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Guntang 2d
oblivion watched me
from the balcony of unknown
so I sat on the moon
dropping needles of doom
until the evil
I forgot
I created myself,
To **** myself.
What fun!
Tompson 4d
I'm the evil that walks with you
You don't deserve to be with me
My ****** up brain killed
what could be beautiful
Guilt is haunting my mind
And despite that
I can only hunt for your smell
In the memories
in the sweater you lent me
That cold night
If I only knew it was a goodbye
It was my fault, there’s no doubt
That night is gone now
All what I have is blood on my floor
New scars and a broken soul
You’re gone as well
With your heat
But your pain stayed
I won’t say sorry again
The sinners suffer for love today
I loved you at your darkest
You only loved me at my brightest
Your silent tears were an illusion
As you devoured me until depletion
A thousand curses on the hands which broke me
And a thousand curses on the ones which you see
You will never forsake me again.

Bha gaol agam ort aig an àm as dorcha
Cha robh gaol agad orm ach aig an ìre as soilleire
B 'e manadh a bh' anns an deòir sàmbach agad
Fhad 's a bha thu gam ithe gus an robh mi air falbh
Mìle mallachd air na làmhan a bhuail mi
Agus mìle mallachd air na fheadainn a chi thu
Cha trèig thu mi a-chaoidh truilleadh
Pyrrha May 11
If all the wrong doings and doers that have or will come to me
Were to hand over a key to their destruction before they leave
I'd melt it down to nothing so they never again feel that initial fear
I'd never allow such weakness to remain in these moments tied to pain
For from within every weakness either strength or evil is released
So as I melt away the demons fears, so too myself have I reprieved
She has that
reptilian heart, snake eyes-
cat screeching, rabid anger.
Whenever she's close to
me, I need sedation;
another world-one with
beauty and love.
Hers is a land of
brutality and hatred.
It makes my
soul *****.
When I'm lucky enough to
escape, she finds me, and
lures me back with her
charms and spells.
Then, it's back to the
cage, waiting to be
She quit doing drugs.
Her dope now is
It's the dragon that
she rides to hell.
Burning crosses, swarming birds
City in flames, anti-Christ stirred
You're far from being a hero
My dear Nero.

Motherly omens, fiddle music
Jealous rage, killing cupid
When will your reign end,
My haunted friend?

An angry senate, an empty boat
A mad man stabbed in the throat
By his own hand, by his own wish
I want your head served on a dish.

This is your bloodbath, Emperor
Hell is now you empire.
I smell The salty breeze

calm before it reveals.

The true intentions

of coming this close

submerging the evil

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