VineBabe 22h

I once imagined it would be you and I
A quiet friday night at home
Our bodies dancing to the melodies of a suave voice.

I once imagined you would be the one to hold me strong
Your arms wrapped around me to keep me whole
Never letting me go.

I once imagined the inimaginable with you
A life so far away I had lost all hope
And yet you made me believe.

My faith in you had started to mend all my broken pieces
If only you had meant it
I wish you hadn't be so damn convincing.

Lacuna 1d

I'm aware that i'm forbidden to stare, as the sun and sky set in orange, i see you with her through my smile. Sometimes its hard to believe that you have her and i'm still here standin' still and alone.

Michael 1d

Today I let go of my fear
I said to you the hardest word to hear
I let go of my pride
I showed you a little part of me I usually hide
If I'm honest the word wasn't the hard part that was a lie
It's just that sorry is a word you don't hear very often
I suppose the reason it's so hard to hear is because we fail to understand the meaning behind the word we're complicated people we look so deap into things and in a single word I try to express a million others

I lied to you to conceal the truth
To afraid to reveal myself
I hold back he truth that I love you I remember the pain when I left you I save you from the cold reality
The reality that I am wrong for you

i wish it weren't true but I know if your to be happy I'm probably better off leaving this place
I hope one day your happy I hope I'm not wrong

I hope you accept my apology
I hope you see it simply I hope you don't understand the truth in that single word the truth that I bear on my back because if you don't I'll walk with it until I crack

Inside of her eyes she begs that you see the love she has for you.
In her forced smile, she begs that you can see her soul desiring to touch yours again.
And within her voice she begs to say "I love you" instead of "goodbye."

I changed my style
When you left me scarred
I changed my friends
It wasn't that hard
I changed my hair
But it wasn't enough
So I changed my own mind
And called my own bluff

I never did love you
I never quite cared
We had plenty in common
But you were always so scared
You couldn't have fun
You never relaxed
Your sorrow rubbed off on me
I finally collapsed

So here I stand
A brand new me
I'm all I ever wanted
All I could be
I hid myself for you
So you'd keep me around
But you're just a coward
And I wear the crown.

She was right about you. I should've listened to her instead. The one named Sam. About your personality and your habits. My greatest muse and biggest regret. Fuck you.
Carter 5d

Knowing I will see you again soon
does more to calm me down
than any questions you may have answered.


all i do lately is lay in bed and pass the time
until i can again call you mine

it's late
you're already asleep
i'll tiptoe down the streets
hoping you haven't forgotten about me

just for an hour even -
can i lay in your bed with you?
lately you're my only medicine
lately the doses have become too small and too few

it'll be like nothing bad ever happened
nothing bad ever happened

Laila shirwa Aug 10

we fall in love
so the one we are falling for
catches us.
When they let us fall,
it's hard to recover.
It is not an easy fall.
It's one that is damaging.
It's one that takes a while to cure.  
When you fall in love and you do not land well,
you finalize with a broken heart.

Cameiyah Aug 10

Head spinning
Hands trembling
Body ready to give up
Tears rolling down in streams faster and faster

Mind confused
Lips quivering
Emotions all over the place
Doesn't know whether to feel betrayed or hate

Infuriated with everyone and everything
Thoughts were scrambled everywhere
Her brown curly locs no longer cascaded down her back
It now masqueraded her face

She wanted to be embraced
Wanted to feel like she felt before
Not this feeling, that she was foreign to
Her quiet gasp, her salty tears, and struggling whispers
She grabbed her chest and asked what is this ?

She created another side of her for him
The perfect girl for him

She gave him all the love he could ever get
Yet she made a mistake
He gave his heart to the perfect soul she created for him to be loved.

Pity little girl
Youre suffering!
You gave yourself your own poison!

The fake soul must be destroyed
He doesnt deserve a betrayal

And so i leave.


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