In some of those Ethiopian Youtube Videos,
The Ethiopians look and act
Just like White People.
The young women try to look sexy
By completely straightening their hair,
And the young men
Look like preppies.
That strategy
Ain't gonna' get you in the door!
You have to figure out how the System works,
And find an opening!
Natasha 4d
They ask what I am
As if they could draw a map
On my skin
Paved by my color
My hair
And my name

But even I can’t trace the path.
I’m a mutt of people
In time
And yet I am here.
And I am human.
Is that not enough?
I am not a wo(man) because someone says I am
I am a wo(man) because I am chosen by God to be
HE chose me to be part of this race, the Human Race
For it,HE gave me an Identity, HE gave me my Name
Peculiar to me, Qualifying me
to run this race. So I run.

Like every race, there are others too
Runners who cross my path, Cutting
In on my race, Kidnapping the gifts
Along my lane, Replacing the good
With pain and shame, Pasting on
My chest and back, an identity
not my own.

So that I say along with them
This is who I am, This is what I am
This is what as a wo(man) I must
Live through, endure and embrace

I am not a wo(man) because someone says I am
I am a wo(man) because I am chosen by God to be
HE chose me to be a part of this race, the Human Race
For it, HE gave me an Identity, HE gave me my Name
So I run this race. For I am

Qualified, I am Worthy
I am Enough, I am an Answer
I reclaim my race by grace

The winds of heaven are plashing on my sill; and so it falls convicting me of my sin.
I search for answers in the church -yard ground,
But i stumble among the fear mongering dead.
To late for them
Washed up by the judging  rain
The nameless graves  
No hope there voices lie silent in the grave
I wonder if there souls are weeping
They fought for there country
At a noble cost
To whom
The King of the heavens
Nor the  face of the earth
There bitter years have ended
A nation weeps
To whom shall we weep
Amanda Apr 4
It is okay to make mistakes
We all cannot be the best
Every once in awhile
Humans need a little rest

Go ahead, take a break
I will wait right here for you
And then when you are ready
I will show you what love can do

Take your starting positions
Ready, get set, go
Do not wear yourself out too fast
It is okay to take it slow

See love is not a race
It takes a lot of patience and care
It takes two devoted people
One life that they now share
An old one
Jenny Apr 1
It’s a curious pat on the head
It’s not being bad for a black girl at the age of fifteen
It’s the wrong shade of foundation
It’s trivial
It’s being too scared to call them out, disappearing and saying you left because you were bored
It’s entering the queue for pizza at the end of a night out in Budapest four times because the first three times you were ignored
It’s where you’re really from
It’s just a question
Jiawen 张 Dec 2017
Admit that I myself
Still am that insecure girl who is shy inside.
Then I will push myself harder than everyone else
To be independent and strong.
Admit that my parents
Will forever be kids finding the right way to love.
Then my heart can feel that
They really love each other and their kid.
Admit that my peers
Will forever be students finding the right way to live,
Just like how I am still growing up.
Then my eyes can see all of their unique souls.
Admit that it’s very possible that
My biological family members will forever be racists.
Then I will have the freedom to create my own family
Which is different from them.
Admit that it’s very possible that
Most Chinese will forever think I am fat and ugly.
Then my brain can believe that
People of other races do like my body and face.
Admit that it’s very possible that
I will forever be afraid of most Asians inside
Because I have been bullied since I was a kid.
Then I will appreciate how much I still love them.
Admit how much I am wrong,
No matter how much I want to say that I am right.
Then I will have some room for myself to learn more
And a chance for strangers to know me more.

Admit how much I hate it,
No matter how much I love it.
Then I will have the eyes
To see how deeply I love it.

Admit how much I love it,
No matter how much I hate it.
Then I will have the heart
To feel how deeply I love it.
You have to admit you are not perfect.
We create lines in our heads,
And project these lines
Onto the Earth
And one another.
These lines form
Political factions
They form
Racial groups.
It must be human nature
To create these categories
In order to file them
Somewhere in our minds.
Of course,
Each person has a different set of files
In his or her mind.
So, there obviously isn't anything absolute
About this sort of
Steve Page Mar 24
Being white is a responsibility,
a privalege,
an advantage,
topped up by a y chromosome
for some,
and this can not be worn lightly.

Don't kid yourselves:
despite the painted ceilings
God is not white.
Yet being white
is a still responsibility.

And guys
God doesn't carry chromosomes
or gender defining genitalia.
God designed all that
for us to enjoy
out of His love of diversity
out of His mischievous plan
for procreational play,
out of His need to be reflected in the image of 2 genders
because one was not diverse enough
and Adam could not bear God's full image alone.

As I was saying,
being white is a responsibility -
placed on our shoulders
by each generation that
pushed down
held back and
placed into submission
the rest of God's rich palate
of humankind colour.

God is not white.
No, he chose the olive skin
of His chosen, His select people
and wore than dark complexion
with pride.

God is not white.
He is translucent.

Being white is a responsibility
of our own making -
so let us bear it responsibly.
Living in London it doesnt take long to recognise white privalege
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