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Hunter 3h
Shut your mouth
Take your **** head south
I will not stop now
I will figure this out somehow
This won't be my end I vow
I will push on to be my best
While you'll go south I'll go west
I don't need to walk far on this earth
To find how much I am worth
I am as powerful as I let myself be
So I will give you to the count of three
Head down south while I’ll go west
There is no time to rest
My destiny is in my hands
You will not stop my plans
For you cannot win
And I cannot lose
there is no redemption for the hopeless
let me hang my head in shame
there is no redemption for the hopeless
these wounds at least let me feel pain

after the battle leave me here to die
i never deemed myself a hero or a knight
why can't you see i cannot win this fight
this coward's only weapon is to hide

there is no redemption for the hopeless
let me accept my defeat
there is no redemption for the hopeless
i lost when i tried to cheat

let me suffer here for all my sins
grace no longer has a place for this monstrosity
i am sentenced a lifetime of being me
the lashings give it all away on my skin

there is no redemption for the hopeless
it took me a while to see
that there is no redemption for the hopeless
because the real enemy here is me
aka me being extra
Sanny 6d
The words of not being good enough.
Yet you can't leave me alone.
A game without rules.
So who's winning?
Who's winning when the both of us are losing?
flickering screens, decoded dreams

and I ;

loving an enigma
he was a mystery to me.
(and a programmer too)
Muzzle flashes in the distance
And I'm thinking about you
I don't know if I should
I don't know why I would
Actually I do know why

Muzzle flashes in the distance
And I'm still thinking about you
One hour brings to two
Even though you have someone in your life
I still want to talk to you

Muzzle flashes in the distance
And ******* i'm still thinking about you
Should I stop and if I can't
I'm in the middle of the enemy
So why do i think of you

Muzzle flashes in the distance
We know each other for two weeks
That is no relationship
No grounds to build upon
No house to live in

Muzzle flashes in the distance
If I die will you mourn?
If I pray will he fall?

I don't hear the muzzle
Only see what they are doing
So they flash in the distance
And I'm thinking about you.
Amanda Dec 3
I am sorry for the way I handled our problems
All the screaming and throwing around blame
How I gave into your darkness so easily
Should have conquered your demons, not become one the same.

I cannot deny you led the way
I should have tried harder to turn you around
At least looked where we were going
Instead of keeping eyes trained on the ground.

It wasn't simple at the time to see
My eyes heavy with denial and yours with shame
I desperately needed you to be the answer
Instead a go-to scapegoat is what you became.

I do not want you to think it's all your fault
I do not want you to look like the bad guy
Don't want to be enemies from now on
I'm begging our egos to let grudges die.

Do you really believe I don't care?
You would realize if you opened your eyes
It's plainly written in my poetry
Love simple to read in pages and lines.

It's hard to say who ****** up more
Even when your regrets die mine will live
My heart was too easy of a target
Stolen before I had the chance to give

Every day mistakes kept adding up
I was distracted by your smile
They became heavy weights our shoulders couldn't bear
We collapsed after a few more bitter miles.

I should have seen the outcome coming
Should have noticed your eyes lose that spark
I'm sorry I couldn't save us, tried to show you the light,
When I failed my soul also was engulfed by the dark.
I guess i thought my inner warmth could unfreeze your heart but your darkness was stronger..
Johnny walker Nov 28
Sometimes looking back on my time with Helen to be absolutely honest I believe Helen new long before I
ever did her days where numbered
Or perhaps maybe I didn't want to admit this to
myself for fear of being alone, but Helen would ask me to take her out In her wheelchair at 4 o'clock In a morning
Freezing cold wet windy just to wheel her up the road and back, less time to
take her, then It was to get her ready afterwards she
always be so grateful In thanking
It was If she wanted to make the most everyday
the day every hour minute and second, no matter what nature threw at her she was not going to be robbed of an opportunity to go
Will admit there were times because of the weather I didn't want to take Helen for fear she would take poorly get pneumonia the last Saturday she insisted on going out for a drink, our son begged his
mum not go
But of cause Helen refused
his advice went out within a day of doing so she took
Sick, double pneumonia and along with all her other ailment she went In
Hospital but never came home
Helen was In  Hospital with pneumoina she never came home
Eric daw Nov 27
I used to think I could smoke away the pain
Thought my thoughts I could maintain
But then I started to lose my mind
Started to fall behind
I learned that to move on u must try an accept
I learned to path I must take an on that path I stepped
i no longer smoke to keep away the pain
I'm learning to maintain
A purpose I'm starting to gain
I'm finally heading down the right lane
Latifah Nov 27
My father warned me of the monsters,
that live out in the world,
He called them strange looking strangers.

but he didn’t warn me of the monsters,
that live under my bed,
He just brushed it off with:
“Sweetheart, that’s all in your head”

so I learned to fight them on my own,
until I realized,
there is no battle to be won.
You can't win a battle against yourself.
Johnny walker Nov 27
Trying to be strong but
It late can't sleep and
I'm lonely what to do
now with life that's so different of things to
how they used to be
with Helen at my
She was my everything
all that I dreamed of
no other can replace
her for she was my one and only forget all the
rest no more fish In the
sea for me But I'll try
to be
strong to
get along It's not going to
be easy with so memories
fixed In my head so I'll turn memories Into
poems to keep my
dreams alive for my remaining
Making every effort to cope with my lose and turn what's left of life Into a positive find new things to do as I've done with poetry writing encourage others where I can
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