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We, at various points in life,
draw a line
in the sand.
Marking where we've been,
where we stopped
to never venture forward.
Winds bring change no lines
can withstand. And we draw
them again in defiance.
We eke meaning from this sand
that would otherwise
mean nothing to us. Imparting
our own ideologies
onto an unresponsive medium
as a testament
to ourselves. Our independence.
The sand is most susceptible to change,
shifted constantly
by the sea, our feet,
the wind.
Still, we draw our lines anyway.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)
Arcassin B Apr 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Pictures lie , these images **** me,
Teleport to places I can be,
Myself in this wicked world, cause I,
NeeD The LorD To FinD Me A BlessinG,
Take me from the world that I'm dreading,
Put me in a carriage with horses, place me
where my astral would lie,
I AM MorE ThaN HumaN, No SurprisE,

People lie , you know you can't trust them,
They let greed and things consume them,
Time spent wasting on love is ******,
I ThoughT McDonald'S WaS QuitE WorseR,
Furthermore, there is no discussion, pacing,
About news in this system, everything will
corrupt your mind,
DeatH TrapS EverywherE , TherE Is No TIme.
I look at that girl
And hate her on sight
I see everything wrong, like looking through glass.

Her body?
C'mon. Don't eat like a pig,
And blame it on genetics.

Her hair?
Does she care about anything?
Seriously, put some effort in.

Her clothes?
Maybe if you actually got a job
You'd be able to afford something nice.

Your smile?
Totally fake.
Nice mask, but it's not working, sweetie.

Your voice?
Ugh shut up.
Or say something interesting for once.

And that fake nice demeanor?
Don't you see you're transparent?
They all know you're selfish.

Your friends say they love you,
That you're sweet, and you're fun.
And you actually believed that?

So the question is simple...
How can you look at yourself
And live the way you do?

Don't you know
That demons and mirrors
Go hand in hand?
First sun-warmed sand
First boots-and-socks-off beach
First ankle-deep stand in rushing water
First SPF rubbed on my face
First crocus pops up in the yard

Nearby, a young father begins
to teach his toddling young
how to fish.

Last high-country snowshoe
Last low-country woodstove fire
Last hot bourbon toddy
Last dreamy days of Pisces
Last longing for lost love melts away

Early over the mountain
the nearly-but-not-yet worm moon
spies the confluence and I below.

Here at the place where things change,
the wild world fills me
and I devote myself once more.

For one who is in love with the chase
And the glory of all things yet-to-be done,
The true rapture of Nature is in knowing
She is too Big, Wild, and Free to own.
(Like me.)
Sonia Ettyang Feb 16
My apologies if you thought you'd play checkers with my heart. Surely you deserve a round of applause for the biggest fool in town.
© Sonia Ettyang
October 2018
I recognized the game before you even played it.
When I left this grey place eons ago
and the sun turned to water under my feet
the sky spit out seven horseshoes
hitting our heads in predictable defiance
and the sand turned to wind
the laughter to salt
when the world opened up
Was it really my fault?

The walls worn under my feet in the snow
who dares think badly back
the greyness left my dry blind eyes
and the haze was replaced with black
the sun sets on a cloudless skyless day
and rises on forgotten lands of warmth
trying to reach down and touch what it lost
too high up now
We’re all too dead.
What’s your interpretation of this poem?
SpiritHeart67 Jan 12
I can feel it
some half seen
half felt
new state of being
descending upon me
unbidden, unknown
Long worked for,
earned, but perhaps still not yet fully deserving.
Sutherland Dec 2018
And on this day
three minds know naught.
Light filters through a new lense.
Vision of the future.
The light can not.

Yet the world,

This lense will grow,
and with it, hands.
This lense will go,
and where it steps, break bands.
This lense will know,
and alter all
that the world spans.

From present to future,
the past holds no bound.
The light, with the world,
Their destination

This child will become
what the double cannot.
The double, the steps,
the child, the top.

The world shifts
I wrote this for my niece that has recently entered into existence.
StarBloom Nov 2018
I believe in true Love,
there is no doubt of its eternal exuberant existence amongst the field in which I feel.
I acknowledge it through its fibers that intertwine with every aspect of the divine.
I see true Love,
for every connection of the violet fire that I breathe,
transforms transmutes transcends me.
The love is true,
there’s no denying such a thing.
The only illusion would be pretending..
That it’s existence is ending.
Never blinded by Love,
Love allowed me to See.
Only blinded by the attachment of what could be.
It already is, Infinity.
Why when a connection is in the cycle of completion, do we try and tell ourselves that the Love was never True?
I feel it in this now,
it’s as true as anything.
But my truth is ever changing,
and I am acknowledging my source of love of life updating.
I thank the eternal presence, that killed me, and awakened me.
For Love is shape shifting me.
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