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Rama Krsna Jan 2022
the monstrosities
of glass, concrete and steel,
i spy
an infinite expanse of Mediterranean blue sky,
transporting me to a spiritual high.

way up there,
a self absorbed lonely eagle
soars in ecstasy,
by the noise and suffering
going on down here.

© 2022
Am I
or am
I in
of my
in the
they are
not far,
as my
the cells
of one
a drop
of rain
falls from
the heavens
and I catch
upon it
my delicate
the dew
I close
my eyes
and feel
the ocean in
my hands,
in silver
scales, I
in colors
of blue,
I will
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the taste of hell makes us appreciate a life in heavens:)<<<33333

now the moral I view me
blind eyes open wide for the destined sea

heartbreak from a nonexistent lover or them harmonize
would never fail a cruel existence never restore I fantasize

gave the blood I lean blame to bleed
gave the ache I feel shame to plead

called the begs of the braided sirens
called the legs of the shaded horizons

knew the death of me anticipated on hope
just from that **** embraced on October eloped

sure getting rid of the brown brushed one face
what I regret is the hell of before brutally fazed

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just take a moment and appreciate the long journey that you've survived-it's the glory of a lifetime you can't sell nor buy;>

look how far have you gone

childish plays and dolls now all defined a woman grown

stars you wished upon did not shoot the shot you scored

yet gave you a lot than wisdom of twinkles and more

even better for a future of a strong self and bold

all those lonely nights in the lousy storms

turned out to be embraced by your daemons to a joyous old soul

one of a kind with struggles that no one knows to cherish to hold

ought for you to breathe and live and carry and mold

on your own blossomed and snowed

through summer bosoms and winters and highs and lows

through hells and heavens and sweet merciless hollows

anticipate in you a tomorrow of fruitful stores

things to save up for the upcoming open doors

                                                         ­                               --------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, leaving a chapter in your life behind is hard:\

aiming for the wants in avoiding the open door

that hasn't come nor to a closure nor to a snore

the abandoning makes my caged up daemons free in a temptation

a soured up cheese rottened to the core in no sensation

left for once for me to hate me an ever

blinded by the selfish pride-that stubborn is dying never

an await will not heal will not become a miracle

don't desire the heavens when the hells are your lyrical

Joseph C Ogbonna Feb 2021
Chika the angel in the distant clouds.
Treads slowly along the utopic path.
With eternity's splendour in your grip,
you were awoken by melodious sounds,
played by celestials who guided your trip.
You fled divinity's eternal wrath,
to dwell in realms of laughter infinite.
Those on earth have said a final goodnight,
desiring someday to share in this bliss,
when we like you will earn the Saviour's kiss.
In loving memory of Chika Anibueze, who died in the United States of Covid 19
Ylzm Sep 2020
no magical incantation
but wordless agony

bitter and disconsolate
thunderously piercing
in all heavens
and hell;

angels cry
stopping their ears
quaking in terror
on their knees
unbearably compelled
beseeching all powers
to heed—

heavens and earth
Harley Hucof Sep 2020
I know i chose the right path
I've seen all the possible outcomes
My sight seized by the hawk
My aim is the aftermath
Laying on the highest rock
The teachings of wisdom will last

Dripping from the skies
Protected by all the curious cries

Onto the souls seeking the holistic prize
And guidance
From the divine creatures in the Heavens

Transmitted to give hope and validate your merit

Until you accept you are a god and live by it
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