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xavier thomas Jan 12
Just talk to me nice now, baby,

Take me to the edge , connection til the end

Got me thinking this life is truly worth livin’

In my feelings like, oh my, time is really on our side

Baby, I can not breathe,
without your love next to me,
Baby, I can not breathe.
Definitely no, ohhh

I’m just reckless like you are
I’m just reckless like you are

Hmm, make me love again,

You made feel love again, oh

Your actions deeply talk
you communicate your thoughts

You’re the only one I desire towards, darling, mmm
I desire to pleasure your every need, babe
Place your love all on my faith
Let me mend your heart, my darling

Everything I’ve done, you’ve done, it shows
Goal is to make you feel right at home
There’s no need to ever feel alone
Now let’s  grow together in this brand new home, baby

You won’t feel alone, won’t just feel alone, baby, oh

I won’t make you feel alone, won’t make you feel alone, lady
Make you feel at home, baby

You’re the only one , you know
You’re the only one , you know
GaryFairy Apr 2022
I was like 13 years old when I realized that a square shape didn't ever exist, until someone made it up to confuse people. I could name a lot of other things that they tried to make me do in school and I refused. They wanted to keep us stupid because they thought we couldn't handle knowing the truth. So they made up fake shapes that don't exist in nature, and fake Gods that that have the generic "god" name. lol
Idk if this technology will even exist after 09/11/22 or maybe 02/03/23, but if it does I will be like a prophet. Get ready folks. Especially in america.
GaryFairy Apr 2022
Please help me spread the word. This polar shift is really about to get bad. Human kind may not survive. The wobbling,  earthquakes, meteors and flooding is going to be so violent that it might split this earth. The ice shelf is already falling into warmer water and layers of our atmosphere are gone. There will be so many tornadoes and lightning storms that you won't survive in a home or building. If you want to survive, you better go under ground, in higher elevations of hills and mountains. The oceans will flood the USA 200 miles into land. There will be a billion dead bodies floating and on land. This will be getting bad around February 4th or so, when planet 9 makes an appearance beside the sun. The push and pull will make this planet wobble so bad, that there will be waves 50 feet high in places 200 miles from shore. Rivers will rise to three times higher flood levels than their highest flood levels ever. Wild animals will be attacking people. Look at the clouds near you and they have a purple tint. That's energy and gases that will turn to fire, possibly. the innocent ones.  There will be no water for to drink, and not much food. It is like the US government is not going to help, and will probably be killing. This whole storm will last thousands of years. This is not a joke. I have worked with energy fields since I was a kid, and was amazed by magnets and electricity and I used to help my step father work on tube radios and televisions. I also used to manipulate a giant satellite dish and I would watch NASA stuff up in Ohio, in the 80s. I watched polar shifts happen and it can turn a planet into a gas planet, and possibly a black hole. I have no doubt that it will happen, and it is speeding up now. The pole shift is slow at first, then it speeds up. Then the planet will abruptly stop. I don't even know what advice to give, because no one will have control besides the rich and the violent. We won't even see the same, as our eyes will be switched to different frequency. This is going to be pure terror. I hope that you survive. I don't like poetry reading, but I know that some of you are a lot like me. We feel things differently. I will post some links to some videos that will tell the safest places. The guy really seems like he knows what he is talking about, and he knows more than I do. Please, shelter the innocent from the death and mayhem.
Henry Dec 2021
by which I of course am referring to this keyboard
that i’m writing on now
funny how that works ain’t it
62 minutes until my shift ends
John Prine & the Korean war don’t quite match where I am
clicking pool cues penetrate my headphones
I wonder how many bad games of pool it takes to shake a man’s confidence
by my estimate the answer is never enough
guys that can’t shoot love teaching girls how not to shoot
but the girls don’t usually seem to mind
how very 60’s highschool of it all
maybe Mr. Prine does have something here to say
47 minutes until my shift ends
people trust engineers warns my engineering professor
people trust you to know things he furthers
people trust us to explain
I wish they wouldn’t
tech support & translators for parents & grandparents
people want answers but only when they thought they already knew
40 minutes until my shift ends
pretty good, not bad, I can’t complain
seeing my old highschool teachers at the burrito place where I worked
sinking in the mire of chicken, brown rice, & black beans for minimum wage
ain’t it funny
I can smell the 45 pieces of steak & chicken I grilled when I get home
ain’t it funny
the outrage over the price of guacamole
33 minutes until my shift ends
I was at work when I wrote this
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2021
The seasons shift
Fade away
Gets a bit colder each bitter day
Moment after moment slips from my hand
Stuck here struggling to understand
You moved on but I'm paralyzed
Guess by now I should have realized
Start walking forward
Turn around
To past it seems I am hopelessly bound
Loving you making me lose my mind
Still I am unable to leave memories behind
You lost yourself somewhere along the way
Why am I still addicted to who you are today?
Is it because I have forfeited so much for you?
Because you're familiar?
Have no clue
When will soul finally know serenity?
Life plunges me deeper into insanity
Why is the universe unfair?
World so cold
I had it all
Now nothing to hold
Begins wearing heart's patience thin
I start to bleed and am left with no skin
Falling backwards into pit of insecurity
Every minute without you feels like eternity
I wish I would have savored the minutes I spent with you more
Dave Robertson Oct 2021
hedge haematoma
blue-black against the fading,
once young green,
bruising for sharp winter thoughts,
clean frost lines,
untouched snow-blank focus

but before, to swell and drop
in the last pale suns,
feed the field mouse, rabbit
and endure the muds
Dave Robertson Oct 2021
This hikikomori soul
seeking to curl up
in silent conversation with a duvet
and two fat pillows
as the petulant winds blow
Alicia Moore Oct 2021
The tedious graveyard shift comes around again,
The ghosts and ghouls of my past clocking in.
We meet each other at the silver gate;
We greet each other with the same stare each night.
I wonder if some will stay overtime with me under this moon,
Or if we can led our own paths once more come morning.
Dave Robertson Oct 2021
An afterglow read
in leaves fallen
as long shadows, earlier than before,
stretch tales of easy warmth
to breaking

We are here

Toe roots touching soil
that’s gathering in
at the sharp memories
of ****** frosts

Across the rec
the final shouts of bike rides
and punted ***** are heard
to defy the dry prickle of central heat
and the long, magic dark
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
My blackberry love
you stain fingertips, lips and tongue
bittersweet purple
grown on a summer of promise
to end by watching the day
retreat past equinox
feels like loss
and though the longer night has virtues
there are dangers too
behind the fairy lights
and dazzled trick or treat
the immutable cold waits
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