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Money is a bait
It covers any hook
With just a small weight
You are in charge
By hook or crook

Money is time
It pays the best interest
Time makes money
If you are late
It becomes a waste

Money is a bait
Root of all evil
Like alcohol and driving
When it is cunning
It is devil and evil

Money is a rate
Read in account book
So the teacher educate
Hard to earn
Easy to spend
You think I’m sweet like sugar and spice
Well this little girl doesn’t have to be nice
I can be evil, you wait and see
You’re going to wish you never messed with me.

What girls will do just to get ahead
Don’t you wish you stayed at home in bed,
Lies, deceit, back stabbing bitches
Two faced, heartless, tell it all snitches.
Though the world is grey,
it always will come down to
either black or white
Small haiku! ^^
Lyn xxx
This day is so bright
and all seems so right
I wonder if I can stand it
I had not planned it
the clouds and rain
gnawed so unrestrained.

Early morn’s nightmare
still lingers somewhere
moored to the dark
where it won’t disembark
still clutching me in slimy grip
I’m on its derelict ship.

How can a dream be so strong
and make me feel so wrong
just a wispy demon in the night
by now should have taken flight
but here I sit in light of day
still hoping the malefic will away.
Gettin’ sh!t on like I’m The Villian,
got this queasy feeling on the line reeling,
coming undone at the same time wound up and spun,
I’m done playing but stuck at the table with The Dealer still dealing,

want to throw myself up out of myself,
can escape every position except the one I’m in,
can’t escape yourself if knowledge is wealth,
then I’m loaded & still spending my winnings,

got Karma Credit but I’m morally cash poor,
because I just fckt my girlfriend as if she was a whore,
and I feel terrible or rather horrible about it,
because i think I’m infected by what neglect did without a cure,

no one is pure,
at least I’m not that’s for sure,
I'm tainted with devils in my head painted with what I spilled I’m red,
sick with the sort of illness that can't easily be cured,

in fact got a bad case of the blues,
but instead of strumming a guitar I’m taking things too far,
cut her so bad with my fingernails,
that I fear it might leave a few scars,

tied her up so tight,
that her wrists turned purple,
see she’s attracted to bad boys,
and I warned her that that’s the type of attraction that can hurt you,

little girl shouldn’t be out past her curfew,
nothing good ever happens past midnight,
but we’re both running from something,
both stand outs in the in crowd still something doesn’t sit right,

I’m uncomfortable,
because I think maybe all humans are disgusting,
maybe we just cause each other pain and trash the earth’s surface,
maybe we deserve to feel guilty & that’s why we are all fcking distrusting,

maybe I’m gonna fckn kill myself,
but this is a card game so then again maybe I’m bluffing,
maybe everything’s going to be alright,
maybe I’m being uptight for nothing,

but I’ll tell you what I feel like the butt of my own joke,
but I don’t give a fck so instead of changing I’m just shrugging,
mean mugging every person I pass suspicious of every bloke,
because these days crime pays and everyone’s always up to something,

and I just want to get ghost,
but I can’t and I guess that’s the way it goes,
so I’m sittin’ in the uncomfortable position,
of being both a role model as well as a criminal,

Gettin’ sh!t on like I’m The Villian,
got this queasy feeling on the line reeling,
coming undone at the same time wound up and spun,
I’m done playing but stuck at the table with The Dealer still dealing…

∆ LaLux ∆
Michael 5d
As I sit here consuming the evenings last few conscious thoughts,
It occurs to me that the thoughts in my heart do not match the way I talk.

I talk of kindness, care, and of love, And of putting everyone around me way above.

I think and feel that I could kill, at the slightest drop of a hat.
Normal people do not think like that.

Knowing what I am is the scariest of thoughts.
Knowing I’m undeserving is a feeling that I’ve caught.

The darkness that resides within me, consumes my every thought.
Yet I have the audacity to walk a kindly talk.
I have the bare faced cheek to ignore my darkest thoughts.

They are part of me I know, but I must not put them on show.
The darkness is my failing, nobody else needs to know.
A few of my innermost thoughts on who and what I am. Identity is a fragile and fickle thing.
Why must I be hard-headed?

I’ll come through with guns, fuck around and riot in your life. I spit up for-real, get up and feel, because it’s real. No emergency calls allowed. A lot of men are heated, but most stay bluffing. Society wants to duck tape and rape me, Demons telling me they hate me. Keeping you running, hollering on the roof, like the werewolf, my Muse gave me permission to let my will be done with no consequences. Kill mystics, kill. Death has been always on my mind, ever since sobriety had been master. For I’ve been through phases in order to find myself, finally stumbled upon the crossroads. Saw nameless faceless, who experienced mindless violence, take my breathe, give me death, give me rest, I’m going to live on when I die, when I do, I want to be a living legend outside folklore. Feeling no more pain. Masonic learning, Masonic magic, my third eye can peer into yourself, bleed from the mouth and see visions of hell inside. A heart of soldier, with the brains to teach a whole nation. My hands on your hips, no time to bullshit, fuck your boyfriend I want love tonight. I dare those boys to shoot in open fire, even at point blank range, real Mystics don’t die, they just multiply. Woman, come creep with me, you know I can keep a secret, but we got to be blood in, blood out. Bury me, it’s what they all said once, my personal past, I was once like them, cause they wanted me to be just like them, but I changed into myself and parted from their lifestyle and no retaliation is a must. Even it sparks a holy war.
Shot at me five time, so I joined a gang, they never preach loyalty, just act on it. Put their knife through your six-pack. Admit it, life isn’t want you wanted. My pursuit of Masonic knowledge is greater than my shortcomings. Anxiety is my phantom ache. My flaws are my horrors, I’m in forever to sort them out and have my mind learn how to master them all. Because my soul is boundless of its own landscape. Poets, painters, writers and cinema glory, in exile and unnoticed. Against all odds, shall expose people's personal secret. Hush now. You’re living in fantasy. I take Demonic mythology serious, cause it’s proven fact. Tell yourself whatever you want. There is no justification of you breathing in the wind freely and walk on this earth surface with no purpose. Known for flashing and little substance, the weak’s meaning to life, is to justify the strong. Awkward and heavy. Touch one of mine, I will destroy everything you love. If the cops come and get me in the morning silence, my Masons will rush the station by the evening with guns drawn. War is cheaper than the court systems. I’ll be the real, breathing or dead. People who don't rhyme right, seen too many movies. Before, I feared death and saw only demons. Angels battle them within me. The treachery of a Demon and it’s tyrant intentions is nothing compared to the betrayal’s of Angels. I learnt how to treat a woman, but from what the tricks told me about cheating husbands and their behavior. Militant soldier, the sun may rise in east where the Beast is, but set in the west where the angels are, we are the light of the world, mystical enhanced, the world’s Bablylon can’t test, we’re free again. Blessed are the ones who develop themselves into God’s. Cause it serves reality. Brethren, Anastasia my muse, we’re free again. Speak of The Devil, he shall appear. I’ve met a higher power here in life, before death and provided everything for my desires to be at ease, yet personal freedom still expands, along with my mind and felt no more pain. To my soul to take, immortality now, I’ve surpassed earthly glory.
The fire raging from my body is filled with hate and memories of a man I rid myself of years ago, only this fire is so different, filled with numbness  for the man whose now supposed to protect me now of the way he's become with spit flinging from his mouth , his body engulfed in raging veins and words as he stands in my face like a king with all control when he is now just a coward in his own flesh .
Am I bound to a curse , certainly this is not the life God intended for me to live . Life is free will. The creation of the evil that surrounds this life it haunts some like myself, it  is powerful but the fear isn't what they can do to me , the fear is what I am capable of doing to them .
Being scared of someone holds no fear being scared of myself does .
Steph W 5d
Dear Mr fishy,
I sincerely apologise,
we humans are evil.
From the moment we first open our eyes-
take our first steps , say our first words...
We humans are devils.
God made us perfect,
then we ruined it.
Our arrogance and  fake superiority
is what put you in that tank,
and will put us in it.

Dear Mr fishy
I know you are bored,
taken away from your family
hunted and adored,
by the humans who love you
but your just a toy-
a pretty little plaything for us
to enjoy.
So dear Mr fishy,
DON'T give us your trust.

Dear Mr fishy.
We humans are stupid.
We lie, betray, kill, steal.
We are just ignorant.
We moan over others' success,
when we've not tried doing it.
We stop other people's prosperity
because of simple little jealousy.
See Mr Fishy
have mercy 'cause
we are just disgusting.
Once upon a time in a faraway land
Where evil ran rampant, as many as desert sand
Bloodshed and betrayals, deceit and greed
In here the devil reigns, while good men bleed

Life in here can only be called heaven
To the corrupted souls and wretched minds
Sins and selfishness are a dime a dozen
That unrestrained freedom, where no laws that binds

Love have long turned cold
As cold as winter’s ice
Morals and conscience have long been sold
Every promise said, probably lies

In the darkness a ray of light shone
Flickering, yes but still holding on
Threatening to extinguish at any moment
A common occurrence and another light to lament

But expectations are suddenly broken
For the light, instead of extinguishing had brighten
Now the darkness is threatening to fade
With new born light the evils with farewells bade

That one luminescence spread its wings and scope
Over the mountains, the seas and skies
It propagated love and disseminated hope
Never ceasing until it was time for its demise

All it took was a single spark
From a bleak place, to a bright future they embark
Even if doubtful never forsook the hope in thy heart
For we’ll never know what’ll happen if we start
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