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Kurtlopez Aug 25
It really is.
To breakdown once in a while.
To let the world forget your mind.
To hear wrongs & feel trapped.
To love so much & lose yourself.
To cry when no one’s watching.
To have no clue of what’s happening.
To forget why you started IT.
To feel the pain and take it all in.
It’s okay.
To be vulnerable sometimes.
To lose people & to lose your mind.
To hide the hurt & pretend the smile.
To harden your heart , become arrogant with time.
To understand, life isn’t easy for all.
To give it time to turn back & crawl.
To have a heart but still using the brain.
To let it rain as humanity is strange.
To hold hands, just your own.
To be alone & trying to control.
To mourn the loss of who you use to be.
To be weak & accept our destiny.
To realise that everything happens for a reason.
It’s okay. You’ll be happy again.
It’s just another season…
Ripped emotions grip tight
On a roller-coaster riding
Show you my ups and downs
Darker side not hiding

Sometimes drops are slight
When my disposition is sweet
But don't dare to push the wrong button
Or I'll have you flying out of your seat

Although I may appear normal
Never doubt what is underneath skin
Past my grinning surface chaos is clear
Throughout thoughts is perversity prowling within

Put me into a locked padded cell
To completely lose my mind
Uncontrollable mood swings are not what I choose
Sanity snaps leaving reality behind
Written back when my mental state was not nearly as stable as it is now... Not that it is 100% stable now but so much better in comparison
Jeremy Betts Jun 22
Not to many have resisted the risk
Hold tightly and lose control through the same clenched fist
Pray for there to be but dread that last kiss
How many have been hurt who weren't on a list
Who gets hit with every miss
Can't run from this
I must confess, it's worth the risk

Jme Love Nov 2022
Our egos were bigger than our hearts. Our pride bigger than our minds. We couldnt take a loss yet neither of us won. Trust became an issue but only after i was honest with you. Fighting caused so many problems only because we couldnt solve them. At a loss not knowing what else to do. I ran away hoping to get through to you. I never wanted to be away this long. I just wanted you to say you need me and to come back home. But like i said once before, our egos are to big and we let our pride take all control. Afraid to lose we couldnt give in. But you tell me is this realy a win?
Sometimes winning means taking a loss
And sometimes we can mever win at all
CJ May 2022
I'm an Anti-Romantic

I don't believe in Love anymore
I think I've lost faith in it
A waste of my time

Is like eating chocolate
I don't feel any sweetness
Only the bitterness within

A flaming love
Burnt till there's only
black soot left

No more love poems
No more rom coms
No more valentine's

I'm an Anti-Romantic
Inspired by
TXT's 'Anti-Romantic'
George Krokos Mar 2022
Time, as we have come to know it, is only relevant to our planet Earth;
because out in deep space it would lose most of its meaning and worth.
There's a graphic piece that accompanies this couplet titled: 'Earth, Space and The Foundation of Time' which can be viewed elsewhere on the web. Please check it out.  From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Vidaurre Mar 2022
It is not a poem
but how can someone want it all, and at the same time, feel troubled by it all.
Madeleine Feb 2022
I believe I win
You believe I lose
It's a win win
Ren Sturgis Feb 2022
I am afraid.
Afraid of losing ;
losing those dear to me, losing myself, losing what I've yet to gain.
But how can I lose what I've never had?
I get so frustrated because I can't stop time.
I can't fix everything.
I'm not even anywhere close to being healed.
I want to heal others.
My loved ones deserve to live.
We deserve to be happy.
What did we do to bring about such pain, such sickness?
Why are we plagued so?
I'm always asking "Why?"
Please let us live.
I'm tired of hurting.
Megitta Ignacia Jan 2022
There's secrets exchanged
Under the round peachy city light,
Across Gadjah Mada street

Between 4 privilege kids
Denpasar has it ways
To unite west-east-north-south at once

Here, to the feast
To the riddle of longing
To floating dilemmas
To confusing adulthood
We've been together before
Not just a narrative hunters

When the wind oppress
We are lost,
but we're not gonna lose
020122 |23:08
Nasi jinggo stall near pasar kumbasari gajah mada street. Deep conversation between four mid-late-twenties kids about life, struggle about adulthood, guilty of being privelleged, choosing work that fulfill us as a human, pressure to take care of aging parents, going back to hometown or live freely wherever we want, journey to commitment/married life, and everything in between me, Andri, Blide, Rza. It eases my soul. Happy new year.
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