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Ms Noma 2h
Sitting in your lap my love
You hug me with your knees
Kisses from your lips above
Seem to make time freeze

I run my fingers on your thigh
Your toes brush over mine
In you I see the stars, the sky
And all the things that shine

Smooth and perfect hands do glide
Like water on my waist
And into me your fingers slide
Making me unchaste

How to describe utter bliss
No words can truly say
I am an addict: you my fix
For you I live each day

******* soul, my love, my heart
Take it all my dear, sweet dear
Let us never stay apart
To save me from my tear

Love opened like a small rose bud
When in my life you came
It flows inside of me like blood
Whispering your name

But after, when you left
You took away my life
So now I sit bereft
My heart pierced with your cruel knife.
Please, just go very far away,
And remember you create the pain,
In spite of your elating presence,
No, you don't make me feel pleasant,
Full of good memories from the past,
Untold tales that never did last,
Lying in yore while I hurt in the present aghast.
ve 8h
she’s still living in a void dimension
forsaken and letter-less.
days have gone by with blink of her eyes,
just like the ink someone marked on her heart

morning bruised her loneliness,
the bloodthirsty night stole the laugh she dreamed of having

she is still hollow,
a house without home,
boats without captain

she is still hollow,
living in a void strange world by herself

she is longing for her vibrant being,
her darkness has taken its quit.
Sketcher 21h
She is just so ******* confusing. I guess I just have to keep living life on normally and see what happens. I will be me. I will figure out how to play this chaotic game of life. I will carry this burden until I find someone else. Then I will carry their burden too because that’s the type of person that I am. When I love someone, I want them to be happy and I will do whatever it is in my power to make them happy. If the one I love doesn’t want to be with me and wants to be with that other guy (who I hear is a terrible person), then so be it. If she is happy, then everything is fine. That is the only thing that matters. I just hope that this rotten man won't be her downfall. I want her to know that if she is struck down by this man, I will always be here to support her in whatever way. I love you…
I took random pieces out of a book that I wrote.
Rahama 1d
To whom it may concern
I've been hurt so many times
My heart has become a broken egg shell
All its essence poured out
I want to be puerile
But I've been forever changed
A line has been crossed
And I don't know if I can go back.

To whom it may concern
I want my heart to be whole again
I need someone to hold again
I want to feel strong and loved again
It seems like a feat too impossible to achieve
But I can't help but hope for it.

To whom it may concern
If you genuinely care
Then I need you to tell me and always be there
Let your words and actions towards me be fair
I've been through a lot
I've fallen down so many stairs.

To whom it may concern
You may grow to love me
If you eventually do please try to fix me
No matter how I difficult I am don't ever leave me
I promise when I'm better you'll love the real me.
Thanks for reading.
I love you yet I have to let go
Never granted me the chance to get close
I've been running tirelessly in circles
Waiting for you to love me back

You cast a powerful spell on me
Three and a half years long
Yet you've barely uttered a vowel
Your eyes put the root on my weak heart

So I ran inside this hamster wheel
In hopes you would set me free
Time is up and need to break out
No more of this dizzying runaround
remember you said you would rather love than fight
but all that's dead and drowned and past tonight
i cried and cried till my tears drained an dried
i tried and tried,but couldn't pull you back to my side
i still remember you said you wouldn't leave me alone
now i'm surprised to know you are with someone unknown
i'm begging you to come back and stay here
coz i'm struggling hard to forget you my dear
love betrayal is the most painful betrayal people can ever come across.this time a came across it,saw my guy with another girl.when i asked he told "what is your problem and she is gonna be my girlfriend"......heartbroken me :*(
Amanda 1d
I built a tower, locked away my heart
Saw a chance to protect my love
All alone, a birdseye view
Deeply isolated so high above

No one will ever find it here
Want to keep it that way
Though it does get lonely
Some point during the day

Afraid to grant my heart freedom
Live a life of cautious dread
Intentions were for it to be safe
Is my concern harming it instead?
I can hide away my heart but somehow, you always find it.
Did you hear about the story untold?
Where naive goes out and gets sold...

Did you hear about those hopeless men?
Counting the numbers down from ten...

Did you see that cheater deceiving others?
Going around screweing over his own brothers...

Did you see that guy walking heart broken?
All his pain and sorrows left unspoken...

Do you know the harsh reality of this world?
No one wants to change, but wants you to mould...
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