David Hutton Oct 1

You like to make us feel out-of-place.
Consider yourselves the master race?
You hate and you fear,
But we won't disappear.
Because we are in everyplace.

We've got to blame SOMEONE for these Hurricanes!
The Question is,
"Who is it gonna' be?"
The Jews are always cooking up mischief!
THEY'RE probably the one's to blame,
It ain't them.
The Chinese have been causing Trouble
Since we let them build the Transcontinental Railroad.
Those Chinks are probably monkeying around with the Weather,
Maybe not.
The Islamic Terrorists!
They would do something despicable like That.
They want us to abandon Jesus
In favor of Sharia Law!
So, THEY caused this Hurricane to happen........
Maybe not?
Those Mexican Aztecs have such a horrible Rape Culture
And they still practice human sacrifice.
It must be them who are to blame,
Maybe not.
Oh, shit,
It's the revenge of Sitting Bull!
I saw it in a Dream last night
After Smoking a Joint.
Sitting Bull was gunned down,
And now he wants REVENGE!
He's mad!
We're really fucked!

Kowalski Aug 13

Charlottesville, 8/12/2017

In the early moments,
we didn’t know who it was
behind the wheel
or who it was
that was dead.

So, for a half-hour,
it was just a death.


And it didn’t matter whose
it was.

And then I watched the video.

And then it mattered.

hate and backwardness
infantile stupidity
flunkies at hatred
ambivalent President
Is a crime really a crime?

Joshua Haines Aug 15

Maggots boil from under her skin.
  I will never see her again.
I have heart aches that
  stem from mistakes.
I count them as they
  leak from her skin.

Her eyes are raisins;
  I will never find what
they last captured.
  Cheekbones higher than
my song. My finger brushed
  along all that was black
and seeped into her back,
  tripping on her vertebrae
like a boy frolicking home.

  The cacti stand still--
while I feel quite ill--
  standing in an ocean
of honey.

  The people stand still--
America is ill--
  standing in an ocean
of money.

  You stand still,
too afraid to kill
  an ocean of hate
you tolerate.

The Supporters
Of President Donald Trump
Had finally become sick and tired
Of all the Environmentalists,
Who were interfering
With Trump's promise
To "Make America Great" again.
On Sunday, April 22, 2018,
A Group of Trump Loyalists
Opened fire on Environmental Activists
Gathered in Denver's Civic Center Park
In observance of Earth Day
With High-Powered Assault Rifles,
Killing 180 of them on the spot.
It was the largest Massacre
In the History of the State of Colorado.
The residents of Denver
Avoided the corpses, rotting in the Park
For 10 days
Out of fear
That they would also be
Gunned down.
The Denver Police Department
Was not on the side
Of these White Supremacist Terrorists
But the cops were intimidated
By their firepower.
Only the crows flew into Civic Center Park
Poking away at the eyes of the Demonstrators....
Sucking out the juicy, tasty  fluid.
A Group of Native American Activists arrived on the Scene
With wheel barrels,
And loaded the corpses of these Environmentalists
Into waiting trucks,
Parked on Lincoln Street.
They then drove the trucks
Clear up to the the Pine Ridge Reservation  in South Dakota,
Where they had prepared wood for funeral pyres
Along the White River.
They burned the bodies as  Hindus would
Along the Sacred River Ganges.
The Women wailed, moaned and screamed in terror,
As the Men said prayers to the Creator,
To as  for Forgiveness for Humanity
For What we had  done to Mother Earth.
It was said that a Lone Bison arrived on the Scene
And silently observed this Mass-Funeral Ceremony
From an Escarpment overlooking the White River,
Mourning the Victims
Of the Denver Massacre
Along with the Tribe.

The Ashkenazi Jew are beautiful people,
The Nazi were just repulsively anti-Jew...
So many Ashkenazi were slaughtered,
The shameless Nazis are to be blamed..
Concentration camps had gas chambers,
Gassing the Ashkenazi to painful death.
Ways of the Devil belittled by the Nazi!

My HP Poem #1456
©Atul Kaushal

If you think we're gonna' relinquish our country without a fight, Jewboy,
You got another thing coming!
The United States is the Property of the Whiteman.
It don't belong to no Redman or Blackman or Chinaman
Or nobody else.

On January 27, 2017.....Holocaust Remembrance Day,
President Donald Trump did not mention the Jews
The argument is the the Nazis really LIKED the Jews.
They just killed six million of them
By accident.

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