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Zack Ripley May 9
I have decided that today,
I'm going to try.
I'm going to try to not be afraid
of what people say to me.
What they have to say about me.
My strategy is simple:
anticipate, accept, and understand.
If you anticipate someone will say something mean or disrespectful,
you can prepare yourself.
Then, if they do say something, you accept. Accept that's the way they feel about you. Finally, the most important part: understand. Understand that it is not your responsibility
to try to make them feel differently
or prove them wrong.
I did all this today hoping that tomorrow,        
you find the courage to try and do the same.
Allesha Eman Mar 5
These years, they ask us questions
answers that tomorrow never knows,
held in the arms of yesterday.
The weight of this dreaming
pushes the clouds onto the ground
and our fleeting conversations
with this flooding rain
breaks the boats we built
that were already too unfit
for this ocean between the clocks we build
and the time we chase
Mackenzy Mar 4
Some days the sun doesn’t shine as bright.
Some days the clouds cover the sky.
Some days I want to give up.
Some days I want to sink into the ground and watch life pass by.

the sun still shines no matter how dark the night was,
the clouds part and the heavens will be seen.

Yes, I want to stop but there is a purpose to be found in the suffering.
So I will rise to face another day because a better tomorrow awaits.
Kairi Feb 20
Things that hurt you
will be the memories
that will heal you
tomorrow ...
take this time to rest in bed
so that tomorrow you can clear your head
Allesha Eman Jan 27
Between us and this divided sea
Between us and this dying sun
Between us and this pale blue sky
Between us and the raging tide
Between us and running time
Between us and yesterday's dreams
Between us and tomorrow's sleep
Between us and the drying leaves
Between us and winter's grave
Between us and summer's taste
Between us and this beating heart
Between us and what's beneath
Are the remnants of our interlaced
Still holding onto
And some reason to
It's tough to say — bye!
When you know, From tomorrow...
You will not exist!
For u — 2021... Goodbye... "We'll meet again"... I wish I could say so but we can't ...And that's what, this life teaches us... That, nothing is permanent, everything has to be vanished... Even our existence!!
It's a cold winter night,
Everything seems to be foggy white.
In this frosting moonlight,
The dark horizon's fading out of sight.

Like a caterpillar in its cocoon,
We're chilling at our hot room.
To some, this night is a boon
But for some it's a night of doom.

Looking through my window-pane,
I'm enjoying the dew-drops as the drops of rain.
Some men are sitting down the lane,
I can see them shivering with cold and pain.

Shivering under that cold and open sky,
They're yearning for some fiery eye'.
Their lips are getting pale and dry,
This cold night is torturing them to die.

They're slowly dying in this freezing night, yet pretending to be okay...
Facing this terrible situation, don't know, how to get away?
Neither questioning the situation nor knowing, how long like this they've to stay?
They're just hoping for a sunny tomorrow where they can enjoy the warmth of the day...
Is it visible??😅... Coz posted it 3 hrs ago... Yet no read count's showing 😅... Now again posting it😅😅... Hope it's visible 😅

Fiery eye' here refers to help.
Truth of every winter night where we enjoy the nature while the homeless ones suffer...

Obviously another flow of rhymes 😅
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