Bryce 3d
Wake and bake you fuckin flake!
There's nowhere else than here for you,
How dare you think you could get outta this,
No sir, this ain't something you can miss!

Go go go we're on a roll
I'm gonna drop you out the back like fresh cargo
Out the deep blue sea of air that beats and steams
Smacks you flat across those baby cheeks

It'll eat you alive, there's nowhere to hide
Life has a gun in her mouth and runs wild with her dice
She'll roll you in-- a winner or loser,
And can already tell which one you'll be.

This ain't sunshine and rainbows!
This is war
This ain't eden,
This is the floor!
A trillion miles left to heaven,
And hell separated into this long ago
So heft your baggy saddle
And go

That is, only if you want it to be
You can heat your meat with the Furnace of dreams
Exchange your bones into gold,
Let the rain melt to snow
Trust the gun and the run and don't forget to have fun
You'll really get me then, boy I'll have nothing left to say,
Once you turn life onto broil that day

It's good to let your blood pump and boil,
There is no soil for which doesn't toil
And churn and burn and yearn to learn
To experience the uninterrupted turning of the earth

We're on our way, you and I, plummeting
Searching for some incomprehensible summit
Of trust in the ticking hand of life
As she holds our souls in her palm so tight
We can hardly tell we're slipping away
Pumping and jumping and having fine days
To which one of those, bundled,
we will fade away
And life will smile, wide on her face,
Knowing she hit the jackpot of the age
And as we fall to the playing table,
Dust of chance and left to spin
Well, that's when we'll know for sure we win.
I wake up
I bath
I work
I finish
I go home
I sleep
I repeat

je me réveille
je prends un bain
je travaille
je termine
je rentre à la maison
je dors
je répète

Mo ji
Mo wẹ
Mo sise
Mo pari
Mo lọ si ile
Mo sun
Mo tun ṣe

أنا حمام
أنا أذهب للمنزل

Watashi wa
watashi no basu
watashi wa hataraku
watashi wa oeru
watashi wa ienikaeru neru
watashi wa kurikaesu

Ego surgere
et bath
ego consummare
i Vade in domum tuam
ego dormio
ego iterare

aš atsikeliu
Aš maudytis
Aš dirbu
aš baigiu
aš einu namo
aš miegu
aš kartoju

Rex Verum Regem
Some pains and sadness trancend race, colour and language.
We all follow the same painfull process to survive slaving away and receiving minimal Reward.
i do a lot of things that i shouldn't
i daydream about things that i shouldn't
i write about things in messy blue ink that i shouldn't
i say things that i shouldn't
i fight for things that i shouldn’t
i overthink and obsess over things that i shouldn't
but i do these things anyway and i don't regret any of it
for i am leading a messy life
written in the messy ink of my favorite pen
i'm writing about all of the blues and blacks of this thing
this thing that i call my life
and i don't regret it
i don't regret messaging people that i shouldn't
apologizing for things that no longer hold any relevance
i don't regret dancing in the middle of meijer with my friends
or screaming at the top of my lungs in parking lots
when the world just gets too damn heavy
and i can no longer carry its weight on my shoulders
i don't regret burying myself in bottles of liquor and my favorite book
i don't regret the bridges i've burnt
or the one's i rebuilt
i don't regret kissing you at every red light
or sleeping with you on that cold february night
i don't regret venturing back into the arms of the person who hurt me
giving him a second chance
placing my heart in one hand
and a knife in the other
i don't regret any of it
i do a lot of things that i shouldn't
for they make my life a life worth living
Ana Sophia Jul 1
it's been eight months
eight fucking months
you two are dating
and my heart still races every time
i see you.
and I still get this overflowing feelings
I can't deal with.
why can't I get over it?
why does it still feel so weird
and confusing?
why is it never ever completely
over for me
even though you've moved on?
time ain't healing
White Identity Movement
United States regresses
Into atavistic tribalism.
No one really knows who they are.
We're just fighting
Over the scraps.
Poetic T Jun 23
Waving my tattered coat among
the waves of anger that floods
                                               past me.
I surrendered before this even began.
           homeless lullabies filtered though
my sleep the screams and echoes of
           a singular piece of lead silencing others.

But the azure bleed cerise on the pavement.
            Taking identities of fallen heroes,
never questioning but shaded beyond morals.
A tide was crashing upon the pavement of

There didn't seem to be a life of Black & White.
           but the fact that I seemed to be less
of worth than others pigment.
I held my tattered coat visible to those who
                          where dressed as if for war.
I was the first causality of the night,
                                   hands up in surrender

But as bleed on the floor I thought
                                                           "Why me"
Thomas EG Jun 23
It feels different with her
Different with how she sees me
Because she... sees me,
She loves every part of me
That I want to love about myself
That I can acknowledge
As admirable traits to have
And she... admires me
And I admire her admiration
And I desire her love
She is so good
And I love every part of her
And she can't love herself
But maybe if she loves us
She can get there faster
And we try to move slowly
But my love for her,
It loves running races
And my heart races
When she moves with me
And we move with each other
And I love how we have moved since
And I loved how we moved before
But everything has led to this
Everything has led to us
And I love us
And I love every part of her
And she makes me
Feel like I am worth loving
Clearing out my drafts
~June 16th
It's just road
and not a race
I win
Yeah, thats right, just a road ahead ;D~
one without

Just so long buddy
as you're in my
rear view
Paul-Dieter Jun 22
We ponder on our
First kiss
First love,
But they're all in the past

We forget
Love is the race
where we win when
We finish
Your first kiss doesn't carry the weight as the last person you kiss for the first time...
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