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Sabika H Sep 6
Fear screamed, “NO!”
And I went exactly
Where it told me not to go.

I said:
“Fear is a challenge,
A trial, a test I’ll take,
A curse I’ll break.”

I said:
“I fear no creation;
And whatever demands to be obeyed
Must not hesitate
In making me wish I remained

“At the end of the day,
What are you
But threatened pride and ego?
What are you
But insecure and evil?”

I said:
You are small and weak,
Master of the ignorant
And the meek.”
Em MacKenzie Aug 28
I had a conversation with the devil
off the books; it wasn’t recorded,
the correspondence was something to revel
but it can never be reported.
We sat across from eachother at perfect level
but I still felt small and distorted.
In his presence I was disheveled
but I wasn’t the one who was sordid,
it appears he intended me as a vessel,
viewing it as I had been rewarded.

I had demons on each side
striking a bargain over my shoulder,
the heat in the room magnified;
I started to smoke and smolder.
Then they began to attack my pride
while reminding that I’m getting older.
I couldn’t run nor hide
as their weight began to feel like a boulder.
Their evil grins stretched wide
freezing me in place; my soul grew colder.

The third course had arrived
a pound of flesh disguised as an entree,
and I was very quickly advised 

to be mindful of what I say.
As though I found it deprived
it would be wise not to give that away.
I knew the victim hadn’t survived,
and my stomach turned at the hue of grey.
They asked if I had been baptized
and if I did, how frequently did I pray.

The devil licked his lips
and he whisked his wine,
more aggressive became his sips
as he frequently eyed mine.
Providing helpful quips
like the year, saying it was divine,
and dolling out some tips
one being that it was rude to decline.
He told me that he held all the chips
and that I only had a vine,
and he was determined to have me in his grips
regardless of the strength of my spine.

I finally came to the conclusion
that it was my turn to speak,
but amongst great confusion
I made no sound, not even a squeak.
It had to be part of his illusion,
I refused to feel so weak.
He implanted the delusion
but each word began to leak,
and with each pull and each extrusion
I voiced of the havocs he would wreak.

He asked if he could reply
as he was just misunderstood,
and though I knew it a lie
I told him that he could.
So he began to fake cry;
swore his potential to be good,
while pointing up to the sky
blaming his flaws on childhood.
A story I knew better than to buy
paired with an excuse that I never would.

Now dessert, finally at the brink,
anxiously waiting to get up, away I’ll slink.
He told me not every soul is equal no matter what I think,
and the apple is poison but I should try the drink.
Held up the worlds suffering and made sure I didn’t blink
and said “you can fall deeper even while you sink.”
But the conversation was done, I realized I’d been hoodwinked.
He just grew in size, I was never the one to shrink.

I got up and I rung the bell,
announcing we were done, no need to dwell.
Extending my hand out to meet his cold shell,
I was no longer under anyone’s spell.
He bought my false thanks, as far as I can tell,
and I informed him he should return to his cell.
Meeting his eyes I pushed to wish him well,
I may not believe in Heaven but I have seen Hell.
Freestyled this one unintentionally, no offense to religion or belief
Zoe Mae Aug 26
What a foolish and evil thing to do

To strap a couple bombs to you

Run into an airport and attack

Thinking God's got your back
No disrespect to anyone lost in this tragedy.
KG Aug 24
Growth when perceiving reduction of this
Subjective reality

Proportionate somehow
This fraction of interest
doubled over, delighted expression,
This pain, It's strange, gaining more daily, gradually making it safely now seeing these states of gluttonous need faked I'm convinced at times, just enough to slake this need to rake my teeming heart that never falters in initiating every question posed to the legions of potential mates inevitably lost to leave for alternate reasons, and this I hate, when I held high my honest hope, mistaken, they take their leave, aggreiving the instant infatuation with promises honestly got me weak. I think these signs we keep seeing probably lead to an intimate need to ache and breathe, shake and feed, take and dream, play and she may relay the same objective, seeking each other, perhaps others, but now it's late, each thinking this meeting be fated and a moment is traded to thank whomever it was that took interest enough in training them up to stay up later still waiting to feel this hour of love.
And I hate it. Calmly. I take my bait, self-made inspired by naive aspirations that break apart the deluded frame containing the film of fabricated promises and convincing arguments continuing incessant untill I agre and stitch a phrase to fit the stage that I would raise the question. Time drags with flirtatious passes until a consice and clever cacaphony of my creation suits the situation. I glowed with vanity, shades of possibility danced round the vial that contained this daring question sleeping ragged, beating haggard at my breath screeching at the little caution briefly holding back this ******* secret. This one last moment I needed to just enjoy the sound we weaved together laughing, speaking, secrets. I have known, for hours now, since we chanced along the streets, a crashing cliche that callously created the juncture of our meeting. Since she her eyes agreed with mine to enjoy the others company. I fortold my hopeful nature would incite my thoughts to somehow agree tonight the longest streak of recieved rejections in history, believed to be held by Mr. Perry, ten years now and SHE might be the key to leaving this sea of seeking, I must be drinking, but no, I speak to her my saliscious line, visciously timed and know  the circumstances still provide the newest addition to the bottomless list.
I take heart I can still feel new wounds.
Hope has ran, and this plan ends like the rest,
With his children, Pain and Melancholy, to visit me in the drain, and laugh, and sing, and talk of many things. Pain insists she see's my heart is one which strains to bear this tyrants cruel command to supply him 'care' unending, unblemished, pure. Unheard of amounts comparable to the stars, sea particles, ****.
Carelessly caring too much without any reason, without explanation, expectation, or thinking is a pleasant reprieve to those who need help and those would be thieves.
You're careless in caring, which is a great way to practice exploring this life and developing habits. It will not help when you're faced with choices that require you know the depths of importance.

Melancholy hummed this quietly, a somber sweet melody that trickled down with  wisdom pain brings. Together we three sat aside the doubt that infects all the newly rejected courageous freaks with hopeful hearts discarded like heartfelt high school letters, or ghosts that haunt my messages. If they give their word to be assured they feel nothing by her answer, they will lie to numb themselves and save face and and race find the shelf that held the help of hell and helmed a night of excitement and debauchery, swept through the thoughtless black sea did he forget the answer she gave to he, and so his shoes took him three miles across to repeat the previous procession he planned and then forgot. She said yes that time, and kept the forgotten memory secret.

too quickly respect, or thank, or hear the drifting voice  

I will cling to my belief it will be worth it

For I will bleed for my love.
Tough mutts sputter and gates shut up discreetly along the pavement I travel.
Bending screaming dark and hollow seems unneeding to creeps who feed on that kind of thing.
You know the type.
You know I know how you like to play them. Create the clones to discard after rehearsal. probable reactive laughing mad at tragic accidents sadistic mastiffs attack and ravage and tear and
The fictitious movies play out onto the skyscape of this mind we share, and attempt accepting the last thing you truly fear.
Ahmad Attr Aug 22
You were set for life
The moment you were born
In the place named after you
Able, capable, fabled
You can get whatever you want
Worshipped by men who worship themselves
Should I envy you or them?
Inherited beauty
A face so precisely constructed
You asphyxiate me
You triturate me
Make me feel more hopeless than I am
And I wanted revenge
For your mere existence
I wanted to feel powerful
To steal some of that from you
So I took pieces of you in your sleep
Burnt the edges of your skin
Poisoned you, that’ll hurt from within
For a moment it was a thrill
But it only brought guilt
And it changed nothing
You are still conquering and I’m still weak
I regret it all
And now I just want to go back in time
Can I erase it all?
So I could do it again but better this time
Destroy you and just be satisfied
Make you regret coming into my life

Half filled
Waiting for the rush to kick-off
Waiting for you to turn the lights off
hurting you brought nothing so hold up let me try again
Dereaux Aug 11
Ooh my true faith,
where have you gone
in shadows you left me
when it all went wrong

A weird phenomenon
for me unknown
with all these demons
I stumble upon

As inquisitor of dreams
I must embrace my role
and defeat all evil
just to save your soul
Man to man, takes a bullet through hand.
Woman to woman, steals the knife of a lover
and stabs it into the chest of open fires...
I can smell and taste the fresh atmosphere of dead ashes across the sudden hot pavement in the midst of dismay.
Lovers die and some people cry, isn't that what we are here for?
Angry faces and sounds of a click, click, click that make you think,
who are we and what are we here for?
Time's of change, ****** fingers stretch across the horizon in the open meadows of the blazing hot fire of evil fortresses.
Look into my EYES and tell me that you SEE ME
Of all anguish and pride into all that we breathe the sun of fire of an evil temptress.
The King wears a Crown
and the Devil sits amongst the thrown where he can stomp his ******* feet into the muddy waters of hell and sin...
The uniVerse Jul 22
4 A.M.
A body lays slain
facedown in a pool of blood
a halo to match her name
stabbed 4 times in the chest
a street worker
like all the rest
who would want to her hurt her?
- to put her to rest
your guess is as good as mine
she may have not been the best
but someone was prepared to cross that line.
An innocent as far as I could tell
first night on the job
tell me who goes to hell?
- those who give or those who rob
her next of kin were called
so that they could name her
once at birth and now at death
twice they tried to save her
an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck
a noose just two months earlier
maybe now she got her wish
released back to the sea
this angel fish.
She was someone’s daughter  
we are all humans just the same
if life has anything taught us
that we are never dead
just released from our pain
Brett Jul 14
I am addicted to peace, but it always seems to fall away from me.

Down in the depths that ring hollow, the material never seems real.

Something about a feeling, resonates on the only currency I care to perceive.

Like falling upwards, and watching the ground recede beneath.

These gridded blocks like bars, that keep me from being free.

Discarding dog tags, and gnawing through the leash,

That keep me tethered, to the hands controlling my belief.

All these passing smiles wreak of resignation.

Fabricated happiness, sows the seeds, of roots that clasp your feet;

Ensuring, you never leave the places,

That you never chose to be.
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