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"Why on your wrist?"
They always ask
"Why not closer to your heart?"
What they don't see
is that it is close to my heart
it is my most vulnerable spot

For you see;
the tattoo hides a regret
my biggest mistake
and my most triggering space

πάντα θα σ΄αγαπάω, γιαγιά
Your scars
Tells the story that your lips could never utter,
Safe in the basement of your heart.
Bloodstains and tear drops have brought us to this moment.
I won’t abandon you now.

They’ll surround us, didn’t think they’d ever find us.
We’re so close to sanctuary and peace.
They’ll have to **** me before I ever surrender.
We can’t hide anymore.

I’ll scream.
You roar.
The wounds you thought would never heal.
The loss of love you never knew.
I’ll love you til the end of time.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
It’s time they know who you really are.
Skyla Oct 7
I can dance to rock music
I can sing lay lady lay
I can do all of these things
But I can’t seem to make you stay

I’m a sad girl by night, but a Hollywood star by day
But I seem to just be a pretty face,
ain’t no one wanna hear what I have to say

I could be a tiny dancer, a tragic starlet, a nymphet harlot, ‘cause I’m young and a bottle blonde, with blue eyes that can cry, I’m thin and I sin, and make men go sky high

They wave me hello and I kiss them goodbye
I stay in the dark, think of life, and I sigh
I cry out to god and I scream “why, why?”
So I overdose on sadness and wait to slowly die
And become an angel with wings that could fly

I stop at the golden gates, and ask if I’m in
I see my heartbreakers go straight to hell, and I win

***** you, and your pretty party girl too
She doesn’t understand poetry
And she can’t sing the blues
Like I can, honey

***** you, and your little party girl gleamer
Reality is boring, I’m gonna stay a full-time dreamer
You’re missing out, babe, we could’ve been stars
Hollywood legends, with tragedy endings,
With memories that live on, near and far

Lay me to rest, in a pretty party dress
Six feet under, what a treacherous thing to be seen
   At least I can still look like a beauty queen
No more tears left to cry, no more pretty little lies
I hope my children will remember me
Because they were the only ones who did really see
The girl who was really me, and not the icon you all painted me out to be

I’m finally getting off of this merry go round, this stupid carousel, and I’m laughing like a clown
Wearing nothing but my tears and my crazed smile and tearing off my ball gown

They all frown and tell me I’m not acting like a lady
Well, this lady has a name, and the system’s made her crazy
They took all of my happy memories and made my brain hazy

You took a naive little child and gave her some face paint, told her to make a mask, flawless and saint
She’ll be a teen idle, but only if she looks the part
Because being beautiful is the best form of art

With nothing but a caked face, old bruises and disgrace
I take out my hair extensions, remove my corset
Now I look like your average woman, with a face you’d forget
And I made all the directors and hungry men upset

But now I’m nobody’s princess, I’m nobody’s slave,
Nothing for the wolves to crave
No more children will idolise me, or my photoshopped beauty, and they’ll see the horrified reality
Beauty pageant girls cry behind the scenes
Sticking needles in their lips, and sometimes in their veins,
And 20 years later they’ll be forgotten and insane

Love yourself, for who you are,
You’re not a toy, you belong to no boy,
You don’t need makeup to be a shining star.
Please read this, all younglings  too
My mind deludes the truth with feeling,
while panic saps light like a cast spell.
The scars sigil a prelude of dealing;
your laid traps left me aghast in hell,
eyes held vigil may keep me healing.
auto - self
cicatrix - healed scar
Fifty-one lines exactly,
Counted on my arm,
As always.
Kind of ironic,
Since I was clean.
For fifty-*******-one days.
My parents made me
Wear a skirt, and a short sleeved t-shirt.
The only reason they didn't see
The scars that covered my arm
Is because they bought make up for me 2 days ago, in which I hid the scars.
"Because you're a girl."
Right now, I ******* feel like
'Micheal in the bathroom'
Anyway, I'm gonna continue crying in closeted trans now, bye.
A "poem" every day.
Claire Sep 22
I have photos on my wall
everywhere i see
the friends i used to have
the old young me
in each picture, there was a memory
and just so much more
but each picture keeps reminding me
the moments, i cant go back to anymore
B D Caissie Sep 20
I know hurt, I’ve experienced that pain
Burns of betrayal like tears of acid rain

Scars compared to rings on trunks of trees
Denotes all the years but not all the fees

Quell those wounds with lyrical outlets
Dropping words like a proverbial gauntlet

Don't water those planted seeds of doubt
Let's plow them over and throw them out

Above each day, conquering all one's  fears
Let hope be our tour guide, a new frontier

My scars are finally starting to heal a little,
But my veins are itching for more.
A "poem" every day.
All the burdens in my hands
And all the nightmares I have,
Defines Me.
trying to escape from what I've become
collecting the fragments
just for the pain I need to overcome.
Believe me, when I tell you this
I don't need this, Any of this!
but in this fake world,
can't grasp what's what?
then in the end, all I can feel
is the scars I have,
that you left to fill this void!
wish I had some magic potion,
or some kind of spell to cast upon you,
to stop all the grieving you feed upon.
You pride yourself with your ******* throne,
now its time,
Let me show you how its really done!
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