In this dance of duality,
with its endless pain and cruelty,
and that creeping fear of death,
remember the gift that is each breath:

that unmerited offering,
sure to soothe suffering,
a reminder to drop this fight,
to kiss the now, to take flight,

to let silence carry away
today's troubles on a wave,
those trials, those tribulations,

the mind's voice will soften,
as will the shame, the blame,
for here, there's no condemnation.

Seema 22h

There is a downside of every matter
Somethings get worse some just gets better
Many have questioned lifes existence
Yet there is a race, color, gender resistance
Why is it hard for some to understand?
That we humans have two legs to stand
A pair of ears, eyes, a mouth and a nose
We all have red blood in our body that flows
Two hands to hug and help each other
But now the hands are used to strangle one another
People have reached the moon and beyond
With high degrees and education they fond
But what does it all mean when these educated people
Spread poison among naive making them mentally crippled
Each news I read online, makes me sad again
It is not far too real to imagine the suffering and pain
Worse to worse is the public media spread
What's there or not gets widespread
It's like a deadly disease, mankind cruel and unkind
Every corner of this earth one can find
Corruption, tortury, sorcery, killing, rape, what not
Man have made this planet so disgusting with rot
Here prayers are heard less over the cries of innocent
We have gone too far and we have lost our sentiment
I don't live in a war torn country for sure
And not with people that beg for a meal so poor
My heart cries each day, as a young soul dies
Either it be human or an animal overwise
I pray and put my thoughts to the victims that suffer
Life and living has become such a race that each step gets tougher...


I know there are people with special needs, those who don't have two legs, hands and other parts of their body. I wrote this for those who are fortunate to have all yet a downside.
Cameron 1d

Words that ring hollow,
Promises unfulfilled,
Memories forgotten,
Day-dreams fade, turn to ash,
Fly into the sky, never to settle.
The world so vast, so full;
It could never contain
All the hurt.
Like gas - always escaping,
Always sustaining,
Never dissipating.

Intro: (in progress)
Never a doubt, So Certain my hope
Only imagined once in a life
Regret not those things done
Surely and well  

Hiding behind Songs
I cried, wailed, and whispered,
Yet such agony burning
Our stone altar flamed

Chorus:  (In Progress)
Helplessly hopeful, Ran straight to my Winter,
Mirror- ball silently spinning my Fate
Relentless, and dancing, Glanced I the glamour,
Future so fine, mystery awaits

Left yourself, jagged: torn open, sad, gone
Nothing is over,Lay it all down

Just this one favor:
Feathers, talons, my weapons,
Broken on One rock Sunday
Sun melted All away

Helplessly hopeful,
Ran straight to you, my Winter,
Disco ball spun out
Dead silent reply

Centuries pass, glaciers
Melted and moved on:
Please stitch this wound
So we can fly

Nothing else to say, I don't do structure too often, gave it half a care on this, but still working on this one.

I found solace in the darkness
that has robbed me of my freedom.
The darkness that feeds off of me
when I am nowhere near light.

It dictates my inner most fears of
lingering in the shadows of my own being,
yet lighting a path to my incendiary fate
that I know I can suffer for eternities in
the hellfire of my mind.

But the rain rocks my windows, and thunder claps
against my ear like a game in our room of heaven and hell.
It rattles my inner most being, and the strings that
tie me to my friends and family sever themselves
in the fall of twilight. From that, I know,
darkness has robbed me once again of light.

It’s a bitter fate I had the opportunity to accept;
darkness was then a conformity that I lived with.
My place of dwelling. And from letting this darkness
inhabit me for so long, I have come to love it. I have come
to live with it, for without darkness, light will be no more.
I have learned to love such a feared part of me. A loathed
part of me. I’ve seemed to forgotten it even existed along with me.

Darkness was but another part of me that couldn’t exist without
the light. I was given a chance to live in this world, and I would live. I will live. But life comes before death, and tragedy comes in the middle of our peace. Darkness is just but one of them I have come to accept.

it’s 1:10 AM right now, and Im typing in the dark. Have a nice day, everyone!

What the fuck is going on right now -
you can feel your heart beat quickening,
Very aware that something isn't right because reality feels overwhelming,
Beads of sweat form on your skin as the world around you becomes horrifying,
And your feet start to drag, like they're surrounded in mud and it's thickening.

Ears ringing,
Hands shaking,
Fingers fumbling,
The pain in your soul intensifying.

Struggling to think straight as the thoughts in your head continue tumbling,
Darkness creeps in from the corners of your eyes, your vision is disappearing,
You scream out in hope of someone to hold you and stop you from falling,
Curl into a ball, remember happiness, as the terror swallows your entire being.

You're defeated, there's no point in crying.

Everything... fading.

Luckily it was a dream - I don't know what else to say.

Mythic times,
Not gone from here,
But not here as well,
Mystic things,
Faded into the past,
Forgotten sects,
Rituals and magic,
Monsters, beasts,
Destroyed by man,
And even mans own creations,
Destroyed by his own hands.

to Love a human being,
is to die.
to open your soul,
is to feel fire crisp your skin,
and to suffer,
is to be truly enlightened.

Short and hopefully sweet
Lynx 7d

What is context?
Clearly they don't know.
I show my innocence
Yet get sent to the gullitine regardless
Even when half the jury is in my favor
The King refuses
and I get charged for a crime
I never committed
Trying to protect someone
Who just wanted me dead

Girl, why do you stay with him?
And make an excuse
Haven't you had enough of his mess?
Along with all of the abuse
Time and time again
You have sadly, sat there and drowned in tears
Too much time has been wasted
After all of these years

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