A perfect moment often creeps up undisclosed
Not carefully planned nor deliberately composed
It washes in a feeling of sheer bliss
And for that instant, nothing is amiss

It’s the golden sunshine flickering between the trees
Or the scent of spring carried on the breeze
The innocent peace of a child fast asleep
With brow unfurrowed, breathing slow and deep

It’s the whisper of encouraging advice
Bringing wise ideas; discerning and precise
It is the grace of a child performing up on stage
Whilst a parental supportive gaze will all fears assuage

It is beholding the brilliant colour of a flower in bloom
And savouring the aroma of its sweet perfume
It’s the stirring rise and fall of a classical symphony
Whose performers execute their roles in flawless harmony

It’s in diving into water clear and warm
Or snuggling by the fireside during a storm
It is plunging a set of footprints into virgin snow
Or the appearance of a fully arched rainbow

It is the burst of fresh flavours sizzling on my plate
Or the knowledge that tomorrow I can sleep late
It is the reassurance of a heartfelt hug
And the scent of coffee wafting from my mug

It is cycling along quiet, country lanes
Or galloping across rolling, wild plains
It is the invigorating possibilities of a glorious sunrise
Or the thrill of preparing an exciting surprise

That inner joy when peace unfurls
Enjoying the moment. Receiving a beautiful gift.
Ice cream is sweet and quite the treat
A savory delight I crave at night
At almost any time and any where,
it is worth to desert for this dessert.
Some keep it vanilla while others want a twist.
Sometimes it's good to mix or other wise switch.
Maybe you're kinky; can't resist myriad flavor dishes?

What if you were denied it or could no longer find it?
Omg how I'd crave its taste, but at least I'd lose weight.
Other substitutes are lame and aren't quite the same.
Regardless, I would survive and still be able to thrive.

Why is sex so different?

It's a biological need you'll probably say,
so you, can't compare the two.

I disagree completely.

Though we'd all prefer not to be lacking,
it's not as if we'd die for wanting.
Additionally, people have lived ascetically
and have been perfectly fulfilled and happy.
Those kinds of people aren't born that way,
but rather we are conditioned to be sex crazy.
We are made to feel as if
we are measured by who or how many we've been with.
It is validation we truly desire
and to know we always matter.
And though sex is one of life's greatest gifts,
it does not give your life an overarching bliss.
One piece after the other
I'll break myself apart
and fill your empty spaces
elle b sun Jul 10
once gifted with
true kindness and compassion
i learned love.
чσur knσwíng smílє ís pαíntєd αcrσss thє hσrízσn ín α dєєp, rєαssuríng вluє
чσu gívє thє wσrld íts cσlσr
thє wσrld ís pαíntєd вч чσu

чσur єчєs αrє thє dαrk chєstnut sσíl σn thє grσund
thє swєєt вrєαd fσr thє trєєs ín thє grσvєs αll αrσund

чσur gєntlє hαnds αrє thє вєrríєs αnd thє rαrє, єхquísítє wínєs
thє strσng curvєs ín чσur αrms αrє thє єvєrgrєєn pínєs
fírm αnd grαnd, thєч αrє thє hílls αnd mσuntαíns
thє lαughtєr frσm чσur mσuth ís thє whítє flσwíng fσuntαíns

єvєrч cσlσr wíthín чσu ís αrt
вut thє mσst ímpσrtαnt huє ís thє cσlσr σf чσur hєαrt
trαnslucєnt ín nαturє
ín tunє wíth thє wínd
ínvísíвlє tσ thє єчє
чσu вαlαncє чαng αnd чín
чσu sprєαd чσur αurα tσ αll thαt чσu tσuch
чσu cαrrч thє єαrth ín чσur tєchní-cσlσrєd clutch

thє skч cαn вє чσur cαnvαs
dσ nσt lєt чσur hєαrt dím
fσr чσu, thє stαrs wíll shínє
thrσugh thє pσrєs σf чσur вríght skín

dσ nσt lєt чσur gíft gσ tσ wαstє
pαínt thє єαrth αnєw
dσ nσt fσrgєt чσur tαlєnts σr thє cσlσrs wíthín чσu
for you
Lyn-Purcell Jun 30
Winds blow to the West
Love's gift rises at rose dawn
Please, sing and soothe me
Maxim Keyfman Jun 28
Don't worry
All your troubles
it's all for the best
It's a simple test for you
and at the end you'll get a gift
So be calm
So be calm
Everything will be fine
Everything will be fine

You threw the girl
car broke down
A house burned down
Dont worry
You have your life
And this is simple test,
but in the end you'll get a gift
So be calm
So be calm
Everything will be fine
Everything will be fine
Everything will be fine

Blake Jun 17
I need you to know that if i could give you any gift this year...

It wouldn’t be another dressing gown
Or a best dad mug.
No football season ticket,
Or the same brown slippers.
It wouldn’t be a crate of beers,
Or a Bruce Springsteen book.
It wouldn’t be a thousand Yorkshire tea bags,
Or a new set of hair.
Even though...you desperately need one.
And I promise not another Africa lynx box set.

My Dad
I would reverse my birth for you.
And like a jumbo pack
It would reverse my harsh words,
It would reverse the financial problems,
It would reverse mum’s escape.
It would reverse your time wasted on me,
It would reverse my cage,
It would reverse your hobbies that disappeared,
All the red lines that appear in your not so white eyes.
And your unsettling stressed mentality of dealing with work and me.

Dad I would reverse it all for you.

You always deserved everything that this world could give and my birth was just a sin against your own freedom.
Instead of you daydreaming back on the old days, you should have been daydreaming of the new days to come.

So for next year on this same day,
You’ll be finally living the California Harley Davidson dream with the love of your life...mum.


Happy non Father’s Day.
If only i had the courage to show you this ❤️
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