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The moon is half. So am I
In the wintry night,
remembering lowly
the stories of lonely
of the poorest time
with no one beside
to sing a song  of season
I felt my life treason.
Alex Gifford Sep 25
I really like you all.
Not sure why we don't jive
but my best when I'm with you
is only half-alive.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Hand on the thorns
and eyes on the rose.

Singing ravishingly
a happy song
is only half of
the story is told!
A part of you left here

to stay with me forever!


You never left incomplete...

A part of me

flew away with you.
L Aug 1
It’s all or nothing
There is no in between
Love comes in full
Not in half
Little Piper Dec 2013
Once a time we met
You were there smiling charmingly
Keeping your eyes away
I stood unnoticeable
I watched as you speak
As you laugh and your eyes sparkle
That charming smile I'd say!

Once a time we became friends
I enjoy teasing you, fighting with you
You never knew
Nevertheless, you treated me well
I stood frozen
I watched as you smile
As you talked with full interest
That charming look that I'd say!

Once a time we got together
We cuddled, laughed and talked
We hugged, kissed and smiled
I stood speechless
I watched your face lighten
As you looked at me with love
That warm love I'd say!

Once a time we fought
We shouted, yelled and argued
We throw tantrums with ego
I stood heartbroken
I watched your angry face
That fear I'd never forget
That person I'll always love..
Perdue Poems Jul 14
I curse the mind's divine plan
as I lay in valley's low
gazing upon myself a god
and a perfect smile aglow

whilst I toil in my misery
my soul tied with stones
my statue's likeness stands above
revolted at his lesser clone

Look at how he humbly gloats
His skin golden perfection
A mind more clear than unstained glass
A body crafted in circumspection

but though I pull my nails
with a revised renewed edition
with every labored detail
capturing perfection

this tortuous image
calms my heart
stabbing it with hope
for a better start

and I hear whispers in my valley
selling nectars of complacency
spinning truths from fantasy
of how I too one day may be

but as my hands try to summit
the hill soars ever higher
and my mind it pities me below
Remaining on my pyre

and my blood steams
and irrational rashes grow
as I come to realize
I'll forever remain below
Invisible Jul 5
Split right down the middle
A mask of tears
No longer crys

Split right down the middle
A mask of smiles
No longer laughs

Split right down the middle
A mask of words
No longer speaks

Split right down the middle
A mask of sleep
No longer dreams

Split right down the middle
A mask of hunger
No longer craves

Split right down the middle
A mask of agony
No longer aches

Split right down the middle
A mask of you
No longer you
Figure it out, I can’t.
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