Jt unknown Jul 15

At what cost,
Was it all worth,
What I lost?

I didn't mean to be,
I didn't wish this,
Let out the real me,

I was scared,
To get too close,
Something I never dared,

I ran away,
When you reached in,
And wanted to stay,

How would you deal,
How can I be me,
I could I be real,

Would you eventually go,
After I opened up,
Scared of what you now know?

I'm not made for anyone,
I carry weight,
Pain that weighs a ton,

You don't want this,
A world of doubt,
Free from bliss,

So just leave,
Avoid all the pain,
You might receive,

There won't be a we,
Just two separate roads,
Lost I'll continue to be.

Livia Jul 6

I died before I met you
Only once prior
I recovered, got better, and made it through
Try to believe me, I know I’m a liar,
But I died once before I met you

I died the day I met you
Because my heart stopped beating
You’re attractiveness too true
I was afraid to mumble a greeting
But I already died for you

I died the day after I met you
You wouldn’t get out of my mind
I got distracted – couldn’t make do
For someone like me, you were too kind
I died because I withdrew

I died a month later without you
I couldn’t even fight it
The fear stuck to me like glue
I started breaking bit by bit
I died when I wasn’t supposed to

I died a season later when you
Saw I was too broken to be fixed
I had a strong sense of déjà vu
But I was nevertheless transfixed
My death meant nothing to you

I died before I was friends with you
Your change of mind bemused me
Because you never used to
Listen to my sorry plea
I died when the world was no longer blue

I died two more times all because of you
You made me laugh, you made me cry
Until my world was back to blue
You clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly
My deaths were caused by you

I died a last time because of you
After we were long done
I saw you with another and trouble began to brew
While that’s all I ever was
I died because I wasn’t enough for you

Don't normally write rhymes, not too sure how it turned out.

They say happiness comes from within
That’s what they say but in the past it hasn’t been
Now I’m expecting to win
Work real hard and turn away from the sins
But this isn’t working at all
I’m doing my best but still dropping the ball
Telling me to start small
What else can you do after a big fall!?
I don't know what to do
Plenty of talk but my choices are few
It's time to do something new
The first hardest step is to choose

Sierray Jul 2

He likes playing video games
From sunrise to sunset
From breakfast to dinner

Until one day I asked him a question
"Babe, if love is a game, would you lose for me?"
He nodded with his eyes still looking at the monitor

I took a knife and I stabbed him from the back while I whispered,
"Game over, baby. You lose"

"Should have done that a long time ago", I said.

Marsha A Jun 30

Love is a game that two can play
and both win;
That’s what they said.
But these days...
Love is a game that everyone often plays
and tries to cheat at,
because nobody knows
how to win it.

Hadiy Syakir Jun 30

It is
not precious

it is just plain ludicrous

and full of atrocities.

Lose it, lose it
you thought
you can

feel it.

JAC Jun 27

Withholding, confiding
Understanding, trying
Wondering, deciding
Smiling, crying
Staying, fleeing
Sleeping, tiring
Learning, being
Wishing, desiring
Thinking, bleeding
Listening, losing
Helping, conceding
Whining, choosing
Loving, winning
Finding, sinning
Not becoming
An empty word
Waiting on the fence;
A together verb
In the past tense.

Troy Bell Jun 25

My life was empty and uneventful.
Then you walk right into my life.
The world turned to color.
And I rose out of my rut.

My life turned happy.
Though I could not believe it.
My heart grew to love.
And to why I'll never know.

You came to me when my heart ached.
Patched it up and made it new.
You loved my from the way it looked.
But how do I know you truly do.

My heart starts to ache watching these things.
Things that appear to prove you don't.
My breathing fastens as my heart beats.
How do I ask you about this?

I wonder painfully about the thoughts.
That keep poking into my heart.
I ask myself the question that I fear.
Is he really doing this or not?

TanyaAhmed Jun 22

Each step forward, I found his ego winning over my love.

Maybe we'll meet somewhere in oblivion. Parallel lines never intersect in real world.
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