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i never want to hurt, or cause any harm
to all the daisies growing at the AllDaisy farm
and though, my seeds carry no obscene disease
i'm blocked off by tumbleweeds and old oak trees
i have heard that in the warm wind you play
so i send my pollinated seeds your way
and though, my children need to grow with you
i accept you always, signed, black-eyed sue (without a view)
The soul is no colour
The soul is no race
The soul is no gender
The soul simply is ...
Written by Sean Achilleos
23 August 2021
We're racing to our headstones and I'm leading the pack
Zero rationality left here to extract
Decided to listen to own judgement first
I admit in the past it's been the worst
My tears help me float when I collapse
Circles round my heart til I find a hold to graspt
Mind and emotions seem to disagree
Act hard because I am softer than I'd like to be
Sometimes the toughest people are the most sensitive inside
Peter B Jul 10
When they win a race
the light of grace is on their face,
but soon it dims, it fades away,
and they feel like losers.

I am not like them.
Human garbage
Primitive minds
Constant conflict
Violent malevolence
Self evidence
Inevitable demise.
Jay M Apr 28
Headed straight for the exit
Got the key around my neck
Not waiting for what's next it
Really doesn't matter, heck
If I can just outrun it
Keep ahead long enough
Someday, I bet
Though incredibly rough
I'll see the sun set
Without running past
Sitting to enjoy it
At long last

-  Jay M
April 28th, 2021
Jump, climb over the stones and keep going on the path. Just keep going, until you reach the finish line.
I am not afraid of the roads,
Or of all the fast cars, in a hurry to do something else,
In a hurry to win the race,
They set me free, they make me feel alive,
And I don't fear death, because I live well enough every day,
As if it was my last.
Femi Mar 21
I am love.
I am wealth.
I hold purity and grace in my belt.

I am strength.
I know pain.
I carry secrets and dreams in my name.

I am she.
She is black.
I hold no titles,
Just a monkey on my back.
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