Renea 38m
'I Love you'
I say it a lot, like most do
The difference is, I only say it to friends and family
You see someone way before you said 'I love you'
I said it back thinking it was true

I broke down when I learned it was a lie
I broke down when he went back to her
You see he was the first guy I ever said 'I love you' to
I meant it when I said it

I guess that's why it hurt me so much
I guess that's why I build my walls up
I guess that's why I have only ever told him
'I love you'

I see the sadness in your eyes when I don't say it back
I know you want me to say it
But i'm scared that it will happen again

That you will leave
That you won't feel the same
That you will realize you could do better

I'm scared because I do
I do love you
I want to say it
But now i'm scared of 'i love you'
m 2h
rage simmers deep
in my stomach,
i swallow whole,
choking, tortured,
the words which
whisper violence
whisper courage
whisper shame

i'm floating through the halls,
my eyes glassed over, my heart
bleeding onto the floor
i don't have the energy
to mop up the red rage
resist repair
resist healing
resist righteousness

there is poison
sprouting from the ground
chemicals have turned
unhuman, unharmonious,
my fingers knives of solitude
breathing life
breathing death
breathing glass
lol this is really bad i had a bad day thanks
It's funny how someone who made you the happiest,
can also make you the saddest.
Cliché, but it's true.
I've loved you through hell
But fuck, it felt like heaven.
LoveLy 1d
You begged me to make you whole but you left me empty.
He lit up her world,
And then left leaving a little bit of his light with her,
She fuels it with their memories or imaginations,
He visits her time and again to gift her that one more memory,
To keep that light burning forever?
Stuck in a vicious cycle
Shanne 2d
It’s sad and invigorating

How you can lift me up higher than I’ve ever reached

Yet also kick me so far down that it’s hard to resurface

You’ve pulled out the widest smile out off me

But the heaviest tears come from you too

I’ve learned the dance

I’ve played the part

It’s nothing new

just breaks my heart
riwa 3d
i love you.
i miss you.
i need you.
please come back.
talk to me.
kiss me again.
im so sorry.
not in any specific order
riwa 3d
the smile on your face
is enough to make my day,
but i get sad realizing that i am no longer the reason behind it
will you ever allow me to make you happy again?
natalia 4d
if youre not happy with me
please leave me
please tell me
that you dont love me
please just please
end whatever youre trying
to pretend
the endless gaze
of telling me that
you still want me
or to make me feel that you still
see me as the stars
of your galaxies
stop whatever youre starting
stop whatever youve started
if youre not happy with me
please leave me
and let me be happy
without you.
9:14 PM 2/11/2018
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