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Saudia R Jun 6
I'm enjoying every moment of my magic

Such is the magic of my moment
There is so much to you that when you finally lose your way to being found, there is nothing left but to be grateful for the magic that is you in a world born of weaponized sadness. Be magic. Be magic for you.
a seed
In the soil,
the seed
will grow
to have a
you give a
little gift,
you never
know how
your gift
can plant
a tree
Nobody Apr 15
Im in need of a tether
Something to keep me from going
From this world to the next.

So I attach myself to every
Attainable object or emotion
or person.

In hopes, maybe they'll help me.
Maybe hold me so i dont float away
into the knight.

So far everything I've attached myself too has let me drift on to another,
Making me feel more worthless than any other.

I just want someone to love me, to acknowledge that I'm here, but when will I find the one who will love me without fear.

Until thay day, I continue to drift into the knight waiting for my light.
I miss your voice the most.
Robert Ronnow Apr 12
You can acknowledge the emptiness at the core of your being
or go crazy when the world goes crazy.
The numbers of us overwhelm,
an impending tsunami,
my hopeful eulogy about our responsibilities to each other,
2 jobs 2 hobbies,
the biomass in the crosswalks,
fears that rend and own us,
the Muslim-Judeo-Christian condition.
Your soul is immortal,
it exists outside of time and politics. Just kidding.
Forgotten, forgiven and foregone.
A man’s ego needs no encouragement.
“I’m gonna be huge when I’m dead,” John said
last time we spoke.

Life is fine!
the reward for our colossal imperfections
a back and forth game
the rivers and selfies of an empire
daily low intensity warfare
a gift
not a curse
new, so let go
a veil, thin if one doesn’t believe in mystery
like all things that are forever changing
enjoying the passage of time
or will be good
but a dream
okey doke, short, a lazy-eyed tiger
Steve Page Apr 9
Easter can get shallowed up in chocolate.
A parcel of life
wrapped in a red bow
lifted by the good
and left in our hands
how do you handle
the unwieldy gift?
And is it to be
opened where you stand?

Miracles will come
most unexpected
always unknown and
loved in their splendor
So how should i feel
when you hand me this?
A bouquet for one
naming me center
of your world
Panda Boy Apr 6
A kiss is important because it's the first
To close one’s words for a moment, but to say something greater
An action of courage, cowardice, desire, or pressure,
And should only arrive when you really know her.
So keep a kiss in mind for those you truly love.
For a kiss is important;
A gift from above.
Be hopeful,
all things will come to an end.
Somethings may have a new beginning.
Some may be dead.

In this life,
everything is for our good.
We may not think that,
but we really should.

So keep hoping
and keep believing.
You never know
what you might be receiving.
March 2019
To My Kingdom Spouse
I want to know you in a way that no one else has
Perhaps that means that I have to be the kind of woman
That can gracefully accept you in all of your forms
I can be that for you
And only you
I've never heard the phrase Kingdom Spouse until recently . It sounds poetic to me. I love to write love letters to my Husband. I can't wait to be his wife. Hopefully he doesn't think that I am corny. Expect more words for "Kingdome Spouse" in the future.
Ylzm Mar 24
Breathless gasps of exhilaration from Beauty
Hair-breaths away from death in Truth
Stillness in the power, ferocity and utter terror of Fear
Such is the Gift of a ride on the Chariot of Fires
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