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My Dear Poet Mar 1
I’d trade my heart
for your mind
My touch for your eyes
My soul for your love

Yet never, my mind for your heart
My eyes for your touch
Or my love for your soul

For how then shall I
Ever know you
Ever see you
Ever love you
My Dear Poet Jul 2021
I’m selling my heart
for what price do you think?
what money cannot buy
just over a drink
nor gold can even try
take me drunk while I blink
cash for a promise of a lie
with a smile and a wink
but a trade of hearts
and you may have deal
you can’t beat a better bargain
so let’s shake, It’s a steal
Fair Trade
George Krokos Dec 2020
Result of trade war
between U.S. and China
- corona virus?
colette alexia Nov 2020
The head is more easily understood than the heart
One person in control
Things are clearer
No love
Two careers
Zywa Oct 2020
Through the forests, over mountains
and seas we travel, the roads
are free

What is special, we take
along the way, in long caravans
Along the markets

along coasts and ravines
through steppes, through storms
and robbers

What is good for the neighbours
is even better for us
It is prosperity

Free passage, free trade
are worth wars to us
We laugh

at power and land, which are
expensive to defend and yet
get lost
The Netherlands

Collection “Mosaic virus”
Simon Aug 2020
Trust is not commercial, because trading or exchanging wears upon one's very truth isn't exactly well thought out. It only comes about, when one's very truth isn't (not) exactly commercial. But when trust isn't truth, when one's very wears aren't as thought out as it was to begin with. Scrambling many believes until one most tired (thought out) engagement, began to unscramble back into "trust is not commercial"!
One among us ALL comes across something that never was meant to pan out correctly. Because certainty is a believe meant to unscramble ALL believes back in onto itself! Forcing many priorities too become uncertain of itself....
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
Sometimes, I wish my story
Was written with a pencil
Instead of a pen.
To be able to erase
all the bad times,
The mistakes,
The what could've been's.
But in the end,
I wouldn't trade them for anything.
They made me who I am today.
And to me, that's everything.
Another adventure awaits,
On the crisp of your mortality
One last leap of faith,
To set the record straight
Was it worth the wait?
To alter the course of a life
Based on ecstatic escapades of thrill;
A high flying free bird.

For now, the time has come
To lay low for a while
Always knowing deep in your heart
You are way too tired to go on,
That you are counting down the moments
Before you trade,
A short life for a sure life.
Arab Traders excavated
Europe poured the foundation
The New World perfectly framed it
Rest of the races, the finishing touches

This …
Inordinate economic concupiscence
Animated by a violent passion
An extraordinary alteration

Nature convulses
Human dignity reduced to
Color: Black, white, brown, yellow

So ...
The gales storm in
Tearing through, uprooting
Sham of a foundation

Then …
The scale corrects itself
The clock resets
The scheme falls apart

Because …
There is only one humanity
It’s you.
It’s me.
This poem is in response to George Floyd's death and Injustice suffered by people of African descent
colette alexia May 2020
Two years of happy to be sad for my whole life
It's not a trade I would have made had I known at the time
You never really meant a word you'd say
Convince me of your love
Just so you can walk away
Walk away just to find there's no escape
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