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Stung by needles with golden hilts...and cut by shiny smiles. Memories, made from skin in the colour of scars, and then come the monster butterflies in my belly. Such is the feeling when the past comes back to haunt.Noah_arkenswagg
If only you could mend a broken spirit as you would a broken arm,
because mental scars are the most dangerous kind.
Hidden from and unbeknownst to the world.
Tormenting her,
killing her.

So tonight, she falls to her knees again.
Begging God for the strength to carry on,
Pleading His mercy to not let her have to.
Scars are the evidence that wounds can be healed...

but scars are also a reminder of how those wounds got there...
Scars... Beautifully sewen so we can move on...
I don't want to be just a happy pill

or something that gives you euphoria

love is more than smiles and sex

the older you get the painful it is to know

So let me be the painkiller to every battle scar you have

The nicotine to your cigarette as it embraces your lungs more than I can

In a way where love can always be found
we need pain in order to know we are alive
I hope someday soon
My heart will stop
Asking about you
For my eyes to see you
In faces of strangers
And my limbs to untangle
From the ghost of yours
That left a long, long time ago
I hope my heart will one day
Be able to forgive me
For giving it away to someone
So reckless and beautiful
And that my body stops aching
For the scars you left
Are constant reminders
Of all that was lost
Once upon a first love
Jamilla 4d
Would you look at me the same
      If you saw all my scars?
      If you knew all my pain?
kerri 5d
Leaving memories
Everyone is gone
The scars of yesterday
Make me hurt
Even as the wind changes
Deciding on the end
In case you didn’t notice
Every first letter shows my truth
Amber 5d
u stole my heart
ripped it apart
let me restart
my bleeding heart
can’t take this part
u left without sorries
scarring my heart
empty soul
that voices echo from the start
u broke me apart
The deepest wounds seldom bleed.
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