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LifeBeauty13 Jul 24
The fear broke off my breath
My body frozen in weakness
Is this my time for death
Seeing my world with bleakness
With a screaming soul
I scream God’s Name
Needing to be whole
Rescue me and this pain
I can’t do this alone
Necessity is my thunder
Enrapture to your throne
To never be asunder
You come in like a flood
Loving me ever and ever
For sacrifice and your blood
Never Your Hand to sever
Healing to all my scars
Giving I my hand
Embraced by all the stars
For fear, now I can stand
Leah Carr Jul 21
hanging onto the present by my fingertips
my eyelids are falling shut
and as much as I try to fight
it draws me in
tricks me
manipulates me
and before I know it
I'm consumed by memory

and I'm back there
my arm wrenched behind my back
outnumbered six to one
and screaming
was though that will somehow
make me less
their hands grip so hard
I can almost feel my wrist breaking
and my heart throbbing in my head
just so

and then I'm lying on the hard floor
whispering to myself
you're safe you're safe you're safe
it's gonna be ok it's gonna be ok it's gonna be ok
but I know deep down
neither of those cliché statements
will ever be true
for I can still feel their hands on me
months later
'cause I'm drowning

drowning in memory
Krizel Grace Jul 18
Aren't they pretty?

Those scars you hide underneath those blankets of metaphors
You wrapped them well with lovely words
Not to cover the ugly pain
But to tell the world,

How a sad story could be written
With such beautiful, aching words.

Hey, you're lovely and loved 😌
Owen Jul 8
In matters of love
I am expertly naive.
The scars on my arms,
my heart, and mind
covered and deep.
And I have learned my lessons,
learned to ask myself questions
with every move I make
every smile I fake.
Maybe I long for the heartache
of losing love.
The pain lets me know
I'm alive
though every breath I take
is shallow, and I
keep opening up
to let the knives
My intuition is always proved right, and the cycle of pain, numbing, and healing continues.
Find someone who goes out of their way to make you smile, because seeing you happy, makes them happy too.

Someone who traces your scars as if they are a story, and they aren't afraid to stop reading it.

Someone who knows you're sad when you start posting quotes on your story again, and shows up at your door to give you a hug, because they know that's what you need.

Someone who listens to you like your words are their favourite song and they don't ever want stop listening.

Find someone,
Who treats your precious heart like their favourite treasure, because that's what it is.

Don't you ever settle, because I promise you, someone out there has been waiting to give you the world, don't settle until you find them.

Holding scars on shallow soul!
Struck in dark loopholes!!
Faking smiles! Behaving the way i am supposed to..
Towards all those adversities I am exposed to.
Waking up with tender eyes,
Loosing myself in disguise!!
Dodging my own self!
Hiding all my emotions in deep shelves!!
Blaming every possible reason for this void,
It's always there, even if I try to avoid.

Becoming something I an not..
Being happy by heart feels too hard than I've ever thought!!
With this poem I've tried to define the way I feel..  everyone wants to be with cheerful souls, many times we have to pretend happy even when we are not.. especially when we don't know the reasons making us feel depressed.
if i do not tend to my wounds they will become infected
inflamed, red, hot to the touch
rotting and dripping with pus

i know this, and still i let them fester
refusing to remove the soiled bandages because i know it will hurt
even though i am no stranger to pain

eventually the sickness will infect my blood
spread to the rest of my body and brain
maybe it will **** me
but i will not hold my breath

i have survived wounds like this before
i have the scars to prove it
i have no choice but to heal
and try again
Jay May 25
One more word, and I'll blow up.
One more day, and I'll grow up.
One more drink, and I'll throw up.
One more week, and I'll give up..

But words don't have to be said-,
Growing is an ongoing process,
Drinks don't have to be alcohol,
And help is easily available.

You don't have to give up like me. We can work through this, okay?
Raven Feels May 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, we can feel people without knowing them too:)

angel nested in heaven

made earth feel like hells of seven

marked some scars in place of tears

maybe not in my right to dear

more for the blood is in the own

but swear my love will be tamed on her stone

Broken Pieces Apr 30
Day after day,
Night after night,
I am struggling more,
I can't see the light.

                                             It's a funny little thing,
                                             The thing stuck in my mind.
                                             How could I ever think,
                                             That there was a love I could find.

I wonder sometimes,
What others would say.
They would see the scars,
And they would walk away.

                                              Every single day,
                                              It gets darker.
                                              The darkness leaves a mark,
                                              Just like a marker.

Day after day,
Night after night,
I am struggling more,
I can't see the light.
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