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You’d ask what life’s greatest gift is
You’d ask what the most precious kiss is

When moonlight dances upon your skin;
when an empire chose you to win.
It is the fall of man as we know,
it is a cherry blossom petal storm.

You’d ask me what I see
You’d ask me to believe

I see stardust walking in the streets,
feet that dance for the weak.
Mother nature blesses your soul,
let this one the world's happiness hold.

It is written in stone, your name
It is a wonder, tip to toe, your name

It is written in stone, your name
It is a wonder, tip to toe, your name

It is a ballad, a musical soaring to the sun.

What do I see, what do I see?
Magic, standing before me,
it is in your blood, your bones.

What do I see, what do I see?
Magic coursing through me,
it is in your blood, your bones.

Grow as old as ancient trees,
be as weary as tales of old—
would my paradise be less? No.

Roar your battle cry against all gods,
be the devil itself—
would my ecstasy be less? No.

It is written in stone, your name
It is a wonder, tip to toe, your name

It is written in stone, your name
It is a wonder, tip to toe, your name

It is a ballad, a musical soaring to the sun.

You are the most priceless war, a cruel love
You are the demon in us all, a cruel love

I’d want nothing less; I’d expect nothing less.

Your name, your name
Your name, your name
Your life is a gift

If you escape

The silence in your heart

Then you deny, yourself

All the beautiful miracles

That live inside

The temple that is you…

Discernment is at your door

Freedom is that you get

To choose right from wrong

For yourself…

Why keep it shut

When you can open it

And look at your noble truths

Prisons become ones we

Master in building

From falsehoods that we believe

About ourselves and others

The noise and distractions

Only amplify the pretences

That lock us inside

Numbing is not the answer

Feeling is the deliverance

Opening instead of closing

Is merging in devotion

With every breath to which

Surrender becomes the resolve

Our blessings manifest

With each choice that aligns

With our personal purpose and integrity

This is a personal offering

That when in co-creation

With life’s grand design

Prospers into a masterpiece

Christmas  trees
Stana Claus


What  is it all for.?
When I write
I can feel this rising
Bubble of peace
It surrounds me
And I'm safe there,
I can share from this
Space that is expansive

I am at one with
My emotions
And the images
That are floating
Inside my head
Are so clear and true

There is a beauty
A light, a wisdom
About surrendering
To the words
The surfacing wealth
Of feelings...like no other

It's a joy , a fulfilled gift
An unmeasurable offering
To one's self and others
When shared with love
And freedom of expressing
A benevolent comfort

A wardrobe full of branded clothes,
Still mummy's gift on her birthday will always be the daughter's favourite dress.
OpenWorldView Sep 28
Gift me a little of your time
for a meal under blue and green.
Gift me hours of your happiness
for a meal where flowers blossom.
Luiz Dec 6
Part 1

She was the type
that would cut and sell
her long beautiful hair

to gift him a golden wristband
for his beloved watch

one christmas, she did

Part 2

He was the type
that would dare sell
his dead father's watch

to gift her
that golden hair clip
she always wanted
for her long hair

that same christmas
he also did


Luiz D. Syphre
An M&M Edition series
© 2018
Caloris Dec 1
Life is a present and as such
It can be given and taken,
Yet never owed.
Analogy of life and a present.
MissPine Nov 30
by: MissPine

‪Despite the struggles, I smile.‬
I smile because I always care.
I care for I have a humbling heart.
This heart of mine always gives love.
It gives love to this world full of hate.
It's the only reason for me to do so —
A definite reason for me to smile.
If others cannot do this humbling act,
Then I must, for smiling is a gift of love.
It should be shown and be shared.
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