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I feel like writing again.
I feel like riding again.

I'm scared to be loving again,
to have my heart broken again.

But a breakthrough requires
being broken again.

I've gone through the fire, my friend.
Red hot, I'll embed my brand again.

I'll stand on the start line again.
I'll run the race again.

Life is a race that never ends.
Once one is over, it begins again.

It feels good
to feel new again.

Life goes on, my friend.
It feels good live good again.
First poem after a while.
MetaVerse Aug 11
If you tell me
I'm evil
Because I'm white,
I'll tell you
You're racist,
And I'll be right.

If you tell me
I'm evil
Because I'm
A member fallen
Of Adam's race,
I'll agree with you.
But hear me:
I was worse by far
Before I received
God's grace.
Nigdaw May 22
we put on our road face
grill mask to intimidate
motorway warriors
"make way, make way"
weaving in and out of lanes
twin exhausts show our power
important tints
"you can't see me now"
travelling in the same direction
to all our different destinations
individuals on our journeys
through time and space
this is the human race
Ikimi Festus May 16
In quietness, a handful finds its worth,
Than burdened hands, filled with toil and dearth.
The conflict within, the eternal fight,
Between who I am and who tempts me in sight.

Who wouldn't desire a higher living grace?
Yet, it brings torment to the human race.
Is this all there is? Where lies true meaning?
I gaze around, souls no longer gleaming.
Humans turned machines, always on the run,
Busy, hurried, with no time to feel the sun.

A solitary figure, no kin or brother,
Toiling endlessly, eye unsatisfied with riches' smother.
For whom does he labor, his soul bereaved?
An empty vanity, a travail deeply grieved.

Hedonistic pleasures, vanity in reign,
Significance lost, drowned in a material plane.
Money, the new measure of one's character,
A vast desert of souls lost, our society's grandeur.
Hope fades away, replaced by absurdity's plight,
Blindly following rules till death's eternal night.

The fallacies of our age, we cannot deny:
Standard of living, consumerism's cry,
Media's influence, shaping our desires,
The pursuit of a wrinkle-free life, beauty aspires,
And debts, chains that bind, our souls confined.

But if we stumble, there's a hand to uplift,
Woe to the lonely who fall, no one to gift
A helping hand, a friend in time of need,
Birds of a feather, together they succeed.

In a modern world, mono fidelity a test,
A lone runner tires, company brings zest.
While immersed in trends and empty chatter,
We fail to realize the weariness that shatters.
Yet, the greatest advice, a double-edged sword,
To be yourself amidst a world that tries to mold.
The greatest achievement, staying true and strong,
Amidst the constant pressure to belong.

I contemplate the living under the sun's glare,
The second child who follows, burden to bear.
Endless generations, yet no true rejoice,
Vanity and vexation, our eternal choice.
neo May 14
i’ve never liked running.

there was always this pound
in my chest
as the dust and the breeze settles,
as the sweat slithers sidewards,
as the world around me comes to a

i’ve never liked running.
not when the destination is
nothing but an illusion
just to give me the satisfaction
that my feet lead me to somewhere in this oblivion.

i’ve never liked running.
my lungs were weak
(at least that’s what mom told me)
yet i latch onto your chase

i’ve never liked running
but for you: until the
soles of my shoes thin out,
the oxygen in my lungs run out.
the world around me blurs out.
for you:
i would run
and run
run     run     run     run     ruin
put i in run and now i’m looking at your face
wondering how did we end up
in this haste, this chase

so indulge me:
how do i pace
myself within this space

i’ve never liked running
because again, i fall
behind my own weak   ̶h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶
haven't written in a while
Man May 1
Simulated tastes
Emulated face
Of a careless faker

Think in haste,
Take and you take,
Living life as if it were a race

What will you say, when you meet your maker?
Ken Pepiton Mar 18
Old wine, sometimes, has been
vinegar, a while.
On opening, one learns, they say.

It's good
for cleaning windows, and lenses.
- but we'd better let the next
- jug of that vintage go to auction

New wine. Make glad the heart,
workers in the vineyard, laughing tired,
sugar high burned out, say hey, boss,
why don't you hire more hands,

eleventh hour hordes appear, as they
by right of the lateness, are  payed
a whole day's wage.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

And it is,
very good, if I may say
so now,
Life is short, but filled
with instances, infinite instants
in some state
of methodic mental ascent.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

We got plenty,
we have confirmed,
as is, to up and hit the road,
go boldly old into this cold night.
Dust bowl radical mindset,  good for... sweeping generalizations
Daylight 4U2C Mar 16
Something different burrows in my skin,
tells me I am kin, but I am not- but I am.
Something different swirls atop my head and feels so close as I am led, but so far- but I am.
Something different tugs and tells from different mouths who to be and what to do but I do what I do and- I am.
Something different shoots fire across the sky and gas across the streets as they fight or they flee and I see that- I am.
Something different is the 'gangs' against gangs with silver tongues and lined gold pockets, shedding dignity and love to live and- I am.
Something different is learning what I don't know and understanding what I didn't experience because I may not look it, I may not always feel it- but I know it.
I am.

I am milk in a coffee, but the milk isn't me.
My experience isn't pure coffee bean or soy vegan extra foam.
I am a latté.
Stirred with flavor and flow so I know as I grow I am what I am and-
I am me.

Something different is in my bones and brains and story.
Not black, not white. Not day or night.
I am the between.
I am the grey.
I am something different-
and that's okay.
We’re in a race to avoid a war
A race to open freedom’s door
A race to spread adoption wide
And bring ten million to our side

So spread the Bitcoin truth around
And share the benefits you’ve found
Every act, every tweet or share
Can help a friend to grow aware

You make a difference! Act today
Let’s win this race the peaceful way
We don’t need martyrs, we need you
Sharing Bitcoin - the way you do

Let’s not slacken, and let’s not slow
In sharing what we boldly know
And when we do, we’ll win this race
We’ll make this world a better place

We’re in a race to avoid a war
Let’s do what’s not been done before
An honest money for everyone
Come and join this race we run
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Savio Fonseca Sep 2022
Like Flowers My Life got wilted,
despite the pouring Rain.
The One whom I most needed,
left Me in Agony and Pain.
Trust when broken, is Poison.
It seeps right thru your Head.
Creeping into your whole System.
Leaving U good as Dead.
I thought She would trust Me.
I thought She would Care.
I thought She truly Loved Me
and would always be There.
I longer feel so Open.
I don't wish to show My Face.
I find Life, is so very Cruel.
After My love lost it's Race.
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