We don't learn by Doing the Right Thing,
We learn from doing the Wrong Thing.
We actually develop skills in our sins.
That are applicable
When we are trying to do something
BENEFICIAL to others.
That's the Strange thing about Life.
Virtue can be Cowardly,
But Evil is Bold!

I've never felt anything so pure that the texture of your skin.
I've never saw anything as malefic as your eyes on me.
I've never felt something as delicious as your tongue between my legs, possessing my whole body.
I'v never felt anything as painful as when you throw away after.
I never felt so good as when I understood that the devil had just licked me.

Sarah 6d

The radiant sun beating down on your porcelain skin cannot warm the coldness of your heart.

You're a dream, your face is a masterpiece and your eyes hold unlimited universes but the words that grace your blossom lips are venom.

They sink into my flesh like fangs and I'm wounded. Your presence is captivating and I'm haunted when you're not around but it's a heavy feeling.

You're unkind, spiteful and deceptive, a thesaurus cannot fully label the horrid personality you created for yourself. You were blessed with an angel's face but you sinned my life with a devilish grin and the words that lured me in.

Written 4/18/17
Angie S 7d

I felt a soft pulse under a young boy’s
neck within my grotesque hands,
felt his breath escape his lungs like
a frightened snake in burning sands,
watched his eyes frantically search for a savior
but instead find my vile complexion.
My heart swelled with revenge against this
world that only resents me and yet
his shrill screams against the thunder,
the lightning outlining his still silhouette--
he was innocent, this I always remember.
I don’t deserve the pleasure of this hatred.

My next sin I committed against a cheerful man,
a sightseer in a beautiful, foreign land;
I closed my gruesome grip around his slender throat
and left him sleeping forever on the sand
under the luminous moon with his heart still, yet full of love;
how jealous I felt that he should die
and have someone to grieve for him, while I’m reprimanded
for living, or rather, simply existing,

My final mark I left as charcoal fingerprints
on the sweet skin of a new bride.
I instilled fright into her perfect wedding night
and, before a lake’s gentle rolling waves,
behind the watchful Jekyll to my vengeful Hyde, I
stole her life.

Her groom, a bright, scientific architect,
thought his monument a magnificent, malicious failure.
In his eyes, I am a virus upon the Earth’s body,
a hideous figure copied not in God’s image, but in the devil’s.
I should have known I’d always be alone
as my creator wishes I weren’t his own.
Doctor Victor Frankenstein, I hate every damn
inch of your perfect human frame, and I hate
the imperfections you’ve bestowed upon me.
I swear, I will reciprocate these bitter blessings
you have given me, and when I’ve ended you
once and for all,
only then can I rest;
I have nobody to love,
but I’ve got nothing to lose.

spoken word persona. i'm going to perform this piece this coming friday! :D i'm so excited. we're also selling a copy of our school literary and art magazine, which i was sooo excited to be an editor for... it looks great. things are looking up!
Mane Omsy Apr 18

I'm hallucinating zombies heads twisted
Blood spread on the floor, it's slippery
Should I attract these creatures instead?
Soon before they turn, better hurry

I stepped out unnoticed, it is too dark
Only some pair of green round lights
I froze the moment I heared them bark
Oh Lord! This nightmare, worst bites

The faces of these beasts covered blood
Felt like I'm pushed to edge of a grave
Mine blood they tasted, last breath, dead
I prayed angels to hold me and save

Are my pledges thrown into this pit?
Are the chameleons smiling at this wit?

Redemption - XII

The truth behind metaphorically defines the feeling inside my mind after all these screwed up issues. The people pretended to love you spits straight at your face when the fire is still burning.
Vexren4000 Apr 17

Human man, sitting,
Holding his older brothers,
Severed hand,
In his,
Finding that,
He was afforded no peace while his brother existed,
Always trapped in a man's shadow,
Never able to leave the realistic mold,
Forged for him by his brother,
Who came into this world before him,
The only way to leave his shadow,
was to take his life.
A permanent solution,
To a permanent problem.

Their is a massive (hug) for
Bring your pain to the cross
Jesus took all of this
Be (healed)

It's not a story it is the truth. .
It about a personal relationship with God...
Easter time was a sacred
Jesus was sinless
Taking our place ..
This Easter  reflect on this .
It will change your life for good ..
Jon Po Dom Apr 13

I'm not pro War
Pro Trump
Pro Assad
I choose no sides
All men
Past, present and future
Have evil within
Power is destructive
I don't have a
Hidden agenda
I'm not looking to deceive
Convince or argue a point
I am pro freedom
Pro expression
Pro peace
Pro humanity
Pro life
In the end
We are all
One of a Kind

JM 4/13/17

I don't know what everyone's opinions on current events are. Mine is peace is the only thing which can stabilize any region. Politics likes to interfere with that process and so I avoid political views. I hope for peace in the world. I'm not Syrian but I'm human. I wish you peace Syria and Iraq. You too North and South Korea. We're all humans. Each one of a kind.
Carson Hurley Apr 12

A jab in the heart
by a blunt blade
of wit,
followed by an
unfashionable smile;
you come to me
barefoot across the
dew spread grass,
eyes of glass violet
glazed with the
violent past you
try so desperately to
Innocence is the burden
you lost before your
years reached double
most men grow tired
of your perpetual
silent complaint
but I beg you for every
no matter how macabre.
You ignite me

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