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Daniel 3d
The frost-feathered birches are a heavenly white,
knuckled and rigid as elderly spines,
Holy as naves and as filled with esteem
November announces my season of dreams

Long nights south to the tree and the lake
For happiness sake, and lying with stars
The comforting sounds of a million cars
Rubber on tar, rubber on tar

Flights of romance and my supper outside
A tangle of shadows fiercely flailing at my sides,
and over tables of oak
I am sat near silent others in their scarves and winter coats

They accompany me so, although none by invite
We are strangers breaking bread beneath a milky way of lights

Here where lofty leagues above, the storm begins to croon
Where fleecy clouds in motion seem to overtake the moon
In your palms, a lingering remnant of moonlight
traces your fingerprints,
And it illuminates shards of evening rain that have landed on your skin as droplets of hope.
Together a nebula is painted on your hands,

And you find tranquility in evening wakefulness.

What burned brighter
The orange flame rising from
the evening lamp
Or in the backdrop
the setting sun in its orange home
Both wore a warm glow
The journey
Beginning to end
Princess Oct 14
How are you feeling?
When you can drive a car for whole your life.

Have a driving in the evening.
Along the beach side.
Go to the shopping mall.
Go to travel.
Go to anywhere we want to.

Nobody can deny me.
Because this car is mine.
disclaimer; my small happiness
Norman Crane Oct 6
riverside dusk
      daylight's pale remains
a sanctuary
Elymaïs Oct 2
On this night, I saw
Through a tree's dark silhouette
A perfect, bright moon.
O soft evening, I keen await
your calm, consoling atmosphere,
The peace drifting upon your whisper,
The choruses of the birds I hear.

My troubled soul, it longs for you,
When it may finally be at ease,
When the world is stroked by golden charm
to sleep, and red boughs sigh in the breeze.

The dying daylight gilts the earth,
and drowsiness settles in the warm air,
I sigh, for the day is nearly done,
and some days are more than I can bear.

As evening slips into the night,
and as the gold fades into grey,
As darkness falls upon the land
I let my thoughts and feelings stray.

I think of this Autumn evening,
so beautiful and without a care,
I think of its creator, my Almighty God,
and I offer up this evening prayer.

Please banish from me the thoughts of day,
O Lord, and deliver me upon your wings,
and I praise you, Lord, for the calm you bring,
Upon an Autumn evening.
RJ Romero Sep 26
The streets are quiet

the night is dark

but the lamps are brightest

The moon is in its highest

peak and the world

is stark naked


As 12 strikes the clock

You walk alone


Never minding the

dangers told

Bared senses

Mind calm

after days of storm

Smile forming on your lips

Be careful still

And come home

Slip beneath the sheets

Eyes shut and sleep deep

Outside, moonshine glows
Fey Sep 22
I don't want to bid farewell.
Neither to the glowing evening sun, lingering on my book pages with its last, warming rays of light.
Nor to the last corner where the cooling shadows didn't reach through to envelop the last trace of day.
I don't want to.

I want to capture the moment selfishly,
let it remain in my fist, closed ever so tightly.

I don't want the silent night to come,
I don't want this golden hours to end,
Don't go yet.

© fey (22/09/20)
Norman Crane Sep 17
The luminous grey undersides of clouds
Travelling a charcoal sky, speak my thoughts aloud
As thunder
                    Reflections of my mind's wandering eye
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