Anyone 7d

Today I realised
The world is a joke
Today I learned
Democracy is a disease
Today I understood
Freedom is our ruin
Today I breathed
Lies believed true
Today I watched
Thieves treated like monks
Today I witnessed
Lives becoming chained dogs
Today I knew
I let my own self down
Today I cried
I lose hope now
Today I pray
I forget yesterday
Tomorrow I wish
I forget today

This isn't pleasant, even to its own writer. But what's true bubbles up hard
Britney Lyn Jul 12

Cloudy days, vacant eyes,
Brilliant blue to sunset skies.
Falling stars, broken dreams,
Midnight sky with moonlight beams.
Daylight break, mourning rise,
New days come and old days die.

alan Jul 10

Life has no meaning, to me, to them,
but I live for a reason, for me, for them.
Life goes on, it will for years,
so why should I sit here in lonesome helplessness?
I am able to walk, to stand, to help, to help me, and them.
But I'm stuck in the selfish turn of things, too tired to try again.
I rather get up and do something,
and for the rest of the day be at peace with myself,
knowing that a bit of my heart was devoted to it.
I am one person, what can one person do?
Everyone is one, one person, me, them.
People have done things because they are able, am I too able yet?
I have been trying so hard to show people the meaning of life,
but I feel it's nonexistent, but
the reason to live, well, I have a reason, I have a purpose;
to try and make tomorrow better, as long as
there is a

Anyone Jul 9

What makes you think you're waking up tomorrow ?
What if you knew you weren't waking up tomorrow ?
Does it matter ? Waking up tomorrow ?
For who ? For what ?
Will knowing it's in tomorrow or in ten thousand tomorrows matter ?
Wake up, but Not from your sleep.
Wake up and pray.
Not for a long life
For a life worth living.
For a life short and merry.

Angelique Jul 8

Oceans sweep over burnt land
-clears away so
men can walk the simple path
forgetting where their desires had previously led them
to a promise of tomorrow
when yesterday was filled with worry

Wyatt Jul 7

I told you once,
now you can't blame me
when you get caught up
in the hype.
This place isn't
what it seems
and we're all
living a long life.
When you get tired,
you can't quit out
and nobody can
cut the power.
Change isn't said first,
it's said when it's done.
We can't proclaim and not do,
and I will regret the last time
and the next way I find to lose.
These words that I write
will surely get in an ugly fight
with the ones I will put out

We've got our whole lives
to let the pressure get to us.
You know the million regrets
will follow us until we die.
So why not clean up the place
and introduce yourself?
Because we're all in this
for a long, long, long time.

And it won't change overnight.
So stop trusting words
like "change your mind"
and "ignore the signs".
If I could give you
some bitter advice
it'd be to spot the lie
when they tell you to
wait until tomorrow.

Your life won't change tomorrow. We're all here for a long time.
Marsha A Jul 6

Why do you have to beg someone to stay?
You shouldn't.
Whoever wishes to stay, would stay;
whoever doesn't, would go away.

There is no need to beg.

They might be here today,
but eventually,
they will leave you someday.

Shofi Ahmed Jul 6

The sun will return and align
upon the face of earth.  
Tomorrow will come  
with a new sunrise!
Even now is a present,
before you on your way!

Alex Jun 26

I focus on the battle of today
But sometimes I peer behind it
And see the legion of tomorrows and days after
And realize
That even the mountain is worn down by the river
As I am
By the relentless march
Of days after
Till I ignore it all
Knowing that it will become worse
But a second of peace
Is better than staring down
The barrel of tomorrow I point at myself
Wondering if that finger
Delicately embracing the trigger like a man carrying the shards of a broken spirit
Will finish the embrace

Mazen Edlibi Jun 24

Looking around and hearing stories

Looking at those eyes and bedazzled with the light of passion in them

In the Shadow I stand and watch those hearts go away!
And I asked

What makes me stand in their shadows
I realized that we are guardians with missions!!!

My mission in the world to be the guardian of silence and the right words!

I'm the Guardian of Unspoken Emotions
And that is my tomorrow...
Share with me your Tomorrow!!!

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