Crawler 2d

Cheerful and bright
Colorful delight
I'm such of a fool too realize
You're too much of a prize

Too caught up in my own delusion
Stirred up in confusion
I held myself responsible
For being so gullible

You stretch your arm and you smile
The whole world shines so much brighter
He came and hold you in his arm
I see your face couldn't be happier

There is no place for me
There is no place for me, in your world

I can't believe how easy i fall into this
Does my mind playing tricks on me
Or was i simply such a fool
For wanting someone like you

I'm not the reason for your smile
I'm not the cause of your tears
So insignificant and small
I wish to be something more than this

Defeated and despaired
I'm walking home to nowhere
For mine was by your side
But there is no place for me there
There is no place for me anywhere

frankie 3d

spark up the lighter
feel it burn the tip of your thumb
light up the demons
inhale their love
blow out all your worries
in a puff of tobacco smoke
fell yourself succumb
into their fake love

crack open the bottle
feel the burbon burn
as it trickles down your throat
let the warmth of distorted happiness
engulf your soul

pour out the pills of hope
let the pretty colours cause you
to overdose
sit back and feel the numbness
shut down your body
a false moment of freedom

make your addiction
a romantic affair
the most epic marrige
you've already maded the vow
'till death do us part, my love.

If you are addicted, you are not alone. Please seek help, if you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, please get them help.
Rylee 3d

Im not going to lie
I cried
All the nights
Since I saw you
For the last time.
The last time
I saw you
Before that day
We were happy together
I was leaving your house
You called me back
And gave me a kiss
And said bye
I said I will see you later.
Little did I know,
That was the last bye
From you
The last bye you would say
With love in your voice
And in your heart.
I still say bye with love in my voice
but now it is not to you


There's nothing left
so what is there to lose?
Guess I'm the left
opposing your right.
Every fight alters the light
that used to shine bright.
There's nothing like
a forbidden love,
a sordid spoiled fruit
you keep throwing up
until I've given up.
Your lies cut through my neck
and the effects
have caused another train wreck.
You make love
seem like a war that never ends
that no one wins
inside my head
you never get it,
it's pathetic.
You make love
feel like a drug
you only found
dug in the mud
and you just gave it up.
There's nothing like
a mind you redefine
to fit in between your lines,
a mind that uses time
consumed with parasites.

"I try to find a brighter sight, an elevated, higher sight. It's out of sight." - Jhene Aiko

Every time I think of you
I bite my lip.
I can’t bear to see you
In any positive light.

Love and life.
One is nothing without the other.
I am so alive,
Yet I can’t love.

Loving has become a privilege to me.
A dark murky never-ending sea.
There’s no boat to help me cross.
The only way out… is to drown.

Girl, what happened to us?
Conversation has sadly ran dry
This has become a masquerade
Time continues to pass us by
If we do not communicate
Darkness will appear
Of a melancholy nature
When words are unclear

Rae 6d

It's been awhile but I'm back.
After having my heart stepped on 1, 2, 3 times.
Once at homecoming when he left me for a better girl.
Once when walking into english class , and making eye contact with him
for the first time in over a year.
Once when my parents didn't accept me or you I was confused,
and you could not handle the truth.
1, 2, 3 counting the days...
1, 2 3 could I end it all now?
1, 2, 3 I'm done looking for you in all of the crowds.

just another wave, just another scare
under the willow tree shivering to your name
looking for those arms
in the warmth of the day
everything was taken away
as fast as the pouring rain
not a minute too soon
not another word spoken
roaring and tearing like the broken
of impossible winds and dreams and water
shattered like the storms’ passing
every drop, every pour was unending

i wrote this for a friend a couple of years ago
Lana 5d

Too long,
Too long I point my vision
In awe towards the inexistent flaw
Embedded within the lustrous cracks of your smile
Splitting through the melancholy-infused,
My timeless sunless sky
I tremble,
More than just a sugar rush,
A heaven-sent electric current;
Starts the heart-shaped engine,
Rips through its tendons,
Accelerates, opposing the infirm currents ,
Of the impaired circuit,
Sensitizes it to a form of "life".
The thunder then pounds within the hollow,
Slowly devastates the shallow.
Bruises branch down my neck,
The bolts sink down to my deck,
Engraving everlasting fractal marks ,
Of fractions of whiles,
When I was stone-blind ,
Consumed by the euphoric rush,
Of your broken white lights,
Shocked into submission,
Getting used,
Falling for abuse.
Lightning was your name,
The thunder was your doomed game.
Maybe one end only surges in mortal power,
But the other has fallen, devoured.
Blind, but now I see coherently,
Rewired differently.
My fingertips still trace down the marks,
Till they have memorized their very whereabouts,
But now I embark,
On the journey of focus on my ever-present,
And your ever-absence.
Tainted with specks of your broken light,
My sky then gives birth to ravishing stars,
That decorate the gloomiest of inky skies.
Sometimes the stars fall,
To witness me wishing him away,
Closely hear me say,
The last of my goodbyes;
So long for now,
So long for then.

I will never be the same, and for that, I thank you, my greatest mistake, and my greatest life lesson.

You always remember the moment you felt the most broken.
That was the day I had to ask permission;
The day I realized he belonged to someone else.
There were no soothing circles.
Only regret wrapped tightly around a steering wheel.
I was holding someone's else's hand.

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