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When the rains downed
When the clouds appeared
When the sun be absent

When the thunder was heard
When the lighten was seen
When the birds hide

When your face attended
When your spirit appeared
When your lips opened
Showing shiny look

The sun was coming
The warm was ascending
The universe was laughing
The rosy colors were dancing
the absent of love making the world cahnged and the weather tended to be worse.
Nathalie Jun 30
The more you
Peel away
At the layers
Of yourself
The deeper
You go and
The more
Heart opening
The experience
Of curiosity and
Discovery becomes
Creativity begins
The moment you
Allow yourself
To be seen
Through your
Art and surrender
To the form
In which it
Chooses to take

Ellie Grace May 10
This is bravery
baring my soul for all to see
making my voice heard
and my pain felt
saying to the world
that I am here
Vivian May 8
I've seen children with blank expressions,
Living a life made of lies,
The shadow of hurt on their faces,
Hidden with a smile as their disguise

I've seen the silent tears of kids when they look down,
And I wish I could give them advice,
But when they look up and I speak,
They respond with hearts made of ice,

I've seen the old struggle as the days pass on,
But, even so, continue to try,
Despite being so alone,
And knowing that they will die,

I've seen the eyes of the tired,
All slow and wanting to close,
But still opened as they continue to work,
To care for the ones they love the most,

I've seen people in prisons,
Their words echoing regret,
Of the actions, they committed in the past,
That no one seems to get,

I've seen so many people,
Misunderstood and misread,
An unknown story behind them never heard,
After all, they only care what society has said,

I've been all these people as well as society,
The images of hope on both faces in my head,
That maybe it'll change,
Someday, before we're dead,

So don't look at a person,
And act as you know their entire story,
Because that's only one side, society,
And there's another one, one you haven't seen
There is a secret;
The Secret of secrets
Beyond the imagination of our impure selves
There, lies all my unknown self
For I am a mystery yet untold.

Here, I am
But seen to be there.
There, was I
But not seen nor heard.

I was looked at, but not seen
I did not speak, but I was heard
I was not looked at, but I was seen
I was not heard, but I was listened to

This shadow is not mine but this body's
For I am not this body but this soul

—Jibril Abdulmalik ©2019
Nylee Mar 25
What is buried so deep inside
A memory so entwined
many lines and differing angles
The same frame can be seen
Differently with different lenses
Different outcome for every scene
Can alter all the things
And I would not remain
as the person I am
Seanathon Mar 17
Bending like the Willow frame
Waving at me
Like the friendly greeting of a winding lane
All the while knowing
That it's not even your sound which calls to me
It's just the winds of life
Whistling through the outstretched trees
Grasping at experiences which have yet to come
But in time will be
With all of the sounds and windings of a meadow stream
Your curvature and me
Johnny walker Mar 14
Outside my window, there Is a full moon the very same moon that I saw as a kid the very same
but  unlike
It's never changed at all In the 66 years I've been on this Earth
Still there just as It was when I was a kid but sadly I've grown old no
a kid but the moon still the same as It hangs In the darkened
The very same moon I saw as a kid but now It's viewed through the eyes of
me as an adult for hangs In the sky
and never has changed with all those pretty stars all gathered around that beautiful moon that I saw as a
The moon thats never changedsaw
since I was kid thats now viewed through my eye of
Tme now an adult
but the moon still the same
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