friend, a lover

No need for anger
We showed love and compassion
This was true romance

Take care of yourself
I'll think about you everyday
The best memory
دema flutter Jun 2018
Stop chasing me,
I see you watching me when I'm waiting at the bus stop,
I feel your presence when I'm preparing my 1 sugar 2 cream coffee,
I know you're with me when I'm counting sheep as I'm falling asleep,
you're there in my nightmares,
your reality is the maze I am trying to escape from.
Lady Grey Nov 2017
Doing homework left and right,
Ha! No, i’m not “fine”
Working my *** off all the time--
I’ve got no time!

No time for these video games
All the “kids these days are playin’”
I ain’t got the time of day
And i’m just here saying--

Why do we have to do this?
Do you understand the strain
The stress
You do daily to our brains?

You accuse us of being lazy
Selfish, stupid
You’re driving me crazy!

Don’t we deserve at least
A little (grudging) respect
Being ABLE to cope AT ALL (not all of us can...)
What more do you expect?

Do you expect us to just be “fine”
Every time you ask?
Because we’re not
Not with all these endless tasks.

It ******* ***** TO BE A TEENAGER
In this day and age
And I, at least, would appreciate it
If all these people talking trash about kids my age

Would just stop
Because we’re not “in your day” anymore
And I’m not “fine”
And school, (to be perfectly honest) is just a bore.
My class had to write a poem based on Maya Angelou's "Ain’t That Bad" at school, basically our perception of our culture, and however we interpreted it.
Hannah A Apr 2016
Not like this.

the path you stumbled for,
left you for some footsteps of a goddess
that we never were sure of her existence.

He left you on the road
oh, beautiful landscape of all
such green trees, such brown leaves.
Do you wonder how I wonder?
wanderlust, collecting dust
of the wasted decades we had
of an item we never truly got to reckon it's form
I do not believe in time
it does not exist
break all hour glasses done.
Ana S Feb 2016
No time, no time.
Always time, always fine.
Cannot cannot.
Stop, it's not something that should be fought.
Can't stay can't stay.
Just a minute you won't be late.
No time, no time.
Be that way, fine.
The white rabbit
JP Goss Sep 2014
Crept in the surgeon from the ashen winds
Peaceful, baleful autumn fire
A descent climbing ever higher.

A special case to him it seemed, starched white
His breathy steam corroborated.
The nurses rush ‘tween bed and ****, checking
Vitals of lacking that but the enigma
Curiouser and, oh, the blank screen displayed it.

There, as sight, the network of bones, all disposed
To their center, by blood and vein, all there through.

What caught the eye, a screaming white blot
In the thick of his bare cavity
A cold urn, well wrought
Had in its mouth a thousand streaming shards
Burning, pumping all the same by some miracle
That rigid effaced youth and flesh
Taking its gestalt’s place.

A nurse approach in ample fit to begin,
Crack his stern starch baritone, there he burst
Take him away; nothing is wrong
Amateur at best, irreclaimable at worst.
Daria Jun 2014
Slowly slowly time goes slowly
As the hours ticking by
drag on deeply, deeply, deeply
And it might be late to try.

How can I explore my talents,
finish work and watch T.V.,
If the hours, hours, hours
take up too much space for me.

Slowly slowly time goes slowly
With the hours rushing past
Eyes are heavy sleep is steady
This one more shall be my last.

Slowly, drifting off to sleep
No time to rush no time to think
I take my pencil in my hand
And finish this long-worded strand.
This is interesting, because even though I say that time goes slowly, I still say that it goes fast. Time seems to be going so slow, that we waste it and then it rushes by.

— The End —