Graff1980 Jan 7

The dissonance should
splinter your sparkling
billboard reality
as tv images
hyper energize
our innate sex drive
and media moralist
shame said desires.

While your leaders
proclaim a specific faith
but then in turn
spite and debase,
with malice and false claims
anyone who doesn’t
pray each day
the way that they
don’t even pray.

When the main protagonist
in your religious texts
was pretty obviously
but your current church leaders
make a killing
selling their parishioners
false promises
of making them

When you
were set up to be
the steward of your society
yet squander
each opportunity
to be more Christ like
cause you have developed
a strong immunity
to reason and logic
which costs us
our humanity.

Carter Ginter Dec 2017

Blood means nothing
Unless it's staining the streets
Family has no merit
When they don't even See me

You want me to be passive?
And let them spew racist hate?
And all that "gendered" bullshit?
You can't stop me, too late

Fuck the systems that oppress us
These prisons are stealing lives
Locking up innocent people
It's a form of modern genocide

We are all human
But our brothers are killed by police
And our sisters killed for their gender identity
But you'd rather look the other way
And defend hateful "free speech"

I am aware of my privilege
And I will not stay silent
You turn your eyes away from police brutality
But try to preach anti-violence

Our country is run by the white and the blue
While the red is the blood of its people
We need to look up at reality
And stop focusing on the steeples

Your hopes and your prayers
Do not end the violence
Instead they teach hate
And oppressive silence

Graff1980 Nov 2017

They tie us to a stake.
With the weapons of
ignorance, fear, and hate
they mentally rape
and steal the true weight
of our self-determination.

tabitha Feb 2016

once i was once told
by a man, that i could do great things
if i would stay an upright woman and
keep my eyes on the ground

and i, as a young one,
stood up straight,
like a woman would
and had my curves sanded down,
like a woman should
for, "temptations are the Devil's Woods"

and with my eyes on the ground,   
I watched my particles catch light and
settle on the basement floor like dust ............
from whence We came, and without a sound
The Carpenter whittled
tiny spikes into my sides
until it was unsafe to be near me,
because i had too many points
set for life in a window of this outdated shop
i always wondered what it would be like to see the sea shore
i ask, He never answers straight, all that matters is i'm pure
He also says to be holy you cannot be selfish or a coward
but He never lets me close, and didn't even sculpt me
any flowers

so i waited until His nose was deep
in the latest draft of His autobiography
until He nodded off, fast asleep
i lunged at His face
he screeched something about His never-ending Grace
then, i escaped

well... what wood any other woman do?

Bella Dec 2017

Dear boy in my science class
who tries to turn every feminist word that comes out of my mouth into an
anti-man statement...

Dear old man at church
Who thinks my ‘pretty mouth’ moves too much...

Sorry, not Sorry

I know you're afraid
that opening my lips
might release some of the secret you keep locked up in a box,
garded with watch dogs, and mouths paid to be quiet

The secrets of oppression and hidden equality
Secrets of the girls you shut up
And degraded until they stop asking you to stop.
Until they couldn’t muster the energy to squirm out of your grip
To stand

I will scream out your fears
I will open the latch
Pass out your secrets like flyers to everyone who will take them in
Who will listen

Maybe I’ll tell how you didn’t listen
How you never-listened
You always took what you wanted and ran

Laughed if we threatened to tell
Said no one would listen

Guess what,
Everyone’s listening.
I have all ears on me.

And I am standing here,
Slingshot in hand
Aimed at you jiants
At you monsters
Ready to shoot you down with a single shot.

Ron Sparks Nov 2017

his hipster beard -
mandatory accessory for this
gentrified borough of Pittsburgh -
leads him back and forth
from the kitchen to the tables

he serves more tables than he should
I wait too long for my
overpriced salad
as he drops a plate of greasy wings
in front of a table of oblivious
professionals who
judge him
find him wanting
without ever looking up from their phones

a small bead of sweat accompanies him
when he drops off my check

I pay with a twenty and he brings me back
a ragged five and a one-dollar bill.

I know what he did.  Fuck.

god damned hipster server trying to fleece me
playing on social pressure
betting on pocketing that faded fiver
that he did not earn from me

I force him to break that Lincoln
I tip three bucks
because I damned well won’t let him get the best of me

my indignation is an all-American righteousness
so much so that I forget -

forget I paid four times what the salad was worth
forget he doesn’t see a penny of that profit
forget that he makes less than three bucks an hour
forget that without tips he won’t make rent

I forget all of this in my pride at catching a huckster
who just wants to keep the lights on
one more day

luci Nov 2017

you want to ask god why
he doesn't destroy
the walls of oppression

but you never do it

because you're afraid
he'll ask you the same question

Scarlet McCall Nov 2017

We don’t have to be pretty for you.
We don’t have to fake it ‘til you’re through.
We don’t have to wear high heels.
We don’t have to give you giggles and squeals.
We don’t have to be “feminine.”
We don’t have to take it on the chin.
We don’t have to wear a low-cut dress.
We don’t have to forgive you when you confess.
We don’t have to wear short skirts.
We don’t have to smile when it hurts.
We don’t have to stop talking.
We don’t have to stay, if we want to be walking.
We don’t have to be entertaining,
and we’ve had enough of your blaming and shaming.
We’ve had enough of secrets and silence.
We’re calling you out on your threats and your violence.

I've been wanting to write something about the Weinstein et al revelations. The more I've been thinking about it the more I've realized that for a long time now I've had the growing sense that even when men are ok--or claim they're ok--with women as co-workers and even bosses and politicians, they still believe in their own  sexual prerogative and the notion that women are supposed to entertain them.

Spread the White Man's Gospel
All over Planet Earth!
Tell them to "be fruitful and multiply"
So they can become
Your slaves!
If they become terrorists rather than slaves
All the better!
How else will Defense Contractors
Increase their profits
Without an enemy
To fight?
Unwanted girls
Are good candidates for Prostitution?
How else will American Men maintain their Reputation
As "Moral, Upright Christians",
Without the presence
Of cheap, open and available vaginas

This is my own take on Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden" Donald Trump/2017 style
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