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you touch me and the cracks in my lips bleed I bite them so hard
no one has ever been this close
your fingers draw circles on the back of my legs
you kiss every part of me I say I'd like to change
then your lips drip honey on all of my wounds
(the same ones he used to call a burden)
You fill up, and also feel up
Urge to get closer, kiss and touch every curve
Push you down anywhere even on the ground
appreciate every detail, better hold on tight
my greatest addiction, a delicacy like honey
when our bodies combine together, imagine a star imploding. Its hot
have you moaning, bathing in our juices
and when its finally settled. l'll hold you tight and sleep as we nestle
I thought the name was fitting
I smell a queen bee drenched in alcohol,
Dried up and soaked into a cotton ball.
When she speaks we eat of the words from
her mouth.
I live only to serve her,
I am here bread and butter

Raised inside a cell upon a brood frame,
Where they coated me in wax,
Encasing me in a pupa,
So they could being the process.

The pieces were placed carefully,
Deeply entrenched into my psyche.
All these thoughts they put inside me,
Coalesced into the form of a bee.

Locked into a pattern of thought,
Narrowing down the spectrum.
The only thought that never escapes me,
Is spending my life making a spoonful of honey!

But I am not alone,
It is not just me,
there are billions,
just like me!
She will be here forever,
As long as there is alcohol to sustain her.
Who is she to tell us what to do?!
We are the many and she is the few!
Big fat body,
Tiny little wings.
Star BG Dec 2
Thee, be a flower
dipped in honey,
the finest grade.
And I honey bee
dost fly about
showering you with love.

I buzz in sweet whispers.
Glide, with admiration.
Flutter, as wings balance
in rhythms of heartbeats.

Yes thee be the flower,
and I the bee.
Moving in graceful union
married under canopy of sky.
dedicated to all those inside the relationship of love
Gianna Dec 2
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
Hope One Day Nov 30
In life, all you need is a strong hand to hold,
Someone who you can trust with all your heart
Who can assure you to be always there by your side,
Who you can feel safe and grow old with
In the end all that matters is their presence in your life

Conversation between an old couple living in an old cottage by the country side.

Man sitting in his arm chair,
adjusting his bifocals, going through the early morning news paper at the patio.

Woman busy following her morning rituals, managing the chores preparing the breakfast.

Husband: "honey you there"
Wife: "yes, my world I am"

"Come your breakfast is on the table, the medicine box is right beside the coffee and so is your honey"
Love is all about trusting someone who you feel safe with
Definitely want to grow old with.
In life all you need is an assurance and someone's presence in your life to achieve the impossible.
Jakk Calico Nov 29
My lips stick to her neck like honey.
As I try to pry the pain from those lips,
Her skin melts into my fingertips.
Pores exchange their whispers.
The ******* buzz of electric
Synapsis soon surges through flesh,
Contextualizing the vitality of breath.  
I suffocate as my soul drips like molasses
Down the small of her back.
The body is the mind—
You try to help it, but the perfume
Of her heat hypnotizes you.
Just let it go, let the sugar consume you.
Her lips stick to mine in the morning.
Baqir Talpur Nov 27
Our eyes entwined together,
Whilst my fingers appreciate her curves.
With each touch runs a ripple,
Down her spine and beyond.
Her fingers swirl around in my hair,
Complementing them,
For the maze they are.
My existence buried in hers,
Striving to keep its identity,
Craving the honey dripping down her ***.
Her existence drowning in mine,
Like its hit by a thousand tsunamis,
All at once.
She tries her best to keep it all down,
Hide the obvious tell-tales of glee,
Her burning cheeks and scarlet smile,
Her twinkling eyes and dry lips,
But her sporadic breaths are telling the tales.
Revealing the secrets of the ecstatic sin.
Penguin Poems Nov 22
drowning in honey is incredibly easy.
unless you know it’s honey.
Check out the longer version of the original, called “honey” it’s on here somewhere
This basically has the same message just with a more desperate tone that is a little different, I think.
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