Abby Jo 2d

I just want to be happy
But happiness comes from within
not from outside sources
How can I be happy when my happiness comes from making others happy?

lily 2d

this distance
you forced
upon me
burned my heart
to ash

and even though
you left me as dust
i still begged you to stay
but instead,
you blew my ashes away.

DeAnn 5d

The day has finally come
i didn’t know how i would feel on this day a year ago
then, i was in deep deep pain
numb, sad, confused, lost, broken
even now i still am, i guess
when i realized what today was, i grew completely numb and i cried

i wish i could rinse you off of me with a cold shower
i wish i could have brainwashed you away
i wish i could remember what we felt like without this pain

but those are just wishes
even if a genie did come and grant them for me
i wouldn't be the person i am today
i think that's the worst part though:
you helped mold me into who i have become

i wonder what it would be like to see you again
i wonder what you think of me after a year
i wonder if i am still your scapegoat

because you're now mine

happy birthday, my tragic dark prince
i hope you have a beautiful day

Vanilla 5d

We lasted 20 minutes
As I held you in my arms
You looked at the night sky
As you get lost in the stars
I get lost in your eyes

Must hold on,
Closer, until, meld ontop of-
Body against, heat of body,
Holding on, to someone,
Someone I love - like a ladybug,
Like a lizard, so cold, just want,
Body heat. Just need reptilian comfort,
Drunk, cuddled, human to human,
Hold me. One sec more. One more minute-
Such strong arms-
Wrap around me, I drape across you
You don't mind? Do you?
Only us, no other, no one else in all
In all the city, the country, provence, world
Just us. So just. Please
Remember it was just us, once.
And you, you couldn't tear yourself away from me and I
I tried to slip away but now I
I can't move away for all the
Motivation in the world
Let me be a lizard
Let me be dependant upon your warmth
Let me

g 6d

dear you,
i’m writing this
to ask you
to plead you
to beg you,

please stay with me
for one last time
before it all
comes to an end.

i look forward
to your prompt reply.

structures are good, things that don't change are good.

the unopened texts.
the broken heart you left me.
i miss you so much.

Even in a room full of people did I feel lonely,
no one really cared for my testimony,
when it came to love I felt like someone’s trophy,
and no you never knew me,
‘cause if you knew me then you’d keep me closely,
as if I were your one and only,

But it’s too late now ‘cause I’m dead,
I know you weren’t crying in your bed,
bet no one even cares about my death,
no one even spared a breath,
if you are reading this poem,
to think you care is so dumb.

This is my submission into the community.
Mitch Prax Dec 7

I find myself
rewriting poems
Changing all the words
except for
your name

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