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Factions dance blade
to grindstone
Scholars scratch pen
to paper
Thinkers mash pride
to danger

What have I done?
Oh, I've lived
Meaningless & Ill
Longer than expected

What all have I done?
Ejected myself
From ****, to wooden ****
What must it be like to fully exist?
To take shelter fully under one roof
and not be left a page torn in two
One secured by love and hearth
the other too gristly printed
cast to rainy dew and soaked to bone
I should never know.
-I Am Only Half
Victoria Feb 11
although i left, i think my cup is still half full and not half empty
half full because you complete me
full because i’ll see you again
not empty because i’m glad i got to experience you
although i miss your full ***** body on mine and the empty plastic cups on your bedside rack
i visited my gf of 3 years for the first time january 3rd to the 17th. coming back to reality was really hard but it inspired me to write a few poems might share the rest
Em MacKenzie Feb 6
When in doubt for my thoughts and feelings,
just look at your own and you’ll see mine as well.
After all, that’s how these things work.
The weird title is from an old Simpsons episode that’s plot relates to the theme of this scribble.
gabrielle Feb 3
embodies loneliness
for even your half
won't fill me up

untitled with these " " are just thoughts and words
Arden Feb 1
I'm not searching for my other half
Because I am not half

I am so much enough
You have no idea how enough
I can be

How enough I am

Trust me I will
Make the time to
Prove to you that
I do not need someone
Else to complete me

I can create my own sunshine
J B Moore Jan 17
I am torn in two, divided yet whole.
Split in half, I hold both parts of my soul.
I thought I knew the answer— I don't know,
Do I dive in head first or take things slow?

We should try being friends first— her smile.
She laughs— a half of me sees an aisle
I’m too quick to jump— no, too slow to move
I’m too sick —Make a choice!— Will I ever choose.

Yes or no, or, yes and know? We’ll see,
Or maybe we never will, please, tell me.
Someone, anyone, will I be set free?

Am I divided, split, or torn in two?
Is there a difference? I wish I knew.
Oh, for crying out loud,what do I do?

Shofi Ahmed Jan 15
Delivering the magic
at the tip of the Moon.
The silken blue half-light
beaming in full!

Ah, let there be a gap
between the one peeled halve
and the unleashing other half.  
The vanished sun will bridge it
far from the unseen pyramydon
shining upon a crescent moon!

It doesn’t have to be in a mo
leave some rooms.
Let it flow to chockablock
over the running brook.

Heading to the up and down ocean
Let the rivers flow in all diversions.
By the way, shorting it to half would do
my half full glass is half full.
IncholPoem Jan 10
A   suitcase
  was  drinking
cold drinks
by   using  a  bio  degradable
straw  not
taking  times
200 years  to

The  human  baby  was
actually  drinking  it
inside  a  smart

That  baby   is
gene  edited    baby
who   can  drink
cold  drinks
in  one  months  also.

That  suitcase  was
following    her  mother
by   artificial  intelligence  
and  small  camera.

That  mother  was
a half  robot  and
half  human   being.
Illona Dec 2018
hey Sun,
i just realized
you don't love me
you never love me
you won't love me
i can't make you love me
trapped inside her own glass
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