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4d · 86
Ylzm 4d
Dreams, the soul's cathartic sojourns
Bizzare dramas of things avoided,
unacknowledged in consciousness

Of loves lost, fears dreaded, anxieties unresolved,
disappointments ran away from,
victories missed, and failures’ devastations

Of desires suppressed
yet constantly desirous
even separated by death or law or man

Of journeys never travelled
across the impossible chasm
into lands unimaginable

Of evil undisguised,
sheer horrors of men’s wickedness,
that even Satan cringed  

Compelled to experience
the emotions, the terrors, the sweetness
the fulfillment of a life never lived

To confront death in its face and to die
And to go beyond the other side and yet live
And to wake up disturbed, changed, and refreshed
Nov 10 · 127
Ylzm Nov 10
Righteous' presence
     and innocents' innocence
Pleasant fragrance
     the Essence’s essence

Sparrows nest
     in cherub's presence
Leaping loyal dogs
     wagging effervescence
But cats sleep,
     without care, blatant nonchalance

Beauty’s transcendence
     and inviolable permanence
Musical cadence
     in timeless immanence

Elephants' endless patience
     and endurance
Hummingbirds whizzing
     winged iridescence
Orchids blooming
     riotous inflorescence

And monarchs live and die
     in glorious ignorance.
Psalm 150
Nov 8 · 42
Ylzm Nov 8
Disobedient in life
Defiant in death
From Sheol escaped
On Earth to roam
Rest for me the fearful wished
But no peace to them
Till my wrong avenged
Oct 30 · 69
Reach for the Stars
Ylzm Oct 30
We have a little money,
little wit and little strength
a little time, one lifetime
and nothing then

From seeming wisdom
we think we know
what to do and how to do
with what little we think we have

We have little choice
but compelled to do and do
blindly and stumbling
in circles running

Stopping conjures meaninglessness' ghost
and futility revealed and truly judged
Utter dread and fear
then depression and death

Rather, we go on and move on
little victory, glorious and inspiring
little is no handicap, a founded boast
and even the stars are within grasp

We laugh at Death in its face
embracing it as reason for life
If there is no time for Love
then so be it
Sep 26 · 119
Ylzm Sep 26
Rest is Reprieve
   from the burdensome curse of futile toils
Rest is Restoration
   of the perfection of life freshly bloomed
Rest is Return
   from Edenic exile to its fullness of beauty
Rest is Remembrance
   of Seven, an artefact of Mind
   a Mystery and a Measure of Time
Rest is Today
   for as long as its Today
   until the Eighth Day dawns.
Sep 23 · 159
Ylzm Sep 23
Blind faith betrays itself
in hypocrisy and double-mindedness;
the sighted sees
the blind hears
and imagined:
proudly believing it knows;
does not and cannot know
its own ignorance
nor tell apart lies from truth.

Boldly, in self-belief,
calling out and stepping out, to lead;
immediately, stumbles and falls.
blind followers no wiser.
groping and wondering
where the voice went.
Sep 23 · 361
Ylzm Sep 23
The enemies of my enemies are my friends
For peace is more efficient than hostilities
I share secrets with friends but secrets they remained
I speak only truths for truth is verifiable
Fools fight my wars for me, my hands unbloodied
Unseen, unknown, I am unattributable
But only as Friend to any and all
Sep 5 · 112
Poor in Spirit
Ylzm Sep 5
Truth trampled
Lies reigned
Beauty usurped
Vulgarity valued

Turning not the other cheek
but kills to assert the right to ****
Power not to curb lawlessness
but to empower lawlessness

The soul tormented
In ashes and sackcloth
A voiceless silent cry cries
all day and all night

The day descends
inexorably into darkness
But for the sliver of moon
there is no reason to hope

The spirit awaits the dawn
Aug 23 · 466
Ylzm Aug 23
Greenland's not for sale
Greenland's melting
Green forests burning
Greenback flooding
Greed and fear ablaze
fed and preyed upon by AI
Chosen by the wicked
but snubbed, the King sulked
Aug 15 · 110
Ylzm Aug 15
Profusely thanking their gods and goddesses
when striking it big
Slinking silently from the table
when losing it all
But ever faithful to their capricious gods
Never ever seeing the ever seeing eye
Or the hidden algorithms
Calculated to lure you again and again
To play and pay for the thrills
That by Chance you're the gods' favoured one.
Aug 13 · 437
Ylzm Aug 13
tattoos, the mark of Cain
instinctively inducing revulsion
stirring a mix of fear and hate
and of contempt and pity

today a common mark of man
mistaking individuality for identity
abhorrence for affirmation of being
and grotesque debasement for beauty

the mark of exile, rejection, and wickedness
now of fellowship, freedom, and choice
embracing the perverse to shock as all children do
now permanently etched, defiant without understanding

perhaps it is fitting and timely now
for the world is going the way of Cain
the mark of man is yet another sign
manifesting openly for those given to see
Aug 8 · 219
Ylzm Aug 8
Jerusalem, will of Man, of Ishmael, and not Isaac
Dome of the Rock and not House of God
A constant thorn and not peace of the Earth
We weep as those who wept at the Second Temple

Jerusalem, a lure, a trap, a stumbling block, a sieve
******* to false prophets and worldly kings
As Ishmael sent away, so shall Jerusalem be exiled
For One greater than the Temple is here: Immanuel

Jerusalem, Bride of God, shall descend from above
Trumpet blasts in skies, the world shall see and mourn
All Israel gathered and her enemies judged
The kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of God
Aug 5 · 154
Ylzm Aug 5
I believe what is true but knows not truth
Instead I feel truth is what I believed
Most believe what they feel, instinctively
But I, without reasons, cannot believe

Alas reasons found on self evidence
As in what is and is not cannot be
Conjectures they are if truly honest
But axioms worked in all mathematics

Is truth then not of reason but of faith?
For does not ear test words as tongue tastes food?
Surely then we do have some means to know
Even so, must not faith be tested true?

For faith is circular: a conviction
Compelled by strength and conviction of will;
A will constrained, by flesh, susceptible
To unknown beings in spiritual realms

But what if this being is God? And faith,
Conviction of the certainty of things,
Holy Spirit’s gift, marking election,
Affirming justification in God.

Truth by two or more witnesses is sure
Do we attest the Holy Spirit true?
A blasphemous thought perhaps, but prophets
Led to lie to kings and shown to be false.

Thus ignorant sages showed assurance
Lies solely in God’s grace, mercy and love
And in his faithfulness to the elect
Declared in Israel again and again

In my search for truth, I was led to faith,
The faithfulness of God, truth’s ultimate rock
His gifts unchanging, irrevocable
And confirms the fear of the Lord is truth
Aug 5 · 145
The Show
Ylzm Aug 5
so easy to fake the eye
a smile, a wave, a word
but we see not with eyes
nor hear with ears
we see with soul
liars denigrate the soul
into nonsense to silence it
that we believe only
the show put up for us to see
Aug 5 · 398
Life's A Journey
Ylzm Aug 5
i live an aimless life
no goals no ambitions
just wandering here and there
always on a journey

from somewhere to anywhere
going everywhere getting nowhere
with lots of money and time
life then only truly lived

always on a journey
to the moon from the deep
to the east from the west
to the poles from dancing poles

from hedonistic feasts to orgiastic flesh
from serene silence in the highest coldest peaks
to traitorous tyrant in murderous boardroom bloodbathing takeover
life's a journey and I'm loving it

only fools believe and excuse failures as a journey
Aug 5 · 1.0k
The Fall of the USA
Ylzm Aug 5
More wicked than *****, that ***** mourns
More evil than Satan, that Satan's justified
Lot, tormented in his soul, rescued
So shall it be the Righteous' lot
The Angel of Darkness shall descend
And ***** sits in Judgement seat
Aug 3 · 313
Ylzm Aug 3
Acquainted with the minutest details
Asking the deep but obscurest questions
Walking paradox each waking moment
Conundrums within constantly astir

Then I know we walk same mysterious ways
Hidden enigmas part if seas open
Waters from dead rocks when all hope is lost
Yet we walk, the light irresistible

Apart in time and space irrelevant
For the soul's immortal and eternal
Speaks the same words in the same awe and light
In language beyond words, speech without sound
Jul 25 · 74
Ylzm Jul 25
When we are children,
   We play adults.
When we are adults,
   We play gods.
When we are gods,
    We know we are but children.
Jul 24 · 231
Today and Tomorrow
Ylzm Jul 24
Rather a chance today,
     to make and take,
Than promise tomorrow,
     patiently wait;
Rather destiny,
     our own hands create,
Than mere king,
     in unknown kingdom partake.
Jul 10 · 566
Ylzm Jul 10
a shell, a rock, valueless
token of exchange
Cain's creation, perhaps,
impelled by hunger and his mark

today a non attributable lie
a picture of true faith
- but the sword still stands -
speaks more truth than any word can

deeper its insidious roots grow
for the greater its seeming efficacy
displacing the currency of love
for my enemies love me as themselves

but the lie is true
gnawing from the inside out
from nations, to businesses, to people,
a soulless heartless ******* remains

by the sword you live, by the sword you die
Jul 5 · 183
Land of the Free
Ylzm Jul 5
the eagle flies free,
and men imprisoned,
behind lines drawn in the sand,
for which they are flattered,
to ****, to bleed, and to die ...

the free mourns,
for theirs is all the earth,
from which they are banished and exiled ...

the idolatrous flag,
another nail to hang the hypocrite ...
Jul 4 · 139
Ylzm Jul 4
Reason is a pen
with nothing to write;
As my tongue, a ready string
on an ancient harp.

I fast and sit,
in stillness and darkness;
But Life's a gift;
and Chance,
unmoved and unmovable -
just another name for God.
Jun 18 · 150
Ylzm Jun 18
Man, tripartite entity,
of earth, water and air,
of body, soul and spirit,
of proteins, cells and organs,
of families, tribes, and cities,
of Kings, Houses and Nations.
Man is a part and One,
A fractal entity of Unity.
Jun 18 · 358
Ylzm Jun 18
As a Seed begets a forest,
so a Lie begets Nations.
Truth blinds, Freedom enslaves,
Wisdom, foolishness, and Money, real.
The poor in spirit is blessed
But the world calls it depression.
Jun 7 · 212
i heard the viola sang
Ylzm Jun 7
peeling walls, cracked floors
dusty filigrees, in fake gold,
kitsch figurines, cheap watercolours;
Jerusalem hangs on the wall.

the music played, and I heard the viola
- often lost between the violin and cello -
but this time, I heard the viola sang:
peaceful and pure, wise and warm.

life, petty, greedy and ******,
dissolves in ethereal beauty;
you can take all my money:
I’ve seen heaven, and life’s worthy after all.
Jun 7 · 201
Ylzm Jun 7
Cain killed Abel, for Abel was favoured.
Losers need losers, for then nobody wins.
Rather a robber be king, and all be robbed.
The mark, a small price to despise the favoured.
Why Trump? Because *******! That’s why.
Ylzm Jun 3
             I am,
             contained and
             compartmentalised in

             of self similar structures
             with fractal dimensions
             at various scales,
             from the unseen cells
             to the whole person, that I am;

             permeates all of me,
             constantly cycling, in and out,
             the breathe of life,
             in the blood.

But where is the Fire?
Jun 3 · 153
Ylzm Jun 3
Corgi, walking man, stopped where I sat.
Climbed onto me, and sat in my laps.
Man apologised, but corgi unmoved.
Only after enough scratches, and a goodbye,
did it resumed walking the man.
Jun 1 · 175
I Am Water
Ylzm Jun 1
I'm a 40% aqueous solution of earth
Water from below and
Water from above the firmament
Contained and compartmentalised
In self similar structures at various scales
From the unseen to the one you see as me.
Jun 1 · 362
Ylzm Jun 1
Disciplined with life’s goals, but lauding the journey the more important.

Goals, focused and carefully chosen: the way rigidly planned and marked: milestoned and measured.

Socially supported, to soothe wounded hands and lift weary feet; justified pleasures in righteous social schadenfreude, as goads to keep and help deviants in their Chosen Ways.

So much fear in the whims of the seductive winds: shunning strange shores, sallying strong and bold, with sendoffs and fanfare, into the wilderness, just beyond your garden’s walls.

We cannot see what we cannot see. As truths are inaccessible to reasons, so wisdom, unsearchable. And who knows if the unknowable fickle winds is for or against us.

When the wind blows, persistent, strong and consistent, even to the Moon is without doubt. Then the winds died.

Your boat absolutely still, your sail limp and lifeless; not a ripple from horizon to horizon, not a sympathetic cloud in the brazen blue sky. The food’s out, the water’s low, a day or two, at most.

Sun shines impartial with no fear nor favor, as blindfolded Justice dispensing justice. Nights, frigidly cold, and time ceased.

The journey will always be: goal or no goals, socially supported or as a lone nomad: the wind blows, always and irresistibly, never futile. Walking in fear and trembling the only wise, for all else, futility.
May 30 · 275
Ylzm May 30
Life's a garden, and we're its bondservants:
Disciplined within by beauty, and
Compelled without by fear -
The wilderness, ever encroaching -
We strive; And seek, more and more:
Life's for living, even every moment,
For the wilderness overwhelms, inevitably.
May 28 · 202
Ylzm May 28
Can the *** ask the potter
why was it made a ***,
and not a bowl or pitcher,
or even a sword?
Can Excel appeal to Gates
that it wants to be Edge?
Or Huawei to God of Money
to appease the Yellow Devil?
May 25 · 128
Michael and Rachael
Ylzm May 25
Michael loves Rachael dearly,
as dearly as his own life.
Michael promises never,
never ever to leave her,
but forever and ever
to be and grow together,
Always one and transforming,
From today, days without end.

Every girl is envious of Rachael.
They too decided to choose Michael.
May 22 · 146
Ylzm May 22
A book was given,
but the man cannot read.
Another can read,
but cannot understand.
A book of secrets,
in a plain tongue.
A strange tongue given,
secrets revealed.
May 21 · 849
Ylzm May 21
meaning is evidence of soul:
for it's in the heart and mind,
that meaning is conceived and perceived;
meaning is soul speaking to soul.

meaning separates symbols from
accidental scratches,
arrangements of stones,
noises and random motions.

but symbols are not meaning in themselves:
they are carriers of emotions and ideas,
as in a flower, or the rain,
or the rising and setting of the sun.

meaning is the counterpoint of meaning:
the juxtaposition of ideas and emotions, or their negations, or absence,
perceived by the heart and mind,
in the language of emotions and reasons.
May 20 · 183
Ylzm May 20
A tap, a clap
Silence broken
Eternity fractured
Time created
We remembered
Before, After.

Another tap, or clap
Fragment of Time
Captive in mind
Measuring Tempi
Marking Rhythms
Without Memories, no Music.
May 19 · 282
The Number of Man
Ylzm May 19
constantly confessing sins
      never knowing forgiveness
like a man with a book
      but unable to read
or a fool hoarding gold
      and dying from hunger

enslaved to the pride of life
       the measure of men
of winning and success
      compelled to boast
the works of one's arms
      flaunting wit, or foolishness

but oblivious to the exposure
      of their nakedness and vulgarity
of pain and confusion
      of faith in their strength and wit
of the Mark of Man
      on their arms and foreheads

believing by strength of will
      what is given and not by works
the soul betraying the flesh
      in double mindedness and hypocrisy
seduced by free will
      but enslaved to another's will

but the further apart,
      the more fervent
to execute the command
      to impose commands
on their neighbours
       when the only command is love

by the measure they measure
      they are measured
for they have become
      the enemy they condemned
and judgement is just
      for evil judges evil
May 19 · 304
Sodom and Egypt
Ylzm May 19
So blind, the blind despairs.
So wicked, ***** grieves.

So indistinguishable from evil,
their judgement of evil, truly just.
So indistinguishable from their ruthless enemy,
the utter destruction decreed shall befall both suddenly.

The aggrieved weeps.
The wicked hardens.
Wickedness upon wickedness.
Endurance beyond Lot's,
given, the righteous' lot.
May 17 · 423
Week of Weeks
Ylzm May 17
in seven of sevens,
in time, times and a half,
from the very first night,
the harvest is completed.

the fruition of the leaven of truth,
once a strange tongue,
coded in familiar languages;
unquenchably burns on altars.

a foreign bride awaits,
the reason a man leaves his family;
love shall be awakened and aroused,
for the time is right!

the light, fully revealed.
a child, a new creation:
King of kings for a thousand years,
then Armageddon!
May 15 · 896
Ode to Orchids
Ylzm May 15
alien and other worldly.

bordering the grotesque and bizarre,
strangely exhilarating.

wild and uninhibited,
even orgiastic,
of a mind, as if,
not of this world;
shapes and sizes,
folds and spirals
colours and colourations.

at times,
more animal or insect,
than flower.

if a rose is Mozart,
an orchid, Stravinsky.
May 15 · 630
Ylzm May 15
flowers bloom unseen,
dolphins, at birth, swim;
elephants lived long and never forget;
butterflies’ epic round trip migration,
a transgenerational relay team.

unnecessary perfection is not;
futility is a most grievous flaw.

beauty baffles,
complexities confound;
constantly wonderful and amazing:
a language, alien to human wisdom,
secrets, inaccessible to knowledge.

a fantastic picture darkly perceived
shape and colour counts as comprehension.

but truths revealed to an innocent child.
May 13 · 766
Ylzm May 13
Prose, a photo
Poetry, pencil sketch,
                                       in five lines.

We see not with eyes but heart
We hear not with ears but heart
We think not with mind but heart
                                                           ­   Helen Keller,
                                                                                      wise beyond sight.

And we feel not with heart but in the guts.
May 12 · 2.5k
Ylzm May 12
Dust, dust, infernal dust:
Mocked! Mortality mocked!
Toil, toil, burdensome toil,
procrastinator born.

I don't see, it's still clean.
I don't see, I don't care.
I don't see, just the wind.
Oh no! Now I see,
I cannot unsee, woe is me!

Dust, dust, infernal dust,
with vacuum be gone!
Toil, toil, burdensome toil,
Adam's curse, is there no escape?
May 11 · 96
Ylzm May 11
I procrastinate
From this hour to the next

Until the sun sets
and I cannot work in the dark
But there is the next Day

I procrastinate
From this day to the next

But there is no end of days, yet
However the need to do
does pass into irrelevance

For is not writing poetry more befits
a soul than house cleaning?!
May 11 · 383
Holy Books
Ylzm May 11
The Book of Lies
The One and Only
Divinely Uttered
Written in Stone
Inerrant and Irrefutable
Proclaimed and Enforced
Guardians in Flesh and Blood
Unsheathed Swords
Dripping Blood.

The Books of Truth
Man’s Handiwork
Divinely Inspired
Copied and Re-copied
Encrypted with
Error Correction Coding
Trampled and Desecrated
Consuming Fire Descends
To Reveal not Destroy.
May 11 · 1.9k
Ylzm May 11
lies ****

educated to be anything and everything
struggled for real to be only nothing
encouraged to keep believing and fighting
only losers quit and winners strong


fear to know
fear to see
fear of rejection
fear of fear

rejects instead own true crying self
renews empty prideful boasts
life, always fighting, winning's everything
lose or die

so death is the light
life not marred by failures
soul silenced into meaninglessness
suicide a most welcomed relief

one slit ..

t h e

May 10 · 165
A Glimpse of Heaven
Ylzm May 10
An initial glimpse,
then the secret knowing glances,
then the full stare:
No discomfort, no unease,
but in total rest and bliss,
of the most intimate oneness.

You found the one
you unknowingly seek
since the day you’re born.
Eyes penetrating eyes,
naked soul caresses naked soul.
Time ceases, the world dissolves;
It can go on for all eternity.

But tyrannical flesh forcibly
wakes you from your transcendence,
And reminds you of your *******
to the laws of man and nature;
By an act of sheer will,
you forcibly closed the window to your soul;
And returned to being a hardened stranger,
familiar with the hidden pains and agonies of denial.

But the spirit does not lie,
And love cannot be denied,
And the soul demands to be set free,
From the ******* of flesh and man.

Thus it knows this world is not home, and
neither for despair was the glimpse given,
but to reveal and affirm heaven, where
the soul is free and truly loves, in
perfect blissful oneness eternally.
May 10 · 344
Ylzm May 10
There is a time to Reveal,
There is a time to Conceal.
There is a time to Stand in the Light,
There is a time to Search in the Darkness.

There is a time to Will as we know how,
and to Work with all the Might in our Arms.
There is a time to Yield to the Storms and Floodwaters,
and Surrender to the Thrills and Joys of the Fearsome Whirlwind.

There is a time to be Silent and Distanced,
and be Disciplined by Patience and Perseverance.

But there will be a time when Perfection is Restored,
Forgotten the Impossible Chasm
between the Glimpses and Glances
of the Desire for Oneness
in the Eyes of All Given Us,
And a Chorus of a Myriad upon Myriad of Angels shall Sing,
And Life shall be truly Life.
May 9 · 206
Ylzm May 9
A Neanderthal pointed to a stone, and said, "Oomph."
The others stared at him.

After a time,
another pointed at the same stone, and said "Oomph."
Then another, and another, and soon the entire cave,
was resonating with Oomphs!

"Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!
Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!
Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!"

A young smart aleck Neanderthal,
then stood up, and pointed outside the cave,
to a big rock, and said, "Oomph."

An instant silence: a silence so still
you can hear a bat **** dropped.

After a time,
with a thunderous roar the inventor Neanderthal
rushed the young Neanderthal
out of the cave, and bashed his head against the rock
killing him in one blow.

The entire cave erupted:

"Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!
Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!
Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!"

And that's the etymology
of their war cry;
And it was also how
their religion was born.

"Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!
Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!
Oomph Oomph Oomph! Oomph!"
May 8 · 159
My Gun, My God!
Ylzm May 8
like the blind content just not to fall
the faithless constantly confessing sins

paying lip service to morality
ever ready to shoot the enemy, or anyone

desirous of faith's mountain moving prowess
never really believing literally

faithlessness betrayed by gun always on hand
shooting into hurricanes when prayers failed
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