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we use mascara to
mask our madness,
and concealer to
cover our faults.

we refuse to leave
the house until we’ve
done our makeup.

we forget our wallets
on the kitchen counter.
sometimes, we have to
drive all the way back home
just to pick them up.

we forget to say goodbye
to our families as we
rush out the door to
get to work on time.

we forget car keys,
glasses, cell phones,

we forget everything
that we know we
need to remember.

but we never forget
to put on our makeup.

we never forget the idea that
our values are almost always
determined by some man’s
perception of beauty,

and that our brains
mean nothing if we
can’t share our thoughts,

and that we can’t share
our thoughts if we
don’t look pretty enough
to draw attention.

we never forget that we are
ignored by our bosses and
criticized by our coworkers,
until our beauty is noticed.

we never forget that our
bodies receive more attention
than our voices ever have.

we forget to prepare
our presentations,

but we never forget
to prepare our bodies
for an entire day
of being judged.
Ay Oct 15
We strive to be dwellers of Paradise,
to dwell therein forever.
But when one has fallen into sinful error we do nothing to help him be better.

The superiority complex that caused the devil to be expelled
Has entered our hearts and made us dispel unity.
Those involved in sinful activity feel impelled to fall victims to more immorality.
Whether their sin be in private or in plainsight,
We are quick to reply with a lack of emotional apathy.

He is the First with no beginning and the Last with no end.
The Most Forgiving, Most Merciful if we sincerely repent.
Faith resides firmly in the hearts of good intent,  proved by our actions though at times they misrepresent.

There's a divine measure that doesn't compare to mine or yours.
His knowledge and mercy both impossible to know,
And whenever He wills, He is the One who Reforms,
the One who fixes the situation to the ones who rightfully perform in good ratio.
We hold onto the wrongdoings of others as if tomorrow is promised,
Or think we'll use tomorrow as an attempt to transform.

If your birth had been different and some doors had been closed,
I cannot imagine enough how your life would've been reversed.
We ignore that our faith is not up for debate or the fact that our fate could be changed in blink.
By default we harbour feelings
towards those who do fault,
Blind to their healing and the depths of their burn.

When you saw that boy acting against the clear law; under the influence of the forbidden liquor,
You came to the conclusion and made a connection that his actions and intentions were wrongly in sync.
In reality you missed the crucial hidden link, that he repents when he thinks of the sins he commits.
Don't you think that these people knew all along that what they've indulged in is morally wrong.

We are blind to the guilt that eats them alive 'cause we don't witness the tears that fall through the nights.
Yamini Oct 12
When uh aren't feeling
what you ought to
and stuff that you are taught to
there stands a mess
swirling, twirling, in your head
an  outbreak as stress
that made you bled

When I tried self love
all I got was centeredness
when I tried respect
all I got was harassment
all I got was
all it brought was
the felling that I don't wanna feel
the healing that I never gonna deal

We pretend to show better
we lie to hide bitter
we smile to hide pain
we cry to drain
what that soul needs
what that heart beg for
is not human breed
to untangle

I wanna gift myself
a face with smiles
I want a bookshelf
which gives me my time
but this world
is full of intruder
earth is curled
and so the people are

So the stress is
who jump into intellect
and ****** his
gifts and memoir
and blew it far

When uh aren't feeling
what you ought to  
and stuff uhh ae dealing
isn't the part that you are taught to '
don't let the mess stand
against you
just drop the things planned
by you
and flow with the memoirs
that had been blown far

When uhh aren't feeling
stop dealing with the ought and the taught
else you will be caught....
She always wanted to cry
She was with her teary eye
Hoping it will get dry
And flashes a sweet smile

She was with her cold expression
That every people has it's bad impression
And being judged by their own reason
And being fooled by their own illusion.
Big Virge Oct 1
So When It Comes To Poetry...
What Really Can Be Deemed...
To Be A... " MASTERPIECE "... ?!?

A Really COOL HAIKU...
Where Words Number A FEW... !?!

Or A Poetic... Stanza...
That HITS Like A Gun Clapper... !!!

Or Verses That SHATTER...
A Readers BRAIN MATTER... !!!

Because Of Wordplay...
On Subjects That Make...
Most Writers AFRAID... !?!

Or Masterpieces Releasing.....
The PLAINEST of Speaking...

Or... Poetry Seeking... ?
To BREAK Through Glass Ceilings... !!!

Where Judgements Are Made...
About... What Is Claimed...
To Be A... " Masterpiece "...

Are Judges Like THESE...
Those... TRULY WORTHY...
About... ALL Words Written... ?!?

Are They REALLY Objective...
About Words That They Credit....
As Being … IMPRESSIVE... ?!?

Is A Masterpiece Short...
Or... Can It Be LONG... ???

Can A Poem Be Thought...
To Have Masterpiece Form... ?!?

Like That of A Painting...
Because of Its CADENCE...
And POETIC Statements... ???


Whose Mind Can Decide... ?!?
What It Is That DEFINES..
A... MASTERFUL Piece...
of Verse And Poetry... ???

And What About WRITERS... ?
To Have Our Written Works...
Be Seen As GREAT VERSE... ?!?

of A... Poetic Breed... ?!?

Sounds Like EGO To Me... !!!
I’d Rather Inspire Young People To READ...
And Write REALITY Within Their Poetry... !!!

of Words With... Qualities...
That Breed MORE UNITY...
That Have POSITIVE Impacts...
On... HUMANITY... !!!

Would Be The Kind of FEAT...
That I TRULY Would See...

As Something That Could Be...
A POETIC Piece of GREAT Artistry... !!!

That Indeed Could Be Deemed...

As A REAL...

..... “ MASTERPIECE “..... !!!
Inspired by the idea that artists/writers strive to create masterpieces.....
However, do they, and what and who, gets to decide what is, or, isn't one ?
ConnectHook Sep 25
Ruthie Ginsburg is gone, and that's sad.
Trump will find a replacement to add.
Let us look on and cheer
As appointment draws near;
The progressives now drive themselves mad.

From the ACLU to the Court,
she promoted the right to abort.
You may claim she was God's
but she seemed, by all odds
more a midwife of murderous tort.

Say goodbye. All her honor is spent.
A new judge now begins their ascent.
Ruthie's star has gone dead.
A black hole . . . or a red?
(Only Jesus can say where she went.)
A new pick for SCOTUS !
How exciting!
Go, Trumpy, GO !
I don’t know you and you don’t know me,
but still you know me in the way,
none who know me but still don’t know me.

So I appeal to the ones who don’t know me but still know me that keep me in your heart and not in your thoughts because the thoughts often do the judgements, and the day
you judge me, I’ve to push you with them
who know me but still don’t know me.
Achick Sep 8
Displayed in a glass shelf for everyone to see
Tattoos marble my body
Stretch marks show my aging process
The salt from tears tenderize my body to perfection
You don’t think of my mind
Or wonder how smart I could be
You want to sample my meat for tenderness
Feel how soft my ample body is
Feel my breast and wonder how many days you could feed off me
To you
All that I am
All that I could be
is nothing more
Than just meat
I wanted nothing more than escape from everyone’s thoughts tonight
O Ravana I bow before you
For you were a man of great learning
You had shown character
Didn't touch and **** King Janak's daughter
You had taken her in your captivity
For an avenging reason
Sarupnakha's nose was cut
For she had expressed her love for Ram's brother
What the hell was so ******
Her nose to receive a cutting
If she wasn't to be adored
Her love could've been decently ignored
Where was the need for so much uproar
There appears to be a patent error of judgement
It could be just a figment
Hatred and war could have been prevented
Had some tact been invented
History had to be it otherwise
To complete the drama for us
I surmise
Now your effigies are burnt  yearly
Costing the environment so dearly
It symbolises the victory of good over  evil
But I find you quite civil
You meditated and meditated
Sang Shiva's praise with devotion
What's called Shiva Tandava Stotram
Rendering peace to mankind
But you are considered an evil
And condemned as a great devil
When I compare your qualities with humans around
They are a greater evil
I find
They have all qualities of hell
There is a vacuum of spirit and character
I tell
Daughters are ***** in the streets
Justice is quite obsolete
Nirbhaya's convicts keep gaining time
Death warrants are stayed everytime
Physical **** is a matter of chance
They **** mentally daily is my stance
Death of Nirbhaya's rapists is not going to stop such  crimes
Steps are needed to train ***** minds to purge them of evil signs and designs
So, you Ravana, are a lesser evil
I claim
The greater evil of humans collectively
I disdain
The greater evil burns the effigies of lesser evil yearly
It costs the environment so dearly
Being greater evil, O Ravana, I have no right to burn you
Not even to raise a finger against you
O Lord, make me Ravana, the lesser evil
Till then I burn myself
Till then I burn myself!
Steven Boston Aug 30
To speak of the silent voice
would be to be laid bare
as the world glares on
gavel in hand ready to slam downwards
passing sentence to another

Imagine thyself
encapsulated in the looking eye
gavel dissolves with a heart melt
pondering their weary woes of ticking time past

Tear trickles your consciousness
meandering through vascular alleyways
no longer bound by piercing sight
but flourishing in a garden of unconditional compassion
Judgement to compassion was the theme! Was thinking how our perspective can change about a person through the lense that we view them.
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