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I don’t need another friend
I need my love with you
I want to spend my time
I want to give my life
In my quest
To make you mine

It takes two
To make one complete
The stars in the heavens shine
because they agree

Take my hand
And let us roam free
Próxima Centauri
Isn’t far
When you’re with me

You’re more than just a friend
I’m in love with you
Your eyes cut deep
Within my soul
I’ve never had to worry
I’ve never been a ghoul

You linger in my fantasies
You’re a no show
When it escalates
To more than just a fling
Let’s talk about us
Let’s see about us
Could you?

The skies cry
From up above
You’ve never knew
I’m torn apart
You chose what you wanted
And now you’re gone
The only option is to move
With my life
Stark Nov 17
Red for the blood dripping from a vein
White for the sheets that cover the dead
Blue for the visible beyond that is the sky

For every drop of red silk that
Glitters in the sun
One is a step closer to freedom
From the blood that ties us
To its fiery core

For every pure cotton cloth that
Shadows over the deceased
One has risen halfway,
Breaking their ties
With the underground deep below

For every new light
Borne from the dreamy blue sky
One has earned their freedom
From their mundane, mortal body

No longer held down by hunger
No longer held by thirst
No longer needing shelter
No longer needing clothing

Freedom from Earth
Comes in shades of
Red, white, and blue
wrote this after some ideas I was pondering over regarding freedom.
Asante' Nov 8
Somewhere there are stars
Even when they're out of sight.
They are shining in the Heavens
Making radiating light.
So even when it's cloudy
Or the world is feeling grey,
Remember somewhere there are stars
That can brighten up your day.
The road was windy and the path ain’t straight
In my drunken fantasy where my satisfaction did sate
Fireflies lingering all around and my vision almost drowned
Heard imps laughing and bees buzzing, that annoying sound

I laugh a whimsical laughter influenced by the atmosphere
To a memory that for now I’ll not remember
I only have a single regret in this moment
That this happiness is just transient

The moon was black and the sky was white
As I wake up from my drunken stupor
Mind beating like the heart and eyes filled with blinding light
Slammed hard to the ground from the heavens where I soar

Remember once again what I want to be forgotten
The disappointments and regrets that was once hidden
But I must endure for now and live this ****** life of pain
For when night comes and the bottle is uncorked, it’ll be bliss once again
Ilion gray Sep 20
And I stare into the heavens
Without closing my eyes;
I see
Little wonders
dying diamonds
Skating across the frozen cirrus clouds
Just beyond cumulus nimbus mountains
High as the feet of angels.
I watched them delve into the dark
waltzing down through the Heavens
Only some will return.
The devil is resisting the
Light from the stars
He cloaks them beneath
The stars are infinite
Wild are their galaxies
The strength of their illumination
Does not know darkness
There are no constellations
the stars will laugh at you
To think they were only shining
For you
to dream
and wish upon
While Our great cities
blot them out
with chemical dust
And inescapable darkness
Moving at the speed of greed
Our kings
all blind
And heartless
Everyone who’s ever breathed
Counted breaths
Have Lived and died
on the back of
An angel
The day is coming
When only a few will be numbered
And not a human number
but a number
Of ***
a sum shall break
the silent universe
Into infinite tiny diamonds
Each skating across
the wretched peaks
the  blackest waves
A never-ending abyss
Every time I go to 7-11 and get a large
Red Slurpee my brain freezes
and when it starts to slowly drip
I think like this
It’s unfathomable
what you find Sometimes
in the
of a dreamers mind
Roses are so beautiful..and so we pluck them and watch them die. Love is a funny thing sometimes, and so I'd rather be a star..you can love me from afar for my beauty..but never will you take me away. Noah_arkenswagg
Isaac Aug 14
milky way a spot
in the span of the
resting in the hands of
our creator
to be nursed

web of stars spread
generously abroad
could creatures born
into this world
ever become bored?

from the heavens'
full perspective
this planet is oh-so small
though for us humans
who live on it
it is a mega ball

the architect
of everything
looks after heaven and earth
his gentle love so evident
how could I not thank him
for my birth?
Written 14 August 2018
BasilLvoff Aug 8
Drizzle, mizzle, mizzle, drizzle, drip.
Boiling coffee, gray newspaper, sip.
Boring neighbors upstairs stomp and cough.
In New York, no one’s a theosoph.

Drip, drop, drizzle, drip, drop, drizzle, splash.
Puddles, hurdles, honking, stinky trash.
And “excuse me! Sorry! Getting off?!”
The sky is dull and gray like a damp cloth.

But lo! And don’t get blind! Midst shouts of fear
And joyful cries,
With cherubs at his side,
Lightening the skies,
Dazzling to sight
Westwards he dashes, the radiant charioteer.
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