He watched as the sky darkened,
Brown leather descending slowly,
Prayed to God he would be pardoned,
Thought of his wife, his one and only.

Last look as the infants wail,
No scraps brought back tonight,
His little legs started to flail,
As he began to shiver in fright.

The human smiled,
His prey had been caught,
And with the glee of a child,
Stamped down his left foot.
Verifying rumours,
Living up to my name.
'Cause how can you destroy a reputation
When you are just the same?

Don't you dare be scared!
That pathetic face of yours.
Stop trying to befriend me,
I know you see my claws.

You cannot fight me either,
Do not even try.
You fall into my pit
You will inevitably die.

I dream of someone to appear
To convince me to stop.
But no one says it right
And so I carry on.

The running won't be fast enough,
The bullets will not pierce.
The bombs will not taint me,
Fire's a friend, no matter how fierce.

Just leave me alone,
Stay well away.
I don't deserve love,
And you'll live another day.
Umi 2d
Endless nights are passing, shadows lurking upon one another, one of greater darkness than the other, just waiting for pray alike a spider,
Fingernails possessed by a woman, sharper than knifes, almost alike claws they are an ornament to her delicate looking sweet body,
Her bloody devotion, driving her mad in a moment of distraction from deep within her split mind, time stands still, meaning is lost,
What's left to hunt in a place in which a monster causes rampage ?
Wasting no time, she seeks her next victim, drenched in impurity.
Approaching it the girl pretends to be gentle, caring yet worried but in truth she had only one plan, to feed of its despair, its infinite pain,
With crimson tears of both joy and fear of what she had become, the gal greets it to the end of its already shortened life after she gained trust, respect, maybe even a little love in this blazing hell with no sun,
Knocking it over she ramms her nails into the flesh of his face, piercing through while making sure he is not able to gain any motion,
Softly, in a slow cruel yet elegant manner she rips off chunks of it,
A distorted scream fills the room, laughter accompanies it as she loses herself to this waving melody of pain, questioning wheter or not to be replaced by the transience they have named life, or wether to live on,
As soon as he stops screaming she cuts through his cheek, getting stuck, breaking away her nail to set her hand free once again,
Nine knifes remain in there after all, surely that would be enough,
Clapping her hands in glee her next motive was a skillful punch to knock him out after her satisfaction of ruining his face had reached its peak in a riot of unexplored, absolutely undefined emotions,
Awaiting the awakening of her pray the lunatic sharpens her nails once again, now they would go on to the second act of her crime,
Tortured with true or false of this action she decides to take a stand
Undressing, simply to draw on the blood drenched body with cutting marks of the finest lines in an art of lunacy, a nightmare,
Recurrance in emotions, recurrance in her actions, for her it's "fun",
Act 3 has come close, it was time to rip him open and reveal his treasure, for what she actually wanted was a heart she never had,
Straight cutting to the mans chest it had been done, all what was needed now would be to break his rips to fully expose his insides,
Ah, phantoms of a long past, as the present burns away with cuts,
The symbol of hatred had achieved her final destiny, at last that is,
Each organ was either ripped off and thrown out in fury or devoured immediately in her hunger she felt whilst working,
Hanging him by his guts she takes everything out till he is hollow,
Lifeless she watches him rot a little, having crushed his bones,
What was left when time is moving once again in a realm of light ?
Her crime goes unrecorded, unnoticed as the corpse became fuel for the fire alike hell, until her twisted mind drags her to do this again

~ Umi
Why does evil exist ?
Is it because we need evil to balance out with good

Do we need evil to spotlight the good?

Do we kill to understand the value of life
Do we steal to understand the values of possession

Do we oppress others to value power and law
Why do we continue living in a world we don’t want to birth our children in
Why don’t we change….why?
What is this being standing before me in human form, spitting evil words and lashing insults like a leather strap crossing my back . Has it no heart or maybe one made of stone . Manipulating my inosance and tearing me down from the inside out. Has it no heart to bleed with regret or feel no remorse.
Why can't I turn and walk away, does my self rain of ignorance and stand with false hope. Believing that the words I love you and I'm sorry mean something more than the art of placing them together with no meaning at all . Do I escape from this torture or remain for more , when is enough going to be the destruction of my being when I've taken too much.
I stand and ponder to see The Distruction of Myself
People take to much for false hope.
Love is, fools may say,
As a warm, softened kitten,
Mewing pitifully.
Gods-men may say it is the snake,
Poised venomously in the tree of knowledge,
Tempting gleefully into sin.
Some say it is peacock,
Strutting high upon it's perch,
But running away at the drop of a pin.
I say it is the owl,
Flying above on wings of terror,
And it's glowing eyes turn to the grass,
To swoop down and
Within every man lies a beast of unascertained fury

A ghastly thing that roams the uncharted territory of one's own heart

It dwells there, a place with no morals, no consequence, no commitment

Waiting for the night's call,  when its prowess is summoned upon to indulge in the blood of chaos

At that moment man dies, The Beast will devour all...

                                             Bestial Thoughts(Explicit)

1. Hey, you're really cute / I am REally LIkinG YOuR BoDY, NIce THeighs, and those CUrves... would you be MInE so I can HEar you SCream my NAme.

2.Have fun guys don't be out too late ok/ Listen, Guy, if YoU HUrt my SIsTEr in ANy way I SWEar I will HuNT you down and TeAR you LiMb from limb and FUckINg crush your SKUll over and OVer again until there is NothING left.

3.  It's all good, I know you were joking/ You PIece of SHit, I trusted you and you're a FUcking SnAKe... I'm going to get BAck at you for this. I will HUmilaTe you and hurt you so you KNow the PAin I felt.

“I am a beast. But this is no fairytale. This—right here in front of you—is the real deal. I am a beast in size, a beast in looks, and a beast by nature. I am not a good man.”
― Jaimie Roberts, Scars
Jasmine Reid Mar 16
No matter how much you come to mind, you are not mine
and when I leave the feeling of muscle memory coats me in your toxins, your sweet toxins, an odor I'm already fond of
coaxed I am by you, for you and no matter how much I want or crave to be even near you and have you around, to laugh and cry with

you won't be there

Here we go again and I will not give into my own dreams and wishes, we were so close today, I felt your breath from a mile away and your lips on mine for that brief second before your head peered away and looked towards a sea of distraction

Who can touch me tonight and make my skin feel bare?
I feel the hands of the sun roaming my skin as my lower back is held in a warming embrace, but I will not loose my mind as my breathing and heart beats.

A sorry letter is what I meet when I return home and I view the handwriting, recognizing it's yours a little clarification point you recite to me every now and then, I've got it mate.

People have plans and I wanna help others, as they try an encourage me to get through, oh if only they truly knew, I still smell you you're here, Ha!
Honestly I'm not gonna leave you behind, no matter what heat you might have had for me, you think you're better on your own, caress my thighs and grip my ass like it's completely fine, it doesn't mean anything to me.

Maybe I should leave, and react the normal way, but I can't because I just don't care, this is a Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby thing? Minus the money and on off love.
No this is a different version, filled with lust and lack of concern, it's like you have no emotions that reside in you, only hands and a cock that control you

others might say I should escape and hate you, cause I'll be better on my own without the venom of someone who's not even there.
You're not a Tom Buchanan, but you're certainly a Jay Gatsby my lord

Why should I escape though, I'm okay, I'm not dead and I haven't been stripped of everything even if I know not where his hands have been, its just an illusion
Not Real At All
-Sorry for the swearing & the length-
might change my style of poems soon...maybe
Noah A Mar 15
Nobody understands you
I want to know
Why you kill
The pain you cause
You make warriors fall to their knees
Everybody worships you
You haunt nightmares
You are an evil sorcerer
Your prison locks away the forgotten
In a place where
Creativity, imagination, and color
They do not exist
They are not welcome

I hate you Death
You have taken from me
You thief!
You are evil
You torture my mind
My body screams for the pain to stop
You kill me from the inside out
You possess my thoughts
There is nothing worse
You filthy liar!  You cheater!
I hope you suffer beyond belief!
I hate you, Death

And yet,
Without you
There would still be pain
You end all that
With one movement
What is worse than death?
Many, many are worse than Death
You may be a devil, Death
I will never understand you
You have helped me through life
And when it is my time to end
I will do it willingly
Thank you, Death
Tatiana Mar 15
Not all of us are great.
Not all of us are evil.
So where do you fall
on this spectrum in life?
I fall right in the middle.
© Tatiana
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