Do I cause you pain?
Good. Because it's been a long debt.

I hope it makes you sad too

I could haemorrhage every verse that
                                                   pains me.
Lines that penetrate deeper than
                                                what is penned.

Lying motionless on the wounds
                                            that never heal,
confusion of what is my pain
                                            and written verse.

I have hollow veins, nothing more to say,
                                       altercations of a heart and self.
Looking beneath, I have scrawled a thousand
                                       pains but there is nothing is seen..

I made the initiative
to board the train
got left with nothing
only pain

I tried to fly
and fell a great height
maybe that's why
I can't put up the fight

I hide away
I sit at home
maybe that's why
I'm all alone

until the next life
I carry this weight
the darkness is now
my natural state


Like an ash from a flame
fallen to the ground…
I am cold, gray and dead.
Like an ember
once amid the flames burning bright
I am thrown down
and trampled underfoot.
George Grogan

Man must watch himself,
Age away as he peers into the mirror,
The truth of his appearance,
Laid bare upon a silvery sheen,
All his flaws,
And stories,
Told by a ragged and haggard face,
That peers back at him,
A modern mummy,
Wishing just as much as he does,
That his youth would return to him,
If even for but a moment,
Yet even that,
Is too much to ask.

Lovers learn to love each other after the sun rises
True love can learn to love again after something traumatic

We can do it all over again
If you're willing

You excluded me from your world
Because you felt that I was
"Over the Hill".
I had no way of sharing my Magic
With you.
One day,
I spotted you
Shooting Heroin in your arm
Underneath a bridge.
I was too polite to ask you
Why you had refused to accompany me
For Tea

Vexren4000 Jul 15

The smog of society,
Looming over the mountains and cities,
The smoke of cars and cigarettes,
Factories and production,
The smog will begin to choke out,
The life of the vibrant city,
Showing man how he can destroy,
Just by existing.

Vexren4000 Jul 14

The haze hangs over the memory,
As if it were a dream forged by reality,
As if it were,
As if it was,
There once was a moment,
Now passed as the ticking of the clock,
Faded away as the graffiti upon the city wall,
As if it were a falsehood,
Something created by some silver-tongued salesmen,
As if it were,
As if it was,
Now the elder of the village has passed as well,
As if it were,
As if it was,
Always the fate intended for him.

Fire Jul 11

And my mind was a dark cloud of thoughts
Hanging over all the things I have fought
It likes to rule my days
And rue my nights
My head is like a maze
It's afraid of heights

But it keeps climbing
And no one keeps up
It's just the timing
I need to grow up

They told me to pick my battles
But my heart it shakes and rattles
And the butterflies want to burst
But my body would die first

So I'd take a rocket into space
To give you all a bit of grace
But I'm chocking on my existence
And all I know is resistance

So I fall and I try to get up again
And I'm fighting the same fight in my brain
And again
And again and again

Turn it off. Like a switch.
Take my pain. Son of a bitch.
My mind is conspiring against me.
It's trying to prevent and arrest me.

My heart was on full and now it's empty
My head was a paradise turned against me.
I hate the nights I just can't remember why I make these mistakes.
Because all it ever did was cause heartbreak.

Please just make it stop.

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