Today I will not let the past, whether it be yesterday, a month or year ago define my day.

I will press on knowing this day would be wasted if I spend it in the past instead of the present.

I put to lie all of my losses in the grave and press on to the future.

I will remember and not take for granted, not everyone woke up this morning, but I have.

I am privileged with another day and I will honor that responsibility.

I will press forward.
I will do this because of the light in me.
I will do this for myself.
I will do this in honor of those who did not wake.
I will cherish every alive moment today.
I will honor the gift that is life with my best self.

Sometimes it's easy to be looking back before your eyes even open. We must remember the gift of today.

In a culture where reading is corny
Writing is even worse.
How do you explain child hood.
If all you had was a stuck of magazines.
Dreams dreamt.
At so tender an age.
Vision built.
Life looked at at a different perspective.
A beautiful perspective.

How do you explain.
That childhood can be books and stories.
How do you explain that its okay.
To not play in the hot afternoon sun.
To not mingle with the neighbourhood kids.
Because Beckham looks better on that magazine cover.
And you prefer to understand every bit of his wedding.

Is it wrong to grow up so fast.
Is it wrong to know about the world at 4.
And explain it better than the teacher...
Because you've read the story over and over...
Is it wrong to try to understand.
Actual things apart from dodge ball and running.

Maybe knowing is the greatest strength.
A gift open to readers.
Whereas others were born to live.
Others were born to do much more.
To spell life out.
To record moments.
To write down history.
And to proudly read it out......
To remind the world of a beauty they are too busy to record.

Mane Omsy Aug 13

Furnish your beautiful face
With a wide shining smile
How long will you live?
Don't bother how long
Let the energy spread in the air
Like a constellation, shine bright
Like the night more luminous
Than one single shining star
It's crystal clear, gifted divinity
Do not hide from glittering
Spread like a streak of lightning
Watch the aftermath
You made it possible
Turning a starlight to a wild beam

Let's forget the stress in our minds for a while and be happy.
Don Aug 9

Hope is a kind of grit
- Exists -
In hostile places
- A kind of gift -
When we are broken.
- it doesn't break -
Strong in pieces
- without permission -
Here to stay
- That faintest voice -
Sit and listen
- its reason enough -
Hope is speaking.

MU Aug 7

What is the best present for a star
She has everything there is
She has the vastness of the sky
The gazes of humans on earth

What is the best present for a star
When she is the one who gifts light
And sublime wishes and enduring hope
To all those watching her at night

What is the best present for a star
When all want what she has
Her place so close to the moon
The fact that she is a sun

The best present for a star
Are words wrapped in grace
A gesture of feeling thankful
A poem recited by looking up
To that big thing that dazzles so bright

To SBG. Thank you!
Star BG Aug 7

"Words of a poet become a gift wrapped in colorful phases and tied with a period, gifted to an open eye."

inspired by MU

a free gift
like a child's
joyful laughter

Jim Musics Aug 1

Just a few days ago, I was a bit bothered.
I was experiencing too much wonder and joy.
Now I feel, know, see, smell…that it is all to be embraced, accepted, absorbed, inner mostly, if possible.

Knowing this make me stronger in many ways.
It helps clarify the nuances of the flow of experiences and the feelings elicited,
making them manageable, perhaps integral.
They are more freely inanimorated.

I permit myself to acquiesce to the succession of beautiful weather days,
with all their wonders internal and climatic.

I dare to wish abundance enough to be stored away
for harsher days
and nights

inanimorated - I made it up. Like incorporated, but not of the body, (corporis), but of the mind, (animo).

O don't forget my eyes
These pearls within my head
The wind in my last breath
Draws tears I dare not shed

O don't forget my eyes
Your face fades in the light
I fought so hard for you
My gift is this last sight

To be sung to Chopin's seventh prelude in A Major, Op.  28 no. 7
sunprincess Jul 29

If God were to say, "Dear, would be my pleasure
to grant your heart's desire within reason"

I wouldn't hesitate, I wouldn't give a second thought to my decision

And I would hope God wouldn't think I was asking too much or being selfish, when I ask for this unique gift

A gift of speech, of words, of understanding of all languages, a gift coveted by interpreters, scribes and poets alike

In my imagination there is no better gift, than a gift of understanding of all languages, every spoken tongue

O' to have a special gift, an exceptional ability to communicate verbally  with any individual alive, and animals, too

Would I find this overwhelming, or would this just be way too cool?

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