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Solaluna May 20
In an auction,
You are one limited-edition piece,
That everyone wants to get a hold of,
Like you are the only person that matters,
A person whose worth of great value.
And here I am,
Clowning myself as one of your bidders,
competing with a dollar compared with millions.
And without a doubt,
I lost,
But how can I lose,
if you are not mine in the first place?
I keep losing you
As I slowly grew
I'm still learning to let you go
You were here with me, laughing, a while ago
I still care for you though
Guess I gotta learn to let go
Sarah Flynn May 7
you lost someone real.
you lost a genuine, good friend
who would've done anything
to make you happy.

I only lost someone
who never gave a ****
about me or my happiness.

think about this
and then tell me again
who was truly hurt by
the end of our friendship.

we both may have hurt,
but you're the only one
who lost something here.

I won.
why did you leave me?
we had so much to do
yet you still left
like you had nothing to lose
i miss you so much
Night can be fallen in my dream,
but I could not swim in the dark.
The moonlight is so high,
and I try to get it.
Before death follows me,
you must hold me tight
and I am not drowning again.
Indonesia, 15th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, everyone makes a meaning to others words---maybe that is why we are so very misunderstood;}

one to love one to lose

one to hate one to choose

one to want one to need

one to save one to leave

one to hurt one to dream

one to beg  one to see

one to care one to fight

one to day  one to night

one to live one to die

one to trust one to cheat

one to sun  one to moon

one to me   one to you

If I do something
And reveal it
Won't I lose
All the joy of doing it !!!

हम कुछ करे और जता दे
तोह करने का सारा मज़ा न गवा दे
I still remember every kisses
she gave to me at the night
fall into my bed
dark with little light
burn it with some delight.

That's a good day for me
because she still believes in nothing.

I burn my cigarette at the same time
before her lips and mine collide in the bad time.

I still remember every kisses she gave to me,
but she doesn't remember that night.

That time has finished me,
but there is no victory.
Indonesia, 26th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Tears can splash to the ground
You could shake in fear and rage all you want
But as soon as they smile
And push aside your claims with a laugh

You're absolutely ******
Lee Aaun Mar 9
erasing my existence,
to make a mark of your existence
isn't a permanent solution.
because those who are meant
to stay forever they won't
try to end up someone's life over this.
they know their value,
that's why they will wait
when you will create a hurdle for yourself
which you supposed it is for them.
they will think, you are gone forever.
but that forever is theirs end.
as when their breath will end,
karma will rise me up from the ashes
where i have been sleeping—
to live my life for eternity.
from the start, it was their lose.
so fool to understand the schemes of life.
fool will become a fool, of he will fool you
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