Sarah 2d

I am fragile
A piece of glass under pressure
But do not mistake my pain for beauty
There is nothing beautiful about this
Flowers are beautiful
Sunsets are beautiful
Crying yourself to sleep is not
Cutting just to feel alive is not beautiful
Not wanting to feel alive is not beautiful
Throwing up pills because you changed your mind is not beautiful either
I am withering away
Losing to the demons in my mind
In a world devoid of sunshine
Or flowers
And don’t you dare romanticize this
I don’t want this promoted
I want this defeated
And I will never recover when I am told
The only beautiful thing about me
Is the disease that is killing me

The shackles of society,
Placed upon us at birth,
A makeshift prison,
Man made for himself,
A cage of his own design,
Traps man,
And removes his youth,
As if some beast,
Is stealing away his life,
Some vampiric force,
Perpetrated by reality.

camilla 3d

you turned her laughs
into cries

you made her dreams
seem pointless

you let her hopes
fall so low

you gave her beautiful eyes
a deep look of despair

you made her remember
everything she wanted to forget

please stop hurting her
she has suffered enough

Sleep is my newest obsession
It endures from morning to night
Its rhythm repeats itself

Due gazing too much misery
My lids are wearied
Due too much weeping
My eyes have dried

By causing me enormous pain
Will your mind forget my being
Does your ego inflate
When from your sight I escape

I look back and see you floating
When you used to hold my hand
Now in hell I burn
While you depart indifferent

© Lips of Dust
Amanda 3d

Im dying to see you and hear your voice,
But I can't run to you anymore,
In fact, its better if i dont think,
About the way things were before.

Surrounding myself with memories,
Will only bring me certain pain,
I need to realize that wishing
For you back wont lead to any gain.  

I know that you arent suffering,
Because you havent tried to call,
How come this isn't hurting you?
Did you ever really care at all?

Maybe for you the last twelve months,
Were a waste of time and energy,
But you gave me the best year of my life,
It meant everything and more to me.

Sorry i had technical difficulties while writing this my phone kept messing up so i finally just got on a computer and i didnt have problems after that.

Toiling over worthlessness,
Of the minuscule and microscopic,
Issues that modern man now has,
Concerned with missing shows,
And half-hearted vanity,
This modern time,
This darkened place,
Breeds issues new and foreign,
That the bird, or squirrel,
Knows not of man's tribulations.

Save the game,
Save your money,
Waste your time,
So that you may save some,
Show the world,
How well you can conserve,
Show the world,
The world that is not watching.

If I could turn my heart to stone
Your face would be just a dream
To carry my soul with kindness
Away from visions of suffering

If I could turn my heart to stone
You wouldn't have got attracted to my eyes,
Written love-notes with cinnamon taste,
Nor called me love or babe

If I could turn my heart to stone
All your lies I wouldn't have seen,
Your confusion, your mouth
Throwing your own weaknesses at me

If I could turn my heart to stone
I wouldn't be here, lied and bleeding
Until my parents... my sister, only victims
Would find me dead by hanging

© Lips of Dust

Dubbed the king of kings,
The messiah of man,
Who has such a lofty title?
No longer a living creature,
Most fables and stories,
Hold the only messiahs and martyrs,
Men of god and satan.
Vishnu and Mohamed,
Names of men and gods,
Who may or may not,
Have lived amongst the humans.

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