Growing up we're always taught one thing:
There's always the bad guys, with a violent sting,
But the good guys finish first when the fat lady sings.
But, throughout my years I developed my wings,
Flew to the sky, and collected my all of my rings,
And it looks all so different with a new perspective.
There are good men doing bad things,
Just to stay protected,
My whole life it's been Dark vs. Light,
The Good vs. The Bad,
The Wrong vs. The Right,
The Happy vs. The Sad,
The Brains vs. The Might,
The Heart vs. The Mind.
Now I see that there is no line.
Bad men do good deeds,
And good men plant bad seeds.
I listen to my heart start beating,
Cuz in every poem I write,
My lines start bleeding,
I'm receeding into the back of my skull,
Cuz life wasn't meant to be this fucking dull.
I only every questioned one thing:
What role?
Who am I going to be in this world?
The devious super-villain,
Or the hero that gets the girl?
But this new information is too much,
I tried meditating it away with no luck.
Am I an extra in someone else's story,
Or will I train someone else to fight for me?
Am I meant to live in the background,
Or do I make the world safe and sound?
Am I always meant to be The Lost,
Or am I destined to become The Found?
I'm not exactly sure, so I sit and I wait,
For the day that I realize that I'm actually too late.
The truth of this planet is terrible and ugly,
There's no good or bad,
And no pure evil.
If you want to be saved,
Become your own hero.
Poor people staying poor,
While the fat cats are gettin' fatter,
So there's no more black and white,
Because only Grey Matters.

In this specific poem, I talk about my realization of good and bad, and my own existential crisis.
Hades 2d

The flames which he whispered
Were destructive
           And he's vicious.
His eyes mirrored the depths of hell
But were once angelic and precious.
Alas, your heart has been corrupted


There won’t be  anybody waiting
When the evil get to heaven,
Not even good old Saint Pete.
Just a long slippery slide
Each of them must ride
With no way to land on their feet.

It's sad we have to wait
For the sweet bye and bye
For the evil to get just desserts.
We console ourselves that
When their number comes up
We can't help hoping it hurts.

They might get to heaven
But they'll never get inside
That's one place where lies won't suffice.
If they look good on the surface
But their insides don't match
They're going to the realm of fire and ice.

They're sure to be welcome there
The devil will have use for them
When the righteous world will not.
They'll probably forget the words
Of that time honored phrase:
"If a fish keeps its mouth shut it won't get caught."

It's sad we have to wait
For the sweet bye and bye
For the evil to get just desserts.
We must console ourselves
When their number comes up
We can't help hoping it hurts.

16/12/14 20.13

'man wants chaos gotta have it.
drawn to it, revel in it

the job on the media is not to eliminate the evils of the world
persuade us to accept it, get used to living with them.
they want us to be passive observers'

do you want to rape me?

i dont know oh wait i do

it is too late evil is upon us
the days for preparation are over
war has begun
battles have been lost
while you have been sleeping in the sun


Seema 3d

Tired eyes, flutter
In a dark corner
What could be better?
Then a lost loner
Why would it matter?
To anyone, my absence
As eyes get wetter
In troubled essence.
A step ahead,
dunes of ashes
A step back,
Hands from hell, clashes.
Fireballs from the sky,
Rain to prick
I question my existence
But evil plays its trick
This is when I shatter
Alone in a dark room
While the voices chatter
Calling me, to my doom...


I am king of the world, universe and everywhere,
But I have only a hint of power.
So all I can give you is attitude.
Just pointing out injustice
Where I see it.

Classes and castes and religious divides
I see as evils
To be opposed
With all my might.

For sure I’ve little might
Of course,
But I still have the right
To say that it’s all wrong.

Classless society is what we want:
Well anyone who’s worth his, or her salt wants that.
Religious discrimination is another thing
We need to remove
From our way of life.

There are many more evils in our world,
So we must do
All we can
To obliterate them
At every opportunity.

I can’t put this any other way,
Poetic or not,
We have to stand
And fight
Against all that we see
As bad.
For the Common Good.

Paul Butters

Angry! Provoked by a documentary on India by Joanna Lumley, featuring the "Caste System".
Lo B 4d

The devil is inside us
First he crawls in our brains;
swims in our veins
Hides in the inner workings of your soul
Comes out to play at the times where
He smells the weakness of another pouring out of their skin
The scariest part about him isn’t the plan of attack
It’s how you never know when you’re dealing with him
He disguises himself as God
His goodness radiates from your pores letting the naive population
Become your personal disciples
Then it’s too late.
He has you in his fiery fists
But you don’t know that you’re burning until you’re crumbling out of his hands
Into a mound of black dust at his feet
Is it he who’s the devil?
Or is it me?

we all have a little evil in us...

Why does rage
It's like a poisonous viper
It ensnares you
It catches you totally unawares
It runs like furious warrior
It makes your blood boil.
You don't know how to control it.
It takes over.
I  should be scared
But instead all I feel
Is shame it's hidden
In a dark well
It is the enemy of soul.
Who am I ?

Drive slow, in my head
Go fast, the other voice said
He's your friend, have faith
She's just another trash, the other voice said

You're good, ringed again in my head
You stink, the other voice said
Believe in others, I learned
Despise them, the other voice said

Helping is good, good people said
People are fools, the other voice said
Is it me, or am I you?
It's your choice, the other voice said


Good vs. Evil within you!
Follows a a b a rhyme scheme.
                                                     ...with LOVE...
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