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check yourself fool
check your judgement
check yourself by judging yourself
pride yourself by judging yourself
pride yourself by judging your judgement
respect yourself is by judging yourself
respect your pride is by judging your pride

to fool yourself is to check yourself
to fool yourself is to respect yourself
respect is to honor yourself
to honor yourself is to honor your respect
judgement is a pride of honor
judgement is a pride of checking yourself
to fool yourself is to pride yourself

a fool check himself
a fool fool himself
pride yourself to fool yourself
pride yourself to honor yourself
pride is priding yourself
honor is honoring yourself
check is checking yourself
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about to check yourself is to check your pride. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Bhawna Apr 28
It's terrible
No words said
Yet your eyes yell
Pinching aroma embed
Oh, well
I wanna be more innocent
To make your heart discontent
.....lack of words
at first glance you looked perfect
now i know you are not
but who the f*ck,
is perfect?
we've all got history we're ashamed of

so let's both be imperfect
imperfectly in love
because even with your flaws
for me,
you are enough

you can judge me on my past
if you want
but i'm making a better future
because the future's all i've got

so you can crucify me
for my past mistakes
or have the grace,
to give me room to change.
the future's all i've got
Nikita Jan 5
People notice.
Their eyes and minds,
Focused on you.
Like a street lamp,
Judgment flickers,
Off and on.
You have a reason
That I understand?
No judgement.
You have an excuse
That I can't relate to?
Fix yourself.
Work on yourself.
Blame yourself.
Shape yourself.

You are not broken.
There is nothing to fix.
You are whole as you are.
Like Kintsugi
You put yourself back together.
More beautiful than you
Ever were.
I have been taking care of myself for the past 23 years. I am no longer accepting life advice from anyone who believes I'm a project to fix.
Mallory Nov 2021
Everyone else has gone home
I watch the waves and wait for the taxi cab.
Desperately clinging to my thank yous and sorrys I burrow myself in them, like a scared, lost kitten.  
Always needing.
Forced to be the Chameleon,
how could I know anything else?
God can only judge me, if he can find me.
I keep making gods out of people.

I hold off until I can’t.
Nail me by my feet and by my hands
something inside of me
craves to be crucified.
Guilt has been woven into my body,
by hands as old as exodus.
To the Chameleon, this is what it is to be held.
This feels like home.
This, right here, is my everlasting.
Thank you,
I’m sorry.
ScaryGary Oct 2021

**** you!

Why was I "born into this"?
Sorry, I thought it was going to be longer

There is no doubt that he was a gifted man that lived and died for a reason. Maybe the reason is becoming clearer to some, and not important to others. Such is life.
i was guilty of nothing
when i learnt everything
now i am guilty of anything
you teach me
a victim
if you tell me they hurt me
a liar
if you tell me i deceived
i was guilty of nothing
until you gave me something
to hate myself with
guilty until proven innocent
when innocence is suspended disbelief
now i am guilty of anything
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