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CJ 4d
There is a glass of water
with some water
Is the glass half empty or half full
That's what you be thinking
but I'm here thinking
there's no glass, no water
You are dreaming
Am I wrong
Are you wrong
Amanda Nov 16
I see so clearly now
That I've had some time
Living in a separate realm
Somewhere I cannot find

Do not know where your mind is at
Only focus on one thing most of the day
Where do your thoughts go when you're well?
When you're high and your problems drift away?

I long to know where your heart goes
Often it runs somewhere far
It's there more than here with me
Some distant planet or star

To follow is my desire
Where my hands can reach
With not just physically
Aim to practice what I preach

The way you turn emotions off
Only a moment of dissent
Has me hiding so maybe you won't see
A thick yet transparent loosely guarded discontent

Cried many tears for you
Added up and washed my sight
Point of view began to change
Presently I realize that it wasn't right

The way life lived day-to-day
May not have noticed back then
Should have noticed a lot sooner
Of your flaws
It was easier to pretend

Well guess I should regret that now
A few years down the road I will
Hard to explain
Despite all the games
Do it all again for you still

You and I have something unique
Heart has never felt love this strong
Blind I may have been when we met
Still feel your arms are where I belong

To say I love is an understatement
Blame cupid
Making me fall
Maybe Aphrodite
Or St. Valentine
Has me heeding to your every call

Maybe it is the universe
Pushing us close with an invisible force
No cause for my attraction to you
Guess destiny is just running its course

Your behavior proves to be unchanging
Lose more you each day we make it through
More than 1/2 of your presence
Need to have all of you
Been taking sometime to catch up on all my old poetry I never had the chance to post on here
Alex Sep 18
There's no enough time,
For us to keep this,
If your heart beats for me,
Like my heart beats for you,
We only had once chance,
For us to fix it,

There's no revival,
For us to keep this buried,
If you seek forgiveness,
Then i have forgiven you,
We only lived a half life,
So let me be with you.
Alienpoet Sep 3
You spit lies
you make me cry
silvery, slithers
half truths
your golden platitudes
aren’t worth your breath
you speak words of life
but you mean death.
Betty Jul 15
The months turn slowly
To allow us to reflect
This year wears a mask
Jammit Janet Jul 14
Virus times,
Corona sans the limes,
Isolating the world,
1 day at a time,

The world comes together,
Making changes for the better,
Uniting resources,
To change the odds,
And make it level,

Mother nature,
Heals from the hurt,
Her humans gave her,
And rejoices as we unite in solidarity,
Yet remain apart,

Social distancing becoming an art,
As we learn to have heart,

We as a people,
Are strong and worthy,
Let’s show this virus wrong,
And that we’re tough and sturdy,

Be honest,
But don’t be a ****,
Take at face value,
Trust without judgement,

In times that test us,
Please wash your hands,
Stay home,
Be safe holds up ******,

The future is ours!
Let’s bring it together,
It’s time to build a new world,
Stronger than ever.
Nylee Jul 7
The misplaced ... words
they do
  not find..
        a concrete   structure..
always half baked..

   missing  the     essence
       of     something great.
Amanda Hawk Jun 30
I am a half full of glass
so I am either
drowning in dreams
or suffocating with fear

swish me around, around
so everything blurs
and I am fishing
to find myself in the jumble
annh Apr 29
Gilt-edged meanderings
the sediment of diurnal isolation
as autumn falls.

'Today I am one, tomorrow I shall splinter again. And thus everything in the world decants and modulates.'
- Vladimir Nabokov, The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov
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