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Jazeera 6h
She was an angel
With her alluring wings.
But the evil mind devil
Torn her limb by limb
Until he satisfied his quench.

Now the devil is beaming
In the mortal soil.
And the angel is resting
With the other angels
With her wane wings
Luminous in spirit.
I hate how some humans
Take religion as a barbican
To hide their devil moan
Making people believe on them
With I-Love-*** as a slogan
Little did people know
That these humans give satan their vow
Every single day, every single night
Considering satan as partner of candlelight
Fulfilling satan’s needs
With gestures of evil deeds
But are not judged by people
Cause they have religious eye-lids.

Their hearts are rotten like scorn flesh
Disgusting as maggots die consuming that trash
Their minds are undoubtly abnoxious
Visualizing how to make world hideous
They utilize pious mannequin
And hide their monstrous beings
Yes these creatures exist on earth
Whom cause pre-armageddon to burst.
It took me a long time to write a poem with this theme so yeah, hope it doesn't flop!
Me:  So bitter the truth, it won't make you happy.
Today I'm not gonna lie or pretend it is well.
Before I begin I know
I'm far from perfect cause
no matter what i do, it has never been good enough
Yet I never thought it could ever get this tough over here.
I don't wanna' seem ungrateful or disrespectful  
Lord in this world you created,
Your people are afraid
Even to voice a single sound,
Powers of high evil are watching in glee
As darkness is descending and flooding nations to their death.
Our Fire to serve is dimming
And righteous hearts are heavy with pains.
Lord look at the sad state of your world
And see the misguided hate of Somalia, Nigeria, Irag, India, Yeman, Pakistan, Afghanistan just to mention few, what sense is there to make of the Holocaust?
it's becoming too late lord so act,
Life as we  know it is about to end at your watch,
Endless nights are passing, with terror lurking upon terror, one of greater evil than the other...
Oh Lord your world is full of evil,
When will you send help?
LORD: I already did, I sent YOU!
Break your own bones to look the part
Your words are poison to your own soul
Lies are tied loose at the end
So you can untangle them all over again
Manipulate those with strings
Put ones on those who disobey the queen
A sly little devil sat with a crown
A makeshift castle made with a frown
Throne made of eggshells painted in gold
The stench of her pride plague the halls
Oh how daring you are, a threat with no promise
Your sword and men may break on moments notice
Deny you may of the weight of your weakness
We see the cracks, the glass breaking beneath it
So for now I bow to the ruler of all
Who'll fall on her own sword with no one to call
My anger wrote these words.
Twisted mentality
Call it a bio hazard
Whatcha want from me
Death from a thousand daggers

Hold up - Stop, can't control an animal
Man's tyrannical
Pull up - Drop, on my radical
So, so bad I had to handle 'em

Many did try - i bodied 'em all up
Many may stall - I'm in it for the long haul
Many enemies - i bring em to the knees
In a sea of gasoline like ah ****

Speed on a melody go so loco
No amphetamines go for the flow whoa
All of my life i was ******* around
Why hit a ***** twice she ******* me down

I stick on a curve as I cut up a verse
Came with the force - Like I'm glued to the source
Like i groove into the work - Like i'm losing no worth
Like i'm look for pain - Like i think that they heard aye

All about the journey I'm living this life
**** too many worries I might end em tonight
Tight bends in my stomach i love it alright
I keep it ignited?

Unpredictable with the craft
I Keep ya guessing like some math
Listed lessons - leave you with one
my essence is the best to come

No more top  - I'm licking shots
I put it all up in the sky
Bound to boss i pay the cost
You ought to look me in the eye

This is worse i get so low
Bones be trudging through the snow
I blow it all  showing off
I'm never slowing up

Twisted mentality
Call it a bio hazard
Whatcha want from me
Death from a thousand daggers
listen here:
If money be the root
Of all evil, let evil take root
And blossom into roses
To sweeten my tuition fees.
I move onto University next year. Here's hoping I get a decent loan.
Oh, how I wonder what you are
Black star
I’m watching for you
Waiting for you
Void of mystery
Painful curiosity
I watch carefully
I reach out as you
Swallow me whole
I drown in
Addicts are lethal lovers
Hair dark as mud,
Eyes red as cold blood;
Body the shape of the devil,
Spilling me out on the eternity of pages of white.
s 6d
the empty
contour of yesterday
turns on itself

i reach in ...
toward oblivion

blind bliss

in search of
a blank simulacrum

any way to sin

anyone to satisfy
my evil soul within
who do you call to make the shootin' stop?
Jo Swan 7d
In the Shadow Valley;
Ferocious Black Crows strike
Like poisonous propaganda of Third *****.
They circle around:
Viciously striking Children at first sight-
Leaving their frail body with ****** wounds!

Black Crows nastily grin;
Children cry; tears of fright.
The Children’s spirit scarred with sinister sin.
What will become of them?
Innocence lost by this evil sickness.
They are discarded like infected phlegm.

Voice so powerless!
Black Crows pure victims;
The Children has tasted the world’s wickedness.
Darkness now stronger;
Lost in the wilderness of dark shadows,
Will cruel corruption of evil conquer?

In the dusky distance,
The rod and staff glimmers-
Black Crows tremble at the sight of its existence.
A fire torch shimmers-
Sparking hope; Children follow like sheep
To the mystical luminous sight.  

Though wounds may be deep,
Their soul shall heal with the Light.
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