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Sarah Sep 7
My sweet boy
I recall your first step
First word
Your Smiles and cries
The excitement in which you viewed a fly
Such a precious little thing you were
And now you're dead
Laid on a pavement, shot in the head
Eyes wide open, staring at the sky
Perhaps for one last time, you're searching for that fly.
I wrote this in mourning for the young men who were murdered in the last few days in Iraq, in an attempet of the government to oppress the protests, protests that simply demanded clean water to drink!!
I hope the world knows that somewhere in this world in 2018 people are murdered for demanding water.
Roseanna Aug 21
Angels are withered,
Battered, like you.
Thrown to the dogs of society
Wings ripped anew.

Humans are punished
loved by few
Thrown to the dogs of society
Heads fixed askew.

Demons are tired
Spat out and chewed
Thrown to the dogs of society
Welcomed as crew.

Not meant to be political,
Except maybe a bit,
We are all  just people
And life is tough shit.
Trying out something new and risky! lets see the reaction.
Still a bitter poem, apparently that's my style?
I promise i'm ok,
Frank DeRose Aug 20
I suffer from a self-inflicted affliction,
Indeed, the guilt of my benefaction
By the decree of my skin tone at birth,
At the expense of the bodies and souls of my darker brothers and sisters,
Gnaws at the rough edges of my soul.

I feel shame when I consider
The ease with which I move through the circles of society,
While others pause at every edge,
Eye their surroundings,
Look for exit points,
Gauge their safety.

And I double down on my guilt,
Knowing that it is more coping mechanism
Than it is agent of change.
“As bad as things are,
At least I feel bad that they’re bad,”
I reason.

As if that makes things better.

As if that’s oxygen in the black man’s lungs.

As if it helps him breathe.

Still, I do what I can.

I confront racism where I see it,
Voice my opposition to the systemic injustices from which I benefit.

I have made enemies,
Perhaps even of myself,
A price I’d gladly pay
Ten thousand times over, for 400 years and more.

Because it’s not about me.

Not any more.

It’s not about me.
MicMag Aug 10
Oppressing the people
Deaf to their cries

Time marches on
As indifferent to what
Lies ahead
As what came before
Time rules us all
I am you,
you are me.
With this now
who are we?
A friend,
a foe,
I do believe.
My heart is open
to what you see.

Somewhere now
we fight with fists.
Somewhere else
we kiss with lips.
I stretch the truth
for me to hear.
I hope it snaps.
I need not fear.

In this world,
this world of mine,
don't blink,
don't think.
and you'll be fine.
Someday soon
we'll dust our knees.
For on that day
we'll need not
I tell you now,
can't wait to meet.
I promise soon
I'll reject defeat.
Freddie Ruiz Jun 20
This is an everyday issue we tend to neglect,
but it’s time for us to step up, because it is a regret.
The level of wickedness and the lack of respect
that’s been breaking down our children; what does that reflect?
So, let’s pay attention to what’s going on and let’s do something.
He and she are valuable, there’s no need for them to be suffering.
It’s time for us to show them that we are truly doing something.
Step up and let them see that tomorrow is always a new beginning.

Humiliating words said to me, cruel acts done to me,
and every day for me, I felt like a nobody.
Fear blinded me, I couldn’t see clearly.
Because of you, I almost lost my identity.
My courage you tried to break.
My happiness you tried to take.
It took boldness for me to demonstrate
that I was not the person that for years you made me hate.

Because of my beliefs, I was ridiculed many times.
Because I was different, I was ridiculed many times,
but with every tease, in time I came to realize
that I was stronger than you and I wasn’t gonna die around your lies.
My self-worth, at last, I regained.
My faith in me, you couldn’t wane.
You can no longer cause me any pain,
because I worked hard to be proud of who I am.

The only way things will change is if we take a stand ourselves.
If you don’t see the problem, you better check yourself.
With the increasing number of suicides in adolescents,
to know what our children are going through is a distress.
Let’s teach our children that their religion, the color of their skin,
their social status, their hobbies, their physical difference, their nationality
are no reasons to be ashamed of and let alone reasons to hurt anybody.
This crime is being overlooked and can’t be just fixed by a simple “sorry”.

We don’t live in a perfect world, but putting our two cents in can make a difference.
We don’t live in a perfect world, but it’s not ok to tolerate so much indifference.
We don’t live in a perfect world, but we don’t have to conform to oppression and ignorance.
We don’t live in a perfect world, but we don’t have to let hate destroy their happiness.
Written on December 14, 2017
Composition number: 601
He trembles
as he gazes upon
the upturned nostrils of They
that whispers
“Not good enough. Doesn’t fit the mold.”
They is the pestering voice that
jackhammers your skull and
shoves your limbs into broken figures.
“be left”
one screams
roars the other.
Left is contested into silence.
So there he sits with
trembling hands,
raging insides,
and bared teeth.
crows the They we all fear
but shall soon become
views on society
PoserPersona Jun 15
Fancying themselves as the educated, couth, sophisticated, and altruistic

Unabashedly obsessed with the primal instincts:
capital, prestige, power, and sex

Though preposterously managing to drown face down
in puddles from their own ureters

They are the artless, ignorant, hypocritical, insecure U.S. destroyers
Revolution is led by the young
The battle of oppression is near.
Freedom bells have rung
We've suppressed our fear.

and we die... as you observe and meet
and they die... while you drag your feet

The world watches our blood,
as it flows through the streets.
Politicians clean their hands,
with our defeat.

and we die... while you negotiate peace
and they die... by the hands of our own police
This suffrage for toleration has come too far to unwind.
Seems like a no win situation,
unless you emancipate your mind.

and we die... while you sit and debate
and they die... watching their women raped

The struggle against tyranny will continue,
until our dreams are realized.
My town, your village, whatever the venue,
our liberation musn't be compromised.

and we die... to be honored by the freed
and we've died... martyrs
our last breath singing nasheed

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