I Don’t Write Nature Poems

I don’t write nature poems.
My husband is the nature guy,
While I, I sit around
Bound by philosophies and wond’rings why.
However, last night, ten or so fifteen
The crescent moon
Outside my window
Turned from white to orange.
No mirage, I, on the edge of sleep
Sat up amazed,
The deepest part of this un-phased, rather blasé Arlene
In bliss.
How does one explain it, share it, do it justice?
How does one make clear magnificence?

Orange caused a drunken binge
Whose hangover
I had to share
With you, dear reader, reader dear.
It happened just last night.  Truly.
I wish I could cry on your shoulders
But you have been gone for the past week
I wish I didn’t have to carry  these huge boulders
But you have more important things that you seek
I wish you were here
But you seem to be over there
All I can do is wish
Twice a day
11:11 am and 11:11pm
And they say wishes come true
So where’s mine?
Let me unroll rugs, prayers to furnish tonight
Promise to my Lord may accomplish tonight

Urdu sipped my blood since years back
Let me try my grief in English tonight

Stars walked around the sky over her mansion
Eagerly gathered to know her wish tonight

Rivulets flowing down your cheeks are havoc
Oh Lord!  Who will relieve her anguish tonight

Evening of June and approaching misfortune
Silently my hopes wait to vanish tonight

Who cares for Life, Leila and Love
Let them cause my soul to perish tonight

Mirza, in Husayn's abode, swears by Lord
In divine Kingdom, he feels devilish tonight
Tonight, poet is careless for his life.
mjad Jan 12
things happen
words slip
lips collide
tears drip
but sometimes
those things
are good
loving words
tender kisses
joyful tears
not bad
X Jan 4
Every time I close my eyes
I see visions of your smile
I sense the pain that you always hide
I feel hopeless every time

I wish that I could make everything better
I wish that I could make your life brighter
I wish that I can make you stronger
Seeing you miserable, makes me weaker

I hope miracles do come true
So that I can see that beautiful smile that you always do
I wish problem will go away from you
For you to start a life anew
Anatoly Dec 2017
Far in this den of flaring links
With jocund ships and dismal streets,
You know by heart those piled up heaps
Of low-browed, beetling roofs.
But for the miracles in store,
You would have felt a little sore.
As chilly bareness falls for snow
To make some fine excuse.

Although the feeble candle-light
Has latent echo, once you sigh
For dreary days, it's still alright
To be bereft of drip.
It changes tune, indeed. Your tune.
The one ghost hummed in gleaming room.
The one that fits ones homeward blue.
The substitute for gift.

At length the sudden knock you hear,
For all delight, and thrill, and cheer,
You'd hardly grope with fingertip
For long-deserted door.
With dark brown curls and sparkling eyes
You meet a stranger, for demise
Is yet to catch you by surprise
With writing on a stone.

Too late to have your fate reversed,
Dream dwindles down into bedpost,
And pale, as though you've seen a ghost,
You scramble out of bed.
Mist loiters near the stirring cold-
It's all the wonders to behold.
The big prize turkey have been sold
In store around the bend.
Shalo Nov 2017
I believe that there's a future
I believe in hope
I believe in ever after
I believe in love

Troubles will come
And hearts will be broken
Pressure wont stop
And words'll stay unspoken

Yet I believe in miracles
And friendships never broken
I believe in Jesus
And His Cross that bares forgiveness
I believe that we are all people, and that respect is mutual. I believe in stating opinions, and tolerating others.

I believe in this community of  words written but not spoken, and I believe you.

So, please, dont get offended because you dont believe what I do. This is my opinion, and I know you have yours. You can state it if you will, with respect and toleration, since we are all people sharing our home with individual freedom...and (I hope) love.
It's no longer I, that lives.
But Christ that lives in me.
Today has been a  very different   one that I wouldn't  expect
DEW Oct 2017
In dying day
we trust dismay
Like scent of edible death,
it marks the forlorn path
that marks the traveler
that marks the soul
that feeds the beast.

I cry upon the balustrade
I climb the walls
assail the roof!
I cling to hope and tidings sweet...
but hope, she fades away

In misty day
haze thick with ire
like defiling spear
it pierces the shepherd
who ushers the flock
who bicker and bark
who worship the beast.

I thirst 'pon fetid ocean
amidst mustard fog
oar strokes batter the brine
frost clogs the air, my freedom, my heart
while the sun hides his face for shame of the world
every other face is a mask, and beneath it a mask
their truths are lies and their confessions are lies
so I brave the ocean, seeking her wholesome face
Her voice is the bedrock of countless miracles.
I peer into the cloud that hugs the sea
her face smiles in the obscurity
I reach out to touch her visage
but hope, she fades away.

For years I sought her company
I wished for odes to reveal
the residence of her testimony
Her word would defend, like steel!

Yet when I finally found her,
my grasp bound death's door
I realized I was the hope
that no one will know anymore.

As hope, I fade away.
I have tried my best to describe my life's struggle in this one poem.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

We can't complain about nothing changing when we're the ones unwilling to change.


I never meant to love you
It happened quite by chance
I only wanted to be your friend
Not share a new romance

But something happened suddenly
Before my heart could know
I came to know a side of you
That caused my love to grow

The tender ways you've touched me
I pray, now will never end
A miracle of circumstance
My lover... My best friend
Written for my best friend back in junior high school.. Whom later became my husband.  RIP Caddyman
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