I hope tomorrow is better than today. I hope the rain falls more calmly and the stars line up just right. I hope tomorrow love won’t knock me down once I get up again, I hope tomorrow I win the fight. Today I fell down because love pushed me over and crippled me, I was scared to rise again. The kitten embraced me like kittens do and I was able to face the day but, a presence loomed over me, reminding me of the darkness that forced me under the covers of my empty bed. The darkness that kept me tied down underneath the sheets, scared to see what the rest of the day held. I hope tomorrow I can wake up with fixed tea and strudels. I hope tomorrow the sun rises early in the am and the moon falls perfectly under the stars.
Today was a sad day but tomorrow will be just fine
Amber 1d
what about all the plans
in the future
we already talked about
what to do next
but how can there be
even tomorrow
when us
don’t exist anymore
Megan Apr 10
It could be the pot
or the sun
because it's hot

It could be the beer
or the wind
because it's loud in my ear

It could be the night
or the moon
because it's nature's right

That I feel this way
With you

and I don't care because
whatever we do
I'll be able to do whatever
with you
bored in love is a random collection of my own day to day thoughts on my own relationship
tomorrow all that you did today will just be a memory,
to soon be forgotten.
So what are we working towards?
eventually all is lost,
and left in a sea of hoplessness.
what are we living for?
is it that we crave the past,
or that we challenge the future?
What is the purpose?
nim Jul 12
i had learnt that
a "today" has to be blurry,
filled with gray clouds, and painful,
so that your "tomorrow" can be bright;
happy, without worries,
full of hope and delight,
every day is "today"
and "tomorrow"
is always out of touch, out of reach,
painfully untouchable
because tomorrow is always
the next day, postponed,
as every joy turns into dark,
as every tomorrow becomes
a today.
Irene J Jul 10
What are we thinking about until we can't
close our eyes?
Why it's hard to just sleep rather get through
a day?
You just want to close your eyes without
having to wait for tomorrow.

Why we're wide awake during the time we dream?
Why we're asleep during the time we work?
Why has the day become the night for me and the night
become the day?

Maybe, my world isn't the earth.
Then, I'll just sleep and fly away.
This poem I wrote at 03:09 AM, I couldn't sleep and write about it.
Anya Jul 8
It’s a coming
Not yet arrived
Seemingly soon
Yet out of reach
Only there for the journey
Chasing after an untouchable destination
Which begs the question
Are you there for the journey or
The destination?
Salem Noxolo Jul 5
You is fine.
You is mine.
You is lovely
I is a lil tubby
But you don't care.
You don't think so.
You thinks I is fine!
I loves you.
You is my Sweet Babboo.
Can't leave your sweet presence.
Intoxicated by your magic essence.
The tinge of saddness as I leave.
"Parting is such sweet sorrow."
But hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.
Whatever happened to me writing a book about Dandruff focused poetry. Honestly, you guys would've loved it. I deleted them, but those were great poems.
K N Brown Jul 2
the scars of her yesterdays

would not allow her to see

the beauty in her skin of today
sunprincess Jul 2
Tomorrow will be much better than today
I will be the sole captain of my destiny
And if I'm sailing across the sea the wrong way
If my compass becomes cracked and broken
And I crash into the craggy rocks
When everything I possess into the sea has fallen
I will blame no one but myself

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