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coralium Mar 28
Mother, I starve myself till darkness
just so I could swallow the moon
Winds ever shifting -
dark on into light
   This feeling won't be lifting,
no! No, not this night.

   Winds ever shifting -
this..this can't be right
   My mind won't stop drifting -
it'll last forever, won't it?
   This Godforsaken flight.
I am drifting
A very lonely course.
Winds ever shifting,
My voice continues hoarse.
With the words
I will never say
And the herds
I shepherd every day.
It's time to awaken
But here I lay
Because those winds -
All they do is shift away.
I don't like saying lay instead of lie but it's what rhymes so oh well :)
Ken Pepiton Feb 12
Assuming control of the pen, from afar,
my mind’s spring leaks
trickling pasts through your present
to waken the hope that is in you,
you know
the taste of good and evil.
You discern flecks of the fruit in your stew.

Who brought these gourds,
who poisoned the broth of the good life,
who’s hate do you hold, in your beggar’s bowl,
This is at least a half hour read at,
maybe 10 minutes each loop on speed,
but it has 2 cool images and blue jays singing in the background,
if you play it right. It's a chiral stack of itty-bitty points -
make of it what you will, slip the knot of all you knew...
Arcassin B Dec 2020
By Arcassin Burnham

Girl what is your problem?
still sipping up out that bottle,
having fixations with darkskins for their
mythical ****** performance,
you still ignore who lays dormant,
stuck in your euphoria,
thinking you got the best of both worlds,
while our brown skin men are getting shot like a *******,
i'll back away from you if your skin isn't mine and
although some of y'all have a ****** likeness.
you think most of  us like this,
i was a slave at one point in time but you no different
from a white *****,
ever since i opened my mind i started looking at mixed and white like they
were the same, awareness to blame,
fitting seeing as how everytime you go on a dating
app they ask for **** or a plug, you dumb ***** give up,
of course as always this is simply my opinion,
whites and lightskins are the same ,  theres no difference,
i hope you get the message and the picture.

Graff1980 Nov 2020
It’s shift change,
and pit stains
paint my blue shirt.

My feet hurt,
and I’m ready to leave work,
but the teenage party ****
doesn’t come in,
so of course I
am not leaving,
just grieving
my lost evening

Sixteen-hour anxiety,
cause I almost O.D.
on carbonated caffeine,
as the sugar and acid
eat away
painful tooth decay.

Make it home and hope to
get enough sleep to
make it through
my next shift.

Unload those greasy clothes
onto my bathroom floor
before I change into
my holy t-shirt and
ripped up shorts.
Don’t even make it to the shower
cause I am out in less than
a quarter of an hour
after I enter the front door.

In again, wash, and repeat,
I know this isn’t me.
I could do so much more.

Boss yells get your times down!
Fix this order!
Stop lounging,
if you got time to lean,
ya got time to clean.”

My co-workers only see
another cog
in the fast-food machine.
Even when I’m not clowning,
I am still a joke to them.

So, tired but it’s not just
sleep that I need.
So, burnt out that
I just want to up and leave,
but I’m twenty-three
and it won’t be
till I am twenty-eight
that I get free,
running off to another city
to get a higher degree
and escape this restaurant
barely get paid
minimum wage
Isabella Oct 2020
Sunsets turn to stars
As scratches fade to scars
With time walls fall apart
While patience mends the heart
Claudius Sep 2020
You were always a 12-hour shift
Just two punches of my lips
Once in at 10PM
And once out at 10AM
An easy rhythm of making sure you were satisfied
I quit, but I forgot to clock out
And this ******* feeling never seems to fade even after I worked my last shift.
Just like working a 9-5 for so long- some things never fade no matter how long it has been since you last clocked in.
small but complex
for better or worse
the thumbnail
does me no justice
big and bold once activated
at your command
the mind i had
you would have feared..
admired for prime functionality
run me as administrator
to see what i'm truly capable of
when the programming is complete
do not expect a different outcome
Dante Rocío Aug 2020
I am on my own
a Lighthouse Keeper
amidst the Night,
each fly,
in some presence:
coalition of a duty protruding
by thoughts,
stories and
what’s exquisite
in sensations that
need guarding,
and then enjoined
with that never ending standing,
time lapping,
and all that taking place
in the ink hues with
scarlet pulsing as if hurt,
in baby blue
and lilac
by a sacrality
to me solely
held out
a string
to never let go
This hereby is what each dark reading, watching, listening or passing on purpose works for:
A night shift, to guard the ideas, stories and lives That choose me and occur to me
By the lessons from God’s library
I receive due to the wish
To be of Their world, not of this.
It is a constant duty to carry out as a guardian.
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