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Nigdaw Apr 27
I take the tray from her lap
evening over
blinds drawn to darkening skies
we have weathered
the fury of another day
she sleeps, and I will have to
wake her to go to bed
those rosy coloured dreams
when our bodies and minds
were young and naïve
have caved in to reality
travellers on an epic journey
we have survived so far
who knows what lies around
the next corner
for now I'm happy to do
the washing up
tomorrow can wait in the wings
Guaranteed to no one,

Tomorrow is just

Another day...

Sadness, joy,

Or no fun,


A day away...

Guaranteed to

No one,

Tomorrow is

just a date,

Fate cares for nothing,

Unless you find something,

Tomorrow is only

A day...

Need money to borrow?

Just ask for it tomorrow.

Need something

For your sorrow?

Just call me up tomorrow...

Tomorrow ain't nothing,

You could make it something,

But still you're left wanting,

For tomorrow again...
Tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone. From an overdose when your eyes close, a sudden heart attack; a crash on the highway, all we do is sleep soundly, and hope it goes "my way." Yeah; that's our Tomorrow, either Joy or for sorrow. We close our eyes and lay to sleep, and hope they'll open tomorrow...
Zywa Feb 8
You're getting older,

tomorrow is not at all --

the day that would come.
"Farväl" ("Farewell", 2020, Jens Christian Grøndahl)

Collection "Stream"
LearnfromBOBD Dec 2022
All I see is war
Far above the party floor
I can see no one with gun
Only partying and having fun
All I see is fear
No one sees it here
And no one ask me where
And it’s all near
All i see is pain
No plans or aims
Everyone feels the same
About anxiety and uncertainty,
Affliction and agony.
All I see is hope
Of the unknown tomorrow.
To take away our sorrow
Bad feeling comes no more
Can I write you a rhythm
To remind you of your scandalous beauty
That have tamed many men falling for you like a magnet
The sweet that you are is the pain that they have
Their sobbing hearts want you alone will they fit in one heart of yours
Release them ***
Your fortune against their desire

Injured soldiers to just one general
A heart of she that bears the greatest of smiles
Those in denial of her live longer as her beauty is a beast claiming souls
For if am weak take me too, the paradise of feeling your blood flow
The moments you make life worthy
The second you are a dream come true

Slain by your wonders
Your hands breed temporary heaven
See the rise of men only to fall by your side
Their strength to find you, weakness of befalling with you
Hammn my hamming guts the same pain they are left with is my desire to reach and taste
Must I be a hero in this, if I must fail I too befall along side her
The glory claim.....ahem them the men rose as soon as they fell
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2022
in passing with the clouds,
and their weary structure,
and their idle loneliness,
and their struggle for tomorrow.

You and me and the image of an immense tree; satellites hanging from its branches like minacious ornaments; sending frightful messages to far out places; convincing us television is real but our lives are fake.

in passing with the shadows,
and their elusive silhouette,
and their active aggression,
and their march for tomorrow.

You and me and the image of a school bus sliding down into the ice...
Terry Sep 2022
She was amazing and so much fun to be around. I will tell her tomorrow.

She made my day better and saved me from myself. I will thank her tomorrow.

She is the light of my life and keeps me going. I will share with her tomorrow.

She looked amazing tonight and was the star of the evening. I will compliment her tomorrow.

I love her dearly and she is my world. I will let her know tomorrow.

Life got hard and took a turn for the worst. I took it out on her. I will apologize to her tomorrow.

As my life took a dark turn I continued to push her away. I will show her how I really feel tomorrow.

I let my demons take over and I was really nasty to her. I will make it up to her tomorrow.

She is beginning to become cold and distant. She means everything to me and I can’t loose her. I will let her know tomorrow.

She is finally gone. Maybe if I beg for forgiveness and try and change I can win her back. I will work on that tomorrow.

I miss her so bad. I constantly look at my phone hoping for a message. Maybe I will get one tomorrow.
She Writes Aug 2022
I am scared to let my mind wander
To get tangled and twisted
In daydreams

To paint pretty pictures
Of you and me and us
Happily ever after

I’ve been fooled
By empty promises
Too many times

But the way you say tomorrow
Makes me want let go
And trust that the future is nothing to fear
Bipolar Poet Jun 2022
Fantasy dream; caught in the between of reality
caught in these nets of generation’s imagination.
Desiring self *** appeal,—only the ones who’ve got
the guns for creation. Violence runs the streets;
a marathon of the fatherless kids brought into the world.
Tell them not to be bent out of shape if you dare, but
any blow of the wind causes them to fold.

Tender kisses of mama; spoiled a child:
Rotten as blackened teeth holes of the sweetest treats,
a long while since a tame domesticated the wild.
This child! Has only witnessed domestic violence all
of their life. Stepped on stepfather; beating the daylights
out of them every night.

Seeking approval; where the approved are only the kids
who break the rules. “There goes the youth,“
they’d often say. Unknowingly the same band of troubled
young mother’s go on their knees each night to pray.

But you’ll just bat an eye away from them;
ignore a present problem, still looking to a future’s gain.
Or take advantage of a youngster, then claim
their misconduct being only by an upbringing
as to blame. Where are the men?

To show a son how to love and respect,
a daughter a hand of gentle protection,
Teaching lessons of wisdom never to forget,
not of their words becoming a weapon.
To not settle for less when there’s always a best,
don’t let the shortest sad times become a deep long depression.

In the end what will our future be;
if we’re not being the future we’ll leave for
our young to follow,
Don’t glance at it with wallow,
build yourself strong,—build that strong
snipes Jun 2022
Absent voices and
powered off treble.

When I lay my
eyes off from
the ceiling
God please
play my verses

You’ve given me
the soul
It’s only right
I give you
the hymns

You’ve shown me
the gates
It’s only right
I show you
the keys

I’ve been in the right place
In the wrong time
I’ve pitched reverses
In the right time
I’ve been in the wrong fates

So tomorrow
I’ll press play
Surrounded by
in this great
I’ll walk to the
to follow the
I’ll turn up the
and listen to the
absent voices with
iridescent melodies
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