How can you feel?
if you don´t feel at all

How can you live
if you don´t live at all

it´s not my fault I´m like this
or is it?

I can´t feel I can´t live my life

I tried everything from singing

to dancing

even doing drugs

but nothing touches my heart

do I even have one?

do I even exist?

Do WE exist?
i hope so

Cause you´re the only thing that makes me feel and be alive
Empty till love comes to me
Madison 2d
And I'm feeling so alone
Maybe that's how it was meant to be
If you are my home

Loosing was never the plan
But we stumble and fall
So you ran
who knew guinea pigs and good intentions could make someone cry this hard.
almost three years were our embers lit
never ever quite erupting into a flame before dying completely
and it seems like you think that months of silence—
silence both agonizingly painful and indescribably freeing—
is best broken by guinea pigs and good intentions.

that is not it.

for me, the silence was broken with quiet heaving sobs.
for me, the silence was broken with holding back tears on the elevator before breaking down once my door slammed.
for me, the silence was broken with cheeks stained with eyeliner and mascara.
for me, the silence was broken with tears i had never actually shed because i did not believe they existed.

they did.

it took three years to reach this point.
three years ago this week.
that was when it began.
three years later, here i am
on a different continent
as a different person
loving myself and potentially someone else
(someone who isnt you)
learning to love someone new
(someone who isnt you)
when suddenly
just like that
you pull me back
to three years ago
with guinea pigs
and good intentions.
it wasn’t really a breakup, but someone who is effectively an ex reached out after months of silence. i cried.
Manny 2d
Heart, please tell me why.
I'm still my phone
Waiting for a message that'll never come
Sitting here alone
Just watching the time run

Do you remember how we used to be?
I wonder If like me, she's feeling lonely
This depression doesn't want to set me free
Heart, I'm begging you to cure me

Because time doesn't seem to numb the pain
The heartache when I hear her name
These tears don't seem to stop the flame
I'm begging you to set me free

Oh heart, you turned out to be a traitor
Let her go so we can save her
Knowing we'd regret it later
But her happiness was not with me

The past is where my mind now dwells
As I suffer here all by myself
Knowing her kiss now belongs to someone else
And now she'll never smile for me

Oh heart, please let her go
She won’t come back, we both know
And no matter how much we wish it wasn't so
Only she can set me free
Another poem from my collection.
he was the one

he had the cosmics in his eyes
and magic in his touch
he smiled when he sighed
and his hands were a little rough
he was beautiful in a way
that it was a secret to those who knew him
and it was a privelege to say
that I know everything

he was the one
who had me running and hoping and praying to my phone
nervous and axious that he'd laugh at my stupid jokes

he was the one who saw me with no makeup on
and stayed up sleepy talkin' bout crazy things til' dawn

he was the one
who ripped me sore with betrayal of a different shade of lipstick on his stained white collar

he was the one who stitched me back with fake apologies
and since it wasn't quite genuine
I had splitted at the seams

he was the one
who made me understand
the heart of the silly, pathetic girls
I used to scoff at

he was the one
who taught me greed
that sometimes people want more than they need

he was the one
he was.
Tharuki 4d
when I first looked at him
I felt something
And unexplainable feeling
I couldn’t talk to him
Because I kept saying all my
Words wrong
But eventually
I could talk to him
I would laugh with him
I was happy with him
He asked me if we could
Be together
Everything I had ever wanted
Was coming together
All the lost puzzle pieces
I started to find
Every Hug have me sparks
And every kiss gave me fireworks
And I knew that when I looked at him
That this right here
This feeling
Is love
So I told him that I loved him
And he told me it was just a game
And I played it well
Thank you for the broken heart
I owe it all to him
You locked me in your heart,
so i couldn't move one.
And i locked you in my mind
then lost the key.
So don't ask why i cant get over you.
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