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c May 23
I do not understand
How you unwrap my mind
And I no longer feel the ghost of hands on my skin
Of skin on my skin
Of ghosts
James Study May 9
you were bad to forget
to lock the doors
so I thought I had better check
I stood by the bed
my pillow you hold
while sleeping my side of the bed
as I walked down the hall
you sat straight up
had you forgot
how the floor would creak
you stand at the top of the stairs and shake
I was always stomping down the steps
your standing there
with your mouth wide open
you would think
you had seen a ghost
I always turn the handle
then shake the door
to make sure it's tight and closed
OnceWasAskim Apr 22
I see you’re gone. Turned your back again. Left me just that little bit more. It frees me. Frees me to write again. You see, I’d stopped. I didn’t want to affect you any more. I didn’t want you to feel compelled to come here and wallow in my pain. So I’d resisted the urge to write. But now you’ve severed that cord.  Were you set free? Do you feel this? I’d be surprised if you feel anything anymore. Ghosting me is your super power.

This place is mine again. For me to write. Alone.
tryhard Apr 17
here i am again
reaching for hands
i am commanded not to hold
dreaming of just
a whisper of your touch
and again i ache
a hollow space in your shape

haunting everywhere i go
i try not to search for you
dreading my impending doom
the moment i catch
even a glimpse of your ghost
mocking my mortality
and yet possessing all of me

and god help me
because i cannot help it
a willing captive
fully at your mercy
and i am afraid for my being
because even ensnared
i wish not to escape you

blinded by your light
i mistake you for heaven
i am waiting at your gates
saying all the prayers
begging you will bless me
with an eternity of your love
if only i were worthy

and here i weep
because what use is all this
i see you and i sigh
keep myself at arm's length
because it is not enough
and it will always be like this
i'm too much of a romantic
to see things clearly
lua Mar 31
time slips from my fingers
when i count each passing day
that passes by like passerbys
on a busy street
walking past me, my disillusioned form
an escaped daydream from a chronic sleepwalker
a recurring thought

the clinking of atoms like drinking glasses
the passage of space
things don't make sense nowadays
never really did

i'm just a ghost with no body to call home
translucent and vague
people watching forever
forever a thought bubble in a lonely man's world.
Sophie Mar 25
I was a child, then.
When a stormy sea
filled the air with hope,
and salt.
And there were hills to climb,
to sit with you
at the very top,
in silent darkness.
Where we held our breath
and lied to ourselves,
about what was wrong
or right.

The years passed us by.
On that hill beside the ocean,
where we consummated
our long-awaited desires,
and I felt sparkles
on your lips;
The same hill under which
I found my reflection
in a muddy pool of water.
The grass beside it was so fine,
and so green.

A park bench at the top
of a sunset hike through
the native valley,
in full bloom—wildflowers
reflected our openness.
Sandpapery stubble
on your cheeks
matched the texture
between my thighs,
which I kept only for you
and nobody else.

The day I knew you would
never be back,
the empty voicemail box,
the repetition in rising
each morning, without you.
for a lover who left me behind without a word
I'm not ashamed to
admit that I've been sick since
the day you left me

You thought you had Me
Broken, discouraged and sad
jokes on you I’m not.

Yes you hurt me bad
But I overcame the pain
I am better now

However you still
Are truly a worthless *******
Karma is a *****
I started this in 2020. I’m so glad that I’m over it now. Ghosting is the worst thing that you can do to someone. It broke my heart and changed me, ultimately for the better; though I am a little less trusting now.
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