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Fed-up of ordinary life
Free opportunity on line
Facing onslaught of lust
Finally out of luck
Four FOOLs make a fool!
What if I told you that happiness is a lie,
That love you think you have is swimming by,
Letting you know
You will never know how.

Emptiness is what surround us,
Don't let it get to you,
Don't let it get to you.
And if so, never lose that „you“.
Don't let the loneliness get the worst of you too.

I wish I could just walk away,
From the lies and dreams I've had about you.
I've imagined you as an innocent pure clay,
Who had no clue, no clue.

It's hard to admit it's here again,
the unexpected rain through my vein,
But it's the very same
Just with a different name.

I wish I would be strong enough,
To stand up and be myself,
Stay away from when it's rough,
Enjoy the time when you are not around.

I thought it's not possible.
Not possible to find someone, who could handle me,
So on the edge and yet, still so shallow.
I might be someone who sees a meadow
From a shadow.

They think when it's not visible
It's allright.
Then why I feel like
It's getting worse, more like.
The more they do not see
Becomes painful just to be.
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't miss me
Let me go
My dear friends
My dear foes
Don't miss me
Let me go
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't waste
Your precious tears
As I go
Ordinary mortal
Ordinary show
Don't miss me
Let me go
Look around
So many gems
Take care of them
This dry stem
Belongs to urn
Don't miss me
Let me go
Nikkie Jan 29
I see a part of you deep within, that no other woman ever can.
When you walk into a room, my day gets brighter, and my heart feels deeper, because your very essence pulls me in.
I said a prayer about a year ago, for God to send to me a man like you.
I never looked at you in any way, other than just an ordinary person, I saw every day.
But one day I saw your shine; you began to glow, this masculine light.
You blazed like the sun, beating down from the sky, reflecting your power in my raging sea.
You’ve included me inside your circle, and given me a joy that I never knew existed.
You are the kind of man I can lose control with, yet trust enough to bury myself, inside your cave, inside your heart.
When I saw you today, as you walked across the room, that same light that pours out your soul, was bouncing off your masculine essence.
I hope I am the only one to see it, the brightness you exude, the light you are.
I want to be selfish, and hold you close, so no other woman can’t steal my joy.
I’ve prayed again, and asked God to help me, by asking him, is what  I’m really feeling is actually love.
God abruptly reminded me, that he is too good at who he is.
He gave you life, he gave you breath, he gave you the glow, that only I can see.
Your glow pulls me in, and draws me close, and makes me love you even more.
so the dancing dust bunnies gleam
in the soft light of the noontime sunshine
as it smiles down on me through
smudged second-story windows
bringing with it a reminder that even
the most ordinary everyday moments
can sparkle like stars in the midnight sky
A whisper in the wind
No ordinary voice could speak
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
i dont feel bad,
i dont feel good,
just being away from ordinary.
im kinda that.
Ken Pepiton Jul 2020
Air guitar, mellow, loose breezy shadows on the rock
outside my window, where life,
barely modified by my
the old learning in each living thing,
seen through my window?
While idly listening to the audiobook The Attention Merchants,
actively attending the attention economy makes all things common, there fore short attention spans are evolved to meet words where they hurt, and kiss it, make it better. --- or as that feels in the typical virtualviral conscience.
Sujan Jul 2020
The clattering of summer birds,
Against the frame of that small window,
The soft honks that disturbs their dawn,
And the giggles escaping our lips,

The wheezes from clearly tired bodies,
From the small games we used to play,
And the shouts of the old lady,
Sounds so distant yet near,

Remember the ordinary days?
Do you miss it too?
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