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I do not approve of what they do,
Yet I love them         just the same.

I cannot accept what they think and say,
But I accept them          for who they are.

They hurt the people that I love the most,
And I hurt                to forgive them again

If they were you, they'd be easier to love.
Yet I am the source                of the blame.
Amy 6d
A pain throbbing in my head
oh! When will it end?
A scene on repeat in my head
oh! when will this misery end?
Every excruciating detail
round and round
in my head
oh, when will it end?
when you can't forget.
Amy Oct 5
i was warned about the evil of the outside world
but i was never warned about
the evil that resided in the inside
this can be interpreted in two ways:
-you are warned abut the dangers of the outside world but never the danger that was really in the house all this time
-you're aware of the dangers around you but what about the danger of your thoughts that reside in your head?
Skyla Oct 4
He grabs me by my hair
And gives me quite the scare
And tells me that I’m his to keep
Backed up against the wall, I weep

I fear for my life but he says one day I’ll be his wife
So I guess it’s time to start lovin’ on him
Every day of every week, crying on the floor and between the sheets

Always making a scene
He can be cool, he can be mean
But my heart don’t mean anythin’
Because I’m his beauty queen

Crying in my Summer dress
Asking to be blessed
By a God I don’t believe in

‘Cause I’m his favourite dolly
Spins me ‘round and ‘round and ‘round
Violently dances me around the room
And drags me all the way downtown

‘Cause I’m his favourite Candy
And while he screams and drinks his Brandy
I’m writing apology letters to make him feel better
And I only feel blessed when we’re both undressed
Because lust and desire will put out his fire

He said I was Hollywood beauty and timeless grace
But that don’t feel right with the marks on my face
He says he adores me so I let him explore me
Whenever, wherever, he needs

I am his canvas, his hands are the brush  
The colours he paints on me feel like a sugar rush
He gives me some blush
and some crimson red lips
The metallic taste seeps in my mouth
And stains the front of my blouse

‘Cause I’m his favourite barbie
Likes to dress me up, and take me to town
I’m beauty, I’m grace, I cake on a new face
But it all comes melting off at night when I sob in my nightgown

But he kisses my wounds
And dances me ‘round the room one more time
Mr Rage, Mr. Love, my chaotic turtle dove
As we’re dancing I can see the heavens above
and there is no presence of time

Drink your wine, treat me like swine,
I’m scared for the future while he’s sippin’ on time

Lay me down tonight, decorate me with pearls
Whisper in my ear, tell me I’m your favourite girl
And that you’ll do anything in the whole wide world
To win my forgiveness
I don’t want this, but I deserve this.  

Kiss me, tell me i’m your peach, don’t shake me, or make me cry.

Please everyone, if you see my colourful face, please don’t ask me why.
This is not meant to glorify or romanticise domestic violence.  I use very heavy metaphors but it is a way for me to show that the girl refuses to believe her man is bad; she only paints him to look good.  Therefore “paints me” and “dances me around” are her way of expressing that he’s abusing her.
labyrinth Sep 27

When it comes to selling a pure soul to Devils
There are basically three good-looking levels

What we ought to be analyzing the first
Known as quenchless material thirst

This is where you ever start being flirty
With anything iniquitous and/or *****

Seeing estate, ranks or things as somewhat valuable
Is precisely what makes you weaker and more fallible

Watch out! Once you’re out of your humble abode
It’s tough to come back from that tempting road

Still rather innocent level to be at
Heads up! You don’t know what it might beget

Even violating a red light for that matter
Will help you get worse. No. Not better

Fly might be too little, but think in the ointment
Not worth it to dishonor your biggest commitment

Being a human, that is. As the day you were born
Ponder on it for a sec! Before you scorn

Evidently at this stage, the relation with money
Is like a baby bear and a jar of honey

Little by little minds are ravished
Easy come easy go. Lots are lavished

Enough number of bad deeds to practice
Sure elevated you way higher than apprentice

You’re already accustomed to being unfair
Before you know it, you’ll forget how to spare

As time passes by, you’re at the very threshold
Of Daemon’s pawn shop, where dignities bought and sold

Please stop acting like you don’t have a clue
We all know, this didn’t come out of the blue

Deliberately avoided to get a rain check on this
It’s nobody’s fault now, you chose being amiss


Then, of course my friend, has arrived the second
Where the Old Nick from the above beckoned

Congrats! You graduated from dirt to sewer
The last thing you need though is a respirator

Masters give you orders now, looking like requests
You’re already a guard-dog, with no right to quest

Good news though, the pay offs are way bigger
Can you dig it? You sneaky, cheeky digger

Including but not limited to bribing
Cutting in lines, cheatings, lies or bid rigging

Then come rip-offs, swindles and deceits
A whole lot of rotten bucks with no receipts

Agreements, clients, customers to take care
Simply for the sake of your modest share

Don’t get carried away, we’re focusing on vicious
Deals of the bad guys, who are too ambitious

To go for the sinless mass, and trick them for wealth
Also playing with their education and health

Or else any clean trade with sweat and decency
Is not the subject here, except positive recency

What do I mean by that? Positive stays in mind
Little good news every day, to keep crowds all blind

Anyway, where were we? Let’s just keep proceeding
To describe to folks, what the hell’s really happening

Style counts, huh? All ties and jackets
While squirrelling away the fortune in buckets

It’s legit, it’s shapely. It’s not artifice.
Make no mistake. Around here, we call it business

Regardless of whose, walk away with all you could
At the end of the day, you’re not ******* Robin Hood

How fascinating, virtually as good as it gets
Go Figure. The last step, where the Evil One besets


You’re at the third and last phase already
His highness the Satan is now your sugar daddy

Civil rights, law, ethics, and much more to violate
The upper the stairs, the more to annihilate

Get ready straight to make millions suffer
From that armored zone of yours, you call buffer

Say; having children work, for real late hours
Well, it’s their children, right? Not ours...!

Going for pension plans of the most innocent
Is mere prize to you. Almost magnificent

Causing conflicts to sell even more weapons
What’re you gonna do man? **** just happens...!

Resolutions, legality, votes and members
Are tools to Lucifer. But who remembers.

Vietnam, Africa and all Middle-East
Where you have real wars to feed your beast

Journalists, congressmen, soldiers or presidents
On the payroll in this firm and bunch of happy residents

As you step up, one day you will realize
Almost all the wealth belongs to you and your allies

But that won’t make you stop from chasing your goals
Remember, Beelzebub already bought your souls

Don’t know the first thing, why the rest’s so stupid
Distorted religion maybe or TV makes them this torpid

Better this way anyway, cos (because) if they awake
You’ll have to ****’em all to keep your dear stake

Once you’re registered in this ****** parade
You get paid as long as your role is well-played

Thus, it will be a ******* habit for you to breach
Anything and everything that’s within your reach

Crème de la crème treatment will be your regular
Etiquette is your last name, you shameless embezzler

But, hey. You’ll look very good in that high-end camouflage
All this charade to you is one good Swedish Massage

I don’t think one will ever solve this double-bind puzzle
So keep up the good work with your stinky razzle-dazzle

Meanwhile, refrain from looking in the mirror
I forgot. It’s only business and you’re not a sinner

Dude! It’s about time now, you can die rich
Just before that however; here’s one last preach

You look sharp alright, charismatic and ****
One day you’ll regret all this, I’m not just whistling Dixie

Come around and behave. Labyrinth calls your class
Take it all otherwise and shove it up your ***
Copyrighted work
I am just a reflection
Looking at my better half
The half who has never known pain
The half who doesn't know truth
The half who still doesn't know
a humans true form
Evil nor kind
The half who still believes we are all one sided
The half who is just yet another reflection
on the other side.
Sumairupoetry Sep 27
I realized that we are
 burning the Earth down
 because of the printed illusion of lack,
that we created.
For the love of money is the root to all evil.
Faizel Farzee Sep 22
In the dark of the silent night
I'm viewing my true self
Tossing and turning
Sweating and fretting
My face horrored and cloaked in fright.

Awake horrifically screaming
My demons rejoicing
Toasting in sinister delight.
The memory that cloaks your mind
This memory can not be denied
Manifesting as nightmares
If in the day you try and hide.
Di Verce Sep 19
It's your problem when you disregard God's voice, not mine.

No matter how you "perceive" it, the reality of the state of those suffering whom you callously disregard, saying "all is well" in your unloving indifference, remains unchanged.
Danny Sep 18
Sometimes I wonder where I lost myself
But it's hard to retrace my steps
Rain has fallen and the footprints have been washed away
Lost in time, hanging in space never to be seen again

I think I miss me, the old me
Or maybe I never lost myself, just grew out of him
Or maybe the new me is just the devil I need
A necessary evil maybe just maybe
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