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myrrh 6d
I've got to concede, I'm in a ton of sorrow
Pray for a better tomorrow, I'm on borrowed time
I say I'm fine, but I'm dying inside
Pain in silence is a dire crime
Reaching the end of the line
That's not just because I have no one to call
Looks like the ground is going to catch me,
I have no one to lean on & I'm about to fall
Getting by is a tall order,
I'm mentally at the edge, I'm at the border
My anxieties try to govern me, but I try to ignore her
In a quarter-life crisis with a gaze of strife in my iris
Please end this, what I seek is at the end of the abyss
I promise myself that things will look up
But I'm always looking down
Because there's nothing to look forward to
Johnny walker Nov 30
Laying In the darkness, come quite a custom too of late, eyes closed remembering things of
past days, so much I recall It getting late got to go to sleep
Growing tired can't
keep eye's my open already taken my prescribed medication hoping for a good night
If I'm lucky a dream
of Helen, but won't be too
disappointed should I not
wake In the
Might even be relieved I'd be free off  one **** a lot of problems well just have wait to see If tomorrow comes again for
Just a few thoughts probably strange but that how I feel at the moment
Latifah Nov 30
They'll come and go
you'll be hurt and you'll be okay
feelings will never stay
if you don't let them make a home of you
not the way you feel today
not the way you'll feel tomorrow
and certainly not the way you felt yesterday.
Marianne Cruz Nov 27
And I'll stay here
'til I'm found;
I won't fear,
keeping a steady ground.
Your laughs I will hear,
with me liking how you sound.
Soon, please be near
if to me you'll be bound.
Can't help but hope for a better tomorrow. Can't help but to wait for you.
Jodie-Elaine Nov 25
The day sits waiting in it's pear-shaped
room, one of the vacant eyed occupants of other, older,
occupied chairs.
The day crosses it's knees, one leg
over the other as a white flag,
The day wants it's peace,
it fought the world wars, caught it's reflection aged,
tripped over itself
calling itself out, a
This day knows it won't live tomorrow,
knows it's wanted blind and poor, so waits
in a waiting room,
wasting the room's air in an exchange of
This day is counting down it's losses, putting
all of it's seconds in a jam jar.

And there are screams never externalised, legs never uncrossed,
paperweights weighing less than those they push to the floor, and
this day is
this day is
from the inside out in the form of folded linen,
inconspicuous on a plastic chair.
This day holds
up the moon,
hears it's laughter and falls through the cracks
in the tide.
His knuckles aren't
connected to his fingertips and
shoulders feet apart
from the spine,
the spine crossing one leg over the other in a pear-shaped room
with fingertips tapping at themselves, writhing into an hourglass formation.
This day is holding
up the walls.
Count this day lost when your eyes skip it, miss it, dance past it
in a waiting room.
Count this day screaming
when you wake up tomorrow.
슬기 Nov 22
"Surprise me." she said.
As she closes her eyes
and throw the last coin she has
in the wishing well in front of her.

Not thinking what lies ahead.
With a mind endlessly spinning
And forever thinking,
My woes
And sorrows
Never fade.
Will be it just another tear,
Just another year
Of sadness?
Will it go on forever
Until it drowns in the depths
Of all the other days,
Wasted and faded away?
Or will it unfold
Great promises?
I'd love to know what
Awaits me Tomorrow
sorry if it's not great quality
you made me believe in a better tomorrow. and for that, i'll always be thankful for you.
"her hand in his, he became her tomorrows."

- atticus

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