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Don’t judge me

Based on the type of shoes I wear

Based on the texture of my hair

Based on what I look like

Don’t judge me

Because of my ****** orientation

Because of my taste in music

Because of my social life

Don’t judge me

Because you are NOT God

Because you are NOT me

Because you are NOThing

Don’t judge me

If I don’t judge you

If I don’t want to talk to you

If I don’t trust you

Don’t judge me

Because you are NOT

The one to be judging me.
No one is the same so don't judge me because I don't have what you have.
Amy Oct 5
The dragon
prefers to stay far away from
towns and cities

Don’t disturb it.

For it will breathe fire to those who displeases it.
Don’t assume it’s a weakling,

For it will unleash its wings
And show you not to underestimate
something by the exterior.
for those who are quiet and shy but have a fire in their soul and have so much to offer than those who target them with poor judgement for being a 'weakling' to sit at the corner away from the buzz. And would rather watch and admire life from afar.
I spent so much time studying to get the right answers when, in fact, I should have been learning to ask the right questions..
This pen and paper
My future
Do they co-exist?
I live pouring my heart out
Who cares though
People question
Why I do what I do
Why should it matter to them?
It's my life
I'm not harming you
Actually if anything
I'm causing myself
To be vulnerable
All out in the open
Right there for anyone
Plain as day
Just like the words here
The only thing you won't know
Is the exact meaning
I'll keep those locked away
Forever hidden
Everything else is an open book
Go ahead and read
Read what I've longed to share
Try to decipher it
Like I've had to do
Many a time before
Until then here I am
On the shelf
Waiting to be opened
Tell me what you think
Flower C Sep 16
Majestic figure,
Carved with marbles and jewels.
Painted in pure gold.
The figure is majestic indeed,
But marbles and jewels are cold stones,
And pure gold is soft, yes.
Tai Roberts Sep 5
Some of us live by the stars,
Obsessed with an unknown infinity.
For whatever judgement is set on Earth,
Is dispelled into the night.
Michael Hole Aug 23
The great unbreakables and unscalable walls of yore are not broken.

They just ceased to be walls.
Now just a slightly dumbfounding mist.

You pass through them like a bad smell
because they were never really there.
And those that built them
With ignorance and shame
Are long dead.

They are only an obscure memory of pain, oppression or struggle.
Oskar Roux Aug 16
He sees me.
The stranger looks deep,
deeper Into me
than I see myself and analyse and care to critique the way
that I'm conducting myself.
He's harsh with his eyes
He doesn't know me.
scrutinizing every pore
every hair that stands in place,
every conscious thought and un-thought.
He thinks he doesn't
But he does.

Like a whirlpool of judgement that swirls in a silver reflection, I stare at the man that stares at me.
he seems familiar and now I judge him.
the table turns to see myself
staring at this silvery
I think
I know.
rebecca yong Aug 7
ideas fill your head to the brim until your chest is aching, wanting to burst open with all the love and light of the galaxies. the world is burning and you hold the matchstick. your heart heaves and bears the weight of your burning ambition, but it is so paper thin. its walls crumble apart as quickly as you built them up, a slight jab is all it takes to tear you open, gutting you of all faith. has the universe not moved for you to take your rightful place on a throne, on a beautiful crater on the moon? why do you let yourself fall at the hands of strangers, whose words ought to be nothing more than winds passing through your hair?
reading through my previous posts again and reflecting.
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