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Goddess Rue Jun 5
Butterflies flutter,
Utters of lethal lustre,
Seeped in like sugar.
You sting like a bee,
My source of honey,
Will you fly away?
Or build a home of wax with me?
rig Apr 29
the moon is not.
              golden; or sssweet; or – oh…– …sssssssssssyrupy…

and yet i miss it:

Kota Apr 23
I really love the smell of your skin
And how your voice reminds me of soft rain fall
Your warmth feels like a wildfire that burns to trail across me
A fire so bright it smothers out every ghostly shadow that reeks of jealousy

I no longer contain a flame like yours
I've turned into a cool river of blues and greens
Meanwhile your lovely peachy orange and sunflower yellows pair with mine
I lap upon moss infested rocks and I nourish flowers that bloom into beautiful beds against the soft shore line
You make life grow while I incubate it
You are the sun that basks natures seedlings
We are so different yet we come together so sweetly like bees and honey

And when you lay your head down for the moon to rise
My river slows down to a hold
The fish cry for you every cold bitter hour
The flowers wilt without you
And tears stream down my face waiting for your warmth to dry them for me

I really don't
know how,
why I find
myself so
into you. Or
maybe I'm
thought and
lost into you.
You bide in me.
Picture you on
every thought
Can't wait,
longing and
craving your
face to see.
Our love is
like the flowers and
the honey
bee. being
your's knows
no pain. You're
all I earn.
My sweetest
vibes is you
in all the
women I ever
met. ON fire.
Sweet and yellow
A dandy fellow
Syrupy in taste
It’s in no haste
Sugar laced
Translucent paste
Honey so sweet
A truly tasty treat
A sweetness so complete
No one can beat
Syrupy and yellow
A dandy fellow
Tastes good on toast
I love honey the most

A beautiful day is nothang but life, for a beautiful soul makes a beautiful morning. As the daylight appears it make obvious how beautiful and ravishing you're. The light in your eye is as bright as the sunlight  sunlight. Wishing you a stunning morning as you really are. Good morning honey. Thinking about you.

On a starry night moonshines beautifully as equally as you're. Hone, you **** gorgeous when it comes to your sound, sweet and soothing one's heart. I'm sending this to you wish I could sing you a lullaby to comfort your sleep and angels to guard and guide your dreams path. Sweetest girl. G-nite honey.
Let me hear the voice of you.
Writing on my page.
I text it to be true.
But that message is underage.

I take some paper.
Folding it to be a pain.
Flying crash it upper.
Still trying to stand again.

I walk on the street.
Looking for you there.
The path gives me more breathe.
Smells of you are the things of rare .

I finish my little journey.
So I can take a rest.
You choose me as a honey.
Vibrating on my chest.
Indonesia, 17th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
deadhead Feb 24
Your words drip with
Oh, but isn't it
That you should hate the bees?
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