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EP Robles 19h
And in this morning
ice-baked skies
that I be drawn to the
glass-cold window
was a pleasant
albeit utter surprise
To see -- I did!
Across the way
beyond the oak
between the frost
and misty cloak
the Monarch
who flittered by!
The grand vision
-- crystal snow
drifting flakes
against noble color

such a butterfly!
I have my full mind,
plenty of eyesight and some ***** left in me.
I have never been sick a day in my life.
So hear me.
I know what *** looks like
We met years and years ago
but I'll never forget Him.
As a young boy I went fishing at my secret still water pond
in the forest.
A three foot long carp,
big as a log,
hovered near me all day till twilight.
At dinner, I fed him the bread crust from my sandwich,
the part I didn't like,
and proceeded to live on to this great age.
Winning entry of the 2018 RMAML Poetry Contest
Published in The Watershed Journal
Sometimes it was very pleasant
Sometimes it was terrible
Giggles, cuddles and moans
Tears, burdens and brakes
She thought it was a perfect combination
Because it was never a relationship
It was love

World went from gleaming to glooming
Where she endured all the pain with a beautiful smile
Because it was never her life
It was someone else's territory

She woke up just to see a dark room
Every minute went by dark
She was used to it
She was strong enough to live her life
But there was a one hole in that room
Where she saw a brighter light

But she knew it was wrong
As they were already connected by a piece of sheet
Even though it ends with pain
She decided to stay
Because she believed in miracles
This is about a girl trapped in a room with her so rude husband where he was a cold hearted. But she believed one day that he'll change because it was never a relationship , it was love.
Everyone wants a happy ending.
Its written in blood
The pain, the sacrifice
And the truths we don’t know
Mostly Hating inside
Is what most people grow
Without even knowing
The anger they’ve sown
I wanted a love song
But I got a sad dirge
i wanted my rights
But I got, “please wait sir.”
I wanted to love her
I wanted to hear
That she felt the same way
That love could be real
But dreams don’t come true
And love is the same
They both come and they go
And they both leave their stain
Most humans pray for a miracle
And wish at the hour
So their hopes and their dreams
don’t go desperately sour
LeV3e Aug 1
*** speaks with impeccable timing
Lining the mirror with silver
Reflecting even the dimmest lighting
So you notice that glimmer in your eyes...
Inside I'm whirling with questions
My curious mind, wresting with
Indecision and panic at the promises
I meant but might not honestly be able to keep...
I know that I'm intelligent, but still
Doubt clouds my judgement while
Fear of death, or even worse, failure
Drive me into situations I might regret...
It's a miracle I'm still alive today
By the hands of gracious people
I narrowly escaped the legions gaze
Moving out of the steeples vast shadow...
Now, standing in the light, the Truth
Watching my own shade stretch out
Consuming the lovely Sun's warmth
And twisting it with my short sighted ego...
I wish I could understand because
I don't have much faith in humanity
But we're all just doing our best
To try to make ends meet...
Oh! Come
and walk_ Jill
loves to react
He's the Dr. Love
Where is the
Jack has better
to spell let's not
Her miracle
saucy roue'

Packages in bulk
You could only
see the
shadow of his
Through his talk
Oh! *** let me see
some kind of miracle
Old news Monday suits
marine Army miracle

News on the
We all have an alibi
No backup plan
If there is any miracle
Who hired this FBI
Miracle gummies
Computers don't
react well
Click away dummies

My miracle Pill
Just chill fireplace
What it cost you
Memory lane
Got a lost change of face
((Jack the miracle
Iced Frost)) follower
The book
Jack and Jill Monk pill
Getting Up !!! no hill?
Surrender to swallowing
pills more bills nothing
Too Gong **
Santa Claus roundabout

Or squared into hope for
miracles to be practiced
Losing you he has the will
Miracle cleansed shirt
A goldmine of dirt
He nailed it, Rusty
The  fan is blowing_$$$

The time gets
explosive miracle man
His chin bombing reacts
Moves to show you
So ready charming
Like the miracle drug
Repeatedly rejects
How he ripped out
your barber carpet
Stop pulling so ruling

To be pushed
It was lightening

Bolt and the
miracle earth-rush
Changed our love

Aged wine lips
Lotto riches
come and
go to be fallen

But fate pays to
be risen

((Ben Hur))

But Hollywood
rodeo drives me crazy
Plastic surgeons lazy
Traveling all Golfers
So in like Flinn

The supreme baby
where did our
money go if so?
So fit the fortunate
I reckoning?
Who needs the
miracle pill
All bills---$$$ over-charges
My miracle words to be
sprinkled deleted his
To the very
top that's my
Be happy and free_
If there is a miracle this is not on ice like the Queen having a cheap popsicle. It how  we all react to miracles well all I can say we were born to be wild but we all love to go back being a child your the miracle wildflower new responsibilities
Brent Kincaid May 18
My life is such that
Had I heard the voice
From a burning bush,
I am sure I would not
Have liked what it said.
I would have been ready
With lengthy arguments
Of science and history
And philosophy instead.

If some white stuff fell
From the sky above me
I would accept the reality
That it was global warming
A miraculous warning
Even the evangelicals
Would not find equivocal
As it fit both categories;
Both scientific and glory.

The parting of the sea?
Maybe a big conglomerate
One more time yet that
They made a decision
To make an incision
In the scenery and jam
Into place a lucrative dam.
Not such a big miracle to
Render atheists miserable.

I understand the loaves
And the miracle of fishes
But, I have seen some
Of McDonald’s dishes
And sacks full of food
Brewed and cooked
From nothing much
And they don't much look
Like the animaLs they are
Supposed to be from.
I’m not that dumb.
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