Where have you gone
Lyric Bright, Soaring Light?
Surely, thou hast repeatedly
refused thy Muse. The royal
output has fallen to a level
woefully average, though
quality remains high and
undiminished. Why are you
slowing --yet still glowing--in
a way that is not truly you?
Pray, bring back that divine
assembly line! We expect
quantity as well as quality
from a poetess whose gift
knows no bounds.
Sunny 7d
Whenever I’m feeling down, you’re there to make things better.
Today, you wrapped me up in a sweater.
It’s warm and I close my eyes. Savor the moment.
You’re standing in front of me, putting up ornaments.

I guess I forgot. Christmas is coming soon.
I’m supposed to give you your present this afternoon.
Before I know it, the moment’s arrived.
I walk towards you, prepping for the surprise.

When I show you it, your face changes for a while.
There was no mistaking it. A smile.
Kim Essary Mar 12
I always knew I was different , my own breed of human or something else.
Caring for everybody and feeling their pain , knowing their thoughts before spit from their mouth like vinum.
Be it like a curse slithering like the hair of madusa or a blessing like an angel with no wings.
There is but no place my presence exists if in company of another that I have any sense of silence.
Picture this if you will , close your eyes, screams of sadness skorch like the boiler on a hot eye without any water, seeing a vision in your head and wanting to warn someone about something terrible about to happen but the disturbing essence of it is, boxing with God isn't my job so what is there left to do.  
Aw let's drift behind the scenes of the world of spiritual beings rounding your head like a yoyo spinning into tangles of ratted up yarn. Needing your mind to tie loose ends or calm their doom of spiritual waste.
The life of an empathy, always making other's lives of peaceful logic and leaving their own stranded like a kidnapped baby in a forest of thorns with no entrance in and no exit out. This is my life
Being an empathy is what God chose me to be so this to be true I am.
Mike D Mar 8


You are your own instrument in the

world orchestra

Join the chorus
Play a solo

Simply stop
And listen to the beauty
happening all around you

The choice is yours

Be your own voice
Or follow another
But only follow another if
it resonates in your core
as your true calling

Above all else
follow your heart

Let your inner beauty shine
so that the world can
share in the special unique characteristics and traits that glorify
your idiosyncratic nature
wholly encompassing
all that you are
Making you special
Making you YOU

Because the best version of you
is the authentic you
And it not only
brings inner peace
but is also
the greatest gift
you can give
the world


Written: March 8, 2018

All rights reserved
He wiped our tears
so we could see.
Broke our chains
so we could be free.
Embraced us
to know it's okay.
Woke us up
to be alive another day.
Gave us words
so we could share.
Gave us hearts
so we could care.
Gave us feet
so we could walk and run.
Gave us laughter
so we could have fun.
Gave us arms
to lift Him up
Gave us His presence
to overflow in our cup.
Your generous destructive love is gifted to me in abundance.
The clenching of my fist doesn't mean that I'm keeping your love, but actually destroying what was intended to destroy.
Love is most precious gift of life..
In our life,many faces sudden comes and passes by,
Many promises breaks..greatest facts turns just to a lie,
Then why only few unseen shadows becomes your heartbeat,
....even in strife
Love finds its own way,chooses you,
Hold you with no reason,
....whenever you cry
Hug you tightly ,just to mollify
....then why can't people maintain it through their lives..because..
Love is the most precious gift of your life..
Love is most precious gift of life
CA Smith Mar 2
Wrap me in paper.
Adorn me with ribbons.
A tag addressed "only for you."
I shall offer the most fragile of gifts, myself.
I know One
The sweetest
Though not to
Flesh and blood

I know One
Outshines all
Yet hides deep
In the heart

I know One
Surpasses all
In honor –
Not of

I know One
The Greatest
Yet can’t be
Held with hands
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