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It poured a heavenly rain today
The roads washed anew
Little streams danced and slid down the alleys to the music rains play

The Gulmohar petals in orange red hues
Lay strewn on the pavement grey
Perched atop the green leaves
Glorious they looked in the warm sun rays

A walk in the evening mellowed rains
The tiny raindrops fell gently upon my face And raincoat peach
Luminous  under the street lamps
Silvery Rain beams dance
21st June - Rains
Mike O Nov 9
I waved goodbye to the oak tree
And felt the cool breeze surround me
Looked up to the multicoloured sunset
And down to the assortment of sienna leaves
(Evenings outside in nature)
Winter is fast approaching which is bad news for me because I love autumn. I personally think that's when nature is most beautiful. *shrugs shoulders*
sunny spring day
but on the dial is cold
here again was deception
and the evening longing pursued
chasing me

Emily Nov 3
If before eleven,
I should pass,
Peacefully into the Sandman’s grasp,
I hope you know I wish you a Good Night.

But if I manage to withstand,
My drooping eyelids and slowing brain,
Then, perhaps,
I’ll wish you Sweet Dreams.
May all have peaceful slumber tonight.
5oulPoet Oct 25
Sunset like drizzling honey
Spread across a toasted sky
Evening, a swirl of emotions
And the warm glaze of her arms
Both of us nested in the twigs
Of seeing our lives intertwined
Seanathon Oct 25
Dedication has a name
It was on your ID
But I couldn't see
Because it was too dark
And I didn't want to be a creep
Honda Grillllll

Maxim Keyfman Oct 23
it was raining hard
evening very heavy rain
smile from inspiration

Willow Oct 13
It’s the end of the night
The last of the chai
With a breeze meant to cool
Our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of an era
The last of the sorrows
With a moment meant to heal
Our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of the show
The last of the magic
With a tune to send us off
To seek our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of the evening
The last of the chai
With the sky as our barrier
We ride our forever burning hearts.
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