Doodle v 1d

The time still turns slowly, as I fade into this darkness I believe I'm leading on to something,

Gripping the pain, as it paints my love with colours of me and u…

I leave my mask, from which I can’t hide anymore, a kill i craved all my life for... death of me but birth of something that even He could not write…

Maybe tomorrow I will see this world as i see myself in you, but only if I have the courage to see the true me or lie to all that never existed in me

just as this empty canvas painted the love that killed me...

Images and instances from past
A few glimpses from past
As of now,
while in present,
everything in life is about what was taught in past keeping in mind a cause.
Time now to perform with regards to same.

Competition is a part of  life and will remain in life as long as life remains
No one is indispensible
Hence never take anything for granted because tomorrow might never come


This orange sunburst
creamed the side of
sage hillsides that
were just getting
ready to wake up
but didn't have the
opportunity like
everybody on the
other-side. 253-
another filing
errand and soon
to be another error
down, down, low-
down I'm going to
get going now, get
getting out of your
way for now. 509-
bleeding edge
bleeding days
sleep comes and
goes as fast as the
morning sunrise.
how awful it is to
experience that fat
old sun crest the
hillsky, bringing news
of yesterdays tomorrow.
one then two, then three-
and it bleeds into the
next and the next
and then there ain't
no more room to bleed
into, and there ain't no
tomorrow's parties to go to.

Seth Milliman Apr 17

What wasted energy of today,
Spent hating on tomorrow.
Life's shortness is exasperating,
You'll never live without sorrow.
This maddening madness,
Of screeching ruckus filled despair.
I've lost my edge,
Yet kept my cool.
The thickness of this hot air,
What blinding rage can produce beauty?
What forked nonsense can make rational appeal?
I'm done with this irrational moment,
A needed silence to congeal.

Just Melz Apr 13

In a sea of despair
Floating to the ends of the world
Endless waves of sorrow
Drowning out my love
Leaving me nothing but tears
For all my tomorrows

Kyle Bailey Apr 7

you see im tired and im broken
and im feeling ambiverted on the
big-screen, trying to feel things
that have never been told to
others before. but before i become
another walking skeleton i want
you all to know that i cant be the
me that wants to be the person that
cant be the me in shoes covered in
all of lifes spills & splatters. i dont know if
im feeling alone or if my ps4 is working
or if i paid the internet bill or if i paid my
student loans or if i could make friends
i could be the me who wants to be the
person standing in the corner, looking
at the lilacs bloom across the street. they
look like little restless midges blowing
in the breeze of tomorrow. little restless
me's being pushed along the deep
pressures of tomorrow & tomorrows

The ever slipping sight,
dreaming of day, at night.
Pre-programmed plans
played in the distance.
Distracted daily duties,
deflective of life.
Swimming in responsibility.
No time for being silly.
'Tis truly quite a strife.
Always something, really?
Perpetually grasping castles
built by the sands of time
slipping, shape shifting
preset to rewind.
Time is
forever fleeting,
yet, we resist
its meeting.
Not living
in the true
of being
in the presence
of the present,
here and now.
Instead, forgetting the moment,
losing it while experiencing  
life somehow,
whilst wishing ahead
for unpromised days
dreaming, when not in bed.
Lost in a far away daze,
the tomorrow trap,
where the future
is forever on replay
and the present
is a moment
lived in the past

4-3-17 (C)

Though I've been unable to post the past week, I'm not too far behind in reading. Even though I've been slow, so many of you continue to show your support, for which I'm so grateful! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you so much for reading! K:)
Shofi Ahmed Mar 24

Tomorrow we have all
the good reasons to wake.
The earth’s column
down the sky will stay high!
The sun will return and align
upon the face of earth  
on every new sunrise!
But for now it’s present,
don’t go away!

The same old first light will break out,
unveiling once more the face of earth.
Log on now it’s present,
don’t let it vanish away!

Many a time rallies of clouds
shroud the blue sky.
There is no need for anyone
then just to turn away.

The stars too illume
the sky with dim lights.
Maybe the chaste moon
then comes out swimming low
in the orb of the night.
So the sun, too, for a while
goes off into the hide.
Only to show up soon and align
above the earth’s column.

Atop a blooming new dawn
with the rose facing the sun
aligning to it’s shining polished line
passes through the present time.
So don’t just let it slip away!

Jack tierney Mar 23

tomorrow i hate you
tomorrow you make me not want to go to bed
tomorrow you bitch
tomorrow you stole me
tomorrow you take away my today
tomorrow, you come like an unwanted guest
tomorrow when i see you i wish you would just go away
tomorrow you drive me
tomorrow goodbye, forever   -today

Siann Choate Mar 13

I know I'd make it on my own
nothing new
It's all I've known.
Making decisions on what to eat
trying hard just to make ends meet

knowing what to do
knowing what comes next
Thinking about what?
I know whats best.

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