Nylee May 13

Too scared to try
I lost my half life

Collins Apr 27

"There you are!" cried my lips.

"Where have you been?" weeped my eyes.

"Just as I remember" sang my arms.

"Never leave again" whispered my heart.

The Ancient Greeks believed that when Humans were created; they were created as 8 limbed creatures that roamed the Earth, with 2 noses, 4 ears and 2 mouths. Fearing that the Humans would one day rise up against the Gods, Zeus gathered them up and tore them in half., and scattered them in to the four winds. Humans were destined to roam the Earth, searching for their other half.

Half the trip, half the slip
half the time, half the rhyme

Finding fate, finding hate
Finding touch, found, to much

Holding back, holding scrap
held in hand, escaping sand

Falling free, falling degree
Falling down, coming round

Half a heart, the broken part
a sound

Half a heart, equals half of failure. Nobody and nothing ever got halfway to successful :)
Hannah Apr 12

and without her ~
you will never be whole.

Vexren4000 Mar 28

Stories half written,
Lives never lived,
Love half loved,
In some cases not at all.
Places in life, never seen.
By the humans dreaming of far off places,
Locked in their bed.
Times never spent with people one loves.
Chances and opportunities faded away into the facade of time.
Things half finished, Peaceful things forgotten.
Life now a film burned onto our eyelids.
Happiness now out of reach.

Half a life
Half a love
Undivided submission;

I am utterly devoted
To lesser moments.

Between the sheets
The mind drifts
In search of atonement;

Part-time wrong
Entirely yours
An inevitable outcome.

It is living half a life
Accepting half love

My light,
Take me out of the dark

The courage within to say goodbye.

Raquel Butler Jan 15

And who the hell was I?
I was a soft girl in armor sheets
hoping to be the one you'd seek.
I was gently crafted tea
just the right amount of bitter
- and sweet.
I was all dreams and no reality
my mind in constant flow
my life an artful mess
I suppose,
I was too much dreamy
and not enough girl
I was too much guarded
and not enough frail.
I am enough now.
I am enough for me,
My mistake,
-and now I see
how I fell for all of you,
and you fell
for half of me.

wooooooah. I think I'm finally over it.
Anne Scintilla Dec 2016

When half became more,
Than one over nothing else,
Whole yet undefined.

121816  15:46

Doing my math homework reminds me of how the most beautiful things can be worth nothing in certain conditions.

thank you for reading.

The chill of the night seeps through my veins...
My foggy breath lingers, giving me a physical pain..
With cold hands and a sinking heart,
I look up to god and question his part,
In my life...
And then I see you standing in the light.
I know now for sure that I need no one,
Not just a better half, I've found my own personal sun.

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