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Chad Young Feb 7
Perplexity is hidden in head space.
Perplexity is hidden in grace.
Perplexity is hidden in these affirmations.
Perplexity is blinded to worry and manifests fear.
Fear begets courage.
And perplexity hides in that too.
History hides a lot of confusion.
Perplexity is blinded by knowledge.
Perplexity is still hidden in college.
And knowledge is a trained phenomenon.
But training has no skill set to One without a question:
Balking at knowledge because the training does not produce it.
It produces a branch of knowledge that is always incomplete.
Thus, a degree is only a measure of completeness.
The rising of the completeness puts out the fire.
A stammering tongue has no place here.
Let me say something while you check your notes
Passive listener, scratch the back of your head because this wasn't prepared for.
Nice is true to my style.
Conditioned by the miles I've walked.
This is not for your entertainment.
This is about word placement.
Uncovering the person that I am.
Poet to rapper?
Leah Hilliges Dec 2020
I am perplexed
by those that speak of death
so lightly,
like it’s another item on their to-do list
or a tedious task that’s been performed countless times before.
I feel like having a little part,
A little part of the sun
Like the hope that it brings
Seeking to catch the rays of positivity
To bring some of it into my life,
To still burn brighter,
Rather than burning out
By all things that lead you
To you dismay,
Winding you down at the end of the day.

Sometimes it's perplexing
When I try to rise and shine,
To be brighter than life
These rays of the sun
When it gives me hope,
Knowing full well it will all come undone
By my discretion
With which I can't even cope
Things have some way to spiral,
Spiral out of control
Tricking me into believing
If I even had that power for a fleeting second
Well, some things have a bitter end
There's an end to this pretend
I'm trying to give it more,
More than it needs
Despite knowing the truth
Which is not so great as it always fades,
By the layers of the facade that lie underneath
Can't be unearthed,
It all feels surreal
But the effort is, in fact, very real.

Going back to the childhood days,
When you were bright as the day
Somewhere hidden these memories still lay
Pictures of your innocence,
Dragging you around
The bluntness of reality leaves you to astound
All I'm looking for is a haven
A sanctuary for healing the wounds,
Maybe I'm chasing the wrong thing
Maybe all I need is somebody
Somebody to share the pain,
Someone to hold hands with
Under the beautiful rain
They always say that when you have love,
You don't need anything else
Maybe that is my answer,
Maybe I've been asking all the wrong questions.

Getting over myself, I come to my senses
Life can't be lived in future tenses,
It is what is, right here and now
Not thinking about how you go out
But what you make of it while you still can,
The journey of this ever running man
Running away for myself,
From myself
Maybe I've got everything I need
If I live in this space between
The beauty and pain.

In need of a light
That goes on till by seemingly endless days
Thinking of the impossible, I know
What's the harm in thinking
Of a better place in my heart?
Rather than these graves that I've dug for myself
Where the cold wind blows
All I hear is the silence now,
Never heard it like that before
Trying to make sense of it all,
Still leaves me baffled somehow.

All I need is a little part,
A little part of the sun
To feel the burn,
To feel the warmth inside
A perpetual storm resides within,
Cold winter snow in my soul
The fluctuations of my reality
Finally taking its toll
The moment is edging closer
So I decided to drop this act like a poser
Its time to be real, be a man
I would need a new plan
To deal with these mistakes
From which I can't outrun
Although it is easier said than done
But all I need,
Is a little part of the sun.
John McCafferty May 2020
If you focus on the pain
Mild sore aches or strain
Does it fade away
Enough for long as
sun does with shade

Measurements of mixed context

The more we sit inside
Idle minded led astray
Nature's chemistry in flux
Diametrically perplexed
Medication stimulating parts of the brain
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Sushmita Apr 2020
I'd keep looking for my other half
I'd let it be magical and might find the One without looking
I'd be contented that I'm no half, I'm full

~ S.G
12th April, 2020
Sometimes I wonder...
(though I don't know how could the second one really happen)
Chrissy Ade Nov 2019
I was born a walking contradiction
Destined to be misunderstood by others
I am quiet in places where I should be loud
Shaking the ground so it caves and swallows in
But I am also loud in places I should be quiet
Breaking the walls before listening to their stories
I blend myself to fit into places where I don't belong
And I belong in places where I cannot blend
I'm the puzzle piece you can't quite figure out
But you hope to come back to someday
I am difficult to figure out, a perplexing individual
I am an enigma, a mystery you can never solve
Don't try to figure me out, I haven't even figured myself out.
Diya Aug 2018
Oh, they say......
"Sacrifice your present to make your future bright"
But I wanna live the moment!
Otherwise my life would be an endless night!
Sometimes, fear bleed in my nerves
What if, their opinions are correct?
Or I would suffer in future,
Where it would be too late for my life to resurrect!!! way of life is different
Infact ,every being's
I can't follow their principle
Cause, every one  live life with different meanings...
Hopefully, I'm not going astray
I just don't wanna live a lifewhere there won't be a second for smiles.
My philosophy is living my life to  the fullest!
And yah in every step of this journey of million miles!
Just in a dilemma,rather fear that should I just leave everything else behind and concentrate on my studies?....but I just can't get this hectic life in place of a life full of laughter and fun..which is the core of my happiness... I just asked myself many times and got the conclusion that "No!! I will balance them both...studies are part of life but life isn't a part of studies...there are many approaches towards life and maybe infinite cause we are children of infinity!!...when a song,a poem,a conversation makes your heart brimmed with happy vibes,then how can one isolate them and drown their heads in books!! I have no problem to study... Infact, I love it yet I wanna confine it  to some limits!!"
This is a awkward dilemma and I would be glad if you voice your opinions...I really appreciate them!!
Thanks for reading :)
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