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Amanda 1h
Looking through the reminders remaining of you
Rush of nostalgia engulfs my body
Ten years passed since we met
Ten years of fractures on my brittle heart
Frozen in hope for better days
Paralyzed in physical photographs
Feeding off broken dreams of us together
Falling to depths of loneliness
Consumed by sadness eternally
Forever sifting through ruins of our love
I wish I wanted to write a happy poem
Amanda 11h
You have left me hanging once again
Been eight hours and still no word
After all you put me through
Do you think punishment is what I deserve?

I have suffered enough at your hand
Cried enough tears in your name
Yet it doesn't matter to you
Just treat our love like a game

I have done my best to be patient
Multitude of mistakes dismissed
You left me stranded without a care
Or courtesy of a goodbye kiss

I have been staring at the door
Waiting on you to arrive
You have been gone all day
Absent of you, barely feel alive

It hurts knowing youre fine alone
What the **** are you trying to prove?
Already know I'm disposable
But wanting to improve

I tried not to get too close
Failed right from the start
Fell straight into your enchanting  embrace
Now I'm falling apart

I wasted countless nights
Waiting to hear your soft voice
But until now I always felt
I had no other choice

Lately you have been cold to me
Putting me down with hurtful things you don't realize you say
Before you walked out the door
Seemed like your mind was far away

I do not know what changed between us
Or why you started treating me bad
How did things get so ******* ip between us
Reminiscing on the good times we had

I'm sorry our story turned out like this
Arguing night after night
Would do anything to go back in time
To days you still held me tight

But those days have come and went
Only exists in memory
Indifferent silence clearly shows how you feel
You are no longer in love with me
Why do you always find a way to keep me waiting around for you?
tatiana 12h
so intense
the feelings are so intense for someone who doesn't even slightly
feel the same way

what makes me so drawn to you?
what makes you so different?
why can't i shake you?

a connection.
i don't know i just feel a connection
do you feel one too?

you make me feel like i
can get through
like i can do anything

you are more about your actions than your words
your actions show that you care
and it just makes my heart so full

my heart gets so full for you

n every night when you fall asleep,
i think to myself if this is real.

if i actually am falling for you

but i don't want to fall for you.

cause the love,
that type of love,
won't be reciprocated

there's no room for me in that
heart of yours
i don't meet the criteria

so i don't want to fall for you
as i'll only be hurting myself in the process,
causing my heart to ache as much as my forearm.
to be completely torn apart

i don't know how to get rid of you
and i don't want to get rid of you

i don't want to let you go

but how do i dispose of this love from here?
mae 20h
you admitted to knowing
that in the end
you would break my heart
and i think
that is
what hurt the most.
when you told me the truth.
He couldn't leave the past in the past
For other women broke his heart.  
He said he could never love again.  
He couldn't love me for what they did.  
I am not her and I am not them
But for what they did
I suffer the consequences
Of a broken man.
A love that will never be returned.
Where should I begin
Our love was a twisted story
Of a doll
And a toymaker
Your painted tears divine
Oh how you always cried
And fall to ground and wine
Till there was cracks in your skin
But at least you were mine
But our love ran out of time
As much I tried
Oh where do I begin
Heather 1d
I wish memory erasing exist
Because forgotting memories isn't easy
Especially the good ones that just leaves your heart broken
Or you just wish you could leave this life behind and start over
But life isn't that easy
And life isn't that fair
But you just wish so so much
That all the pain go away
That everything just goes away
But they always say be careful what you wish for
But at this moment I don't really care
While you stuff my throat with your words,
I still have you wrapped around my pinky.
For you are rendered under the power of my lips,
The slight touch of my tongue on your neck,
The will of every man held between my legs.
You shake,
You grab at me,
You moan my name and yet,
You think you have your power.
As I lay with you,
Your soul slips into perdition,
Your eyes beg for mercy,
My fingers trace down your abdomen and leave marks behind.
My pet tiger,
You have earned your stripes and in my keep, you stay.
You buckle under the pressure of my whimpers and whispers,
The scrunch of my face while you hold my body beneath yours,
Our foreheads pressed together in pleasure.
My love,
You cannot leave me.
For I have your own will used against you.
**** was my power move and you fall for it every time.
You thought it was a lie
You couldn't see past
all of the things I put down
I knew this feeling would always last

Your eunoia and your mind
the thing I craved most
the one thing I wanted to dig into
the one thing you call your host

I wanted to know you
I wanted to get it all right
But everything turned to ashes
Because broke birds don't take flight

Broken girls standing in the rain
Doing so for dramatic effect
Little boys ignoring them
Is not what the girls expect

But anyone can be a bad person
Even the person you desire
and every home can be ruined
if only one knows how to start a fire.
Welp. I hate this.
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