How much of myself do I need to give up before you want me
I am adding to a pile of bones
I don't have many fingers left, they just sit there
can't you take them?
you are off hunting your own food, Making your own bones,
so I know you need them.
maybe at least pick your teeth with them?

Star BG Jan 7

Your love shall take me over
with our arms locked in a safety net.

Our embrace
becomes a buoy to float
together in waves of light.

Our bodies
entwines with
no beginning and no end.

Passions replace time
as lips meet in a perfect match
as if molded from God's hand.

Your love takes me over as minutes melt-away
and our hearts beats with sacred song.

Our love is orchestrated
with whispers leading our vessels in grace.
And at Heaven's Gate
we will drift together
body to body, soul to soul
for all time.

You are my gift and I yours, now and forever now
Below velvet sky and above earth
as a sandwich of love.

Too bad I do not have someone to write this about. LOL
I am also an interfaith minister and I think this that I just wrote with tweaking could be the beginning of wedding poem.
Nichole Dec 2017

A present moment.

Not many people think about being in, The Now!

Grasping the complete joy of it.

Indulging, wrapping yourself around every word, noise, and conversation.

Don't miss what's right in front of you. They say it's a gift, after all.

A present moment.

If you like let me know :)
Matt Walls Dec 2017

I once bought a box sight unseen
Off a user by a the name of 'The Queen'
I received the next day
For a pittance of pay
An item from someone quite mean

The box I opened up with delight
Inside it sure gave me a fright
It popped out straight away
I then cursed all of E bay
As I searched in the hay that was light

I found a small box of a phone
Excited, I ran off alone
Inspections were fast
But the fun did not last
For inside all I got was a stone

Pagan Paul Dec 2017

Gold Finch on a tree,
she sings with sweet clarity,
gifting joy to me.

© Pagan Paul (20/12/17)

Gold Finches are a welcome flash of colour
in this miserable grey winter.
Willow shade Nov 2017

Trust is a dear gift and you hesitate to give,
Will I be able to achieve, I wonder
Be sure, certainly,  you would forgive
If you knew ups and downs I often wander

Sometimes I struggle with my persistence
It tries to restore my faith and beliefs.
Only in what engaged my existence
They're only hungers and only griefs

And the coincidence that gifted me you,
Let me forget boring stuff I'm dealing
Paths are much worthier than the aims I pursue
The paths which take me to the deepest feeling

Something human, too human I feel
Believe me, it is not betrayal or love
Thank to your deep positiveness I heal
Deem it to be admiration of your laugh

Do you remember when you suddenly asked
If I had ever been in depression
It's my lifestyle skilfully masked
That contains my favorite intention

Recklessly I forget passing away,
Misery is ruined when I am with you
But I feel down, as I know, anyway
Suffering till the death I will miss you

Muneer Dec 2017

You are in love
When you are at war
With yourself
Love defies logic
Cause there is nothing logical about it
No explanations
No manuals
Just fighting
The battles of your heart
While ignoring your instincts
When they are screaming
Warnings of pain
For you to listen
To escape
Yet you proceed
While you know the truth
And here you are
Poisoned in its bliss
Fueled by a fools hope
Of fairy tales and longings
Gambling your way through life
While the ferry that carries you
Slowly sinks
Into your delusional present
Guided by your heart
Before you could make it
To your destined future

elsa angelica Dec 2017

A gift I found is the gift of poetry,
giving us imagination and through it that
we may heal the heart...
and dream and some times love
and bring to life our minds

also a way to live happy in a negative world I found today :D

We are the face of Christmas
If you’ll look inside you’ll see
In a place where only children hide
That’s where the face will be.

The Christmas bell ringing on the door
As I exit the small downtown store on 5th and Main.
It reminds me once again that it is Christmas.
On the sidewalk a cold North wind flushes my cheeks red,
I tighten my scarf tighter around my neck.

I round a corner and just across the street I see several
Gathered around a large table, all waiting in a line.
Curious, I cross the street and take up my place.
I look around the line to see a sign that says –

“The Real Santa Clause- $1.00”

One by one people step up to the old man behind
The table and hand him a dollar –
The old man reaches into a large red bag under the table
And produces a small doll of Santa Clause.

One step at a time I move closer to the old man until
It is almost my turn to give him a dollar.
I watch as those in front of me walk away with their doll,
Each one walking a few steps away and then they abruptly stop,
Looking back to the old man, their eyes with a questioning awe.

It’s my turn – finally - I step up to the table with my dollar in my hand.
I hold out my dollar and then it becomes clear to me that the old man is blind
For I have to find his open hand to place the dollar into.
He accepts the payment and opens the red bag feeling for my prize.

The old man chants “Merry Christmas” as he hands me the doll
Seeming to talk more to the doll than he was to me.
Receiving the doll I repay the emotion returning the “Merry Christmas.”
The old man nodding his head as if to say yes all the while.

Walking away I look down at the Santa Clause figure in my hand.
I notice one piece of clothing that doesn’t seem to fit.
The doll has a scarf wrapped around its head.
It’s a tiny copy of...
Of the scarf that I am wearing!

Quickly I unwrap the scarf from Santa’s face and find –

The face on my Santa


We are the face of Christmas
If you’ll look inside you’ll see
In a place where only children hide
That’s where the face will be.

Hopefully this piece will remind all of us what Christmas is really about.
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