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I'm not the BLACK coat
you can HANG
next to the bigotry you HIDE
in that closest of yours.

wearing me out
when you want to warm up
your cold views
by saying
"I can't be racist; I have a BLACK FRIEND."
More poems on Insta: @osamasetorbest
“Hands up, white man, don’t move.”
What do you expect when he dresses like that?
With a name like Fred/John/Joe/Steve/Adam,
“I swear, I thought his phone/wallet/pack of M&Ms was a gun,” He shouldn’t have run
It was dark and I couldn’t see and he was driving erratically!”
And, and, and, and, and
“I felt threatened
Just look at him. He was probably a
Drug dealer/gangbanger/****.”
You can’t tell which of those whites are good and which are bad.
It’s just so hard to tell them apart.
I followed my training and
I felt threatened.
I swear I’m not a racist. I have white friends.
Max Dec 10
Full of thoughts.
My head
Like a crowded room.

Every thought close to the
And bumping into eachother.

But when the music
It stops the race of
And the resulting memory loss.
Not my best work, sorry:(
Steve Page Nov 29
life's not a race, it's more of a dance
and some choose to dance in formation,
others pair up, even more dance alone
while some spin a DJ vocation
Race or dance. I know what I choose.
Stephen S Nov 29
I rarely get pulled over.
I don't often get strange looks.
If a police officer sees me,
They pass right by.

I go about my day without worry
over what problems my skin
may cause me this time around.

As I live my life,
I occasionally hang my head
as I think about those
Who can never live as freely as I do.

And in that moment
I am cursed with a thousand questions
For which I fear there is no good answer.
werdnaZ Nov 28
Race me to infinity
Down the track of our lives
Lead me to a paradise
Trace the tracks of tears from my eyes
And whisper me beautiful and sweet goodbyes
i like this
Jodie-Elaine Nov 25
Early nineties,
they found a box behind reception labelled ‘lost anatomy’
opens it,
finds his voice.
They took our sounds for granted and crossed the lines ‘till the only thing our lips could do was flail,
they plugged us in with wires but no amps, back into the whitewashed walls and tied us up in graffitied corners, all the places where political shadows do nothing but lull out anaesthetic.

Mocked scenes from final destination,
the one where the subway train collides
encounters America’s tired hum and buzz.
The television upchucks static and we don’t know why it’s still switched on.
A child’s hand reaches out and plucks a seashell from an afro,
tries to hear the sea.
Looping, rippling and losing his rights each time a wave hits the shore.

The invisible nooses around our fingers rifle through an open book.
They told us that that much candy can rot your teeth
and the hand works its way up a room with a view where
tights aren’t tight
but no one ever notices the old man at closing time,
crying at the clocks.
Inspired by a 2015 Nottingham Contemporary exibition on voice, race, sexuality and gender (I'll add in the name when I remember). Favorite artworks in the show were Felix Gonzalez-Torres' "Untitled" (Perfect Lovers), 1991 and Bruce Nauman's "Run from Fear, Fun from Rear", 1972.
Apporva Arya Nov 25
Always so insecure,
There seems no cure..
In the hunger of more,
Feeling anxiety till core..

Hustling ,
To end hustles,..
Building a dream,
All in bubbles..

Looking back,
Its **** and cries..
Trying to climb up,
There's a valley along,
deep enough to die..
Ahead i race,
Soul not keeping pace.
Miles to go before i sleep. This time will give up if its need.
Asante' Nov 24
Treating happiness
like it's a
r a c e
is the fastest way to
c r a s h
into misery.
Sam Nov 18
First California
Next the whole world
The fires grow stronger and stronger
Every single day
Fueling us with as much fear
As we have fueled the fire with oxygen
The world is rottin anyway
Maybe it’s good that we burn
Maybe that’s what we must do
To restore the earth to its former state
We must wipe ourselves out
In order to come back better
Or maybe we shouldn’t come back at all
Maybe we should die
And stay dead
Cause, considering everything happening,
On these horrible days of earth
The human race really does ****
Ugh the whole fire thing started off making me nervous. But now I’m just angry.
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