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Nathalie Jan 20
A note of sarcasm

Colored his reflection

The panel was perplexed

At the inflection in

His voice but no

One raised concern

This was not uncommon

For his character

To induce others

In his tirades

And leave them

Confused by the theatrics

Not a day of relief

Went by, the drama

Had no end and

Was simply relived

In different chapters

Of the same story

Nathalie Jan 12
She wears as genuine smile
that people don't always
quite undertand

Sometimes it even makes
them wonder or rattles
them rather uncomfortable

She on the other hand
is perplexed by why others
don't see the world in colour

Frowning at the beauty
that is also theirs to

Diya Aug 2018
Oh, they say......
"Sacrifice your present to make your future bright"
But I wanna live the moment!
Otherwise my life would be an endless night!
Sometimes, fear bleed in my nerves
What if, their opinions are correct?
Or I would suffer in future,
Where it would be too late for my life to resurrect!!! way of life is different
Infact ,every being's
I can't follow their principle
Cause, every one  live life with different meanings...
Hopefully, I'm not going astray
I just don't wanna live a lifewhere there won't be a second for smiles.
My philosophy is living my life to  the fullest!
And yah in every step of this journey of million miles!
Just in a dilemma,rather fear that should I just leave everything else behind and concentrate on my studies?....but I just can't get this hectic life in place of a life full of laughter and fun..which is the core of my happiness... I just asked myself many times and got the conclusion that "No!! I will balance them both...studies are part of life but life isn't a part of studies...there are many approaches towards life and maybe infinite cause we are children of infinity!!...when a song,a poem,a conversation makes your heart brimmed with happy vibes,then how can one isolate them and drown their heads in books!! I have no problem to study... Infact, I love it yet I wanna confine it  to some limits!!"
This is a awkward dilemma and I would be glad if you voice your opinions...I really appreciate them!!
Thanks for reading :)
Em MacKenzie Aug 2018
How do you sleep at night?
Are the blankets pulled too tight?
Is the room ever just too bright,
or do you find it fits just right?

And how do you get through the day?
When there’s so much you never say?
When the colours bleed to grey,
or do you like it just that way?

I’ve been playing scrabble with each thought,
cursed to babble ‘cause I was never taught
to speak out loud what plagues my heart
It’s not like I’m proud that it ends before I start.

How do you sleep at night?
Does your mind put up a fight?
Do you loathe every ray of light,
or is it out of mind and out of sight?

And how do you get through the day?
Tornado’s in your wake and at bay.
Casting me to the abyss to stay,
as long as you choose that way.

I’ve been playing scrabble with each thought,
known to dabble in whatever I got.
Doing things so foul I would never do,
to buy a vowel and then another two.

How do you sleep at night?
I put up such a gallant fight.
Bleeding knuckles, holding on with all my might.
You’re asleep and I’m greeting first light.
Jalaj Soni Feb 2018
From beyond the infinite nothingness,
to the nothingness buried inside of me

Cast upon the leaves and trees and
darkness that encapsulates this universe like sea

Blooming life revolting gravity and
fugaciously qualifying the test of time

Rustling beasts on terrified streets
going to or coming from their scenes of crime

Evading a revisit to life's lessons
under the weight of experiences

Playing with fire, restrained not by wires,
burning shoots of knowledge, the invincible tree

A puppet to the surroundings and the senses,
boldness and blindness turning men to graves

Quiet witness to the daily murders
while enslaving ourselves to our offspring's existence

From beyond the infinite nothingness,
to the nothingness buried inside of me

I am the result of this explosion,
this heaven is at my call, my feet

All my desires at fulfillment,
all sweet challenges of unsolvable mysteries

Vacuum out there to make more sterile,
this vacuous life that I lead

Thorns of transition,
burst open my silent entitlement

Coalescing my reality with
the all-powerful emptiness

Now I am free from the
clutches of my control

In this fatuous drama,
searching for another insignificant role

The role of ancient philosophical teachings
Justifying rapes and murders, through beastly preachings
Playing with the idea of reality and the role of individuals in a group-led existence
brenda c Apr 2017
as the night started to glimmer
and i was sitting at the balcony
curiously seeing a city of madness
wondering the tragical tragedy
that could happen for thrice

my eyes could barely see
a rhythm that keep spinning around
on the sightly stars

my soul was trying to reach out hardly
but still trapped in this seductive frame
words by words were running through my teeth
on this peculiar night of nights

then the fact that i smiled
even wider
meant to the blissfulness
upon this endless grief
Paula Sullaj Mar 2017

  AM   The  windows  have railings,    W 
   I    Which are protected by a wall  I

      AS   Outside  lays the entire world   TH  

M  Y             D  E  M  O  N  S
Love is how you want it to be
DivineDao Feb 2016
Was it for the reason's sake
That a man's urges hide behind
The veil of a fantastic dreams
Was it for a mankind to leave
The woman kind-ness on a draught
Exposed and succumbed to harsh winds
Naked and bearing the non existence
Within the world's furious raging
Desire for the greatest power?
Where is Woman-kind-ness
Daina May 2015
Scribble and erase
scribble and erase

I can't quite figure out
how it goes


scribble erase
scribble erase

maybe one day
I'll leave this place


Maybe I'll get this right
be confident

no more

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