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Em 3h
Foreign tongue
Unequivocal beauty.

Thousands of languages
billions of souls

but not understanding.

I don't mind.

I am happy
to witness you
And your language.
im really tired i have no idea what my brain is thinking
Blake 2d
Do you ever feel like you’re running?
Like, you’re in a race, and you’re running faster than you’ve ever run before
You’re in last place
And you can’t seem to catch up
In fact
The harder you push yourself to run faster
The farther away everyone else seems
Like in every situation you’re in, be it learning in school, or sports, or social interactions with friends, there’s this big chunk of stuff you’re missing, and everyone else is in on it, and you are left feeling confused, clueless, and less than yourself.
Do you know that feeling?
The one that you experience when the teacher always has to explain things to you a second time only they have to explain them differently, simpler, slower, every time, to the point where you no longer even listen to the first explanation.
The one when you’re with a group of people, and someone says a joke, implies soemthing, or even just speaks to you, and you turn to your friend so they can explain what’s going on.
The one when you begin to procrastinate everything especially school work and you begin just not even doing it, because if you don’t do it then no one can say you’re dumb, instead you’re just lazy.
The one when you start to understand why sometimes you are offered the same extra help as the kids seen as “special cases”
The one when you always feel lost, and start to believe you have no chance in life because you how could you go anywhere if you are constantly behind everyone else.
Do you know that feeling?
I know that feeling well.

I’m tired of always being behind everyone
Sometimes I feel like I actually might have a brain disfuntion. Like I’m slow. And that scares the hell out of me.
Anya 3d
When you look at me
You instantly stereotype
My glassses
My skin color
You can probably guess I’m book smart
You’d be right
You can guess I’m introverted
You’d be semi right
You can guess I’m not naturally very athletic
You’d be right
You can guess my ethnicity
You’d probably be right
You can guess a lot of things
And there’s a high chance you’d be right for many of them


What about those things,
You’d never guess?
I bet you’d never believe I was a Goalie
You probably don’t know I write poetry
I’m learning Chinese
I ran six miles in fifth grade
I enjoy acting
I’m an atheist
I have a mild obsession with Asian light novels
The list goes on...

But still,
The point here is
There’s a lot of things you don’t see

About me

About everyone

I’m just as guilty of judging as anyone else
We humans tend to categorize,
A lot
From the perspective of an American girl whose parents are from India.

A race on a race to self-destruction
A race who chase the dream of unity
and rules of Order when we are
infact governed by the law
of our jungle:

All of us are living contradictions.
Morning y'all! ^·^
On the train to my course currently.
If I get there on time, I should be able to read some of the messages you guys left!
Thanks so so much for 233 followers!
Thats so fricking insane! I'm truly grateful for you guys!
I wish you all a good day!
Going underground now!
Lyn xxx
MaxiM Jun 2
There are no evil faces, there are just evil people
MaxiM10: Race
MaxiM Aug 6
It seems people think race is important, where as i do not like to run
MaxiM19: Race
Arsène Sep 14
African American plight
Incessant fright
Dark days into night

Equality, a concept
unbeknownst to we
Or is it me
Not born locally
And speaking uncolloquially

Now disillusioned
For a society alienated
Is a society decapitated
And the people dilapidated  
When you turn a blind eye
And hope not to hear their cry

Malignant systems
Elected officials to fix them
When all they do is fix them
To individual greed
And the corporate elite

Disenfranchised youth
Incarcerated they lose
Communities gentrified
And families undignified
A Marginalized people
Seen as second class
But a man of colour is no different from another.
America is a county founded in racism, and it remains the root of social division today
Bella Sep 7
Black and white.
What’s the difference?
One is darker? Lighter?
One looks deep, the other looks pure?
I see nothing.

Male and female.
What’s the difference?
One is smaller? Bigger?
One is more shy? More outspoken?
There, again! Do you see it?

14 and 18.
What now?
One is greater? The other smaller?
Both are even, what is wrong?
What you are is wrong.
This poem is about love. My parents are Christian and they always told me that if you are gay then you will go to hell. If you love someone much older or younger then you will burn. If a white woman marries a black man, or vise versa, you will die in hell. Well, I say they are wrong. Therefore, I am no longer the Christian baby girl my parents “raised” me to be. Simply, I am me. I have decided love is love. No matter what kind of love it is.
Gemma Davies Sep 6
Each one of us can make a difference...
We have the opportunity every day.
Together we can make a change...
It's time to lead the way!

What you do makes a difference...
Be the change you wish to see.
Volunteer, Recycle...
Help the homeless or plant a tree.

If everyone put their hands together...
For we are the human race...
Imagine what we could achieve...
We'd make the world a better place!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Maya Aug 30
whisper your name
until it is meaningless.
shatter yourself on the stones,
sweep it up,
and mold yourself whole again.

this is existing.
this is engraving your soul
on the walls of time.
this is learning to





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