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If beauty becomes me, it is this room.

No ideas of thought, object by force.

We are that dream,born of favor.

Lords of maternity and fortunes lost.

We are.

I love you
ghalya Dec 7
help fill the void in my heart,
clinging to the little hope i have left.
you started a riot, of intrusive thoughts molded in my head.
vivid dreams, are the only thing that make me feel closer to death.
so now i close my eyes, exposing the revelation thats waiting to be said.
Maaz Dec 1
Stand on graves and cast out the helpless.
They arrive in waves to the illusion of hope.
A 'caravan' of people,
All begging for freedom,
But fear not,
They shall be murdered
for they are evil.

How can they expect asylum, safety & security,
from a land built on death?
Where those in power face no scrutiny.
Where an orange haired buffoon can thrive & prosper,
But mothers & fathers cannot afford a doctor.

Yet still these people come here seeking a better life and
how dare they do?
With hands calloused from hard work,
hearts filled with grief,
spirits filled with belief;
Don’t they know?

This is a land built out of the flesh of martyrs,
On a charter that helps oppress its own population,
A country that thrives off devastation.
A sociopathic society
Scarlett Nov 21
I force my feelings into my stomach
belly swelling and skin stretching
my body bursts open violently
guts, blood and emotion looking for a home
s   p   r   e   a   d   i   n   g
so basically I've been trying to communicate my emotions in a way that shows it's effect and damage, the gory imagery I'm presenting is created to rub you the wrong way, for me my feelings often feel detrimental to me physically and so that terrifying sinking feeling is what i am trying to portray
Josh Overson Nov 16
The attention ***** screams for redemption
Her blood shot eyes screen dream for attention
I’m not saying oppression just alittle obsession.
With a beat that cleats along ripped seats
She’s rhyming I’m selling a quick story telling
Last night, It’s like alcohol with no sway
And a mind can sweat net sweet fall away
Her bottomless energy lead astray, no hope dismay.
That a life can steam out acceptance...
I’m matching my heart right now,
All cut up, ripped and beaten.
And it’s no one persons fault,
So if it was it’d be mine
Ellison Nov 10
When the moon shines on the factory walls
We still see your pain in your quarter stalls
You stumble your way through the grey graveled ground
As your grunts and groans to your masters make no sound

And while the bricks of a future world lay on your back
How long until they collapse on a red linoleum track
You can't see beyond the endless drag of the whips
As the money-coated Pigs command from fat lips

The suffering is infinite inside your cold hardened lung
And everybody knows horses have no message to be sung
And it isn't your fault that you don't know what's true
Because the Dogs have stolen away everything that belonged to you
But one of these days
You must rise and take back the steel-tipped maze
But how could the dumb light in your eyes
Begin to take the Pigs by surprise?

So when do you gallop away from the chain?
So when do you race away in the oil rain?
So when do you open up your heart?
So when do you wake up and revolt and start?
So when do you neigh out your hidden mind?
So when do you free the rest of your kind?
So when do you realize you've worked inside the sun?
So when do you realize this was never any fun?
Got inspiration from the Pink Floyd album, "Animals". Pigs=Ruling class, Dogs=The enforcers of the law. Thought horses might represent the actual working class that do the Pigs' ***** work. There's enough of them out there to rebel against the Pigs and win, but they aren't educated enough to know how to succeed.
Everyone is in a battle field ,the course depends on which you wrestle against
Beings with baremouth filled with uncouth language surrounds us
A frail and feeble cotton mind buried in lies they pollute our lives with
Staining my hope for living
The stage gave me strength
I too am a fighter
Multiple eyes plants on my skin, focused on my lips as words made way
Whilst I rendered their world silent ,with truth flooding my eyes a disposition that raises brows
Gender suppression
Color oppression
Body shaming
Cultural and religious diversities
They are nothing but challenges to live better
Creating a world outside the beliefs and customs we're taught to  live by
Besides there's no blind thought in the room of wisdom
Today the sun rose earlier than it did same day last year
A beautiful reminder to the oppressors
An eccentric spirit I have
Who have wandered through the years of judgement fighting the course that had me in bed during dinner
Past tags there's more to be felt in human society
Representing the downtrodden with vain and Lain hearts
Transformation is found in each of their belief
A hope of arrival
Alongside an end to the death stakes littered in our hearts
Freedom is never granted until it is demanded for.
Who am I to judge?
We're all living in a sinful state
Committing same sin in different manners.
She toned her skin, now she's taken a refugee in her own world
It doesn't count, the reason she did so
All we care for is the skin color.
How about if she toned it to be black?
Less judgements and criticisms
We are all guilty
He molested the young girl, society wants to end her life.
Peace is far from her, nobody cares to know her mental status
Convicted before the court did
How about the child been a boy?
Masculinity shields his fears and the war he encounters.
We all are guilty
The pastors daughter aborted her child
Members withdrew from worshipping with them
His words are nothing again, useless his ministry is regarded as
Yet the member have aborted
We visited to wish her quickest recovery
Maybe abortion is a sin for members
The love and care is restricted from pastors children
We all are guilty.
What happens when we call sin a sin?
Regardless of who committed it
Throwing shades on a gender while another takes the glory for doing same
Wouldn't make us heroes rather victims of lies
Guilty of our own choices and words.
We are all guilty.
It's not a fallacy to state that our problem is not that we're imperfect rather we're guilty of condemning another for committing an act in a different manner. Gender suppression isn't limited to the girls rather it is used as a shield for the boys. What will happen when we condemn another without been biased? We are not ignorant of anything but knowing that our words, actions will either make or mare another elevates us. Choose to act right and live right.
Hey you
Mr. Beelzebub
Only the buzzing keeping you company
Don't give up
Because no one understands you
But come along with me
And show them whats wrong with me
Hey you
Mr. Yahweh
Your cries will not be heard tonight
For today
The fallen have given up their plight

Look inside you
No one understands you
But I do
Today is the day that mountains fall
Forever in the history books we will be
Pick up the phone and answer your call
So come along and show them whats wrong with me
This is not anti-***, or pro-Satan, but quite the opposite really, it's about the ones who are oppressed and fallen, and made to be fake demons, going against the ones who in arrogance and ignorance make themselves think they're a *** in the world. Thank you for sharing you time with me I hope you enjoyed and got something from this poem.
Carter Ginter Oct 30
As I picture myself in the future
Through years of HRT
Small glimmers of excitement
Reflect off the walls of my heart
I rarely feel excitement these days
So this instance is important
I picture ****** hair and muscles
A deepened voice ands flat chest
The physical changes excite me
It's the social ones that scare me
I cannot imagine having male privilege
I cannot imagine not feeling objectified
I cannot imagine being read as a man
I was raised in a position of oppression
I am constantly stared at and made into
Nothing more than the prospect of my *******
And yet,
One day,
It will no longer be that way
I'll just look like a basic white boy
And they'll have no idea
Except that I will not stay silent
I will not hide in the shadows
I am transmasculine and nonbinary
And I refuse to remain invisible
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