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You pulled me in tighter
and calmly whispered to me
how scared you were
of going any further
because you didn't want to
fall victim to seduction
and lose control because
you love control.
It's not about me. It's not about you.
It's about what we do.
What we do with the time we have left
With the people we meet.
With the challenges we face.
With the rumors we hear.
When we come face to face
With our fears.
With the love we have.
With the love we lose.
What we do when we have to choose.
What we do when we realize
We have responsibilities.
That's what it's all about to me.
Zack Ripley Oct 18
I never thought
I could be the one you'd choose.
I never knew I had so much to lose.
I never thought
I'd be the one to say goodbye.
I never thought
that I could make you cry.
But then I died.
Maria Mitea Oct 18
when she entered
stillness was consuming
every movement
in the room,
including her

lost smile, quite face, warm tea,


was waiting

in the dark void corner

suddenly their eyes met

his eyes swept over her

her eyes lingered over his
leaving airs of mystery
without a trace
at the end of a long war


was waiting

when she entered with another man
Inspired from a Russian movie "17 moments of Spring"  a love story that happened during the second war.
Mhidey Oct 7
We all have everything else under control;
Except the time we want
We lose or use it
Either morning or night;
Or birth till death
So make wise use of it

Time doesn't die at all,
It flys away into thin air
Leaving us empty just to pity;
And counting on time is stupidity
So make good use of it,
For you to benefit.
Maja Sep 26
If you have nothing to lose.
Then it doesn’t matter if you win.

If you bet your all to win,
Then you won’t lose.
You win.
You lose.
But you don't fail.
Cross Boundry Sep 23
I lost myself finding you.

You scared me that day
So I spent hours bringing you
But on the way I dropped myself
and became your doll
So now I sit on your shelf
Until you lose yourself

I found myself leaving you.
and never coming back.
Myrrdin Sep 6
How dare you come back
After all these years
Just to see if I'm still here
I tried my best
You left
You ****** up
You took my heart
And left it unrecognizable
How dare you come back
Better than you were
You always knew
That I'd wait
Hemmed galaxies wither in my hip pocket flap
Starlight angst feeling alive for the first time
Whiskey feeble,chain smoking all night through
Tearing through pages of a magazine
Thought we where immortal
I still want you
We where so wrong
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