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Et si on essayait primo l'omelette bio

De rires sauvages péché à l'épuisette

Au fin fond de nos Atlantiques ?

Si on essayait deuxio la paella bio

De nos yeux assaisonnés d'étincelles de thym

Et de pétales de coquelicot cueillis dans la rosée du petit matin ?

Et si l 'on ne s'abreuvait tercio que de vins bio

Des bains jaunes des torrents chauds

Qui jaillissent de nos sources volcaniques ?

Si on essayait encore le lit de braises bio

A combustion lente, sans adjuvant

Cent pour cent naturel et écologique ?

Si on se plongeait enfin dans l'abîme bio

Des eaux organiques de l'océan tantrique

Pour y construire des châteaux de corail ?
One day,
when my all wishes
will be granted,
I fear
I will doubt my love.
But till then
I will blame.
We make guilts in both ways by getting what we want and by not getting what we want
Haylin Jun 11
I am studying.
I am dying from exams.
I should get some sleep.

Don't you just love exams?
I don't.
I hate it
I'm reposting this cause I just finished my bio exam
UA May 28
Falling goopy mess on the floor
It's painful as I walk
Carrying a broken smile, and stability that I've long ago lost
Venturing with a debt that's due
My reflection in the mirror shatters by the weight of my insecurity
Betrayed by the same smile I wear in crowds, but a bundle of water I bring home to slap across my other face.

You're ****
You're nothing
You're a ghost

The list is neverending

Ripping into my soul
Because I ****** my confidence just to stab him with lies i seep
I deserve this
I deserve this
I am worthless
I deserve this

Isolated by everyone
It feels like
When I often sit alone
Blaming everyone else
When I'm the one holding the gun

But it's not always me that is the one
This is true
I didn't craft the gun
Nor did I make the bullets to shoot

That was them
Those around me
Giving me the ammunition to bring about bitterness
Isolated and treated like i was hideous

Watching the world around me
Like a movie or commercials
Pretty this
Expensive this
Romantic that
Peace that

All of that crap dangled over my head as I lie in bed and pretend to be dead

Circular and rotating, like a hypnotic ring calling me to sleep..

and then my life repeats
over and over again
like flipping the big time glass of sand

and yet im somehow here still
moving like the wind, just floating by
cursed by something i can't see with my eyes
and by this thing, i should be crumbled and bitter
yet here I am, living, a little sad, but ok

I can feel my soul cracking by the weight of this world and of the realm extended beyond this

And I can't help but to notice the silently painful tears streaming
Heather Ann Oct 2018
where does heather grow?
in the north
blossoming; under late summer skies.
it is the fire
as told in old norse
like it was spoken from the gods,
in mere whispers,
too afraid of the spark.
Hard pang of metal
louder than my
brittle ears can withstand.
Hard ping of wonder
sent, malicious,
from hidden wonderlands.

my warm limbs from me.
my innards from me.
Substitute synthetic
for my
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
Missing seconds
Are so naked and true
Even though not certainly objected
Creature miss each other
For no reason
Unknown part is
It's hard to find two people missing each other in one life season
You miss her she for him him for probably another her
Who is getting where?
Man! For the sake of an apple
You've lead us into this hell
Someone stop it
Or Just ring a bell
rei Mar 2018
i am a grain of sand
of rice
of billions and billions of others
no one can see me in this tsunami

i want an adventure
something that will grant me
the freedom i need
just like a genie

i hope that you will love me
and care
but maybe you don't
because "i" is the nobody that is desperate
for love
Rakha Mar 2018
burned skin
charred eyes
mangled bones
patience running thin

granite legs
made to fall

dusty gray matter
inside the keg

wanting to rise,
wanting to drown
what difference would it make?

as a man he lay still
as a lover he goes still
nick armbrister Feb 2018
Jimmy Boom Semtex is into many things. Writing is one. His varied work includes poetry, prose and stories on a variety of topics. Erotica like his Fire Extinguisher Man series, poetry on current world events, horror stories and more besides. Jimmy loves getting tattooed, listening to alternative music, drinking beer and living a simple but fulfilling life. Check his Facebook page out. He's working on new ****** stories and a poetry collection. His writing career is diverse and so are the authors/poets/writers he’s collaborated with like Filipina poetess Shy Lhen Esposo and Indian Saurabh Pant. Jimmy Boom Semtex is a pen name of Nick Armbrister.
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