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Melody May 21
I was drawn forth as if in a dream
shed the husk that no longer served

sun-warmed grass beneath bare feet
the core extends its energy upward

as all creatures gladly hum at level
joining together in this cosmic dance
AD Mullin Jan 5
I saw the seeds of the revolution

I heard the propositions from vermi-culture
informing the shift
working it out, shrifting it out.

I surfed the micro-ripples of influence through
effectures and prefectures and
excused the old guard through heartfelt

There was only one logical conclusion so I
quietly and patiently sat in between
with all our relations.

Under the shade of old growth discernment,
I washed through the oceans of my subconscious,
sifted through the compost for kernels, and
mined the midden of wisdom.

New kingdoms arose from that which was expressed.

The raw materials were ubiquitous.
These re-building blocks pointed to
a platform for the gifting economy.

Then one day I woke up zipping around Los Angeles,
toying with a couple of keys,
Sancho Panza and me, all windmills and wizards.

With only one logical conclusion
I took a chance, learned to dance, and
bid my pretence adieu.

Unpredictably, having lost my lance, I won the war.
Now I sit upon my throne with two mats at my door.
One says presence, one says future, and
both are welcome.

Both are welcome because it is here that I found my agency within my sovereignty
through submission.
1st draft was started on December 15, 2019 @ Station Flats. I was looking SW at an awe inspiring sky. Partial re-write on April 2, 2020.
AD Mullin Apr 17
living with
dying with

inflicting ~ conflicting
scarred landscapes en-
trained and eroding

pain transporting
grain by grain
those mountains re-framing
and eventually flowing
in to base level and the
Ocean of love

life without scars is anomalous
like a Sun with no aurora

perfectly imperfect
just as life is:
a beautiful reminder
of mortality
mirrored in the fluid
dance of the eternal

heaven sent or heaven spent

its never misspent
in post-recompense
morphic resonance

hold space
think about direction
wonder why
get ready to fly
Written on Mount Shasta
November 2014
Big Virge Feb 19
A Woman I Know...
Keeps Talking As Though...

The Way People Live...
Is Going Through A... " SHIFT "...

Sometimes What She Says Just Sounds Like CRAP... !!!
But In Truth These Days She May Be Talking FACT... !?!

Cos' LOTS of Stuff That Currently Runs
Provides PROOF That Maps...
A Way To ZION... WITHOUT Snoop Lion... !!!!!

That's QUITE A SHIFT He's NOW Down With... !!!
Down With RASTA'... So NOT Gun Clappers... ?!?

Sometimes These Rappers Just Make Me Laugh... !!!
From Being A **** To... Smoking Drugs... !!!

They SHIFT So MUCH That It's Hard To Know...
Who's REALLY TOUGH From Who's... ALL SHOW... !!!!!

There Are A FEW... " Pros' "...
That's Right... Record Company **'s... !!!!

But Some Are LARGE And HIT REAL HARD... !!!
When It Comes To THOSE Tools That Producers Use... !!!

But What About SHIFTS In How We Live... ?
And... What We BELIEVE... ?!?

Adam And Eve...
Is Now... " Adam and Steve "... !?!

Smoking ****... Well NOW It Seems...
That MORE Do This Than MOST Believe... !!!

From THOSE Who Direct For Hollywood Screens...
To THOSE On Set With A SHEEN Thats CLEAN... !!!

THAT Verse Refers To... TOP ACTORS...
Who SHIFT Like Rappers When Their World... SHATTERS... !!!!!!

Just Look At Whitney... Or... Look At Britney...

SHIFTS That MOVE Their Fanbase... QUICKLY...
When Things IN VIEW Prove They're Quite SICKLY... !!!!!

What About SHIFTS For The... " Average Joe "... ???

Some Enlist... SHIFTS That LIFT... !!!
While Others DON'T And End Up BROKE... !!!!!

BROKE In Ways I CAN'T Explain... ?!?
Because MY Shifts MOVE ME From... PAIN... !!!

Because I Enlist... TAKING The STRAIN... !!!

Until It LIFTS And Fades Awaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy............. ...........

See My Friend Is Speaking of DEEPER Shifts...
Like... SHIFTS In POWER... !!!

SHIFTS That SHOWER And Make Some.... " cower "...
Because TRUTH Will OUT In The End.... DON'T Doubt.... !!!!!

YUP From The Mouths And From The SOUNDS...
of ALL That HOUNDS And Then SURROUNDS... !!!

It's Happening NOW... !!!
Political CLOWNS... Getting FOUND OUT...

Religious Grounds That AREN'T So Sound... !!!!!

LYING Women... CHEATING Men...
Relationships Founded On PURE Pretence... !?!
In The END... WON'T Stand The Test...

When It Comes To STRESS And They Have To CONFESS...
That LOVE Was EXPRESSED... Under DURESS... !!!!!

It's Sad To think...
That ALL These Shifts Come Back To THIS...

And NOT Facing... REALITY...

In Times Like THESE It May Be TRUE...

There's A Shift Going On For ME And YOU...
But Like Marvs' Song... " What Ya Gonna Do ? "....

Cos' These Words AREN'T Nonsense... !!!

... " Change is Constant ! "...

So I'll Leave You With... THIS...

When It Comes To How You LIVE...
And How It IS You Think...

If Society KEEPS Moving As IT NOW IS...
Are You EQUIPPED To Cope With The Things That Give...
Or... Will You RESIST The Things That...

.............. " Shift ".............
We are all subject to change, or, as the poem suggests, shifts in who we are and how we see ourselves, and the world, and we are definitely now in a time of all kinds of different shifts !
Seanathon Jan 30
I want to move you like a day
well remembered
from afar

Short and sweet
your heart to shift
your eyes to reach for another star

My hope is always in 'suchaways'
presented so as not to find
or be guilty of wanting less

I express and play
with the vision just beyond my own

To show you, see you
move enact
such is my desire today

As I want to move you not so far away
Desire To Shift
It isn’t as if
I must put on
the Queen’s English
to be around you.

It isn’t as though
I should feel
the need to rebel, or
that my solitude

is a luxury
instead of a right.
Rather, these are
the whale-bone songs

of a well-worn battalion,
poised as I am
at every solstice,
footsore at the door.

This is simply
the ebb and flow
of ambrosia
that sets the pendulum

to swing
in different arcs
of fool’s gold,
the soft footings

at the edge of my radar.
This is the culture shock
of living dead girls
undergoing a seismic shift

in the round
mountain ash,

in a sea of voices,
while shadows cast
a romantic screen.

For every one that succeeds,
millions of others fail.
So tell me
how it should be,

that I could live
on my knees
and weep honey tears
as my dreams escape me.

Because this is
a death of sorts.
The phoenix rises,
only to burn again.

is a personal Shanghai,
and just as vast.
I want to believe

that wealth can be
weathered beauty,
Elizabethan colouring,
and a pirate smile.

You get my most
gorgeous parts,
my flaws,

in blind spots,
hidden in ivory,

are discovered
again and again,
as I live between what was
and what will be.
Poetic T Jan 11
Making my way up town,
         chaves  all-round.

And single mums with multiple
                          fathers wondering
                 with pushchairs  around.

And the kids miss there dads,
               one of there
                    multiple other half's..

        but mummy doesn't let
                           them come around.

Staring blankly ahead the crack heads
          head off to the job centre to
                  collect that Jiro that'll be...

Be in there arm, and they need it,
             and they want it now.
                       But the dealer got busted
before there next round.....

And people stare and  wander if they'll be
                   pretending to be homeless,
             scrounging for those lose coins
to get there
                  next fix injected down.

Making my way up town,
                people passing me by,

So many people walking around there
   cant be this much dole dosers
                                          walking around.

I sit on a seat and watch the world
                                                pass me by.
                              And I, and I just wonder

how many kids are walking around the town
               when schools open.
Yet I see them chaving around,
     the country is doomed,
                     as I see them plodding aimlessly


                                               around ..

This is me making my way up town,
            and I wonder if I'll get mugged
                      by some ****** that can't get a
job cos there benefits pay more than my

                       full time job makes,

But I still need this watch,
             but I wonder if I hadn't battered the
  **** out of this ****, would I have seen tonight.

Making my up town knuckles bruised with satisfaction.

  That I made my way up town, and I know that
                          I'll smile in the crowd because ill
           be proud after my shift

that I come home to you tonight.
this is a parody of making my way down town song.
Jenish Dec 2019
Again on night shift!
tell your boss to change your shift
my dear pleasant moon
I know all
the Shortcuts
And You Know
all the Routes.

But this
doesn’t open
until you

So I thought
getting lost in your
Ctrl+O doors
of feelings.

And I will
RETURN when you

ENTER, as my ENTER key is always
waiting for you to ENTER.
© Feelings Coated
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